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Petty bourgeoisie of Lanka exotic Indian peninsula of Buddha tears

The joy of travel should be all creatures are equal, so the Buddha in India peninsula a tear, a petty bourgeoisie class tourist paradise mdash mdash mdash;;; Sri Lanka.

In Sri Lanka, colonial atmosphere and Buddhist school, tropical atmosphere, an ethnic community, and a long history in the breeze synthesis of inexplicable tune, with comfortable, lazy, sentimental, nostalgic and a little bit of fantasy and literary as afternoon light Sun a cup of tea, mellow and memorable.

Coupled with the low prices, on the ground not only satisfy the petty bourgeoisie feelings, and keep the petty bourgeoisie.

Sri Lanka-tropical gardens blaze

About visa ticket: amp; whichever itinerary, visa is not a problem

If you go directly from domestic to Sri Lanka, or need a visa for China now.

But the procedure is very simple to bring my passport and fill in the form of bi information, produces a single round-trip ticket booking, you can collect the visa at the scene.

If you select third party entry, it is recommended to make a trip to the Maldives at the front, because the Maldives is visa, swam after can direct the entry of the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka for landing check.

Or you want to go to India, from India to Sri Lanka can also check for landing, but in the country for India visa need to spend a little time, usually for five working days.


Starting from July this year, sililankahangkonggongsi opened the Colombo to Shanghai flights, every Thursday classes, Shanghai tourists as long as eight hours to reach the Indian Ocean islands.

Slovak airlines Tel: 62376887. Free line before you can focus on airlines no promotions.

About food: don't add milk to tea

Even a normal not to drink tea and coffee were, he would not have never heard of Ceylon black tea, but here in Ceylon (Cey-lon) is Sri Lanka's old name, its intent is to tea.

United Kingdom many famous brands of tea are mostly produced in Sri Lanka, in black tea factory you can buy inexpensive, good quality black tea, 250 grams of about RMB 10 Yuan. Sri Lanka day around 4 or 5 times to drink tea, three meals a day after drinking tea, plus on the afternoon, here the teahouse around the streets of Colombo, locals most Hi guests with black tea.

However, if the local host by black tea, mustn't inside, with milk or lemon.

Sri Lankans have always believed that pure black tea to commodities out the true quality of tea, they feel that with milk or lemon slices will damage the original flavor of tea.

In addition to the fame of black tea, came to Sri Lanka, tourism, not to be missed are the local Curry and rice.

With nut aromas of Paz Marti (Basmati) rice aroma, join the Ceylon cinnamon and Spice aromas of various condiments, Curry in Colombo everywhere can enjoy. Notably, several very well-known restaurant are near the beach, the shore dining, not only to appreciate the beauty of the Indian Ocean, and you can enjoy a very tasty buffet.

Sri Lanka-a street restaurant flute guy

About attractions: the natural scenery and the best combination of civility

Sen Jara mdash mdash; plus rainforest; mdash; from the capital Colombo to rainforest sat coach three hour's walk.

You can ask to the hotel in around 10 dollars for tickets. Sen Jara and rainforest are nature's masterpiece, in a variety of original ecosystems and rare plant and animal life of all kinds. It is worth playing all day.

Flat Navarra elephant orphanage mdash mdash mdash;;; 85 km from the capital Colombo.

Is a place for the protection of elephants, and who is a tourist destination. Is the unique Elephant orphanage, adoptions and mother elephant as separated. Now there are 60 Bull orphanages elephant orphans, their food supply is a day to visit the visitor's ticket.

Kandy-Buddha tooth Temple mdash mdash mdash;;; Buddha tooth Temple belong to the regular spots, it's not much here.

But here it is worth mentioning that the Buddha tooth section. Every year in August will be held in Kandy, Sri Lanka's President will also participate. The Buddha's tooth stupa on elephant back, elephant wearing colorful debut, parade in the city, let people share the glory of the Buddha's tooth.

