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In the New Zealand experience laid-back adventure tour

Bike travel

Quot; quot; bicycle tour, as the name suggests is riding a bicycle wandering around, if you want to experience New Zealand's charm, this is definitely a good choice.

From cities to nature, you can unwind and enjoy New Zealand's unique character and style, this is truly experience the charm of the way to travel New Zealand.

New Zealand bicycle tour

Towering mountains, vast vineyards, warm open resort towns, idyllic landscape, reflecting on the cloud colorful sunset hellip; hellip; no matter what, the New Zealand scenery are very abundant.

Although travel tourist can feel the charm of New Zealand scenery, quot quot; bicycle tour; allows you to Breeze, aromatic, bird song and experience the charm of nature.

New Zealand is a North-South elongated, topography of Islands, and the bike tour can let you feel the various regions of the different seasons and climate change, vegetation and the way people live, it'll be a make you memorable journey.

In addition, quot quot; bicycle tour; The way you can in a big city tour scenic and shopping.

Now riding a bike tour wineries has gradually become a new fashion. Sometimes in urban and inter-city shuttle ride to linger and mountain trail to enjoy pure nature, if the trip to meet tourists from all over the world, must be able to transcend language barriers in the way Exchange only in bicycle! tour, you will be able to relax the mind, and strangers greet, encourage each other!

New Zealand bicycle tour

Because New Zealand is an island of volcanic origin, its rugged natural terrain, if the destination of the link you can drop significantly on their way by public transport to pick up the bike.

Arrive at the destination, you can put down your luggage easy start quot quot; bicycle tour;. On the other hand, if passing through the mountains of difficult route, you will have a strange sense of accomplishment. If your physical strength and stamina have confidence to challenge it.

In New Zealand to the bicycle as the daily transport of people very much, if you encounter difficulties, visit your local residents on the bike.

The town also has a bike shop, you can give your troubleshooting. It is precisely because bicycles free to free way to travel, to make you ready to stop the Exchange with the locals.

New Zealand bicycle tour

Take your own car, started the journey took his car and begin the journey!

Choose the right bike travel, such as wearing out feet shoes to mountaineering, will definitely give you a substantial reduction of interest, so choose your own custom bike is very important.

Some airlines may provide certain weight of free sports goods shipping service, according to its own budget and travel path, take full advantage of this service is a wise choice.

Ride used car is your trip can be trusted partners.

New Zealand has mountains, the sea, forest, wineries, historic sites, and so many places where you can ride a bike tour, bring your car and begin the journey.

Experience the bike tour this is the flat coastal path, the next destination is the famous hellip; hellip; various topics riding routes await you choice, of course, you can also combine them.

New Zealand also sell bike around the travel guide book, if you reach the town, will go to the bookstore to buy a copy. The manual uses illustrations to describe the elevation drop, distance and easy moving path, not good at English tourists can easily understand.

If you feel that bring the bike is too cumbersome, but still want to experience the bike trip, you can choose to rent a bike.

The initial experience of tourists bicycle trip may wish to select local departure bike team trip.

Faster than walking, ride leisurely; you can journey to stay in the beautiful scenery of a break, drink tea, hellip hellip; photos; if you want to experience the pure New Zealand style, he left the quot; bicycle tour quot; let's get started.

Travel around the world: the lure of Las Vegas luxury feel

First arrived in Las Vegas, I found that the city is built on sand, is what I saw in the United States with the worst urban vegetation, climate than Los Angeles also drought many, even I like China North one can feel dry and discomfort.

United States for the control of pornography is very strict, and Las Vegas is the United States of a region full of casinos, gambling machines everywhere, there are so many are disseminated prostitutes (call girl) contact card of blacks or Mexico.

Some people say: in Vegas, if you are not interested in gambling, pornography, the city is no fun.

In fact, around in Las Vegas, you can feel the city apart from pornography, otherwise a flavor that follow the camera once again discover the charm of this magical city!

