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Take you to appreciate the world's first human body building (photo)

This city known as the body (Corpus) of sitting people-building, high 35 meters, it's a side is a large, fully mimic the human body and the completion of the model that contains the body of all organs and tissues.

This museum is located in the Netherlands town Deus gist (Oegstgeest), which lasted 21 months, internal with Chinese, English, Japanese, 8 languages tour, known as the age from 8 to 88-year-old visitors can enjoy.

Amazing journey: the Museum's most significant feature is the whole building is the main building of the transparent glass with mud yellow giant human seated into one, building 8th floor, as the only body with the curator of the Museum.

Thus, there is both a health education Museum and theme park.

The appearance of pondering all the full Museum is in fact very serious, Museum of consultants including 25 different areas of medical experts.

Enter the giant body, before recipients handset, etc. on the equipment, take small classes, each time a visitor numbers up to 16 people.

Visitors first lift at the entrance to the Museum; mdash mdash; below the knee of giants, and then began their entire buildings up and down of wonderful visit.

Start by entering the abdominal cavity, knee thorax, oral, and ultimately to the top of the brain, one-hour journey to visit the human body to enormous human organs within or next to see the wall of muscle tissue and blood vessels in the model, 2 m, liver and lung and kidney, in soft tongue play the rotten teeth bed observation.

The internal glass fiber build giant, sufficient to accommodate the various sensory experience, visitors can climb up into the nostril, the odor, the smell of hay can also feel the sneezing of strong winds, and hear from the human body outgoing burp crash, or follow the Netherlands cheese sandwiches together into the stomach at the digestive system.

Museum consultant physician said that Buddha-Museum offers a variety of medical information designed to entertainment, let us understand the human body, including pictures, video and other interactive, in-depth introduction to organ.

The Museum there are organs of cinema, through 5D (i.e. traditional 4D HD stereoscopic animation functionality plus interactive teaching function) play a variety of films on organ.

In the theater to see how Chase egg, sperm split into a new life in cartoons, dome-shaped area of the brain, you can spy on the brain functioning.

The complex of Cairo Egypt pet cat cat ran through the city

Cairo cats very familiar

Egypt's capital Cairo Papineau let us.

However, I was that impressed me most was not the famous pyramids, Cairo's pet cat.

Pet is a common, but Cairo's favour on cat far exceeded our small dogs, birds of love, they almost frantic's pet cat complex really make people crazy.


Cats, I'm afraid is Cairo most domestic animals.

In Cairo, almost every corner of the falls can see various cats, hotels, homes, hotels, restaurants, the workplace, the elevator, toilet, bed, market assessment, flashes in cats everywhere. Even walking on the streets and alleys, Meng, will be able to see a bunch of noise of the cats, leisurely in lying in a corner in the Sun.

One day at noon, we rest in Cairo street parking, I went to the street side of the store to buy a drink, a few stray cats should have from the open window jumped into the car, the car are two small insomnia Lady Phoenix Yen plummeted, screaming little call!, the cat, but like nothing had happened, to car occupants, after visiting a successively from window popup, absolute gentleman! see the two ladies go face to the Scout leaders.

In the supermarket wandering cat

Cairo cats like domestic cats are different, the domestic cat color to yellow, white, black color, and many fear the people, meet people not far to escape, just a gentle manner.

Cairo cats noise, and systemic spread all over the stain, head round tip, eye blinking light green, forehead and face is dark stripes bars, very like the letter M.

Temper than domestic cats fierce, they simply don't understand what is afraid of people, not far from people, sometimes the car to jinqian, they also do not know the escape, but is still a gentleman like lazy to go its own way.

Even walking on the streets and alleys, Meng, will be able to see a bunch of noise of the cats

People walking on the street, cats are just lying in the streets of buildings, walls, even the street lamp base, cats are like see themselves as a human, who harmoniously with the cat, the river water is not committed.

However, these cats adopt less when they go back and look at Lane suddenly, the eyes of the beholder with glitter and let people see some chilling! this is a lot of ladies to Cairo on the fear of cats.

Accompanied by our field trip of Cairo press peer SOLIMAN said: Cairo cats have this pair of morality, are people accustomed! according to introduce, in Egypt SOLIMAN this country, cat almost became level State, whether it is prominent officials or civilians on cats has always been respected with, and love of fine.

Forehead and face is dark stripes bars, very like the English letter m

In the past, Egypt has also turned into a cat! mummies is now Egypt national laws also require any nationals shall cat to the outside, violates or even the death penalty.

National pet cat, it's no wonder that so these cats are the Sun, I wish if no one.