Sri Lanka-Sri Lanka: the enthusiasm of the young

Ong > about accommodation: listen sleeping iisten

In the southwest of Sri Lanka has beautiful beaches and pure water, gathered a large number of resorts, and almost every restaurant has its own private garden and swimming pool, and coconut, shrubs as the representative of the typical tropical country landscape, a door to enter the soft white beaches and sea surges were echoed in my ears, during sunset, red sunset and the vast Indian Ocean constitute a beautiful coastline.


But listening to the soothing sound of the sea bed at the same time, be sure to do a good job against mosquitoes.

Especially the family hotel by the sea, it is best not to open the window asleep, or even wear long-sleeved pants of Pajama day will also be a mosquito bite is covered. At that time, you will be able to understand why the upstairs room prices always higher than downstairs.

Here are the features of the kandalama hotel (one of the world's top ten eco Hotel), the tea factory (from tea factory converted), light house (Lighthouse hotel), Earl's regency, etc.

These are relatively upscale choice, the price is approximately US $ 100-150. Comparison of common coastal hotel is about 50-80 USD.

Sri Lanka handicraft is developed

About travel: apart from the sea, the other will do

The plane out of the airport gate turn left, walk for 2 minutes to the airport at the end of the corridor, free take the airport bus to the bus stop, arrived at the bus station only takes 5 minutes.

In Sri Lanka during the trip, there are a lot of traffic means you can choose: round small motorized (Tuk Tuk), bus, taxi and train, etc.

Recommendations from the sea the hotel to the station can call small round, about 200rps (approximately USD $ 16). To the city after which you can take the bus to and from the major attractions, and if the bag is large, or buy two tickets, one for a given package.

If you do not want to be number placed, and budget is sufficient, then take a taxi.

Taxi call table price per km 10 rupees, but remember to tip the driver, about 5% of the fare. Taxi on the way to feel free to look at the scenery, Sri Lanka's building in almost every town has a beautiful clock tower building, excellent scenery. In addition, in the train network coverage is also very broad, from Colombo has radial railway road to other cities in China, car clean facilities good, for a time of plenty of tourists, take the train and enjoy the scenery outside the window is very pleasant.


Only the taxi driver's English level is generally not very high, here a China driver's contact information: THUSARA Su salad, Tel: 0777974570.

Su drivers is full of fun, but also freelance guide describes the landscape.

About other

1, Sri Lanka is a belief Buddhist country, many of the practices of Buddhism.

One of the most note cannot be left hand things handed Buddhist monks and pilgrims. During the visit to Buddhist temple, a Buddhist image cannot be stepped on, cross, riding, rude gestures, and entered the monastery, barefoot, not wearing shoes and socks, hat. There are also shopping talk price, when it should be noted that Sri Lanka's nodding and shaking the head meaning and China on the contrary, nodded, shook his head and said yes. Hotels and upscale restaurants and shops accept credit cards Visa, etc.

2, because English is a required course for Sri Lankan schools, local service in English or can, accommodation, meals, attractions in English basic can make sense, the young English very well.

3, Sri Lanka use Sri Lanka rupee (Rupee), 1 RMB equivalent of approximately 12 rupees.

Us $ or euro needs to be brought into the local Exchange rupees.

Myanmar luxury times

Pagan Aureum Palace Bagan Hotel

The pool is blooming lilies of the Lake, the stone's throw away from pagan sacred pagoda, and a luxury and privacy in the world.

Teak giant pillars support the luxurious halls, has a colorful and Goblet of exquisite dining, there is a small triangular Tome hellip under; swimming pool; lively and elegant hellip just around the corner, this is the saphenous to pagan in Tallinn, ahlem Aureum Palace Bagan Hotel Palace Hotel.

Hotel built in a pagan's old city, said it comparable Palace, is not too much.

