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Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam: perfume lovers and desire to love

This makes France left bank and South-East Asia culture fully blend, may occur in a foreign land where affair is still charming, but also adds a little taste

Ho Chi Minh City cruise

Speaking of Ho Chi Minh City, still have a lot of people used to make her known as Saigon (Saigon).

It was only because it is customary, it was because of the lover of Duras. That with sorrow and resentment, departing and painful story already as General entered old photos, corner start yellow; that France left bank and South-East Asian cultural interaction, are fully subject to occur in a foreign land where affair is still charming, but also adds a little taste, as if the historical precipitation of charm and sadness.

Perfume lovers

Shuttle in the streets of Saigon, we should simply fall in love with desire.

The thick rich trees, France-style architecture, bustling crowd go without wide road, filled with European style open-air cafes were whispered conversations, Viet Nam, the proprietress, scattered with Diane waist hair lusty and smile. And beautiful woman I know and in the air with a residue of Dog feces of flowers. Friends say it's a Viet Nam perfume, although the brand is not familiar, the taste is better than the luxury brand perfume how much worse. France ruled Viet Nam 70 years of history and nature without us. We just said, in the 70 years, France has a large number of Viet Nam the looting of natural spices, and with its own manufacturing process produces the famous perfume. At the same time, France also put these manufacturing processes and technologies to the Viet Nam, plus its unique natural conditions, after 100 years of accumulation, Viet Nam perfume also so famous.

Perfume bottle design with a strong local character
And white plaster, Horn comb together are called the Viet Nam Viet Nam Sambo in bin Cheng market perfumes (Ben Thanh Market) can be purchased in, this is the Sai's largest trading market, food, household products, handicrafts and souvenirs natural range.

Famouser is a Miss perfume gift set, Viet Nam, Sai, shunhua and Hanoi three different modeling of perfume, respectively represent Viet Nam in the Empire Regency era in Northern, Central, and South of the three different culture and customs and traditional clothing and wear conical hats of Viet Nam Women's appearance as a bottle. Bin Cheng market price comparison, price negotiation space very big, typically more than 30 000 in respect of Viet Nam shield can buy such a rich and lasting fragrance. So in fudged and bought two sets, ready to go home to friends.

Street side vibrant Gallery

Ao dai, not the Hepburn

Viet Nam Women often wear silk shirt, name called ao dai.

Initially know, feel what is wrong, then realized that Audrey Hepburn middot;. Ao dai is Hepburn, but they are all beautiful, and is beautiful. Like cheongsam is a symbol of Chinese culture, the cultural Mayele is Viet Nam, was seen as the territory of Viet Nam.

One way to see a lot of wearing white ao dai female students, Viet Nam has been the traditional national costume as a high school girl's uniform, it is said that this is done because you can dress to cultivate students ' national identity, then the traditional cultural heritage and development.

But this interpretation was too serious, it is not suitable for playing. I only see those wearing the silk Mayele girl friends, or in a walk in the street to tell jokes, or riding a bicycle in twos and threes, a white reveals the elegant, beautiful memories.

Finally in the end, or go to Hoi an, do a ao dai to take home.

Tailor is a big smile aunt, who was dressed in dark color of the AO Dai is both elegant and gracious. From tailored to the selected material, to match the ornate, half a day has passed, Dai also done. Even if you do not wear, whenever I see this ao dai, I also think of this period of time in Saigon stopover.

Results due to the time of issue, unfortunately did not go to the water market.

It is said that there can see marketers boat dealer situations. But fortunately, I did not miss the free Street design and unique shops who did not miss van and youngest street fashion trend smorgasbord, and didn't miss that full time and full of emotion of every street and road, which is enough for me in later days experience in detail.

Traditional handicraft

gift rejian:

Traditional handicrafts, such as horns, silverware, lacquer, wood carving, coral, beeswax, amber, as well as a variety of sea turtle products, both with Viet Nam characteristic tourist souvenirs, but many similar domestic handicrafts, the work is not a particularly delicate, demanding tourists may feel disappointed; with banana leaves a tropical bamboo-made is typical of Viet Nam costume, you can buy a home furnishings.


1. in the case of Viet Nam to purchase personal items total not more than 1 million, it is not necessary before leaving the customs registration, but if more than 1 million words, you need to register.

