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Been transferred to the assignor cannot find eight maze in the world of the North

In ancient Greece mythology, maze by Daedalus designed imprisoned Minotaur Tao Los.

Maze reveals the human spirit manifested in the double feature: complex and simple; the mysterious and unknown; the emotional and rational. They symbolize the free will and the real fate of philosophy among the eternal conflict.

The world's largest plant maze

The world's largest plant maze

The world's largest plant maze in the Haina-sur-Indre, Indre which kind of sunflowers, every winter, the farmers will be redesigned and sowing into the spring and grow a new maze pattern.

1996 open Park, more than many people tried to walk 85,000 out of this labyrinth of 10 acres.

United Kingdom's oldest Hedge Maze

United Kingdom's oldest Hedge Maze

United Kingdom's oldest Hedge Maze that is it.

Maze built in 1689 and many novels and poetry are described it, in the era of William III, there are thousands of tourists to enjoy.



Imprint purely in order to commemorate the maze of fairy tale: the great big foot represents the Giants or the Minotaur Tao Los feet (Tauren feet are so big!).

Built in 1975, The Imprint can be received each year, thousands of tourists.

Italy pisal Villa garden maze

The world's most complex maze

Italy pisal Villa garden maze created in the early 18th century, is reputed to be one of the most complicated maze in the world.

It is located in the Venetian Villas on the outskirts of Salzburg, according to legend, 1807 Napoleon I once was lost here.

Ashe Cosme maze

The most famous traditional Hedge Maze

Ashe Cosme maze is Australia's oldest and most famous traditional Hedge Maze, located east of Durham Ray Shaw's Mornington Peninsula.

You challenge maze can do many things in there, nearby garden also additional attached a rose maze to your playing. The Hedge Maze planted 1000 trees Cypress, thousands square meters. With 217 varieties of roses and more than 1200 of bushes, and formed a 3 metre high walls of 2 meters wide. Now, 3 times per year a clip, keep the hedge, the curve beautiful joy and encouragement to communicate.

The pineapple garden maze

The pineapple garden maze

The world's longest maze in Hawaii Oahu ' dulca pineapple Park.

It consists of 11,400 tropical plants, about 3.11 miles, Amadou Toumani Touré, and not only created the maze, the company also have it moved to the Internet, you can directly go to its Web site a virtual experience.

George Benson plant Park

George Benson plant Park

On the banks of the George Benson plant maze of construction work in progress and is nearing completion.

The following picture shows three complete petals, the picture is already the fourth petals and planted in the fifth petal this summer will be completed.

Notre Dame de Chartres Cathedral spiral maze

Notre Dame de Chartres Cathedral spiral maze

In Chartres Church Hall on the ground in a spiral maze.

It will be in the Hall is divided into 3/4-Bay, round, and a total of 12 times, finally arrived at the center of the rose as the end point. At the Center there is a copper plate before inlay, above the embossed is Greece myth of Theseus conquer cow personal Monster Minotaur North scenes. This coin has inherited the cnossos ancient labyrinth, and Egypt's ancient labyrinth of tradition, they often are in the Centre depicts the same story.

North Korea also nightlife karaoke prevalent

Pyongyang not noisy nightclub, no neon bar, there is no darkness or anything of the red light district.

Pyongyang's nightlife is the mass, open, and it is hilarious. Not long ago, the journalists visited Pyongyang Moranbong foothill of triumph Youth Park. Here is a portrait of Pyongyang nightlife.

Kaixuan Youth Park Amusement Park laugh more

Kaixuan Youth Park is an amusement park, back in the early 1980s it has been built, but at the time of the amusement park is only a few simple amusement facilities, holiday day open for people to play.

Last year, this amusement park has been reconstructed, the introduction of the Italy of amusement facilities, new look. Here not only the most modern high-speed drop Tower, triple swing, swing boat, roller coaster, and other recreational facilities, a video games room. In addition to the sale of bread, pancakes, cool drinks at restaurant. At present there is not open in the daytime, evening opening. Every night from 7 to 12 o'clock, accumulation of a large number of people here would, over Pyongyang's own nightlife.

