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Is not the world known 5 Romantic paradise

Atacama desert

Chile, Atacama desert

Located in the Andean Department of Shanxi of Atacama desert is the world's driest place.

If you prefer, you can even tell your friend you went to Mars. Here in San Pedro de Atacama hotel will give travelers provide the most authentic experiences, tourists can go to the hotel around the OASIS, Lake.

Bo la mention Asia

Sri Lanka, Mr. Lapin to Asia (Balapitiy)

From ban Toro Tower near Bo la mention Asia is Sri Lanka's leading Beach attractions, this is a piece is not affected by the impact of the pure land of tourism.

Gold Coast line edge is a fishing village, is subject to a licence to fishing and hunting areas. Tourists can Maduganga Villa floating yacht on dining, in the surrounding garden, and enjoy a quiet walk in the ancient works of art.

Netherlands Antilles

Antilles (Latin America Islands)

55% of the visitors here are regulars, what makes them so much interest? maybe it lazy atmosphere, perhaps here endless cultural and night life entertainment.

If you would like to have the strange feeling of home, come hither, this is a private place that will allow you to become a true pioneer.

UC barrit

Dominican Republic, Kazan barrit

UC barrit from Dominican Republic Airport only 20 minutes by car, here in comfortable sea breeze and kite surfing.

And here's offshore reefs, winds, low-lying hills makes this an excellent local scenery. Located in Kazan barrit beach of Algeria hotel is a small family hotel. Comfortable sea breeze, outdoor Jacuzzi, night got bare feet in the sand for a walk, here is the most economical choice.

Colchagua Valley melons


De Chile, colchagua Valley

Colchagua Valley to vineyards and melon, melon 2005 colchagua Valley is the wine enthusiast Magazine rated the world's best wine regions.

If you want to taste the world's top wine, let's take a look here. Located in Chile wine district of Casa Silva was once a cottage, now is a private hotel, visitors can ride to the nearby vineyards or sit four wheel cart to go to the countryside.

Autumn feel the southern hemisphere spring flowers on the West coast of the East Coast to feed cattle

Each year 10-11 months, is the southern hemisphere Spring season, people in the wild.

Late autumn in the northern hemisphere has entered at this time, all things in the recovery of spring is far away. At this point, if you also want to let the season to a background, you may wish to go to the tourist resort in the southern hemisphere; mdash mdash; Australia. Melbourne's vibrant farm, West Australian wildflowers in full bloom, prove that you visit.

Melbourne farm fun

Melbourne farm feeding cattle

Experience o-farm, than to go to Melbourne, you can also take tours of the world's most beautiful coastal lane mdash mdash;; Great Ocean Road.

Australian farm many, usually the tourists will come to a small town church enjoy a lively afternoon tea, and their respective to their temporary farm, short and memorable farm life.

Australian farmers, to run their own farms, to feed the sheep, milk the cows, trees, feed the chickens, egg sorting, but also management group, almost all things are relative force parents to live simple pure.

Here, you can take the child together with the farmers, to experience a farming life. For a long time lived in the city of adults, the ranch by tractor to a short-haul travel, mukojima. Helping farmers to farm labour, will let you find a long lost of simple pleasures. Together with other families a mowing contests, is its cheerful. Shearing, jams and fresh bread Tanba, will make you great. Inside the farm, you may want to watch the wildlife found in the meantime, remember to capture.

Experience the true meaning of the farm Le may not to return to the joy of the childhood.

Many come from Melbourne farm visitors view, farm tour, almost changed their attitude to life. In the southern hemisphere's farm, the city had to give way to the busy work of family ties back to life the most important location, many people think that this is the farm tour brought him the most valuable change.

West Australian flowers to go

Tulip flowers

For the Australian East coast city Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, and more, people are already familiar with, but don't think that these would represent the entire continent, in fact, all the scenes in this ancient continent West, there are many wonderful places for people to discover,

Western Australia, known as the sociopath heaven on Earth.