To avoid cross-time trouble, suggest that you try to sell personnel after shopping receipt, and save the good; the purchase of goods for commercial purposes, subject to customs inspection approval before departure;

2. local customs regulations, each passenger can carry duty-free 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars, 250 grams of tobacco, 1 litre of alcohol;

3. the part of the heritage and the protection of animals used in any part of the production of handicraft cannot purchase with exit, need to be carefully before asking for confirmation before purchase;

4. Viet Nam of the lots imported goods, the prices are cheaper than at home, you can choose to purchase, but remember to consider warranty issues.

Sunset romantic two-person world abroad 10 Office locates landing recommended

The setting sun.

Every evening at sunset, amber glow shine, all labor day going into the dormant. At this moment, and Sweetheart sunset stroll hand in hand, the witness of the enchanting sunset, intoxicated with their arms, how romantic thing! the following 10 locates, are you both enjoy romantic two-person world.

1. Ayers Rock Ayers Rock, Northern Territory, Australia Northern Territory

Uluru this red rock is a monster, conceal the North Australia, desolate desert also eye-catching than the Sun.

Australian photographer Steve Strike, the best location is taken at Sunset Boulevard Sunset Strip (Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park for a picnic area) mdash; here, the rock in the Sun emits red glow, especially in the five to the cooler weather, clouds at a height is easier to reflect sunlight to form beautiful majestic scene.

2. Mount Harry Mount Haleakala karaoke, Maui, Hawaii

This dormant volcano is a volcano sleeping Sunrise's top attractions; the Sun was setting, the relative scarcity of the human eye.

Photographer Alex Farnum recall here lifetime of experience: I stood so high so high that even the clouds are all on my feet. It was getting from blue to green, cloud issued red brilliant orange glow hellip;

3, Vairou Bay, Bora-Bora, Tahiti

Even if the weather is beautiful, beautiful like Bora-Bora Island or--2385 ft above sea level in the outline of an extinct volcano Otemanu reflection in green water white beaches, endless, was so beautiful.

You and your sweetheart to a nearby four holiday village (on the launching of the four seasons hotel, Meridien and InterContinental Hotels and seawater Bath Spa) buy a front-view of the sunset, romantic.

4, Big Sur Pfeiffer Beach, California

Located in the Los Padres National Park forest of Pfeiffer Beach mixed purple sand, giant Sequoia, and oak is colorful and wonderful scene! all-every sea stack with the boundless sea mdash; one has a hole in the Middle, we call it a door as a framework to bring out the brilliance of the sunset.

5, the Accademia bridge, Venice, Italy

Venice world-renowned most romantic view of the city, which is the most romantic sunset on the Grand Canal of the Accademia bridge.

From here, the Sun stood around the 15th century of historical buildings. Summer air fresh, colorful tones are the most significant; however, when the winter fog, but also have a solemn beauty.

6, The peak in Matt, hilma-Matterhorn Zermatt, Switzerland

A landmark in Matt peak in the evening the most majestic of the formation of the outline.

Want to enjoy perfect sunset (and to a peaceful place to enjoy you two of the world), you have to climb mountains Gorner glacier, to the newly-built Rose Cottage (Monte Rosa Hut)-9226 ft above sea level here, need to be equipped with goodCrampon, climbing apparatus. You can spend a night there, the next day morning witness nature's first light lit Matt peak.

7, Mallory square, Mallory Square, key West Key West, Florida

The daily sunset, tourists and locals are gathered in the back is located in the Centre of the seaside Plaza.

They quietly wait for the final few road sunlight in the distant horizon of the Gulf of Mexico, and a chorus of cheers.

8, Masai Mara, Kenya Masaimala

The world's largest engineering of wildlife migration route will go through the game reserve in Western Kenya.

Sunrise sunset, here's five major animal mdash; Lion, elephant, Buffalo, hippo and Leopard mdash; particularly active in the Sahara blue sky as if the shadow puppet show, very interesting. Abercrombie and Kent's Sales Director the landscape Marlett Taylor compared to a splash of paint on canvas, variable from orange pink purple, last rendered. Looking at the giraffe, the sun slowly forest uncontaminated, too beautiful!

9, Gay Head, Martha s Vineyard Martharsquo; vineyard, Massachusetts

The westernmost of the vineyard, the picturesque Cliff look-Atlantic, is the best place to view the sunset.

