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Learn the secret of the Expo Russia Hall Alice fairy tale City (photos)

Russia Hall appearance is full of national customs, looks like the castle of the dwarven Kingdom?

Exhibition building is like a flower, a tree of life-like, 12 petals forming the top of the Tower, the performance of the cutout pattern Russia different nationalities in the decorative features.

At night, the Tower of Platinum color becomes black, red, gold, three colors add symbolize Russia's traditional culture. The Tower of the winds to the central square of the roots of civilization cubic meters, forming a human form. The external decoration components can be freely arranged to form a huge activity screen wall.

The former Soviet Union's famous children's literature House Nicolas middot; Nosov believes that the best city should be the most popular children's favorite city.

Russia Museum interior design concept is derived from Nosov works the ignorance, and strive to render the adventures of a beautiful, sophisticated, full of fairy Garden City of the children. Hall divided into flower city, Sun and moon city, full of humour, kid's scenery, visitors will be the secret road feel many mysterious and interesting discovery, these findings are from Russia, children and young scientists of the creation of inventions and technological achievements.

Sun City

Exhibition of design inspiration comes from Russia writer Nosov, as depicted in the ideal city.

City, storing solar flowers, fruit shape of the House, a giant Dragonfly styling of the Windmill, bio-fuels for vehicles can be seen everywhere. In the first floor of the central zone, the designers of the child perspective ideas towns and buildings model, such as flying balcony, activity House and artificial Sun, etc.

Giant big pumpkin

If you are bringing their children to visit the Shanghai World Expo's parents, a Museum must not be missed, it is Russia Museum.

Giant Dragonfly-like windmills, climbing up the morning glory, gene therapy, EEG interactive software, the urban transport system.

With little Alice tour Russia Museum

Dog eyes and big country garden

Entering Russia Museum, as if to a fantastic fairy tale world.

Lotus, morning glory, mushrooms, strawberries, Windmill hellip; hellip; all the scene than the real thing enlarged several times, more than ten times or even dozens of times. Even adults wander among them, will immediately feel their own small, unknowingly began with the child's perspective around the Valley. This is what Russia's intention, in accordance with the Museum of Russia Museum Art programme designers Boris middot; krasnov, Russia Museum design philosophy is to render a beautiful, sophisticated, full of fairy children garden city whose main audience are families with children.

Morning glory wall

If you watched the movie ' where da ", you must remember the new Pandora's Star appearance: facing the clouded sky, tree, the whole planet is a green home, while Russia Museum is by your side Pandora.

Whether it is climbing up the morning glory or canopy of sunflower as large as, or better to drop the Strawberry fruit, full of nature's colours everywhere, brimmed with natural vitality.

The Museum has Russia style show

Along the various plants around the path, you can continue to meet the future wearing clothing, scientific knowledge-rich little scientist friends, each of them is a certain aspects of future technology expert, explaining the universe to the audience the scene, computer, medicine, energy, nuclear and nano-related scientific knowledge.

A variety of future human scientific ideas, all in accordance with the children's thinking to design and display, with around adult fairy Garden State in General, visitorsKeep a sense of novelty. Press stop to explain small scientists use tidal energy generation in front of a screen, a 10-year-old left little scientists with delicate accent and is not standard Chinese, with easy-to-sketch map of the entire generation process CrystalClear, their lovely performance also attracted numerous visitors of the same age.

Castle of etiquette, is not remind you of the Charlie chocolate factory "?

At the top of the Hall, is a simulation of the stars and the space station components of virtual sky, although both belong to the high technology, but also took the children easier to understand and accept the card.

Walk in the green garden path, the top of a sparkling star, spacecraft within arm's reach to visitors, so site visit of the children clap.

Russia Museum consists of 12 block, modeling different towers and suspended in the air is composed of enormous cube, like a sun flower, like the tree of life, the exhibition is divided into the flower city, Sun and moon city in three parts.

Originally, the Museum of design inspiration comes from Russia writer Nosov works the ignorance, and strive to render the adventures of a fairy Garden City of the children.

