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Mecca visit the most respected mysterious white city

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From November 14 to start the day, from around the world gathered nearly 3 million muslims mecca, Saudi Arabia islamic holy city, the whole activity in pilgrimage pilgrimage activity will last five days. During the pilgrims gathered in the holy city of mecca to around together, to pray together, meal, and learning. Located in the desert, the climate is hot dry mecca also therefore city famous in the world, although there was no worth of natural wonders jing hellip; or humanities miracle of&" & hellip;

A, mecca city

Maiga city
Maiga city

Mecca in Saudi Arabia kingdom, the whole city is located in the west a treaty seven kilometers long valley surrounded by hills, only four pass and outside contact, like a the most strong natural castle. Thus, mecca and ldquo; of&" Safe city & rdquo; Said. Maiga climate hot and dry, here though no attractive nature scenery, however, is comparable to that of fame mecca any city in the world. It had to be famous, its religious status and legend. Maiga since ancient times is on the Arabian peninsula various fetishism center, Mohammed sub-location here, remove other idol, but become Islam after the main sanctuary.

Maiga city

In the Muslim world, mecca is known as &; ldquo The mother of cities rdquo; of&" . Here all mountainous and things GaoFengWei made on both sides, presently in northeast, northwest, west, south, each have a mountain pass, to exotic places. Due to the mountain place is restricted, city along the southwest and the north past roughly stretch. The old urban construction in &; ldquo Ibrahim depressions & rdquo; The river, gathered with medieval characteristic religious buildings and palaces. Maiga city in the most important and the famous mecca is great mosque, namely the holy temple. According to the Koran scriptures; in this ban murder, robbery, fighting, so it is also called forbidden temple. It is a long corridor surrounded by fluctuation two layers of open courtyards. After several world expansion and repair, especially in Saudi era of extension, its area is already from 3 million square meters extend for 16 million square metre, can accommodate up to 30 million muslims also church.

Ancient Chinese called &; ldquo Topfond & rdquo; Today, is the holy city of mecca, Saudi Arabia. Mecca is Islam world most sacred places. Muslim lifetime at least get there once more, also only muslims can into the city. In order to facilitate the pilgrimage to mecca of muslims, traffic developed. The road and airport can to Saudi Arabia''s main cities.

Due to mecca itself is muslims place, so the main economic pillar is built on for pilgrims to provide services. In addition, every year a lot of visitors was enough to convince mecca continue to thrive.

Second, the pilgrims

The pilgrims

According to islamic law, every conditional Muslim pilgrimage to mecca, all have the obligation. Worship is listed as one of the islamic five lessons. Formal perform over pilgrimages etiquette of person, namely has &; ldquo ChaoJinZhe & rdquo; Identity, called &; ldquo Hagi & rdquo; .

The annual Muslim pilgrimage to mecca is the world''s largest religious pilgrimage ceremony, is economic and physical conditional every adult Moslem believer re a religious duty. All muslims, whether male or female, will do his utmost to strive to life at least once annual Muslim pilgrimage to mecca. Hundreds of millions of muslims gather every year in Saudi Arabia, to attend the annual pilgrimage to mecca. They come from every corner of the world, including various countries and different color, of all ages and muslims. During the pilgrimage, gathered in &; ldquo The holy city rdquo; of&" Mecca of millions of Muslim followers together, to pray together, have a meal together, study with Islam historical event to celebrate Allah''s glorious achievements. Pilgrimage in the islamic calendar year last month by month, called &; ldquo Hijjah” Dhul - Mean &; ldquo, Pilgrimage rdquo; on of&" . Various rites of pilgrimage in islamic calendar last January''s first 8 to 12 days held during the 5 days.

Fifty years ago, annual pilgrims about tens of thousands of people, In 1984, has reached 300 million fluctuation, In recent years, has more than 10 million. Holy city of mecca Muslim open only. December is the ninth annual pilgrimage to mecca are everywhere on, with people. Pilgrims reached after a series of mecca, want to undertake pilgrimage ever, the main contents include: from the meteorite place according to counterclockwise around seven weeks: samarra shrine method and maginel watts move between gallop 7 times: cast arafat mountain &; ldquo Standing mountain rdquo; of&" Persons; chanting, In the context of Dali method the desert camping respite; To ldquo nano &; rice Shoot rdquo; stone of&" Exorcisms; To celebrate the feast; Again, hold a farewell to temple worship and other activities. It become an annual international grand religious activities.

Third, Kerr white

Kerr white

Kerr white is world Muslim worship toward and pilgrimage center. Originally &; ldquo Allah houses rdquo; of&" . China says &; ldquo Muslim Days room rdquo; of&" . Qing LiuZhi "topfond ceremony" cloud: &; ldquo TianJue namely toward hall, again yue days room, cover up for creation of wanfang toward. & rdquo; Located in mecca, Saudi Arabia, Forbidden City central ancient Arab temple is inherited from the important historical sanctuary.

Mecca of the city; ldquo of&" Kerr rdquo; white & , is a mega Muslim church, praying orientation, islamic culture center, its history, and building a temple built and early forbidden extension, from Dan, YiBuLaXin, to MuSheng era, diego and islamic dynasties, to today''s two holy temple where the Kerr white believers
Take waiter fahd king, no matter from building size, or from the architectural characteristics and art, are all unprecedented, for men is conspicuous, islamic architecture art concentrated expression. Is the world in the field of architecture, architecture, a wonderful rake.

Kerr white

That year, after entering mecca muhammad removed Kerr white all the tribes god temple, withheld only a meteorite (namely XuanShi), and Kerr white temple instead mosque and regulation, every Muslim lifetime of must here once pilgrimage. The more god temple Kerr white idol been smashed, leaving only black meteorites as islamic holy, and banned foreign people enter the Kerr white temples and the surrounding area, the ban has effectively. Every Sunday Arab old man follow the Arab customs, gathered at the centers of worship, facing the Kerr white photos of Muslim ceremony held temple, recite it Koran.