Twilight, dramatic cliffs blazed the Fiery rays of light, stands the Gay Head Lighthouse will be disseminated and white cutting beam, across the Earth. Enchanting sunset into the eye.

10, Pre Rup Temple Siem Reap, Siem Reap, Cambodia Tsai

From Siem Reap City North 5 miles of Pre Rup Temple is a little-known sunset tourist attraction.

Here is not one of the world wonders of Angkor Wat (also in Siem Reap) famous, but here you really can enjoy to the full in Southeast Asia the most romantic sunset scene. Amansara Siem Reap resort Manager, Siddharth Mehra said in May to October the weather wet harvest season, the sun shines good rice fields, Cambodia Tsai as immersed in the morning.

Inventory of global 11 large Pocket Keaixing hotel which more mini

Qbic hotels


Qbic hotels

Qbic by famous designers, rooms are free to replace the 6 different colors, bedding is Sweden's Royal Queen's famous Hastens, bathroom design by Philippe Starck, is located in Amsterdam's leading financial centres.

Stay one night in this hotel very much I tell you, it's not expensive, Qbic, 69 euros and enjoy all of the foregoing, the credit period even once reduced to 39 euro, and the price includes taxes and fees, and that the Hotel do not have to tip the waiter! why? because the hotel was simply no attendant.

Real zero full self-help services, room service, not even in the electronic counter on their own. Not only is designed with the concept of, even so the individuality, the Qbic hotel is quite a character. No wonder was awarded as best hotel concept design!

Located in the Netherlands the Maastricht city centre of Qbic hotel will be opened at the end of 2010.

Cedar Creek tree cottage

2. Cedar Creek tree cottage

Cedar Creek tree cottage is located in Washington, d.c., Mount Rainier National Park, red cedar, 50 feet will let you see more different scenery.

Hotel facilities include Japanese mattress, skylight, gas stove, sink, refrigerator and half bath. Give your notebook a fake, because here the main source of energy from solar energy.

Japan capsule hotel

3. Japan capsule hotel

Capsule hotel, also known as capsule hotel, is Japan's bubble economy produces a unique accommodation facilities.

1985 in Japan International Science and Technology Expo on to tourists provide cheap and novel way of accommodation.

Japan capsule hotel is to give those working too late to catch the train from Tokyo Traders, but now also attract many tourists.

A typical capsule hotel will have a private space with a sleeping area and include a bath facilities, public lounges. Each cell is like a steam-aircraft cockpit, reinforced plastics, including TV, radio, alarm clock and adjustable lights.

Jane hotel

4. New York City, Jane hotel

In 1908 the completion of the Jane hotel is located in Manhattan's West village of Jane Street, it was supposed to be for the benefit of those who has adapted the crowded ship sailor, but now many tourists travel also flocked to.

Each cottage has a large bed, private bathroom, although only 50 square feet, but facilities are abundant, including flat-screen TV, DVD player, projector, Apple can receive voice mail telephone, free wireless Internet access and room safe facilities.

A new concept hotel

5. the new concept of hotel

If you are trapped in the Courtauld in London or Amsterdam history Foundation-airport, so you can be inspired by coach class design concept hotel.

You can choose to have two beds in the room you can also choose to have a large bed room, no matter which option you can live by two people, including two bathrooms, flat screen TV, drop-down work table.

Minute suite hotel


Minute suite hotel

Atlanta, Heidfeld-Jackson International Airport is the world's busiest airport, but people can now send MI 2009

Nute suite hotel clean. Minute suite hotel is located in the square in B15 B near the door, each room has day-sofa, sound equipment, high-definition televisions, Internet access, desk and Chair. Although there is no toilet in the room, but B square next to it there.

Located in the Canary Islands Hotels on the

7. Pont hotel

Located in Spain Canary Islands Pont hotel is Guinness record as the world's smallest hotel.

Truly, the hotel has only four rooms, TV, telephone and refrigerator. However, the room has a small balcony.

The hotel is small, but you can enjoy the vast beauty.

Island scenery, picturesque streets, towering mountains and fertile valley, stands in a Valley full of trim as huge Palm trees and pineapple-like wind shakes/banana tree. Islands is a holiday paradise for tourists, many beaches on the distribution of large quantities of sand dunes, but also some small beaches hide in rocky cliffs. Looking down from the Hill, red roof, window Green Guard window boards, terrace, surrounded by flower beds is a framed picture frame in the painting, everything is bathed in sunlight, bright, lively.

