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Play is the heartbeat of the world's most expensive 11 kinds of extreme tourism

High low open parachute jump

1. high low open parachute jump

High jump low open-skydiving skydiving will double to a new height.

In this exercise, the tourists will come bundled with coaches, from Jet cruising altitude of the location and to the air, the temperature dips to 32 degrees Celsius below zero. But then, the parachute will descend to the ground only thousands of feet above the opening. At this point the natural conditions are no longer so dangerous.

Super yacht race

2. super yacht race

And all American sports car racing and Indy car race, the international super yacht annual competition has been held for several years.

Participating speedboats speed of up to 100 miles per hour. If anyone like this movement, it must be ready for the big pocket. Because you have compete first purchase a speedboat, and one of the most common speedboats are six-digit cost more. As some racing said: If you calculate the monetary input-output ratio, rowing competition necessarily ends.

Private submarine diving tour

3. private submarine diving tour

Located in the United States California diving pilot systems is a company developing submersible pilots of the company, it's people like pilot driving their own private flying submarine in the oceans.

The campaign's tuition is not trivial, some have to 10000 USD. Students can also purchase from the company value of us $ submarines. This is equivalent to a boogardie-Veyron sports car price.


4. camping

In the province of Canada, British Colombia vacation spots, Nemo Bay day expedition project to take advantage of helicopter, hiking and climbing, but the night is giving way to let people buds of camping activities.

Be careful in this adventure activities rather than to lose weight, but SFI.

Visit the Arctic

5. visit the Arctic

United States Quark travel company opened a summer tour to the North Pole line, they hired Russia victory number of nuclear power to lead visitors to tour the Arctic icebreaker.

Live in one of the cheapest cabin will need $ 30000. Many brave passengers were not wearing a diving suit-cases for Polar diving.

Visiting active volcanoes

6. visiting active volcanoes

When visitors take a helicopter hovering overhead to famous Hawaiian Kilauea volcano over 500 feet, there is a terrible feeling.

Is the Orange lava eruption, temperatures can reach 54 degrees Celsius. Especially when people in order to take better photos and open the door of the helicopter cabin, grilled feeling more strongly. Humanity in this way to witness the rebirth of the Earth really is a fantastic experience.

Weightlessness flight

7. the weightless flight

Want to experience zero gravity Corporation United States weightless flight service of people must be prepared in advance for a class of Halo Haining-Vertigo vomiting drugs.

Modified Boeing 727 is 15 times each parabola weightless flight,25 minutes. Ten times over, some visitors will appear vomiting. Visitors can even invite the Apollo 11 astronauts before Buz-aldrin travel together, of course, this requires the additional cost of $ 15000.

Deep-sea diving

8. deep sea diving

Formula One racing

9. the formula one racing

In the United States, Arizona, Bondurant racing school, people can learn in full bend of driving with open-wheel racing in 2000.

Should note be sure to fasten, to avoid ambush in a corner of the impact of various barriers as well as high speed roll-over accident in.

And shark diving together

10. and shark diving together

If you really want to have a fear of addiction, try and great white shark diving together, of course, people are standing on the cage is protected.

So even in shark hunger, tourists are relatively safe. As long as you don't reach out to, want to remove a root teeth of sharks do Memorial.

African hunting

11. the African hunting

If you do not want too many adrenaline release, you can select South Africa star, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan camping groups of hunting tourism services.

In this kind of adventure activities, tourists can close observation of the five major prey in Africa: the lion, elephant, African Black buffalo, Leopard and down rhinos.

Accommodation in top-level outdoor hotel enjoy alternative single attraction

Regardless of any time outdoor hotel must be the coolest.

Operation it should be someone you have met the most fun guy and practice outdoor hedonism of the master. Maybe you are looking for the Lions, or just want to find a more surprising wedding location, select carefully mdash; in Africa, Queen of the night outdoor living will let you know what is the world's top price.

Australian reading in bed luxury tents outside of Sunrise

Compared to the Sydney Opera House, hazy red land and clear sky seems to be more experienced players longing so fascinating.

Wake up in the dunes and through the huge Windows of the tent, see Wu Sununu Sun from the Earth that a gravel dyed red, and the experience is unforgettable.

Hotel little information

Name: longitude 131 resort Longitude 131 deg;

Region: Australia Central

Address: Ayers Rock, Uluru National Park Central, Australia

Stars: five stars

Feature: National Park luxury tent resort

Longitude 131 deg; is equipped with a small holiday resort of warm, is located in the Centre of Australia Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, this place just at Earth longitude of 131 degrees online, from here.

