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Enjoy the hot springs of the culture of the "soup"

Clark in Japan

Japan personal Spa for quot quot; soup;, quot quot; soup; is the hot water, etymology from China.

According to legend the Shang and Zhou era, there is a kind of dish for shower, quot quot; soup plate;, spare carved inscription quot; GOU, new, new, new, quot; every day, but unfortunately the soup plate has been lost, only to later generations left a quot; soup plate hole for the tripod has stated, without keeping its reader. Quot; (Li Shangyin "Han stele).

Japan people think Clark quot quot;; that is, Bath Spa, not only can you clean body and can wash away mental anguish, quot; a wash face, 2 wash all diseases are in addition to the quot; to not only relieve physical pain, but also for the treatment of mental illness.

Bathe people relax the body, the release of the soul, through pretense and achieve a return to innocence.

Japan from Kamakura, Muromachi era appeared quot quot; soup room; to the Edo period and Meiji era, quot quot; money soup; has become public indispensable daily living activities, now Tokyo has more than 2500 public baths, Japan home bath equipment, but still like to soup quot quot; money;.

Soaking Spa, relax and rest, share information, reflect Japan character in the most characteristic sense of group formation into the quot; money-soup culture quot;.

Clark in Japan

Japan famous writer Yasunari Kawabata, many works such as the Eulalia House "," Izu Onsen June "," Tang Island Hot Springs and spas traffic law describes Japan's hot spring bath, these stories are mostly done in hot spring village.

Japan who have a passion for bath, hot every day. In Japan there is a popular language, called the quot; drink three, three quot;.

The Eulalia House "Let us long Jing Wei to experience Japan's warm springs.

How hot is Japan archipelago nature of grace, not only all over Japan Japan hot springs and the springs of the national species and more, plus the Japan hot spring Hotel unique Japanese traditional culture and architectural features, allows spas in Japan Japan travel in occupies a very important position, so-called quot; not the hot bath is not visited Japan quot;.

This is why Japan is full of hot spring bath, so that Japan is the quot; quot; hot springs in the world, the Kingdom of Japan there are hot springs more than 2600, 70 hot spring hotel, Japan's hot springs have an avocation complex.

They enjoy a wide variety of hot spring bath, living in small groups of Japanese hotel, tatami, drinking sake, bubble Spa, this is Japan's most popular resorts of popular culture. They are so popular, because I believe the hot springs hot springs have quot quot; Sam Yang;: recovery fatigue quot; quot;, maintained-recuperation and health, disease prevention quot quot; maintenance; and treatment of diseases of the quot; quot; recuperation.

Located in Kyushu Oita Prefecture of Beppu hot spring types up to now, there are 11 kinds of hot springs, and Beppu area is 10.

Therefore, Beppu is Japan's hot springs resort city of choice. In the hot spring cleaning foam is generally a time before dinner, you can wash away the fatigue of the day, after dinner once may have a good sleep, next morning dip once to increase the strength.

Quality of life of the world's top 10 golf resorts of Hunan

Play golf and travel? is well known that many golf is the use of holidays to all over the world to try different styles of the stadium.

To help the golfer plans next trip, tourism website cheapflights.com (news.cheapflights.com) lists the top 10 golf travel destinations in the world.

Portugal golf trip

1, Portugal

European golfer who flocked to aerjiafu (Algarve), Portugal, and now this place gradually in the United States players.

You are in Portugal golf tour can include a lot of content, such as access to San Lorenzo (San Lorenzo), Rob Valley (Vale de Lobo), Vera Moravske (Vilamoura) and URN Lake (Quinta do Lago). These areas not only famous for its luxurious golf courses, but also to the food and wine.

Spain is full of tourists attracted to golf

2, Spain

Spain's Sunshine Coast (Costa del Sol) seen by some as the European edition of salmeterol-Beach (Myrtle Beach), here is full of tourists attracted to golf.

The 1997 Ryder Cup (Ryder Cup) near Soto Grande (Sotogrande). Also don't forget to go Aroha (Aloha), Las Brisas and Torrequebrada.

Orlando is the professional golfer's paradise

Nbsp; 3, Florida, United States

Orlando is the professional golfer's paradise, where there are many different styles of public golf course.

Well-known golf courses including Bay Hill (Bay Hill), the Grand Cypress, Orange County National and Disney, and more.

Scotland is the home of golf

4, Scotland

Here is the home of golf.

Since the 15th century, the golf sport is popular here. St Andrews (St Andrews), Carnoustie (Carnoustie) and Glen-Lagos (Gleneagles) pitches are no fall golf swing of the ideal location.

