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San Diego: the century old city was waking

2010, Chile will welcome her 200 years the national day.

In recent years, Santiago, the capital of Chile, which has more than 400 years of history, the ancient city of waking from sleep, the many museums in the shacks, the Mapocho River with fashion clothes, there are many attractions attracts visitors to return.

1. Cristobal Hill

Photos, a man and a woman from Cristobal Hill (Cerro San Cristobal) overlooking the whole city.

2. baila Vista area of the Bohemian air

Santiago city baila Vista (Bellavista) region highlighted the Bohemian style, art galleries, shops, bars everywhere, many students and fashion people patronizing.

Nobel Prize laureates, Chile-poet Pablo Neruda (1904 ndash; 1973) has lived in the area.

3. Pablo Neruda's internal-

Pablo Neruda-not only a name, a poet, but politicians, diplomats, he traveled the world extensively, collecting a lot of other exotic alien play, now he's residence has become a museum open to the public, visitors can come to this list of his favorite.

4. Pablo Neruda's external-

Pablo Neruda House from the outside-looks like a ship, under construction, homeowners are modelled on the boat and the lighthouse for design, table followed by a secret channel, it is estimated that the owner to avoid boring visitors.

5.Astrid amp; Gastoacute; n restaurant

Astrid amp; Gastoacute; n is a local popular restaurant, where you can see the traditional Andean cooking skills, taste the local specialties Chile cod and Patagonia lamb.

6. hand-made souvenirs

Santiago city, selling handmade souvenirs shops and stalls are overwhelming, but if you really want to block to the good stuff, it would have to go in the Providencia district, the Heritage Mall, where total hold more than 20 antique shops, both former Colombia era of works of art, there is also a Catholic altar back wall decorative art and antique Jewelry Silver photo frame, etc.

7. Thomas Plaza

Anita Thomas Plaza (Plaza de Armas) is located in Santiago city center location, it is the city's administrative, commercial and social centre of life.

8. the tree of the chess game

The square has often been a table in the tree bottom hem, having a lot of chess in the past people involuntarily stopped watching.

So a cultural centre, never miss a in the itinerary.

World 10 great magnificence uninhabited island experience "uninhabited"

Have you ever imagined all earthly aside to a desolate and uninhabited island life? nevertheless, for the go to such a place still left, will not be easy, if not, here are some amazing beautiful small island in the majority are inhabited.

It is precisely because of this, we had the privilege to enjoy this fascinating island paradise.

1. the Maldives Islands

Maldives Islands

Maldives Islands

Indian Ocean island nation of the Republic of Maldives is the outstanding representatives of the 26 group natural Atoll, 1192-coral island.

One of 199 inhabited islands, 991 a desert island. Therefore, the Maldives Tourism bosses can provide for foreign visitors, the wasteland travel project experience the Robinson's drifting life.

2. Auckland Islands

Auckland Islands

Auckland Islands

New Zealand Auckland Islands located in the South, is the New Zealand in the South Pacific of uninhabited islands, in the legendary wind storm belt in rage (refers to 50-60 degrees latitude South across the waters, because of the lack of land area, and therefore more wind at sea.

Auckland island is this) archipelago in the biggest, millions of years ago, formed by volcanic eruptions.

Islands of climate cool, wet, and windy.

Land barren, lower high ground covered with shrubs. Animals such as bison, seals, sea lions and elephant seals. There is a large group of birds, petrel and the Penguin in particular. The island is mountainous, impermanence residents, for hunting seal bases.

3. Seychelles Islands yada Euphrates atoll

The Seychelles Islands yada Euphrates atoll

The Seychelles Islands yada Euphrates atoll

Yada Euphrates atoll is the world's second largest Atoll, covering 155.4 square kilometres.

Divided into four separate islands. Several centuries ago, yada Euphrates Atoll has the knowledge of mankind, its name is the Arabs to play.

Yada Euphrates atoll is located in the Northwest of Madagascar around 426.5 km, is the westernmost of the Seychelles Islands island.

Yada Euphrates atoll is projecting on the sea in the world's largest coral atoll, central lagoon you can hold the entire New York Manhattan district. Because coral around almost unable to dock the vessel.

