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Give you a clean soul memory of summer (photos)

Queensland Gold Coast

Northern Hemisphere winter, daytime increasingly short.

Whenever you play always let people yearn for the summer. Light body, how to beach free to stretch every day and enjoy the Sun seems to never fade away a taste of happiness, the skin leaving a healthy imprinting, the air here Palm tree begins to slow rocking breath hellip; hellip;

The loneliness of the northern hemisphere at this point is the southern hemisphere sound and meaning are concentrated in just life! give yourself a holiday, and migratory birds migrating to the southern hemisphere, go to the Sun, beach, flowers, rain forest, where grape wine.

Set foot on Australian piece of paradise, Queensland beautiful, it is the hometown of posture to every input into its embrace of the child.

Gold Coast: give you a clean soul

The year there are 245 days of good weather, 279 days and pleasant temperatures, only this one point, the Gold Coast is truly a city of the Sun.

Gold Coast stretches of golden sand beach 70 km, first sight is not marginal, in the Sun's shining, everything is bright golden yellow. You can chat, contemplation, soul legend, lovers of 10 means the phase button, strings of love's footprint, can be witnessed. Occasionally feel under bright. drifter Here, we are losing time happy children, lying between heaven and Earth, binocular, had already completed a dream "annotations.

Everyone will tell you, to the Gold Coast, theme park is definitely not to be missed.

Warner Bros. movie world, dream world, sea world, the water park hellip; hellip; in heaven farm not far away, there Australia large inland Sau mdash mdash;; o wild wonders. 1836, Darwin in Australia when passing through sailing round the world, here people excited, he here catch the kangaroos, koalas, research at a Platypus, leaving, he reluctantly said: don't the, Australia. When I leave your coast without any regret and sorrow.

In the Gold Coast hinterland, a Blu-ray eco tour activities, the Firefly is everyone talking.

In the evening, instructors take you into the spring Brook State Park, holding a flashlight, close watched the morphology, Blu-ray, they live in caves, just like stars in the sky tour.


Tropical forests: breathe nature

Farewell to the Sun, to the Gold Coast, Queensland, North of Cairns to wash lung! ride the world's longest aerial tram arrives at the tropical rain forest town of Kuranda, a pure breath blowing, immediate Kuranda, apparently already fading initial industrial colour, pan out quiet quiet light, with old and fresh air.

The entire town complements the beautiful tropical rainforests, looked around, full of green. Down the street, with ice cream and coffee shop, the more the assortment of shops selling all kinds of amazing gadgets, everywhere don't understand indigenous symbols painted, ancient and mysterious.

By amphibious car in-depth rainforest, you can find on the original and oldest secret longing; in the tropical rain forest in the Park, you can personally try indigenous pull back, listen to their songs most unvarnished; ride the world famous SKYRAIL rainforest tramway from rainforest experience unusual shock over.

Of course, Cairns resort town near Palm Bay is worth taking the time to visit it.

The great barrier reef: wander the world of free men

The best job in the world of the great barrier reef Island Ranger global recruitment, have attracted world attention on the great barrier reef islands.

In the great barrier reef, snorkeling coral world or deep sea diving, can make very nice. To take a cruise out to enjoy the world natural heritage mdash mdash;; of the great barrier reef, in the boat to enjoy the rich buffet lunch, and comfortable. If you want to experience the feeling of the sea God, then take half the submarine watch within reach of coral group; or walk to the Harbour, then take the helicopter or seaplanes, etc.

Cairns is located in the North Queensland region is seeking outdoor stimulation ' paradise.

Torrent, forestry in a boat, on horseback or in a hot air balloon ride from air watch Arthur's Mesa beauty, bungee jumping, have enough excitement.

The world is famous because of the earthquake on the 14 local (photos)

Portugal Lisbon

1. Lisbon, Portugal

1755 earthquake: 1 November

Magnitude: about 9-level

The Lisbon earthquake was by far the largest earthquake in Europe.

Occur in Lisbon City, dozens of kilometers of the Atlantic. Lisbon city break extremely serious, the dead about 7 million. The earthquake caused a tsunami almost 30 metres high, attacked the Lisbon Coast, and the United Kingdom, North Africa and the Netherlands coast suffer damage. Even in Central America also observed considerable wave. The earthquake occurred after 214 years in 1969 on 28 February, in the waters of the West took place 8-level large earthquakes.

Lisbon 600,000 inhabitants, plus the surrounding satellite city population of about 2,100,000, as national political, economic centre and the first port, located in the westernmost of continental Europe, and Latin America, the West African and Eastern Mediterranean with very frequent.

