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World Health to invigorate both men and women are favorite SPA (map)

As a way of leisure and beauty, SPA has swept the world.

The word comes from Latin SPA spagere, intended to achieve through the spa maintenance fitness results. The weather so cold that you pick a favorite local bubble Spa! map: Taipei Peitou Dist., two women in Hotel spas.

This from the Roman era have been popular health method has been 2,000 years of history.

The photo on February 3, 2008, Portugal the northern city of Sao Pedro do Sul, two men enjoy hot spring SPA.

Anhui Huangshan drunk hot springs.

This is East of paradise spa tourism.

Japan Tokyo Royal Odaiba, tourists in large barrel bath.

The local hot springs theme park offers a variety of bath project, using from 1,400 m deep underground mining have weak carbonic thermal spring water.


Gaza Gaza, two Palestinian man in a public bathroom enjoy Turkey steam bath.

The public baths built in 1000 years ago, and now there are still many Palestinians to bathe here or in the treatment of spinal diseases and diseases of the bone pain, etc.

United States Chicago, customer acceptance of aromatic massage.

The economic crisis situation, this dance fitness club as well as including SPA, special services to attract customers.

United States, Virginia, Alexandria, a customer accepts spring fish foot physiotherapy.

This kind of body size of fish will eat the skin of dead skin, so as to achieve clean the skin and massage effect.

Blue Lagoon Iceland hot spring resorts.

Blue Lagoon is a volcanic lava formation of salt water lake, the water is rich in minerals, therefore rendering hint of blue.

Tourists at the Blue Lagoon in swimming, the Lake is the lysva Tower senji geothermal power station.

Germany bad saarow, customers enjoy beer bath in the tub.

According to a beer bath can accelerate the body's blood circulation, reach clean and moisturize the skin effect.

Indonesia Jakarta, massage and beauty salon.

Hakone, Japan a couple enjoy chocolate bath in order to meet the coming Valentine's day.

Chocolate bath is a chocolate dipping, massage and beauty, takes a bath when you can smell the rich aroma of chocolate.

Greece, small village Aridea spas tourist station under the waterfall showers.

Local Spa has been kept at 38 degrees Celsius.

Shanghai, a man accept cupping therapy.

Japan Tokyo health industry show, a company displaying head SPA product that can promote hair regeneration.

Models display of oxygen tank, the cabin had gathered to high-concentration oxygen skin treatment and care.

Portugal the northern city of Sao Pedro do Sul, the customer accepts high-voltage Fountain SPA treatment.

This kind of therapy with strong water washing of the body, can massage muscle fatigue and soreness.

A patient is receiving treatment for spinal steam bath.

Patients in health care workers help acceptance of Whirlpool bath therapy.

Through the pool's water rotation into Vortex, flow and after contact with skin can produce a massage effect.

Bourgas Bulgaria cities, locals at the Saltworks in bath, believe such rheumatic disease can be mitigated, promote blood circulation.

Hungary Budapest, a man in the famous Szechenyi spa bath in.

Szechenyi Spa was built in the early twentieth century, is Europe's largest spa.

The locals in the Szechenyi Spa chess.

Iran Tehran's public bathroom.

Germany town Amberg, this only 53 square Pocket hotel also has a SPA bath.

Serbia town paitrault Václav, a man in winter enjoy the hot springs at the roadside.

Experience the end of the tour "," three vanishing most beautiful scenery


End of tour abroad to become a new favorite tourism

Love her and take her to the Maldives, a network of catchwords, let the beauty of the Maldives and secure.

It is gradually into the seabed of the Maldives, the people of great concern. I'm afraid, we'd like to see at a glance, what you want to make people feeling is of non-.

The precious natural landscape before, then go to the surf, Maldives become many tourists in the eyes of the prime destination.

In order to leave some beauty during imprinting, many tourists also in consultation with the Agency, whether or not you can go to Kiribati, Tuvalu and other islands.

While the United States tourists wish list extinct mood even more urgent.

They first went to Alaska, Patagonia and Antarctica and the Arctic are melting of glaciers, Pacific [0.00 0.00%] on the island and great barrier reef are disappearing, and this kind of tourism is called the end of the tour. Subsequently, the United Kingdom visitors have joined the ranks of visiting these sights.

This phenomenon is the most significant trends in the tourism industry, travel magazines, "United States West travel times magazine editor Ken middot; Shapiro said.