Yada Euphrates atoll in 1976 was classified as a nature reserve, the island completely no residents have no artificial facilities, only Canada a Euphrates island nature center.

Isolation of results, keep the next largest tortoise turtle populations of Canada as Euphrates.

4. Solomon Islands tetepare

Solomon Islands tetepare

Solomon Islands tetepare

Solomon Islands tetepare is called the last Savage Island, since the mid-19th century is uninhabited, local indigenous tribes is a group of game head of barbarian threats have fled to the surrounding islands.

Tetepare area of 118 km2, is the largest in the Western Pacific region of uninhabited islands.

Tate Chapare seed Association is a company registered

Charitable organizations of the Solomon Islands, 2002 will be responsible for tetepare regulation, the Organization strives to protect the island's forest and other natural resources for future generations. In the descent under the supervision of the Association, tetepare built an eco-Hotel, as the Islanders to provide employment opportunities, to raise funds for the protection of the environment projects, while increasing public awareness of tetepare unique status.

5. the Palau islands of John Locke

Palau islands of John Locke

Palau islands of John Locke

Locke Islands due to the beginning of 2005, the United States reality TV broadcast of the survivors of the tenth season of survivor: Palau Islands ".

Locke Islands (the local language to Palau Chelbacheb) from 250 to 300 islands, the land area of only 47 square kilometres. Here is proud of its rich biological species, is full of plants, coral limestone and highlights about 207 meters over the sea, the island has many hidden lagoon and other lakes and life with a unique set of organisms.

Locke Islands although may now be uninhabited, but look at the past thousands of years, there are many individual species live here.

A most curious evidence is found that the so-called micro-human remains. It was initially believed that micro and Indonesia Flores Island of hobby person by blood relationship, but now believe that micro is an ancient Palau, stature because by island dwarf (Island Dwarfism) mdash mdash mdash;;; mdash; build huge animal after several generations of evolutionary gets smaller.

6. Costa Rica cocoa I.

Costa Rica's cocoa I.

Costa Rica's cocoa I.

Cocoa island and the North of the Galapagos Islands, which alone is located in the Pacific Ocean, from the West coast of Costa Rica is about 550 km.

The island is roughly rectangular, lived on an island in the number of stable deer, pigs, cats, and be introduced intentionally or unintentionally mankind of the mouse.

Although there is plenty of available freshwater resources, but human beings have never been here to stay.

Writer Michael middot; g Richton novel "Jurassic Park" of Isla middot; na Coimbra I., may be with cocoa island as a prototype.

7. Kiribati Phoenix Islands

Kiribati-Phoenix Islands

Kiribati-Phoenix Islands

Phoenix Islands (also translated as the Phoenix Islands) is made of 8 small island and several coral reefs, is located in the South Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and Fiji.

The islands of the land area is only 27.6 square kilometres. In addition to the largest island mdash mdash;; Campo DUN island life with more than 20 people, the islands of the other local uninhabited.

Over the past 2 centuries, people have wanted to settle on the island or immigrants, but ultimately failed.

The last batch of residents to evacuate the island in 1963.

8. Thailand Ang Thong National Marine Park

Thailand Ang Thong National Marine Park

Br/> Thailand Ang Thong National Marine Park

Thailand Ang Thong National Marine Park was built in 1980, by Thailand Bay 42 Islands.

Although the park covers an area of 102 square kilometres, but the dry land only 18 square kilometers. Ang Thong National Marine Park name Ang Thong mean gold Bowl, warm on the Islands, the illumination is sufficient, it has made the Sula Thailand Thani province has become a very famous tourist resort.

Ang thong Marine National Park Islands in 1996, published by Alex middot; Garland's novel of the same name and the 2000 movie the beach scenes, the film starring is Leonardo di middot; Caprio.

9. Fiji Ocllo slave card is ruiqi island archipelago, Timaru

Fiji Ocllo slave card is ruiqi island archipelago, Timaru

Fiji Ocllo slave card is ruiqi island archipelago, Timaru

Ocllo slave card Islands are volcanic in 20 seat, and the tide, the island's number drops to 13.