Lisbon preserves the natural traditional, continuous repair renovation of historical buildings and sculptures, medieval Street landscape still flow deposit date. 400 years ago, Lisbon is the world's most powerful Empire of the Centre, but due to the decline of political and economic environment, in recent centuries has gradually fade out on the international stage. From a.d. 1255, Lisbon becomes the capital of the Empire, Portugal 15 century is Portugal and Lisbon's most thriving period, Portugal explorers ' footsteps throughout Asia, Africa and South America. A.d. 1755 Lisbon on 1 November, makes earthquakes in glory instantly disappear and nearly 1/5 people were killed and 2/3 of the cities were destroyed, the Prime Minister Pengbo Marquis started reconstruction under the leadership of the complete new Catholic Church of square and etc, empowered and Lisbon a new look.

The range is not large in Lisbon, is a very suitable for walking in the middle of the city, in a building with the Park from time to time through complex and decorated with a coffee, etc.

The city's historical monuments class attractions not large, but save correctly, some of the large monasteries, palaces and castles are all worth a visit. In addition, the bustling area there are many singular Asia region, Western Europe square, Alpha Ma district hellip; hellip; and so on. Even though the distance in the suburbs of Bay is a bit far from Lisbon, but gathered quite a lot of museums and monuments, is a journey to Lisbon. Here also save the glory of the Empire with Portugal, from maintaining good museums and monuments, can share the prosperity of the former empire and luxury.

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Indonesia's Sumatra island

2. Indonesian Sumatra island

Time: the earthquake of 26 December 2004

Magnitude: 8.5

Indonesia's Sumatra island in the North Sea on 26 December 8 a.m. local time when the earth over the past 40 years the strongest 9.0 earthquake and the tsunami caused a thunderbolt, affecting South-East Asia and the South Asian countries.

Hideous waves swept the Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Maldives, Bangladesh coastal areas. 10-meter high waves swept across the Indian Ocean coast, many of the local population and at the seaside moist visitors by surprise, they drown.

Sumatra is one of Indonesia's largest island in the West, is the sixth largest island in the world.

The whole island area of 47 000 square kilometres.

Sumatra island is the Northwest-Southeast direction, mdash; in the middle and the equator intersects, consists of two areas: Northwest Barisan mountains and East of the swamp.

Sumatra island of Java in the Southwest and the Sunda Strait across the River, North of the Ma liujia overlooks the Straits and the Malay Peninsula, the East the Cary motor Strait (Karimata) adjacent to Borneo, Western verge on the Indian Ocean.

Barisan mountains stretches from the island of Sumatra.

The discovery of coal, gold deposits. The minerals of volcanic eruptions which makes the soil fertile. Beautiful and enchanting mountain scene, such as the Doba Lake (Lake Toba) in the surrounding area.

The powerful river in the East, the sludge into the River, forming a vast plains, marshes and lakes.

Although the region less suitable arable land, adverse on agriculture, but their importance of Indonesian economic development should not be underestimated, because the ground is also produced oil, underground: Palm oil produced oil and petroleum.

In ancient times, large parts of Sumatra island is covered by tropical forest, the forest had been valuable flora and fauna (chimpanzees, Tiger, mo, Rafflesia, etc.) of the Habitat.

Unfortunately, the administration of corruption and illegal forest exploitation makes these ancient forests facing the danger of annihilation. Even the so-called reserves have also been felled.

United States San Francisco

3. United States San Francisco

Earthquake: 1906 April 18

Magnitude: 8.3

San Francisco earthquake, is the United States has so far undermined the most serious of an earthquake, magnitude about 8.3 level.

1 million sq km are within the scope of earthquakes. This earthquake was along the famous Saint Andre star faults occur. On the surface of the fracture zone of about 300 km long, its movement way almost flat push, some local horizontal movement amplitude up to 7 meters, while the vertical movement amplitude. The earthquake damage area extends along the fault zone is long, but leave the fault zone 50 km is not undermined. Because of the earthquake before and after crossing the fault have duplicate triangulation thereby obtained before earthquake postseismic deformation and displacement seismic faults. Accordingly, Reed (H. F。 Reid) presented the famous theory of elastic rebound, established the earthquake is the sudden formation of fault dislocation theory.

San Francisco, the Chinese called San Francisco.

Located in the United States West coast of California, San Francisco peninsula, an area of 47 square miles, is surrounded on three sides by water, beautiful environment, is a mountain town. Climate cool, sunny, hailed as the most popular city in the United States. 1769 Spain found here, 1848 to join American Federation. The city's population of about 76 million, of which 25 million Chinese.

1906 San Francisco earthquake on the tremendous damage, but soon get rebuilt.

San Francisco live has a lot of artists, writers and performers, in the 20th century has been the rebellious culture and a center of modern liberalism. In many ways, San Francisco and New York, Boston feeling very similar.

San Francisco's most famous scenery is the tram, the Golden Gate Bridge, Bay Bridge, the Pan American pyramid (also translated biography, United States, American pyramid pyramids, Transamerica Pyramid) and Chinatown.