Islam rise before, many idols, enshrined temple outside for Arab polytheists worship god sacrifice place. According to the ancient Arab religious legend, the palace is human ancestors Dan built by the floods, after its manasseh son ismail by ibrahim instrument reconstruction. After have repeatedly destroyed repeatedly constructs. Allegedly 608 in Mohammed also participated in construction. 623 years, this house as muhammad Muslim worship toward. In 630 Mohammed conquer mecca, clear the temple outside icon. Polytheism From then on, become Muslim hajj behold the center. Every year during the pilgrimage, by Saudi Arabia''s king led senior officials and religious leaders, to attend the washing and replace the veil ceremony, and invited foreign Muslim hajj group representatives to participate.

Four, the clock tower

The clock tower

Besides Kerr white and white buildings, now mecca city again many a landmark buildings, mecca tower mdash; of&" & mdash;

Maiga tower, full: &; ldquo Maiga tower hotel & rdquo; royal (never Mecca Tower Clock) is a Saudi Mecca region landmarks. Clock tower building the overall viewpoint for 817 meters, is six times as Big Ben in London than dubai''s harry method only 11 meters, is tower low world second tall buildings. Maiga tower lies in the largest window by German company designs the manufacture huge clock, this high 43 meters, 45 meters wide all three-dimensional clock is the world''s largest clock.

The world''s second largest window high construction mecca tower is by the German company designs the manufacture huge clock, this high 43 meters, 45 meters wide all three-dimensional clock became the world''s largest clock. This clock night in 17 kilometers can be seen during the day, can be in 11 km to 12 kilometers to see.

Global for pickpockets 10 cities

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For tourists, you on holiday, thieves don''t must rest. In their eyes, tourists is perhaps the easiest to build the object. When you full consciousness volunteers to devote to travel sightseeing, understanding the exotic custom culture, where will beware of behind a hand? Recently TripAdvisor website in British and American tourists in a survey of population concentration of famous European outdoor tourist attractions is the most recruit thief place. Thieves will generally not choose indoor museum case, because here should not only pay tickets, and security and cameras. Once caught, oneself still difficult to escape. So roma before the fountain in Paris, the Eiffel Tower and the acropolis wait for place became thieves rampant laid place.

According to investigation, TripAdvisor lists the tourists mind for pickpockets 10 cities:

1. Barcelona

Roman 2.

Paris 3.

Madrid 4.

Athens 5.

Prague 6.

7. The Spanish white shores (Costa Blanca) resort area

Lisbon 8.

9 in Spain''s canary islands of tenerife island resort area

London 10.

Money has no company quantity global the cheapest ten tourist destination

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Money has no company quantity! Small make up take you see today the cheapest ten resorts worldwide



Go to India ticket may be relatively expensive, but the cost is very cheap. It is said that in here a glass of beer as long as $1.25, hotel for $10 or more cheap, a dinner only need 2 dollars, and a cup of tea that it only takes a few cents. And it has a long history and the cultural atmosphere, and many attractive tourist attractions.



From 2007 Bulgaria joining the eu after, the prices here is risen, but compared with the rest of Europe, or very cheap. If avoid capital would be more cost-effective. Beautiful black sea beach is the cheapest sunny beach: a glass of beer just 1.3 dollars, a glass of wine just $3.50.



As earth &; ldquo From the sun rdquo; the kingdom of recent of&" People here say to weight than elsewhere to light 1 kilogram or so. Reason is the equator line from the center of the earth, also is the farthest planet by gravity minimum place. Rangaimei ladies can not miss.



Most americans will avoid border area, because there would be because drug caused violence. But also missed the good opportunity, people can go to the south of the border of 100 miles place, a glass of beer just $1.50 to archaeological only 3 dollars. The tickets



Morocco''s two big selling point & mdash; & mdash; The beach and market are free of charge. Hotel every night only about $25, local famous a peppermint tea just 65 cents. Going to the country''s other cities, 300 miles from Daniel to marrakech train travel only 20 dollars.



Poland is the European tour of the cheapest countries, a glass of beer need only $1, Hamburg, only 3 dollars for a cup of coffee just $3.50. But here travelling expenses soon will grow, because Poland may use euro system. Think of the polish tourist to hurry up.



Nepal cost than India slightly higher point: $2.14 a glass of beer, lodging and food costs less than $5. If you come here for climbing or for short trips, not a guided only seven dollars a day, even with regiment out are just 25 dollars a day.



Except airfare, all southeast Asia spend is very cheap. In Bali famous south bay resort, are in a glass bottom admire the beauty of the ship of submarine, Before heading to Bali will visit the foreigner street, here for dc area most lively amusement and shopping center. The journey can also enjoy a comfortable Indonesia luxurious essential oil therapy right, nearly 50 different species essential oil, can according to the guest, with the most authentic situations combination of Indonesia traditional combination of massage technique.



In June of last year, Honduras experienced President exiled coup, and therefore away some tourists, but here all the expenses but cheaper. Every beers just $1 or more cheap, 50 cents will can taste the local specialties & mdash; & mdash; A tortilla. Moreover, Honduras diving is one of the world''s most cheap: four days of packet insurance travel only need $250.



Laos, especially in the beautiful countryside: lush forests, historical and cultural ancient temples, spectacular waterfall from the Mekong YiXieErXia. An average of just $35, it can be very comfortable enjoy one day. Moreover, Laos is famous for silk, you can come here to $5 price buy handmade silk hanging.

Traveling abroad will know how duty-free shopping common sense: tax drawback

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Traveling abroad, many people avoid to crazy shopping, understand a shopping some overseas tax sense it is also very necessary. Recently, several tourists by dahuang at customs, be rigorously seized its carrying new-purchased LV handbags entry undeclared, result value, is filed off-gauge processing. You know what circumstance overseas shopping to declare pay tax? Do you know what is the row duty-free shopping? It is intended to teach you & mdash; & mdash;

Go abroad shopping
Chinese tourists overseas buy luxury goods market increasing.

Practical courses from 1 to shopping value-added tax overseas

Many people go abroad shopping is often blunt cheap, to declare tax policy don''t know much. Due to the lack of consciousness to purchase goods returned from abroad, or not taxed exactly how many quantity of goods reach taxed standard, so in their entry without declare dutiable goods. We would remind note: carry overseas goods entry, beyond the scope of the need for a reasonable quantity according to regulations tax rate from 10% to 50%, differ, such as cosmetics rate is 50%, video all-in-one PC, digital camera, etc shall be levied at the rate of 20%.