Famous Las Vegas show volcano volcanic eruption is the Golden Casino Grand Hotel (Mirage) attract tourists a great incentives, like walking into the tropical Polynesian jungle, tropical plants, waterfalls, swamp, there are huge volcano.

After every 15 minutes at night will have a spectacular view of the volcano.

Not the secret treasures of Xuan 30n ten wonders juejing

30n, all for a little more understanding of geography, or just a little knowledge of the person should be heard this name, perhaps because the media justice campaigns, 30n is becoming more and more iffy, almost became a disaster and supernatural synonym name once referred to let people feel the creeps.

Those concerning its story sounds so real, so people have to admit that, in nature and science than there are other forces, absolutely beyond human imagination, they will not be able to use scientific explanation, or this is just an extension of human thinking fantasy woven! anyway, those related to 30n related wonders juejing eventually let us most saddened by hellip; hellip;

A, Bermuda Delta

Bermuda, perhaps initially because it was only concerned about 30n? this is called death where it is said that there have been too many fantastic events, course and death! aircraft, vessel continuous disappearances, disappeared into a child, resurrection, and space shuttle hellip; hellip; it is said that, over the decades, many vessels, aircraft here mysterious disappearance, and never leave any marks.

In this area, the Ghost ship flying unmanned aerial vehicle to suddenly go, odd and out of the fog light varies; hellip hellip; and so on a series of media reports, the Bermuda Delta rendering into the Earth's most horrific and most mysterious Devil zone!, of course, also caused to numerous experts and research interests, attempt to use science to explain these extraordinary phenomena, controversial, eventually disappeared into obscurity.

In fact, aside from these fantastic legend, Bermuda is a stunning scenic attraction, if not be hung up their lives to geographical terms, it may have become the world's top vacation paradise.

Giza, Egypt

Egypt JISA 10 pyramid is one of the seven wonders of the ancient, which stands in the Nile River desert, away from the capital city of Memphis (Menphis) not far (Cairo Southwest 80km) JISA (Giza), Egypt, is the ancient period the highest architectural achievements.

Pyramid so tall, so it is easy to believe they are God, or the construction of the giant ancient legend. Have to surprise, this has many mysteries of civilization building also located north latitude 30 ��. Really make people unlimited reverie.

Third, Mount Everest

Everest, the world's highest peak, exact location north latitude; 59 ' 14quot 27deg; also classified as 30n's wonders.

In the Himalayas, altitude of 7000 meters above the heights of 50 000, 8000 meters above the sea level has a 16 seat, the famous a NAPPO, Greek summer bang Ma peak, dry City chapter Kingsford.

Himalayas in the Tibetan language is the land of ice and snow. Here all year round in the heart of snow-covered, as part of the sword iceflow, strips of glaciers like winding silver snake. The most high is located in China and Nepal the Everest on the border, it is up to 8844.43 m height, is the world's highest peak.

Many geological experts because the speed of the formation of the Himalayas surprise, in fact, nature gives us incredible things too much, in fact, it may be because the product of the continental plates collide, we should not think too much.

Fourth, Qiantang River tide

Zhejiang Province Qiantang River basin, as the Moon and the Sun of tidal force role of marine water the cyclical fluctuations of the tidal phenomenon, is the world's most spectacular and punctual tidal phenomena.

But it is also strange; 51 ' North latitude 28deg.

Scientific explanation: the Qiantang River outside the outer width of Hangzhou Bay, narrow, deep within the brief, is a very typical Horn-shaped Bay.

The sea surface width up to 100 km, to the West to gan Pu, River at reduced to 20 km/h. To Haining yanguan area, the River is only 3 km wide. Tide, and depth of the Bay estuary, swallowed a large number of sea water, due to the rapid contraction of the river narrows, and take the road Chung, the tide could even mean waves urge waves, a wave of more than one wave. To the clamp mount is water under the huge sandbar dam, the tide was a rush to whip up a towering amazing Jutal, forming a steep wall of water, leading to the beginning of the surge.