He said that I would call the end of the tour rsquo lsquo;;, it got a lot of the industry's response. We from travel agency or travel agents there heard these messages, a lot of people depending on the surroundings facing the danger level, select the destination.

In the United States, operating in the Arctic and Antarctic tourism adventure travel company, Quark will this year its operational competence doubled, a quarter with a 7 000 tourists to the Arctic and Antarctic tourism.

Now, they also opened up to Norway's Svalbard in the Arctic region with new line.


They will become a victim of global warming

The coming decades, with global warming, polar glaciers will melt, Venice will Mey, the highest peak Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa will become bare hellip hellip; end; tour abroad popular, global village, on the most beautiful scenery, also is becoming a victim of climate.

A trip to Europe, you certainly will not miss Italy Venice.

200 years, the essence of buildings of Venice's most rarely change, it has let the whole world to revel in the water attractions, as well as intricate waterways, architectural art extreme sqare and large and small cafes. However, you may never have thought that this block you drool awaited city, decades after may become an underwater city. Years of flooding continued erosion of the foundation of the city of Venice, strata sinking 0.5 cm each year, coupled with the global warming caused by sea-level rise, if not be where it is expected that in the middle of this century in Venice will be completely Mey.

The upland duck are unscrupulous, also to be able to enjoy one of the dead sea, maybe you could go to a trip, it becomes a real dead sea.

Because of the Arabian Peninsula, the African continent and the European mainland long plate extrusion, makes it a shrinking of the area. Plus the greenhouse effect caused by global warming, the dead sea water in the quick evaporation. 20 years later, the dead sea will face a fate dry.

Mount Kilimanjaro

There is also the highest peak in Africa, its peak Kilimanjaro is covered with snow, the snow is very rare spectacle of nature.

Tourists from Kenya in Ann poselli National Park can enjoy the spectacle. However, due to climate warming, snow is melting. It is expected that 10 years after that peak then becomes a bare, animals and plants will die or move elsewhere.

In addition, the United States of Glacier National Park, Nepal in Sagarmatha National Park, Switzerland's glacier, are due to global warming, temperature rise, gradually disappear from our eyes.

With climate warming, sea level rise, resulting in disappearance of scenery, not because of human destruction of the environment has led to the extinction of landscape.

And others to direct damage, it will cause many landscape disappears from our perspective.

Tourists go swimming, diving the great barrier reef marine organisms paradise, Australia is the world's largest coral reef group with 350 species vary, colorful coral, gave birth to a butterfly fish and Angel fish, sea cucumbers, sea star, 4 000 different creatures perched 240 species.

But it is also the beauty of the disappearing.

In recent years human overexploited, fish in the wild and serious marine pollution, making the environment a drastic change.

Coral barrier reef of jazz will therefore gradually albinism. If thenDo not try to save, the next 10 years these biological and beauty will not be spared.

Known as bio-lung of the Earth and the heaven of the Amazon rainforest, owns more than half of all species on the planet's wildlife and produce oxygen on Earth by 40% of the total.

Here are many scientists and adventurer's paradise, perhaps, or do you plan to the next adventure. But nearly a century, since human rampantly, indiscriminate deforestation, over-exploitation of grazing, etc., and forest fires, tropical rain forest is fast disappearing.

In addition, Peru's Machu Picchu, the Temple of Luxor, Egypt France's La cave paintings, THAON some scenery, also one after writing up the disappearance of memorandum.

Mauritius: to travel with a wedding (map)

Mauritius is the world's largest wedding and honeymoon resorts, here are a unique natural beauty, warm tropical climate and Mauritius innate hospitality, where you will feel the purity of the soul, the sublimation of love, here, every visitor will receive special attention, smiling all promise you an unusual honeymoon holiday.

In a foreign country under the original features of the testimony of our love

1 station: Royal Botanical Garden, jungle fairy tale of the bride

200 years of history of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Mauritius was France Governor's private garden, here comes the world's unique and rare plants.

Neither the South West Indian Ocean strange, dreamlike Amazon water lily, the tropical garden of infinite charm, is absolutely divinely shock and romantic. Royal Botanic Garden is leaders visit the will to Mauritius.