HID nature enjoy quiet roaming Europe most unique ten small towns

A medieval church, cobblestone streets, endless vineyards, and the distance is covered with snow-covered Alps, no car ROAR, disturb your peace.

Each warm morning, sleep to wake up naturally and leisurely enjoy are baked bread, soft cheese and fresh orange juice, this experience is not just modern many city people sought? then spend a few nights, hid these European town. Small town can give you more adventure, amazing and beautiful scenery, but also his history and folklore, as some of the attractions are still maintained its original appearance, hundreds of years ago and has never been compromised before, find a place to stay that way for several days, let the souls settle down and let the mind calm down.

Top10: Aegean sea cliffs of the romantic mdash mdash;; Greece folegandros town (Foleacute; gandros)

Small town introduction

Unique Foleacute; this is Greece gandros-Clardy islands of calm is located and the adjacent other towns have nothing in common, there is no more than two-storey buildings, not hiding in Yacht Harbour Terminal, no shops or fancy restaurants.

In the Aegean gandros Foleacute; remote islands, you can see just the waves beating the Pebble Beach, goats chased each other in the hillside, an old wooden windmill in Breeze by still turning.

The most original ecological Island Greece

Recommended reason

For those who are already sick of the way with bound tourism, Greece Foleacute; gandros this rare original ecosystem of the island, is a wonderful quiet haven.

Town Centre is located on a 200-metre high cliffs. Here the azure blue sea water, as in the past, has been named as the tourist channel ten most famous beaches in the world.

Features index: ★ ★ ★ ★

Mysterious index: ★ ★ ☆

Index: ★ ★ ★

Practical information

Population: 700

How to arrive: fly to Santorini and from Athens city of Pireaus Harbor ferry travel.

Accommodation: nautical theme Anemomilos apartment, located in the village of Hora a cliff, room RMB 1070.

In the vicinity of the port, Karavostasi called a Anemi hotel, double room $ 2100.

Gastronomy: Irinirsquo; s day is a grocery store, is turned into a restaurant in the evening, generally supply home cooking, eating 380 Yuan RMB.

Top9: artistic genius of dream resort mdash mdash;; Sweden Arild town (Arild)

Small town introduction

It is located in southwestern Sweden Arild peninsula, a fishing village, has numerous natural sights, but the most famous attractions are man-made.

In 1980, the artist Lars Vilks started to Sweden in a hillside will collect from the Bay of floating wood nailed together, to build up a very strange construction, completion he even declared this area as an independent Kingdom and named Ladonia. In the police attempted to demolish these buildings, the artist Christo and Joseph Beuys to interfere in its protection. Today's public art exhibits has been officially named Nimis, the maze by 100 metres of ground tunnel and 10-metre high climbing tower, waiting a fearless explorers come challenges.

The artist's paradise

Recommended reason

Arild from one of the 20th century until now is a famous resort area, and has been very popular painters and other artists.

The artist Lars Vilks plays with blood barrier Nimis, although looks a bit weak, unique styling made him the Los Angeles Hogwarts Tower of Sweden version.

Features index: ★ ★ ★ ☆

Mysterious index: ★ ★ ★

Index: ★ ★ ★ ☆

Practical information

Population: 537

How to arrive: from Copenhagen to drive for two hours and then by ferry.

Accommodation and food: 17 century Rusthallargarden hotel (double room $ 2 1224 people dining 710) restaurant offers Blueberry cake.

Top8: Spain's Seafood Kitchen mdash mdash;; Spain guetaria Getaria town

Ong > town introduction

Here is 24 km from San Sebastián, a Basque harbour town, here might be the next tourist destination in Spain, this is Getaria.

It is famous for its rich is famous for its seafood, Vizcaya produced in small squid and wonderfully halibut, barbecue class seafood varieties.

Seafood feast is a feature here

Recommended reason

To travel is Getaria you enjoy good food and good opportunity, you may like the local people wearing cream of cashmere, packed into the steak shop big mouth of chewing a steak, wallowing in highly characteristic of the Carnival in Spain.