Fifth, Naples Death Valley


Italy Naples and ouarville NOK near death Valley, dedicated to win animal life, the human body but lossless, known as the animal's burial.

According to the scientists, the discovery of the Valley of the tragic death of animals, animal, bird the size of dozens, reptiles, mammals, 19 species also has ten species. Their death, and not kill each other, non-collective suicide, even non-human origin, which is still unknown. More interestingly, the beast, and the Valley of rage has not victims. According to statistics, each year at the tragic death of animals up to 3 m long.

6. United States Death Valley, California

In the United States of California and Nevada facies adjacent Hill, also has a bar up to 225 km, width in 6 to 26 km, an area of 1400 square kilometres of death Valley National Park, canyon cliffs rise on both sides, exception guarded.

In 1949, the United States has the search for gold exploration team, disorientation and into the Valley, the critic. A few men shave climb out, and soon after died also unclear. Since then, there have been several batches of explorers to the mystery, the majority of the mortgage were buried at this Valley, the survivors also failed to uncover the mystery, incredibly, the hell of death Valley is the paradise in jungles; mdash mdash; 200 birds, 10 kinds of snakes, 7 species of lizards, 1500 a variety of wild donkeys and other species where entertaining, glide.

7. Japan long triangle area

Since the 1940s, the countless wheels in Japan South open cold sea mysterious disappearance, most of them before the disappearance was able to issue a distress signals, nor was there any clues can answer them after the fate of missing persons.

If the map of the sea, it is a very similar with the Bermuda Triangle area, this is frightening Japan dragon triangle. Continuous mysterious disappearance event is raised people's curiosity, scientists have begun to try to uncover the mystery of the Sea devil. But in a scientific expedition in depth cave, first of all let's take a look at this piece of terrorist waters misdeeds:

Eight, the ruins of Mayan civilization

1839, explorers, Stephen, and his unit in the Central American tropical rain forest is found in the ruins of the ancient Maya: magnificent pyramids, palaces and strange hieroglyphics carved in stone's highly accurate calendar.

Archaeologists on the mystery of the Mayan civilization annihilation, made many assumptions, such as foreign invasion, population explosion, disease, climate change ... The ego has, to the Mayan civilization coloured great mystery.

9. the Yangtze River

Recognized 6300 km, real 6211.3 km of China's Yangtze River, in the history records it twice suddenly run out of historical facts, puzzling.

A.d. 1342 year, Jiangsu taixing County (now taixing), millions of years never stop of the Yangtze River water suddenly dried up overnight, next bottom have lower River coast residents pick up artifacts. Suddenly the River tide suddenly, drowned a lot of people. In 1954, 13 January, at 4 am, this strange phenomenon in the re-emergence of taixing County. At that time, the sky suddenly canghuang, River, the River dried up river navigation round stranded on, after more than two hours, the water rushing down the hellip; hellip; Currently, experts believe the river and Yangtze River Plate movement (plate respiratory movement), which breaking place might be to be temporarily uplift, temporarily stop the River, but when the plate between the force at ease, ground again as is

10. a night away big Sai Chau

Legendary sank West Island is located in the Centre of the Atlantic Ocean.

Big Island civilization is Atlantis Island, the island has the Palace and the patron saint of Poseidon on instructions from the wish of the magnificent temple, all buildings are local dug in white, black, red, stone construction, in the magnificent. Caledonia capital Posse around has double annular ring of terrestrial and three layers of the Canal. In the two offices is still ring of land, cold spring and Spa, the island also has a shipyard, Racecourse, soldiers, stadium and Park, and so on.

Because the Atlantic Ocean beneath the great Western Island site, we have even started to suspect species evolution.

Human beings have the text of history so far but in 2000, but has 7000 years ago mankind has built pyramids of Egypt; humanity knows how to wear clothes of history so far however 4600 years, however, found in the Atlantic 1.1 million years ago of exquisite bronzes. In addition, all over the world also discovered and confirmed by 2 million years ago of nails, 3 million of frescoes and before 4 million ago suddenly in cattle and sheep bones through the bullet marks.

