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Wings at scenic helicopter tours top ten magic

When the helicopter circled up, foretells your sightseeing tour is starting to become different.

From porthole, excellent scenery Sky lets people lament mdash mdash mdash;;; if you're not on board the helicopter, it is impossible to experience the beauty of the landscape.

Malaysia Sabah

Malaysia Sabah

Malaysia Sabah is located in the historical background of very thick of Borneo island in the North, where the mountains are quite spectacular, Qena mballou is the highest mountain in the South-East Asia.

Here are the world's oldest rainforest. Along with the vigorous development of ecological tourism, helicopter tours here in the ascendant. Sabah airline organizations of flight could bring you fly over the Orangutan conservation areas, mangrove swamps, water buffalo spread throughout a succession of paddy fields, of course, there are mountains.

Go to Canada British close contact with wild animals

Province of Canada, British Colombia

In the province of British Colombia coast, wildlife designs, picturesque postcard motifs of aesthetic, killer whales, grizzly bear and rainbow trout in the construction of the beautiful here.

You can only close to them, feel them and us. You can take from the nemo Bay helicopter to compensation. The helicopter can carry you to the Great Bear Rainforest fishing along the Klina-montkeleary canoeing, to quiet Bay to watch the whales or Eskimo canoe paddles.

Luotuoluwa hottest geothermal Park Gate of hell

New Zealand Luotuoluwa

New Zealand's North Island Luotuoluwa is located in the wonderful Bay area, is a country with a population of over 5 million of the town.

Geothermal activity around the city, the Spa, mud pools and sulphur springs. Here's a company called volcanic air tour company provides helicopter tours service, their most popular items is flying over Tara Huila mountain showing to the tourists luotuoluwa magic natural volcanic landscape. Tourists can luotuoluwa hottest geothermal Park Gate of hell to land, or in New Zealand's most active volcano White Island.

Brazil Iguassu Falls

Brazil Iguassu Falls

Located at the junction of Brazil and Argentina Iguazu waterfalls abundant water, making the United States and Canada at the junction of Niagara falls to shame, which is like a tap.

When you face this can all watch waterfalls, will be at a loss for words, I couldn't get the right words to describe. Helisul company provides 35 minutes of air travel line, you can temporarily stalled in the dazzle of the Devil's throat waterfall Center. The waterfall was earlier years as a world natural heritage of UNESCO, there are helicopter tours of raised some controversy. To quell controversy Helisul company introduced relatively new quiet helicopter.

Australia, Cairns, great barrier reef

Australia, Cairns, great barrier reef

North Queensland in Australia, there is a dense tropical rain forest growth, and white sand beaches and the world's largest living organism in the great barrier reef.

Departure from Cairns city, GBR helicopter company take you over the Coral Sea, to the great barrier reef, the middle one for the floating bridge broke down, here you can go diving, go canoeing, to enjoy the semi-submersible boat brings you a wonderful feeling. If you seek is luxury and style, GBR can also provide you with a special sunrise flights take you to a private coral reefs enjoy brunch.

Juno's glacier

United States Alaska Junod


Juno's glaciers while in the short term will not disappear, but increasingly melt it is an indisputable fact.

Era helicopter company can spend two hours, taking you to still awe-inspiring ice. Here is located in Alaska, the capital of the North of Juno. Visitors can in four distinct circled over the ice, to identify different types of glaciers; you can personally go to the glacier experience a (company providing a specially crafted glacier walking boots); you can go and sit a dog sledding, let the faithful dog to accompany you to spend an unforgettable time.

Victoria Falls, Zambia

Victoria Falls, Zambia

Victoria Falls, commonly known as thunder and fog, magnificent water flow, such as the Thunder rolls, soar up in the clouds in 30 miles away are visible.

Zambezi helicopter company offers a 30-minute journey will bring you insight Zambezi courageous leap into batoka Gorge, in astonishment, you can also watch the journey to many wild animals. When you are in the Zambezi national park overlooking the waters down, elephant, hippopotamus, hippo, giraffe abound.


United States-Hawaii

Throughout the Hawaiian Islands, there are several helicopter tours to choose from, but your best choice is a company called Blue Hawaii.

The company has won industry recognition extremely high international five star Diamond Award (this is a grant the upscale hotel and cruise Awards), it can drive you to Maui, Kauai and the big island, flying over the volcano, lava and Rainforest waterfall. In addition, golf enthusiasts can find favorite golf course, beach walking enthusiasts can adventures own resort.