Desert first-class golf

5, United States, Arizona,

In Arizona, Phoenix and Scottsdale (Scottsdale) and Tucson (Tucson) has desert first-class golf courses, and equipped with luxury accommodation reception facilities.

Golf Mecca attract the Road Runner

6, South Carolina, United States

Hilton Head and Charleston (Charleston), golf Mecca attract all road runners, some courts held the Ryder Cup.

Undulating green hills goes far beyond extending Golf

7, Ireland

Undulating green hills is extended to the golf course.

Ireland best two golf courses are located in the Northern Ireland's Royal Porter Cruz Golf Club (Royal POrtrush) and Royal country Golf Club (Royal County Down).

California Golf pleasant scenery

8. United States California

When it comes to scenery and golf, California is not comparable.

When it comes to natural beauty, I must mention Tahoe Lake (Lake Tahoe) near the stadium; when it comes to luxury facilities, may wish to visit boulders Beach (Pebble Beach) and the Gulf of Spain (Spanish Bay), etc.

Canada mountain golf resort

9, Canada

As a mountain golf resort, Whistler (whistler) is located in the Vancouver Office of 90 minutes drive north of here have Kinte (Big Sky) and Whistler Castle (Chateau Whistler) and other famous golf club.

United States Hawaii golf courses make the golf fans obsession

10, Hawaii, United States

Here's Kapa Lacroix (Kapalua) and Rhea (Wailea) stadium that golf fans obsession.

Rana Island (Lanai) and Kauai (Kauai) on other golf courses are also very famous.

Drunk romantic Tahiti real and dream-Castle

This is the only angels and his righteousness can inhabit areas; this is a golden Flash in all freedom illusion imagination.

Mdash mdash;; R. Wallace hellip;


The initial impression of Tahiti

In June 1767, United Kingdom Navigator Wallis in search of the legendary southern mainland and another ship separated, blown to the Tahiti.

Wallis in this parking for over a month, the farewell of the deck. He wrote in the journal: as though we were in the garden of Eden, plain green, tree fruit jelly, Brook wear circuitous hellip; hellip; here the people enjoy the generous gift of nature, full of warmth, relaxation, comfort, joy and happiness of imagery.

18th-century Europe, positive value of a bourgeois revolution, the whole community in a significant change, Tahiti as the embodiment of Eden, attracts all kinds of people: France Navigator cloth gainville, United Kingdom Captain Cook expedition here; writer Melville, Jack middot; London come here in search of spiritual paction; Gauguin more is here to escape the ultimate question of life, a 19th century's greatest artists.

1960s, Tahiti as film "Boone Te Captain rebel on another noise, reputation, here today is national celebrity star preferred resorts hellip; hellip;

You see, Tahiti has always been a destination for art and nothing, even though the time is over 200 years, while integration with the rest of the world, prices rise to world No.1, there still is a unit away from the original atmosphere of modern civilization, let everyone as poet like thinking about where we come from? who are we? where are we heading?

And this is my short Tahiti travel in the biggest gain.

Line selection

French Polynesia Islands consist of five islands, currently open most mature tourism is concentrated in the Society Islands of three islands, in addition to the Tahiti Island, there are 15 km distance from the main island of L'Oreal island and most romantic Pola Pola Island, the island is the most comprehensive holiday facilities, the foreground color.

Tahiti dictionary

This dictionary can help you quickly and effectively to the understanding of Tahiti.

Tahiti Black Pearl

【 Tahiti 】

South Pacific French Polynesia 118 Islands group in the biggest, is also the capital city of Papeete, because as everyone knows, it became a synonym for the entire archipelago, also translated as Tahiti.

【 Gauguin 】

Tahiti's crazy fans, two went to Tahiti, died in 1903.

Gauguin Tahiti formed its own unique style. Interested can look at the NOK Arnaud: Gauguin Tahiti notes (2005 Zhejiang Arts publishing house).


Tahiti's national flower, white, very fragrant, almost everyone will wear, it is said that unmarried people to take the left, a married person with the right.


Tahiti Islands indigenous Idol, usually a few cm to 10 m high statue.

There are many islands to Tiki named folk village, show Tahiti traditional dance, dwellings and food.

【 Salon 】

Local traditional costumes, colorful cloth, men and women can wear, don't look at a simple, 100 kinds of wearing law.

【 Hula 】

Traditional Tahitian dance performers wearing grass skirts, wearing a Crown, in simple drums and accompaniment, twisting double hip, infectivity.

【 Lemon fish 】

Tahiti cuisine, fresh fish and cut into small pieces, joined very acid lemon juice and a little salt and mix, taste exquisite cucumber, sweet and delicious.


