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World classic movies kashyyyk

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First, "cold mountain" : Romania south

The cold mountain
The cold mountain of this is the story of the civil war in the southern United States country love story, but film studio selection in a small village in the south of Romania.



The small village retained many primitive forest and classical architecture, with ancient full-bodied style, very suitable for filming the American civil war era films. In this small village, for more than a century people had a quiet rural life, all the year round an area hit hard by dry conditions, farmers habits from the well to draw water, by horse and cart for drinking and irrigation transport. The ancient village, is the romanian nicole &; middot Kidman attended to her husband and Jude law &; middot Los home &; quot Cold mountain &; quot . Here the male no-till retain the original female knit of primitive life, good reduction that truly American country life.

Second, the miss potter ": British cumbria lake

Miss potter

"Miss potter" will British cumbria lake scenery beautiful show without involuntary discharge of urine, here is the movie actor potter lady middle-aged after that lived in place, the lake district scenery beautiful lake scenery make many scholar elegant guest find inspiration. No wonder that was born so beautiful fairy tale story.

British cumbria lake

You can also develop and found a your own cumbria. From a long history, literary masters to art landscape, modern performance, cumbria vitality, vigor 4 shoot. Tourists can visit some of the award-winning attractions, attend some exciting activity, can also go to art galleries exploring, looking for inspiration.

Third, "the sound of music" : thrall si fort

The sound of music


Remember the first time the sound of music appreciation by the film, music and sight completely absorbed lake Geneva, when even suspect that the picturesque background is merely stage setting, so pretty, here is thrall, fort, the heroine''s growth story, where the capital of Austria where.

Sal si fort

As a gateway to the Alps, every year here will be hosted numerous from across Europe flying skiers. Many like mirror lake ornament, Hitler in mountains between summer''s secret base &; ldquo YingChao & rdquo; Then herod in salzburg south of bei rafa ogaden. The city of the baroque architecture style has unique charm, the whole salzburg city in 1996 December 5, education, scientific and cultural organization in the United Nations of the world heritage list.

Urban central a archbishop wolff &; middot Dean terry for his lover herod built palaces and gardens, then to the lover''s name named &; ldquo Al wattenberg rdquo; Mr Palace of&" , wolff &; middot Dean terry herod''s successor marcus &; middot Siti fadilah library, in order to erase that ignominious story, it will be renamed &; ldquo Camilla rdquo; bell palace of&" , &; ldquo Camilla rdquo; bell of&" She was an Italian women mean &; ldquo, Strikingly beautiful & rdquo; . Haier bullone palace and its palaces garden, fountain also attracts thousands of tourists.

Salzburg cathedral rebuilt in 1614 years to 1628, is at the north of the Alps first baroque cathedral, st. Peter Abbey was German zone is the first monastery. Debbi grace bei belgravia bedouin inside dick Hastings tender convent is world extant''s oldest convents.

Four, "Roman holiday" : Rome

Roman holiday

Because "Roman holiday", I first Hepburn, a beautiful noble but do not break lovely supernatural beauty, for her like from deep inside, without any of rhetoric exaggerated exaggerated, as "Roman holiday" inside the noble princess, her every movement is let a person extremely intoxicated. Not only because she wonderful acting adorn a Roman fascinating, or the Roman own charm is no block. Even b&w film. Can also read Roman amorous feelings & hellip; & hellip;


Rome is named the world''s largest &; ldquo Open-air museum of history & rdquo; . & rdquo; . Built in the first century world eight one of the sights of Roman outdoor arena, is the symbol of the Roman empire. Broad empire avenue, temples, built on both sides of the senate Catholic nuns'' shrine and some famous temples, this piece of outdoor arena site of north, is recorded sevilla ROM the achievements of the arc DE triomphe Persian emperor expedition, the south is recorded Wendy is the emperor''s record total of Jerusalem''s arc DE triomphe, all in all, there is a far south of the arc DE triomphe to commemorate Constantine the great victory over Nero tyrant is established by roma''s biggest triumphal arch. This deserves an emperor city!