The Grand Canyon in Arizona

The Grand Canyon, Arizona, United States

Each year, more than 60 million people in Grand Canyon helicopter air shuttle.

There are six companies from located in tusayan Park Airport, there are also some from nearby Las Vegas. Babbitt Dragon company already in this flight more than 40 years, in 30 minutes to take you through the famous Dragon Corridor, if you are willing to spend a day, it will take you to the bottom, in an ancient Indian villages nearby land. Sundance company is proceeding from Las Vegas, take you leap in Lake Mead, Hoover Dam and Las Vegas.

British Montserrat

British Montserrat

In July 1995 Soufriere volcano eruptions, the Caribbean, Emerald Island known as island lost its vigor.

Two-thirds of the inhabitants were forced to flee, the capital of Plymouth's volcanic ash 40 feet thick. But there still are the most limpid sea water, the white beach and the enchanting scenery of the island. Caribbean helicopters from the nearby island of Antigua, leading people to visit the region's many islands, Montserrat is undoubtedly the most popular destinations. Overlooking the beautiful scenery, passengers can close watched the sky abandoned cities and towns, volcanic ash flows and lava, enjoy a wonderful trip.

Global top ten travel taboos

1. takes note of the shoes and feet

In the Arab States, the soles of the feet are considered dirty.

Throw shoes than throw waste not much. Buddhism also believe, whether from physical or mental, feet are the bottom-most part of the human body. Therefore, in most Asian countries, out of the bone, even if it does not mean it will be considered on an insult others.

2. do not touch anyone's head

At the top of the body is also the most important parts of the body.

Spread of Buddhism in many countries, especially South-East Asian countries, in their view the head contains a person's soul, is a very sacred, not to easily touched someone's head.

3. do not across the threshold and shake

In the Eastern Mediterranean countries, even strangers will kiss on the cheek; in Japan by bow, in Russia, it is important to remember not to across the threshold and shake.

4. don't use your left hand

In the Middle East, South Asia and even some countries in Africa, the left hand is considered a clean thing, so you can use your left hand to touch food or shopping mall.

In India, traditional and religious ties together. They generally accept gift with his left. For Muslims, with your right hand to eat just clean, as recorded in the Qur'an, Satan is using your left hand to eat and drink water.

5. When you want to have a toast eyes of Exchange

As proof of the other handshake is no weapons, toast and others have eyes of exchanges is also a kind of security, because if someone in your drink put poisons, he would not dare to seeing your eyes.

Some cultures will this tradition extends farther. In many European countries, toast, only looked at each other's eyes in order to prove your innocence. In and a lot of friends together to eat, if an error occurred while a toast, then the results be severe: seven years not harmonious sexual life.

6. do not insult the Royal

Just ask those who have been to the cinema of Thailand will know that they on Royal person is respected.

In the movie before you start, people will watch a video of the King to respect it. Failure to do so would be accused of a crime or be affected by the damage from the Royal family. This and the Western freedom and formed a strong contrast.

7. let the nose quiet

China provides no spitting, but Korea on sputum and saliva more mind, even at the dinner table gently Sniffling is considered to be savage.

This is for those who can't stand spicy foreigners can be difficult. Also, when you think you want to sneeze, the toilet should be an excuse to leave. In Japan, public use handkerchiefs is considered very rude.

8. place chopsticks

Proficiency in the use of chopsticks is not just to put the plate or bowl of food into his mouth so simple, you must not put in the rice bowl, chopsticks vertical meters, because both chopsticks and offerings for the dead is very similar to the fragrant, very unlucky.

9. go, took him by the hand

Even if most of the visitors will also be open to the Middle East and the Arab States of intimate physical contact and be surprised.

Arab men walk always hand in hand, don't worry, they are not, this is only the expression of an intimate and friendly to them, so the next time if your Arab friends to pull your hand to afternoon tea, it is important to remember that went up to her.

10. silently thanked

Maybe many Western countries parents teach their children use please thank you and so polite language, but in the Arab and South Asian countries, you may not need so polite.

In these countries, if you repeatedly thanked the host's hospitality, they will feel that they do not what you expect, because do a generous host of their standards.