The 2006 opening of so-called seven-star hotel in Myanmar, in the architectural aspects of the use of a large number of rare and Myanmar; wood mdash mdash; teak (Teak wood). Many Southeast Asian luxury hotels are made from teak flooring tiles, however here are teak, the only ancient Palace is such a luxury. The hotel lobby as well as other Hall Gallery with dozens of root, it is said that teak post big single root teak is very rare. The hotel is also within each of the villas are equipped with the most museums of art treasures, Royal style at a glance.

Enliven Lake Myanmar Treasure Resort

Life in enliven the Lake marine House follows the way of life of our ancestors, living in traditional high foot estates or fishing vessels, after sunrise, sunset and interest.

But we also had the privilege to experience a life on the water, but walk into is another world: teak giant pillars support the Hall of the luxurious, elegant bedrooms, balcony, pool water lily, cruising in the form of Black Swan hellip; hellip;

Magdalene Shwe town Pier is equipped with a motor with long wooden boat, and after about five or six km of river, Lake cruise-in, open up more than 20 minutes after they saw in front of a row of beautiful water cabin.

At the Gates need to replace human vessels, each hotel has its own boatman, specifically prepared beautiful painted wooden shuttle guests, there are a handful of parasols.

Hunting Yen-Kenya-Windsor golf's return to the pure nature

The beginning of the 20th century, to Kenya to most European high society is willing to talk about one of every year, a large number of Western gentleman lady sitting in line and change to the risk of train was bumpy smoke of entering the East African mainland.

Whether it is really adventurous nature like circles, in short, this is a trip worth showing off considerably. Even today, on celebrity dignitaries to go to Kenya holiday remains quite have the face of things.

In 1935, Ernest Hemingway in his famous notes on the Africa Kenya hunting Castle of wrote: two United States persons to Kenya to do a decent ' hunting trip takes about 2 million dollars.

In those days this was no doubt that sum and, therefore, going to afford Kenya hunting is also a wealth of a watershed.

However expensive not Kenya is defined to be the only reason the luxury travel, or even the most important.

Why do people love East Africa? because here is the world's most important wildlife viewing areas, human beings can like Eden times so beautiful with countless creatures intimate contact, wilderness travel always possessing surprising; because here is familiar with the comfort and pleasure, as described by a writer: her mysterious and wild, is a photographer's paradise; she is your heart's desire, withstand any interpretation; she had all the features, and never dull and boring.

Windsor Golf side is the coffee Garden, one side is the monkeys

In fact, Kenya has a unique golf experience.

The weather here is suitable for golf, most of the time to wear a plain t-shirt playing on it; the day up to 12 hours, even if each of the two rainy season (April and November) rain usually in the morning at ten o'clock before and after coming to the game there are no special effects; more as more and more Golf Club installed sophisticated sprinkler, during the dry season to stay green golf course; the uneven terrain of Kenya, many golf courses are at 1500 metres above sea level, hitting the distance may be much higher than the normal 10% or more, this is a very unique experience.

A total of 38 whole Kenya Golf, where 12 is the 18-hole golf courses, the championship-level golf course has ten, the stadium is located, in the plateau, near the beautiful Lake, is located in the greenery of the forest, there are situated in a tropical beach, so you can find in Kenya's own favorite Stadium type.

While Kenya's capital, Nairobi, 20-mile radius around within six different styles of golf, including building in 1906 a long history of the Royal Golf Club, Nairobi, Kenya over the open competition venues Museveni plus Golf Club, with rare trees of Karen country club, and one of the youngest and most vibrant Stadium, when the case of Windsor Golf and country club (WindsorGolfCountryClub).

Windsor Golf Club is the predecessor of the United Kingdom of Windsor's Manor.

When the young King Edward VIII met and fell in love with civilian origin and have been married Mrs. Simpson, and married his wife to give up the throne, Ning do Windsor, a history of the few not relinquished the beauty of the King. With this noble descent, Windsor Golf and country club natural value, it is the world's greatest golf courses of the golf resort (GreatGolfResortoftheWorld) the only African members of the organization; it's the small luxury hotels of the world largest hotels (SmallLuxuryHotelsoftheWorld). Want to experience the luxury of the aristocracy, to play ball here lived a night.