The Park was built in a Valley Danfeng, covers an area of 16.7 hectares, surrounded by wooded, embellished with a variety of games, and the surrounding hills nature connected with Pyongyang garden sector in many trees on the erection of a variety of colored lights, set the audio device, as in the forest and the fairy tale world.

Park Manager Kim hyuk told reporters that here at Pyongyang City Centre, around the Arc de Triomphe, triumph Plaza, Kim Il Sung stadium construction and so on.

Usual evening many people love to gather here to play, now built a new playground for Pyongyang public nightlife added new joy.

Kim Il Sung Stadium

The joy of the people in the Park can be seen everywhere, young people keen on high speed drop Tower, triple swing band, roller coaster, exciting, constantly pleasant screams coming from.

And video games room is mainly the children of paradise, many children in the parents ' Guide to drive electronic automobile, or gun play flying saucer, laughter.

A day of intense work, here is people relax, eliminate stress.

Park tickets for adults 20 Yuan currency (according to the official exchange rate, approximately 1.4 Yuan), child $ 10, various amusement facilities from $ 10 to $ 50. He said that if you take 250 Yuan currency (according to the official exchange rate of approximately RMB 18 kg), it is possible to park all the rides games again. Foreigner tickets for 1 euro, the cost of the gaming facilities to 1 euro to 3 euros. Open since June of this year, has received since the Park a lot of foreigners. Here are the aliens in Pyongyang had a place for nightlife.

Karaoke gradually become trend

In addition to the mass of nightlife, Pyongyang, many friends party nightlife.

According to the Korean new newspaper, family, friends, colleagues and recreational activities, often in an accordion accompaniment of sing sing, but now more choice karaoke. Korean to karaoke music called picture accompaniment. This name is also one of the characteristics of the DPRK. Pyongyang's many more upscale restaurants are part of the screen to the accompaniment of music, and equipped with the facilities and foreign accompaniment CDs. Guests on a whim, tend to YODEL song, the waiter will be guests sing a song. Surprisingly, many young waitress to ease to sing many Chinese songs, pop music, even now.

It is reported that Kim Jong Il's support universal access to this screen to the accompaniment of music, think this is a rich forces and masses of the cultural life of a good way.

InPyongyang has diplomatic mission Hall, also specialized opened picture accompaniment music venues, night time doing good business. Pyongyang in a named echo sound social to adapt to this trend, the last independent development of their own picture accompaniment music machines and other audio products, sales of 2000 units, which is the business of selling production. Visible screen to the accompaniment of music is becoming the Pyongyang public nightlife of a trend.

Beer House of blooming

Beer House in the country was also become members of the nightlife in Pyongyang.

Journalists not long ago had played with friends to mdash; a house in the corner alley geologice hazards in constructing quli beer houses supper. See the beer House business, men, women and children around the table before the turn of the Cup-for-lamp, are very lively. The beer House main supply is said to be his own brewing of draught beer, flavor, taste good, in particular, many Koreans coming to consumption. Here the draught beer is divided into several containers, ordinary draught beer Cup each bundle 1 euro, like small barrel-like draught beer barrels, 6 euros per barrel, you need both hands firmly holding the drink. Although it is charged by the Exchange, but does not affect people come here to eat. Here wine, also often encountered familiar to the Korean people.

Enjoy lazy days in the South Pacific


Today's marine environment fully in Fiji were not affected by anthropogenic pollution damage, more than 300 coral reefs around the ring around, coconut groves of Green Island, full of the original beauty of the Southern Ocean, known worldwide as one of the top ten honeymoon resorts.

Destination: Fiji nbsp;

Location: located in the South Pacific Centre, between the Equator and the Tropic of Capricorn, is between New Zealand and Australia to North America only.

Fiji Islands is 330 underwater volcano consisting of beautiful islands, of which 106 inhabited the island.

More coral reefs around the island of volcanic origin. Fiji across hemispheres, 180 degrees longitude, which runs through which the world is the most Eastern is the most Western countries.


Holiday island beauty of soliciting

Today's marine environment fully in Fiji were not affected by anthropogenic pollution damage, more than 300 coral reefs around the ring around, coconut groves of Green Island, full of the original beauty of the Southern Ocean, known worldwide as one of the top ten honeymoon resorts.

12 month China's first direct air Fiji flights Hong Kong opened, not only saving voyage, travel costs are also reduced, Fiji has also become one of the Maldives then make people look forward to and look attractive holiday island.