A quiet dinner with a bottle of Rioja white wines than Getaria better place?

Features index: ★ ★ ★ ☆

Mysterious index: ★ ★ ★ ☆

Index: ★ ★ ★ ☆

Practical information

Population: 2600

How to arrive: Getaria in Saint Sebastien 24 km to the West.

Accommodation: the hotel Saiaz Getaria provides four column bed you can see the sea, the beach Gaztetape double room 1000 Yuan.

Gastronomy: restaurant can be set on a Elkano, are Spain's most famous Elkano's Steak restaurant.

Top7: blue sea intimate contact mdash mdash;; Netherlands Terschelling (Terschelling)

Small town introduction

Although there are 136 km from Amsterdam, Terschelling is still is the traveler's paradise.

Terschelling is built in the 19th century with Chevron roof villas and houses with divisions, these buildings can be lit by the Brandaris lighthouse, the lighthouse was built in 1549, the Netherlands, is the only oldest lighthouse. In the summer months, from the night until the small hours, locals like to sit in the harbour side of small restaurants, drink a beer Jupiler, side herself….

The fresh scent of the ocean

Recommended reason

Ships and Terschelling in centuries, has maintained a close relationship.

The island was once the pilot training center, Willem Barentsz enjoys a reputation for Maritime Institute is located here. If you want to visit an atmosphere relaxing area, then here is your ideal choice. Here year round, held a variety of activities, among which the most famous is the annual June Oerol Street Theatre Festival (quot quot; island; on the stage) and from Harling root (Harlingen) to Terschelling's regatta. In addition, visitors can also be in West Terschelling Yacht Harbour, yacht sailing, enjoy the fresh Ocean air.

Features index: ★ ★ ★ ★

Mysterious index: ★ ★ ★ ☆

Index: ★ ★ ★ ☆

Practical information

Population: 4702

How to arrive: from March to November, and daily ferry from Harlingen and Vlieland departure to Terschelling.

Accommodation: in the harbour side of Wellness Hotel Caracol Hotels has three rooms, wall brush is very smooth, equipped sea silk Teng-bed, double room 1900 Yuan.

Gastronomy: De Gri? restaurant Oyster provides, at 560 Yuan.

Top6: walk through the historical time mdash mdash; ease; Scottish Abel Dore town (Aberdour)

Small town introduction

Abel Dole is a Scottish southern coastline on a beautiful and has a long history of village inscribed, has been voted the best seaside resort.

In Aberdour, a car is not popular, but when you want to enjoy the sights are in the city, and the well-preserved track can take you to the car for?

Every year in August, quiet to usher in Aberdour Edinburgh International tourism Festival, many tourists but other season, Aberdour just a busy little town, where there are well-kept has several hundred-year history of the walking Street, medieval churches and castles, of course, there is a supermarket, as well as suitable for you while away the afternoon time's comfortable bar.

Even a witchcraft supplies store, provocation like is located in Edinburgh's Church and the English teachingThe central location between the Church.

Medieval style castle

Nominated for the reason

Aberdour has too many places worth slowly tastes: 13th century old Castle mdash mdash;; Aberdour Castle hiding in a blaze of blooming flower Valley, it is Scotland's oldest preserved castles.

Santa Fe-LUN Church St Fillan's Church was built in the 12th century, is to save the most intact medieval church of Scotland. Victoria train station, Aberdour in Scotland is quite famous, this very beautiful station also saved the most traditional railway station in Scotland. Aberdour also has a lot of 17-to 19-century houses.

Features index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Mysterious index: ★ ★ ★ ★

Index: ★ ★ ★ ☆

Practical information

Population: 1680

How to arrive: from Edinburgh by train 30 minutes to the Aberdour.

Accommodation and food: Woodside hotel provides decorated with Scottish Plaid cashmere room, twin room RMB 950, laced with 19th century passenger ship plate bar supply local Highland brewery, dinner $ 326.

