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Transnational sofa ' let your global travel is no longer just a pipe dream

Small series of the self-appointed like traveling, always dream to travel all over the world, vigilante hellip; hellip; however, go out and travel not just to have a pair of legs, a pair of eyes can accomplish things, you also need to have enough money to hellip; hellip; eating, housing, transportation, travel, entertainment, buy everything short of it is money, but the young staff, where so much money?, and so have those who spare cash, but cannot guarantee that they can still walk the world share passion hellip; hellip;

This is perhaps the most depressing thing young! tickets ahead of time to get booking can enjoy very low discounts, eat so casually point much less, tour, tickets are often not a major expenditure, acquisitions, fully autonomous behaviour, is money you don't buy hellip; hellip; only the living, so I really have no way to discount! small series each time to the most lethal cause closed! but now have a the best way to solve the problem; mdash mdash; sofa guest!

Sofa ' as the name suggests is a sofa bed and the others.

This is the meaning of the surface, actually, is not necessarily the sleeping sofa, if the host has the spare room or a bed, sofa, the guest will be sound asleep and comfortable. If you experience a bit more hospitable hosts, and even take you visit scenic and taste the local cuisine. Of course, enjoy these, and you want to contribute your own sofa as Exchange. Just one of several things someone not only think that this is a crazy thing, back a luggage till a stranger's House, or let a stranger into your home to sleep; hellip hellip; if Homestead?

Of course, the sofa ' cannot guarantee that all of them are good, honest people, so you need to use your ability to identify, at the sofa for guests site you set up a more comprehensive and authoritative identification system, when you invite or invitation, you want to pass the data to the series to recognize this sofa is worthy of your trust clients hellip; hellip;

However, the sofa guests more than just a free accommodation places, this is just one of the original intention of the sofa, there is another important reason is that by providing search sofa, sofa, and guests coffee, the contact with the local people, and other various forms, in-depth understanding of their own culture, even from someone else lives on trust again, to achieve the ultimate goal of sofa-absolutely no exaggeration-the world peace.

Sofa ' code of practice:

Before starting

In General, the sofa Guest site itself has set some protection mechanism, the first to give priority to select the information detailed evaluation by previous owners, the owners of credit observed and preference of safety higher same-sex or family homeowners.

In the determination of the owners, through various methods and owners contact, mutual understanding. Communication, understanding of each other can provide you with the kind of residential environment and conditions, if the place is not a room, but the living room or hallway, you need to bring their own sleeping bags, etc. Toiletries should be prepared.

After positioning

Smooth see homeowners, to communicate with the owner in a timely manner, determine the homeowners and attitude, if unusual, be sure to try the timely withdrawal in search of a hotel.

Would also like to pay special attention to a number of countries ' customs, and homeowners to Exchange respect each other's cultural beliefs and privacy, to the attention of health, accommodation that etiquette personal property security. If homeowners only provides accommodation, should as far as homeowners leave before leaving home, on the other side before you come back to bed. If you received an invitation to participate in the local homeowners social activities, embraced and integrated into one, may have unexpected results.


To their own place to live for clean, packed their bags and avoid missing.

You can give the owner a few small gifts to express his thanks.

United Kingdom photographer to shoot spectacular tornado corridor through extreme weather

In April 2004, Nebraska funnel cloud

?? ― ?o?? ― ?é ― ' 1 November message, according to foreign coverage, the United Kingdom photographer Roger-kurram (Roger Coulam) loves chasing extreme weather, and the camera to record those incredible moments.

This is a crazy and dangerous work, unceasingly mankulam need close to a tornado, severe storm and waves, in order to get the best embodiment of the outlet side of the nature of violence. However, pursuit of extreme weather picture of the process, he has never been afraid of it, but felt really enjoy.

Mankulam year 45, from Tyne-will County Sunderland City, is the oldest in the United States well-known tornado corridor (Tornado Alley) to shoot one of United Kingdom photographer of a tornado.