Ocllo slave card islands of many islands are uninhabited, and decide whether the residence of the main reasons is the availability of fresh water.

Ocllo slave card Islands in the island have access to special honor.

Timaru is ruiqi Island 2000 film the lonely life of filming.

10. Bauer pyramid island

Bauer's pyramid island

Bauer's pyramid island

Bauer's pyramid island located on Lord Howe Island Southeast 20 km, distance from the East coast of Australia is about 600 kilometers, the appearance of the island should be the world's most surprising one, towering to highlight about 562 m above sea level, everywhere xuanyajuebi 1788, it was Lieutenant Henry middot; Richie Byrd middot; Bauer first discovered.

Until it was found after a century of 1882, is a first person carefully on its stony coast.

To be sure that a 700 million years of history of the volcano left the 1100-meter times; 300 metres) of the island, no one is flat.

Maybe you will think, Cedar-pyramid may be a climber and fixed-point diver's ideal paradise, 1965, indeed it was the first successful climb the top of the spectrum of the island.

Climbing Cedar's pyramid in 1982 is completely prohibited, until 1990 in Australia the Government's efforts, the climb to the island of regain allows, but in exceptional circumstances.

Lousy stock 11 global worst beach resort

Viet Nam Nha (source: Michael S. Yamashita, National Geographic)

?? �� ?o?? �� ?�� �� ' news, 16 November, according to the United States National Geographic website reported that this group of pictures to show is the world's most rotten beach resort, including Spain Alicante, Goa, India, Egypt Sharm el Sheikh, and the United States many coast, the beach resorts have been regarded as such, the NHA Viet Nam is reduced to the bottom.

1. NHA Viet Nam

A large number of locals gather in Viet Nam NHA an overcrowded beach.

NHA Beach overexploited and did not maintain the proper vigilance. At the national geographic center for sustainable tourism travel destination travel destinations of the year competition list, NHA unfortunate bottom to become the world's black beach resorts.

In order to carry out this evaluation, the Centre for sustainable tourism travel destination has established an independent Selection Committee, composed of 340 guests from the historical monuments protection, sustainable development of tourism, tourism publications and experts in the fields of archaeology.

Center for global experts requested 99 top beach resorts for appraisal and rating from highest to lowest are the highest score, is also good, neutral, faced problems as well as the lowest score.

As in previous years, an independent judging Committee under 6 standard on beach resorts for appraisal, namely the environmental and ecological quality, social and cultural integrity, historic buildings and archaeological sites, aesthetic and ornamental, tourism management and future development prospects.

Evaluation results will be published in 2010/11, and 12-month period of the National Geographic Traveler magazine. (The National Geographic Traveler and national geographic news site is subordinate to the geographic society) and the selection of a jury anonymously said: NHA this resort that is rampant commercial exploitation quickly to destruction. Once the nine beautiful beaches are full of large hotels and bars. I don't want to go back to there.

Spain Alicante (source: Fernando Bustamante)

2. Spain Alicante

The 2010 National Geographic Institute's Evaluation Committee pointed out that the tourist destinations, the tourism industry to attract a large number of visitors was above Alicante in most areas.

Alicante is located on the East coast of Spain, is a historic extension. One of the judges indicated that tourism development too fast, local natural and cultural environment has no quality. Even the food is the same, because the food is designed for the production of mass tourism. But other judges also noted that Alicante has a social and cultural integrity and beauty and ornamental.

Lebanon Coast (source: Ed Kashi, National Geographic)

3. Lebanon Coast

1975-1990 civil war seriously hindered the development of tourism in coastal areas of Lebanon, the environmental protection efforts are also suffering.

Photos in Beirut, a beach, a riding coach is to train the horse. Participation in the 2010 tourist destination in the appraisal of a jury that decades of unsustainable practices impact also need decades to eradicate, but it still is a quiet and beautiful oasis.

Large coastal South Carolina, United States (source: Mark and Audrey Gibson, Photolibrary)

4. large coastal South Carolina, United States

A participation in the 2010 tourist destinations of the judges indicated that compare United States Carolina large coast (including this site Archives photo of Myrtle Beach) is now a golf course, street malls and reinforced concrete skyscrapers of the world as a travel disaster.