Japan Kanto

4. Japan Kanto

Earthquake: 1923 1 September

Magnitude: 8.2

Kanto earthquake epicenter near Tokyo in Japan for 60 to 80 km of Sagami Bay, magnitude 8.2 level, focal depth lighter.

Tokyo, the capital and the largest port of Yokohama almost entirely destroyed, serious and, therefore, attracted the attention of Japan. This earthquake inspires Japan earthquake scholars actively carrying out research on the seismic forecasting and seismic resistance. The earthquake of secondary disasters (e.g. fire) particularly serious and increased casualties. A total of 10 million people were killed in the earthquake, many of whom have fled to the square, surrounded by four fires and fizzle out. A few minutes before the earthquake in tidal instrument observed obvious long cycle.

Kanto area are generally located in the Central Japan to Tokyo-centric development.

And Kansai, and Kyushu regions compared to the history of its development. Until the 12 century the Kamakura shogunate, became the political center, began the development of genuine, to the Edo period, as more developed cities. Meiji, Edo renamed Tokyo, became the capital of Japan. With the development of modern industry, the rapid development of the Kanto region.


5. Chile Concepcion

Earthquake: 1960, 22 may

Magnitude: 8.9

Chile earthquake epicenter in Concepción.

The earthquake has two very distinct characteristics: first, there has been a spate of three earthquakes larger than 8-level; the second is the waves spread far. From May 21-22 June, there were 10 times more than 7 levels of seismic, three of which exceed 8 levels. 22 may, the magnitude of the earthquake, 8.9 level. The earthquake destroyed most of the region is from Santiago to Puerto Montt. Earthquake-generated tsunami across the Pacific, Japan Coast tsunami waves have been as high as 4 metres, causing enormous damage. In addition, when you find the earthquake epicenter district natural soil of intensity v second degree, and artificial filling of firmness and topsoil its Margaret can reach X Ⅰ. Through the earthquake, and seeking the earthquake rupture transmission speed up to the number of kilometres per second. Because of this earthquake is very strong, and it roused the obvious free oscillation of the Earth.

Chile Concepcion province capitals.

Located in South-central Chile. Bío River near the city. Population of about 30.3 million. The hottest month with an average temperature of 20 ° c, average temperature of the coldest month (July) 10 ℃, the average annual rainfall of about 1000 mm. West Coast port city Talca Talcahuano 10 km. Was founded in 1550 years. By earthquakes, tsunamis, award-winning move castle ruins, 1754 year moved to its current address. Nearby coal. Agriculture developed, is wine and cereals trade center. Industries textiles, flour, leather, glass, ceramics, sugar, iron and steel, paper, petroleum refining, etc. Railway pass San Diego. With Concepción University.

ALA Zaton earthquake

6. United States Alaska

Earthquake: 1964, 27 March

Magnitude: 8.4

Alaska earthquake is located in the epicenter of big cities is anchorage city, this is a modern city.

After the earthquake, the destruction of the city, it becomes lighter evaluation of seismic design of modern buildings field laboratories. This large earthquake occurred, United States seismologists and social public earthquake prediction started to be addressed.

Southeast and South Central Alaska as temperatures all year round temperate climate, about 0-15 ° c.

Inland to continental climate, summer wing daylight time up to 26 ° c, winter wing night up to-15 degrees centigrade. The Western and southwestern Ocean influence, cold and windy. North circle for Polar climate throughout the year is below zero.

Alaska is a land of mystery, wonder, is the largest State, the United States is also the land of high mountains, the world largest glacier and seashore, wilderness, natural resources and wildlife.

Love wild animals who can come in Alaska. You may see a big reindeer roam on the road may be running into a grizzly bear in the distance, you can also stroll along the coast to watch whales, Eagles may be screamed at the top. Alaska, land and wildlife common to weave a beautiful picture, came to Alaska, you will find the world ought to be.


7. Almaty, Kazakhstan

Earthquake: 1911 January 3

Magnitude: 8.4

Almaty earthquake epicenter is located in Almaty, South, North of Lake Issyk-Kul, magnitude 8.4 level.

This is the Central Asian region's biggest earthquake, earthquake in earthquake caused many big fault zone. The earthquake occurred in vertical difference movement is extremely strong, and therefore some Soviet geologist advocate young earthquake and strong vertical difference movement zone is the zone earthquakes.

Almaty (Alma-ata) is a city scenery unique tourist city, located in South-Eastern Kazakhstan, tianshan zaalayskiy mountain (China says-ILI mountains) at the foot of the Hill, surrounded on three sides by mountains.

An area of 190 km, 700-900 meters above sea level. It is rich in Apple, Almaty Kazakh mean is rich in Apple, Apple. Residents are mostly in Russia people, followed by Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Tatar, Uigur, etc. Population of 150 million (2007).

