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Extreme luxury Palace tour of a World Congress

The White House

The White House

United States President's residence, in the United States to Washington, is a two-storey building with white.

Founded in 1792, from 1800 years later became the residence of the Presidents of the United States in 1902 the first to use the White House, President Roosevelt. The United States Government after becoming a surrogate.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

United Kingdom Royal Palace, in the United Kingdom, London.

1703, Buckingham Palace Jue was founded, Queen Victoria in 1837 the throne, officially became the Royal Palace. Palace Deluxe, a banquet hall, concert hall, 600 more room, Palace Square in front of a statue of Queen Victoria Centre. Palace before 10 am and 12 pm, to be held between the Royal Guard and changing of the ceremony, attract visitors.



In Russia, Moscow City Centre, the Moscow Principality and the 18th century former Tsar Palace, after the victory of the October revolution, became the leading cadres of the resident.

1156, founded after repeated by extension, to an ancient buildings, mainly in the great Kremlin Palace, the Virgin Mary Ascension Church, government buildings, Ivan the great Bell Tower, etc. Intrauterine Tower is equipped with a pentagonal Ruby star. It is also used as surrogate of the Government of Russia.

Versailles palace

Versailles palace

Versailles palace is a feudal monarch of France's Palace, in the southwest of the city of Versailles in Paris.

Founded in the 16th century, after repeated formation by expanding existing scale. Including the Palace Gardens, palaces and radial road three parts. Body symmetry, East-West axis shape. Intrauterine decoration very luxurious, wall hanging tapestry, paintings, sculpture, the famous sculptor Hall displays or marble statue of bronze, enjoying high reputation of the Palace of art. In 1919 the Versailles peace treaty signed in this.

Top Capri Palace

Top Capri Palace

In the Bosphorus and Golden Horn Bay and Marmara Sea meeting point there is a splendid building, this is from the 15th century to the 19th century at the Centre of the Ottoman Empire; mdash mdash; top Capri Palace, which culminated in the maze of luxury, is a former sultans Office place.

Outside the Palace is a lush green wood of the first courtyard, was originally the Palace dining room of the second courtyard, now become empires of Crystal, silver and China Chinaware Tibetan Museum. The left is the Sultan's Palace, various conspiracy took place here. In the third courtyard has the audience room, library, costume jewellery Museum (you can see the world's second largest diamond) and priceless medieval painting books. Palaces of Central is a relic of the Saint.

Belloeil Palace

Belloeil Palace

Istanbul's famous palaces, there are 19 century Sultan Abu are in Graz in Bosphorus Asian coast with white marble as raw material, a city full of Magnolia, courtyards as dreaming mdash mdash; of the Palace; Baylor Bey Palace, past the Sudanese summer villas and foreign guests of the hostel.

Le Gardez Palace to a series of pavilions and mosque, one of the most magnificent elegance to summer base is sultans lifestyle, entertainment, is a luxury extremely, Garden world flower, wooden, its scenery is known as the most outstanding of the Bosphorus. Visitors can also watch the Guo goksu Palace, El na Le. Kavak summer Pavilion, Maslak Pavilion, etc.

Les Nim Palace

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Les Nim Palace

Located in the United Kingdom in Oxfordshire.

Palace of the four corner has a square Tower, the central axis of the lobby and lobby is high or low, forming a decrepit skyline. Four towers with Baroque and unconstrained, Central colonnade is rigorous classical Collins, in contrast to straighten out. Palace Tower and roof of the Tower of the spires, lobby upper triangular bosses on the walls and roof railings of the statue with a romantic and mysterious atmosphere. Today this outstanding Palace building is included in the list of world cultural heritage of the United Nations.



This world-famous art Palace was built in the 12th century, was used for defense purposes, then put through a series of expansion and renovation of becoming a magnificent palace.