Tahiti Black Pearl's best brands, co-founder temperature Hae is Tahiti pearl farming industry pioneer, 8 family farms and 1 Pearl Museum, Shanghai also opened a showroom.

ROBERT WAN representing Tahiti Black Pearl of the highest level, we have the pleasure to visit his black pearl farm, saw the magic of black pearl production. In fact, Black Pearl is not black, it has a colorful colours and with light and transform.

Pola Pola island

Pola Pola island

Interview notes

Trong > Tahiti from us closer

When I travel to Tahiti and found that when preparing the Tahiti information was so scarce, in addition to the words of praise and attractions, local transportation, accommodations, lines, play mode.

Likely to Tahiti for Chinese tourists, as Maugham said a seat may not exist in the temple. Since opening in September 2008, only a few hundred people came here, in addition to the 18 hours of flight time and expensive prices, many people are simply identifies it and other islands. Fact, Tahiti's much more than the Sun, swimming, sailing, different styles of many islands, plus the unique artistic temperament, is definitely touches the soul's journey.

Along with the related travel line of development is becoming more and more mature, and Tahiti's distance is reduced.

Like my trip, travelling from France, Tahiti, Tahiti tourism company organizes Charter flights to and from Shanghai non-stop flight from Tahiti Papeete, the capital of the whole 13 hours. But recently I from Tahiti Tourism Bureau received, Tahiti and aviation possible future will open Beijing through the Tokyo to Papeete flight, this time the price will be less.

To Tahiti tourism is very expensive, the price is more than 10 times in Beijing, but stay down, I think there is not a rich man's exclusive, as long as careful planning, a week of play time (including the flight time), the per capita cost control in 3 million without problems, such as advance relatively inexpensive but high quality of the hotel, go to develop mature Island, design better travel line, etc.

Apart from this, show the beauty of the island, I also focus a hotel recommended, because the holiday is perfect, the hotel is absolutely essential, it is recommended that the quality of the hotel are all I personally experienced, comments are objective and fair, and I hope to everyone to develop Tahiti travel plans have certain reference.

Bora Bora BORA BORA romantic Fantasy Island

It is worth to stay: 2 ~ N late, depending on how much money you are prepared to spend

Not to be missed: Pola Pola's lagoon is a natural swimming pool of colorful, is the world's most beautiful lagoon, in reference to small and medium-sized, Tanjung or lagoon island in the Sun on the white sand beach, feel terrific.

Pola Pola distance Tahiti Island 268 km, only 10 kilometers long and 4 km wide, the island ring 32 km a week, from a main island and surrounding atolls, main islands and atolls has large tracts of pristine green lagoon, is the rare diving resort.

The island has a total of 18 hotels, the hotel has to hit the water TAXI, boat flying in Bristol green water, the wind blowing, without the slightest smell of the sea, you'll find it all in a dream. The short head space also occurs in the morning, in the half-tranced, pushed open the balcony door, see so wonderful clear water, blue sky, I do not know where you are feeling.

Pola Pola is also the encounter with the celebrity with the highest rate of one of the island.

When we at the four seasons hotel restaurant at breakfast, close to the guests is a few days ago we met at the airport, sat private aircraft to Tahiti and mysterious guest, wearing dark glasses girl is big chat buddy biangsi pregnant gossip.

In Pola Pola, at least to stay a night on the water, because water is simply too stunning to close contact with them will have regrettably, not to mention here are incomparably magnificent coral reefs and always hanging clouds of Tatar black-Shan.

Recommended hotel

Four Seasons Hotel (Four Seasons Resort)

Pola Pola latest six-star hotel, is located in the Botanical Garden, facing the Tatar black-Shan, the environment is very private.

In addition to clear water, blue sky, white sandy beach, there are also a wide range of swimming pool and garden. There are only two Chamber mdash mdash;; water and sea-view Villa suite, aquatic housing area is very large, 100 square meters of area holds a living room, bedroom, bathroom, and even large terrace and a bath on the sea of twin bathtub. The seasons catering is also very praise, especially to placate every meal by discerning taste.

However, there are really expensive, non-peak season water housing prices to 15000 Yuan/day, the smallest sea view Villa suite for one night to $, a $ 300 per person with breakfast.

Underwater world

L'Oreal island's underwater world

L'Oreal Moorea sports paradise island

It is worth to stay: 2 nights

Not to be missed: Tiki folk village, a complete show Tahiti's folk, dance, cuisine, folk, let you quickly understand the local culture while also involved.

Eat local people using traditional cooking methods baked food, followed by a handsome guy, beautiful women experience a hula, feeling super-cool. Lucky you can still see the local traditional wedding.

