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Explore resorts Morocco mysterious North Africa Garden (photo)

Located in the northern part of Africa, Morocco, for most Chinese people, is a mysterious country.

Morocco has a unique geographical location, the Eastern Mediterranean in the Atlantic Ocean in the North of the guard of the portal, the Strait of Gibraltar. Southern and eastern borders of the Sahara desert. Central is the highest peak Atlas mountains of North Africa. Cross the Atlas mountains, passing through blocked from Sahara desert heat, allowing excessive hot climate from Morocco, many different geological landform, brilliant Islamic culture, here with rich tourism resources, on mystery of attraction of tourists, every year there are innumerable European tourists come here on holiday travel.

Casablanca's rickquot; s cafe Interior

On the edge of the Sahara ait-ben-hadu small village.

Defensive residences, world heritage.

White Casablanca

Casablanca fame, definitely not as Morocco this country great.

The shooting in 1940s Hollywood famous film "Casablanca", so that the city has rather noisy. Interpretation of the movie, Casablanca is a romantic city.

Almost off the plane, I fell in love with the Atlantic side of the city.

An airport gate, eyes, ears of tropical plants from crisp fascinating birds, Atlantic sea breeze brings cool hellip; hellip;

In the morning, I came to Casa's old town, old building, slightly worn Street, making it more with a number of vicissitudes.

Morning light shines in the Medina (Medina) of walls and towers, light and warm. Here, see metropolis that noisy in the morning, to rush to work, there is occasionally a car and leisurely.

The morning of the Hassan II mosque, no-one over the square.

Eyes, big Xuan Li Tower, in the morning twilight. Compared with the old dilapidated, here is another world: a clean square, the luxurious temple gate, beautiful fountains. Hassan II mosque, the world's most modern mosque, it is sufficient for Morocco people proud.

Leave the Hassan II mosque, along the beautiful coast road all the way to go to anfa beach.

Anfa beach is casa cannot miss the landscape. Because of its beautiful Atlantico scenery, also because this used to be the origin of the casa. Anfa, was once a Berber people of the small fishing village. Now here is a rich residential area. Their big, beautiful beaches, luxury hotels, luxury restaurant, Palm Boulevard, this is today's anfa.

Walking in the beautiful Palm Avenue anfa, see backlighting-mark in some Misty, Hassan II, Xuan Li Tower, and the Sun was a warm glow and shines on the shoulder.

Atlantic waves lapped Beach from time to time, as well as shore-based rock. Such good weather and the Sun, from time to time encounter morning people, give you a more brilliant than the Sun smiles.

Casa most romantic part of the course belongs to Rick Cafe (Rickquot; s cafeacute;).

Everyone knows Rickquot; s cafeacute; hellip; hellip; however, not everyone knows, the movie "North Africa" is in fact a lens spies lurking in not filmed in the casa.

Real movie, Hollywood Studio. And realistic version of Rickquot; s cafeacute; that is a member of the United States who have a passion for film, modelled on the movie scene construction of simulation products. At the Casa, you just have to call a taxi, the driver said Rickquot; s cafeacute; that will smooth arrival Rick Cafe. Here every day an endless stream of tourists come here, coffee shop, a small Hall, to show the film "Casablanca", as well as the theme song of the movie: time flies As time goes by.

Once again, return to the city through casa train station, I have to leave for Marrakech (marrakech).

Everything about romantic legends, stay in Casablanca.

Marrakesh Djemaa el Fna square

Red Marrakech

In Morocco, Marrakech (marrakech) is a city that cannot be missed, because it connects the important North-South thing, more due to its ancient and modern, urban style coexistence of numerous monuments, gardens, the world-famous old town (Medina), not the night square Djemaa el Fnahellip; hellip;

These years getting about, seen too many square.

Djemaa el Fna as so so lightStrange land away from the Plaza, or let me dumbfounded! although positive Muslim month of Ramadan, here still excites, absolute descriptions in our storytelling: sell water, medicine and sell fish butcher, drums, brush snake, the potential strength of the storytellers, fortune telling, reselling fragrances, robes and body of the locals, tourists, dressed in their heads from the surface of the Muslim woman, short dress European female tourists hellip; hellip; everything. This is the square, where is Chinese temple!

Palanquins Djemaa el Fna square more than during the day.

During Ramadan, the fasting the day people have toward the center of the square. The air is filled with a mixture of various food taste, all enveloped in barbecue spread of smoke. Music-music, vendors cries, bargain, with horse-drawn carriage of bells sound, strong impact to your ear drum.