Cairo one cat, one is to make the food from the rodent control; two from religion.

Street corner secretly at a glance

Cairo that cats have the magic itself is supernatural.

In the religious tradition, the cat is considered to be a close friend, is the witch Devil witch to complete a mission's Assistant, some religious books describing the cat also became a hundred drugs not penetrating, the hero of 9 lives.

In Cairo, going around all the divine cat legend: when the cat was boisterous, naughty, the day is going to rain; when the Cat got claws into the fireplace flame, means

The House has a stranger approached; if the cat in the marriage ceremony, sneeze, heralds the couple's marital happiness and good; if the family meal, suddenly there are cat visits, it means that the whole family on this day is good luck.

We at caifeng, repeatedly see Cairo and the cat to eat as a lens: family sitting at the table, home of the cat family, eat at the table.

Housewives Tim soup, a cat's meal spoon some in the pot. Cat, almost became a member of the family.

Cairo's pet cat, reflecting a harmony between man and nature.

In Cairo, one side is the busy streets, one side is the fat cat shopping, people, cars, cat parallel, orderly coexistence mdash mdash;; become quite alien visitors, together with that of feelings.

Overview of the global deep sea wreck and treasures (photos)

Back to San Francisco in marine feel romantic flowers

We love to travel, hiking, canoe travel, travel, camping, air parachute, whether it is in any way, we love to travel.

Global navigation allows us the luxury of big dreams. We have only just begun, we still have time to go in life. Therefore, anything is possible. We couple two travel has a new Member, the one we called her S little daughter. We are in the San Francisco Bay, Canada, the United States back and forth for 6-10 years, and now we moved to Canada from Calgary. So, for us, is our time here in my heart.

Location: Fort Mason Center, San Francisco

Event: Pacific Orchid Exposition

A strong desire to want to see the orchids I Sunday morning to get ready to watch Orchid show.

Sunny and warm today, 20 degrees, in San Francisco is very warm weather.

The weather was fine, the sky is blue. Such a fine day to spend in San Francisco is really nice.

We plan to drive into town, hope to be able to find hundreds of parking spaces.

Ah, 11 am we got there, they found that the car park in the morning at 9: 30 already crowded with cars. We decided to bet on one occasion, go two blocks away from the car park in the middle of the harbour. Where Orchid exposition of free shuttle bus to take us to see the show. The exhibition think quite thoughtful. In the bus, we met previous old neighbors, he gave us two tickets for the show's coupon, is grateful to him.

We come down from the shuttle, is very busy.

The crowd is the Orchid to shame. We eventually found the people less place, took many orchids.

The exhibition is organised by the United States San Francisco Orchid Society, every year a large number of Orchid varieties on display.

Primarily to promote the exchange of new varieties of orchids, orchid cultivation of new technologies, improving public awareness and appreciation of orchids. Bushes blooming flowers, with more than 15 million lines (pots), from the world of orchids, or provisional planting flower beds, or a display booth, arranged a natural picture.

The original 2-hour visit was dragged into the crowd for several hours, three in the afternoon, we finished the basic appreciation, ready to go home.

We found out that there is a big truck with Toyota hybrid cars, I sign up for a test drive, Ganesh on my drive in San Francisco or a bit nervous, but I already have four years of driving experience.

Many a good car, really great.

But I kind of want to rely on a button to start the car is still a little surprised. But this trolley of other good performance was able to attract people into a ring on. Mainly: test drive, feel good. I did not waste their gasoline, is a circle. This is definitely worth considering as a platform.

Finally, we also stay at the ice cream shop, this day in cool cool delicious in the end.

William Saroyan middot; says:

If you live, then go to San Francisco, there never bore you.

If you have no hope for life, San Francisco will bring you respawn.

World Cup '

World Cup onthe, fans of emotions as the tournament's continued rising, even the author of this fake fans can view every ball will equally be TV feeling in tiny balls involved, so the event, even if we are not particularly understand the details of the competition rules and the rules, but the football ground soldiers and vigorous posture, tenacious perseverance, dripping with sweat of passionate, already infected with every one of us.

All 32 team Jersey draped in a splendid, vast green shade on various and, most of the ocean, like flowers.

June's Beijing, belongs to the World Cup also belongs to the beautiful colourful flowers green shade.

In June of this year, the summer atmosphere is not enough, not enough hot, noisy enough. City up and down or a grass, Ying flew, are benefiting from this, as in this city fans can enjoy the bustling passionate World Cup, and reached the full blaze of beautiful summer, a perfect fusion between the charm of this June to an extreme. Take advantage of this opportunity, the author of exactly will this year's World Cup participants countries national flower arrangement, allowing them to experience the vitality of the movement.