Look at the Phantom of the Opera, the city seemed to forget their existence

Second station: Louis romantic exotic

In the afternoon, stroll the capital Port Louis Mauritius, this seat to France Louis XIV named City, colonial history make it inclusive and diverse urban charm, Western-style Catholic Church, the dome of the mosque, Oriental Temple, everything that people do not know where to place between meditating.

Love the island to witness the oath

Third station: double COCO Island exclusive love island

Take the boat to Mauritius perturbation mesmerizing beauty private island mdash mdash;; double COCO Island, no visitors, not to bother, but the picture of scenery and pure love, pack the whole island, just for lovers can enjoy.

The blue sea and white beach is the witness of love lovers. Try the other prepare a Mauritius road, roast chicken or grilled fish, enjoy a delicious barbecue lunch.

South American civilizations of Peru Lima museums love (photos)

Referred to as South America's Rome Lima has numerous museums, is a city of museums.

No wonder some people say that haven't been to Peru, will not be able to understand the past glories of South America, will not be able to experience the mystery of South America. It is precisely because of the existence of these museums, culture that makes Lima became so colorful and unique.

On behalf of the Inca civilization's mask

Ancient Inca heritage

Maybe a bit strange, just a Lima city, over 40 seat of the Museum, and the mark on the history of Peru was then living in who has strong ancient Inca mysterious treasures.

Walking through the streets of Lima, easily will encounter one another of the Museum, but unique.

Lima Gallery in various archaeological specimens, silver crafts and antique furniture.

National Museum held an exhibition of a mummy

Religious court Museum was in Spain during colonial rule over 250 years of religious courts; built in the 19th century the Republic Museum detail display of colonial rule and precious paintings and manuscripts; South America one of the most interesting museums of Ethnography and Archaeology Museum with a record before and after Spain colonial culture and art of precious cultural relics; Lima Museum artifacts are telling Peru people against Spain colonial history of the struggle.

Gold mask

Peru gold products and world weapon Museum, hereinafter referred to as the gold Museum, located in the city of Monterey branch district of Lima, is a private collection of the Museum, founded in 1966, is the world's largest private museum.

Deep in the underground countless gold collection is a stunning, a pair of hand made with gold, with real human hand completely similar to be knocked out with yellow gold foil to patch the hole in the skull magic incredible hellip; hellip;

Gold art

Believe? then Inca tribal spiritual is mastered yellow gold foil patch broken skull modern repair skull surgery! believe? here was also presented with Chairman Mao's cane-Sabre! I think, so delicate, that Pavilion master must be a persistence.

However, with the adventures of a psychotherapy from afar, here, I have found the desired prey.

Investigate the Museum's penalty: this is tied hands, not in La eye.

Most of the investigation Museum exhibits and Spain during the colonial period of a particular history.

Philip II in 1569, the order to his jurisdiction when the Elimination of all possessions and their cult followers. 1570, from Spain to Minister of soft errors in Lima began to besiege cult sport. Interestingly this command only whites, i.e. Spain and other European, and does not include the Inca and other Indian indigenous. This campaign continued for 250 years. During this period a total of killing at least 3000 white Pagan, including many of the Jews. Investigate Jewish headquarters in this gallery. Exhibition in a number of models to demonstrate that, again a lot of penalties and murder scene.

Juan Antonio Samaranch Home Spain Barcelona is the most complete travel

Bird's eye view of Barcelona

89-year-old Mr. Juan Antonio Samaranch local time 21, died in Spain, Barcelona.

In 2009, over 10 million Chinese Internet users selected ten of China influential international friends, Juan Antonio Samaranch is one of them.

Barcelona, of course, the biggest pride but also in the case of modernism genius architect Gaudi's masterpiece, he makes it even more gorgeous Pearl of the peninsula.

One of the five works are included in the world cultural heritage, this world is the only miracle.

Barcelona is located in Catalonia, Spain's largest autonomous regions.

Before the discovery of the new world, the Catalan Eastern Mediterranean oriented location, become strong Ocean countries. This is the entire Spain subject to Roman culture most areas, there is a unique cultural traditions and its own language: Catalan.

Geography: Barcelona is located on the East coast of Spain, East to the Eastern Mediterranean area 101 sq km, is the capital of the Catalan region.

Catalan region is located on the northeast corner of Spain, 31930 square kilometres. North across the Pyrenees mountains on the border with France and Andorra, West to Aragon region, South-East region of Valencia, is up to 500 km of coastline, and the Balearic Islands across the sea.

