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Technology is changing the lives of ten luxury hotels in view of the future (photos)

As architects and designers to build a new hotel mode, some innovative color future hotel is separated from the drawing board and gradually become reality.

If you are a person who likes to travel around the Nations, you must pay attention to the future hotel is coming toward us. In the following list of top ten hotel, some hotels have been built up, some will be in the near future at the world. The following is the most worth looking forward to the next top 10 luxury hotels:


You can fly tomorrow Deluxe Hotel Aeroscraft refers, it is a weight of 400 tons of huge soft airship that can be used to carry passengers, its internal space is huge, related facilities and luxury flight.

This flight hotel heads the equivalent of two football fields, rely on 14 million cubic feet (approximately 39.6 million cubic meters) giant helium, hydrogen fuel cell powered propellers and 6 turbojet engine in the air floating and flying.

It can accommodate up to 250 passengers, flying height up to 8000 feet (approximately 2438 m).

In addition to allowing passengers to experience the joy of flight, the Aeroscraft also prepared for their VIP rooms, a casino, restaurants and principal level rooms, let them enjoy the fun of high technology.

Full moon hotel

In Korea Heerim Architects building company, we do not need to have to walk on the Moon, the Earth also allows you to build the Moon hotel.

Sources said that two inspiration comes from the Moon's ultra modern style hotel in Azerbaijan's capital Baku will be appearing, one named full moon hotel, looks like a "Star Wars" in the death star, another name for the Crescent Hotel, in stark contrast with the full moon.

Death star that name might incur some resentment, but may on the individuality of the people of great attractiveness.

In fact, for Baku this world one the most rapid economic development of regions, no matter what name the two Futurist hotel is destined to make its tourism industry to a higher level.

Built on the Moon crazy hotel

Many of us will often do this dream mdash mdash;; hope to honeymoon in the moon.

However, we only dream off, usually will take to achieve that dream of hope on the child or children's children. But in the Netherlands Rotterdam Architecture Institute and the world's leading architectural design company Wimberly Allison Tong amp; Goo designer Hans-Jurgen middot; Roma Castle (Hans-Jurgen Rombaut), this dream will in the near future become a reality. Design by he called crazy Hotel satellite will invest in the construction, is expected to be completed in 2050.

Poseidon Marine resort

Bruce middot; Jones (Bruce Jones), most career was spent in a Regal and celebrity design groundbreaking of the submarine.

Maybe is tired of the job, now start Jones in the hotel industry exhibition design talent, is located on a private island of Fiji became his proving ground.

Poseidon Sea resort was under the 5000 acres (approximately 3.035 million acres) of lagoon surround, luxury suite 550 square feet of area (approximately 51 square meters).

All guests will be accommodated by the sea submarine hotels, but this Hoi travel costs but rather expensive, each person occupancy fees as high as 1.5 million, which includes travel by private aircraft arriving from the airport of Poseidon in Fiji. In addition to having a ride submarines addiction, visitors can experience the sail umbrella, deep reef hiking, cave explorers, wear a self join-scuba diving, walking on the seabed, as well as various water sports.

' Send long Island Hotel

This will be in Dubai are springing up future Hotel still in design phase, it will become the second 7-star hotel.

This hotel will be the main theme of the jungle, luxury suite would exceed 350. From renderings, the high-tech Hotel great futureSchool colours, can be said to have considerable appeal.

In addition, the architect also want to do everything possible to luxury and comfort to the extreme, apart from the indispensable restaurants, cinemas, retail store, art gallery, Convention facilities, this hotel also provides guests with a private lagoon, beaches and hot springs.

No doubt, were long island the design ahead of the hotel will have visitors irresistible charm, it will be the same as hypnosis teacher will attract visitors from around the world over, allowing them to experience unprecedented holiday enjoyment.

Diamond hotel

For a diamond ring that future hotel, we know little, only know that it looks like a 185-metre-high costs star runner.

Although not yet more detail, but we were told that the hotel will be built in Abu Dhabi. From the initial building plan, diamond ring this name also not deserved, but is more conceptually be interpreted.

Water world hotel

Referring to the water world hotel, the readers will think Kevin middot; Costner (Kevin Kostner) of the 1995 film the future water world.

Can accommodate up to 400 people water world hotel is located in Songjiang an abandoned quarry pit, as in the countryside, beautiful and pristine natural beauty as it is a bright, built in the public areas and underwater room allow it gives out a unique charm.