Top5: hard to resist the temptation of food; mdash mdash; the little town of Norcia Italy (Norcia)

Small town introduction

In the Italy Umbria's Eastern Centre, handmade culinary traditions still down from one generation to another.

Here, pecorino cheese to aged two years, trained dogs to sniff out in woodland in truffle smell, honey is derived from the plains of red flowers bloom. Norcia people the most famous diet than the cinghiale, pickled boar the strong odor will be gone from the deli, lingering in the streets of the town. Stop in hung up in smoke ham deli before, you will find the shop are always busy salting cut of pork, this beautifully preserved method has been nearly eight centuries. Villagers each spring is on the square with the celebration of Saint Benedict of meat products.

Gastronomy town

Recommended reason

Italy's cuisine is famous worldwide, Norcia is known as the capital of Italy, the Italy meat products sell pork products shop called Norcineria, it comes from Norcia (Norcia) the name thus Norcia in Italy's famous.

Local people are also very proud to inform you that in meat products, they can do everything. Of course there are other famous Norcia cuisine, such as a cream, ham, mushrooms and sausage made with Italy sauce, spiced. In norcia, you will be surprised to find that as long as a rain, even a little rain, Woods and fields are full of various fungi, locals use specially trained dogs to pick mushrooms, that will be a kind of scene it, it is better to go to Norcia look.

Features index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Mysterious index: ★ ★ ★ ★

Index: ★ ★ ★ ☆

Practical information

Population: 5000

How to arrive: Norcia is located 110 km northeast of Rome.

Accommodation: Seneca hotel has 24 bedrooms to choose from, the 16th century palace style decoration, twin room RMB 1600.

Gastronomy: Il Granaro del Monte restaurant provides a tray of truffle, Italy, two people dining 480 Yuan.

Local characteristics: local Norceria Brancaleone grocer's boss Fabrizio Marini recommend tourists each year, the second was held in March when the truffle festival to tourism.

Top4: dream home of gentle; mdash mdash; France SA signoles (Chassignolles)

Small town introduction

A few years ago, when Harry Lester (London Anchor amp;

Hope Hotel former President and owner) visited France Auvergne district scenery, then hand in the small town of Chassignolles bought a 1930s opened a small hotel of stone. In fact, as early as the 1950s, the beauty of Chassignolles popular Marseille elite welcomed, there is the eternal rest of green volcano and continuous cycle of the River, and it is said that the River on kill a singular effect.

Gentle village town

Recommended reason

If Chassignolles not heaven, then where will were? this is France's largest national park in the altitude of 1000 m above the village, is for you to spend time idly.

Cows on the grass to eat leisurely, farm near hay into various shapes, like a completely natural works of art, roadside wildflowers spiced competing in full bloom. Sitting in the renovation of a new small Inn, the window is built in the 12th century Romanesque church hellip; hellip; Chassignolles picturesque beauty always attracts swarms of urban people came to the village.

Features index: ★ ★ ★ ★

Mysterious index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Index: ★ ★ ★ ★

Practical information

Population: 86

How to arrive: from the Clermont-fee lang to Le Puy-en-Velay in the midst of the access: Chassignolles.

Accommodation and cuisine: the hotel has to Chassignolles France antique decorative white room, twin room 520 Yuan; the hotel restaurant offers Auvergne features dishes such as pounti (pork, Switzerland beet with plum jam bread) and egg strobilomyces, restaurant menus and daily update, 2 people dining around 224 Yuan.

Local characteristics: a walk to Durbiat may, almost took an hour and a half.

Durbiat is a smaller villages, there was a remnant of castle building, local small hotel chef will make you a picnic basket full of food, and slowly enjoy it.

Top3: grape wine romantic reverie mdash mdash;; Germany staufen town (Staufen im Breisgau)

Small town introduction

This Office closed town located on the edge of the Southern Black Forest Germany, if you want to spend an holiday full of wine, this place is the ideal destination.

Starting from Strasbourg, across hills full of vineyards, when you see a charmingly naive naked statue of Dionysus Bacchus beckons you to town a little downtown. Gateway to the commercial market Street sides are pink houses, market center is the Town Hall, the Hall building positive engraved with the year 770 years theme of Gothic inscription. Everywhere along the main street of open-air bars.