Windsor Golf Club is the most unique, large areas of the stadium is the African jungle and coffee trees surround the large wild animals and birds in such a harmonious coexistence between human beings and animals and the natural environment of prosperity.

Morning and evening is the most beautiful moments here. Wander in the forest trail, listen to the bird's cry oriole go, will make you relax, reveling in the ecstasy of the realm. Here's the birds up to 225, if not in travel arrangements on bird watching content, to Windsor Golf and country club watching birds is a compensation. Visit the coffee farm is meaningful activities, here are the typical white high ground Manor landscape. The so-called white high ground Manor is the white settlers in Kenya plateau set up farms.

In the course of the game at any time you can see the traces of wild animals, even when the service will be naughty joking said monkey watched Kay ball action ball road are dense forest life with hundreds of monkeys who lives here, playful

The stadium has brought the rich scent of East Africa. Another special golf course is located at an altitude of 1600 meters in height and Equatorial without wind zone. Here, the ball will fly higher and farther, straighter and more easily find the feeling of professional players.

Windsor Golf and country club, United Kingdom with a typical Victorian and garden art style.

The main trunk of the Palm tree in front of only one, but a meter thick, very rare. In the splendid landscape around, often you can see from the jungle run out of Sussex.

Make you crazy to itch five luxury shopping destination in the world

United States New York Fifth Avenue

United States New York Fifth Avenue (The5thAvenue)

2006 global rent most expensive Street # 1; Fifth Avenue is the United States's most famous upscale shopping streets, Dior, Herms, Cartier, Gucci, Versace, Chanel, Escada, retail brands such as high card Aamp; F flagship store, the Nokia flagship store and Apple computer store, the world's most famous jewelry, leather goods, clothing, cosmetics brand flagship store and shop.

Here is a Hollywood star, States of dominating the Regal, social soul.do ' favorite shopping sites.

With luxury to describe Fifth Avenue, the most appropriate.

Initially attracted to the street, often too late to enjoy the famous RI meticulously glossed over Windows Vista that you have already been shocked by the name of the store. LV largest flagship store, specializing in the 1920s costume of HenriBendel, popular soul.do Lady love Fendi, elegant Chanel, first-class designer works BergdorfGoodman Mall hellip; hellip; which brand to shop here is access to a world-class brand in the best areas.

They say that Fifth Avenue is that rich people go, price us $ in thousands of thousands of commodity is absolutely not a rare thing, here you can find the latest new products in the world, but don't try to buy discounted goods.

In this shopping is going to hold burning money's determination, in the Fifth Avenue to buy favorite luxury goods and enjoy the most exclusive shopping experience, unique to a then shoot let girls experience again do stars feeling, while men were to be a conscientious guardian.

Shopping Tip:

In New York City by public transport shuttle the shopping area economy and convenience.

Shop opening hours 10: 00 in the morning to a General at seven in the evening, most shops are closed on public holidays, rest visitors shop is your shopping time.

U.A.E. shopping center

U.A.E. Shopping Center (MalloftheEmirates)

Instead of saying that the U.A.E. shopping center is a shopping destination, let's say it's a big Casino.

Its size is magnificent, opening up a gun and crazy, also within the Cinestar movie theater, equipped with bowling game games area, as well as numerous shops.

U.A.E. shopping center charm crystallization is Dubai ski village.

Dubai ski village is the U.A.E. 's biggest tourist attractions, visitors can enjoy the skiing, ski, sledge ski sled or simply the cozy snowball fights.

If you want to enjoy fine dining in the shopping process, U.A.E. shopping center can provide a wealth of choice.