Djemaa el Fna is a live stage.

You can see thousands of years of life day after day the locals, they like living history textbooks. Marrakech, because the Djemaa el Fna square is full of infinite vitality. Here you can see another kind of survival.

Majorelle gardens in Marrakech

In the early morning of Marrakech, is another world.

The noise of the Djemaa el Fna square, this quiet simplicity. Medina Lane, also in deep sleep. I prefer the old city at this time. While we didn't get up, I went into the Medina.

Map of the Medina, is useless, because you will always get lost, it is better to simply put aside map, let yourself get lost in the old town of Marrakech red.

Do not know how old the town go, I walked to the edge of the city walls of brown red. The walls of a dozen kilometers long, Marrakesh, split into two different worlds. The wall is a modern city walls, is a Millennium old city. Whereas the Marrakesh, daily shuttle in and outside the city walls, such as exchanges between the Millennium. The charm of Marrakech seems to be hidden in the old city of housing estate, the city wall. The old city walls, houses, mosques, are red-brown, and outside the city walls, buildings are also new appear brown red, in the morning and sunset, across the Marrakesh, was a sea of red.

Fez, walked through the streets of woman.

Multicolored fish Thebes

Dreyfus is Morocco's oldest an imperial city.

Its history is the history of Morocco.

The ancient city of Medina Dreyfus, there is a lot of embellishments, narrow elongated, hundred thousand turn back alley.

Shops in the Medina, the legend of up to 9 000. Walking in the Millennium guxiang, and take the ass of the locals know, smell the infamous quot quot;; leather smell, look at the colorful colorful shops, ears from time to time there came the chisel hammer stonemasons, acoustic, copper shop sweet jingle, and children's laughter hellip; hellip; this time, man has been over a thousand years, but still lives.

In the Medina of handicrafts, leather industry is definitely the most famous of Dreyfus.

Fez leather shop

Approaching the ancient Place as-Seffarine Plaza, there will be a strange taste test your sense of smell, follow this pungent smell, the notorious leather dye.

Walk into a store, and send my boss intimate a mint, used to disperse the pungent smell of stinky leather.

Walk along the narrow staircase to the roof, a red orange yellow, blue, Indigo, violet dye VAT of, with odor, immediately appear in the eyes. In the midst of the old houses surrounded by, those colorful dye VAT matrix. The work of the workers, barefoot in the dyeing bath, some infection leather, brandished a knife repair fur, mixing dyes hellip; hellip; in Morocco, under the scorching sun, they not only need hard work, but also bear the dyeing bath with the odor. See this scene, the heart is a bit of emotions, the feelings really cannot simply be described with shock.

Dreyfus is the world's very few maintain traditional leather dyeing methods.

Local people use the donkey will be transported to the mill, leather, leather repair clean, put in the dyeing bath soak, softening, and then cleaning, dyeing, drying and sent to a processing plant processed into a variety of leather products.

Once upon a time, leather dyeing are natural dyes.

For example, green is Mint, Brown is the henna. But now, many businesses are using chemical dyes. Dreyfus's women, increasingly important task of hosting the tour.

In 1981, Dreyfus was listed the world cultural heritage list, it is said that the ancient city of extra points for Fils dye VAT.

Marrakesh not night Plaza, Gallery tubia mosque.

Sunset in the Sahara

Discovering Saharan

To Morocco, how could you miss the Sahara? When I saw through the window of the desert, crossing the Atlas mountains in the student prefers instantaneous dissipated.

A Berber people, take a camel in the desert slowly forward, Amazigh Sahara blue, golden yellow, sand dunes, near distance camel, everything is like a beautiful picture of nature.

This is the Sahara? those given the sand of the Sahara life, well, sometimes as dancing silk, sometimes as heavy sliding chocolate, I was just in contact with it in that moment, he gave me a strong visual impact.

When our team riding camels, walking in the desert, the Sun has almost fallen, sunset yinghong the horizon, the endless desert, has become completely red.

Everyone's face, all with excitement. Camel team United Kingdom visitors jumped with excitement, the camel in the desert and toss, scream, laugh!

Night of the Sahara, mysterious little terrorist.

The sky and the dunes, at this point seems to be completely aligned, the dark cannot distinguish between one another, Breeze, you even can hear the voices of the sand. Pillow sand Tao, the stars, I could not sleep, I think San Mao, the dream Street to the Saharan hair woman.