Play the "fly" a summer vacation, fresh summer Charter flights travel

This year's summer is so hot that people are thinking about going to a cool place for a holiday, then, let us make a fly, go.


Most popular: Bali

A station to the South of the Equator

If you want to comment out exactly which destination FBO products Thunder Zuijin, then non-Bali.

Because of the distance and flight, before travelling to Bali travel and inconvenient, and two days of time to waste on the road. In summer, almost all travel agencies have introduced direct flights Charter flights in Bali, on October 7 ~, almost every week there are two flights to choose from.

Traditional flight time: from Singapore, Hong Kong, Jakarta, total flight time of 10 hours.

Air Charter flight time: 7 hours.

Cost savings: Charter flight line prices near $, prices in the $ 5000 ~ 8000.

Travel highlights

Luxurious and elegant hotel experience mdash mdash;; because saving many flight costs, so in the summer markets of Bali luxury packaging lines, and honor are the most common of the two keywords, many travel agencies have launched a Grand Hyatt Bali, Westin, Club Med and other top-level Hotel select, and can also help guests booking hotel detached pool villa or top-level sea view room.

Originally, island resort should thus better hotels, luxury and comfort.

Experience Bali-SPAmdash; mdash; Bali-SPA, is already an important genre SPA.

Today, most travel team will arrange for guests to experience the most authentic SPA.


The most veteran: Phuket

Return to the land of smiles

1. in Bali island retreat in the mountains.

2. warm the children of Bali.

3. when the situation in Thailand, where the return to stability remains the magnificent temples.

4. to Phuket, you can experience the catch to the distorted.

Charter flights to Phuket, should be regarded as the earliest appearance of Charter flights travel products.

Because, in Phuket is one of the earliest Chinese tourists in popular tourist resorts of the island, was the banner of island resort. In the summer, select pugi Charter flights to travel there are many good. Experienced a long period of instability, Thailand is with the greatest sincerity welcomes visitors from overseas, now go to Thailand, the most cost-effective.

Travel highlights

Top hotels in large promotional mdash mdash;; to attract tourists, many hotels in Thailand for promotion great discounts, such as a residential buy a gift, even some of the top hotel also has a substantial discount, so now go to Thailand, accommodation costs are significantly reduced.

This allows us to go to Thailand can now enjoy more and better service and experience. So, this summer's most Phuket Thailand, hotel standard line has increased.

Thailand Island mdash mdash; all around; Phuket is the starting point, this time machine trip you can also visit the nearby many famous Islands.

PP Island, coral island, taohua Island, are more famous places, Phuket is relatively close to the day of the journey, either; comparison fresh is Krabi Island, is a more pure Island, previously very few Chinese visitors.

Saipan island

The most economical: Saipan

Find the nearest United States Customs

Travel to Saipan, this is a very special line, it's in the travel market is initially appear to Charter flights.

Indeed, if you go to a regular flight route, go there very troublesome, and unreasonably high costs, perhaps we are doomed to be chartered to Saipan.

Travel highlights

Explore indigenous culture and the ruins of World War II; mdash mdash; is beima Liana Islands Saipan is a wonderful tourist destination, local unique indigenous cultures, and for today's visitors, the people more interested, but it is where the ruins of World War II.

This used to be at the forefront of the Pacific war, there are many ruins of war, and today is the most famous tourist attractions, such as Viva Cliff ruins of World War II and the last command of the Japanese army.

Blue Hole mdash mdash; scuba diving; the blue hole, Saipan is ranked second in the world of diving resort.

If you are a dive master, or simply want to be a diving enthusiasts, so to Saipan, are going to feelBlue Hole, underwater world, and even might see during World War II submarine sunk in the remains of the various warships.

Jungle adventure tour mdash mdash;; Saipan has many original jungle, the jungle has been a lot of fierce fighting, to today, visitors can ride off-road jeep by professional guides through the hidden jungle, adventure.


Most insist: Hokkaido

Summer is cool and you are the one

1. in the Shui in sleeping more than half a century of tanks, only visible in Saipan.

2. overlooking Saipan island scenery.

3. Hokkaido Swan.

4. summer bloom of Hokkaido, wildflowers.

The film's influence, star of driving effect really is infinite, although the love story with a third party is over a year and a half, we probably can't remember a movie plot, but still remember the Hokkaido the picturesque scenery.

In fact, to Hokkaido's machine series journey from this year's Spring Festival period began, continued without break; however, it was winter, the snowy fascination; and now, is a colourful summer landscape.