30n line, an invisible curve, a geographer to facilitate the study of the Earth and the virtual line, but no one knit line has its so amazing magic, it is of the most beautiful on Earth, the most amazing scenery: the highest mountain, the deepest trench, strangest Lakes, the most magnificent mountain ranges, the most spectacular spring tides, most turbulent current hellip; hellip; we were amazed to nature is so amazing, who brings the ancient call, who left a lasting mark, who carved out 30n this of the scenery.

(This article by Tencent travel exclusive arrangement, such as all rights reserved. ��

We go to New Zealand! to feel 100% pure

The beauty of New Zealand

New Zealand to their country of slogan is the quot; 100% Purequot;, concise and accurate.

This broke into North and South halves of the island not evolved humans, about 1000 years ago, it will usher in the earliest settlers, Maori; 1642, Abel Tasman explorers through the Netherlands it is the Western civilization quot quot; finding world;; then, in the past 200 years to United Kingdom people-led Western colonists settled at this time, there lived a Maori quot; ru hair potion blood life quot;, the industrial revolution that they take the moon rocket headed straight for the modern civilization.

But in addition to the destruction of New Zealand's bio chain of millions years, modern civilization to its natural environment is not ruined how tragic. And without a guilty conscience to brag and quot; 100% Purequot; New Zealand, in addition to self government based national strong and sensible environmental attitude, its surprisingly ample are also important reasons-special for me such a visitor from Guangzhou, broad daylight only cattle ischaemum trees, drove an average of ten minutes to see one of the circumstances, it is only a is not in the room.

The beauty of New Zealand

New Zealand's land area is approximately 27 million square kilometres, a little smaller than that of Japan, but its population density (people/km2 15.2) only for Japan (338/km2) of 1/22.

The two split from mainland to island of narrow, often out of comparison, to be honest, it both from the human perspective is not comparable. Just look at their respective name of intent, quot quot; Japan; the quot; quot; Virgin of red, its meaning is too rich, not dished up on, but at least is the room of a pure matter of intention by defiled; quot quot; New Zealand; from Maori Aotearoa, means the quot; land of the long white cloud quot;, straightforward, and has nothing to do with human, where host is the cloud.

The beauty of New Zealand

In New Zealand, farmlands, farms everywhere

Island Bay is New Zealand for the summer and the most famous places of navigation, it is located in the North Island's North, like a piece of broken glass, its surrounding star-darkening over 150 islands have not been developed or are not ready to be developed, people living on the Mainland.

As the core of the island Bay, West Asia, landmark town, was poor, though a large buildings in Guangzhou, but can not find a more than 5 storey building. We ate dinner 7 points, no-one has been reached, the chilly rain accompanied by a sea breeze, Streetlight across the way is a light, even two or three in the morning, in Guangzhou will not be desolate to Slovakia. This desolate, special to the downright ridiculous.

The beauty of New Zealand

Do not love nature, this is a natural

The night have nothing, go to the supermarket.

Buy a yellow flesh of the fruit, the price is only half of the country, there is two times the height, and righteously more fresh, sweet, though remember occupancy hotel Paihia Beach has a full set of kitchen ware configuration, or trouble not buy fresh mussels-this is me in New Zealand's most regret, after the trip and then kitchen has encountered a configuration of the hotel. And New Zealand Kiwifruit, New Zealand Mussel is the world's best, but there is a sarcastic people-New Zealand New Zealand produce fresh seafood in the world, New Zealand, there are always ways to cook without flavor-well said, these mussels water cooking is the most delicious, there's a restaurant but with thick cheese baked wrapped it strictly to eat is baotiantianwu.

The beauty of New Zealand

Say cheese, done that.