You just have a dawn, our Amazigh Wizard will kneel in the desert on a morning ceremony.

He led us to see the sunrise. In the morning shine, party of oblique shadow, quietly in the flow of the desert.

Sahara, always has an endless charm.

Morocco travel gonglue

1. history of Morocco

Morocco regions, is the earliest inhabitants of Amazigh.

7th century, the Arabs into and establishment in the 8th century the first Arab Kingdom. Now the Alawi dynasty founded in 1660. From the 15th century onwards, the Western powers have invaded. In October 1904, France and Spain signed carved in sphere of the agreement. Protectorate in 1912 became France. 1956 independence March 2. Set the name of 1957 to the Kingdom of Morocco.

2. not to be missed tourist attractions

Morocco tourism resources are abundant, there are a lot of attractions not to be missed.

1) Morocco West Atlantic, southern port city Agadir (Agadir) is ideal for a holiday.

The style of the hotel, bar stretch from the Atlantic coast. Many Europeans to this holiday, not only can you enjoy sea, Sun, you can find the distinctive golf. Agadir Morocco tourism income therefore became the largest city.

2) AIT middot; this middot; hadu Ait-Ben-Haddou Ksar of

From Marrakech to go to the Sahara desert journey, will undergo an Atlas of small village: Ait-Ben-Haddou, this humble small village, have filmed over famous movies such as Lawrence of Arabia, Overlord iron King Kong, Alexander the great, and so on.

Ait-Ben-Haddou was originally a built in medieval defensive residences ksar, or call the kasbah.

All these defensive residences in local structures of Saharan laterite, every household is connected to the housing can be a flourishes a ruined. It is said that most of these buildings from the early 12th century, was here banditry, locals built such a housing that makes the whole village is easy keep difficult to attack. These buildings because of great local features and award-winning American film director.

3) Blue town of Chefchaouen

Located in the Rif mountains of Chefchaouen, is the Blue Ocean.

The entire city, doors, Windows, e-mail, signs, and even ground, are various color blue, is a quiet and mysterious town.

4) Marrakech of Majorelle gardens

Majorelle Gardens located in Newcastle in Marrakesh.

It originally belonged to France artist Jacques Majorelle, he worked on design and construction of this garden, from all over the world from a variety of plants, the construction of the Cactus Garden, vine promenade, Lotus pond, the bamboo grove trail hellip; hellip; Garden, filled with artists like blue. This was later known as blue, Majorelle blue.

Majorelle gardens were later fashion guru Yves middot; Saint middot; Laurent buy.

Yves middot; Saint middot; Laurent infinite love this garden. Nearly 30 years ' time, every spring, the master will stay Ma-jorelle garden. After his death, ashes scattered in the garden too.

3. visa information

Morocco Embassy to Chinese citizens personal tourist visa.

Information: 1, 1-inch color photos, background no requirements; 2, 3 monthsBank account exchanges information; 3, passport, copy; 4, jobs that (mainly for information including jobs, wages, service life, ensure timely repatriation); 5, round-trip ticket orders; 6, application form (available at the Embassy for complete).

4, language, currency and other

Using Arabic Morocco, French national traffic, some areas can speak Spanish, English-speaking people.

Morocco currency is dirham Dhs, 8 1 dollar about Exchange dirhams

5, how to

Domestic direct Morocco is not currently subject to the approval of Europe or the Middle East.

6, local traffic

Morocco's largest city, the train is developed.

From the Casa is the train to Marrakesh and Philippine Thebes.

Go to other small, only rely on the shuttle bus or taxi.

City traffic, the need to rely on taxis.

Morocco's taxi into large and small, the prices are different. Before boarding, or talk to the driver about the price, or asking drivers to play table.

7, religion

Morocco is an Islamic country.

In addition to the Casa for the Hassan II mosque, the mosque refused to non-Muslims. Local photo sensitive filming, it is best to go through their consent, even though the male compatriots are no exception.

In addition, during the holy month of Ramadan, preferably not in public places to eat.

8, accommodation

Travel in Morocco, at least to night with local characteristics of riads riad, a Moorish-style courtyard.

Around the building, the Atrium is a small garden in the middle of the fountain, surrounded with flowers. In the Atrium, and innkeepers talk everyday matters, sent out at noon on hot days, is very comfortable.

9, security

Morocco more poor people, infrequently theft activity.