L'Oreal Island distance Tahiti Island, only 15 km, 10 minutes of the flight or 30 minute boat ride to arrive.

The whole island was spacious clean shoal and the lagoon around, there are two of the most famous Bay mdash mdash;; Cook's Bay and op nuhu Bay. Here is the Sun and water sports paradise.

Every morning, when the color of the sea from the dark progressive becomes the clear and translucent,

Sun also sprinkled around the entire island, different colour of tourists lying in the strange land of sunshine, Goebbels, sports mad into the arms of the sea, enjoy surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing, canoeing, yachting, scuba diving, motorboat, and other water sports brought by stimulation.

I think not so exciting and the most interesting thing is a motorboat to watch Devil-fish and sharks.

Reached the intended place mdash mdash;; a large bright green lagoon, handsome guide just water, large swinging wings of Devil-fish on our beat to, sweeping legs, a little over the belly, playing puffing away; in contrast, many shark is a little bit shy, even water, is that they wanted to.

Recommended hotel

IHG (Intercontinental Moorea Resort amp; Spa)

L'Oreal's Intercontinental Hotel on the beach is beautiful, it featured a week without the can; mdash mdash; you can be riding a motorboat to the lagoon at the devil-fish and sharks, you can do a pure Helena Spa natural SPA, or go to dolphin breeding Center and dolphins play for a while, or in the room on the sea trance, or go to a small island to time BBQ, and cats, chickens, spent a pleasant afternoon.

L'Oreal intercontinental room special local features, lobbies, common room, water bungalows or villas, from layout to decoration are available every day, also did not forget to put a lot of flowers.

Low season ordinary room one night about 2000 Yuan, water housing a late 4500 RMB, but have to buy the gift of the season.

The legend hotel (Legends Resort)

L'Oreal is one of the most high-end hotel, located in hillside, you can see the wonderful sea view.

All the villas, the room from the kitchen, dining room, 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms, laundry room and a large living room, ideal for the whole family to live in this small holiday.

Tahiti customs

Tahiti Island Tahiti French style Island

It is worth to stay: 2 ~ 3 nights, we recommend that you arrive night journey, the way a taste of meal, then you can stay before leaving 1 ~ 2 night rest or shopping.

Not to be missed: snack potions to mine, located in the Place of Papeete, near the pier Vaiate.

6 o'clock every evening, one restaurant open van came to open spaces, the cuisine of fabulous, Chinese food is the main, but also to eat while watching the show.

Tahiti island is located in the Society Islands, about 70% of the population are living here, consists of two volcanic Highlands, an island known as significantly, and the other is called small Tahiti, here is the capital of French Polynesia Papeete, is France's South Pacific naval base, nature's natural attractions of the city of fun, inclusion, and don't have a landscape.

It is worth mentioning that went to all the Islands are to go from here.

Covers an area of 7000 square meters of Papeete, the public markets abuzz, every morning a variety of flowers, fruits, vegetables, handicrafts, here is the live color fresh in Tahiti, is well worth visiting.

Local people are generally very warm, a little more buy something they would approach the discounts, and discounts are not small!

If you have time to look in Xalapa-gateway tower station, from here you can see from the East Coast to the great city of Papeete.

Here is the best place to take a sunset; the Valley through the entire Papenoo Tahiti Island, Canyon has many in the distribution of historical monuments and picturesque countryside scenery and numerous waterfalls, very beautiful.

Recommended hotel

Martha Nava hotel (Hotel Manava Suite Resort Tahiti)

Martha Nava Hotel only opened one year, is the Tahiti island more advanced apartment hotel, all rooms of ancient and modern, the room area although not large, but there is a kitchen that can cook by yourself, there are large balconies and magic.

My favorite outdoor scenery here, although not large, but warm and comfortable, swimming pool, swimming pool in the sky bar of cute. Not far from the sea and small islands with chaise, can lay at sunset and the local people the boat race.

Affordable, free Internet access, 2 euros to Coca-Cola, which is almost the most expensive on the island.

IHG (Intercontinental Tahiti Resort)

From the airport is very close, just 5 minutes ' walk, continuation of the intercontinental's style, the rooms are unique, enchanting beaches, here is Moorea island and sunset to watch the best place.

Give me the impression that the hotel swimming pool very much, one is from the reef Beach transformation, such as mirror-like surface of the bleaching with a few pieces of stone and Zen.

Radisson Hotel (Radisson Plaza Resort Tahiti)

Tahiti island is one of the more luxurious hotel, the room is very large, luxurious decoration, room design like a labyrinth, bed very comfortable.

More strange is here to see the entire French Polynesian Islands unique black sand beach. The room can free Internet access.