Small town most of the wine

Nominated for the reason

You can easily find a outdoor pubs sit down and chat with the locals and enjoy the wine here.

But for those who like drunken revelry to remind that there is a local legend, who had accidentally dropped the irrigation channels, he was doomed to and a local person to marry. So single you, if one day suddenly want to get married, then do not bother to go to luck here. In addition, the legend of Faust in those days it was here in a hotel the soul sold to the devil.

Features index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Mysterious index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Practical information

Population: 7739

How to arrive: 75 minutes drive from Strasbourg can reach Staufen.

Accommodation and food: Kreuz-Post hotel hotel rooms with patterned fabrics decoration, twin room 920 Yuan.

Restaurant supply of cuisine with duck breast, delicious mushroom pie and blood sausage and rice, two people dining 810 Yuan.

Top2: medieval time mdash mdash; shuttle; United Kingdom Ravenna bloom town (Lavenham)

Small town introduction

La lavenham Lavenham may be United Kingdom's smallest town.

Small town in the local pride over 300 ancient housing as well as full color jewelry shop and Café (supply scones and dense cream), don't underestimate these small shops, they may have on the rural England to the list of endangered sites. Italy Umbria famous Hotel Palazzo Terranova's former mistress Sarah Townsend on this fascination, she even at Lavenham nearby Buxhall opened a small pubs.

The medieval old town

P > recommended reason

For tourists who love history, Suffolk County's many town ancient village will undoubtedly make your spirits.

Lavenham is to save the most intact of the United Kingdom in medieval villages, of which approximately 320 seat between timber construction is included in the heritage of the United Kingdom Government, subject to protection. This unique village is Henry III to 750 years ago, after hundreds of years, a large number of merchants came to the village, in the wooden house, starting a business, to 1524 year Lavenhami became United Kingdom the richest one of 14 large villages.

Features index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Mysterious index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Practical information

Population: 1760

How to arrive: from London Liverpool Street station take the daily multiple trains to Stowmarket, only 22 km journey.

Accommodation and food: the Great Lavenham Town House Hotel, double room 1000 Yuan.

Buxhall Coach House Hotel is the choice of another rest, twin room has two bedrooms, a fireplace and a large kitchen, double room $ 2400. Great House Hotel, Suffolk County, one of the best hotels, its restaurant supply traditional British cuisine, two people dining 680 Yuan.

Top1: sleep in a vineyard Manor of mdash mdash;; Italy-baghli town (Bolgheri)

Small town introduction

From Viale dei Cipressi, there is a 3-mile-long straight roads, road sides planted cypress trees 2540, this road through Bolgheri, one is surrounded by the vineyards of southern Mary Martha Tuscany in small towns.

Except for a dramatic journey, is located in the local Central Plaza della Posta Café, is a very special wine, the wine started brewing in the 1980s, comparable to today's France Bordeaux red wine, and more affordable, just about 100 Yuan. To the Southeast from Bolgheri 8 km of Bibbona has called Santrsquo; Elena hotel has 15 rooms available for accommodation rooms, provide with canopy bed, stone fireplace, as well as State-of-the-art Italy pasta. In the hotel, Chef Omar Magona Barsacchi and Gionata drsquo; Alessi will offer traditional Tuscany-Mary Martha-gourmet (filled with tomato soup of Italy won ton).

Hidden in the vineyard of Manor

Recommended reason

Bolgheri which hide in the vineyards of the Manor, dating back to the 8th century, now most buildings are 1496 years after reconstruction.

In addition to red wine, this is also known as Italy's most beautiful places, from each of the 11 to the second year in may, thousands of migratory birds stop here. Broad sandy beaches and dense woods will split open here and the city, making it a paradise for nature lovers to true.

Features index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Mysterious index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Practical information

Population: 1000

How to arrive: from Italy pizza drive south to 64 km, you can reach the Bolgheri.