In May 2004, he was in Nebraska Hallam Chase beats a diameter up to 2.5 miles (approximately 4 km), a tornado was the diameter of the largest tornado, the shooting experience almost mankulam exhaustion.

In May 2004, Nebraska, tornadoes leave the wreckage of the previous roll up

Tornado corridor is located in North America, Rocky Mountain and Apala LiveScience an area between, because local special climatic conditions, the region frequently encounter tornado invasion, usually in the spring, seasonal changes in climate occur.

Mankulam total spent 10 months to shoot through the tornado corridor of the storm. The danger zone covering Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Colorado and Texas United States many States.

In order to find the extreme weather vagaries, kurram sometimes a day trip up to 1000 miles (approximately 1610 km).

He said: I have hired a car just ran 6 miles (approximately 9.65 km). And so I will it matter repossessed, this car has been due to hail the wounded, and ran the 2 million miles (approximately 3.2 million km), equivalent to travel 600 miles a day on average (about 965 kilometers).

May 15, 2007, as Thunder over the Garden City, Kansas

Mankulam said: lsquo; tornado corridor rsquo; indeed is a surprising place, did not arise because of the time, the surrounding plain open, endless, you can see 100 miles (160 km/h approximately) outside the big storm.

United Kingdom does not like to 90 miles per hour (approximately 145 km) activities of tornado so spectacular, but I really like the sea's rough and relentless force. I was very fortunate to live in the North Sea 0.5 miles (approximately 800 m), I have created many extreme weather observation at sea.

Mankulam in capturing those scare away most of extreme weather, repeatedly confronts the danger, fortunately, he always survived.

Mankulam said: there are two places I distance is 10 feet of lightning (approximately 3 m), stand at the distance of pool 5 inches (12.7 cm) away, who each root hairs pricked up, a tripod is also next to me at spark.

In 2006, the United Kingdom Northumberland beadnell Bay from Blizzard

I have repeatedly been wind up, finally, was thrown to the ground.

Chasing Tornadoes, also encounter other dangerous situations, such as side wire stuck on one side and the tornado in darker conditions. Sometimes, I left the formation of tornadoes overhead is only 100 metres away. This is a really excited and nervous at the Chase, in dangerous and unpredictable environment in the last few hours.

Mankulam added: I have spectacular extreme weather photos.

Obviously, this is a very stressful experience. When nature show violent side, I also distance it so close, it's really very special. Chasing storms is both strange and let people really enjoy. You live a life of a wandering, free.

Winter 2005, the United Kingdom Northumberland Dunstan's Castle in the Blizzard at sight

Many works of cheddikulam were much admired, for example, a huge wave constantly slaps lighthouse photos, this scene takes place in Sunderland by Locke Quay

At wind speed up to 60 miles per hour (approximately 96 km per hour), waves is pent-up anger, it's fully demonstrated the United Kingdom the terrible extreme weather. In November this year, the library will serve as judges attend Ramsar Lloyds TSB Bank-sponsored 2010 annual United Kingdom meteorological photography competition.

The silence of the seven active volcanoes in the outbreak of the global threat of death

1, Iceland's Laki Laki

Iceland's Laki Laki

Iceland southern volcanic cracks and mountains, close to Iceland's largest ice sheet vatnajokull (Vatnajokull) Southwest.

Laki fissure eruption of volcano mountain is in the process of formation of unique characteristics of terrain is significantly called Laki craters (Lakagigar). The crack for northeast-southwest direction, Laki mountain make it stop for nearly equal parts. Laki mountain altitude 818 meters (2,684 ft), up to 200 meters in the vicinity (650 feet). Laki Hill did not fully disclose their cracks. On the hillside between several cracks and only very little out of small amounts of lava crater.

Volcanic eruption in 1783, 8 June, and July 29, just south of Laki fissure in Shanxi province.