Almaty has a long history, the ancient Silk Road to China to Central Asia through here.

The city was founded in 1854, in 1867 into Turkey Stan a Viceroyalty's administrative centre. 1918 the Soviet regime, 1929 became the capital of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic, December 1991 after the collapse of the Soviet Union, it became the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan independence.

Since the Almaty is located in the border areas, urban expansion was limited, Kazakhstan decided in 1994 to 2000 years ago in the capital moved to the northern part of Akmola (Astana, Astana Akmola).

In September 1995, Nazarbayev publishing capital command. The capital, Almaty as national scientific, cultural and economic centre does not change, it will still be in the future a long time to receive the majority of visiting foreign leaders, most of the major activities in the country will continue to be held in Almaty. 10 December 1997, Akmola instead of Kazakhstan Almaty became the capital.

Japan Sendai

8. Japan Sendai

Earthquake: 1933, 2 March

Magnitude: 8.5

Three land seismic epicentre of approximately 300 kilometres northeast of Sendai's Harbour, magnitude 8.5 level.

In the aftermath of the earthquake, the great tsunami hit Fukushima Prefecture South Bank and Hokkaido coast, coast around a large disaster. The earthquake has been verified in June 1896 tsunami take moisture-proof and moisture-proof wall in mitigating tsunami disaster area is valid.

Sendai is located 300 km north of Tokyo, in the Honshu (Japan's four main islands in the largest island) for the Pacific coast.

Japan is divided into seven regions, Sendai is located in the center of the Northeast region.

Sendai city has 100 million people in the political economy of the Northeast?. central city

In other large cities, and flows through the city centre of wide laichuan and Greensward beech road, beautiful landscape, as with nature blend of modern city is famous for Japan. In particular, the urban centre of street trees, parks and other green vegetation, and people love called du (Forest City meant).

Sendai and the United States in Washington on the same latitude.

Sendai weather and Japan compared to other cities, very comfortable. The average temperature of 12.1 ℃, the years have 1241.8mm precipitation。 The hottest month of August, the mean temperature of the coldest 24.1 ℃, the average temperature in January is 1.5 ℃. In Sendai to spring summer autumn?? the? winter quarter of beautiful season. Especially the Red leaves in autumn, winter, snow, to be able to enjoy the street and on the outskirts of the beautiful view on the mountain.


9. Italy Messina

Earthquake: 1908 December 28

Magnitude: 7.5

Messina earthquake occurred in Sicily and Calabria between Messina's Harbour.

In Europe, its losses after the 1755 Lisbon earthquake. It enables Messina city 98% of houses were damaged, deaths, of not less than 4 million.

Messina (messina) Sicily Italy is the third largest city, is also the Messina province capitals.

Messina in Sicily's northeast corner, Monarch Pro Messina.

Messina to ancient Greece settlers BC 8 world timer set up, there were eight hundred years of history.

1908 December 28 earthquake and tsunami to Messina. And destroyed during World War II. But after half a century of reconstruction, Messina now has up to 27 million population.

Messina Cathedral built in the 12th century, the Bell Tower and ancient astronomical clock.


10. Turkey erzincan

Earthquake: 1939 27 December

Magnitude: grade 8

1939 27 December 2 am to 5 pm, 8 Turkey earthquake shaking vigorously, in particular the erzincan, sihuas and Sam Songsan province.

Erzincan in addition to a prison, doing all ruined buildings. Earthquake of 5 million people were killed, dozens of towns and over 80 villages were completely destroyed. After the earthquake, storm and attacks the disaster area, contributed to the disaster.

Erzincan (Erzincan) is a city in Eastern Turkey, erzincan province capitals.

Population 7.3 million (1980). Located on the Euphrates River Karasu North Bank, control through the Valley of the East-West thoroughfares. History has repeatedly been earthquake damage, most recently in 1939. A cotton textile, silk, sugar, bronze manufacturing and pharmaceutical and other industries.

Warsaw, Poland: a green flowers all around the city (map)

Poland's capital Warsaw is a city with a 700-year history of the ancient city, from the 16th century became the capital city, was once a metropolis in Europe.

The second world war, Warsaw was seriously damaged, some 80 million people lost their lives, 85% of buildings were destroyed and nearly became a dead city.

Beautiful Poland Warsaw

After the war, Poland ruins people rebuild their capital, after 40 years of construction, an industry-developed, advanced science and technology, both practical and modern city of Manchu Green has been completed.

The municipality covers an area of 446 km2, with a size of 65 Office, Park Street football Misty forests, green grass and scattered small flowerbeds, the whole city complements in the shade of blossom.

There are green areas 1.2 million public, about the city has a total area of about 27%, occupy 77.7 square meters, remote home world cities.