On female tourists, did not rule out the possibility that meet a certain degree of sexual harassment.

The old Medina Morocco, streets are dense as the Cobweb, proposed recommendation, official tourist guide, not only to the wizard, to help you learn more about, you can also do a bodyguard.

Usually the cost of the official guide to 150-200Dhs every day.

Japan's Hot Springs Village

Japan-Hakone Hot Springs Village

Hakone is Japan tourist destination.

About 40 million years ago of volcanic activity subsided, the Hakone mountain formation, nbsp; Hakone Springs, lakes and other natural landscapes. From Hakone caldera of green grass and trees around the Lake ASHI, the elevation for the volcanic Lake 724 m, with an area of 7 square kilometers, the deepest lake up to 45 m and lake shore line up to 20 km. Sunny is covered with snow all the year round you can see the Mt. Fuji. Finally a crater is owakudani, all white smoke fills the air, often profuse with sulfur gases. Now has owakudani Natural Science Museum, in kind, slide, model, etc. about Hakone landscape. There are tours Hakone from all angles of the cable car, mountain tram and aerial cable car. Hakone seven (seven Spa) is located on the East coast of Lake ASHI's Hakone sekisho, is an area of 198 m2 of woodwork warehouse, is set in the Edo shogunate. Gateway is also displayed at the time of the identity card, pedestrian shot, long broadsword, heritage more than 1000, and the statue of the inspectors are now listed as a protected heritage.

Taipei most likely encountered the star of the night market

Taipei Shilin night market

Orchestra natural volume in the afternoon air taxi forest night market, Ayumi underwear to Taiwan a concert in the plane of the first station, Hsuan childhood favorite puppet theatre and Opera, CEO Kai-Fu Lee also in the United States has entertained with ice and Tempura hellip; hellip;

A division of the Cape on the 7th, "Let us look again focusing on the island of Taiwan.

But do you know? to Taiwan's tourists love to go is not a '
In the mountains, not the Sun, not the National Palace Museum, not 101, but with unlimited delicious and fashion bargains night market! learn a city quickest way from Mao's ' Ka Malasang ' Bazaar, taste of Taiwan.

Shihlin night market

Orchestra natural volume in the afternoon air taxi forest underwear.

Ayumi to Taiwan a concert in the plane of the first station. Hsuan childhood favorite puppet theater and Opera. CEO Kai-Fu Lee in the United States also preoccupied with ice and Tempura. Orchestra I is SB always night noisy eat eat and drink and drink to dawn. Mdash mdash;; Shihlin night market is the city's most famous night market, Taipei is all you have to go places.

Shihlin night market can be divided into two most, a it is opposite the Tsu Cheng Gong; a market snacks is centered at theatres, including Ping Street, Big East, Man Lam Road enclosed areas; this is attached to the two actually, in scope, snacks, clothes shops, shoe shops, shoes stores, jewelry shop, and various types of scattering is lined, feast for the eyes, it is important that cheap.

Here is the probability of encountering Taiwan's biggest stars, recovery live them with zero distance to eat snacks, so lined up to buy things.

Taipei night market

First to a Taiwan people love Oyster FRY, then to one of the most famous of the market pie Pack small cake, with a cup of 30 years of Taiwan Orthodox ice products

Old ice shop signboard tomato and Ginger Sauce, insurance is a glass of freshly squeezed juice, and smelt, played, Vicky Chen together toe the line up waiting to eat frogs lay eggs, powder circles Q to paparazzi photo help, size S and Andy Lau common hobby duck tongue, Rene Liu love that fresh produce no more than 20 minutes of mango ice hellip; hellip; Ma Ying-jeou can breath eat three bowls of beef already couldn't eat? there are pig soup, meat balls, Linda sausage, fried, stewed pork ribs drug package, Dongshan duck head, porcine blood pudding, Octopus, coffin Choi plate hellip; hellip; are also too late to try it! to 40 years of bitter tea shop, go to a bowl of follow 7 generations of ancestral old recipe, using 36 Chinese time-consuming processing of embittered, super hard in General, super hard and bitter tea, xiaoshi extinction, and warfare.

Food for the human spirit, will not be inferior to a book is a good movie, and even richer and more.