However, Myrtle Beach around there are some lovely beautiful state parks, beach areas and small villages. If others to persuade them to return to this area, here is where I spend the rest of my life.

India Goa (picture: Michael Nic

hols, National Geographic��

5. India Goa

This site showcases India Goa Beach photo shoot in 1985.

The 2010 tourist destination of appraisal of the results indicated that, by virtue of comfort sunshine and beautiful beaches, this became hedonism ' paradise. However, Goa attract tourists usually on India's natural and cultural heritage and not very interested. One judge noted that the former colony of Portugal had to yield to not consider local culture or to the environment and the development of tourist industry out of control. Here, the hotel can be built in any place, meet European Charter tours. They are inexpensive, where tourism is not concerned.

Egypt Sharm area (source: Matt Moyer, National Geographic)

6. Egypt Sharm area

Photo taken in 2007, reflects Egypt Sharm area beaches.

The 2010 tourist destination of appraisal of the results indicated that there was excessive publicity of tourism and development, has been gradually affects the local ecosystem. In addition, the local tourism sector is also not a good introduction to the tourist area of Bedouin heritage. One judge said this region at the expense of traditional culture is a famous tourist destination. Local people may make money because of the tourism industry, but for the money, they also had to change their traditional way of life.

Cambodia Sihanouk City (source: Kris LeBoutillier, National Geographic)

7. Cambodia Sihanouk city

Appraisal Committee pointed out that Cambodia's top coastal resorts Sihanouk city in sustainable development face serious problems, including those responsible for tourism development policy makers corruption, poor waste management and the built environment issues such as lack of beauty.

Experts in the 2010 tourist destination comparison scorecard wrote that tourism while locals provide many jobs, but local communities seldom involved in sustainable tourism planning. Political and military elite guard the most important coastal areas, the development of the tourism industry and Cambodian traditional architectural style and uncoordinated.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

8. the United Arab Emirates Dubai

Photo taken in 2008, has built on an artificial island in Dubai.

This picture is Dubai a developing tourism. A participation in the 2010 tourist destination, the appraisal Committee stated that, while Dubai is like a family theme park, is an exciting and very modern, but the local natural environment has virtually disappeared. Tourists have little opportunity to interact with the local residents. Dubai's other issues including water supply and water quality, the use of migrant labour, and lack of cultural tourism products.

Northern New Jersey, United States (source: Amy Toensing, National Geographic)

9. on the north shore of New Jersey, United States

The photo shows Otley coast, many people in the sun-tanning on the beach.

The United States, New Jersey, North Shore is a popular extension zone, is being plagued by overcrowding. For this kind of overcrowding, participate in the 2010 tourist destination in the appraisal of a jury that here was family vacation paradise, now has become a popular tourism in hell. Another judge said that ignore the coastal communities of uniqueness is a kind of ignorance. Some towns are still retains considerable attraction, for example, Spring Lake, OU Shenge Grove and Avon.

United States Mississippi Gulf Coast (source: Tim Isbell, Sun Herald)

10. United States Mississippi Gulf Coast

June 2010 in Mississippi, a man walking on the balls of crude oil over the floor of a block of Biloxi beach.

The 2010 National Geographic Institute's Evaluation Committee noted that the tourism destinations, MO WestColumbia Bay oil spill accidents make this much tourists coast to a new round of combat, prior to this, there would have been Camil hurricanes and Hurricane Katrina. In the 1990s casino gambling legalized, the Mississippi Gulf coast have been overexploited. One judge noted: in before Hurricane Katrina, the coast is full of Highway, the same hotel and Casino. Katrina, the historic place almost all from Earth faces for erasing.

United States Louisiana Gulf Coast (source: Joel Sartore, National Geographic)

11. United States Louisiana Gulf Coast

2010 summer on Louisiana Balata Sri Asia Bay, staff are clean Gulf oil leak of oil spills.