2010 August 19, the customs general administration promulgated the 54 announcement also clearly stipulates: 1, entering passengers carrying in overseas residents obtain for imported self-use articles, GDP in rmb5,000 within (including 5000 yuan), Non-resident passengers carrying intends to stay in China for imported self-use articles, gross in 2000 yuan less than (including 2,000 yuan), the customs will be released free, single species limit self-use, reasonable quantity, but tobacco and alcohol products and provisions of the state shall levy 20 of the goods of other according to relevant regulations. 2, inward residents passengers carrying beyond 5000 yuan RMB for imported self-use articles, the customs audit is indeed self-use, Entering a non-resident passengers carrying intends to stay in China for imported self-use articles exceeds RMB 2,000 yuan, the customs only for excess part for imported self-use articles on taxation, indivisible piece goods, full taxing.

Watch, computer, famous brand bag are many Chinese tourists abroad often purchase the goods, and these goods prices tend to exceed 5000 yuan, buy entry must declare to the customs, tax and deal with formalities of, undeclared or false tax return shall bear legal responsibility.

Import tariff reference list

Applicable 10% tax items: food, shoe, medical care, hairdressing apparatus, hutch defends, furniture, Musical Instruments, etc.

Applicable tax rate of 20% items: videotape, av appliance, computer and its accessories etc.

Applicable tax items: 30% of golf and ball to provide, high-grade watch.

Applicable 50% tax items: cosmetics, alcohol, tobacco.

Practical courses from 2. Shopping can enjoy duty-free service abroad

DFS provide one-stop shopping services, tax exemption globally have stores.

Page1: know duty free

Tax exemption, on imported commodities, refers to exempt from import tariff and import value-added tax, this part taxes according to the variety of goods on different tax rates is also different. Because for the mainland is concerned, cosmetics and cigarettes, liquor rate is very high, so a tax-free shop in the cosmetics, cigarettes, liquor price also is a lot cheaper than outside.

Every country duty free shopping way is different, such as shopping, then a tax-free shop in South Korea provide passport and return ticket, after shopping cannot take away when, should be in return at the airport pick up the goods, no amount and time limitation. In Japan can show me your passport and ticket, please directly buy free items. Hong Kong duty free practical is false, because Hong Kong is itself a free port, no tariffs, so you don''t need any formalities. In Europe any shop to buy goods, then with invoice to the airport tax refund.

Page2: universal duty is recommended

From 1995 in Guam opened the first DFS, so far, has 13 DFS of large-scale one-stop high-quality goods mall & mdash; DFS, throughout the world, from about 2,000 square meters area to 16,000 square meters. Include in Auckland, Bali, Keynes and gold coast, Guam, Hong Kong (two), Honolulu, Okinawa and saipan, Singapore, Sydney and Taiwan. DFS pooling world famous brand products, is the international travelers good shopping choice.

Page3: global airport duty free

Go abroad shopping
Zurich, Switzerland, airport at the duty-free shop

ZURICH, Switzerland, ZURICH airport

Shopping index: u u u u

The most value of a purchase: chocolate, saber and watch.

Star brand: work, Calvin Klien, Versace surrounds, stillbirth and Mexx.

The price level: can enjoy duty-free.

Shopping environment: Zurich airport is like a comprehensive town, there are busy streets and squares, bustling shops and charming cafes and restaurants.

Special services: the service here is really convenient, and is the top services.

Fault-finding: the airport area for 683 hectares, FeiTiLi superior person cannot fully and.

Experience: Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland, is the world financial center. Here except a busy streets and squares and bustling shop outside, charming cafes and restaurants here is another big characteristic.

Zurich airport is extremely attractive shopping heaven, this is not just because there are numerous, but also because MingPinDian here still can buy real duty-free or value-added goods. Located at the third check - in nearby on Outlet, it is to let person most recalling Shopping paradise. In the area of 1000 square meters large supermarkets, AirportOutlet with extremely attractive price (highest discount can reach 50%) for customers from work, CalvinKlien, Versace surrounds, stillbirth and Mexx and other international famous brand clothing, jewelry and jewelry. In addition, don''t forget to watch it in Zurich, international airport was singing protagonist.

Go abroad shopping
Singapore changi international airport is recognized as a lot of brands.

Singapore CHANGI international Airport CHANGI on

Shopping index: u u u u

The most value of a purchase: cosmetics, perfume.

Star brand: chanel, elegant shi landai.

The price level: Singapore shopping prices generally than Hong Kong slightly tall. But the airport seems better than the city cheap. In addition,''s changi airport at the duty-free shop often make some promotional activities, such as buy three pieces or more give you 5% discount, etc.

Special services: Singapore airport service is humanization, on no.1 boarding a fitness center, fitness, beauty, massage, watching movies and even swim all can.

Shopping environment: large and comfortable, rather, there are two terminal during nearly 40 catering booth, have more than 100 distribution of goods stores.

There are two fault-finding:''s changi airport terminal, although can take free small train shuttle pictures, but still feel inconvenience.

Experience: a tax-free shop, brand shop and catering bar dotted, material abundance. Here the cosmetics than Singapore city cheaper, but still seemed enemy nevertheless Hong Kong airport, but some only in a tax-free shop sold exclusively Q version perfume suit, protect skin to taste a suit or colour makeup dish very cost-effective. Once there had bought a set of elegant shi landai skin suit and eye frost + day cream + late frost 1000 yuan fore also has a very classic black paint handbags, giving back in saite see a few sample added up to 2,000 yuan DaBuZhu, stole all happy for a long time.

Allegedly chanel in Singapore airport is also very cheap, is worth purchasing, because I don''t chanel, so not actual investigation to verify. Besides cosmetics perfume category, strongly suggest departure from Singapore to bring some cigarettes when husbands, dad. Smoke crazy cheap, almost each home will carry on two Chinese.

With domestic airport opposite is, in''s changi airport repast price incredibly than urban much cheaper, almost grades of seafood small chaffy dish, per capita than before in the city low five pieces of Singapore dollars.