Administrative divisions: Catalan region is divided into four provinces: Barcelona, Gerona, Lerida and Tarragona.

National: mainly Catalan people.

Population: Barcelona's population of about 150 million, the Catalan regional population of about 600 million.

Languages: official language is Catalan and Castilla (commonly referred to as Spanish), local residents, the widespread use of Catalan.

Religion: the majority of the inhabitants of the Catholic faith.

Time difference: East zone, later than Beijing time 7 hours.

March-October, between daylight saving time, later than Beijing time 6 hours.

Important sights: Cathedral of St's home, group home, Mont St Joseph Wright monastery

A beautiful seaside city

This place, although not so vast and tranquil, Australia has its own quiet and clean.

Everything is so safe and orderly. Streets clean and tidy, pedestrian, vehicle to comply with the law shores up ... ... Spain Barcelona's economy could do worse than Beijing, but the environment is really good too much.

Barcelona city is the birthplace of Catalan culture, with France's cultural and linguistic development sources quite dark.

There are church universities and medical schools and other institutions of Catalonia. The city has many museums, Art Museum of Catalonia, the Picasso Museum, History Museum, Museum of natural history, and so on more than 20. Is Spain offer printing of the first European city, is also the first newspaper in the city. Held in October each year, the Barcelona International Music Festival is a music festival. 1992 the 25th Olympic Games held in the city. The old city centre has a 13th century began to build the Cathedral and the medieval palaces and houses.

Barcelona is actually two cities in one city, the old town there is a Vista-beautiful Gothic district and many construction sites, because there are many unforgettable grey stone buildings of the Gothic area, including the spectacular Cathedral. Newcastle is a model of urban planning, a wide Boulevard, take place on both sides of the trees, there are large square-interesting medieval buildings, many churches and palaces-Barcelona is an elegant city, suburban slopes gently up connections around the hills, a reference from the nearby than wave mountain and Monte Hu in West hillside affords an excellent view of the city of Montserrat mountain range in the distance is-, the peaks such as pin protruding, famous Montserrat monastery is close to the city of Barcelona is the Middle-the international construction industry accepted civilized ancient civilization and modern combined the best of the city, is also an artist's Palace, the city can be seen everywhere in the world famous artist, Gaudi, Picasso, Miro's works.

The classical atmosphere of the building

Barcelona is a beautiful city-the city walls of Rome, medieval ruins of ancient palaces and houses and modern buildings from each other, many streets still retain their old pavement paving stone-built in the 14th century

Gothic Catholic Cathedral is located in the old church of the Holy Family in the Central-is Spain's largest church. connect hepingmen square and city centre of Catalonia Ramblas Avenue Plaza is the famous flower market Street-Spain square of light, wonderful, colorful. West wuda de la Park fountain, Zoo, botanical garden and Mont-strange Park layer falls famous. Barcelona has modern art museum, Frederic middot; desmazes Museum, Picasso Museum, Maritime Museum, and so on more than 20 Barcelona University Museum-500 years of history, Autonomous University and Polytechnic College is also very famous. every year October International Music Festival is the world music festival, local salda the park dance, guitar songs is the world famous folk songs and dances. every April rose exhibition and bullfighting, the International Exposition very attractive Catalan dessert here-Stuttgart.

Barcelona is a typical Eastern Mediterranean-type climate is mild and pleasant, year-round sunshine, flowers blooming, unlike Madrid as the seasons.

Winter and early spring months rainfall, but it seldom snows, temperatures rarely fall below zero. Pleasant climate, the famous Gold Coast and is full of fascinating cultural environment, each year attracting tens of foreign tourists to this travel vacation. The local tourism industry and related industries. Tourism and related industries of the income of the Barcelona city the most important source of income.


Barcelona public transport is very convenient to Metro Transportation Center, is little crowded buses, mostly the elderly, women and children travelling. Barcelona and its surroundings for many sports activities in the urban or convenient. several hours by bus that arrives in a place that people can play golf, tennis, swimming, water skiing, sailing, hunting, fishing, horse riding and winter activities-the city has a rich and varied entertainment, including Opera, Ballet and many wonderful concert from the local Theatre drama, Operetta and musical comedy-movies are very popular, but most of the movie is the Spanish dubbing. North America Institute weekly show an English movie, there are many other art exhibitions and music performances.

Barcelona is located in the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula, facing the Eastern Mediterranean.