As the spring at purging of the last movie, Tony Leung, Buenos Aires from southern hemisphere alone back to Taipei, not seen Zhang Zhen, Shihlin night market to find his parents drove snack shop. He sat down and point out a bowl of signboards snacks, mist and transpiration of taste gradually warms the cold thin drifting through adults. Leave

He said, I finally understand why Andy can happily on the outside, because he knew he had a place to come back.

Taipei night market food

The more attractive the night in Taipei

At the night market, Taipei City Cafe near the most densely populated areas, including the famous cat shop (with cat, cat people aggregation service), and Mo! music relax and good drink no coffee.

Nanjing East Road, fifth paragraph 123 lane Chen wok (24hr), Chengde road livelihood West Road of atong pilfering four gods soup, Liaoning Street Matsu noodle (24hr)

Or rehabilitation of the entire row on the road, porridge, are the more bustling Vietnam night late-night snacks.

Taiwan's red Hot night market!

Kenting: Hengchun night street

Features: as a "Cape No. 7, Kenting and Hengchun fire.

Those wonderfully vendors very watchable, Taipei's advertising creative guy, Kaohsiung office workers to this sea village, has become a scenic Kenting and cheap to burst. Fashionable girl jewelry, new fancy accessories ecial.

src="http://www.itravelqq.com/uploadfile/2010/1109/20101109044506172.jpg" />

Taipei night market food

Kaohsiung: Luk Hop night market

Characteristics: seafood particularly shellfish such as fried abalone antiquata, etc.

Local snacks, such as steamed cakes made of clay, Transnet, charcoal grilled steak, chicken now
Miscellaneous, vegetables, of small, bear, Tsai, has a long history of old peanut, seafood, rice, etc.

Taichung: fengjia night market

Features: the cradle of many snacks.

Weekday crowd every day about 3 million people, holidays for more than 10 million passengers. Fengjia night market to vulgar aside a large bowl, pan-fried, famous for its large package of the small intestine. Fengjia 4-in-1, honey lemon pepper kelibing, Aloe, and lazy shrimp, have originated in this.

Tips: the best comes with napkins and night market is usually not the table, are packed away.

Other products:

Keelung Temple night market: Keelung Temple night market, enjoy 365 species of the highest in all of Taiwan.

Fresh-Argyle Street night market: in recent years because of antique shops and art shop, create a custom color and nostalgic flavor.

Taoyuan tourist night market: local snacks, folk crafts, cold drinks, hot food, confectionery, tea, etc., especially in the most famous traditional snacks.

Hsinchu City Temple night market: in the case of three-level monuments of Hsinchu City temple founded in Qing dynasty, temples are large bazaar at 24 hours a day.

Taj Mahal India because of the love and glory

In the eyes of the Taj Mahal is a synonym for India.

This is known as the seven wonders of the world's magnificent mausoleum, as the great wall, concentrated to a great nation and civilization for thousands of years of brilliant culture.

It has been said that neither the international dignitaries or ordinary visitor to India, but, even if the schedule is busy, out of time to pay their respects at the South of New Delhi is located 200 km from the Taj Mahal.

However, most people's speech to the Taj Mahal, too unfair, because at the Taj Mahal is learned.

Taj Mahal is the Mughal dynasty emperor Shahjahan as my dear Tai Ji middot; Mahar made.

It is rumored that Shahjahan heard my dear to him, was a night of old age. To commemorate otaegui, not relinquished the beauty of the King gave the whole country, consumption of countless money, spent 22 years to built the Taj Mahal, the glittering and translucent.

The King wanted to in the River opposite for ourselves an identical black mausoleum, separated by half white and half black marble bridge connection, and my dear relative while sleeping.

Who knows the Taj Mahal has just completed soon, its children are siblings killed brother to usurp the operating table, he is imprisoned in the not far from the Taj Mahal Agra Fort. Since then a whole 8 years Shahjahan only through the small window every day, in grief and looking at the distance of the Taj Mahal in the river floating shadows until death.

Local people say that, despite the 300 years of the Taj Mahal has been Majesty on both sides of the stand two dark Red Mosque as it shows that despite the daily total from all over the world and thousands of visitors, but the Taj Mahal is a lonely, lonely, just like the one who loses the unsurpassed in the murmuring of the Jumna River stop expecting the best return.

Because of the Taj Mahal-holistic with snow-white marble bricks, wall, door and window sculpture with fine pattern, thus early-late different time to see the Taj Mahal, always have a different feel.

Zhaoxia rises, rising a red Sun with Jumna River went the morning fog, as if to the Taj Mahal from sleep, it was quiet.