Travel highlights

Movie memories mdash mdash; comprehensive experience; now to Hokkaido travel line, almost all are non-Shing disturbance not "as the theme, although some vulgar, but admittedly, there is certainly the most beautiful place of Hokkaido.

Typically, Sapporo, Abashiri, Lake AKAN, Kushiro, North Shore, these WAT oblique Lake, the city not "inside the romantic scenery of the tourists are in sight, even is located in the AKAN of Shiretoko four sisters pub will take a look, sit down for a drink. Of course, visitors were also in the nearby hot springs hot springs Tavern Street night, this is the charm of life in Hokkaido.

Shopping in Sapporo mdash mdash;; enjoy the beauty of nature in Hokkaido, the modern island of Hokkaido is also not to be missed, Sapporo is Hokkaido's commercial centre, tourists will go there most bustling business districts mdash mdash;; thin wild, Beaver road commercial Street turns, where all kinds of shops, Department stores lined and world-renowned Hokkaido ramen noodles Wang Ting is also nearby.


Most fresh: Russia

Through old memories

1. St. Petersburg church garden.

2. Russia's puppet.

3. Russia has a wonderful architectural culture.

Although travel to Russia travel have direct flights, not like to have as many islands travel connecting flight, but because the flights low, so Russia travel cost has been high.

Charter, the biggest benefit is to ensure the availability, significantly reducing the price of the flight.

Traditional flight time: Air China, Russia intercontinental aviation has a direct flight to Russia's course.

Air Charter flight time: the same as with the traditional.

Cost savings: Charter flight line prices by more than thousand, is more than the price at $ 8000-9000.

Travel highlights

Moscow, St. Petersburg tale mdash mdash;; Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia in General and on all of travel routes to them as the core, they are the most desirable two Russia cities.

Typically visitors are first flew to Moscow to St. Petersburg in the Middle, then return to Moscow. In many of the line, it will arrange to visit a small town in Russia features; mdash mdash; called golden ring towns of Sergeyev town, there is Russia's most important religious sites, the spiritual and cultural center.

All four major attractions, visit mdash mdash;; known as the world's eighth wonder of the Kremlin, Russia's first garden of Tsar's Summer Palace Gardens, one of the world's largest Museum of the Hermitage Museum Bogd, there is the world's largest underground mdash mdash; transport network; Moscow metro, the four spots, is coming to Russia must see in four places.


The farthest distance: Tahiti

We go to Pola Pola

If the distance as standard, which should be in the history of tourism in China is far away from most travel line of Charter flights, the destination is a remote South Pacific, Tahiti, this time flying, you need to 13 hours

。 Although this time machine trip starts in Beijing, Shanghai, but for the tourists, this is not a problem; although it's departure time is during the national day, but we will be happy to wait.

Traditional flight time: go to Tahiti, must from Tokyo, Auckland, Sydney and other places, usually on the road takes you over 30 hours.

Air Charter flight time: 13 hours, plus from Beijing to Shanghai, a total of 2 hours and 15 hours.

Cost savings: Tahiti in the past, the ticket line spend about half to be accounted for, and this time it is expected that the cost savings will reach $ 4

Tahiti is the most popular Hollywood star welcome honeymoon resorts.

Enthusiasm of Tahiti Islanders.

In Tahiti, anytime snorkeling.

Travel highlights

Tahiti, known as the world's last Eden, Hollywood's back garden is most affected by lovers favorite romantic holiday attractions.

So in short, come with me Pola Pola, has become a romantic language generation words. In Tahiti, where magnificent island style, local and dancing of the Islanders, or the spuds Polynesia national culture, this piece composed of many small islands and luxurious hotel made up of the land has become the most romantic in the minds of men.

Tahitian government launched the Charter mdash mdash;; this time the machine travel and not by the domestic travel, but by Tahiti government extension.

From 30 September to 8 October, this 9-day 6-night trip to let people take advantage of all the charms of Tahiti.

Relax or indulgence of Vice City

Evil, how do you define it? openness, or sexual openness?

In short, in short, in short, buried in subcortical evil thoughts, always need some way to release, so had to recommend these open city for everyone.

Looking out the window, eyes locked, maybe get you excited maybe make you hate, wander in the heart of the exciting and dream of paradise, as between themselves and unreal situations, style taste then drifted ....