The Fiji until the sea there is a good variety of color, permeation of water by hand can be caught and colourful fish that swim in the ocean of Fiji, thought it was dropped into the Aquarium.

In Fiji, the hotel can not televisions but not without a golf course, even a very small island will have a golf driving range, the streets are carrying golf equipment.

Take a boat trip in Fiji is a common way of holiday, if you are not the same as rich and Regal open boats luxury yachts around the world in seven seas, in Fiji in yacht of 1 or 3 trips too fun is also very good.

Yacht trips usually selected several uninhabited islands and water sports active sailing Island seafood barbeque in the daytime, the nights on the beach or boat open party, you can enjoy the natural joy of life.


Leisure Island excursion free

The international airport is located in the South di, sightseers to Fiji's first impression.

South di as the gateway to the largest island in all parts of the transportation hub, extending in all directions by land, sea and air transport and routes available at the tourist destination for international tourists. Distance from City Airport South di is about 6 km. Hotels in Nadi can apply BeachcomberIsland, TreasureIsland ManaIsland, tour to visit and the Islands. Many islands surrounded by coral reefs, sky, coconut groves and beaches white, full of the South China Sea tropical ambience.

Suva is the capital of Fiji's most exciting cities, because of Fiji is a multi-ethnic country, in the capital city of Suva, street flow multi-ethnic people, most of the Islanders, native, is India people and the local minority.

Suva is the most interesting place is the traditional market, tourists can be bought in traditional markets to rich local colour of clothing, India spices, that Fiji's Cola Asia fougner (yagona), drink after that pungent stimuli.


You can also see in Suva on wearing flowers of men, it is said that the flowers to wear on the left is unmarried, and put flowers to wear on both sides is already married.

In addition to men wearing flowers, here even more shocking is that men should also wear a skirt. Skirt here called SOLO, not only men usually wear, or even direct traffic police were also wearing a SOLO performance of official duties.

Walking in the street, you can also hear the wanton song never came on the bus window, sonorous voice completely brought out the Island Leisure Club ambience, you will easily feel the Fijians leisure and casual.

Visit the Kruger National Park visitors must check the "life-like"

Kruger National Park

To the Kruger National Park's visitors to sign such a fate like: here is the animal paradise, from now on you have to stay in the cage, if you open the Windows or dare get off, all at your own risk.

Kruger National Park is the pride of South Africa, is a paradise for wild animals and plants.

This National Park is very popular, there are approximately 125 million visitors came here.

Spectacular scenery

Although there are spectacular scenery, but few people think about the Wildlife Park has received many cruel trials.

Anglo-Boer War has destroyed everything here, 1896 outbreak of rinderpest also makes the area most wildlife mortality. But in addition to these, the Kruger National Park's original beauty in nature today still attracts many visitors.

Kruger National Park is South Africa's largest wildlife park

Kruger National Park is South Africa's largest wildlife park.

Located in the North-Eastern Transvaal, Le Lebombo mountains to the West of the region. Adjacent to Zimbabwe, Mozambique 2 countries border.

Wildlife paradise

1893 as parks, formerly known as Sabi wildlife reserve, later expanded, in 1926 changed this name.

Kruger is a good place, but also because it places too much, people often do not see what animal back on empty eyes, so Chinese tourists also spread this word: less than a lifetime of regret, Kruger to Kruger regret for the rest of your life.

October: take you to find the most beautiful beach

Beach scenes

Who are more or less some beach complex, hot summer seems to be straight to the beach, show a build, play with water, then dried out a wheat skin.

This will take a look at this month's recommended Femina four beautiful beach, can meet your mind my impression of beaches: sky, coconut tree, azure hellip; hellip;

United States ABC TV network did a survey to lift the holiday these two words, you would think?, beach this word to 54% of the votes up first.

Available in Pack made its way to the airport before, you know, the world's most beautiful beaches where? you may hesitate to answer: Phuket's Alba East, Sanya Yalong Bay, Sydney's Bondi hellip; hellip; No No No, of course, the beach, you can head to the famous tourist destination signs of them have already been too many people and too much developed commercial reconstruction of lost natural of the beach. Today, we take you to search for Femina, find those beautiful but were missing the most rare and beautiful beach!