The whole resort is located in a separate dunes, a total of 15-seat tent outside of the suite, only receive 30 guests, offers a memorable holiday experience luxurious bivouac.

Resort facilities include restaurant, bar, library, recreation room and a swimming pool.

Every tent suites are located at 15 place among the first pioneers of this place was named after, indoor display their merits of souvenirs, tent also with natural carpet, each tent has a unique bathroom.

The hotel restaurant offers stylish accommodation in Australia eating, the guests can be in the public place to meet and they all lived in this mysterious world, Taoyuan road-mates.

Holiday village camping outside mdash; campgrounds are separate, you can provide a more natural environment. Here also include indigenous peoples and management staff quarters, police stations, kiosks, forest protection, housing and a sewage treatment plant.

Holiday village of 15 rooms located in a remote, Crescent-shaped dunes, can not enjoy jamming and enjoy the scenery of Uluru.

Due to the construction and admission procedure need to sand dunes, as well as animals and vegetation for protection, holiday resort in lot of thought into the design. For example, in order to avoid direct contact with the sand dunes with steel frame high room, this room can be dismantled and moved. In addition, guests will need to undergo a strip is a simple low dune trail reaches room, so as to avoid damage to the top of the dunes.

Each room of the roof consists of three layers of material.

The outermost layer is the traditional sense of the waterproof covers, providing shelter and the vast majority of rain effect, and in the form of similar small dunes. The following two layer forms a closed cavity, with noise and heat insulation features. Room with a simple cube design, surface South of the wall is equipped with a whole sector of glass Windows, access the open landscape view. Sliding glass panels can be half-open, allowing guests to have direct contact with the external environment. Wall, minimal deviation to further broaden our perspective of the landscape, through the window to catch a glimpse of the dunes.

Live in warp 131deg; One benefit is everything unforgettable fantastic experiences are all in close proximity.

People can enjoy the sunset Kantju Gorge sunset moment, look at Ukrainian Nunu a red sun rising, taste the Shepherd flavor of Billy Tea (Billy Tea) and Australia-crafted traditional bread (Damper), or a walk in the adjacent Park feel desert slumber. In the morning, the sun rising on Uluru rock, Uluru Sunrise onto rock reflects the glorious colours Mirage sunset. Lying on the white linen for bed, experience the serenity, quiet of the desert, let the Earth away from, let the body and mind to zero, so that the soul is released!

Another fascinating natural beauty is here the dive.

Enjoy the desert central a silence (Sounds of Silence) open desert dinner is definitely a strange feeling to be missed. Sunset, enjoy modern musicians play the Didgeridoo indigenous musical instrument, while having some variety of the cuisine of the northern territory of Australia Dragon fish (barramundi), Kangaroo meat, EMU meat, crocodile meat, vegetable salads and classic Australian dessert, etc. The whole evening was alsoAn astronomer aside tells the story of the southern night sky stars.


Ayers Rock The Ayers Rock, the world's largest single rock, it was known as Ayers Rock-ULURU, this is from the local indigenous language, means the water hole.

Ayers Rock generated on 5 to 6 million years ago, because once in the sea, so the smooth surface of the special rock. Woodlands, as if the momentum it a monument to the transcendent nature, far from the vast wilderness, in the glare of the Sun gives off a fascinating light, surrounded by wide up to hundreds of kilometers of Victoria surrounded by desert.

The edge of the African sleeping in animals

Very often, if you do not see what Africa, it is only because you unfortunately wrong place to sleep.

Only the placement of animals found themselves, they are wantonly ran to carefully study your, or your hand away. We recommend to you the outdoor camp respectively in South Africa and Kenya, they can give you such a valuable experience, as well as human dignity and comfort.

Hotel little information

Name: Malama la camp

Region: South Africa

Address: PO Box 5514, Northlands, 2116, South Africa

Price: seasonal fluctuations

Features: live in South Africa animal reserve, live in thatched villas, and animals.

South Africa treasures mdash; Myra mala Mala Mala camp camp

Like the movie "the African Queen (the African Queen), as the romantic Adventure trip? that's going to South Africa's mala mala private reserve.

It is a Sabi Sen (Sabi Sand) animal protection area of the largest private wildlife areas, and the Kruger National Park (Kruger National Park). Malama la camp is Malama partial three large camping sites in one of the most luxurious.

Tourists living in Mala mala camp coverage with thatched cottages, separate men's and women's bathroom.

Each room has a private balcony overlooking the bushes, visitors here can clearly see the giraffe, the flock or wart hogs in activities, and some bold small Baboon or monks face monkeys also ran into the protection zone, from tourists hands grab something to eat.