Starting from the 16th century, Fran?ois I began a massive collection of various works of art, subsequent emperors and continued this tradition, enriched the collections of the Louvre. Today the Museum of art has reached 40 million pieces, including sculpture, painting, art crafts and on ancient Oriental, ancient Egypt and the ancient Greece and Rome, seven categories. In 1981, France Government this fine building large-scale renovation, from the Louvre became the major museums. It is worth mentioning that the Louvre entrance has a transparent pyramid building, its designers is the famous Chinese-American architect Ieoh Ming Pei.

The Louvre has become one of the world's three major museums, the art collection of the kind of rich, high grade is world class.

One of the most important town Palace Sambo is known around the world: the Venus de Milo, da Vinci's Mona Lisa "and" Zamora tarres goddess of victory. Other famous works include: the Diana out bath figure "," clown actors "," the coronation of Napoleon I, "" freedom God guided people "," series of the flowers girl ", etc.

Ireland and the Kingdom of favor preferred movies

Ireland is a very popular movie set, a lot of shooting will select in Ireland's countryside, the beach and the city, such as the new count of Monte Cristo, the Salvation Army Ryan "," King Arthur "and" brave heart ".

Brave heart (Braveheart)

Photography place: Wicklow County (County Wicklow) and Meath (County Meath) Trim Castle (Trim Castle)

Film garden

Wicklow is known as the garden of Ireland is justified, its endless green shade and magnificent scenery for various outdoor activities provide a perfect natural space, the visitor can enjoy horseback riding, hiking or golfing.

In addition to the beautiful scenery, delightful villages and fresh original Beach, Wicklow is a elegant villas and gardens of historic attractions.

In its lush wulao peaks in may from time to time there will be a pretty small Canyon, pours down waterfalls and lakes as waves of der Spiegel.

Star walk Sau: Ardmore and TV company since its establishment in 1958, was born in numerous household Astoria mdash mdash;; Fred Astaire-(Fred Astaire), Sean-Connally (Sean Connery), Mel-Gibson (Mel Gibson), Merrill-Streep (Meryl Streep) and Matthew-McNair (Matthew McConnaughy).

Special attractions: six century monastery ruins Granda Laurent scenic area (Glendalough) and Bo-potential cell Manor (Powerscourt Gardens).

Not compromise the Castle

Trim Castle (Trim Castle) is located in Meath, hundreds of years is Ireland's largest and most important castles.

It had become the Anglo Norman, Norman, in the Castle room monitoring with local residents, all methods do not let anyone stepping into the Castle.

As an example of overcoming Castle, Trim Castle has a solid granite outer walls, such as slit-like secret perforation as well as in most places in the Castle mdash mdash resistant;; rugged heights (allows an intruder to very difficult).

The castle of dim light, so early, once those prisoners were still in the dark, dark room, then it is no longer anyone thought to be forgotten.

Special features: dense in prison.

Tips: once entered the Castle, you will enter the forgotten corner, loves to play with you, don't get lost.

The door this morning began to Koon Chun open (Quiet Man)

Photography place: Mayo County (County Mayo) Kang town (Cong) Ashford Castle (Ashford Castle)

Best Director, unique small town

Modern young people for the 1950s movie may not be familiar with, but older people who believe that the city impressed on it.

The film, with its outstanding scenery for the 25th Academy Awards for best color film photography, its Director John? Ford (John Ford) you get a best director.

Kang town is located at Cribb Lake (Lough Corrib), is the most unique Ireland several small a, is attracting more and more tourists come to this resort.

Kang town not only has a rich cultural and historical heritage, but also memorable scenery.

Romantic Wonderland magnificent luxury

Person in 1288, United Kingdom.

Berg family (de Burgo family) created the Ashford Castle.

Although the family also built several similar Castle, but Ashford top position has not wavered.

In 1852, the Castle's new host Guinness jazz has expanded the scope of the Castle, the area up to 2.6 million acres (15.8 million acres), at the same time, new roads, some of the thousands of trees have been planted.

A fairy-tale place where both people and objects are moved the Royal treatment.

The fairy-tale Castle and beside it is a picturesque lake, together with the surrounding beauty of the people cannot help but mellow

And Castle related everything there was the magic atmosphere of the old, it was moved, as of fall.

