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Workplace who "dulala" bring your travel Thailand-style

Filming at sea

Since the Lala promotion "to be loaded onto the big screen, and will be watched by Xu jinglei Director and head of the women and a number of messages published an original already has very high popularity of female career stories, have much higher awareness.

Lala promotion "the cast went to Thailand for a 14-day outdoor shooting. In this resort, Pattaya is not the same as the true-leisure in addition, there is a full-cast Xu jinglei. The cast at least four or five day hours to more than a night scene. While the workload of a minimum of one day, because the Mayor invites all Pattaya crew comes to dinner. In Pattaya, a small bar in the street, a field of Xu jinglei and wupeici SideShow in 36 degrees under frequent NG Sun.

Filming in Thailand bar

Boats left arrow generally, Pattaya coast broachingto in blue seawater has flashes of white spray instead of half an hour to the coveted of coral island.

Coral island is the Pattaya coast and largest of the Islands, is about 10 km2, is the tourist attractions in Pattaya.

Coral island with coral forest reputation, coral, coral, coral reef hellip; hellip; colorful, endowed of fabulous, dazzling.

Speedboat in the adjacent Island side stopped, we transfer to a vessel, in the long-tail boats and tour guides, a relative to sit at the foot of the Board, through the glass bottom, a magical underwater world is clearly rendered in the sight of all. People head, carefully watch the seabed to be found under the bizarre coral, carefully identify the seawater that groups of colorful fish, occasionally there are five-star also allows you to see the star of the sea or with long spines of sea urchin in peristalsis. Vessel with water to go slowly, wonders of the undersea coral, won the emerging all praise sound. See all spirits high, Thailand tour strongly encouraged people to dive the sea, hourly Thai baht currency 1500, say so in the Harbour Office more lively, more direct viewing to marine life, all because of time constraints, besides diving skills aren't up to skilled and master, had to politely gave up.

Thailand shopping

Watch out coral, cruise along the island side to the bathing beach.

To Pattaya, domestic tour operators have repeatedly remind and urge us to bring a bathing suit and put on slippers, before their departure, residence hotel also provides free of charge to members of a large bath towel, to the exotic island and leisure time.

Arrived at the atoll Beach, in front of a gala to all Thrall, long beach up a colorful umbrellas, beach shore, jammed into the sea swim swimming; riding the airship, motorboat, banana boat, surfing; there is also the beach sand, pick up the Bay; hellip hellip; they already; temper passion and desire, the ship is not stationary, anxious to fear under the underground sea after wading shore.

Atoll Beach Bay

Atoll Beach Bay wide wave, beach, Sandy Pingshui Ching, soft white and beautiful scenery, is a natural Beach Big beach every year attracts many foreign tourists to travel and leisure.

Those high nose, blue eyes, brown hair and dark skin States friends are here, with the largest number of fear as we had visitors from China, accounting for about 90% of the number of tourists, we everywhere to feel very proud. I think: If the party's policy of reform and opening up, people's standard of living, pocket money, go out to alien tourism, holiday, sightseeing, nature is not something fresh deal.

In the waves River, soaking in the water, that kind of enjoyable and relaxing, just didn't have to say.

Time it stands, if not already a friend reminded, it really does not want to leave. Dragging the tired body on shore, and stomach this feel hungry, take a rest, island restaurant to each person a copy of the baked good seafood, rich red crabs, fresh, sweet shrimp, fried fish, beautiful to have suffered a fascinating exotic seafood dinner.

Playing tired to eat, it's your turn to go shopping.

Coral island there are many seafood, home decor, gift goods, specifically the sale of fish skin processing made of leather bags, belts, with herringbone made of rings, necklace, made with fish and all kinds of bells shells made of ashtray, bonsai, its making delicate, distinctive, and cheap, available to visitors to any purchase.

Star choice holiday attractions of romantic Hawaii Beach (photo)

Hawaii is the world's tourism industry is one of the most developed place.