Cities main built in Cole's Laura Hill, a high ground, the highland area of about 160 square kilometres, the city takes up one of the 101 square kilometres. Laurent Briga-River flows through the city in the Southwest, the South River flows through the city to the North. Distance Fassi border pirineos, about 160 km/h.

Beautiful beach villas

Corse Laura Hill is part of the coastal mountain range, close to the city's highest point of the North-East, its better than d'Abeau peak elevation to 512 m, can be a bird's eye view of the city.

While the vast majority of the urban area can see peak high 288.4 m wireless base station Cole racing roller Tower. Overall in the hilly area of Barcelona, the city's many blocks to a nearby Hill named, such as Carmel (267 m above sea level), Puteh Saite (181 m above sea level), lovilia (281 m above sea level). The famous Cliff is located in the city of Monte hook, high 173 m in Southwest, from the hill overlooking the port of Barcelona, because of its excellent location in Barcelona at 17-18 century built you can control the entire city lifeline of Monte Hooker Castle and replaces the stupa de la Castle. Today the castle of Monte Hooker has become a Museum, but many Monte Hooker district is the sports and cultural organizations gather.

Barcelona climate, scenery, monuments, known as the Pearl of the Iberian Peninsula, is Spain's most famous tourist destination.

It is Spain's cultural city, Eastern Mediterranean Manhattan. The entire city seaside, mountain terrain and majestic, urban Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque architecture and pleasantly modern buildings. The peace gate square (Placa Portal de la Pau) to Catalonia Plaza (Placa de Cataluna) to the center of the Cathedral, there are numerous buildings worth visiting. City tour to the Royal Palace as a starting point. Gaudi building works is Barcelona's most dazzling pearl, the Eastern Mediterranean of the Gold Coast is a seaside resort.

Brilliance gorgeous city

Cultural features:

Barcelona as a diverse city, with a diversity of landscape.

When not too familiar with its history of tourists come here, you might feel a little different, in this modern city, the ancient Gothic district still preserved original features, historical dynasties change seems never to have had any touches it.

Architectural features:

Barcelona is Spain romantic buildings, like road signs like the straight of Holy Family Church clouds is one of the representatives.

This building was built in 1882Years of the church because of lack of resources, the delay in the completion of the current completed only three of the main entrance of the Temple of Christ was born. Nevertheless, seen it, or be moved to. Gouel Palace like garden city as touching, were much admired. Gugenheim Museum is an extraordinary building, huge thick rock heaps into a great Kettle, grotesque, but base.more concealments. If you haven't been to Barcelona, can't imagine there.

Barcelona is a beautiful city, suburban slopes gently up connections around the Hill.

From Barcelona to France border coast many rocky headlands and Sandy Bay. The Golden Beach and the azure sea shore, medium green, olive and pine forest blend into each other, in the sky zhaoxia or sunset afterglow, will give you a glimpse of the Fairyland.

Barcelona Street personage statue is also a style.

The climate is mild and pleasant in Barcelona.

The city of Catalonia Plaza, is both an entertainment centre and shopping. In many of the stalls you can buy at most local features suede jacket and coats, lace shawl, exquisite silverware. Entertainment shopping, stopping for a dinner is very convenient.

Various grades of cafés, restaurants and bars have a superior service.

Local dishes are Brava Bay lobster, seafood and sausages boiled beans. Of course there is also a Chinese restaurant.

Beautiful beach Sunset

Barcelona has eight buildings classified as world heritage:

Anthony middot; high (Antoni Gaudiacute; I Cornet) design of buildings in 1984 and is listed as world heritage:

1. Vincent House, CASA VICENS (1883-1888)

2. the Guercino palace PALAU Guuml; ELL (1886-1889)

3. the Guercino Park PARK Guuml; ELL (1900-1914)

4. bad by House CASA BATLLoacute;


5. CASA Mila house, LA PEDRERA MILagrave; (1906-1912)

6. the Saint's Church TEMPLE EXPIATORI DE LA SAGRADA FAMiacute; LIA (1883-1926)

: Arts institutions g (Domegrave Lluiacute; s; nech I Montaner) design of buildings in 1997 was classified as world heritage:

7. Catalan-Concert Hall Palau de la Muacute; sica Catalana (1905-1908)

8. St. Paul's Hospital, Hospital de la Santa Creu I Sant Pau (1902-1930)