You can try Apresmdash; a ski hotel-style facilities, suitable for there simply a drink or eat food like cheese. Dubai ski village near a Sezzam restaurant, has a wide variety of colorful cuisine in the world. Butcherrsquo; sShop is a company from South Africa introduced excellent restaurant mdash mdash;; shop in fresh dried sliced meat and taste excellent steak absolutely not to be missed.

Men simply let my female friends go go, because here the advertisement is shopping just beginning hellip; hellip;, so as they slip a snow to make a video, but also rare to have a free time instead of my female side with smiling faces.

Shopping Tip:

U.A.E. shopping time Sunday to Wednesday 10: 00-22: 00, Thursday to Saturday 10: 00-24: 00.

Germany Frankfurt Goethe Street

Germany Frankfurt Goethe Street

Located in the middle of Germany, is Germany's commercial and manufacturing center, is also an important international financial city.

Since the beginning of the middle ages, has been working as a model city, now more countries are using this as urban planning. Frankfurt gives the first impression is the skyscrapers. Its cute, only came into being: walking in the repair of a new Roman Fort (Romerberg); or there are various museums along the u.s.-Yin River; in Paul's Church (Paulskirche) find tradition and history, or in the Sachsenhausen district (Sachsenhausen) visited the comfortable cider restaurant.

Street no full-length approximately 1000 meters, the road is wide, the car can be a single line but both sides can stop, green buildings and roads of the interval of about width 2 m walk along streets, on both sides are 5-6-storey building, approximately 10 houses, from the outer wall color, estimated age will not be very close, in fact the architecture basically built after World War II

Established, and Armani a world top brand stores get a drive in the back of the building.

Frankfurt's Fifth Avenue brings together internationally famous designers of brand-name fashion quarter, including the famous designer Armani and Gianni Versace's works.

In top-level jewellery such as Cartier, difuni, will be able to find and wear matching jewelry. In this street there are world famous design masters works as well as the master's Studio, specifically for those so-called tailored for successful people. The entire commercial Street, approximately 60 more than such stores, formed the present situation around the time of the upgrade.

These however are just a prelude to see so many things but nothing lavish, harvest near Street weekend market can really become a girls vent cravings place, such as Schiller Street and stone Street.

Those good things, let the girls are impulsive, perhaps unknowingly also consume a lot of money, fellow men to bring cash out of it.

Shopping Tip:

Purchase please see merchandise on identity, not very clearly madeingermany may not be the originating in Germany.

In Germany the shopping registing 25 euro to rebates, but not every shop to buy can be a tax rebate, so need to ask before purchasing. Rebates may also be divided into two kinds, one kind is the customs tax refund, the refund 10%, direct at the airport customs seal took money. Another kind of some stores provide a rebate in the in-store service, is the need to refund orders to knock airport customs before the chapter rebate list returned Germany store rebate, this operation is more difficult, but the drawback is the refund of VAT 19%.

Switzerland Zurich class Hove Street

Switzerland Zurich class Hove Street (Bahnhof-strasse)

Zurich is Switzerland's largest city, with its famous luxury goods often cited countless shopping madman compete to this pilgrimage.

Zurich in Hove Street, is a North-South Road, from the train station to the Zurich Lake, 1 km total length but a little more, but this street commodity grades can and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York. The streets are extremely luxurious displayed a variety of commodities, is the pursuit of the world's top brand of wealthy businessmen were shopping.

It is said that there are rich people at over half the Earth to this crazy shopping.

The main road, include a Negro Dobbs and Yale Molly two dazzling consumer paradise, and the Zurich Faerie reputation of five Bank headquarters. On both sides of the shops are luxury goods displayed, antique jewellery, valuable furs, jewellery, the glamorous France perfume, which is the pursuit of world famous brand.

But these are not factors attracting men to know Switzerland's Watch, wrist watch is the cradle of man taste of a symbolic, metal sense and machinery construction, just like the passion of life, shock to the heart of every man.