As animal husbandry and production powers, New Zealand is much more than cheese dairy cattle, but also need to know when to stop the virtues of having everything on cheese, and a place which is not accepted. Most Chinese people not in the habit of poultry meat, the pure organic farmers, to have a strong chewing animals smell because New Zealand against bloodletting-slaughter, for humanitarian, they all use electric shock, the livestock in the shortest possible time to be the least painful death, thisSamples of the blood cannot be cons is placed, then left in the meat and smell gas. As in the carnivorous Word pledge on the background of the Guangzhou visitors, which we all think and.

The beauty of New Zealand

A plane to visit Lei for cell have signalled the waves, the country's northernmost-northward in addition to the confusion between the sea and the sky is not looked at anything, so, Mr. Hassan said, here is the original burial M?ori sea of humanity, the death of their loved ones from here directly to heaven.

The beauty of New Zealand

Night, took us to see the largest Kauri Tane Mahuta (King of the jungle) of local Maori guides before went in the tree, canopied bushy, Apex stars are spilled out, this person is sturdy, but with very interesting net of baritone singing a prayer song melodies are particularly good, forces'prime, that kind of atmosphere is uplifting.

He asked me: quot; you on our Maori? quot; I for: quot; I think you really love my hometown, a love of nature. Quot; he said: quot; we do not love nature, we are the natural. quot;

The beauty of New Zealand

Kauri heroic honesty, coarse round and straight high, very high before carrying on the Crown, the tree age thousands still vibrant, Evergreen green.

Maori mythology, it is our Pangu, regardless of the originally joined the father and the mother of tears cried out, will separate them alive, so there was light and wind. The shell jacket is also called Kiwi fruit Tree, is a Kiwi Fruit of English, including immigrants, born and living in who can be called the New Zealand Kiwi. Kiwi is a species of bird, the bird can be translated into the singular, is New Zealand's giant panda, whose pictorial frequently appears in New Zealand's coins, stamps, long grey hair, mouth do not fly, nocturnal, its egg has its weight in half-this is my Rainbow Park City at luotuoluwa strange bird conservation Center.

The beauty of New Zealand

Before the migration to shore, Kiwi mountains full of valleys, pressure root does not require conservation.

One wonders, tens of millions of years of evolution to New Zealand evolved a even small carnivorous animal, so like Kiwi so clumsy, meats and tasty animals can occupy the top of the food chain, but several hundred years of immigration history has ruined everything, immigrants have dogs, cats and used to produce fur tree Marten will Kiwi basic ate bitten to death. By the way, have covered the whole island of Kauri also haven't much root, because it was crude tall and straight, or even a promotion to a New Zealand named quot; Kauri industry quot; 's glorious history.

The beauty of New Zealand

There is no industry, agriculture

Auckland, New Zealand North Island Airport was built on the seaside, the landing is expected from the window before, to the following Crystal clear water, crowds of big fishes swimming in it, some also jump out of the water-it is not yet settled their land, New Zealand has presented its one of the outcomes of ecological protection.

After the aircraft stops, we took off from the summer tourists have Hong Kong on a sweater and jacket, 6 months, in the southern hemisphere winter.

The beauty of New Zealand

In New Zealand, the Paris of the North Island's pigeon is the square of the seagulls and the South Island's duck with her whine about being fed the people around.

Ducks are wild, fat, not large by the index finger. New Zealand people don't eat ducks, Guangdong immigrants just opened restaurant is linked to the ducks in the window, it is a street indigenous stunned. They do not eat animal offal, together with the bone made a pet food, dog food to New Zealand production of high quality. Where specialties a quot; Strong Eyesquot; Shepherd, black and white, large scale is small, cute incomparable; its name is, they don't bark to drive the sheep, but cool to not look.

Omniscient, no

To guide Mr. Hassan said: quot; New Zealand is the world's smallest disparity, to this extent, it may be larger than some socialist countries closer to achieving communism. Quot; abundant and humanization of social protection so that the poor should not be too poor, and rich too rich, you will find in New Zealand take off so much money, so just like Peter middot; Jackson as do more Kiwi-possible New Zealand rich in becoming more before the return of the prodigal son, because they do not want to charge so much.

