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It is so strange laws: 10 points, a man must sit urinal

1. Singapore

In order to maintain a clean city, Singapore, the efficient city in 1992, the total ban of chewing gum.

So here the people still do as the Romans do tourism, instead of using a Mint for the gum.

2. Italy Eraclea

For many to avoid Venice swarms of people come to Eraclea Beach in search of peace and quiet of the tourists, there is one thing, unfortunately, that is they cannot freely here stuffing Beach Castle, which is prohibited by local law.

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands

In Amsterdam had such an extremely dubious phenomenon: in cafés and other public places smoking is illegal, and cannabis is illegal.

4. the United States, Florida

In Florida, like skydiving single young people may want to note.

Local laws, unmarried women in Sunday skydiving is sentenced to imprisonment.

5. Switzerland

In Switzerland's apartment, 10 p.m. After using the toilet that is illegal, but males in the 10 p.m. after standing urinal is not legitimate.

6. Italy Eboli

Located in the South of Naples Italy city Eboli, honeymoon couples are best to avoid car rental travel, because local laws in moving car kissing is punishable by a maximum fine of 500 euros.

7. Italy Capri island

Northern Italy Capri Island residents may very passionate about protecting the local natural environment of peace and quiet.

The island against wearing shoes that are making noise. The most recent tourist partner because of wear slippers to go out.

8. United States Alabama

Located in the United States South Alabama has a seemingly redundant mdash mdash; law; will not be allowed to drive a car blindfolded.

9. U.A.E. Dubai

Dubai's luxurious attractions and beautiful beaches, the ideal place to appear to be showing love, but in fact, tourists have to be careful here.

Because public kissing is considered a violation of local laws. However, in recent years have the courage to break more and more tourists.

10. South-East Asian countries

Originally produced in Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia durians as smell strong, stinking, many countries in Southeast Asia is prohibited in public eating durians.

Invincible! throughout the United States 10 "fat city"

Many people know that the United States to live happily, happiness is because free and free.

United States were free to be totally doesn't care how how how we eat, drink and live United States is a basic no food culture of the country. In the United States, in the restaurant business is one of the most popular sites, almost to the point here is not willing to take a look at the Chinese fast food to the United States can, and often a long long team, awe-inspiring.

Cars have flow oil fertilizer

Article 10: the Memphis, Tennessee

This city more than 70% of the population is overweight.

Japan car exporters United States before the special design of interior space, to be more in line with the United States, large people need.

Obese men

Chapter nine: Charleston, West Virginia

The number of smokers among United States first, obesity and overweight population after Montgomery.

Cute chubby children

Section eight: Alabama-Montgomery

This world famous city fast over-abundance, people generally don't love sport, thus increasing the usage of obesity.

Great Hi Mr. of fat

Chapter seven: Huntington, West Virginia

A population less than 10 000 small cities in the United States does not love sports city ranked second in the competition.

Really concerned about this friend to eat a plate of the boat will turn off.

Do not miss the fat

Section six: Florida's Jacksonville

Here residents used to eat fast food, fast food shops all over the streets.

Because of these fast food and fast food in overweight children who make Jacksonville ranked top ten fat cities throughout the United States sixth place.

No medicine can save

Section five: Maryland's black brother Houston

The number of smokers in the city accounted for 30% of the total population of the city, ranked second in the United States.

Toxin accumulation seriously affect the quality of the skin, are more prone to fat

Obesity superwoman

4th Prize: Alabama's Mobile

This is the United States ranked first in the proportion of women than men of the city.

Big and small motorized

Third place: the Rock Springs Wyoming

This city has more than 60% of people smoking, alcohol abuse, lack of exercise, resulting in skin slackening, fat accumulation.


Second place: Texas Wichita Falls

This city every 10

0 adults in 30 people smoking, these people also are obese patients.

A large number of obese people

First name: Alabama, Birmingham

Birmingham doubles settlement across the United States, Birmingham and the number is much higher than that of women, men and women in obese individuals.

A dream not to see the world's sleepy state (photos)

Officials and dreaming

According to the OECD recently on its Member States to a relevant social habits survey, France people spend time on the bed and ranks among the industrialized countries, as a daily average of 8.83 hours.

Graduation ceremony on sleep

Second place: United States average daily sleep 8.63 hours.

The start of the 2006 survey, the OECD 30 Member States over the past 30 years to spend the time on the job.

Sweet dreams

Third place: Spain's average daily sleep 8.56 hours.

Two men outdoors in the Sun when it catches up.

Take the opportunity to steal the sleep

Fourth place: Australia's average daily sleep 8.53 hours.

Sightseeing tour of the bar, o Uncle took the opportunity to steal the Darius.

Hold up time perception

Section five: Canada's average daily sleep 8.48 hours.

While waiting for the bus, fill a sleep Yo ~

Sleep sweet

Section six: Belgium's average daily sleep 8.41 hours.

A noisy metropolis, just as sound asleep beauty.

Have to sleep

Chapter seven: the United Kingdom's average daily sleep 8.38 hours.

Lovely old people have to sleep.

The sill sleeping

Section eight: Mexico's average daily sleep 8.35 hours.

Where I can sleep ~ Mexico guy sill sleeping with the smugglers.

Sleep first

Chapter nine: Italy's average daily sleep 8.3 hours.

Officials in the Chamber in spite of the seriousness of images of sleep.

Subway's dream

Article 10: Germany average daily sleep 8.2 hours.

Rigorous Germany people but with enough sleep to keep a clear head, can be used to sleeping time minutes do not miss the uncle, look, in the subway guy are asleep.