London Tower Bridge


007? James middot; Bonde? Royal Casino? drama ad infinitum, like format, James middot; Bonde iterative stage heroism, repeated and beautiful sister occurred one night hellip; hellip;

In the movies art form, the United Kingdom were repeatedly highlighted was the United Kingdom man of heroism and strong body, strong sexual ability.

Heavy London

But this is merely a surface luxury cities, most of the artist's London, mysterious and ruthless, Thames Water is combined with the heavy lead grey, the sky was fog and become cold and dark.

In fact, this is not the case, London is not a merciless, when horse-mounted a Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson in the walk through the streets, when it was strange because cold mist and irritability, London just to sleep. It's past is past, but calm, as if one does not like the elderly or the quiet of the mother.

Open and heavy cultural accumulation, cross out obscure romantic and impressive silence's unique charm.

Poetry London

Travel xiaotieshi:

1. tour time: 7-8 months is London tourism season, when the hotel packed, rising, even to observe the parliamentary debates of the seats are very much sought-after.

Especially August Notting Hill Carnival, at a London must be fully prepared in advance.

2. accommodation: in European capitals in London hotel accommodation expenses is the highest, less than 60 pounds of the hotel are included in the motel, usually require advance bookings for 1-2 days.

Victoria station Advisory Service provides hotel and booking service, handling charge of £ 5. Only guests more, only at least 3 days of booking.

3. exchange rate: GBP exchange rate: 1 is about RMB 11 can be exchanged, or $ 1.5 1.3 euros.

Recent changes in international exchange rates, the exchange rate is intense, real-time query by Bank of China exchange rates.

4. climate: London is a maritime climate, mild year round.

Even in summer and winter, still rainy, autumn and winter weather changes more frequently. Rain in the afternoon often will, therefore, propose to the London Tour, the best every day to prepare for rain gear, clothes, as appropriate, in addition to accidents in the summer, don't wear too weak.

Beautiful like a pastoral landscape


Eyes are a pair of bright painting, cow, enjoying all the blooming tulips, windmills of ancient sound issued ...

This is the van Gogh's bright colors, Amsterdam brings us the impression of Wonderland.

In addition to this unique charming scenery, Amsterdam gives us the greatest feeling is a dream, charme.

Go to Netherlands friend told me that Netherlands Red-light district of workers, can get legitimate licenses, whether as incredible? Yes! here's the sex industry open bold, all veiled with most normal state openly publicly placed in front of you.

Openly soliciting

Lanterns, powder light mosaic window flashing light shady, neon, dark sweet floats.

The red light district House are two to four or five storey building, 1-2-layer, is a small window with transactions or glass doors. Prostitutes were sitting or standing behind the glass, to the tourists make provocative pose. This is Amsterdam red light district of the greatest features. If the display Windows of the curtain is pulled in, we'll understand, means thatAt work, do not disturb.

Tired of the usual common life, are willing to feel a sense of having martial arts in Europe, Amsterdam, the choice.

The red light district

Warm tips:

1. accommodation: Amsterdam District accommodation Hotel quantity are many, varied, various grades of a, but each accommodation and scale are not large beds.

Recommended accommodation: Camping Vliegenbos, Vondelpark youth hostel, in the

2. currency exchange: GWK, American Express and Thomas Cook, VSB Bank or the post office can change to a more appropriate exchange rate.

3. Tip: all services are subject to a 10% tip, including taxi driver.


Gold Coast

Gold Coast is Australia's holiday and recreation destination, there are bright sunshine, a succession of white sand beaches, azure blue transparent sea, romantic Palm forest, holiday here people added more here a lot of vigor and dynamic.

The Gold Coast's Centre is a Surfers Paradise (Surfers Paradise), where the scenery, tourist facilities, you can enjoy in the Pacific Ocean, you can also play volleyball on the beach, or just lying on the beach umbrella, look at the scenery, think of your mind.

Beach beauty

Come here and let people feel that the people here are so open.

Beauty and the handsome guy, who is the game, who is the Hunter? surfing is a good reason for the day, the night brushed, sex, alcohol, night of covered with ... RI also provide first-rate porn wash. Think about it, really very stimulating, and inexpensive, a $ 13.

Here's the beach, all naked body, and if anything comparable, the only age.

Luggage arranged, they quickly undress to the beach.