But as in the pursuit of the car, a good watch is at your fingertips, when looking at the top level of the mechanical watch dream is coming but the high price tag, I'm afraid kink mood in no less favourable than women.

There are more than 100 years of history, Vickers Saber, almost indispensable man.

Who says man doesn't love shopping, just not to the heart.

Zurich's barn Hove Street, has been regarded as the world's most prestigious shopping Avenue.

Both want to buy watches, chocolate, jewelry, fashion or antiques, here is a good place for shopping. In the window of the assortment of goods to walk through, sit down and have a cup of coffee, quietly enjoy around the world, enjoy the shopping.

Shopping tips:

Most shops accept euros in Switzerland, however, change often is Switzerland francs.

The best in Switzerland Switzerland franc shopping will all spend, as other European countries do not accept Switzerland francs. Select in Switzerland by credit consumption is also very convenient. Holders of EC card or United States bank cards, generally from Switzerland's ATM machine withdrawals. In addition Switzerland francs, you can extract from the ATM machine on the dollar and the euro. However, ban Hove Street shops generally will close at 5 p.m., closed on is not open.

In some shops, a shopping over 300 Switzerland francs of Chinese tourists, you can enjoy some 7.6% rebate.

Tax refund formalities need before you leave Switzerland, at airports, train stations or when you travel by bus through customs in Switzerland.

Nbsp; Italy Milan gold corners district

Italy Milan gold corners district

In Milan, Monte Awa Street (viaMontenapoleone), St. Andrew's Street (viaS.Andrea), the history of the pica Avenue (viadellaSpiga) and Mr Gus Pozo (Borgospesso) is the famous four corners area of gold.

They are like siege as forming a square in a circle, in summer discount period often can see dressed cheery of men and women in the front line, and then poured into the mad scramble within the store.

Here the Armani global flagship store not only has clothing and accessories, as well as the design of furniture products.

Look up if a little tired, you can shop for coffee, in a break, rest out continuedForward. Other major top luxury brand shops can be found here. Almost lunch time, find restaurants fill the belly and then continue to lose money. Next you can go and some fashion brand to change, and the price is cheaper than the domestic many, sometimes domestic prices tend to be here in two to three times.

Also in the history of the Picard on Milan 's, red tide concept store.

Where in addition to selling all kinds of popular designer clothes, and also sell CDs and books, there are all kinds of shoes. It is said that here or fashion designers like to pick out costumes for yourself.

Here's the man suffering just endless world of the flower shop, the more frightening is always point in the woman feel a bit tired a cute or romantic small restaurants, rest, and then can fully energized by ready.

Men, get ready to do a flunky, remember to smile.

Shopping tips:

Usually the annual 3-may, 9 to November is the large exhibition season, Milan will be very busy, hotels, air tickets, tickets to purchase, if you have any plans to visit, be sure to make an appointment in advance.

Four corners regional shopping can walk, to the more distant, can take the subway and buses.

While Milan's famous brand goods cheap, but if at Christmas or 7 August to Milan you'll run into a sale, all the style and select nature less likely to have to get together with others.

Milan shops are usually open from 10 am to 1 pm, lunch break 3 hours, 4 pm and close more business, Sunday.

Famous brands such as Prada, Gucci etc., there are different branch in Milan, selling different goods, such as male and female attire, leather goods are sold in different stores.

The world's happiest places ― Orlando

Here to give you the most direct and happy, you can be like a child-like silly smile, like to ease enjoy paradise full of Florida sunshine, want to shout sits on the sky of amusement machines called out, want to quiet you can dive with sharks dances!

HIGH this English words just a boiling point, the focus is on a boiling point after the inner peace and happiness, as in a fairy tale world of serenity and joy.

Here there is everything, the huge city is a large resort, beaches, castles, playing endless amusement, there are a wide variety of cuisine from a sunny beach to full of rare wildlife nature reserve, from the passion of sports destination to the unique cultural attractions, you can in one hour by car within reach.