On the same day, cracks start to the North-East of the volcano eruption, almost entirely in the cracks of the half. Eruption lasted until early February 1784, was considered to be the largest ever Earth lava eruptions. General agreement that the magma eruption about 12.3 cubic kilometres (2.95 cubic miles), cover about $ 565 square kilometres (220 sq. miles). A large number of volcanic gases causing most of the European continent, smog or even spread to Syria, Siberia and Altai Mountains in the western part of North Africa. Release of large amounts of sulphur gas got in the way of Iceland's growing crops and vegetation, resulting in the death of most of the livestock. Smog caused by famine finally result in Iceland 1/5 people lost their lives.

2, Gera, Wyeth volcano KILAUEA

Kilauea volcano

Kilauea Volcano (KILAUEA) is located in the southeastern United States Hawaii island.

Kilauea volcano, is the world's active force strong active volcanoes, still often eruption. The mountain has a large Caldera, 4027 m in diameter, depth of 130 meters, which contains many of the crater. The crater is like a big pot, pot and cover with a kettle (crater). The caldera of the southwest corner of a busy with glowing lava of the volcano, with a diameter of about 1000 meters, about 400 m deep, where lava, sometimes up to the formation of spray, fountain, sometimes overflow crater, shaped like a waterfall, the local indigenous people call it Harry friction, which means the eternal flame.

Here was the persistence of a world's largest lava Lake, an area of 500 to 10 000 square meters, red woven hot magma usually have more than ten meters deep, the cry of the Lake, in the roll like a furnace boiling liquid.

The edge of the Lake, often produces dark red orange peel, they stacked up like a bundle of rope, orange peel and sometimes cracked after dumping into the incandescent magma. The Lake is also a few metres from time to time appear high lava fountains, splash with colorful sparks. All these scary scene, called the wonders of nature.

1960 Kilauea volcano big eruptions, lava flow from above Pentium catharsis, pour into the sea, on the beach has produced a new about 2 square kilometres of land.

29 July 2002, rolling magma from Kilauea volcano spewed, flows into the sea, water, fire and blend to form a spectacular sight. In 2002, 17 August, the volcano red magma rolls out into the sea, like a magma Dragon.

20 years, the Kilauea volcano continued emission of a large number of magma was formed in South of Hawaii Islands several new black sand beach and the area of the island.

3. Mauna Volcano (Mauna Loa)

Maunaloa, vol.

In Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (1916 building), the world's largest one solitary mountain.

Altitude 4,169 meters (13,678 ft). Its dome Hill long 120 km (75 miles) wide, 103 km (64 miles), lava flows through 5,120 km2 (2,000 sq miles). Crater Mo library arbeo sveio (Mokuaweoweo) an area of 10 km2 (4 sq miles), deep 152sim; 183 m (600 ft 500sim;). In winter the top often snow-covered.

1832 year average every three and a half years once erupted, most of the ejecta of the restriction in Mo library arbeo sveio crater, while the rest along the North-East or South-West side of the fracture zone.

In 1935 the outbreak, the US military aircraft had threatened to Hilo (Hilo) city of magma flow diameter bombs. June 1950, for a period of 23 days the vast magma from a 21 km (13 miles) southwest side crack down, destroyed a small village. 1975, 1984 peak occurred in large eruptions.

Nbsp; maunaloa Volcano (Mauna Loa) is an active volcano,

Over the past 200 years, eruptions over 35 times. So far, the top of the hill there are also several pot-shaped crater and width up to 2700 m large caldera. November 1959, Mauna volcano erupted again, then boiling lava risked bubble from one up to a kilometer and a half of gap Jet out duration up to a month, the magmatic maximum height more than New York's Empire State building. March 1984, Mauna volcano erupted again, rare stockholmers, attracting tourists from around the world.

4 the Vesuvius, Italy


Vesuvius (Vesuvius)-the world's most famous volcano, located in one of Campania plain of Naples Bay.