After hundreds of years, it has long been making unconcernedly grooming dressed and ready smile eight guests.

Noon to blue sky and white clouds overhead, Taj Mahal, foot pedal and blue green trees, in South Asia has always stood out in the glare of the Sun, the more tranquil, shining out come.

Wait until the evening, the Taj Mahal ushered in its day the most charming.

Sun glow at the Taj Mahal, white grey yellow, starting from Golden, gradually becomes pink, anhong, cyan, along with the rising of the Moon, the final regression into silver, the wishers of visitors of the Moon light curtain, the breeze, the Taj Mahal soon Ann bedding is especially elegant chic and bright charming.

Because Vista's differences, Taj Mahal probably is the world's only one early-late check out fares to different attractions.

For India domestic visitors, daytime only 20 rupees (US $ 1 equals 42 India rupee), and before 7 a.m. or after 17: 00 pm all rose to 110 rupees.

India is famous for its hot, world, (4)、wide 47 degrees Celsius above all in the burning sun barbecue, Taj Mahal is like a large fireball, outward flows to the bright white light.

Before going to visit at this time, it is conceivable that want to take a photo and sometimes even my eyes open.

JI ling is located in a building with three or four layers

Ceiling height of marble base, tourists across the corridor, pool, go through the gate to the grave, to pick up the order, you must first take off my shoes to show respect, even if the foreign dignitaries are no exception.

If the change in the svw season, his bare foot in white marble, as India people described by walking on a cloud, a meal.

While in summer the terrace is a great risk of his hot steaming plate, feet hot badly, visitors had to platform bounce to fast forward, from a distance, which is like dancing.

Crazy for white collar ... four romantic holiday paradise

November is the number of white-collar workers choose to leave time, many people choose to go out just traveled.

Our suggestion is that you can pick a relaxing body and mind of destination, to spend an enjoyable romantic journey.

Recommended: Nepal


Recommended reason: Nepal has been hailed as the mysterious realms, where trees, there are countless of snowy mountains, is very charming scenery.

In each of the 11, 12 month is Nepal's best season, warm and pleasant, is entitled to annual leave of white-collar workers are rare.

Recommended game:

In November of each year, are the best ornamental Nepal snow season.

Boccara this world renowned place absolutely not to be missed, especially suitable for holiday and mountaineering adventure Alice and photography enthusiasts can sit quietly in the clear surface of the Lake WA costs small cafe lounge trance, you can also choose this season to enjoy sunny hiking, mountaineering, in-depth experience the skies of the towering snow-capped mountains. In addition, the Himalayas, snow-viewing platform of Naggar profiles, featured in the November dry season in the morning or at dusk, the everlasting snow Kyoho rendering a peaceful Golden moment, without worrying about other season fog color diffuse and irresistible beauty of snowy mountains.

Nepal Northern trees park also worth at a glance.

The most famous of Chitwan National Park, the Park brings together all kinds of wild fauna and flora, tourists can take an elephant through the jungle adventure, the encounter of Asian-specific roofing rhino and Bengal tiger and other rare animals, enjoy photographing rare animals living in subtle. In addition, Hinduism, Buddhism, a Palace building is also an attractive Nepal, Kathmandu, the capital, may wish to experience the Nepal the rich cultural and religious heritage.


Transport: direct flights from Guangzhou in Kathmandu Nepal, Nepal from Tibet to avoid the dangers.

And Nepal in transportation more convenient, but transport is outdated, their prices are low.

Accommodation: Nepal is earlier open tour, l 30 years before the construction of a five-star hotel has so far remained very high occupancy rate.

Various types of hotel Hotel many, whether team or tours, accommodation will not be a problem.

Gastronomy: comparison of spice Nepal catering especially, many people are accustomed to, it is recommended to bring some drinks dry food.

The local climate is hot, do not eat raw food as possible in order to prevent gastroenteritis.

Recommended sites: Australia

Romantic Lavender

Recommended reason: Australia Sydney and Melbourne, flowers, you can discover the unique taste of Australia, the grape wine tasting high-end, or you can enjoy the balmy spring beauty, wonderful gold rush tour.

Recommended game:

Wine is Australia's specialty, it is recommended that you must go to the Sydney suburb of the Hunter Valley.