In addition to the coffee shop, restaurant and common sports facilities, water world also has prepared for the guests to their unexpected surprises, for example for rock climbing, bungee jumping, and other extreme sports facilities.

Collapsible pod hotel

In the United Kingdom company Thomson Holidays (Thomson Holidays) published a report on the sensational 2024: a holiday in the Iliad, the famous tourist operators will predict the future hotel will be built in collapsible pod-like, pod-like the built in truly huge pillar may be gone tomorrow.

Thomson Holidays by referring to the pod hotel.

This futuristic hotels to achieve self-sufficiency, guests can use the favorite images projected onto the walls on the design of your own room. If the resort does not meet requirements or terrorists and lose interest in continuing to stay, they can also apply a hotel package, and then heading towards new destinations, the entire process is like the tent fold up like simple.

Inflatable space hotel

The inflatable space hotel name for commercial space station, space Cruiser, from Las Vegas by Beagle-Aerospace Corporation (Bigelow Aerospace) design.

If all goes well, the whole inflatable space hotel will be built up by 2015, then it will be over 515 km journey to the Earth.

Inflatable space hotel construction costs only insignificant 5 billion, but stay costs but alarmingly high, is expected to reach $ 1 million.

Obviously, this space is for Regal Hotel for a family, ordinary people only closed.

Yacht hotel

High 321 m yacht hotel also known as the Arab Tower, is the world's only 7-star hotel, resembling a wind up of the sails, so the name was sailing.

Yacht hotel is located in the Dubai coastline, surrounded by exquisite blend of color of fire and water sculptures around the night scene here is more attractive and spectacular.

It is understood that this all-suite hotel's drivers driving Rolls Royce airport visitors, each layer is equipped with a private reception service, a highly trained Butler on duty 24 hours a day, ready to provide the most warm and thoughtful service.

Quirky Customs: ruining the widow and the girl's "accompany sleep"

Ugly Customs: torn widows and girls with sleep

In most African countries, if a husband or wife died young girl dead father, local villagers will please to a man, with the widows or unmarried girls slept one night to exorcise the demons, these dedicated to accompany sleep industry man locals called clean.

However, these so-called clean who in fact was the dirtiest African Earth, they belong to the highest rate of AIDS infection, and of the blatantly will these terrible virus spread to at least hundreds of thousands of innocent women.

Some international aid organizations pointed out that, in Africa, every ten AIDS patients in the six are female, and most of them are a result of rape or similar clean, so ugly effect of customs.

In African countries, Malawi mchinji, 23-year-old young women James-Mbewe three years ago dead husband, her husband died a few hours, Mbewe, from people's sight, she neither mourning for her husband, nor does it accept the friends and relatives of comfort, but a man hid her sister's home.

Mbewe says that she wished that they never found her. But, unfortunately, her husband's family or her gamble, and eventually she escorted back. Mbewe most worried about a curtain had happened, village elders and her husband's family forced her sexual cleansing ritual, and threatens her that if she disobeys, everyone in the village died a man she's going to be a curse. Eventually, she and stand alone in her husband's cousin had sexual relations.

Mbewe recently in media interviews, said, the thought of my husband and I will cry.

He died, I have to accept such a thing, I am very afraid, I am very worried that they were infected with HIV, if I die, my children will not have to care.

Strange customs of the women suffered humiliation

AIDS challenge harmful traditional practices

And Mbewe have the same experience of thousands of women in Africa.

This ancient African tradition has become responsible for HIV transmission.

According to a recent survey, Africa last year alone there are 230 million people being AIDS claimed the lives, while the total number of people with HIV/AIDS is more than 25 million people, of which 60% are women. In those still epidemic clean custom village, HIV spread faster. African aid staff was of the view that such an ugly customs must be completely abandoned.

But this tradition to be changed but very difficult.

Monica-na-Fu is southern Mongolia Ze area of Zambia's a nurse, she still local AIDS prevention a member of the Association. Na-rich told reporters that ends one has lasted so long thing sure is very difficult. We are born has accepted such education, if we advised them to resist such a thing, they would ask: why should we change?

James-Mbewe died three years ago, she was forced by her husband and her husband's cousin place of close to completion of the cleaning.

Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Congo, Angola, Ghana, Senegal, C?te d'Ivoire and Nigeria and other countries of the village, follow the cleaning practices.