In 1944 eruption formed. 2,000,000 more people living in the region and the Vesuvius slopes downward. Along the coast of Naples Bay industrial town in the northern foothills of distribution, as small agricultural center.

After several centuries still occur after a series of earthquakes in the last 6 months and a gradual increase in strength, 1631, Dec. 16, taking a major eruption.

Hillside many villages were destroyed and about 3,000 deaths; lava flows to the sea, the sky is dark for a few days. 1631 years after volcanic eruption profile changes, volcanic activity continued. Volcanic activity can be observed in two stages: stationary and eruptive period. Rest period closed, eruptive period volcano crater opened almost continuously.

Foothills around the vineyards and orchards, this estate wine called 「introduction Christ tears wine 」 (Lacrima Christi); ancient Pompeii there on the-jar 「introduction Vesuvio 」 (Vesuvinum).

Mountain height around the oak and chestnut hardwood forest. The northern slope of the hillside along the forest has been long soma to the peak. The chestnut trees on the West side length, altitude of 600 meters (2,000 ft) above are all over the cytisus plants of rugged plateau, a.d. 79 years the big eruption of the volcano has been filled in. Further to the above, the large cone of slopes and the inside of the cable-Masan almost barren hillside, in the Volcano still period is a green grass plants.

Vesuvius in 1.2 years from time to time, the likes of eruption, the volcano is always a rising smoke rings, radiates sufficient to ignite a piece of paper.

Located at the foot of the orchards and vineyards, and on the slopes of the volcano is desolate and sinister. 20th century Vesuvius has changed 6 times a massive eruption.

The most famous of the Vesuvius eruption occurred in a 79-year, Hector Herculaneum and Pompeii two town were destroyed.

Volcanic spray out black smoke, hot stones of volcanic ash raining down, toxic gases into the air. Pompeii only a quarter of the population survived, the others are not buried by volcanic ash, smoke is being, or were asphyxiated collapsed building pressure die.

Saint Helens, vol. 5, (Mount St Helen 's, US)

Saint Helens, vol.

Located in Northwest Washington State, United States, the Cascade Mountains in the North.

2950 meters above sea level (1983). Hibernate 123 years after in 1980 and 27 March suddenly resurrected, 18 may, the most violent eruption plumes to the 2 million meters of height, volcano ash with air diffusion-4000 kilometres away, at distance of 800 km of the volcano has 1.8 cm thick. Volcano near river blocked, traffic diversion, many roads were buried. Lava flow caused by forest fires, surrounded by dozens of kilometers extinct. Because of the large number of mountain and snow melt, forming the Rapids, coupled with increased air flow of large amounts of water vapor in the air to condense, storm disaster to scour the formation of volcanic ash and mud torrent pours down from the hills have seriously undermined the farmland, forests along the way and all facilities. Volcanic eruptions, nearby terrain change significantly, the original volcanic cone top landslide, forming a long 3 km, width 1.5 km, depth of 125 m of new crater. This volcanic eruption caused 60 deaths, 390 square kilometers of land into a barren land, great losses, is the history of the United States, and is also on the Earth since the 20th century the largest volcanic eruptions. In recent years, it has its activities.
In the 1980 eruption, Saint Helens, vol. shape shapely, peak is covered with snow, much like Japan's Mt. Fuji, Mt. Fuji, known as the United States, attracting many tourists. The eruption in 1980 marked the volcano from 1857 sleep wake up again after 123 years. Then after the unexpected change.

As a result of volcanic eruptions, for a longer period of time prior to the earthquake and volcanic eruption of steam, emergency work properly, and make better forecasts, St Helen's volcanic outbreak not caused more casualties.

Saint Helen, vol. dormant long than active phase, St. Helen's eruption experience tells us that don't looks like dead volcano lightly.

6, Monte Etna volcano Etna

src="http://www.itravelqq.com/uploadfile/2010/1104/20101104104752460.jpg" />
Etna volcano

Italy, Sicily, on the East coast of active volcanoes.