French Riviera Saint Tropez nbsp;

Celebrity concentration camp: Riviera Saint Tropez

Lafayette Karl middot; dragffy photography, film and more of addiction, the previous array to publicise the Chanel's full holiday products and personally hand mirror took little film.

His love is, the number one male model Baptista to Sturt middot; Jia klobikau, in a beautiful port shuaishuai smile. Some people have asked this charming shooting point? answer is France town of Saint Tropez! this seat to the French Riviera (Riviera Cocirc; te d'Azur) town, known as having the most beautiful beaches in France. By its pseudonym in Sun City, you can see here how the Sun is shining.

This beach is not like other tourist destinations like dozens of kilometres long, but by nearly 100 000 square metres composed of small beaches.

Luxurious hotels and private villas occupy these silver sand of the beach in Montreal, where witnesses to David Beckham's family or Paris Hilton Miss nor is impossible. But one midsummer, there's the Gulf will full yacht the slender and elegant, particularly in the 20th century, 30 's style of Italy Riva yacht. But do you know? in half a century ago, Saint Tropez is a quaint little fishing village, but now it has become the Regal are competing standards of Babylon.

Cuba FARA de Beach

Room of Eden: Cuba FARA de Beach

Want to find a nobody disturb Beach, let the whole world can't find you, then go to Cuba, the country while in the Caribbean, but most of the tourist will be listed as the destination.

So people often don't know where the Farah de Beach has 120 km of white sand beach! Crystal sea, sunshine and pleasant sea breeze, and the absolute scarcity, constitutes the Cuban Farah de unique tourism landscape. The blue sky and charming scenery, iodine-containing air, curative mud, mysterious caves, lakes and Islands and islets, and let it be known as the garden of Eden on Earth.

Farah de beach sand is considered the world's white, leaders in their hands, you'll find that it can be compared with snow! it is interesting to note that in Fara de Beach, seeing the sunlight embrace, full-body Sun-Black Health local beauties.

This amazing black and white contrast, is a scene in Cuba.

Spain Valencia

Food fanatic to enjoy the land: Spain Valencia

Someone will be in Valencia is Spain's most beautiful town, however, many people do not know, where the beach is also a global 20 must go to one of the West coast of the Eastern Mediterranean beach! thin sand beaches and clean sea endow this beautiful port city school leisure and bustling atmosphere.

In addition to cross the barrier built of brick walls, along theMeandering road feel history gives details of the city, the United States cannot miss the pleasure, of course, is a golden sand on the beach, enjoy typical Catalan cuisine! and other Beach, Valencia Beach temperatures never too high, but always brilliant. And the evening sunset, Valencia Lei million, the most beautiful beach. Beach with a variety of delicious restaurant. Listening ears fanatical dance drumming, you can either take the snow-white yachts sailing, and then in the sunset, see fisherman on fresh seafood. In the evening, Femina suggest you give a lot of time left to Catalan cuisine and the wine of Spain, that allow millions of people addicted flamenco dance.

Hawaii dinosaur Bay

Sports fever: Hawaii dinosaur Bay

Sports talent of you, of course, you want to go to Hawaii dinosaur Bay where not only are voted! the best beach or around the water sports paradise, from sea to plate, water-skiing, surfing, banana boat, raft, laser sailing long hellip; hellip; as long as you want, one by one.

Where the sea breeze and waves make sea adventure sports are the most wonderful soil. Even the skills not too high school girls can lie in small flying saucer, 6mdash per hour; the speed of 8 knots and experience the feeling of cool water to fly. If you want to stimulate, dinosaur Bay won't let you down, in deep waters, water skiing and canoeing competitions high speed almost every day, of course, still the most fun to play, as if the motorboat a plenty of Mustang free shuttle in the blue sea, motor ROAR, the waves splash scene, will certainly make you scream with excitement.

If you prefer more tranquil surroundings close to the sea, then simply with dive lens, take two steps, burying into the water, you can see colorful tropical fish in the coral.

With luck, you can see sea turtles. Dinosaur Cove has extremely cultured coral

Reef Harbour view.

Where the sea crystal clear and the Sun can direct sea 50 m, so that you can see a myriad of colorful animals unheard of!