Cleaning stems from a belief that a woman is the soul of the dead husband, she is dirty, they must be clean, otherwise, you will not be able to attend a funeral or remarried.

For those not yet married girls, if they have lost both parents, must and cleaners and sleep.

Treasures of the ancient city of Machu Picchu to follow the divine light of life

Advance of Machu Picchu

In the middle of the 16th century, when the colonial Peru into Spain, folk have been hands down: the Andes, there is a mysterious Inca city.

Until 1911 lost many centuries the ancient city of Machu Picchu in Peru is found, an ancient civilization was finally resolved. Prior to that, the Americas had considered missing ancient civilization of the continent.

In Inca in Machu Picchu means old mountain, in the capital of the ancient Inca Empire, Cusco City South 112 km of altitude, on both sides of the city is 600 m high cliff, from the cliff's edge look down is rushing of the Urubamba river.

Land of the gods

Many people willing to distant and the road of hard work to Machu Picchu, just to attend the Royal Inca road 45 km of hiking.

People from the mountains, through forests and streams, also encounter small marshes, rather adventure.

Machu Picchu urban edge some s Saigon, is camping ligation fortress.

In the evening we all sleep, take off your shoes, in the rain of dirt road walk, Machu Picchu peculiar soft sediment will make you feel is stepped on Shu soft cotton. Machu Picchu people got up early every day, they worship the Eternal God incarnate, considered to be the Sun gave them power, so they put the woman as the Sun of the Virgin.

Follow the divine Sun

Powerful Empire why building such an air castle? building location, degree of difficulty, are then productivity burden cannot be hosted.

Inca rulers why choose here building Castle? to defense had retreated to the final?? to? how many years, the archaeologist to this amazing city has produced a large number of conjecture. The most persuasive conjecture is that honour the gods. Because the city is built on top of the mountain, that would be the closest to the Sun. It is believed that the power of God can be through time and space everywhere, therefore represents the ancient eternal Holy City will become a medium of communication with God.

Inca style of architecture

Machu Picchu in all buildings are Inca tradition: the shape of the polished rules, as well as the wonderful wall jointing techniques, wall stones and stones of the gap between even the dagger cannot, let the person simply cannot understand is how the Incas their splicing together.

So people think here of the building is not a man-made, is the great Sun God will give it all to them.

Log onto the Machupicchu mountain, see light from the sky across the city, then maybe Machu Picchu fleeting smile.

Walking around in it, feel the sacred relics, so willing to give up everything, a whole life to follow.

Want to follow my life

Machu Picchu travel xiaotieshi:

1, best travel time: Peru's best travel time is 5-10 months.

Peru's summer in December of each year to March of next year, February is the hottest of the year, but its maximum temperature does not exceed 31 degrees centigrade. Peru's winter in April of each year to November, Peru, with average temperature in winter is 18 degrees centigrade.

2, accommodation: hotel rates Peru in General, the price is not high, simple bed a night not to exceed US $ 10, $ 15 Motel about Yuan.

3. diet: Cusco represented mainly by mountain cuisine, main ingredient is the sweetness of beef and mutton stewed with potatoes, braised, fried,.

Staple foods like rice, opposite food species like tasting; their love to eat fish, shrimp and other seafood products, dietary preference of beef, pork, chicken, duck and eggs, vegetable love eating onions, tomatoes, cabbage, cucumber, peppers, spices like pepper powder, peppercorns, fish meal, gourmet powder, lemon juice, etc.

4, shopping: copper, silver, Turkey made of jade, with Inca culture ornaments and Peru mountain specialties APACA wool rug, etc are all good souvenirs.

In addition, the pattern of the book plus the bags, belts, handbags, leather products, and forest areas, mountain areas aboriginal folk handicrafts and hand-made ceramic products, etc., is also very unique.

5. transport: Lima sit fly

Machine to Cusco; nbsp; Sit about three and a half hours by train to the foot (or by bus to OLLANTAYTAMBO station and then take a half an hour by train), nbsp; Also sitting tour bus approximately 30 minutes of winding mountain road to Machu Picchu.

Unveiling the Lao monks

In Laos, since monks believe in Hinayana teachings, we can put meat and wine, Amitabha gut!

In the Chinese monk means away from the Earth, and cut meat and wine.

Because the Chinese monk believes in Mahayana Buddhism teaches that it is the case of rules. In Laos, since monks believe in Hinayana teachings, we can put meat and wine, Amitabha gut!

Laos and China, is adjacent to the world economy is one of the least developed countries, but people's life very easy.