From entering the Castle, the moment it is mysterious, elegant, calm atmosphere that makes people crazy. Ashford Castle Hall decoration luxurious style. Ashford Castle in provides the most advanced room has a reputation cannot be exceeded.

Each guest room design style is unique, from bathroom marble to luxurious furniture is so, let people feel warm.

Worth mentioning is that many of the rooms have retained their original and elegant look and features, plus the comfort and convenience of modern facilities, how to make people not heart?

Celebrity show-Luo Luo root, Prince Edward, Jack Nicholas, Houston, 007 bond star Pierce Blues South, Lisa Smith

Entertainment: horseback riding, fishing, health and leisure centre, golf course

Tips: visitors want to enjoy the outdoor activities quiet solitude, they could escribe Lake quiet walk on the pavement.

Save the soldier Ryan (Saving Private Rynn)

Photography place: Wexford County (County Wexford) Kara Croix Beach (Curracloe Beach)

Blue flag-long beach

To reproduce more than 50 years ago amazing scenes of Normandy's Grand is Spielberg and the film crew faced the greatest challenges.

One of the biggest challenge is finding the right locations. Omaha Beach mdash mdash;; the former battlefield today has become a protected historical monuments, but as the years went on here has become completely different.

Artists Tom-Sanders, who spent several months visited France, England and Ireland's many beaches, the ultimate in Ireland found that a strip of beach is perfect; mdash mdash; Kara Croix beach.

This beach is very nice, Sandy water color is gold yellow, but also backed by the steep cliffs, everything is quite similar with Normandy.

Tips: Spielberg very satisfied with this beach, thus extending this scene was shot, the film was initially for a period of up to 30 minutes of footage to Clark Nova beach.

Visit the world of Madagascar's poorest are most funny of island

Madagascar, the Indian Ocean an African island nation, is the United Nations recognized as the world's least developed countries, the entire national GDP to a County so many in our country, the services sector is the backbone of the economy of Madagascar, followed by agriculture and industry.

If you want to put poverty in Madagascar and other poor African countries in the same breath, then you are wrong, wrong!, in fact, this is a rich country, it should be said that the island has been a gift from nature, but, unfortunately, the island's political somewhat complex, the Islanders 98% plus the tribe, but slightly more affluent but a small number of foreign residents of 2%. Culture and politics behind the cause of this island State of poverty.

But poverty of Madagascar is a world full of funny, here you will see a lot more than you imagine things and things that make you a real eye-opener for small series lead you to a little funny to see the world!

First, Baobab: the world's most crude medicinal trees

Bread tree (source network)

Baobab tree trunks, less than 20 meters high, diameter but can reach 15 meters above the sea level, often to a dozen adults handle can be folded.

Crown diameter up to 50 meters above the sea level. Because it looks like a big fat, so the local residents call it the big fat tree, tree of elephant. 、

Monkey bread tree looks very strange, for which there is an old legend: when the waves Babcock tree in Africa for a short time, it does not listen to God's arrangement, but he chose to Savannah, which angered God it pulled up by the roots, then from this wave Babcock tree, inverted in the ground into a peculiar down trees.

Until today, it is still sparse distribution in African savannah, a unique landscape there. Savannah climate all year round hot, with distinct wet and dry seasons, the dry season when rainfall is rare. Monkey bread tree in order to be able to smoothly through the dry season, when the rainy season, they desperately water absorption, storage of the trunk of the mast. It looks like the xylem, porous foam which contains a lot of water, drought, has become one of the best sources of water. It has a lot in Savannah on travel in people with a life-saving water, save a life is in danger because of the thirst of the traveler, also called the tree of life.

In addition, the Baobab fruit is nutritious beverage and spice, the leaves are the locals favorite vegetables, seeds can do spices or of oil raw material, bark can be made of rope, chord and fibrous raw material, the trunk can even do a House residence hellip; hellip; in short, the monkey bread bushes to the outside, from head to foot to put large useful! in Madagascar, it is not only a source of food for animals, but also the world's most crude medicinal trees.