The Le Meridien Hotel (Le Meridien Tahiti)

Tahiti island's first hotel, the rooms are renovated. The building has a lot of character, the restaurant of the shade, there lived a bird, the happiness of man and nature. The hotel has a restaurant in the artist's Studio is quite distinctive.

Sofitel Hotels (Sofitel Tahiti Maeva Beach Resort)

Cheap hotels from the airport and Carrefour supermarkets are very close, is the best transit hotel.

Hotel General room but 1000 Yuan. A very nice swimming pool.

Beautiful Tahiti

Only belongs to Tahiti dream


In addition to the Society Islands of three islands, Tahiti and other island also has a lot of character.

Hu Ruahine Island (Huahine) still retains the traditional and original way of life, which is called the garden of Eden.

If yiya reference (Raiatea) is sailing lovers Mecca.

Tahaa Island (Tahaa) has a wealth of plant resources, rich vanilla, called vanilla Island, Nicole Kidman middot; honeymoon was spent on the island.

Marquesas Islands (Marquesas) called the mysterious island, due to its rich plant as well as historical and cultural sites, even life last 2 years spent here.

Nuku black Island (Nuku Hiva) or black Olympic Island (Hiva Oa), you can see the world famous tattoo House and enjoy the protection of God's perfect Tiki sculptures.

Osvaldo Tara Islands (Austral) at the southern end of French Polynesia, residents are few sporadic loose Temple, ancient sacrificial place and went through several centuries of Tiki protection God is here.

In each of 6 ~ 10-here you can see the whales.

Tuam atoll (Tuamotu) the Pearl factory and the world's best dive destination, you can surf and enjoy the coral reefs of the pink sand beaches.


Best tourist season: all seasons of the year, the average temperature of sea water is 26 degrees c ~ 28 ° c, all island all year round you can swim.

5 ~ 10-month dry season, from November to April is the wet season. If you like every day the Sun is shining, it is best to choose a dry season.

Equipment: sunglasses and sunscreen are essential, drugs and food can also bring some local goods more expensive, a packet of instant noodles to around $ 25.

Languages: official language is French, in the hotel and the big island, English is also very popular.

Currency: units for Pacific franc CFP, dollars and euros are accepted, 1 US dollar is about to change, in the hotel 94CFP can exchange currency.

Local apart from small vendors, a credit card is very common.

Flight: there are no direct flights to Auckland from Tokyo or connecting flight, time of approximately 18 hours.

To Auckland as a transit is high even when the go lines.

The island's traffic: no matter which island, must return to the Tahiti Island transit, so make sure to schedule time.

Traffic in the easiest way is to consult the Tahiti tourism company, they will help you arrange everything.

From SFO: at present, Beijing's major travel agencies have Tahiti tours, China travel service head office, Caesar tourism, China cyts tours all have good lines and products, in particular China travel service head office, will normally be dispatched a team leader, to very good care of our guests ' needs.

Sri Lanka like back of jewelry

Sri Lanka

Experience warm air stewardess

Already have too much free line experience, I no longer on overseas travel almost homework mdash mdash;; direct-to-local, find local advice and practical information, and making personal travel plan.

Good luck today, in the cabin I met two attendants in Sri Lanka; mdash mdash; stewardess Hill Chardonnay (Shioni) and empty least Hafiz (Haffez), they knew I was at the heart of tourism magazine, editor-in-Chief, far right away excitedly asking Bette questions, and I got chatting. The entire flight, they'll come to my seat, I introduce the major attractions in Sri Lanka, also managed to find many tourist information, have a place in the engine room. Talk to last, they even help me make better travel planning, this province me a lot of time, the work was initiated only after I fell to the ground. Other passengers at our three people whisper one hour, also think they are my relatives?.

Hafiz know many senior figures in Sri Lanka, a landing aircraft, he and Hill Chardonnay is using a mobile phone to get in touch with friends, to introduce my stay in Sri Lanka among extreme veteran mdash mdash; Hotel; Hotel Galle Dreyfus (Galle Face Hotel), and beat discount cheap.

So, my Sri Lanka free line is only used to describe a duck is not enough, the top is more it means.

Sri Lanka

Please elephant orphans breakfast

I get up early in the morning, hasn't Gude breakfast, capital tourism company (AitkenSpence) sent to the driver in the sand have soda lobby waiting.

In order to catch at 9 o'clock arrived goods that Aston Villa (Pinnawela) visit there the famous elephant orphanage (Elephant Orphanage), I decided not to eat breakfast, seize the time to hit the road.