Natural sea view

Warm xiaotieshi:

1. traffic: the Gold Coast is located in the South of Brisbane, 78 kilometres an hour by car.

Brisbane city bus to get to the Gold Coast.

2. diet: the Gold Coast is a gourmet's paradise, here a total of more than 500 restaurants restaurant, you can eat to the Eastern Mediterranean, European and Asian cuisine and a rich local characteristics of seafood meal.

In the Empire State building (Imperial Plaza), there are various types of food to choose from, you can also do this at Elkhorn Avenue of Cafe talking to take rich tasty coffee, enjoy the journey and elegant leisure moment in time.

3, power: 220V, only three holes plug seat, two-hole socket visitors are advised to bring good conversion plug.

Beauty to Wonderland


Pattaya, South-East Asia in recent years the heat extremely high Beach holiday and enjoy the reputation of the Oriental Hawaii, Pattaya has become synonymous with holiday paradise on the beach.

Pattaya for up to 40 km from Pattaya Beach, the Sun is shining, the sky blue Aqua, is a good beach for swimming. Crescent Moon-like Beach embraced the blue sea, the beach of white soft sand, especially clean and beautiful, clean sea water, can be up to several meters water depth perspective under the seabed biological world. Beach just beach chairs and colourful Sun umbrella, giving a comfortable and quiet enjoyment.

Overseas holiday hydrophilic tour summer island diving watch white blue

Beautiful Bali

Hydrophilic recommended: Bali

Recommended reason: white, blue, water is the perfect summer movement near the waters: Indian Ocean

Destination tips: Bali is the Indian Ocean in a scenery beautiful little island, Indonesia was one of 33 administrative province, where both the aquamarine Tropical scenery, there are volcanic landforms of rich forests, there is also terrace cottage in rural scenery.

Bali strong unique art, is surprising. The whole island has temples 12500 block above, therefore, the island and the island of thousand Temple.

Morning and evening two periods of water sports.

If you selected live Nusa du Bois's five-star hotel district, there is the Grand Hyatt, ST.REGIS and many other high-star luxury hotel, the beach is excellent, the hotel also has a swimming pool available for fitness.

7 point and a half ago to go to the swimming pool is preferred, the Sun over the Indian Ocean in this fashion, no lanjiao sun beating down exactly can rest assured that rush in the swimming pool and fitness.

Sunset, despite no longer hot run of sunset, jumped into the Indian Ocean in the stealth sea wave fluctuation churning along, learn to surf!, and the water temperature is not high sun baked nicely, as appropriate.

Another water movement is ladies love mdash mdash;; SPA, first scrub scrub and then ran to the bubble bath comfortably oars, SPA advice before selecting ganhai so as to avoid excessive sun exposure redness is not appropriate to do matte.

A trip the two together SHOPPING

Bali most of Ukrainian cloth is hilarious.

Round two-lane street, shops, mini market, sold goods are some common types of souvenirs. Obor suitable for small shopping, like local stuff, buy not too expensive, and easy to carry.

In fact, if the distance to shopping Shopping, most suitable for use in Hong Kong transit flights to Bali, return trip can reserve one or two days to stay in Hong Kong, truly leg of the tour to the two places.

Tonga in vava'u

Hydrophilic recommended to: 汤加

Recommended reason: volcanic, volcanic Lake

Adjacent waters: Pacific

Destination is located in the small archives: near the equator in the Pacific Southwest, from 176 of size Islands island States.

Tonga territory consists mostly of water area, blue sky, blue sea, white sand, Coconut Grove is a beautiful sea view Tonga everywhere. The main island, Tongatapu Islands in the southern part of large coral reefs, tide attitude all sorts of water from the coral reef size holes in exhaled, this is the shot tide Cave of wonders. The second largest island tile Wau island is world famous for whale resort 7mdash; each year in September is the best time for whale. Tonga is dominated by volcanic islands in the West, there are cards pangrango, beautiful volcanoes and several sights and unique volcanic Lake.

Date subsequent to the Kingdom of the fat man

Tonga is located on the West side of the Dateline, is the world's first to start a new day, is among the first to celebrate new year's day, the sun rises first from here every day.

Therefore, it is called a better one.

Tonga is the famous fat Kingdom, is the world's highest rates of obesity among the population of the country, for a long time, the traditional values of the Kingdom of Tonga, the shoulder is beautiful, fat is a symbol of nobility.