Its name comes from the Greek Atine (aithn, means 「introduction I burned 」). The highest volcano in Europe. Altitude 3,200 meters (10,000 ft) above, and other active volcanoes, its height is different each time change, such as 1865 20 century to 52 metres (170 ft). 1,600 square kilometers (600 sq miles). Base perimeter of about 150 kilometres (93 miles).
The highest volcano in Europe. The most violent eruptions continued 1669, 4 months, down lava about 7.8 billion cubic meters. Undermine the very serious, Catania, near the city of 2 million people lost their lives. 1981: March 17, the eruption was over recent decades the most violent once buried dozens of hectares of forest and many vineyards, hundreds of houses were destroyed. Hillside vegetation distribution: minimum belt, full of fruit tree plantations; intermediate belt, beech, oak and pine trees; the highest band, sparse scattered shrubs and algae. The mountains have Memorial Monuments of Roman Emperor mountaineering.

7, Ecuador of Sangay National Park Sangay

Ecuador in Sangay

Sangay National Park is located in Central Ecuador Morona mdash; San Diego, Chimborazo and Tungurahua province.

Located near the equator, with an area of 2720 sq km. The Park is a world famous world active duration, the longest active volcanoes mdash mdash;; Sangay volcano. Altitude 5410 m Sangay volcano snowy, Highlands, from the peak to the foothills of nearly 4000 m of altitude before in this form the unique landscape of Ecuador. Because the entire Park is located near the equator, the Sun, the height above sea level around is also different, thus showing a different ecological spectacle, with many rare plants and animals.

Rainforest growing up 30-40 meters of trees, tall and straight.

Volcanic ash stacked into a very fertile ground to make a very lush plants here. In addition to hard woody plants are Moss, Lichen, combs with round Corm and shaped like leaves of the Compositae.

Korea census with the Badger game promotion

Korea census

Image of the people of popular hang Sung Hanxiaozhu, chizhenxi elected 2010 Korea census Ambassador, who has starred in the TV drama "with Iran," interpretation of a beautiful love story of the Royal family, immediately replace it with modern Assembly called for the majority of national self-consciousness Internet complete census.

From late October to early November, the fifth annual census, Korea is also implemented in full.

This year, Korea force used online census substitute away homes and families in the traditional way, looking forward to the census, more than half the national census of the Internet. 05 years the Internet has been developed in Korea first tried the net in General, but then only 0.9% participation rate, five years later, the Government of South Korea, and relentless determination to enduring hardships, first use the Badger game, choose the image to the people of available gratis publicity Ambassador, in prime time big TV advertising, the terrors of network General notions distance network end there are 4 days in General, completion rate has reached 30%. (Picture source: Seoul player Li Lei's blog)

2010 census, online participation in a simple and convenient

Korea census

From a government perspective, Network General significant savings in labor and cost of paper, it is said that saves nearly 16 million won (about 900 million RMB) is a low-carbon budget for the census; from the public perspective, the network has in General and avoid the embarrassment of the on-site visit and inconvenience, saving time, but also people, was soon busy modern people accept it.

Korea census

In addition to the Badger game, tangyipaodan, merchandise certificates, TVs, notebook, bicycle, participation in the network of national access to.

In addition, students complete network General, reward the two hours of volunteer time.

Vietnam domain outing and fashion related three elegant town France

France town of Saint Tropez: Golden love

France town of Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez is located on the French Riviera concealed bays, entry requires a unique track, rather like a blossom.

This town, known as having the most beautiful beaches in France, with its variations in Sun City, you can see here how the Sun is shining.

France town of Saint Tropez

As the world's most popular tourist destinations in the world, many star couples have come before.

Walking in the streets of Saint Tropez, the famous sports car and millions of yacht is quietly stopped in the old streets and narrow bays; the world's top brand-name shops, Dior, Chanel Gucci, Prada, Versace, Armani, Givenchy, Damp; G are mounted on the rustic alley, it is said that here the goods are synchronized with the fashion week, many styles of Paris has not been listed here have a staff.