Go abroad shopping
Hong Kong international airport are jam-packed shops and restaurants.


Chinese HONG KONG international airport about if KONG

Shopping index: u u u u u

The most value of a purchase: cosmetics, famous brand sunglasses.

Star brand: Cartier, hermes, Chanel, dior gucci, sui, achieve miraculous fendi repeatedly, prada, versace surrounds.

The price level: from 10 hk dollar small souvenir to frequently yuan brand names.

Shopping environment: the airport is AD hoc shopping corridor, has more than 200 shops and restaurants.

Special services: there are 19 equipment whole all the baby''s room, convenience for passengers to the baby''s diapers and feeding.

The duty free shop carping: than downtown salsa, cosmetics cosmetics store expensive, haha because the quality is guaranteed.

Experience: Hong Kong airport in gibeon place is jam-packed shops and restaurants, basically from one into the airport to box I is the purchase.

Outside the area to food is in the majority, also has sell Disney memorabilia, traveling bags bags, watch etc. Terminal box projects is top international cosmetics, clothing, bags, perfume, jewelry and so on luxury goods is in the majority. I would suggest that you have your boarding formalities, in the box with ease Kuang around; New York and fun and interesting goods can be caught my eye, thinking what to relatives and take what gifts. Have an area is specially sell duty-free cigarettes, prices are much cheaper than at home, especially those in domestic sell very expensive YangYan and foreign wine, less high taxes, here are a lot cheaper, packing also very delicate. Sell top brands at the duty-free shop is I will go to land, perfume and all kinds of cosmetics, skin care products, replete with sales people are very professional, and don''t worry goods shelf life, girls like to most of the time stay here. There is also a large the toy shop is also my favorite of wonderfully mischievous people and other places, toys as the variety of Hong Kong''s toysrus and many are in domestic see the elves of eccentric toys. The grocery store near check-in area is often I finally stay place, will put them on all finished, hk $carry some Hong Kong characteristics of food to buy family.

Go abroad shopping
The Dutch schipol airport Schiphol

Shopping index: u u u

The most value of a purchase: Asiatic cosmetics limited perfume, cosmetics not only than domestic early many, and the price is much cheaper.

Star brand: cosmetics, electrical appliances

The price level: a few pieces of the euro gadgets to several thousand euros, compared with the electrical everything shopping feasibility.

Special services: the airport has a big casinos

Shopping environment: beer and skittles facilities

Fault-finding: time not enough use.

Experience: relative to the rest of the world, the Dutch airport tax refund also more convenient and comfortable.

Things pour also is not cheap, everything before you buy a bit spectrum, perfume heart must class except limit basic have nothing to buy, because the price with domestic almost, skincare if himself the spectrum at, can TaoHuan once, because here often have preferential, often very good value. Sometimes a particular brand stores can still follow the same place a promotion stall, and this time met the right things must laid hands on him!

Dress kind thing relative cosmetics for some scattered, the scale is not large also, because of go to the airport to catch the plane, are compared in a hurry, typically does not try to try it on, so you don''t understand something special, do not recommend commonly buy.

A small electrical or something, there''s also, although as Germany cheap, but it''s still pretty than domestic to affordable. Tobacco candy this kind thing, compared with other similar airport seem not too many advantages.

Go abroad shopping
British London heathrow airport duty free

British London Heathrow airport London Heathrow

Shopping index: u u ☆ painted

The most value of a purchase: pipe, cut tobacco.

Star brand: love MaShi, chanel, Dunhill.

The price level: quite high.

Shopping environment: very elegant, very British style.

Special services: recent British airport because some terrorist attacks, became stricter, somewhat like &; ldquo 9-11 & rdquo; When the United States.

Fault-finding: what are both good, except for the price.

Experience: the airport shops that the biggest characteristic of expensive, literally eat a snack to drink a cup of coffee will be eight pounds. The selling merchandise, than from London downtown shops to buy the cheaper. Airport through place, have special drawback window. It is particularly noteworthy a selling cosmetics brand shop large scale, the product category is quite complete, each kind of perfume, everything. From loreal and card Neil to arden, JiaoLan, clinique, Europe ShuDan, SISLEY, HR, estee lauder, JiaoYunShi, endorser, CDS, CHANEL, Laprairie everything, and through and sales personnel''s communication, there is usually a small gift. The only make people don''t understand is as British home famous brand, but bodyshop at heathrow tapes its trail, the streets of London and the body shop store everywhere form bright contrast.


Go abroad shopping
French Paris Charles DE gaulle airport

French Paris Charles DE Gaulle airport, Charles DE Gaulle

Shopping index: u u u u

The most value of a purchase: champagne, chocolate.

Star brand: Cartier, Hermes.

The price level: the airport within the duty-free shop commodity prices and no difference of Paris.

Shopping environment: a total of 220 stores, shops, various kinds of service 166 home 111 bar and 9 hotel.

Equipped with a special service: speak Chinese staff.

Fault-finding: a tax-free shop amount little, especially cosmetics brand and variety than Paris city much less.

Go abroad shopping
Bangkok international airport in many commodities, and many clerk can speak Chinese.

BANGKOK international airport in BANGKOK

Shopping index: u u ☆ painted

The most value of a purchase: British pharmacy brand BOOTS

Star brand: loreal and HR, SISILY

The price level: the consumer is not high.

Shopping environment: the airport duty-free shop covers a large area.

Special services: because a language barrier, so have a good service is the feeling is not very true ah.

Fault-finding: duty of label is not clear.

Experience: a tax-free shop is very big, the price is not really cheap aside from, only is two large area of cosmetics consumption areas will let the girl, and have been to linger over the people most impressive is probably loreal brand products all types of goods, price material benefit, in domestic task without loreal man skin care products, there is already from washing a face to prevent bask in fully furnished.

Someone says Thailand airport commodities without plane the cheap, also have indeed news that Thailand airport commodity tax increased. But the Bangkok airport BOOTS products, is still lower than Hong Kong, while packing is very big, very suitable for store home slowly with. While there are still quite a few luxuries outlets airport, although preferential not many, but not all style is new.