Bright sunshine, warm clear waters of the Harbour, a small town, big put a lot of leisure time hellip; hellip; there's more than imagined. Been to many of Western Australia agreed to WesternAustralia abbreviation WA as Wait A While (wait) to describe Parsons life rhythm, slow and leisurely.

Western Australia there are wild flowers of continents, the wild flowers of the non-Perth.

Perth is the capital of Western Australia, where a variety of beautiful flowers grow everywhere, every year also held wildflowers section, in the world's prestigious, Perth called wild flowers. Tourists are just going to located in the center of the Park, will be able to fully experience surrounded by flowers and the romantic feelings. Since July, WA will be fed into a piece of colorful flowers. For 5 months, multiple wildflowers, relay 12000 there were smiles, blaze, beautiful. Bathed in sunshine and enchanting Lake, Western Australia's wild flowers are open more splendid, the world so much a poetic and romantic landscape. Whenever the wind rushed, flowers showing swaying swing will reveal, as if a song is played slowly moving music.

Gold Coast Hinterland and coral to its normally open flowers don't fail is famous all over the world.

Northwest Pilbara is rich in yellow Furong, Bluebell, stick cinnamon, mullahs spent; southern region you have many varieties of exotic flowers, orchids, honeypot child hellip; hellip; people feast their eyes on. Western Australia's wild flowers with taste, from their state flower kangaroo paw's name will be seen mdash mdash;; it open full petals like great climbing in the branches of a small Kangaroo paws. Western Australia there is a significant feature of the flowers is colourful and shiny, especially the little known as eternal (EverlastingDaisies) Chrysanthemum; Acacia (Wattle) is very representative of wildflowers of Western Australia, most of the Acacia tree to yellow, dingoes, to a distance, wilderness of Acacia from a large and a large, look very pleasing.

Western people like flowers, loves to air dry flowers decorate home, but the law prohibits the harvesting wild flowers, because in Western Australia one's heart, wildflowers is not only the unique wealth of nature give, the more they are precious treasure in life.

See here, if you have heart just hurry up and put WA into your travel plans after 11, select in the southern hemisphere Spring to Western Australia, travel experience even more unforgettable.

Genius of inspiration design global 15 large unique Museum

Many of the world's countries and regions in the design of the Museum is often the exquisite architectural art style.

United States the Huffington Post has selected 15 design is the most unique museums, France Paris Louvre, Centre Pompidou, the full list. It should be noted that the Chinese Zhang Lian Zhi design of porcelain tiles by plastered House, Bonny, Dandora.

1, Spain Bilbao gugenheim Museum (the Bilbao Guggenheim Museum)

The overall structure of the Museum by computer software design, 1997 the Museum a completed, Chi Mei's styling, specific structures and new materials from the world's attention.

Description: the building industry so 1990s human architecture-CHAN to star in creation, Bilbao gugenheim Museum undoubtedly belongs to the greatest of columns, and the Sydney Opera House, they are part of the future building ahead of Jonathan, is not where the language is written between the urban poetry.

2, Italy's National Art Museum of the 21st century (also known as the MAXXI)

The Museum is a British-born architect Jah Iraq middot; Hadid design, which lasted 10 years.

3 Jewish Museum in Berlin, Germany

The Museum of resembling the star of David.

4, Denver Art Museum, United States

Denver Art Museum is the most famous tourist attractions, the most eye-catching is the roof of irregular design.

But it is also for unusual structure makes the Museum over the years suffered the ingress of water and drainage.

5, the Museum of Islamic art, Qatar

The Museum consists of Chinese designers design, Yu ming shell is the Middle East's largest and most modern art museum, open to the public free of charge.

It is understood that the Bay Yu ming from Cairo in a 13th century mosque baptism fountain inspired design which has the geometry and mathematical beauty of the Museum. The Museum building is the best and most expensive: limestone from France, Hanaoka rocks from the United States, stainless steel on both sides from Germany, the pavement of the coconut tree is planted from Egypt and Jordan imported.