New Zealand not-like the dog came in and killed, and Kiwi saw came in with cut down Kauri errors not again; New Zealand nor to-will a shell out of New Zealand is an offence, not to the exploitation of its South Island discovered reserves of abundant coal mine.

As a country of immigration, it appeared on the world map is too remote, alone, like 9200 a peaceful, comfortable, this is New Zealand's temperament, but also its pure condition.

No you can't buy visits global 10 defeated jindi

New York Fifth Avenue

Shopaholic ' stubbornly love with the world's most expensive retail blocks, they are not concerned here to shop the price per square meter is higher than the 7.4 million RMB, they care about is the shop window BergdorfGoodman HenriBendel and has been with the trend of the fashion week

13 upcoming disappear in the next 50 years of beauty

Nothing is eternal things, Mayfair will disappear one day.

If you can die before then sees one eye, at least some regret.

The end of the tour was first put forward by the United States, to this new way to feel the Earth is facing the danger, was the first travel to Alaska, Patagonia, the Arctic and Antarctic melting iceberg; the Pacific is sinking island and great barrier reef are disappearing.

Nothing is eternal things, Mayfair will disappear one day.

If you can die before then sees one eye, at least some regret. In Asia the first bend of the night, I remember the following. After countless times in the past, marvel at the beauty of, when it disappeared, but can not find a collection of photos. Everyone makes such mistakes, has the time and do not feel that precious, lost only to regret.

As a simple tourists, I only want these things to happen before the record to see everything.

The photos and text into memory, let the beautiful moment overlap each other, so that all eyes in the memory, dizziness, lost in the confusion of spatio-temporal tunnel: where are the past, where they are moved.

North or South Pole

North or South Pole

Countdown: 50 years

Die cause: greenhouse effect, causing the ice caps melting

Vanishing archives: despite the extreme cold weather for many people away, but a piece of silver frozen continent, unique ecological environment in the preparation of the polar bear, walrus, Arctic Hare, blue whales, seals and Arctic wolf, Arctic lemming, reindeer, snow geese, Arctic tern, Penguin hellip; hellip; and so many exotic animals, and other rare natural wonders Aurora, still let the polar many tourism lovers heart Fantasyland.

Due to the greenhouse effect causing global warming, has resulted in the polar ice cap melts, directly impact the local ecology, existing polar biology may face extinction crisis-by-case basis.

In addition to losing the polar these two ecological treasures, iceberg melt also makes global sea-level rise, many low-lying areas of the country in a number of years Mey.


Italy: Venice

Countdown: 40 years

Die cause: ground sinking sea-level rise

Vanishing archives: Venice is the world's only a few can really be called unique.

Venice the most essential building in 200 years rarely change, the city is also still echoed in stone on the way people's footsteps and boatman who shouts, the only engine sound from those transporting cargo carriers and passengers in stations to pick up the water Bus. He has let the whole world to revel in the water attractions, intricate waterways, architectural art extreme sqare, magnificent masks Carnival, large and small cafes, are required to visit the fascinating attractions. The movie "love Manhattan Bridge also let bridge world lovers kissing up feelings of attraction.

The city's famous water, near Venice, may in turn be poetic art.

Years of flooding continued erosion of the soil, resulting in Venice strata sinking 0.5 cm each year, if you can no longer be where he is expected to Venice in 2050 will be completely Mey.



Countdown: 50 years

Die cause: earthquake and tsunami

Vanishing archives: Indian Ocean waters, coral reefs with 1192 islands scattered among them, constitute such as Garland beautiful shape in General; mdash mdash; this is the name of the Maldives, is Hindi Garland, white sandy beaches, limpid sea, colourful coral reefs mdash mdash;; Maldives has created a unique tropical ambience, and ever-changing sea scenery, but also many diving in swarms, won the final of the Fairyland on Earth.