However attract tourists, not places, but is it unique and beautiful environment, as well as Hawaiian tradition of warm, friendly and sincere. Hawaiian scenery, charming beaches, Sun and moon Nebula changing out the colorful scenery: clear skies, beautiful Wilkie Beach parasol as flowers; sunset, shore banana coconut for lovers light reciting sing; the Moonlight, Polynesian people singing and dancing on the tatami mats. Hawaii flower tones, the charm of sea, to the tourists out of a beautiful romantic melody.

Shallow diving in Hawaii

Romantic Hawaii

Sunlideng Super: Hawaii fame

Quying: Hawaii on diving tips

Shallow diving in Hawaii

Quying likes to quiet island vacation, such as Hawaii Beach, Eastern Mediterranean in Greece, Thailand's PP Island (Phi Phi Islands).

In comparison, Thailand's Phuket people too much.

Quying said in Hawaii on diving very stimulating, very pleasant.

Put on the Web, use veil feet put eyes, nose cover up and out of the water pipes at a lot of fun. Compared to the seabed leichteras sneak into the diving, she feels shallow diving safer.

Romantic Hawaii

Shallow dive in shallow water in some beautiful coral reefs, beaches, as long as you stand up to step on the way, if you want to see the fish can bring some bread, and a throw bread there will be many tropical fish come to bite, sometimes also can hit you.

Quying that in Hawaii is a deep sea shallow dives, took that afternoon, the Sun is shining, the ship directly to one can see the sea turtle nests.

At first she also toned, however see the turtles lay there quietly to calm a little. As long as the bigger fish from her through her not but some fear, shortness of breath.

If you accidentally head tilted, out of the water of the trachea, the irrigation water to a choke, later she knack, encounter a similar situation is stepping on toes Web, stick your head out of the water, breathing.

Quying said, feeding the fish when it should not be too generous, to little big fish feeding, otherwise you'll be dashing out pins can also be very dangerous, she said that there was a girl because suddenly poured too much bread, suddenly there are big fish rushed to the girl knocked out of the clavicle.

In addition to deep sea shallow submarine, launched the former must look at their own location, not too far away from the boat, safety first.

Sunlideng Super: Hawaii fame

Hawaii fame


Sunli, dengchao sharing precious leisure time, they partake in sea run and Frolic. Sun, sea, beach and record them many happy moments, they openly release their love, it's a warm without restraint.

Seventies of last century.

Beautiful woman educated youth yeqing encounter personality unruly children of cadres, started a strikes to segment the joys of love, but they love very hard and always miss the hellip; hellip; love's along the way, the fame of singing accompanier their undying love for life, once, this is a purely to really sad love story.

Hawaii version of Fame

Both of these scenarios are called the same, the main character is sunli and dengchao.

The former, the rendering is their life happy version of reality, which is a kind of happiness like the flowers like honey, the more the more sweet, glamorous and chew.

The latter, is their interpretation of the play of the same

This is a sweet and bitter taste, purity of love is the solid is their love for the best interpretation.

Sweet as honey, you smile sweet, like flowers in spring, open in the spring; hellip hellip; let us follow the same song, with sunli, dengchao share beautiful Hawaii trip.

Sunli: my super boyfriend

Dengchao: in front of men like love trees

Underwater wedding

In addition to Hawaii or a world famous honeymoon resorts

The ultimate romantic venue: Hawaii Polynesian folk culture village

Ultimate Romance recommended: Polynesian wedding, underwater wedding

Away from the Mainland, deep in the Pacific island of Hawaii is the world famous honeymoon resorts.

Unique Polynesian style, Hula, Hawaiian Garland hellip; hellip; Hawaii on people no longer a distant stranger.

Honeymoon in Hawaii

Accommodation in Wales-based sea Sheraton Moana Surfrider hotel lobby from time to time, visible wear wedding in crowd crowded round the beautiful bride in the left, the hotel door from time to time pass white extension protocol wedding car, honeymoon destination title is well deserved.

Wei Chi-beach is Hawaii's most famous beach, all year round sunshine, swaying coconut shadow distance Diamond Hill is a volcano.