Accommodation: Santrsquo; Elena hotel, double room RMB 2000 Yuan.

Gastronomy: Magona hotels, two 1000 Yuan.

Local characteristics: Mayor Fabio Tinti very like local Casentino wool coat, can be purchased at Arte e Moda.

40 tons of gold to build eight star hotel! (photos)

Finally saw the famous 8-star hotel in Abu Dhabi.

Emirates Palace Hotel is located in Abu Dhabi Beach, North and West of the waterfront, is a classical Arab Palace architecture.

Design of this hotel is the United Kingdom designers John.

Avery Otter, he has written for Sudan and Brunei Royal nobles designed the Palace. The hotel was originally meet the GCC Summit, held in Abu Dhabi and built, later renamed the luxury hotel.

Palace Hotel not only meet people vanity luxury, also contains a provision to people really enjoy the high-tech.

People at Hotel 100 hectares in any one place, you can enjoy wireless Internet access, even in the pool and private beach.

The 30 billion dollars came out by the heap-Hotel Palace, its degree of luxury, probably except richer flow oil Arabs outside people to imagine.

Well, it's a bit like mosque, also a bit like the legendary Sinbad or Alibaba era Palace.

Each Palace has a legendary story, has a very strong national color.

Hotel complex dome built entirely by mosaic, where the largest dome diameter up to 42 m, surface silver, and gold in the topmost ornament, shines the magnificence of the Arab civilization. unique

Stay here, to how you feel?

This is also a magnificent Arab architecture, it to 40 tons of gold set hotel and the functions of the Parliament building, once again reflecting the rich Arab and the magnificent Royal family.

This block, and only one street U.A.E. President of style hotel, well look like a giant castle, has a long coastline.

Emirates Palace Hotel to the magnificent, magnificent, real is extravagant.

Hotel main gate contour is a little like the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

The car through the Arc de Triomphe, a few hundred meters long ramp, we arrived at the fourth floor of the hotel lobby.

Palace Hotel is built near, but has become rich and who enjoy the pleasures of the world's largest high consumption.

Palace Hotel also has a private beach, only open to hotel guests.

In addition to the beach, the hotel also has two fitness center, tennis courts, an amusement park, shopping centers and a Dolphinarium.

As the capital of the U.A.E., Abu Dhabi's buildings are also changing.

Meet all your wishes, for you when the King's dream.

This is the eight-star Palace Hotel are most proud slogan. What is King? one is that when the King in the hotel's exclusive walk on the beach, or comparable soccer field next to the rest of the swimming pool, thy servant will silently as you sprinkle water spray cooling.

Euros into the "8" era in Europe tour shopping Raiders

High card package cheap nearly thousand

Open computer, ready to use annual Miss Lee of outbound trips taken aback: pound sterling exchange rate of RMB to 10 times.

At the same time, the EUR/USD exchange rate had fallen to 1 EUR/USD 1.2708, 14 months a new low. Count down to 8 Yuan Yuan, 1 euro is replaceable, whereas the former is usually around $ 10.

As of yesterday, the Trade Center released data show that 1 EUR/USD mid-price 8.7647 Yuan, compared to September last year, representing a decrease of more than 10%, to many people who plan to travel to Europe, but also benefits to fried meeting brings profit opportunities.

Shopping: big-time package cheap nearly thousand

Ms. Wang was recently stolen music, because the euro fell to her European tour a fee.

1 month, she was going to Europe to play, but then the Renminbi against the euro was probably around 1 9.4:, for she is not very effective, so things. Now the King had to miss work, if you now Exchange 5000 euros, you only need around $ 43000 January of Yuan, more than 10% cheaper, with about $ 4000.

To many European guests were at famous luxury, she is no exception.

Prior to this she saw a LV bag

Hungary Budapest in time quietly old (map)

In the world's most beautiful city of Budapest, Hungary in the name list.