Go abroad shopping
Munich airport duty free

German MUNICH airport MUNICH

Shopping index: u u u u

The most value of a purchase: beer, big brands jewellery, watches, perfume, steel products, fashion, handicrafts, books.

Star brand: Airbrau restaurant

The price level: inexpensive, very is value added.

Shopping environment: the species richness, the price also pretty reality.

Special services: Munich airport with the world''s only airport NiangJiuChang.

Fault-finding: shopping, extremely easy missed the flight was later. Tax refund location was very remote hard to find.

Munich airport terminal shopping distinguish no.1 and 2 terminal two area, totaling 130 shops, no.1 terminal shops in public areas, and main terminal no.2 is set in the shop and carry-on baggage passenger after security.

Germany''s commodity usually give the impression that beauty cheap characters are more &; ldquo Munich, A shopper''s paradise & rdquo; Reputation, and Munich airport is both the German business all advantages & mdash; & mdash; Large scale, contents abundant, competitive price and good quality. Here except for a world famous designers of high-grade duty free, tourism value shop, stores and souvenir shops besides, still have various leisure food choices. From the fast-food restaurant to ldquo; of&" The beatles & rdquo; Restaurant five-in-one package, can make the guest stroll HIGH, then eat HIGH. Among them with the most unique Airbrau restaurant.

Munich airport with the world''s only airport NiangJiuChang, is icehotel in Munich airport center, the Bavarian beer garden beside Airbrau. Store has since beer device, shop outside it is at a tree has spent open-air meal seats. Beer of course points since brewed beer or HeiPi white, but it also depends on their hangovers and decide, bai bei accachment, cleaner, HeiPi is thick some, massiness and some. And here the beer also like the airport as commodity prices, is very overflow, a glass of as long as three or four euro just.

Go abroad shopping
Dubai is the world famous luxury buy the cheapest one of duty-free shop

Dubai International airport Dubai International

Shopping index: u u u u u

The most value of a purchase: watch, loreal cosmetics, duty-free cigarettes.

Star brand: big very full, Ysl, endorser, such as shiseido makeup is tasted and rolex, omega, treasure cypress, 100 age, IWC, indigestion, kadeya''s etc. Watch all in.

The price level: protect skin to taste very cheap.

Shopping environment: free territory of 9,000 square meters, facilities and luxuriant, the world famous brand and keep pace with Europe and amongst the popular fashion make it become truly world-class shopping airport.

Special services: shopping can brush card, is dollars, dean lahm can all, depriving the Chinese general dual-currency credit card local currency the poundage 1.5%.

Fault-finding: family are looking forward to the Arab dried fruit a hugely disappointing. A pack of 500g of dried fruit probably want to sell around 50rmb, and after opening, found it very tide, still be inferior to Beijing supermarket tastes good.

Experience: dubai international airport is called the busiest airport, goods or passengers, there are more than 100 foreign airlines use dubai airport. 9,000 square meters at the duty-free shop sales breakthrough in 2005 21 billion ($5.9 billion di lahm) performance become the world''s third-largest airport duty free, its luxuriant facilities, the world famous brand and keep pace with Europe and the popular fashion make it become truly world-class shopping places.

Go abroad shopping
Japan narita airport in Tokyo recommend purchasing: Japanese snacks, wine, digital products

Japan narita airport in Tokyo

Shopping index: u u ☆ painted

The most value MIKIMOTO jewelry a purchase:


The price level: if you less sensitive to price, still can enjoy many shopping pleasure.

Shopping environment: the environment is excellent, staff service attitude is also good, let you are god''s feeling.

Special services: god wondrously enjoy service personnel''s bowing and scraping.

Fault-finding: Japanese brands skincare price instead more expensive, absolute not worth in the purchase.

Narita airport in Japan has the most duty-free shop. In addition to the world famous brand shop, and all kinds of restaurants for you to enjoy the food.

Narita duty free environment is excellent, vending sister''s attitude is also good, bowing and scraping let you are god''s feeling. However, when god is needed to pay for it. Here the commodity prices are not cheap, especially Japanese characteristic commodity, food, small appliances, japanese-style clothing etc, are better than Tokyo stores of expensive. Of course, if you don''t too sensitive to price, still can enjoy many shopping pleasure.

Japanese is the most famous brand, ahab narita airport at the duty-free shop in nature is little not various ablaze, for instance: TIFFANY big of& amp; Co., SalvatoreFerragamo, RMES, BVLGARI, EMPORIO CARTIER, ARMANI, RALPHLAUREN, CELINE, BURBERRY, Gucci, Dunhill, COACH, ETRO, MIKIMOTO, SHISEIDO, etc.

Japan narita airport in Tokyo recommend purchasing: Japanese snacks, wine, digital products

Japan narita airport in Tokyo

Shopping index: u u ☆ painted

The most value MIKIMOTO jewelry a purchase:


The price level: if you less sensitive to price, still can enjoy many shopping pleasure.

Shopping environment: the environment is excellent, staff service attitude is also good, let you are god''s feeling.

Special services: god wondrously enjoy service personnel''s bowing and scraping.

Fault-finding: Japanese brands skincare price instead more expensive, absolute not worth in the purchase.

Narita airport in Japan has the most duty-free shop. In addition to the world famous brand shop, and all kinds of restaurants for you to enjoy the food.

Narita duty free environment is excellent, vending sister''s attitude is also good, bowing and scraping let you are god''s feeling. However, when god is needed to pay for it. Here the commodity prices are not cheap, especially Japanese characteristic commodity, food, small appliances, japanese-style clothing etc, are better than Tokyo stores of expensive. Of course, if you don''t too sensitive to price, still can enjoy many shopping pleasure.

Japanese is the most famous brand, ahab narita airport at the duty-free shop in nature is little not various ablaze, for instance: TIFFANY big of& amp; Co., SalvatoreFerragamo, RMES, BVLGARI, EMPORIO CARTIER, ARMANI, RALPHLAUREN, CELINE, BURBERRY, Gucci, Dunhill, COACH, ETRO, MIKIMOTO, SHISEIDO, etc.