From here, from the nobility, down to the flat head people, body fat, round. Tonga's King by 33 nobles ruled the country, around the people every year are to pay tribute to the nobility, the best food and then elected nobles with best offer to the King. The Tonga people prefer foods are cassava, taro, breadfruit, bananas and tropical fruits. To this kind of food is the staple food, and of the movement, it is no wonder that Tonga men average weight 82 kg, females average weight 73 kg.

Most suitable for sport is diving

Aerial view of Tonga, the endless sea, far-flung conceals as Garland-like Islands, crystal clear sea water gently nestled in white sparkling beaches, the water falls at the Moonlight shadow of coconut, large swarm of colorful tropical fish style unlimited.

In Tonga, most suitable for sport is diving.

If you do not dive, you can enjoy snorkeling, rent a pair of diving mirror, life jackets and foot Web, you can jump into the crystal clear sea and fish dances. Even if you really can't get involved in diving, you can also see the fish. The coral island, General shore 20 meters from the sea is not deep, 30 m, it is a cliff-like fall. But here is also the largest number of fish.

Madeira Islands

Hydrophilic recommended: Portugal Madeira Islands

Recommended reason: cool water, C. Rowe's hometown adjacent waters: Atlantic

Destination tips: Madeira Islands have Atlantic Pearl, it is located off the coast of West Africa.

Due to the special geographical position and the hills landforms, here have a wonderful mild climate with average temperature is very stable, summer: 22 c °, 16 ° c in winter and humidity are maintained at a moderate level. Sea temperatures are very mild, warm Gulf, the average summer temperature of sea water rendering is 22 ° c, winter rendered is 18 ° c, warm in winter and cool in summer, is ideal for holiday. Here is the Brazil star C. Rowe's hometown.

Charming large garden

Located in the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by the sea of Madeira Islands surrounded by like a charming garden, year-round sunny climate, warm in winter and cool in summer, there are European veteran resort rich entertainment and vacation facilities.

For reasons of tradition, many United Kingdom people to Madeira Tourism, they mainly gathered in Madeira Funchal, the capital.

Insurance and steep slopes to steep cliffs and termination, the beach is like a floating bridge across.

Island, no one is willing to let go and experience the sports, sailing, wakeboarding, water motorcycles, or paragliding. If you want to search for stimulation, the surrounding area is the perfect place, with waves against it, like a Portugal.

The Sea Garden is not only the Canyon and the beach, and a good place for family vacation, and children here in the river walk, or to the holy mountain riding, the scenery of the Park and the whole family to enjoy a picnic is also necessary.

Walking in the city's oldest streets and see the houses and decorated with black basalt in the Church, then to looking over the Atlantic, a lot of emotions.

Madeira in particular is a good place for hiking, walking along the water course useful to repair and maintain these waterways, today many tourists take advantage of these roads to hiking.

But in some places considerable risk, travelers to heights not faint.

Madeira's airport is also very famous, it close to the mountain and sea landscapes, from 1984 to 1986, it was extended, use reinforced cement column extends to the sea almost doubled, previously only small aircraft can land, and only very experienced pilots to land here.

Wonderful food and

Madeira is known for its local Madeira, this wine taste delicious delicious, in brewing method is also very special.

Grape fermentation, drying House in heating, winy more alcohol, extremely popular drink family welcome.

Madeira's most famous dishes to few Espetada.

This is a Madeira specialities of beef, join Laurel, garlic, pickled pepper, Madeira wine, the pines interspersed into the charcoal roasted beef on the series. It is said that not only is Espe? tada tasty or great navigation era European dining table revolutionary witness, it witnessed Madeira as a North-South-hop to the European culture of a series of changes.

Flight: there is no direct flight to Tonga flights, you can fly to Hong Kong, then transfer to the Air New Zealand flights to Tonga.

Climate: the climate is hot throughout the year to the distribution of precipitation of time into the dry season, rainy season, seasonal temperature variations between.

Annual 5mdash; August is the dry season, Tonga, temperature low precipitation, average temperature of around 19 ° c, the climate is more comfortable and convenient travel. The arrival each year in December, April is the rainy season, rainfall in Tonga, Tonga temperature during the rainy season is also the highest season, with an average temperature of 27 ° c. The arrival of November every year in March, are hurricanes and storms with most of the weather, so when you travel, need special care.