Second, the means the monkey: the world's smallest primates

Means the monkey (source network)

A monkey is the world's rarest mammals, is a kind of odd monkey, lemur in self-contained branch, alleges that monkey branch.

Means the monkey good night, with a pair of glare eye, face, such as cats, big head, small mouth, ear shape such as cats such as bats, teeth paws like squirrels, hand as manpower, they'll hand percussion trees to conclude that there is no worms in them. Currently the only remnant less than 80 monkey is endangered animals.

Means monkey in the past in the East of the island of Madagascar and the North-West, not understanding that everyone believes in monkeys are very small, could lie in a person's finger, in fact means a monkey with a cat so big, with a tail length of up to 1 m, weight 2 kg.

It looks like a small fluffy Fox, and the long tail, ears erect zuijian, big. It's best feature is that as long as the wire, the name also. In 1780, the explorers first means monkey France, thought it was a squirrel until 1860, taxonomists Anatomy authentication, just know it is the Primate.

Although a monkey is a very useful in forest ecological balance of the animal, but in Madagascar, it is the local people think is a bad thing, as the OWL in China, this is because their sounds nasty.

Means the monkey cry like a yell, like crying, gruesome at night, there are means monkey in black-grey, yellow eyes in the night in the mystery of the understatement, actions skip like a ghost, who also has some curiosity. Local people believe that if a monkey jumps to his death, is warning. Therefore, the locals see kill a monkey. And deporting monkey's body in the wood piles, hope this will bring bad luck away. Due to the large number of killings of human beings, means a declining number of monkey, plus 1500 years after Indonesia and other outsiders on the island, starting another large-scale deforestation, forest land to farm, Ranch, etc, so here's forest area in the very short period of time only less than 20% of the original, wildlife habitats disappear instantly. To the 1960s, a monkey is difficult to see. In 1966, two France biologists finally collected 9 only refers to the monkey and the stocking in the northeast of Fangyuan Madagascar 5 km of mangos than island. Find people at several later, never to see traces of wild means monkey. Currently, people can only be used in some of the Zoo to see a monkey.

Third, the lemur

: Most star temperament of the animals

Lemur (source network)

Do you remember the movie "Madagascar" inside the Group stared big eyes hard recognition of Aboriginal? they are cute lemur.

Lemur lives in Madagascar in the eastern region, they are used have echolocation ability of mammals.

Africa, Madagascar is the lemur's last refuge, with the exception of the island, which has a pair of beautiful eyes of primates have in other places on Earth.

Lemur is the most original of monkeys.

It's body shape and structure while the hands and feet as a monkey, but its features, but it is also like a Fox like a dog. Section tailed lemur, also known as Ring tailed lemur, Primate, lemur, true lemur Catta genus, scientific name, no subspecies Lemur. They sang a beautiful long tail, tail has a ring round black and white. They like the Sun, the Sun-Times back bow, much like a squirrel, reach out, enjoy the warmth of the Sun. Originally they were afraid of the cold, often several together tail around myself around peer, it can't tell the tail belongs to that only.

They are gentle, Hi clean, every theory of hair claws dressing.

On the Festival trail lemur, are born male, doomed to its life are second class citizens. In section Fox monkey society, women and children first is not contrary to law. From another perspective, section Fox monkey is unusual, they belong to the primates, is mankind the immediate ancestor of the animals.

3. turn the body section: the world's most horrific rituals

Turn the body section (the source network)

This is the Malagasy endemic in a representation to the memory of a deceased person and respect for customs.

Its turn dead as the name suggests, is the will of the deceased's body from the grave dug out, turn over to the body. This sounds rather find it difficult to understand even a little cruel. As it greatly goes against the rest of us are committed. Solid not, turn the corpse is the Malagasy expression of respect to the deceased, a special way, because the body remove again, you can let the living once again directly make offerings to the deceased, the second is the Malagasy people think dead in cold dark underground for a number of years, should also be dug out of the fresh air, the Sun.