Luxurious hotels and private villas occupy these silver sand of the beach in Montreal, where he witnessed the Beckham's family or Paris Hilton Miss nor is impossible.

France town of Saint Tropez

But do you know?

In half a century ago, Saint Tropez is a quaint little fishing village, but now it has become the Regal are competing standards of Babylon.

Although the Saint Tropez was rife with money worship, but in fact it is a taste of art city.

In the late 19th century, many artists to this root, and the beginning of the 20th century, this is gathered artists, writers and other artists.

The 60 's onwards, the town has gradually become a Regal, celebrities, stars of heaven.

To understand the little town of history, the Museum of Annonciade Irsquo; and the Citadelle Castle will tell you, but absolutely no money.

The little town of Grasse France: birthplace of Chanel No.5

The little town of Grasse France

Grasse town is located in the South of France holiday town, a tranquil valley looming, winding country road from intermediate Division, a slice of flatness of rose and Jasmine is the world famous perfumes.

This city known as Le Petit Campadieu flowers, French meaning small camps for God, is the world's most famous perfume of raw material suppliers.

Every year in may, from the flowers are fixed in the harvesting of ocean rose 50 tonnes transported out as making rose perfume.

This 5 month rose is here, the most famous perfume rose, also visit the perfume of travelers scrambling to visit one of the flowers.

The little town of Grasse France

Chanel is Grasse town one of the most important customers, each of the flowers will be in September harvest 25 tonnes of scents of jasmine sent to processing base, these will all be Jasmine Chanel acquisitions, another 40% rose also serves Chanel perfume series.

Gus la perfume rose and General Rose, she has a more casual with exquisite scents, and General Rose sweet taste is different, here's the smell of the perfume rose more irritation.

Although flowers processing industry over the centuries the golden age of many of the already declining, but the locals believe that COCO Chanel, Chanel Ndeg; 5 looking for a unique taste of belonging to a woman, full of woman character in complex and sexy, Gus la perfume rose is the taste of the best interpreters.

And Chanel are consistent and old brand, as long as Ndeg; 5 a day, they will remain in business.

As trying and visitors increase, Gus, the town of perfume tourism began forming, tourists can visit the rose garden and the famous perfume Museum and the perfume factories, in the lab itself personally involved in your own perfume and flavor.


France Cannes: full of noble city of fashion

France Cannes

Cannes is a summer resort of France, located in the South of France near the harbour city of Nice, is Eastern Mediterranean coastal scenery of leisure areas, it has a 5 km long beach, four seasons has bloom flower, in the French Riviera tourist attractions in and enjoy the Nice.

For the month of may each year at the International Film Festival and famous in the world.

Cannes is a city full of tales of the city, is also a haven for travelers around the world.

Regardless of the official visit, or leisure holiday, are always at the first sight her thoughts. Here are nice enough, no matter the most luxurious hotels, most romantic coastal road, the most magnificent of the shadow Festival Palace, to tell the same story, come on, the distance of the guests, to Cannes an opportunity to let you get a lifetime of memories.

France Cannes

Noble breath and diversified international element in the city's two small hills in the midst of La Croix des Gardes and La Californie listed stuffing.

From the beginning of the 19th century, the Royal Princes in Europe, India, Arab Emirates, artists and stars of the WHIR, makes this town is lively, and in just 100 years starting from the countless new within the stand building.

From 1850 to 1900, ten block, noble luxury are springing up, such as Lord Brooke Gillingham Villa Island, Villa Victoria, Villa schweichild Ross and Walloon Brossa Park.

The seaside road with many of the Malmaison clouded world top brand stores.

Dior, Chanel, Fendi, brand do the grades, and no longer need to attract customers through ornate facade. Whether advanced clothing, jewelry, leather goods, bags, all kinds of top-level fashion will let you unknowingly create own desire.