Malama la camp has a restaurant open semi-circular, in a semi-circular few table covered with local homespun, placing a few candles, on the ground there is a pile of burning campfire.

Every day, there are elaborate traditional indigenous grilled dinner, named Boma, generally start in African drums. Visitors to and your dinner with a wizard, the wizard not only to the passengers drink Tim, we should not stop answering passengers for a wide variety of issues, where everyone can big gains. After dining, service personnel, Cook, the wizard will enthusiastically joined the passengers of the hand, around the bonfire to dance, sing indigenous folk songs.

Camp Wizard is responsible for his guests all the services, including the introduction of camp situation, driving and search for the animal, as guests on animal behaviour, to dinner for guests on bottled water, and so on.

Wizard based wildlife habits, every day at six o'clock in the morning and evening, will lead the visitors and a black pair Wizard, use the open jeep South Africa in search of wild animals in the wild, where many wild animals is a large and wild beasts, such as lion, Leopard, rhino, etc. Camp Wizard are generally young fellows, they all possess and animal and plant science related university degrees, to visitor at any time to answer a variety of animal and plant habit. They must undergo strict fire and rescue training, because they want to be on all passenger is responsible for the safety of life.

Jungle exploration, always the most surprising new exciting activities.

The region has almost no asphalt surface, therefore non-four wheel drive vehicles cannot cope with such a bad road conditions. Wizards have many years of professional training, they can from animal footprints, manure and other clues in the direction of discriminating animals, effective tracing of animals. Jeep are equipped with radio equipment, as long as a car find special animals, you can immediately call other vehicles to come to watch, very efficient.

In the jungle of driving, and always feel that separated from the Windows of the readability of a layer, and take the jeep at the animal, many carnivorous beasts such as lion, Leopard, or making a huge elephant, Buffalo, etc are all in close proximity, this feeling is really exciting when abnormal! good luck, you can also see the Hippo pond edges and crocodile.

In addition, also very rich in birds ecological, scum-see Taiwan to watch birds sitting on aThe day will not be boring.

Sometimes visitors were also at night, trip, used at this time out foraging animals is very easy to keep track of them, so the wizard will take on the gun, take the passengers in the dark in driving into the wild.

The dark, the rear of the searchlight at around search animal tracks, often see some dramatic scenes, such as hungry Tiger Hunt, such as the Lions Wai Pu; of course, as long as mdash prey is not you.

Il ngwesi cottage Lodge Il Nrsquo; gwesi

Region: Kenya

Let's take a look at these in unexplored cabin: where has lighting penetrating all darkness on the Prairie.

Because of this several all-wooden cabin is properly constructed on a hill, from where to look, Savanna's sublime scenery is our sky is accounted for in the first row of the Opera House. We sat in the trees around the open platform and enjoy the delicious cuisine, or with a fraternal smile a drink. Despite all those Masai, with Lance may actually very friendly, as long as you trust them, they will use a glass of cool beer to return.

Here's cabin has been carefully designed: six buildings with thatched roof bungalows scattered in lush vegetation, this House has no doors or Windows, giving a sleep in savanna Central feeling.

Live in style with this coastal cottage, we become more and more like a traditional and elegant Masai: bare trunks made by post, with African-style fabrics, mask, mask with white yarn account deposit, all of these elements in the charming traditional play their respective roles. The shower was very interesting, almost like in open nature in! (thanks to the solar energy, where the bath there is hot water when available) and then, well, that is reflected in the stars enjoy dinner!

This wooden house tours daily typically have three outings, including the United Kingdom that is known as the French game drives taste travel, of course, can also be interpreted as an exploration of large animals.

First out of the General arrangements in the morning 6: 30, this is to help you wake up from sleep, if luck can still be seen hunting scenes. The second field in the late morning, this time out goal is grassland those charming scenery. The third field are out of the arrangement in the evening, mainly by some collective activities: see Hippo bath and Lions doze (the lion sleeps 18 hours or so!), if we are lucky, you can and this land all animals wrong shoulder by: elephants, African Buffalo, giraffe, wart hog, Antelope, Impala, Blue Pearl chicken.

Terror spree real beat New York interpretation of the sixth zombie parade

Local time, October 16, the United States New York Manhattan held a Grand Parade of zombies.

Hundreds of revellers itself as zombie look scaring people along the way.

Local time, October 16, the United States New York Manhattan held a Grand Parade of zombies.

Hundreds of revellers itself as zombie look scaring people along the way.

Local time, October 16, the United States New York Manhattan held a Grand Parade of zombies.