Practical courses in duty free shopping subscribers 4. How drawback

Go abroad shopping
Overseas shopping remember tax refund

Outside the duty free shopping consumption of duty-free way has two kinds: it is a site drawback, namely trade amount does not contain should pay taxes, but the prerequisite is that you must fulfill the government regulation of tax refund formalities, otherwise entitled to merchants from your credit card should pay taxes of the patch buckle, 2 it is afterwards drawback, namely the amount of tax to deal in your merchants containing fulfil tax refund formalities TuiShuiE returned again after you will to your credit card. First, please understand that before going abroad to the national tax rebate rules, and keep an eye on the following:

(1) shopping when carefully read the terms of tax rebates and sign after pressure card, while a copy, and the other two couplet into merchants have for tax refund formalities leave to use,

(2) the departure (such as when shopping sites of eu countries is to leave the journey last eu countries) should deal with drawback at the customs, the customs formalities verify that buys goods and tax rebates will be in the remaining two after LianTui tax stamp, a load provided by the merchant envelopes and devote airport tax refund mailbox, Another copy retain, once produce dispute, this sheet can be used as the dispute solution certificate.

(3) if no pass to finish the tax refund formalities, can be in after returning home to a GLOBAL return group (BlUE) request for help, GLOBAL optimisation techniques in its Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou and other places designated drawback points continue to deal with formalities.

Countries shopping drawback regulations

Asian countries

Thailand: in Thailand shopping must extra 10% tax, but refund amount due to deduct poundage, therefore is back 8% and 9%. In Thailand application refund the value must be no less than 5,000 baht ($RMB 1000 yuan), and every mall shopping consumption must have at least 2,000 Thai baht, purchased goods required to purchase within 60 days from carried abroad.

Korea: purchase in South Korea once won 50,000 gross more goods, and in commodities purchased 3 months after carrying out of South Korea, may apply for refund, special consumption tax and value-added tax, after receiving a tax-free shop defense customs send back to within 20 days after shopping certificate, will refund amount remit us to customers. In addition, visitors if you need the purchased goods mailed back, need to show to customs mail receipt proof, mail, then the buyer needed poundage of refund deducted.

Japan: the same big department stores within one day shopping full 1 million yen above, but by passport and receipt, in this department store drawback 5%.

Singapore: purchase more than 300 proterozoic products can apply for tax refund. When shopping your passport, stores will give you a duty-free shopping invoice. Took the invoice may in Singapore airport for tax refund formalities.

Oceania countries

Australia: most countries duty-free shop only in international airport, the passenger in Australia shopping consumption, who purchase contain goods and services tax of goods, or alcohol parity tax of alcohol, can enjoy 11% and 14.5% respectively the tax refund.

Apply for tax refund notice the following matters: tourists on the same store, if shopping 300 aud above, want to businessman claim tax bill proof, and in the departure to exit the customs for tax refund, For tax refund, passengers should produce store opened except tax bill, passport and boarding pass outside, even will buy goods carry for inspection, Refund amount below 200 aud, can receive cash on the spot. More than 200 aud, will through checks, credit CARDS or Australian bank account to handle the return.

European countries

In Europe, different places refund amount of amplitude is different, but are required on the same day the same store inside the shopping amount reaches or exceeds a certain amount, such as German shopping amount for at least 25 euro, France at least for 175 euros. Should pay attention to, France is some stores as announced refund amount 12% for some cosmetics store refund amount for 16%, Germany most stores refund amount for 16%. The eu countries can abroad countries united deal with.

Tax refund formalities: assistant for tourists out in triplicate application, above to fill in the passport number and tourists at home address, above can fill in for goods prices and shall refund the amount, and can put items posted in the invoice for tax refund organization one couplet, then store keeps one reserves. Tourists take two copies in leaving the country to airport customs frontier, the official seal, export proof. Sometimes officials will require the applicant to show that purchases and should be in check-in before application.

Back to refund amount alternatives: in Iceland and Finland, Sweden, Nordic countries by sealed tax-refund form.please at the airport and the bank inside 4-storey drawback window, it''ll take to money. Not only less people, the procedure is very convenient. If the CARDS, but also can directly back in credit card; In most western countries, the departure was not get cash. Will cover the last stop departure kingdom customs stamp tax-refund form.please into the enclosed envelope inside, sent to the universal drawback company (GlobalBlue) among the countries branches. Generally in three months later, refund will be in us dollar or euro checks form sent to the applicant. Applicants may bring valid passport and valid GlobalBlue mark documents (including tax drawback checks and shopping receipt), to local bank to handle collection procedures, in dollars cash payment illegally or as customer''s requirement will tax refund monies archived to designated account.

GLOBAL optimisation techniques BlUE domestic drawback address excerpts from:


Beijing capital international airport arrive hall icbc Beijing airport branch subbranch of wangjing

Dongcheng district DongSiShiTiao 24 YingYeShi subbranch of a commercial bank of China enterprise


Shanghai pudong international airport and commercial bank of China international reach hall of Shanghai international airport sub-branch

Shanghai nanjing road 99 icbc nanjing road sub-branch


Guangzhou huanshi road 339 number guangdong international hotel and commercial bank of China guangzhou south sub-branch

Mysterious underwater city

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Egypt Alexander underwater city
Egypt Alexander underwater city

According to foreign media reports, in the world at the bottom of the ocean or some mysterious lake hidden ancient human cities, these ancient building site pregnant hiding a lot of human history information. These mysterious underwater city retained many secrets, they found that allow scientists have great interests, of human history civilization formed many doubt and thinking...

1, Egypt Alexander underwater city

Far from Egypt the northern port city of Alexandria''s coast, a mysterious mountain city located in submarine of shandong university calendar, it is considered a cleopatra cleopatra''s royal residence ruins sites, probably due to 1,500 years ago a massive earthquake in which the underwater city of seawater sinking. Besides artifacts, statues, and some cleopatra''s palace, supposedly, period of Alexander municipal government had planned to provide underwater city miracle sightseeing.

Thailand secco million palmer YaoHu bottom temples

Thailand secco million palmer YaoHu bottom temples

2, Thailand secco million palmer YaoHu bottom temples

Thailand secco million YaoHu itself and no pato unique, however the lake is a 500 years ago Thailand temples. In about 70 years ago, the sublacustrine Thailand temple really began to cause the attention of researchers, recent relevant departments are discussing how to this place underwater ancient temples to repair, but is expected to spend billions of dollars. However, this ancient Thailand temples flood at bottom, but became fish habitats sites, so many researchers offer not to destroy these fish habitats.