Elephant orphanage from the capital Colombo (Colombo), approx. 90 km, to the ancient city of Kandy (Kandy) only.

In fact, no matter the size or contents, orphanages are can not be the African savanna on Safari in the same breath, but the wild elephant Zoo founded the idea is very good, it was established in 1974, the Government's intention is to find a water system is in place, set off rearing jungle elephant, give these homeless street children a warm nest, didn't think plan purposes, orphanages and booming tourism forces. As concerns the elephant orphanage more and more people, the Government has given it a mdash mdash; functions; juvenile protection animals, love nature education base; of course, in addition to the Green Start young, the Government hopes that the more common tourists can participate in environmental protection. As a Buddhist country, Sri Lanka, especially on the elephant emotion; deep mdash mdash; legend of Magadha State (Magadha) Queen Maya Mo he had dreamt about pregnancy a six teeth white elephant fly into right rib, she gave birth to children, that is, afterward by Sakyamuni.

Sri Lanka

Aromatic herbal medicine King Valley addicted

Leave elephant orphanage, soda sand band I came another Sri Lanka the Government respected tourist place mdash mdash;; herbs and botanical gardens.

Reception I was proficient in Agronomy and herbal scholar, he is also the pharmacist in the garden.

In fact, said that the drafting of medical value, I almost nothing, nor too believe this wonderful treatment methods, but entered as medicine King Valley General Botanical Garden, in the inside side tour, while listening to a presentation for pharmacists, and try out a number of herbal medicinal products, I have been, even as hypnosis accepted what he said some truth. Personally, learn something always beneficial harmless.

On the advice of the pharmacist, I did a herbal massage.

Perhaps a mix of various herbs, aromas are too ill to do massage, I walked feeling a little smug, full body aroma days are not scattered. Fortunately the next encounter Sri Lanka people know me special aromas of herbs.

Sri Lanka

Kang provides all of the Buddha tooth

Beautiful Kandy is the ancient capital of Sri Lanka Finally, also is Sri Lanka's second largest city.

I came to the most famous Buddhist paradises mdash mdash;; enshrine the Buddha tooth relic Moni Buddha Buddha tooth Temple (Dalada Maligawa), theTemple built in the 15th century, after successive Kings of constantly expanding, is magnificent. Buddha tooth relic was enshrined in the seven small URN, daily, lunch and three times by the monks to worship.

Sri Lanka

Washing wild desert gem brilliant best

Located in the South of Sri Lanka is located in the South of India, close to the Maldives, is a typical Indian Ocean island countries.

It is well known, due to the North of Sri Lanka LTTE and the Government of up to 33 years of warfare, has dealt a severe blow to the country's tourism industry, but for 2009 LTTE leaders killed in the bombing, the civil war to the end of the lightning, I might not have started the journey jewelry depth.

Speaking of Sri Lanka gem mining, its history is very long, about 2500 years.

Contains the parent rock gems are water erosion bring up, mixed with sand and gravel, scattered in the riverbed, wetlands, depth of about 5 meters to 18 meters. Gem mining workers generally there are three ways to rock mining, digging wells, rivers and bleaching.

This gem tour was very successful, I wish to interview a local two grades of different jewellery from different levels of understanding of the business situation in Sri Lanka gem.

By empty least Hafiz help, I know his good friend George (George Hemachandras).

George is one of the gems of Kandy, he gave me a gem on the curriculum.

Sri Lanka

Grassroots businessmen gem city

Visit out large jewelry company, then the stroke is arranged the wizard I visit most interested in, that is to go to the gem city interview a grass jewellery.

We say goodbye to Kandy, the mountains open up to several hours, reached LVL the Playa (Ratnapur, local language for the gem City), on the map, the city of markup is a jewel.

Truck stops in the gem city streets, the people who are still in the original site, regardless of whether you fengyongershang interest, they are dipped in the jewelry into the window, some even directly into my hand, this scene I can only describe as a selling precious stones like selling Chinese cabbage.

In the face of this sight, Wizard more than once to persuade me, not in the street and buy special expensive gems, so is fake and losses.

Come to the home of the grass jewellery, I couldn't believe my eyes, small room decoration was mediocre, but display all kinds of precious stones in Sri Lanka, the owner is a gem specialized households.

He opened a drawer, it all is the most expensive Sapphire, I cry out: this is not just a seaside Villa!

I'm walking up and down in the room, a full consideration for half an hour, and finally to Pocket all the dollar integrated stack, on the table, and said unto him: I had the money, do not eat a meal, selling one for me!

Haha, a deal!

At my request, boss promised to take me to see him in the jungle of the mining field.