Hundreds of revellers itself as zombie look scaring people along the way.

Local time, October 16, the United States New York Manhattan held a Grand Parade of zombies.

Hundreds of revellers itself as zombie look scaring people along the way.

Local time, October 16, the United States New York Manhattan held a Grand Parade of zombies.

Hundreds of revellers itself as zombie look scaring people along the way.

Local time, October 16, the United States New York Manhattan held a Grand Parade of zombies.

Hundreds of revellers itself as zombie look scaring people along the way.

Local time, October 16, the United States New York Manhattan held a Grand Parade of zombies.

Hundreds of revellers itself as zombie look scaring people along the way.

Local time, October 16, the United States New York Manhattan held a Grand Parade of zombies.

Hundreds of revellers itself as zombie look scaring people along the way.

Local time, October 16, the United States New York Manhattan held a Grand Parade of zombies.

Hundreds of revellers itself as zombie look scaring people along the way.

Local time, October 16, the United States New York Manhattan held a Grand Parade of zombies.

Hundreds of revellers itself as zombie look scaring people along the way.

Local time, October 16, the United States New York Manhattan held a Grand Parade of zombies.

Hundreds of revellers itself as zombie look scaring people along the way.

Slow slow life go to 6 large resort tourist enjoy the excursion

In high season, the accumulated annual leave cannot be so deserted.

But this rare moments like busy life, hurriedly, and hurried away. If you're tired of this fast-paced, publicity and the noise of the pleasure, may wish to change a way of life environment and life style, savor the special name of the slow music.


Toscana-town big love

Slow music index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Away from the noisy city, are all pursuing the best slow music time footnotes.

Then don't hesitate to go to the small town to find our most pure and serene feeling!

Italy gives people the feeling like there's sunshine, romantic and warm.

Romantic as the Roman holiday, warm as the Tuscany of the sunshine law. Life gives you thousands of opportunities, you need to do is take one. This is the movie "in the Tuscan Sun" in a line. Come to Tuscany, is to seize a sunny, beautiful scenery and leisure time opportunities.

Located in the Centre of Tuscany Italy, beautiful scenery, cultural history, a small town, but must not be missed pizza from Siena to stroll, and of course the spectacular scenery along the way.

Mountain city Monterey ghioni (Monteriggioni), modern town delsa (Colle di Val drsquo; Elsa), the quiet little town of San Gil MiG the NUA (San Gimignano), it all seemed to hang in realistic painting is, let along time and tired easily slip away.

Live in a small town, forget the bustling city of noisy and crowded, quietly with the heart to touch every small town trees, walls, or each local goodwill smile, you will find that everything will return to you more, such as the peace of mind, such as the happy mood.

If you feel that there is a wire of weariness, may wish to recommend to the eastbound to Tuscany's most beautiful spa resorts atme (Montecatini Terme) rest.

There, the magnificent buildings built on clusters of flowers Kam lawn, it is recommended that you purchase tickets for the day, drinking extremely nourishing water from hot springs, and the winter light in, enjoy marble brick pond, fountain.

TIPS: now that you have walked to Pisa, then recommended must-see attractions in addition to the well-known Tower of Pisa, Pisa Cathedral square (Piazza del Duomo), you will be surprised to find that the front wall of the Church is composed of green, pink and white marble combination of patterns, looks gorgeous and harmonious.

Macau Church

Macau: Nanyang nostalgia

Slow music index: ★ ★ ★ ☆

And a water every other Hong Kong, Macau life rhythm is destined to be slow and warm, but not big enough in Macau the bricks, old street, feel forever is a comfortable and pleasant.

Macau, is suitable for walking.

Suddenly far away from the crowd and the day of transport

Rare gold bullion processing

Gold is gold! in this group of pictures, you will see one and gold bars and gold and jewelry-making process.

Recently the international gold prices rose sharply, 1350 USD/oz on behalf of the highest in history.

Western market analysts generally believes that gold prices at least in the short term will continue to rise.

In the past 10 years, the gold price surges has been quadrupled, especially in 2008, the international financial crisis, the price of gold soaring, only this year, rising by about 15%.

It is reported that last year gold jewellery consumption reached 1760 tonnes, while global gold production however 2500 tons, coupled with a surge in investment demand, gold market presents a short supply of tension.

As the price of gold soaring, the world's largest banking and security company Treasury almost full, the shortfall in the storage space, so they are or plan to expand the new Treasury. Gold coins and bullion storage fee is usually a percentage of the price of gold, so the Bank and security companies in the storage business in recent years, very profitable.