Due to oil spills, the State of the Gulf Coast immersion in oil spills, as any tourist destination competition was rated as close to the beach resorts of the disaster, scoring only poor 24 hours, 100 full marks. One of the judges said: environmental problems may in decades has been affecting the area. Equipment for oil drilling and mining of watercourses to throttle was healthy Marsh, the resulting brine attack kills vegetation. In fact, before the explosion of oil drilling platform, valuable wetlands long has embarked on a slow but certain that the road to extinction. (Xiaowen)

Nurse girl loves the world's top ten Beauty Spa

I. mdash mdash; France; lifu springs

Lifu springs

Beauty Essentials: lifu springs spa water is most special about is rich in selenium, it has significant anti-inflammatory and antipruritic, anti-allergic and anti free radicals, preventing aging, relaxing, sedative and anticancer effects.

Recommended index: �� �� ��

Lifu Springs town located in Central France, about 300 km from Paris, France, a small district of Poitou-Charentes Township, is a typical small town, picturesque France.

Long has to be Izumi, lifu is well known for its hot spring water on the skin have a significant effect, as early as Roman times began to spring water to treat some skin diseases.

According to legend lifu Springs hot spring water of the oldest found in the 13th century, a General of the horse had a skin disease, it released shortly after the war is back and fully recovered, and found that it was it to lifu springs with thermal spring water healed skin diseases, people discover the hot spring water lifu springs on skin diseases have a significant effect.

Second, China Guangxi BAMA mdash mdash;; six central water

BAMA six central water

Beauty Essentials: purifying skin, deep detoxification, moisturizing and antioxidant, enhance skin resistance; water drinking six rings can also be prevention of disease, achieve longevity.

Recommended index: �� �� �� �� ��

In the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in northwestern BAMA, over 60-year-old facial wrinkles, skin smooth villagers lived years changes unrelated to the comfortable life comes in.

According to research, luoyu is BAMA local customs, whenever the weather is warm, the disk Yang Valley villagers often visible, regardless of which men luoyu, leisurely might immortal.

Over 60-year-old skin still and adolescent girls, precisely and the water here.

As the saying goes, a party to the party raising water and land, BAMA of panyang like Chinese ancient Chinese characters lives, BAMA personal life water.

This water's molecular structure and the diameter of a human cell molecular structure, six Nano, so called six ring of water, six ring water easily absorbed by the body's cells, the body's long-term added six ring water skin water run, creamy white.

According to research, BAMA six ring water are amazing many magic, derived from its small numerator Regiment water, this small numerator Regiment water penetration, oxygen, dissolved, pH, etc., than the ordinary water increased a lot.

Due to its small molecular mission, more easily transported into and out of the cell membrane, nutrients, and brings out the junk, as the best transportation carriers, known to be the most suitable human cells to drink water.

Third, mdash mdash; France; Vichy springs

Vichy springs

Beauty Essentials: a gentle, non-allergenic, enhance skin natural protection function

Recommended index: �� �� �� ��

For Chinese tourists, lift the weizi, first thought is probably not just in China opened its first 1000 counter of cosmetics brand, in fact, in France, it is also a Department Weizi famous spa resort and tourist resorts.

Summer hours, along with 100 hectares of Alexei Lake (Allier) Lake Shore, in the walk in the fresh air, is undoubtedly a comfortable enjoyment.

The city has a total of 15 a Vichy springs at source, these hot spring water is rich in calcium, magnesium, 17 species of minerals and trace elements, 13 species are widely used in external or drinking treatment.

Of these, only the hot water can Clestins for daily consumption, and sales of bottled spring water.

But Lucas spa water mineral content-rich, high as 5.1 g/l, we normally see in pharmacies of the weizi cosmetics added Lucas of hot spring water.

IV. mdash mdash; France; Evian ?? Spa

Evian ?? Spa

Beauty Essentials: cold water bath; according to cloud water is the world's only natural isotone hot spring water, Ph near neutral, moisturizing effect is good, there is excellent for skin treatment.

Recommended index: �� �� �� ��

?? also is a wide

Large Chinese tourists are familiar with the brand.

This famous city has in poetry is known as the Flemish Lake of beads, every year, thousands of tourists from all over the world come here to enjoy the mild climate here.

5. China Taiwan mdash mdash;; knowledge Spa

Taiwan hot spring

Beauty Essentials: spring quality is fine, is famous for the beauty of soup can treat arthritis, pain, improves blood circulation.