The entrance to the mine. We have two machines are in operation, a continuously to the pumps, another the oxygen transport to mine. The ore was mined out workers into the water, filtered just know there are no stones. Sometimes luck, you can find large particles of Sapphire; sometimes luck poor, hard-knocks one day, only a heap of waste rock.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka small model

The Sri Lankan girl named Mary Lucia (Chamali), she is a restaurant waiter, 21-year-old this year.

I just do my Mary amateur models, she is shy, they never filmed photos. I'll give her a church for 20 minutes of swing POSE she would crash course to the Hill to the stage, on the model.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka four nights 5 days trip suggestions

DAY1: fly to Hong Kong from Shanghai noon, stay for a few hours, night 6 points arrived in the capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo 08 Dreyfus Hotel Galle.

DAY2: morning departure from Colombo, about 3 hours from Navarra, visit the elephant orphanage.

2 pm to Kandy, a famous Buddhist temple of the tooth, the annual Buddha tooth rally most attractive. You can go visit the biggest jewellery workshops and gem Museum, understanding the process of production of precious stones.

DAY3: morning made from Kang, mountains to Sri Lanka Central region nouara ElĂ­as (Nuwara

Eliya), the world's top black Ceylon black tea of origin. It often rains on the Hill, the car through the clouds, a very different feeling. Night accommodation famous tea hotel, hotel is located on the top of the Hill, surrounded by tea around the tea aroma.

DAY4: early morning departure from tea hotel, drive to the famous gem city, about 3 hours by car, in the city and visit the family jewels exhibition, see mine, buy gemstones.

DAY5: half-day tour of the city of Colombo, Colombo is the famous port city, has a very unique South Asian style, known as the Eastern crossing, many United Kingdom colonial style building partisanship.

Afternoon flew home.

A: Colombo (D to A approximately three hours by car)

B: elephant orphanage (A to B in about two hours by car)

C: ancient Kandy (b to c for approximately one hour by car)

D: nouara Avery (Ceylon tea producing area) (C-to D for about 2 and a half hours by car)

E: jewel City (D to E approximately three hours by car)

Sri Lanka

Practical information

Climate: every year from May to July is the rainy season.

Coastal areas of perennial hot and humid, with an average temperature of 27 degrees Celsius.

Population: 19 million, the majority Sinhalese people.

Visa: Sri Lanka in Chinese Embassy and Consulate General in Shanghai

Address: 2272, HongQiao road, HongQiao business building 5th floor, block e

Tel: 021-62376672, 62376797

Visa fee: $ 150 for 2 working days, the individual tourist visa is valid for 3 months, stop period one month.

Flights: flights from Beijing Sililankahangkonggongsi from Colombo, with stops at Bangkok, total distance about 9 hours.

Time difference: than China late 2.5 hours.

Currency: Sri Lanka currency unit is the rupee (Repee), currently about 100 rupee against the US $ 6 RMB.

Language: Sinhala and Tamil, English in General.

European two world class luxury hotel ultimate PK

The Savo in Hotel Savoy

The Savo in Hotel Savoy

Address: The Strand, London, United Kingdom

Reference price: 6142 RMB

To the friends comment praise: perfect enjoyment

Hotel service is flawlessly, it's thoughtful, Crown-like experience.

River restaurant food was very delicious, cocktail is really value for money, in the Butler's full service, we've had very good dinner time. The hotel's SPA service is quite good, with a high-speed wireless network, so that I can work anywhere, anytime. United States in hotel bar of wall you can see a lot of movie stars and celebrities photos, it seems that here often have celebrities and his wife, definitely worth the experience!

To play the online comments: expensive experience

I have a preference for the decoration of Savoy, each left me thinking, deeply with the old chair, creak squeaking floor and so on.

After a magnificent 4 billion investment, three years ' time it changes a lot. I will upgrade to suite River private suites, equipped with a private Butler. But on the whole river restaurant lack features and highlights, and the hotel as a whole and does not match the feeling, the menu is also new. Here it was very impressive, if you can afford, this will be an unforgettable experience!

Hardware facilities: bar, restaurant, lounge, The Beaufort Bar, winter garden, Savoy Tea pavilion Thames glass Foyer, fitness room, rooftop swimming pool, etc.

Distance to the Airport (shannon) 27 km;

From the Airport (cork) 65 km; distance from the nearest station (limerick colbert station) 5 km.

The ultimate luxury features:

Hotel in 2010 10 October (Sunday) to the Grand opening, after 3 years of renovation, the hotel even more luxurious.

The hotel's new indoor decoration by world-renowned architect Pierre Yves Rochon Siegel, Pierre has a number of landmark hotel for design, has won the reputation of the load.