One of the characteristics of the Warsaw Green is the green city is not like the islands of the sea, and connecting with the suburbs of windbreaks, urban and suburban areas become a complete greening system.

Warsaw's green belt is very beautiful

Warsaw greening of another outstanding feature is the urban greening and fruit and vegetable garden, existing fruit and vegetable garden 2,700 hectares, representing 6% of the total area of the city.

Fruit and vegetable garden built greenhouse, an exclusive urban residents for rent.

Two bridges communication between the rivers, the ancient city of Newcastle and the majestic tall buildings, lined stretch into the distance; tree-lined Park, scattered throughout the city in the green ocean.

Now, Warsaw green area around 1.26 million hectares, capita green space of about 78 square meters, is the world capitals of which per capita green area one of the larger cities.

Warsaw, all sides are tree-lined streets, green lawns, flowers and plants around the House, lush aroma fragrance.

In the bustling city and Plaza, the cement plant to plant trees and flowers of trough.

Not yet active on both sides of the street car, car, flower pots are placed many colourful flowers.

Every storey residential building of the room and the balcony is also filled with flowers. From afar, is like a big garden in the air. Warsaw Park is also very much, from the city centre to the suburbs, the size of the Park a total of 65. On the outskirts of festive, forest park is always crowded.

Warsaw's sculpture

Warsaw's laws, a new unit must have 50 per cent of the area as green space, and green building at the same time must be completed.

Warsaw although everywhere is the plants and trees, but do not see the quot; Please do not pick flowers, quot quot;; quot; prohibited off the grass like brands, for adults and children have formed the habit of protecting plants.

The top ten most mysterious European town (photos)


border="0" src="http://www.itravelqq.com/uploadfile/2010/0507/20100507120317834.jpg" />

A medieval church, cobblestone streets, endless vineyards, and the distance is covered with snow-covered Alps, no car ROAR, disturb your peace.

Each warm morning, sleep to wake up naturally and leisurely enjoy are baked bread, soft cheese and fresh orange juice, this experience is not just modern many city people sought? then spend a few nights, hid these European town. Small town can give you more adventure, amazing and beautiful scenery, but also his history and folklore, as some of the attractions are still maintained its original appearance, hundreds of years ago and has never been compromised before, find a place to stay that way for several days, let the souls settle down and let the mind calm down.

More foreign travel information go to: United Kingdom's top 10 most famous ghost house nbsp;

Couples will go 15 United Kingdom destinations

Top 10: Aegean sea cliffs of the romantic Greece folegandros town

Small town introduction

Unique Foleacute; this is Greece gandros-Clardy islands of calm is located and the adjacent other towns have nothing in common, there is no more than two-storey buildings, not hiding in Yacht Harbour Terminal, no shops or fancy restaurants.

In the Aegean gandros Foleacute; remote islands, you can see just the waves beating the Pebble Beach, goats chased each other in the hillside, an old wooden windmill in Breeze by still turning.

The most original ecological Island Greece

Recommended reason

For those who are already sick of the way with bound tourism, Greece Foleacute; gandros this rare original ecosystem of the island, is a wonderful quiet haven.

Town Centre is located on a 200-metre high cliffs. Here the azure blue sea water, as in the past, has been named as the tourist channel ten most famous beaches in the world.

Features index: ★ ★ ★ ★

Mysterious index: ★ ★ ☆

Composite index: ★ ★ ★

Practical information

Population: 700

How to arrive: flight to Santorini and from Athens city of Pireaus Harbor ferry travel.

Accommodation: has a nautical theme Anemomilos apartment, located in the village of Hora a cliff, room RMB 1070.

In the vicinity of the port, Karavostasi called a Anemi hotel, double room $ 2100.

美食: Irin

Irsquo; s day is a grocery store, is turned into a restaurant in the evening, generally supply home cooking, eating 380 Yuan RMB.

Top 9: art genius's dream destination Sweden Arild town

Small town introduction

It is located in southwestern Sweden Arild peninsula, a fishing village, has numerous natural sights, but the most famous attractions are man-made.

In 1980, the artist Lars Vilks started to Sweden in a hillside will collect from the Bay of floating wood nailed together, to build up a very strange construction, completion he even declared this area as an independent Kingdom and named Ladonia. In the police attempted to demolish these buildings, the artist Christo and Joseph Beuys to interfere in its protection. Today's public art exhibits has been officially named Nimis, the maze by 100 metres of ground tunnel and 10-metre high climbing tower, waiting a fearless explorers come challenges.

The artist's paradise

Recommended reason

Arild from one of the 20th century until now is a famous resort area, and has been very popular painters and other artists.

The artist Lars Vilks plays with blood barrier Nimis, although looks a bit weak, unique styling made him the Los Angeles Hogwarts Tower of Sweden version.