Recommended index: �� �� ��

Hot Springs, waterfalls, forests, mountains and forests, into the Hot Springs Resort Taitung know this.

Here are the most abundant reserves throughout Taiwan, the texture is optimal for the Spa, a world-class spa resort.

Know the hot spring originates from the Chihpen shore.

As early as 1917, local Puyuma Aboriginal, dig in the Chihpen bed preparing for farming, he found a steam heat emitted by the Earth, go to bath soak time, discover a variety of skin diseases and trauma treatment, which is known as the God of water.

Since then, the indigenous people often go digging Springs open air bath, and even stream Bank on the cover of the hut.

6. mdash mdash; Hungary; black Vista Spa

Black Vista Spa

Beauty: natural sulphur Springs, to soak open-air hot spring ice is famous for its

Recommended index: �� �� �� �� ��

Hungary-black Vista spa town is Europe's most famous spa town, the world's only natural thermal spring Lake, which is also the world recognized top-level XI hot spring resort to ice in most of the Sulphur Springs open-air SPA.

Surface water temperature here springs in 33 to 36 degrees.

Visitors can enjoy the hot spring, even if it does not matter in the winter.

As far back as the 15th century, it has attracted a large number of European nobility to the health resort.

Taken from the Lake contains minerals and black mud with a variety of beauty and medical effects, a small town in the quiet and beautiful scenery that attracts people to enjoy the nice time.

VII. mdash mdash; Korea; Kettle Valley Spa

Kettle Valley Spa

Beauty Essentials: typical sulfur springs, mineral containing more than 20, a stabilization of the skin, the efficacy of the treatment of skin diseases

Recommended index: �� �� �� ��

They say that, apart from Korea women beautiful superb cosmetic surgery, they all love Bath Spa.

Korea's most famous hot spring mdash mdash;; Kettle Valley Spa, is located in de Yan foothills, 1977 is designated as a national tourist spots, in January 1997 and to the identity of the tourist region has become Korea's best hot springs.

Because of the terrain here, like a cooking pot, so called Kettle Valley.

Here's the hot springs, the water temperature up to 80 �� c, could be runny eggs hot to half cooked.

Kettle Valley Spa is typical of Sulphur Springs, with the exception of sulphur, the hot springs also contains silicon, chlorine, potassium, iron and other minerals, 20 on respiratory system disorders, neuralgia, rheumatism, skin diseases, frostbite, bruising, prickly heat, has a curative effect.

VIII. mdash mdash; Japan; Kobe have horses hot springs

Kobe has horse Spa

Beauty Essentials: spring colors like rust red Jinquan and colorless transparent carbonated Springs is especially famous, Silver Spring on rheumatism and neuralgia with a certain effect.

Recommended index: �� ��

The water horse hot springs rich in minerals, which is equivalent to the treatment of neuropathic pain golden spring with curative Silver Spring is able to therapeutic treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, it is said, of the other Springs-also includes a radium springs and carbonated Springs, etc.

Moreover, because there are horses hot springs of slightly salty, rumors of ancient samurai if injured after immersion in this place, it will also make wounds heal more easily.

Here in the siege, the warmth of the hot spring often and outside mountain view cloud-mapping system.

9. Czech mdash mdash;; card Rowe Varian Spa

lt="" src="http://www.itravelqq.com/uploadfile/2010/1118/20101118114040644.jpg" />
Card Rowe Varian Spa

Beauty Essentials: water temperature 41.2 �� to 72 degrees, including a variety of chemical elements, which can be used for drinking, bathing and medical care.

Recommended index: �� ��

Discover this city hot drink at 12 of the best ways is to pull along Tai Pei sidewalks on both sides of the river walk, walk to drink, not only can browse both the unique architectural style, more achievable preservation purposes.

First go to The city of hot springs landmark at a glance whether the Sprudel, in the building at the entrance of the exhibition with a spray-up to 3 storeys or so geysin, first of all let's eye-opening.

Then enter the Hall, this district there are 14 different springs of thermal spring water leveling out 5 30 ~ 50 �� temperature treatment of drinking water for the tourists.