6, National Gallery, Osaka Japan

This building is located on the ground floor of the main structure, the architect of this Sabah middot; Perry has some visual effects extend to the floor and even the air.

The building stands for pond reeds with vitality.

7, France Arab world culture Museum

Museum of a wall designed insulation glass with 240 computer control device similar to a camera shutter, every hour will Flash once, keep indoor light always modest.

8, Pakistan Lahore Museum

9, Paris Louvre

Chinese-American architect Bei Yu ming in Louvre glass pyramid entrance design, when suffered to criticism.

But it turns out, the glass pyramid as Louvre brought more popularity.

10, the Chinese Zhang Lian Zhi design House of porcelain

Zhang Lian Zhi will own more than 20 years on the trail of rare and antique collection of tiles, in a French-style villas, quantity up to 7 million tablets; also includes 1.3 million pieces of antique porcelain, 300 statue statues in stone, ancient stone lions 300 Zun; hellip hellip; together they showed the world a world unique porcelain House.

11, Australia Graz Museum

Graz art form called the friendly alien

12, Brazil Niteroi contemporary art museum (Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum)

The museum looks like a dish, the UFO.

13, Norway glacier Museum

The Museum is created in the first place: to collect, create, communication glaciers and global warming.

14, Pompidou Centre, France

Pompidou Centre is a futuristic style architecture, the building consists of vertical and horizontal glass pipe, big glass walls and intricate steel frame.

In 1971, received the Pritzker Architecture Prize (Pritzker).

15, New York, United States; Rmiddot middot Solomon; the gugenheim Museum

Solomon middot; Rmiddot; gugenheim Museum is the architect Frank Lloyd Wright during his last big works.

Unfortunately, until Wright died after 6 months, the Museum was opened. Has become New York's famous landmark. (Yu huan)

Inventory of the top ten world aura of "flow"

Mountain is high the; water is not deep, the presense of a dragon hellip; hellip; from time immemorial, the river just pregnant with life, also pregnant with civilization, each river flows through the place is always a trace of humanity, Habitat where people without instructions from the River gods, so they do have some beautiful romantic but yet powerful tale, the legend with the cycle of the stream, the eternal, immortal achievement with a classic, so each river side has their own wonderful, to create a unique aura hellip; hellip;

1, Nile

Nile River as a world first and stands in the Nile ancient civilizations of Egypt, let it worthy to become the top hellip; hellip;

On the Nile, I think the most accurate to describe the mysterious mdash mdash;;, not only because of the mysterious Egypt civilization, but also the river continues today to the people of those mysterious legends,

Nile also allows local people have had unmatched artistic imagination.

Located in East Africa arid land that magnificent temples are rugged, and next to the winds flowing in stark contrast to the Nile River. Ancient Egypt many works of art are in a tough and no lack of feminine beauty.

According to legend, the goddess koycegiz, love each other, with her husband, the husband killed killed 1, koycegiz, burst into tears, tears cried into the Nile River, the river water in the water, causing flooding in spate.

Each year, the June 17 or 18, Egypt people for this grand festivities, known as tears for the night. In this fairy tale, we are not hard to see that people on the Nile River deep feelings.

2, yellow

Although the Changjiang River is longer, the water is even parents, but the whole world knows is the yellow is the Chinese people, as the mother River, we are singing songs in defence of the revolution of the Yellow River grew up, we have used the metaphor of a rooster yellow heart artery as stately of civilization is originated in the Yellow River hellip; hellip;

Yellow River gave birth to civilization, but also a somewhat brutal, personality of rivers, from ancient times to the present, yellow seems to have been a major event of chiefs, slightly careless, the anger of the Yellow River up enough to destroy all of civilization, therefore, it was also said that China's history is a history of the Ministry of water resources, and the history of the protagonist is the Majesty of the Yellow River, it is no wonder that there is an old saying yellow nine 18 Crescent curved, supernatural hellip; hellip;

3, Volga

Volga because the fire in the columns of the Volga is famous for its wine, the Volga is Europe's largest rivers, but also the world's largest river, flows in the world largest countries, of course, is the country's mother River, so I have to admit that the Volga is a special rivers.