De van Stavoren hotel

8. de van Stavoren hotel

Netherlands-de van Costa hotel, the look is a large wooden barrels, can hold 19333 bottles of beer, then it will be his transformation into a creative hotel rooms, each room has two don't have the charm of a small bed and a small sitting area.

Visitors in the room you can see the beautiful scenery, give visitors the wonderful feeling.

Manhattan Pod hotel

9. Manhattan, Pod hotel

Pod to its simple and compact sets, smash, POD wind to its exquisite and delicate style of life, health, green, green living ideas into people's perspective.

Located in the city centre of Pod hotel is surrounded by many sights, such as Radio City Music Hall, United Nations, Times Square, Rockefeller Center and St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Hotel facilities include single or double bed, MP3 play facilities, free wireless Internet access, and LCD TV. And the hotel restaurant and a roof garden bar.

Economy hotel

10. economic hotel

This is a hotel chain, first launched in London, quickly swept through Europe, and soon settled in the Middle East, August will be opened in Dubai.

In Switzerland's Basel and Zurich, Berlin, Budapest, Hungary in Edinburgh in Scotland and Bulgaria in Sofia has this hotel chain.

Romantic Tanabata inventory of the most romantic thing

Tanabata, the protagonist of this day is the Cowherd and also all the lovers in the world, this festival is the most romantic zuiweimei holiday, no matter how much you adore practical life or annoying flashy romantic, but on this day, to be able to leave all the complicated life, himself and the most love fantasy into a fairy tale story of Prince Princess or the Cowherd and queqiaoxianghui, giving himself to love her (him), one of the most romantic day! you may find, in fact, can also be very romantic and practical!

The most romantic encounter

New York, a girl from apartment fire night nowhere to go, take the subway to join friends.

A New York boy in the subway met girls and love at first sight, so he built a website specifically for girls, the end result of kind people help find girl, two people are starting to contacts. New York, this romantic love let movie stars Nicole Kidman praise you experience too romantic a romantic to say

Qingdao underwater world performance Hall, a young comic. submarine

When visitors view the requin dances, two divers suddenly play a printed full Korean long banner, at this point, stands on a male youth, female, around pulling on a necklace, a companion to the marriage. The audience immediately with warm applause.

The most romantic proposal

United Kingdom Greater Manchester regions santissima's 24-year-old man in Philips. Hodson in order to meet 10 years girlfriend Kati. Thorn's marriage proposal, request the alma mater of 200 students in football field when strokes, spell words to my marriage, when Philip sitting with my girlfriend came to Alma Mater over helicopter, Kati see ground when thoroughly peculiar to marry him, stunned, tearful promised Philip's marriage proposal.

Most romantic wedding

August 5, 2008, United Kingdom Gloucestershire, lead by the Vicar, the groom and the bride stands in its own plane, along with the wedding of three aircraft, starting off slowly, the happy couple held aloft their unforgettable wedding ceremony.

In spite of the rain that day, two people still standing in the aircraft wing to the sky by the vowed to love.

The most romantic of advertising

Norway humanistic Grande in an entire back cover Norway magazine published a girlfriend Nancy. proposal ads.

In advertising, the Grande embrace rose, and another four Lady sat on a bench. The advertising text is next to the dispensing: Greek., will you marry me? if the answer is Yes, please go to the kitchen cupboard to go in.

The most romantic of newspaper

Each wedding guest received a paper catalogue, published in the top 1000 newspaper wrote that all hang in the couple from acquaintances, the story of knowing each other, love each other.

In Chengdu to Chen and Ms. Li thought with a piece of lsquo; private rsquo; newspapers to document their wedding. The newspaper of the text are written by myself, computer typesetting operation is completed by boyfriend after work.

The most romantic school

United States Seattle has a unique school of kissing, kissing is not here, but a cardinal, and the complexity of their course in no way inferior to any kind of discipline, it is said that there are ten levels of evaluation criteria, and the teacher will also be here under their classroom performance scores, supervise the exercise.

Kissing the school, school is teaching in small classes mdash mdash;; each lesson with an average of over a dozen couples; classroom play with soft music, beautiful background music let participants mood and mental relaxation.

The most romantic of weightlessness

United States New York 32-year-old banker Alexander middot; Luco ProLogis to 27-year-old girlfriend arranged one of the world's most romantic proposal, he carried the girlfriend experience United States space adventure company's zero-gravity flight.