Japan and the countries island underwater pyramids

Japan and the countries island underwater pyramids

3, Japan and that kingdom island underwater pyramids

More than 20 years ago, diving trips guide unexpectedly accidentally in Japan and the countries island undersea found one ancient ruins, after scientists think probably in away from Japan coastline exist a mysterious pyramid, the architectural structure in the bottom carved signs, but its bottom base structure adopted the tools before and had not been considered part of Japanese ancient civilizations, at present for the mysterious underwater pyramid is still full of many mysteries.

Cuban Havana megalithic ruins

Cuban Havana megalithic ruins

4, Cuban Havana megalithic ruins

At present, a team of scientists still in Brazil for the Yucatan strait undersea mysterious ruins missions, they found the urban environment ruins, signs of these underwater ruins along the sea floor water extends for several miles. Many people believe that this place can be used for human living in the ruins of ancient history may early American civilization. So far, only a computer model can monitor mysterious underwater boulders ruins of existence.

The world''s most unusual hotels

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Russia is the latest edition of the journal of the merchant lists the most unique several hotel, the hotel with its unique characteristic attracts world customers.

Paris veyour le grand hotel

NO. 1 Paris Le Grand veyour hotel

The oldest hotel: Paris Le Grand veyour hotel. The hotel was built in 1784, French history almost all the most famous personage have to the hotel dining.

The hotel has remained in all the food in France''s oldest characteristics. To the people here are the most beautiful European hotel, because here all the decoration is authentic French antiques.

Finland kuappi hotel

Finland Kuappi hotel

NO. 2 minimum hotel: Finland Kuappi hotel

The hotel is only a single small restaurant dining room only set two seats, once only entertain 2 bits customers.


NO. 3 the largest hotel: Bangkok Tum Nuk have hotel

The area has four soccer fields, only the central hall once is can receive more than 5,000 guests. In order to improve the service speed, all waiters were dressed in business for customer service.

Switzerland allalin hotel

Switzerland Allalin hotel

NO. 4 highest revolving hotel: Switzerland Allalin hotel

The hotel is built in the Swiss Alps, altitude of 3,500 meters. The hotel every 1 hours a week, customer in rotating dinner, also can admire the scenery around the Alps.

Israel sea stars hotel ep-red

Israel Sea Stars hotel ep-red

NO. 5 first underwater hotel: Israel ep-red Sea Stars hotel

This restaurant is in 1993 opened, the customer here when repast can be eating fresh seafood, watch the underwater world wonders.

Winter heating trip to south Australia cannot miss 10 beautiful natural landscape

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Ten beautiful natural landscape
Finn psaltery island

Finn psaltery island is the world''s largest sand island, a total area of over 1630 square kilometers, in 1992 became one of world heritage.

The earliest Finn psaltery island is the name of the local dialect Buechulla clan aboriginal, called K’ Gari. Meaning &; ldquo Heaven & rdquo; . On the island introduction was quoted as saying about finnan psaltery island origin, local has a beautiful legend: when people were created, and who needed a place to live, the great god Beeral deport him

The apostles Vnedingie goddess K’ Gari, from heaven to earth to create land and mountain, river and sea. The goddess K’ Gari fell in love with the beautiful earth become don''t want to return to heaven, hence the apostles Nendingie will K&rsquo female, Gari into a such as like heaven island: Finn psaltery island.

Finn psaltery island as legend, is a than heaven is pure place, here is the most famous QiuHu, sand island is the world''s most fresh water lakes clean freshwater lake one. The most famous sightseeing lake is Eurong town McCann seats lake. CiHu at an altitude of approximately 100 meters, with the clean beach, located in seaweed division periphery, the area has 150 hectares, lake deep only about five meters. The lake of sand for the pure silica ingredients, can be used to clean hair and teeth, jewelry, even skin.

Ten beautiful natural landscape
Blueridge mountains

Blueridge mountains located at the west about 65 kilometers southeast of new south wales, Australia was a popular tourist destination, it from east to west tilt, east the highest point 1070 meters, west mountain high 360 ~ 540 metres. Blueridge overlapping steep, jian, the mountain valley abstruse growing large eucalyptus, eucalyptus for evergreen trees, trunk tall and straight, woodiness is hard, contain oily, can be used to extract naphtha, its nature of volatile oil droplets, hydrosphere sunshine in air show blue light, the refraction blue mountains hence its name.

Blueridge mountains is eastern Australia''s highest mountains, which stretches more than 4000 km, mountainous area is by Triassic block solid sandstone accumulation and become, here CuoE stone, once a European immigrants to the westward obstacles. 1813 years europeans, Nebraska middot Abram &; Lawson undergone dangers and hardships to baal from across the mountains near cartoon arrived at that time in mainland China, the mountain place JiNianShu, it still planted tree stumps still save, is one of the pioneers of existing sites.

Ten beautiful natural landscape

Legend Queensland Australia is the most beautiful tourist resort, here are the most beautiful golden coastline, there is the most beautiful city in Brisbane, but I said here not Queensland, but means of Queensland warm tropical rainforest.

Hear, all Australian about not easily wrong past Queensland temperature tropical rainforest tour of opportunities. There, the rugged mountain, quickly flowing rivers, deep canyons, white sand beaches, lush vegetation, constitute a pair of a lifetime memorable beauty. In 1998 was listed on the world heritage list ".

Ten beautiful natural landscape
The Great Barrier Reef

Millions of years ago volcanic activity, fifteen thousand years the reef''s slow growth, accomplished this piece is called the world &; ldquo The eighth wonder rdquo; of&" A famous tourist scenic spot & mdash; & mdash; The Great Barrier Reef national park. It is located in the east, north Queensland on cape york peninsula, south to banda nico rosberg and constant 2,000 kilometers, here coral species at thirty-five many kinds of, is tens of thousands of Marine biological habitat. Colorful Marine fish flocked around beautiful spectacular, constitute a coral reef near the sea, just like the mysterious world of journey to the submarine ShenGong, for it has a size more than seven island.