Features index: ★ ★ ★ ☆

Mysterious index: ★ ★ ★

Composite index: ★ ★ ★ ☆

Practical information

Population: 537

How to arrive: from Copenhagen to drive for two hours and then by ferry.

Accommodation and gastronomy: 17 century Rusthallargarden hotel (double room $ 2 1224 people dining 710) restaurant offers Blueberry cake.

Top 8: Spain's Seafood Kitchen Spain guetaria town

Small town introduction

Here is 24 km from San Sebastián, a Basque harbour town, here might be the next tourist destination in Spain, this is Getaria.

It is famous for its rich is famous for its seafood, Vizcaya produced in small squid and wonderfully halibut, barbecue class seafood varieties.

Seafood feast is a feature here

Recommended reason

To travel is Getaria you enjoy good food and good opportunity, you may like the local people wearing cream of cashmere, packed into the steak shop big mouth of chewing a steak, wallowing in highly characteristic of the Carnival in Spain.

A quiet dinner with a bottle of Rioja white wines than Getaria better place?

Features index: ★ ★ ★ ☆

Mysterious index: ★ ★ ★ ☆

Composite index: ★ ★ ★ ☆

Practical information

Population: 2600

How to arrive: Getaria in Saint Sebastian 24 km to the West.

住宿: Saiaz Getaria hotel offers four column bed you can see the sea, the beach Gaztetape double room 1000 Yuan.

Cuisine: can set up a Elkano dining room table, is Spain's most famous Elkano's Steak restaurant.

Top 7: blue sea intimate contact Terschelling Netherlands

Small town introduction

Although there are 136 km from Amsterdam, Terschelling is still is the traveler's paradise.

Terschelling is built in the 19th century with Chevron roof villas and houses with divisions, these buildings can be lit by the Brandaris lighthouse, the lighthouse was built in 1549, the Netherlands, is the only oldest lighthouse. In the summer months, from the night untilIt is night, locals like to sit in the harbour side of small restaurants, drink a beer Jupiler, side herself….

The fresh scent of the ocean

Recommended reason

Ships and Terschelling in centuries, has maintained a close relationship.

The island was once the pilot training center, Willem Barentsz enjoys a reputation for Maritime Institute is located here. If you want to visit an atmosphere relaxing area, then here is your ideal choice. Here year round, held a variety of activities, among which the most famous is the annual June Oerol Street Theatre Festival (Island stage) and from Harling root (Harlingen) to Terschelling's regatta. In addition, visitors can also be in West Terschelling Yacht Harbour, yacht sailing, enjoy the fresh Ocean air.

Features index: ★ ★ ★ ★

Mysterious index: ★ ★ ★ ☆

Composite index: ★ ★ ★ ☆

Practical information

Population: 4702

How to arrive: from March to November, and daily ferry from Harlingen and Vlieland departure to Terschelling.

Accommodation: on the harbour side of Wellness Hotel Caracol Hotels has three rooms, wall brush is very smooth, equipped sea silk Teng-bed, double room 1900 Yuan.

Cuisine: restaurant provide a raw oysters, 2 people dining RMB 560.

Top 6: easy stroll of historical Scotland Abel Dore town

Small town introduction

Abel Dole is a Scottish southern coastline on a beautiful and has a long history of village inscribed, has been voted the best seaside resort.

In Aberdour, a car is not popular, but when you want to enjoy the sights are in the city, and the well-preserved track can take you to the car for?

Medieval style castle

Every year in August, quiet to usher in Aberdour Edinburgh International tourism Festival, many tourists but other season, Aberdour just a busy little town, where there are well-kept has several hundred-year history of the walking Street, medieval churches and castles, of course, there is a supermarket, as well as suitable for you while away the afternoon time's comfortable bar.

Even a witchcraft supplies store, provocation like is located in Edinburgh's Church and the Church of England.

Nominated for the reason

Aberdour has too many places worth slowly tastes: 13th century old Castle mdash mdash;; Aberdour Castle hiding in a blaze of blooming flower Valley, it is Scotland's oldest preserved castles.

Santa Fe-LUN Church St Fillan's Church was built in the 12th century, is to save the most intact medieval church of Scotland. Victoria train station, Aberdour in Scotland is quite famous, this very beautiful station also saved the most traditional railway station in Scotland. Aberdour also has a lot of 17-to 19-century houses.

Features index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Mysterious index: ★ ★ ★ ★

Composite index: ★ ★ ★ ☆

Practical information

Population: 1680

How to arrive: from Edinburgh by train 30 minutes to the Aberdour.

Accommodation and fine dining: Woodside hotels provide decorated with Scottish Plaid cashmere room, twin room RMB 950, laced with 19th century passenger ship plate bar supply local Highland brewery, dinner $ 326.