Five, casablanca: casablanca


Casablanca, located in north Africa a white city, because film casablanca, becomes poetic meaning, everything about soft casablanca things will be about love & hellip; & hellip;


Casablanca is Morocco biggest port city, borders the Atlantic ocean. , casablanca is Spanish &; ldquo White palaces & rdquo; Mean. Casablanca''s fame, absolutely can not compare with Morocco this country. That film footage from the 1940s to the Hollywood famous film casablanca, make the city reputation big noise. In film is deduced, casablanca is almost romantic city''s representative.

Walk on anfa beautiful palm avenue, some of the watch backlight gloom navigation tower, hassan ii XuanLi tower, the first warm sunshine, then hot shone on the shoulder. The Atlantic ocean waves, sometimes flapping beach and shore of rocks. Such a good weather and sunshine, occasionally meet the people exercise, right against the face to give you a more than sunshine bright smile.

Everyone knows Rick" S café & hellip; & hellip; However, not everybody know, the movie thriller "actually a shadow north lens in casa haven''t taken. The real film, which are in Hollywood studio inside the finish. But the reality version Rick" S café Love, is a movie of americans, imitates the movie scene built &; ldquo FangZhenPin & rdquo; . In card asaph, you just call a taxi driver said, with Rick" S café Will smooth arrival rick cafe. Daily tourists who come here, drive-travelers cafe a small hall, constantly showing the film casablanca and film, the theme: time flies As a goes by.

Six, "brave heart" : Ireland mizpah from county

Brave heart

The brave heart ", beauty, the heroes in a place like outdoor taoyuan like a field, demonstrate the epic story of love and national independence, the film was almost all the wonderful hotspot, of course the point to Ireland mizpah from county is meritorious, of course, because the movie, mizpah from county also fame and soon became famous tourist looking for heroes footprint.

Irish mizpah from county

Mizpah from County Meath) County (called &; ldquo Royal county & rdquo; Here were in Irish history played an important role, local some boulders tomb built B.C., 3,500 years older than the pyramids of Egypt. Here is the most purely deducing the Irish natural amorous feelings, reclusion in mountain cabin green pastures and aerosols dimly discernible let you think straying hellip; fairy of&" & hellip;

Seven, forrest gump: American Carolina

American Carolina

Believe that a lot of the audience for forrest gump is fresh, the plain have a little silly forrest gump, with a single mortal life has no great wisdom, let you insight, actually success really isn''t so difficult life actually is so simple, as long as you continue to pursue their own love, one day you will harvest happiness. Besides the story itself, in the film beautiful scenery believe also let all people fetch entangles the dream led & hellip; & hellip;

American Carolina

The forrest gump growth of 2 small house, the green grass & hellip; & hellip; Forrest gump chatting together with Jenny dream that slice of corn ground that big tree & hellip; & hellip; And forrest gump run through which the next three years, the scenery is beach so let person jing hellip; of&" & hellip; Most are from the United States. The carolinas frame
Hear, nature in north Carolina north-west of using its green color palettes will slowly adjust into a blue mountain, will become days, mountain high, towering clouds. Here the Smoky Mountains > Smoky mountain was covered with light blue mist that protects the stillness of the lake, the cliffs and if carpet of forest. More color in natural color palettes jumping, suddenly, the mountain was yellow and blue flowers ornaments into spring, deep red and golden October.

Eight, "Paris ChunMeng" : Paris delicacies

Paris ChunMeng


"Paris ChunMeng willere was a dream of palace story, these Louis xiv of France''s story happened in the ornate palace, the film also let you jing is colourful amorous feelings of Paris, those who will share of mouth-watering delicacies are key & hellip; & hellip; Is it the film industry to sum up, only because in small eyes, Paris is ultimately have let a person cannot resist charm & hellip; & hellip;

Nine, the slums millionaire > : India amorous feelings

Slums millionaires


2009 an oscar-winning film, beyond doubt this is a great movie, seemingly legend but again logical story, let everyone will be feeling, this is also a human JiShiPian India through time and space, follow actor memory, from India''s slums walk to the taj mahal to the affluent section hellip; of&" & hellip; All is so fascinating & hellip; & hellip;

Ten, "kangding love songs: sichuan ganzi

Kangding love songs

Sichuan ganzi

Why do you bring the kangding love songs in list finally, small make up in this wouldn''t do too much explanation, and hands are a little write tired, just want to tell everybody, kangding & mdash; & mdash; Sichuan ganzi, absolutely is worth a put down all the temporal affairs to savour place!