South Africa: King of flowers.

King flower flowers, also known as the Bodhi South Africa origin. The story of the great, beautiful colours and unusual elegant styling of glumes world luxury flowers, known as the King of flowers, flower Kings are perennial, Evergreen Bush flower stem plants, plant life period of up to 100 years.

Mexico: cactus.

Cactus defy bakes, tenacity's character stands for the Mexico national hero of unyielding and tenacious struggle spirit.

Uruguay: Hawthorn.

Born in valleys or mountain Hawthorn Bush, Hawthorn tree adaptability, easy cultivation, Crown and tidy, branches and leaves lush, pest damage, fruit and delicious sweet and, consequently, is a waterfront House Garden green, good ornamental trees.

France: vetiveria IRIS.

Vetiveria IRIS large beauty that flowers, proportioned and lilies are very similar.

Argentina: freestyle wave flowers.

Freestyle wave flowers alias kapok, freestyle wave when you full bloom, bright red trees such as the combustion of Yunxia in the sky.

Nigeria: long-staple cotton.

Long-staple cotton because fiber is long and was named after the native to South America, South East coast of North America passed Islands, also known as Sea Island cotton.

Korea: Hibiscus flower.

Hibiscus flower, also known as infinite flowers, also known as the endless flowers has the famous hedge plant. Flowers very beautiful, very long flowering period, and it's tough, vibrant vitality, is a very strong flower, symbol of Korea hardships and are committed to the calendar as the national character.

Greece: olive flowers.

Olive flower is a symbol of generosity, simplicity and Western people have always been a symbol of peace olive leaves, so Greece to advocating peace, through olive flowers as the national flower.

England and the United States: the rose.

From Lancaster and York rose, rose, war becomes a symbol of England. The British and American people believe that rose is love, peace, friendship, courage and dedication of the avatar.

Algeria: oleander.

Oleander likes the adequate light, warm and humid climatic conditions, flower focus long shoots of together at the top, like an open umbrella.

Germany: cornflower.

Cornflower symbol of Germanic peoples patriotic, optimism, tenacious, and frugal character, poets exquisite language sing it, the artist painted with gorgeous pen and ink, it said it could take inspiration from people care, acquire, and that is what the people of Germany, with an open mind, aphorisms, casual atmosphere of a true portrayal.

Australia: Australian Acacia.

Acacia tree, also known as night hop flowers, flowers, and leaves the message up shrubs, trees, beautiful spring-dignified is light green leaves, a vivid and rich, mellow, Crown, showing a fluttering. Acacia stands forever loving couple two relative, is the symbol of a couple good hop.

Serbia: peach blossom.

Peach-hi light, relatively cold. Symbolize the strong, lively, brilliant, never showing off.

Ghana: date palm.

Date palm and copra, Persian date, is produced in the Near East and North Africa's big Palm trees, evergreen tree posture rugged beauty, excellent Tim King tree, trees.

Netherlands: tulips.

Tulips in the vicinity of East Asian origin, alias Yang Turkey Lotus, musk. In Europe and the novels, poems, the Tulip as a symbol of victory and beautiful, also on behalf of the beautiful and elegant.

Denmark: Mu chun.

Wood is also called the spring Daisy Chrysanthemum Daisy, wood, also called Crown Daisy Margaret, Frances ju, etc. Download as long as the handheld Margaret, when one picked petals, mouth remembered 「introduction like, don't like .. 」 Few to the last little while, you can make for love horoscope.

Japan: Sakura.

Sakura is a Japan national pride, it is the same as with the majestic Mount Fuji, is hard work, courage, a symbol of wisdom. Sakura is a plant of Rosaceae, deciduous trees, petals white or light red, fragrant.

Cameroon: flame tree.

Flame tree for the bignoniaceae deciduous large Arbor, also known as shell er wood, originating in Africa. From afar, its like fireballs burning flame, and like so many enticing caixia, horizon is very spectacular.

Italy: daisies.

Daisy chrysanthemum, also known as subsistence, is a perennial herbs Compositae, native to Europe. Its leaves are for the spoon-shaped clumping rosettes, dense dwarf, color Razor Hill. Extracted from the leaves of the inflorescence a scape, flowers, arrangement, appearance of ancient decrepit, Petite delicate flowers, color harmony. Early spring flowering, vibrancy, gentleman's demeanor and naive style, Italy's favorite, and held up as the national flower.