10 mdash mdash; New Zealand; Rotorua volcanic hot springs

Rotorua volcanic hot springs

Beauty tips: here are the biggest hot spring bath, waterfall and mud rich in minerals, the pores can be comfortable, compact skin.

Recommended index: �� �� �� ��

A enter Rotorua can smell subtle smell of sulphur, Rotorua, the Maori language is a crater lake, which is exactly why this is located in New Zealand North Island in the middle of the island is famous for its cause.

Thousands of years ago, Rotorua's a volcano, a small island formed by volcanic belt unique natural landscape.

In Rotorua, a boiling mud lake, hot springs, lakes and meadows.

Here you can enjoy nature brings you a variety of fun, while marvel at nature's magic and the creator.

Earth's original charm domain world's ten most beautiful tropical rainforests

1. South America, Brazil, Amazon

Amazon covers 14 million acres (6.4 million hectares), mostly in Brazil, but there are some in the other eight countries.

World 1/5 of birds and 1/10 of other animals that live here, just 1 square miles is 75000 different trees. From frogs to Piranha, electric eels, pink dolphin and twittering the red parrot, Amazon is the largest number of species.

2. Canada, Jimmy �� Provincial Park, Cathedral gardens

Part of Mr. Mellon in Vancouver Provincial Park to erect a huge FIR, some 800 years of history.

Of course, here you can find the North American black bear, woodpecker and Puma.

3. Australia, Les Lamington National Park

If you'd like to see unique fig parrot or lung, bird, here is the best choice.

Les Lamington National Park is only 18 miles from the Pacific Ocean, its dark green Plains and Cliff shows it is an ancient volcanic residue. You can feel at Akira shaky by rope and wooden suspension bridge made of felt, on what can be found in the hills of a small hotel for one night.

4. Belize, tekax Kang po basin wildlife conservation area

This building is located in the eastern part of the Mayan moist rain forest is unique, there are rare Jaguar, jungle cat, red rain frog, mo, the cat was going, armadillos and 290 species.

Each of the 100-inch (25 mm) of precipitation is here to provide a wealth of water resources.

5. Hawaii, Maui Island, Hana rainforest

If you can put up with all of the turbulence reaches the Maui island of Hana rainforest, so you can enjoy here endless natural landscape, including the beautiful cliffs and Green Gully, waterfalls, black sand beach and a lava flow.

Hana rainforest located at Haleakala Volcano North-East.

6. Hawaii, Kauai, and bandits base State Park

Cliff scenery and hiking signs let this 70 inches of annual precipitation (1750 mm) of rain forest's award-winning visitors welcome.

Here you can get it at 4000 ft (1200 m) where a Carrara black Valley, palate, and you can walk along Granville meiya Grand Canyon in the original rainforest hiking.

7. Japan, Kagoshima, Yaku Island

Here's some mountain reached 6000 feet (1800 m) in height, and you can see rare Yaku Island of monkeys and deer, perhaps Leopard cat and a raccoon.

Here or FIR House, fir root even extends to the leaves and stems, creating strange shapes, some FIR or even 2000 years of history. Here you can experience the Ocean near the Spa, you can pick to star in the sand.

8. Costa Rica, and Montevideo more cloud forest

Golden Toad, fragrant flowers and bright green bite digressed, biological variety, is Costa Rica's leading natural reserve, is also the main eco-tourism in Central America.

Each of the 118 in. (2950 mm) of precipitation to the Orchid here than anywhere else in the world of lush, if you don't see the Green bite digressed, maybe you will hear the hum of hummingbird, because there are more than 30 kinds of hummingbirds.

9. in Thailand, Iran Lavan National Park

Here live the rhesus monkey, monkeys, Cobra and elephants, you can in the formation by the waterfall pool to swim in, or you can explore the natural path in the forest, or visit the limestone formation of cave, stalactite and stalagmite.

10. Australia, Tasmania, Ken

Located in North-West Tasmania is the ancient tower of Ken supercontinent of residual, is also the home of Australia temperate rainforest, is also active in the bag Badger rodent houses.

There are also 60 kinds of rare species, including freshwater lobster, Tasmania wedge-tailed sculpture. There are also some ancient sand dunes and the beach.