Inventory of the world will tremble with fear! into "ghost town" in eight cities

United States Detroit

United States Detroit

Lost cause: migration

By 1950, Detroit's population has been reduced by 1/3, about $ 95 million, combined with the zone unemployment rate to maintain more than 10%, if the situation persists, 2100 becomes empty city.

United States San Francisco

United States San Francisco

Lost cause: earthquake

UCLA Researchers predict that occurred years ago San Francisco 2086 7 or above strong opportunities for up to 75%.

Italy Naples

Italy Naples

Lost cause: Volcano

Located in Naples, Vesuvius, the outbreak of each hundred years the channel once, 400 million people, 50 million in red alert region, if not timely evacuation is certain death.

Italy Venice

Italy Venice

Lost cause: sinking

Have water of Venice, in the past hundred years sank 24 cm, the Government has for the final confrontation with the water level to rise, but unknown results.

Mexico City

Mexico Mexico City

Lost causes: lack of water, sink

Mexico City is located in the aquifer, is facing a crisis, slowly sinking in water, the more people will drop faster.

If all the water pumping, the whole city will disappear.


Banjul, Gambia

Cause: the sea-water disappearing upgrade

Ocean water level increase is already a global phenomenon, the West African country of the Gambia, Banjul, the capital of them are endangered by rising seawater even coverage.

Ivan Turnovo

Ivan Turnovo, Russia

Cause: the population reduced to disappear

This Soviet-era textile Center, about 44.8 million population, but since 1990, more than the male, the female population decline in the birth rate, increased mortality causes a sharp decline in the population, etc., together with the young people continue to migrate to the near Moscow, the city has been entirely invisible to modernization of the industry.


Timbuktu, Mali

Lost cause: desertification

Desertification is the desert dunes gradually conceal oases, the southern edge of the Sahara desert in several cities have experienced such a threat, one of the biggest crisis is the Timbuktu.

The history of more than 10 years in parts of the city, already half buried in the sand.

World's cheapest 15 major attractions



Go to India may tickets are more expensive, but when you get there, the costs are very low.

It is said that here the visitors daily costs are the lowest in the world. A glass of beer, as long as the $ 1.25 hotel is 10 dollars or cheaper, a dinner only need 2 dollars, while a cup of tea only need jimeifen. Plus there's a long history and culture, there are many fascinating tourist attractions, it is no wonder that at first.



In addition to tickets, the cost of all South-East Asia are very expensive, especially in Laos, especially beautiful countryside: dense forests, historical and cultural temple, spectacular waterfalls from the diarrhoea Mekong a down.

You can here enjoy a very comfortable, daily needs only $ 35. But, Lao is famous for its silk, you can here to 5 USD in price to buy handmade silk wall hangings.



In June of last year, the President of Honduras has gone through a coup d ' état of exile, so frightened some tourists, but here's a cheaper cost.

Every beer just US $ 1 or 50 cents cheaper, will let you taste the local specialties a corn flour tortilla stuffed. Moreover, Honduras diving is the world's cheapest: 4-day package insurance trip just $ 250.

Indonesian cuisine


If you are willing to live like the natives, Indonesia is very cheap.

A glass of beer only need $ 1.65, you can also choose the local staple food: characteristics of rice. With beverage seafood only need $ 10.



Nepal's cost may be slightly higher than in India: 2.14 USD for a glass of beer, accommodation and catering costs less than $ 5.

If you came here to mountaineering or short trip, without a guide just 7 dollars a day, even with the group to go out or just $ 25 a day.



Overall, Europe is not a cheap place, apart from Eastern Europe.

Poland is the cheapest European tour, a glass of beer only needs $ 1, $ 3 of Hamburg, a cup of coffee for only $ 3.5. But here's travel costs will rise soon, because Poland may adopt the euro system.



Morocco's two major selling point--Beach and market are free of charge.

Hotel every night about just $ 25, local famous a cup of mint tea just 65 cents. Go to other cities in the country, 300 miles from Daniel to Marrakesh train trip just $ 20.



Most of the United States people are away from the border area, because it will be because of the violence caused by drugs.

But also missed the opportunity, people can go 100 miles south of the border, a glass of beer only $ 1.5Go to the archaeological area, the tickets for the $ 3.



Here the common currency is the dollar, but it will save you a lot of money.

A glass of beer, a cup of tea or coffee, a bottle of Coke just 1 dollar, hotel every night just US $ 30.



From Bulgaria to join the EU in 2007, the growth of the prices here, and elsewhere in Europe, still very cheap.

If you avoid the capital would be more cost-effective. The beautiful Black Sea Riviera is the most expensive Beach: a glass of beer only $ 1.3, a glass of wine for only $ 3.5.



Here a beer only $ 1.3, a hamburger with just $ 3, and one additional wine steak just $ 10.

Don't miss this unique Ranch, you can see authentic cowboy, you can enjoy delicious local characteristics.



Beautiful natural scenery, geysin, glacier and numerous waterfalls that Iceland has become the focus of the tourists ' Chase.

However, recent Iceland airline frequent lower prices, therefore at this time is the best time to travel.



With a small amount of costs to visit the wonders of the world, so why not do? Egypt is one of the most expensive resorts: the historical attractions and museums tickets just $ 2, dinner only $ 3.5, beer just $ 3.

In the Shui la


Although the world of the depreciation of the dollar, but Venezuela is an exception, however, due to economic instability, be sure to get before you go.

Follow now the exchange rate, a glass of beer to $ 1.6, comfortable hotel every night just $ 20, the main public transport-buses per hour only need $ 1.5.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas

The Sin City recently newly opened hotel has many promotions, thus promoting the tourism industry.

The cost of individual hotels are cheaper, even expensive some may also try to see if there is a discount. Off-peak period $ beer only need 3, a glass of champagne for just $ 10, but much as gambling, lies in the passenger himself.