The great barrier reef

Australia: great barrier reef

Countdown: 12 years

Die cause: climate change, overexploitation, man-made damage.

Vanishing archives: great barrier reef is the world's largest coral reefs.

There are 350 kinds reef, regardless of shape, size and color are very different, some are very small, there can be up to 2 meters wide. Coral endowed with, hemisphere, rhizome, staghorn, trees and flowers. Coral habitats of waters, blue color from white to Indigo, colorfulCorals are pale pink, deep rose red, bright yellow, blue, bright green, with the exception. In addition to viewing and diving tourism in value, also has bred bird Butterfly fish, bream, Angel fish, Lion fish, sea cucumber, tube worms, starfish, 4 000 different creatures, great barrier reef also resting 240 species are marine park.

The global warming phenomenon, overexploitation, capturing fish and serious marine pollution, making drastic changes in the ecological environment, coral barrier reef of jazz will therefore gradually albinism and death, if you don't try to remedy the situation, it is expected that by 2020 it may disappear.

The Amazon rainforest

The Amazon rainforest

Countdown: 12 years

Die cause: people-overexploitation

Vanishing archives: Rainforest only account for 6% of the surface of the Earth, but has more than half of the Earth type of wild animals and plants and insects, including many uninhabited Virgin territory, there has not been global public awareness of species, many scientists and adventurer's paradise.

In addition, the Rainforest for Earth ecology also has a significant contribution, it will absorb CO2 and produce oxygen, oxygen on Earth by 40% of the total, are through the Amazon rainforest.

Nearly 100 years, since human rampantly, tropical jungles and forests are quickly vanishing, the reasons for including excessive fire tilling, farmland diversion, excessive grazing, fuelwood excess access to, improper commercial timber felling and forest fires, etc.

It is expected that by 2020, 90% of the world's rain forests will disappear.

Las brother cave paintings

France: La THAON cave paintings

Countdown: 15 years

Die cause: mold caused by peeling the murals

Vanishing archives: France South of Las Costa caves paintings according to the archaeologists found that can be said to be the earliest painting of mankind, about 20 years ago in the drawing.

Description of the subject matter to bison, horses, deer and other animals, while painting a very original rough, line natural styling, concise and powerful and the full expression of the people living in the Neolithic age, even contemporary artists are.

As a result of global warming as well as tourists often access, gradually changing the climate of the caves, Moss, fresco also gradually shedding.

France Government therefore started to limit the flow of tourists, week opening only 5 x 5 people in and out, and stay for less than 35 minutes to protect this great world heritage.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Africa: Kilimanjaro

Countdown: 12 years

Cause: the glacier melts away

Vanishing archives: Africa's highest peak Mount Kilimanjaro, the year of the mountain is covered with a layer of white sparkling glaciers, like wearing a white wig is a very rare rare natural wonders, from Kenya in Ann poselli National Park, overlooking the mountain landscape of glaciers.

As a result of global warming, ice and snow has melted, the expected gradually to 2020, Mount Kilimanjaro is bald, pooling of melting snow formed by the rivers dry up, animals and plants will also result in death or migration of his Department, was a direct attack on the National Park of ecology and tourism.

Currently, environmentalists have started to put pressure on, hoping to make industrial countries reduce emissions, reduce pollution and environmental damage.

Egypt Luxor Temple

Egypt Luxor Temple

Countdown: 42 years

Gone are the Nile water causes: rose erosion, treasures stolen rampant.

Vanishing archives: Luxor Temple built in the 14th century BC.

The temple includes a Colonnade of the Hall and the side halls. Hall East is a small chapel, the walls inscribed with Mu-Mu in Asia Queen and DeArmond Sun symbolic wedding to be born a Prince of the Emboss. The northern entrance of the temple is the magnificent Colonnade. The Tomb has been discovered near 70, mostly in the tomb of rock excavation, there is great relief and vivid murals, etc.