Top 5: irresistible gourmet temptations the little town of Norcia Italy

Small town introduction

In the Italy Umbria's Eastern Centre, handmade culinary traditions still down from one generation to another.

InHere, pecorino cheese to aged two years, trained dogs to sniff out in woodland in truffle smell, honey is derived from the plains of red flowers bloom. Norcia people the most famous diet than the cinghiale, pickled boar the strong odor will be gone from the deli, lingering in the streets of the town. Stop in hung up in smoke ham deli before, you will find the shop are always busy salting cut of pork, this beautifully preserved method has been nearly eight centuries. Villagers each spring is on the square with the celebration of Saint Benedict of meat products.

Gastronomy town

Recommended reason

Italy's cuisine is famous worldwide, Norcia is known as the capital of Italy, the Italy meat products sell pork products shop called Norcineria, it comes from Norcia (Norcia) the name thus Norcia in Italy's famous.

Local people are also very proud to inform you that in meat products, they can do everything. Of course there are other famous Norcia cuisine, such as a cream, ham, mushrooms and sausage made with Italy sauce, spiced. In norcia, you will be surprised to find that as long as a rain, even a little rain, Woods and fields are full of various fungi, locals use specially trained dogs to pick mushrooms, that will be a kind of scene it, it is better to go to Norcia look.

Features index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Mysterious index: ★ ★ ★ ★

Composite index: ★ ★ ★ ☆

Practical information

Population: 5000

How to arrive: Norcia is located 110 km northeast of Rome.

住宿: Seneca hotel has 24 bedrooms to choose from, the 16th century palace style decoration, twin room RMB 1600.

美食: Il Granaro del Monte restaurant provides a tray of truffle, Italy, two people dining 480 Yuan.

Local characteristics: local Norceria Brancaleone grocer's boss Fabrizio Marini recommend tourists each year, the second was held in March when the truffle festival to tourism.

Line 4: the dream of tender hometown signoles France SA

Small town introduction

A few years ago, when Harry Lester (London Anchor amp; former Chairman of the Hope hotel and owner) visited France Auvergne district scenery, then hand in the small town of Chassignolles bought a 1930s opened a small hotel of stone.

In fact, as early as the 1950s, the beauty of Chassignolles popular Marseille elite welcomed, there is the eternal rest of green volcano and continuous cycle of the River, and it is said that the River on kill a singular effect.

Gentle village town

Recommended reason

If Chassignolles not heaven, then where will were? this is France's largest national park in the altitude of 1000 m above the village, is for you to spend time idly.

Cows on the grass to eat leisurely, farm near hay into various shapes, like a completely natural works of art, roadside wildflowers spiced competing in full bloom. Sitting in the renovation of a new small Inn, the window is built in the 12th century Romanesque church hellip; hellip; Chassignolles picturesque beauty always attracts swarms of urban people came to the village.

Features index: ★ ★ ★ ★

Mysterious index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Composite index: ★ ★ ★ ★

Practical information

Population: 86

How to arrive: from Clermont-fee lang to Le Puy-en-Velay in the midst of the access: Chassignolles.

Accommodation and fine dining: Chassignolles hotel owned by France antique decorative white room

The double room 520 Yuan; the hotel restaurant offers Auvergne features dishes such as pounti (pork, Switzerland beet with plum jam bread) and egg strobilomyces, restaurant menus and daily update, 2 people dining around 224 Yuan.

Local characteristics: may wish to take a walk to Durbiat, almost time consuming one and a half hours.

Durbiat is a smaller villages, there was a remnant of castle building, local small hotel chef will make you a picnic basket full of food, and slowly enjoy it.

Rank 3: grape wine romantic reverie Germany the little town of Oberstaufen

Small town introduction

This Office closed town located on the edge of the Southern Black Forest Germany, if you want to spend an holiday full of wine, this place is the ideal destination.

Starting from Strasbourg, across hills full of vineyards, when you see a charmingly naive naked statue of Dionysus Bacchus beckons you to town a little downtown. Gateway to the commercial market Street sides are pink houses, market center is the Town Hall, the Hall building positive engraved with the year 770 years theme of Gothic inscription. Everywhere along the main street of open-air bars.

Small town most of the wine

Nominated for the reason

You can easily find a outdoor pubs sit down and chat with the locals and enjoy the wine here.

But for those who like drunken revelry to remind that there is a local legend, who had accidentally dropped the irrigation channels, he was doomed to and a local person to marry. So single you, if one day suddenly want to get married, then do not bother to go to luck here. In addition, the legend of Faust in those days it was here in a hotel the soul sold to the devil.

Features index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Mysterious index: nbsp; ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Composite index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Practical information

Population: 7739

How to arrive: 75 minutes drive from Strasbourg can reach Staufen.

Accommodation and fine dining: Kreuz-Post hotel hotel rooms with patterned fabrics decoration, twin room 920 Yuan.