This small city in Eastern Europe contains a number of historical, several hundred years of architectural and cultural heritage seems to speak to the people for a period of another section of the old stories. Centuries passed and Archangel Gabriel Lee still watching over broad Heroes square, beautiful Soviet women fighters also still stands in the Danube side fabric up to the top of the Citadel of the Castle. Standing on a hill, listen to the wind and time together from ear WHIR, past the scene seems to emerge here again, but at that moment, who was quietly in the old time?

Stand in the Fort of Saint fishermen; East event of Sai-middot can be said to be the creator of Hungary

What do you miss the

Some people never go to Eastern Europe, and never will be designated in their Hungary travel plans.

They have the form of restrictions, there are just too afraid to touch her because of great loneliness. So they may never know Budapest while old, but not pale.

Pure handmade sea Lande is famous for its porcelain has become works of art

From Marco Paget near D'Amico Sara Street, Elizabeth Queen of Hungary language teacher named Street, full of wonderful items, such as delicate porcelain, slim soft carpets, refinement of wooden furniture and large and small, are really different handmade works of art.

We can't wait to think crashed into every shop a closer, but these exquisite article seems to be waiting for us to know and understand their story: a hundred years ago, with those head hat, wearing velvet dress dolls to play with the little girl who is sitting in it; has undergone several hundred years of time, so far still can turn the Barber's Chair who is on; the beautiful painting on the pretty girl who hellip; hellip; one another item, a legend, Mikko Shakespeare Street is therefore attracting more people to come here to buy gifts, small brooch, furniture, everyone can find their favorite widgets.

With a strong European taste of decorations, always evokes unlimited memories

Away from the noisy crowd to El Miceli market, although far from the city centre more here, but still worth a visit.

In this rags, lack of luxury Mart, likewise does not have those cool and modern shopping mall in the atmosphere, and is filled with warm emotions. And customer chat booth boss will give you a detailed explanation of each commodity's little story mdash mdash;; they are sufficient to drive away centuries of loneliness.

Pepper (powder) is representative of Hungary cuisine, it is said that had become addicted

A paradoxical world

From the city centre by bus, a few minutes you can reach a unique Museum mdash mdash;; the statue Park.

This global unique theme park as a paradoxical world, inside those huge drugstore represents a decline of the era, warned the collapse of the dictatorship period.

Red Star shop (Red Star Store) is part of the here, in this can evoke the memory of unique merchandise communism treasure trove, with the Soviet Union, souvenirs, watches, flat small bottle, lighters, with typical Communist noble person portrait or slogan sarcastic t-shirts, mugs, last century, 50, 60 and 70 years old souvenirs, medals, books, and that's the most popular feature film.

These interesting things quiet place where, no matter how many years has maintained its original appearance, just floating on the traces of time. When your finger across the surface, you can even feel that every souvenir seemed to seal a segment in the past, the moment they leave us so near mdash mdash;; they never have not been forgotten.

Gift Rejian: souvenirs recommended porcelain, spices, doll, puppet, embroidery, leather Kettle; food, then recommend the bull blood wine, Tokaj and Goose liver pate.

Hungary wine all European civilization, in Europe, organized by the wine contest, almost every year one # Hungary wine.


1. If you want to buy fashion in Budapest, you can go to Watts Street, this is the most famous of the local

A pedestrian street, is located in the city centre, which is covered with brand boutiques and jewelry shop;

1. the Bank business hours Monday to Thursday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Friday from 8 am to 1 pm.

All banks are not opening on Saturday, the Exchange can currency exchange point, hotel front desk and travel agent Exchange. However, the Exchange can only be exchanged at official licenses, and point Exchange forint RMB in Europe cannot free exchange, it is recommended that visitors bring RMB before going abroad for dollars, for ease of use;

2. bring in 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 grams of tobacco are exempt;

3. in Hungary, in addition to the service consumer shopping, art, buy collectibles and antiques, are eligible to apply for refund, subject to the following conditions: purchase date and departure date at intervals not exceeding 90 days; each invoice total more than 5 million HUF; goods when the belt is not being used, the refund application date and purchase date interval is less than 183 days; when required by the Customs Invoice and stamp prove by showing tax return form.