Some say that the vast majority believe in Buddhism with them.

Is Internet monk

In the Lao capital Vientiane on-street, every morning, men, women and children with own cuisine: wine, meat, sticky rice, cakes and cuisine come together here to give alms to monks, collective.

Because in Laos, the monk alms is not a single action, nor the monasteries, but people voluntarily give on-site.

The monks get up every morning wash himself, is about 7 o'clock, as long as they wear red cassock, waist went trough, has already awaiting people on the street, you will kneel on the ground a food to those lined up to little monks, they were smiling, and brought food, but also collective chant for giving users and wish them good luck man someday will, for the good!

Just the little monk in Buddhism

In Laos, people give alms with Monk has become a tourist scenic Vista.

At this time of day, you will have many foreign tourists brandishing a video recorder, shoulder camera put this moving selfless devotion scenes recorded as beautiful, wide-spread all over the world.

Modern communication tools are also less

In giving alms, some tourists see give users a very pious, and heard some masters from a faraway village, ask tour: them so hard, why do? the answer has two: one for the Buddha's tribute, second, in order to honor your father and an apology on behalf of parents.

Lao street side of the monk

Because in Laos, people generally believe that parents are not living life to the Earth ceased.

Therefore, the vast majority of men in Laos, birth to old age and death, whether married or not, must go through a nun, to the monastery to be a monk. There may be a week, maybe is for life.

Lao monks can smoke

Time is short, generally traders or rich, they went to the monastery's purpose is an apology for the parents, and may be sources of lush, happy life years long long!, mostly from remote villages, their age, very simple, just want to become a monk in his life fate!


Ende Temple in Vientiane, a young monk named Zawahiri, only 15 years old this year, from a remote mountain village.

He said in an interview, he came here's purpose is to pass a monk, in future, be able to marry a girl who is in the city. In the end, by a monk from the poor to become rich. Because, here's the monk alms, every day out not only got enough food, but also money.

Enoch monk still camera

Each out of the monk General alms a month can get the equivalent of RMB cash receipts of $ 250.

In Laos, the monthly salary of civil servants if converted into RMB is only $ 300. Visible, Lao monks or very rich. They have the people, especially young people make money by a monk, and then to return to school, you can find a wonderful job.

For example: at the end of the Temple had been a monk, Buddha, to return to school after working at a snack bar, because he will be in French and English, can receive eight of alien visitors, boss monthly salary paid to him as high as 400 u.s. dollars, equivalent to local government officials of 10 times the wages.

Some of the priesthood were also used when the monk and the monastery in affinity in the priesthood to study in eat to live in monasteries, do not have to pay the costs, food and accommodation for one day only needs his own pocket to buy a meal for dinner.

In Laos, when the monks seems very scenery: alms someone kneeling sent food and money, some foreign tourists to photographic pictures, cast, in fact, the envy is very hard and very tired.

Because, although the Lao citizens are very pious are very generous, each appealing to large quantities of food and money, but in accordance with the rules of the Hinayana teachings, the monastery cannot cook, the monk can only eat every day for alms to meals: breakfast and lunch.

After 12 noon until 2 days before 7 a.m. will not be able to eat, this is also the elderly patient, those are long body little monk, it was a hard time.

They even hungry or steal to eat food. Follow the Hinayana teachings, the monk in the evening if you eat, you it, it was up to no good.

In Laos, if a person married to a monk, first held a ceremony to be held in divorce Buddhist rituals, but also everybofy.

Family to the monastery door, both sides would also like to take a bamboo around the monastery go three times to table might not care, and the idea of a monk with no home; the priesthood, and children will go to the temple meet before remarrying ceremony was held. Of course, these rituals, whether it is sent or received, if you follow the tradition not only cumbersome, expensive is great, all sent by friends in General to send flowers and gifts.

Therefore, in Laos when the monk looks very easy, not easy.

Super bloody! performed sold in the streets of New York human flesh (figure)

PETA members promote vegetarianism

United States local time 2010 on 27 July, PETA members gather in New York on Broadway, near-naked lying in a giant box, use fresh-keeping film laminating himself to call upon all flesh is a murder.

PETA members with performance art interpretation of human foibles and I fish, image expression we are meat consists of protecting animals contribute to promote vegetarianism.

PETA members hard propaganda


Meat is murder


Vegetarian hold posters


We are striving to demonstrate human foibles, I-fish