The following are Orlando's statistics:

Orlando attractions over 100, if you are ready to spend 8 hours traveled all the attractions, a total of 67 days;

Orlando total 5390 restaurant, three times a day if you're in a different restaurant, almost need nearly 5 years to all restaurants to eat more times;

Orlando's five Disney Vacation Club has over 24000 rooms.

If you want to put the Walt Disney World Resort is now open to all hotels and Resorts is a again (live a day), a total of more than 72 years hellip; hellip; and happy is unable to use numbers to count!

Eat: on world sea to eat a big meal

When you have been on the food chain in biology class.

Big fish eat little fish, little fish eat shrimp is not quite right? in Orlando Sea World of sharks underwater Grill (Sharks Underwater Grill) restaurant, you can side with sea inhabitants, at the dinner with a witness the formation of the food chain.

It is worth mentioning that the Orlando International Airport is the responsibility of medical doctors Committee United States (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) awarded the United States most healthy airport.

Because most restaurants here offer low-fat, high fiber and no cholesterol.

Tour: meet each sound of the heart scream was shocked cry 1: unforgettable submarine two hours

In Orlando Sea World and its sister Park Discovery Bay, you will issue Oh mdash mdash; scream; original can play!

Beluga whales interactive program is one of the few in the world and the great white whale in close contact with a unique experience.

Participants will wear special diving suit into the cold waters of the whale habitats and close contact with these giants. In addition the shark diving is the ocean of the world's most ambitious animal interaction programs.

Discovery Bay was shocked cry 2: non-mdash mdash; large; facing real Aerospace Center

Shocked cry at a distance of an hour drive from downtown Orlando, but also the greatest adventures mdash mdash; Centre; the Kennedy Space Center!

Experience weightlessness, experience the launch time of close encounters, wandering in the space like a rocket Park, there is a real astronaut with you like a friend spent a mdash mdash;; Yes, there is not a Hollywood blockbusters in the scene, rather than large more realistic Kennedy Space Center!

Surprise scream 3: lost theme Islands

Drama "lost" is the Chichi gripping.

While in Orlando Universal Adventure Island, you can safely get lost here, of course, here also the plots everywhere, silk buckle.

Surprise scream 4: Dreaming with open eyes; mdash mdash; stunning Disney 4D cinema!

Unexpectedly, the world's largest Disneyland with so large; mdash mdash; its area and San Francisco, Ottawa is equivalent, comparable to a United States secondary city scale! this is located in the southwest of Bristol secluded Orlando Lake District the Walt Disney World, as a child to do many times dreams, but beyond the imagination and rendered in the eyes.

Live: the United States sent the Italian romantic Harbour

There are two equally fantastic Universal Studios Amusement Park Hotel mdash mdash;; to rock solid for the style of the hotel (Hard Rock Hotel) and to the South China Sea Islands and customs as the theme of the Royal Pacific Resort, Alois (Loews Royal Pacific Resort).

Which Alois Royal Pacific Resort, the latest open a Jurassic Park-themed children's suite, new Jurassic Park suite including a special mural, filming process using art as well as to Jurassic Park-themed furniture, etc. The hotel also has completed a $ 10 million renovation of all guest rooms and suites as well as design themes are fully demonstrated the unique charm of the South Pacific.

Buy: unique characteristic shopping

If you want to brand-shopping, the Orlando also will not let you down.

Orlando has both a regional shopping centre, such as the Florida Mall (FloRida Millenia Mall), shopping (Mall at Millenia), also has factories and famous discount retail centers, such as Premium and Prime brand discount Center. Orlando Premium brand discount store last year, the new opening of 40 brand stores, goods richer. While the Prime brand discount Center is the latest creation of some characteristic brand shops such as the famous national customs Couture boutique Calypso St. Barth, Canterbury New Zealand rugby clothing stores, as well as United States native fashion brand Ed Hardy, etc.

Part three: the Orlando is a great casino Aquinas bank card water park ice bar