Period, when the aircraft climbed to 10 km altitude, 2 people in weightlessness and floating in the engine room, he suddenly pulled out engagement ring, propose to my girlfriend official! girlfriend immediately moved to tears, he promised to marry Alexander. Experience the zero gravity to marry him, Alexander unexhausted, with the intention of the future will be celebrated in space.

The most romantic Zebra

Chengdu hejiang booth love crossing in national case first.

Located in the Angel on South Bridge Road crossing exception stand out. The Zebra is a big red bottom, approximately 4 m wide, paved in white sidewalk with a small two hearts, heart I LOVE YOU "is the other side of the pavement also wrote a sentence I LOVE YOU.

Love you till the end of time checking and global star romantic wedding

Bright night

New York

New York is a typical bustling city, stand tall, frequent shuttle subway, colorful neon light.

From a certain perspective, New York is a beauty, but also a Peugeot beauty.

All the happiness in the world peace and sullen are concentrated in New York, any person who belongs to it, it does not belong to anyone.

The famous chef Bobby Flay chose his home town of marriage to actress Stephanie March, specifically in the Rockefeller Center.

Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center is located in the United States, New York, New York's Fifth Avenue, a number of skyscrapers consists of facilities.

This building was in 1987, the United States Government as a national historic landmark, this is the world's largest privately owned buildings, but also marks the modernist architectural landmark and symbol of the capitalist, the significance of major, long over the building itself. Bobby Flay selection here to Stephanie March, let the spectacular and unique architectural complex of the witness's own Dan really, two people love like this significant landmark, is stamped historical, gorgeous glories.

Land of the long white cloud

New Zealand

In the embrace of the South Pacific, permanent waves, sea breeze Chuck, land of the long white cloud New Zealand independent but not lonely and enjoy the sea water.

It is a city of popple, enjoy endless sunshine, wine and flowers, Pacific waves wave after another, and the small island States, loving and lingering.

Green sky

Island plant fengmao, national forest area accounted for 29% of land area, the readability of the Green, vibrant.

Propagation of dense forest spawned countless fresh air, so that New Zealand pure flawless. In the pure ecological, Sunshine overflowing of tropical rain forest, the actor Jonathan Silverman to Jennifer Finnigan to marry him.

Every story water


Venice is a beautiful city on the water, it is not possible in most buildings built city place-the charm of Venice, the total can not be boiled water, meandering water Lane, flow of the waves, she is like a floating in the moondown on romantic dreams, poetic and long.

This city, once holding Europe's most powerful human, material and power.

Swaying love boat

Maybe and Venice just stumble across, behind the rush so run time but troubled dust up.

Venice everywhere people miss, in the city of numerous stone bridges, comfortable in the water, always on a cruise ship is blue sky, it had everything etched in people's minds.

In Avril Lavigne Whibley friendship and Dereyck into love after a year, with five Whibley carat diamond ring in Venice a boat to Avril Lavigne to marry him.

The fascinating scenery of Jamaica


Why Jamaica men and women ran good run? n with teeth is a typical Caribbean charming Islands, see where is the blue sky, a slight wind, long white sandy beach, an elegant luxury hotel and music festival

Played strong beach party, the whole island has no hundreds of small rivers, like the one in the carpet weaving in green glittering Silver Ribbon, these rivers have different characteristics, but also with imaginative wonderful name, like the Black River, Baihe, Copper River, milk river, the banana River, etc., but winds in Ocho Rio (Ocho Rios) when Shi-River Falls (Dunn's River Falls) is Jamaica's most famous River.

Stretches of coastline

Stretches of coastline was like a condensed history of Jamaica, tile straight v. her past naqu winding.

Actress Mena Suvari in this romantic fresh blue situation Jamaica on her boyfriend Simone Sestito said YES.

Night view of the Seine


Lanterns, Seine just out of the bath of chaise, gentle and noble, old city walls on both sides of the Paris dressed as soon married daughter, loves to be placed.

Seine inoculation and nourish this romantic city, all about love and memory, as if the murmuring sound of the river of crisp, hear, but fail to. Paris like a book, maybe more like a glass of wine--from the side you can see the other side, but unable to pass through, only the rich.

Overlooking the Seine River

In the summer of 2005, Tom Cruise on the Seine River gave Kate Holmes big surprise day.