Reopened in The Savoy Hotel for the guests brought a series of exciting surprises, including: the complete refurbishment of the famous River Restaurant, new two luxurious Royal Suite, and re-launched in 38 River-view rooms and suites, guests can enjoy in-room Thames intoxicating scenery.

In addition, the hotel has added a number of top-tier device, such as the magnificent The Beaufort Bar for guests in decorative Cubism (art deco) surrounded by a taste of champagne, cocktails and enjoy music and dance performances; Dapper teahouse Savoy Tea, specialized sale Savoy tea, tea and fresh food. Not only that, the hotel also has a great sense of glass gymnasium and rooftop swimming pool in rare, let guests during the journey can continue keeping fit.

Baur au Lac

Baur au Lac

Address: 1 Talstrasse, Zurich Switzerland

Reference price: 7491 RMB

To the friends comment praise: the ultimate luxury

The hotel is located in the Centre of its own exclusive Zurich Garden, where you can overlook the Zurich Lake and the Alps.

You can walk to the most famous shopping street, very convenient, especially for women. In the shopping street can see prestigious jewellery line, the world famous fashion design shops and fine food store, the whole trip you can also enjoy the hotel's Rolls Royce limousine service, very good!

To play the online comments: rigid corridor

The hotel has received good reviews, but after my experience make me disappointed! first of all, the design of the corridor of the hotel was very weird, feel like in a Home Office, rather than a luxury 5-star hotel, comfortable and warm feeling, more of a sense of distance. Secondly, our suite in only two towels, completely unable to meet our needs, let us surprise the bathroom had no air conditioning equipment, this let us feel very inconvenient, pay 6000 francs and one night price, not value for money!

Hardware facilities: restaurant, business center, fitness center, SPA physiotherapy, massage, hairdressing and beauty salon, florist, wine shop, etc.

Surroundings: the hotel has a unique superior location, is located in the Centre of its own exclusive Zurich Garden, located on the lakefront, provide you with a new style in Deluxe rooms and suites.

Distance Zu

Rich Town Hall (Rathaus) 100 m

Distance from Zurich City Centre 300 m

Distance from Zurich Airport (ZRH) 9.1 km

Luxury extreme features

The hotel has two prestigious restaurants, one with balcony, located in the idyllic garden, there is also an attractive bar, prestigious, only members of the club that improve Baur au Lac hotel's reputation.

The hotel was founded nearly 37 years, Diagonal Club becomes the most fashionable Zurich Switzerland has color party venue.

The whole hotel include business centre with free Internet connection, if you have any technical problems, the hotel may provide technical support for you.

Whether you need body sculpting, is a day of meetings in preparation for, or just for fun, you can be on the top floor fitness center and enjoy the beautiful landscape. On request, the hotel can provide the medical massage and physiotherapy, the hotel also has a hair and beauty salon. The hotel also offers valet parking, limousine service, twice daily maid service and 24/7 Concierge service. You can also repair shops in the hotel garage, car wash, or in the flower shop to buy fresh flowers around wine shop.

Ultimate PK:

1. comfort PK:

Winner: SAVO as The Savoy Hotel

Reason: the hotel service is flawlessly, it's thoughtful, Crown-like experience.

River restaurant food was very delicious, cocktail is really value for money. High speed wireless Internet as well as business people bring more convenient.

2. service PK:

Winner: balanced

Reason: two extreme luxury five-star hotels are adhering to the noble elegance of temperament, full housekeeping service let guests feel honored!

3. hardware PK:

Winner: Baur au Lac

Reason: the hotel has two prestigious restaurants, one with balcony, located in the idyllic garden, there is also an attractive bar, prestigious, only members of the Club.

Diagonal Club has become the most fashionable Zurich Switzerland has color party venue.

4. the surrounding environment PK:

Winner: Baur au Lac

Reason: the hotel is located in the Centre of its own exclusive Zurich Garden, where you can overlook the Zurich Lake and the Alps.

You can walk to the most famous shopping street, very convenient.

5. luxury PK:

Winner: SAVO as The Savoy Hotel

Reason: the complete refurbishment of the famous River Restaurant, new two luxurious Royal Suite, and re-launched in 38 River-view rooms and suites, guests can enjoy in-room Thames intoxicating scenery.

The hotel's new range of top-tier device, such as the magnificent The Beaufort Bar for guests in decorative Cubism (art deco) surrounded by a taste of champagne, cocktails and enjoy music and dance performances; Dapper teahouse Savoy Tea, specialized sale Savoy tea, tea and fresh food. Not only that, the hotel also has a great sense of glass gymnasium and rooftop swimming pool in rare, the ultimate luxury!