Restaurant supply of cuisine with duck breast, delicious mushroom pie and blood sausage and rice, two people dining 810 Yuan.

Rank 2: medieval times Shuttle in the United Kingdom Ravenna bloom town

Small town introduction

La lavenham Lavenham may be United Kingdom's smallest town.

Small town in the local pride over 300 ancient housing as well as full color jewelry shop and Café (supply scones and dense cream), don't underestimate these small shops, they may have on the rural England to the list of endangered sites. Italy Umbria famous Hotel Palazzo Terranova's former mistress Sarah Townsend on this fascination, she even at Lavenham nearby Buxhall opened a small pubs.

The medieval old town

Recommended reason

For tourists who love history, Suffolk County's many town ancient village will undoubtedly make your spirits.

Lavenham is to save the most intact of the United Kingdom in medieval villages, of which approximately 320 seat between timber construction is included in the heritage of the United Kingdom Government, subject to protection. This unique village is Henry III to 750 years ago, after hundreds of years, a large number of merchants came to the village, in the wooden house, starting a business, to 1524 year Lavenhami became United Kingdom the richest one of 14 large villages.

Features index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Mysterious index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Composite index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Practical information

Population: 1760

How to arrive: from London Liverpool Street station take the daily multiple trains to Stowmarket, only 22 km journey.

Accommodation and

Gastronomy: Lavenham town center of Great House Hotel, double room 1000 Yuan. Buxhall Coach House Hotel is the choice of another rest, twin room has two bedrooms, a fireplace and a large kitchen, double room $ 2400. Great House Hotel, Suffolk County, one of the best hotels, its restaurant supply traditional British cuisine, two people dining 680 Yuan.

Smelling tour world find beautiful landscapes, unique aroma (map)

In ancient Egypt, flavor, is just as gods prepared offerings.

But soon, the perfume perfume, is used for body of anti-corrosion treatment. Is Egypt, will spice not only application in medicine, but also aesthetically, and invented the complex flavor extraction methods: from some flowers, and some with fragrance of leaves in the refined flavors, such as Lily, water lily, is their favorite flavor. Ancient Greece, the mysterious, the temptation to worship gods of essence. Of course, the spices also like the last sacraments of Holy oil, be respectful, so they just used the funeral ceremony, large traditional religious festivals and other events. However, smart, elegant in Greece, the perfume is used in their daily lives, from ancient Greece to the Senate of the stadium, from men to women, everyone began to perfume spray lightly in the body. Today, men and women in the world of perfume always cast in the romantic magic, it is not only a smell that represents each person different traits, but rather a way of making memories, so many people have the habit of collecting perfume, whether in the past, or ongoing-love carefully saved, even memories.

Damp; G Light Blue fragrance deserve Aegean romantic

Damp;G Light Blue

Simple, natural, pure concept design, the charm of the Eastern Mediterranean to people.

Include the smell of the ocean and sunny days, citrus fruit flavours, Eastern Mediterranean plants, so that people have in the Sicilian Eastern Mediterranean Cruise of pleasant mood.

Smelling the Holy Land: mdash mdash; Eastern Mediterranean; Greece

CK 2007 SUMMER passion most suitable thermal Rugose of Hawaii


Orange sunset shining sea, shining golden wave extension of shimmering! CK one summer series perfume bottle design and color matching, this year in the bottle body to symbolize the sunset red with yellow-green holiday mood, the perfume is more exciting and dynamic.

As the evening sun, the beach of Hawaii as heat.

Smelling the Holy Land: mdash mdash; United States; Hawaii

Fantastic New Zealand needs ANNA SUI magic love Elf decoration

ANNA SUI magic love Elf

Magic love Elf scents such as love magic so irresistible romance charm ndash; Nice and clean, sexy charm, lively and naive.

Fantastic fairy Kingdom in the latest New Zealand mystery and magic! as full dreamy paradise, and it's a myth the legend of color.

Smelling the Holy Land: mdash mdash; Australia; New Zealand

There are better suited than London BURBERRY London's elegant and noble?


As her name like London, let us touch to her when you feel the stretch and elegant and noble.

Classic lattice design as if sketched every famous tourist attractions, the London Tower Bridge and the River Thames, Buckingham Palace hellip; hellip;

Smelling the Holy Land: mdash mdash; United Kingdom; London

Hollywood stars shine perfect interpretation of DIOR's my eternal

Dior J'adore me

J'adore pure, timeless styling, embodies the CD's style: elegant and charming.

Slender neck, with Golden him scarvesWai has a week, even seem noble, shines a bright light. Just like the Hollywood boulevards in Los Angeles, always attracted the eyes of many people.

Smelling the Holy Land: mdash mdash; United States; Los Angeles-Hollywood