It is a very famous vineyard area, storage of the many years of red wine. Manor of the wine House have their own characteristics, in the House with the bottle, liquor, and demonstrate, then directly to the huge wooden barrel to move into the House. Product finished drink, you can sit and watch the Hunter Valley family wagon field of beautiful scenery. And like fresh things visitors may wish to boldly go to taste the crocodile meat, Kangaroo meat or Australian EMU meat.

Spring/summer season is the perfect season to season in Australia, one of the most popular non-Melbourne Lavender Manor of lavender flowers.

Looking to the past, the vast expanse of purple flowers as a soft carpet fill the whole earth, Breeze, breezy flower aroma, pleasant. After the Melbourne dredge Finn gold field a funny xunjin tour and experience the charm of classical town.


Accommodation: from luxurious five-star hotels to budget hotels and facilities are very well equipped.

For economic tour of tourists can choose various youth hostels, backpackers hotel and motel, prices are very cheap.

Cuisine: various restaurants that will satisfy all tastes, very diverse visitors.

As for the cuisine, tourists can taste the various types of seafood such as abalone, Oyster, crab, lobster and King Salmon, etc., and unique Kangaroo meat was worth a try.

Recommendation: the dead sea

The dead sea

Recommended reason: the dead sea is a landlocked Lake, the water of high salinity made here are extraordinary buoyancy, let dry ducks can enjoy floating in the water sinking of uploaded! December each year to the next February, here's

Temperature is maintained at around 25 ° c, so this is the most suitable to the dead sea all year round tourism.

Recommended game:

Water flows into the dead sea's art has been enriched with minerals, accumulation in the soil on the shore, and applies to the skin or joint disorders, with very high therapeutic effect of the mud.

Therefore, effortlessly float in the dead sea, dead sea mud and daub skin are people came to the dead sea for the specified program. Here is the promised land of arthritis patients, the cause of the climate is dry, joint diseases as long as the body Pro, will feel symptoms eased.

The Sun is coming to the dead sea travel should not be missed.

Here, one can at long time exposure to have therapeutic effects of the Sun's rays, with year round sunshine and desert environments, resulting in the rapid evaporation of the dead sea water, allowing it to breathe air has a relatively high concentration of oxygen and bromine, people feel very comfortable. If travel time relatively abundant, may wish to schedule a tour of the dead sea spa. In this quarter the permanent, one year and summer sunny days more than 330 days of beautiful environment, let the body soak in natural sulphur mineral water pool, tend to bring unexpected benefits for health.


Weather: the weather is dry, less than 40 mm annual rainfall average relative humidity is 34% mdash; 50%; average maximum daytime temperatures from 20 ° c in January to July of 39 ° c, warm spring and autumn.

Transport: from Tel Aviv, by car only takes 2 hours to reach; Israel around scheduled bus services.

Accommodation: from popular hotels to luxury villa and spa resorts, camping campsite and holiday village, here.

Recommended: Turkey


Recommended reason: Turkey bordering the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea, across two continents.

Turkey due to its long history, beautiful natural landscape and environment, and eclectic mix of multicultural, become the world's tourists longing for.

Recommended game:

Kapa doch Asia is in the heart of Turkey.

Located in the Asia-Pacific Kapa doch open-air Museum Bremen cells, it is a cover dozens of medieval cave Church of world heritage. Many churches are decorated with colorful within religious scenes of frescoes. This strange place is the most famous underground city, the big crossing maze, caves and channel seven layers. 36 seat and small underground city in Kapa doch Asia was found, the underground city every seat has a kitchen, cellar and olive mill, dining room, stables, bedroom, storage room, deep well, vents or even a church.

The Fort is located in southwest Turkey cotton, so lovely name, derived from its looks like fill cotton Castle.

The so-called cotton, is poured from the mountain spring water, of Office after thousands of years of sedimentation, forming dense calcification overlapped by the semicircular white natural limestone ladder, look like a big flower big cotton flower stands in hills, more like dyed white big terraces, Turkey called it Fort cotton.

Fort spring cotton in depth, some only and ankles and waist, some can.

Due to the hot springs of cotton Castle is free of charge, to the spas of an endless stream of visitors. Especially in the hot summer, a soft, cool springs more thanks to the miracle of mother nature gave.


Currency: US $ 100 in Turkey wraps 30 million of Turkey money shopping dollars can also be, is a good place for shopping.

Time difference: Turkey time later than 6 hours in China.

Taboo: Turkey's taboo mainly religious in nature, such as the sanctity of the mosque, Muslims banned pork meat and wine, Christian taboo 13, etc.