Turn the body section of the General Council is held in the dead bury after a few years later, the need for health, will select in the dry season, and specific dates will be Mr. clan Feng Shui to select it.

Turn dead ceremony, the body will be carefully removed with linen wrapped and everybody's cordon procession of go. Period, the men and women are singing and dancing again, the more fun the more respect for the dead look, then come back to the graveyard (sometimes swap a new graveyard), replaced with new shroud. Buried under customs, body flips 7 times before they finally sealed soil. In short, the attention and cadaveric ceremony ritual degree and was buried there and not free.

Fifth, the circumcision: the world's most incredible adult ceremony

Circumcision (source network)

In Madagascar the local tradition, the boy soon after birth are required for circumcision operation, only in this way, the boys will only make a man.

Therefore, every year in June to September, during the dry season, people will take this time to birth or haven't circumcision of old boy converge and for circumcision ceremonies. This ceremony as a very important significance, so it is fun, people singing and dancing to celebrate, scale, or even thousands of people to participate. (This article by Tencent travel exclusive arrangement, such as all rights reserved. )

Pong makes an inventory of the world's most amazing 8 block, Canal city

Venice, Grand Canal and bridge has made countless tourists to take, but you know, in fact, there are a few in the world, which is called the local Venice also beautiful water.

1. China Suzhou

Nbsp; Suzhou, China

In the historical and cultural attractions in Suzhou the narrow canals, ancient leifeng pagoda and wonderful garden.

Here are subject to Government protection, are not allowed to build skyscrapers. Enjoy the Suzhou Creek and flowing of the most romantic way is to use yechuan. During the day you can visit the classical Suzhou gardens, they are also determined by the UNESCO World Heritage.

2. the Netherlands Delft

Netherlands Delft

Netherlands 17 century outstanding painter Johannes-dimensional mill had to live in this picturesque city, his masterpieces Delft scene depicts is here the canals and bridges.

Tourists can cross the Canal of the cobblestone streets walking, visit the new Church (built in 1510,) and East (Delft, the only ancient city walls of the existing door), and other attractions.

3. the United States, Florida, Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is located in the United States within the Atlantic coastal waterway, the Atlantic and Gulf Coast 3000 miles of waterways and canals.

Visitors here can take a water taxi or a sightseeing boat tour.

4. England Birmingham

Birmingham, England

The number of canals in Birmingham than in Venice also long, the United Kingdom in the 19th century industrial revolution as important commercial channels of the Canal now out primarily as tourist attractions.

You can walk past on the road, on the shore and fiber restaurant for lunch, around Canal shops, or take a boat trip.

5. Australia Gold Coast

Australia Gold Coast

Gold Coast because of its spectacular beach is famous for, but here there is also a 250-mile long lived along the Canal, and many others.

Like stimulation point person can take the speed of 50 miles of jet boat tours of the Gold Coast, like quiet visitors may choose to canoe or to provide catering of cruise ships.

6. India Alappuzha

India Alappuzha

Located on the southwest coast of India Alappuzha, is the gateway to Kerala backwater zone of the main portal.

Here every summer boat competition organised by the snake, a hundred local arm rowing narrow vessel. Visitors can take the boat or yacht tours of local traditions, Lake and river and Canal here. En route you'll see the silent water shore is full of Palm trees, or you can watch the locals shrimp and coconut fiber rope.

7. Russia St. Petersburg

Russia St. Petersburg

In April-November night in certain periods, the St. Petersburg Neva's bridge is lifted to allow the vessel passed under the bridge, this is very exciting

Scene. Especially in the end of the white night, the sky is not dark. You can use public ferry boat on the Neva, along the way to see many palaces and monuments; or go boating in local Canal and the city for a close contact.

8. Mali, Mopti

Mali, Mopti

The West African country of Mali's fourth largest city Mopti to connect across the seawall three Island, visitors can watch the busy harbor scene, local shipbuilding and discharge wheel scene, or you can visit the Niger and Bani River.