If the ghosts legend "to continue making a sequel, I'm afraid I can't find the real scene, most notably in Egypt monuments palaces of the city of Luxor, Luxor Kanak Temple and the Temple of two monuments, as are continuously being serious theft, damage to buildings, to escape the endangered.

Rise of the River, is a threat to the Temple of Luxor region.

Because of the area near farmers used extensive irrigation, causing the Nile water rising water levels, plus theDistrict close to the sea, in the last 10 years, more and more severe degree of architectural salinization, several thousand-year history of the temple group is being constantly erosion, salinization, while also being eroded column and statue of pigments.

Switzerland ice

Switzerland ice

Countdown: 42 years

Die cause: global warming, rising temperature.

Vanishing archives: Quaternary glacial formation landform sites, you can learn about the geological environment in Switzerland, you can see the glaciers left behind in the whirlpool of caves and twenty thousand years glacier, Rift and rock monuments.

The Park also has a Museum of the ice age.

To the world famous ice landscape of Switzerland, in the past 20 years, as more and more hot Earth temperature, evaporation, Switzerland ice start area is less 15%, in the territory of hundreds of the outer edge of the glacier begins to melt and the collapse of a regression in each of the 3-5 meters, length and more short, it is expected that by the turn of the century may disappear.

Switzerland Tourism Bureau take the ice melted, simply put the ice melted State discharged into tours, visitors see the melting glaciers in the Ice Cave, into listening to dissolve underwater, with soft packing appeal to tourists ' attention to global warming issues.

The dead sea

Middle East: the dead sea

Countdown: 20 years

Die cause: plate motion extrusion, the moisture quickly evaporates.

Vanishing archives: located in Jordan, Israel and Palestine at the junction of the dead sea, in fact, not a sea, which is an inland lake.

The high salinity in water but makes here has extraordinary buoyancy, let dry ducks can enjoy floating in the water sinking of uploaded fun Dead Sea Black mud and dead sea salt is a rare beauty.

Because of the Arabian Peninsula, the African continent and the European mainland long plate extrusion, making the dead sea area, plus the greenhouse effect caused by global warming, the rapid evaporation of moisture in the dead sea, facing the fate dry up.

As the cradle of Alpine downhill, kitzbuhel is called a Pearl of the Alps, but its future fate because of growing global warming become unknown.

Eye-opening World worst Beach

NHA, (Nha Trang) is the southern coastal city, Viet Nam, and the provincial capital.

With its rustic beaches and excellent diving is rapidly becoming a popular international tourist destination, attracting a large number of backpacker. NHA Bay is the most beautiful bays in the world.

However, in recent times, NHA has been rated as the world's worst beach resorts.

Excessive commercial exploitation is alleged to be the culprit, but looking back on the development of scenic country well underway, but also face the risk of over-exploitation, want to give us the NHA's tourism brings some vigilance.

A large number of locals gather in Viet Nam NHA an overcrowded beach.

NHA Beach overexploited and did not maintain the proper vigilance. At the national geographic center for sustainable tourism travel destination travel destinations of the year competition list, NHA unfortunate bottom to become the world's black beach resorts.

In order to carry out this evaluation, the Centre for sustainable tourism travel destination has established an independent Selection Committee, composed of 340 guests from the historical monuments protection, sustainable development of tourism, tourism publications and experts in the fields of archaeology.

Center for global experts requested 99 top beach resorts for appraisal and rating from highest to lowest are the highest score, is also good, neutral, faced problems as well as the lowest score. As in previous years, an independent judging Committee under 6 standard on beach resorts for appraisal, namely the environmental and ecological quality, social and cultural integrity, historic buildings and archaeological sites, aesthetic and ornamental, tourism management and future development prospects. Evaluation results will be published in 2010/11, and 12-month period of the National Geographic Traveler magazine.

(The National Geographic Traveler and national geographic news site is subordinate to the geographic society) and the selection of a jury anonymously said: NHA this resort that is rampant commercial exploitation quickly to destruction.

Once the nine beautiful beaches are full of large hotels and bars. I don't want to go back to there.