Ten beautiful natural landscape
Estranged er lake

This is a very strange lake, it is the lake pink. Seen from the top, pink estranged er lake is like a oval icing on the cake for meters del island, icing the corner of dense woods adds wonderful colors.

This wide about 600 feet of salt water and shallow lake at the edge of white salt, are all round dark green eucalyptus and qianceng forest, again to outside is a narrow white ShaDai it with dark blue seawater isolated.

In 1950, scientists are trying to survey the lake are pink reasons. Usually in the salinity high salt, this kind of algae can produce a kind of red pigment, such as the Australian continent ace employed nearby have so a lake. However, in darfur took several estranged lake water samples, is not found. So, CiHu why are pink remained a mystery.

Ten beautiful natural landscape
Shaq bay

Shaq bay and claims to be aquatic organisms homes, located in Australia''s west coast end, surrounded by island and land, with three of the incomparable natural landscape and celebrated. It has the world''s biggest (4800 square km) and covers the most abundant Marine plant specimens, and has the world the most number of dugongs (manatee) and stromatolite (with similar along whom mounds, algal growth, is the world''s oldest living tension-a form.

In shaq harrier, also protect five endangered mammals. Shaq bay area of the gulf, water port and small dugongs island support a huge aquatic organisms world, turtles, whales, prawn, scallops, sea snakes and shark in this area are very common aquatic organisms. Whale sharks and other sharks different, a beautiful JiQi and gentle nature, the figure is huge, length is generally more than 20 meters, mainly by eating plankton primarily. This is also shaq bay name origin.

Broad coral plexus is the underwater ornamental another beauty. Coral reefs block the diameter of about 500 meters, meantime filled with the rich Marine life. Countless colorful coral scramble into people''s eye, blue, purple, green, brown, etc, is really beautiful. This area sea shallow purple sponge is also famous. In this region, there was a beautiful blue clubmosses coral growth community, asing if is a big garden as well. In addition, head coral and flat coral also can be seen everywhere.

Ten beautiful natural landscape
Elmer lake

Elmer lake, called &; ldquo Ghost lake rdquo; of&" Because it is like ghosts, sometimes appear, sometimes disappear, the trail tapes. In 1832, a prospecting teams to come here, the author finds a small basin, above covered with salt. By 1860, and a prospecting teams to come here, but here found a rippling saltwater lake, the next year, the team, ready to come here again survey into the area of measuring the lake, but lake but disappeared, waves ripple the places and becoming a little. Originally, the lake is not perennial lake, but a seasonal lake. Every four years or so, it will &; quot Missing &; quot Once. Don''t know lucky you, whether can capture the sign of the missing.

Ten beautiful natural landscape
Rock tower desert

Rock tower desert in western Australia''s wa capital burns with NATO 250 thousand meters. Rock tower desert terrain very strange, the desert linli innumerable karst rock, so the isolated its name. Various forms of rock tower, covering the boundless huangsha in, scenery, make the person feels mysterious and bizarre. Some people describe this scene for &; ldquo Wilderness grave standard & rdquo; , let a person feel the end of their world.

The desert made barren, rock tower standing, solitary, see wind roll quicksand, a golden, ausgestorben, only the wind in sobbing, pathetic lyrics. The desert is Australia few tourist destinations for the nearest town Cervantes have two hours away. Only off-road vehicle can drive to where, normal car tyres may be uncovered ground limestone scrape torn. If science fiction writer to write a description of the breathtaking novel, rock tower can be used as the ideal place background

Ten beautiful natural landscape
Kaka du national park

Kaka du national park, culture and natural dual heritage, 1981, on the world heritage list in 1992, 1987 and extending area. Here is a unique and complicated eco-system, tidal fluctuations of alluvial plain, low-lying and plateau, is suitable for various unique animals and plants multiply the ideal environment. North 4 million over the years has been inhabited. Paintings, stone carvings and archaeological site was recorded in prehistoric times still living here the aboriginal inhabitants way of life. Park is located in northern place capital dili edom 200 kilometers, an area of 2 square kilometers. Here is a typical of the ecological balance of the area, including those tidal shoals, floodplains, hollows included, for those and plateau large amounts of rare animals and plants provide excellent living conditions. Some species are continuing 4 million here for years. There are many caves, hole murals, sculptures and human life from ancient ruins, performance of hunting crowds and acquisition crowd, until now the local natives living skills and way of life.

Before 1972, here is the last piece of not for external known and outside the isolation of aboriginal settlements. Hundreds of aboriginal still led a Stone Age group of primitive life. From the archaeological and racial learn Angle evaluation, here is preserved really good place. Before here is native autonomous region, 1979 are delimited national park.

Ten beautiful natural landscape
Fjords national park

Fjords National Park (Fiordland National Park) is located in New Zealand''s south island southwestern end, bordering the tasman sea. In 1904 is listed as reserves, 1952, bi is park, in 1990 fjords national park UNESCO''s world heritage protection areas. Fjords national park area 12120 square km, it is New Zealand''s largest park, is also the world''s biggest national park one.

Here is the most famous mill at Milford Sound) fjord, allege &; ldquo The world''s top eight wonders & rdquo; , is the fjords national park in the most important scenic spots, all visitors can choose by cruise tour. Amir ford fjords mountain is vertical glacier erosion, whether in the boat 1,000 meters hope in the glacier cliffs, or air overlooking the steep steep milt Peak (Miter Peak), it is unforgettable experiences. In mill ford fjords calm date, the water will pick up the grandeur of the matt''s Peak (Mitre Peak), matt''s Peak is one of the most beautiful peaks of New Zealand. Yachting are ornamental mill ford fjord scenery the best way, tourists million not deterred by rain, heavy rain, cliff ledge place there will be thousands of waterfalls FeiXie, unusual magnificent. West lake mountain LinMi, there are thousands of deep secluded spot TanMi place, is hunting resort. Lake has caves, hole is underground river and two underground waterfall and fluorescence worm wonders. (this paper by tecent tourism exclusive arrangement, such as reproduced please indicate the source)