For the first impressions of the Volga from primary school textbooks on the Volga River boat Tracker ", when only the feelings of those boat Tracker sad fate, certainly did not see the Volga thunderous.

While Volga indeed also is famous for its boat Tracker world, boatmen, spirits of the Volga, although not enough culture tag, but also don't be nice have a charm hellip; Russia; hellip

4, Elbe

Elbe as one of Europe's small and medium-sized rivers, visibility is not high, in fact, it is the most beautiful rivers in Europe, European-style beauty of typical representative.

Elbe river flows through the most beautiful Czech and tidy landscapes-sur-Germany, is the petty bourgeoisie of best images, church choir, Riverside Villa group, European-style dock hellip; hellip;

5, the Danube

Strauss's song "Blue Danube" is sufficient to let the whole world to revel in the beauty of the Danube River, the beautiful romance is the Danube is the most appropriate adjectives.

The Blue Danube is a moving story: a story of forget-me-nots.

Knight and lovers in the Danube side walk, clear River bloom pale blue flowers, lovers spoiledRoad: I want that flower blue flowers. However, that flower long edge in dangerous rapids. Knight didn't hesitate to go immediately to the flower girls picking, when he handed the flower lovers, because of the sudden waves, let him fall River, he only had to shout to: Please don't forget me hellip; hellip;

The world's top 5 Beach terror

1, Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro on small-scale crime and its party scene as is famous for.

According to the locals, the day Rio de Janeiro is the world's most exciting cities, but the local population and tourists, the crime is one of the major problems on the ground. Murder crime rate is relatively high, 2007 each week about nearly 30 people were killed, most victims are mugging, stray bullets or drug victims of terrorist acts. So, if you think of Rio de Janeiro's most famous beach holiday, not too interesting, expensive camera away and cash accumulation.

2, Northern Territory Australia

Northern Territory Australia


To Australia northern coast beaches, especially those located in the Northern Territory's Beach holiday, can be a dangerous thing.

There including sharks, rays, fish and marine life of jellyfish, can make tourists injured or even killed. All visitors to the Northern Territory are told not to swim, because there is a local cartridge jellyfish, toxicity. In 100 years, there have been 60 deaths, requiring hospital treatment of people are countless. In some deserted Beach, you can see alligators and freshwater crocodile River estuary, this is also a cannot guard.

3, based upon the via United States Hawaii


Choquequirau 维亚 Hawaii United States

In the East of the Hawaiian island of volcanic origin, you need to pay attention not to the local wildlife, and is the active volcanoes of lava.

Every day, from Lao via volcanic lava flow-out will flow to the sea, this situation has continued for 25 years. United States Geological Survey also regularly warning tourists. Every year to witness the lava flows into the ocean in Hawaii by millions of tourists, which led to an increase in the new land area. However, if you have any visitors who dare to go on these new land, it can only be asking for trouble, because these new land often collapse, falling into the sea.

4, Bikini Island, Micronesia, Marshall Islands

Bikinis Island, Micronesia, Marshall Islands

In 1946-1958, the United States has been in bikini test nuclear weapons on the island, the island in the tourist area of reputation can be not so good.

The Islands offer scuba diving, fishing, bathing, and history, and other activities. However, Bikini island will always be a suspicious of tourism. In 1954, the United States bombing a nuclear warheads Castle Bravo (at that time, for the greatest test of nuclear warheads), on the island after a large range of radioactive contamination. Micronesia residents also therefore moved to his land. The world's top 5 Beach terror

5, boorowa Shire Florida United States

Boorowa Shire Florida United States

On the beach might encounter another danger is the retreat trend.

But the United States boorowa Shire's retreat trend is most dangerous. Last year, there will be 10 swimmers in Cocoa Beach and the trend for exit Merida I. and drowned. Retreat trend is a swimmer can be taken away from the coast, on the water a strong current of water. United States Lifesaving Association found that there is a lifeguard Beach, 80% of drowning are back the tide.