Earth wounds! counting human self-destructive 11 adults for disaster

According to the United States Newsweek reported on 22 July, earthquakes, wildfires are human resources beyond the control of the disaster, but some of the world's most deadly disasters are almost always caused by humans themselves.

The pursuit of energy, food, and enjoy, have almost destroyed the Earth. Despite excessive hunting and mining are being stopped, but their long-term impact is already threatening the world's ecosystems and the survival of humankind. Newsweek recently counting 11 major environmental disasters, they do not like hurricanes or earthquakes, many disaster actually had to avoid.

1. shoreline erosion

When the seasons change, causing ice caps melt and regeneration, but permanent freeze band erosion continues much longer.

As a result of global warming lead to shore rich sediments of permafrost thawing, coastal seawater easier erosion and land, Arctic coastline is at risk. The picture is that the United States Alaska North-Eastern Beaufort coast affected by the impacts of climate change.

2. the Chernobyl

The 1986 Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine leak occurred, is human-caused the biggest nuclear disaster.

Radioactive material, resulting in 50 people were killed, thousands of people in the next few years suffer from various forms of cancer deaths. Local food and water is affected, over the decades has not eliminated.

3. Love Canal

Over the years, the company will be toxic chemicals fertilizers buried in Niagara falls.

Although 1978 Carter ordered the reburial of rejects, and reconstruction of local communities. But toxic substances have infiltrated the underground, the love of the River brought the disease and suffering.

4. coal toxic mud

In the United States has more than 600 seat thermal power station, almost all power stations are a large number of coal.

In December 2008, because a dam collapse, a large number of coal ash and mud from Kingston, Tennessee, leading petrochemical plant overflow 10 billion gallons of toxic sludge into a community. Although only a few families have been destroyed, but the slime that contain mercury, arsenic and other toxic substances that have infiltrated water and land, enough to kill all life.

5. rainforest opens up wasteland

In the past decade, Brazil Amazon rainforest destruction suffered greatly increase, farmers and loggers cut of indiscriminate deforestation destroyed each year tens of thousands of square kilometres of tropical rain forest.

50% of the world's wildlife, 40% of oxygen from here.

6. industrial mining

Whether in developed or developing, industrial mining is one of the driving forces of the economy, but human beings to pay environmental price also overwhelming.

After the soft soil mining may result in the ecosystem balance is disturbed, the mining area is very difficult to restore. For example, India Orissa suquinda Valley stacked up 95% of India's iron ore, lead there became the world's most polluted areas.

7. excessive fishing and hunting

Over the past 20 years, the human consumption of fish quantity are dropped.

The Arctic and the Eastern Mediterranean region of demand and supply reduction, leading to the tuna and the Arctic cod populations crashed. 2009 over-fishing file reported marine ecosystems of key contact is cut off, has affected human survival.

8. oil drilling

The world's most serious oil leak occurred in the 1991 Persian Gulf war, Saddam had deliberately dumping to the Persian Gulf 100 million gallons of oil, causing the extinction of birds and fish.

But oil leakage losses cannot rely on the number of oil spills. As early as 1989, the United States Exxon middot; Val DIZ tanker ran aground in Alaska, Southeast of 11 million gallons of oil to leak from the sea. But since there is no remoteness, the impact of the Persian Gulf.

9. harmful gases

In 1984, Madhya Pradesh in India, a pesticide factory in the vicinity of large amounts of toxic gas leak, causing 10000 deaths.

The impact of industrial disaster, almost difficult to measure.

10. water diversion and irrigation:

1960, the Aral Sea started to dry up, today, in fact it has disappeared, leaving mud.

A few decades ago, the Soviet Government had salt sea water entering quoted desert irrigation cotton, but raised in local greenhouse effect. Now there are very few ground water, residents are breathing air almost no water molecules.

11. marine pollution

World Ocean contains several large roundabout, keep the ocean water cycle.

When the garbage washed into the sea, often large roundabout on the other side of birds and fish to swallow. The world's largest rubbish dump in the North Atlantic region, where nearly become dead, no life can exist.