On the beach with playful people, warm beaches of Hawaii is the Carnival. But even more ideal, is an exotic taste perfect wedding ceremony.

Multicultural fusion of Hawaii remains its own Aboriginal culture, Polynesian culture.

Fashionable clothing changed, wearing a Hawaiian Hula, wearing garlands, in front of the solemn chiefs rookie to make life of oath. 4 banjo ringing, newly married couples in our cordon lead jumps the Hula, bonfire flashing, musical depth and slowly let people experience this from ancient times has been handed down by the love of dance. After the ceremony, also for the in-laws a fantastic underwater. Along the flowers paved beach landing on Atlantis submarines, in the Pacific sea 300 m, though already far away from the real space-time, blue water world, around the beautiful feel like a dream, but this beautiful dream will be the new person's most precious gifts.

Singing and dancing of the Hawaiian beauty

Wearing a Polynesian national costume and dancing locals at a wedding.

Maruo Sau (Luau): Maruo Sau is the experience of Hawaiian culture best, Maruo dinner, you will have the opportunity to meet Hawaii ethnic traditional songs and dances, such as Samoa's huodao dance, Hawaiian Hula, Maori war dance, traditional food are: fish, grilled mahimahi pigs (kaulapork), salmon salad (lomi lomi-salmon), purple mashed (poi), etc.

The goddess to Oshima volcano: volcanic lava vow came across the desert zone, roadside on colorful Hawaiian Gold hibiscus.

In the black volcanic lava, many with white coral stone tiles into text. This is the love of young people in front of the volcano Goddess by the vowed. It is said that this vow very efficacious.

Hawaii Star Cruises: boarding stop in Honolulu's double-deck cruise ship piers, standing on the cruise of the two suspension bridge head wearing a Hula Girl in music accompaniment danced and Merry Hula Hula.

On board the cruise, have a cup of volcanic lava cocktails and enjoy a sumptuous buffet dinner, you can enjoy the sunset and evening Honolulu. 5: 30 pm, the cruise sets sail on time, and along the West Coast to base the depths of the sea. After dinner, there are also dynamic Polynesian dance show.

Hawaii travel guide


Travel to Hawaii, you can fly to Honolulu International Airport, or direct flights from the United States mainland to Maui, big island.

After arriving in Hawaii, in the traffic between the many islands to mainly by airplane. Hawaii flight with Hawaiian Airlines, Aroha aviation the two major airlines, between the main island of the flight time is approximately 20 to 40 minutes.


The island almost all around the island highway, and the island also has a car rental company, it is quite easy to drive for pleasure, but need to have an international driver's license.

Trolley Tour

Away day tired! rest ride red Waikiki Trolley complex

Ancient trams, every 20 minutes from Waikiki to the city center around one week, travel approximately 2 small, along the way drivers will explain in English, in ticketing kiosk is accompanied by a complete roadmap contains the departure time and destination.

Journey time: 08: 00 ~ 16: 30

And the other in a yellow bus Tour is a shopping Trolley, every 15 minutes, after the shopping center and the shopping centre.

Journey time: 09: 00 ~ 23: 00

By bus:

You can use the local public transport.

Oahu's bus tickets in the State of Hawaii is the cheapest in the bus running time is 4: 30 in the morning until the next day at 1: 00, it is the visitors with the best Hawaiian people. Visitors can ask ALA Mauna Center Tel know the bus routes. In addition, there is a call for 威 Kiki tram transport open shed, passengers can free jumping up and down, is very convenient.

Cruise ships:

You can travel by cruise ship sailing to the island, which is 3-7 days, at a cost of around $ 800.

Small train

Small train is Maui on sugarcane planting the heyday of carriers, now on to tourist Federation uses open to tourists.

In the car you can hear the retro music and the train whistle as if back to the 1970s.

Fantastic Limo

If you come to Hawaii honeymoon couple in your trip if you are travelling in fantastic Limo, will make your honeymoon even more sweet, this is a honeymoon in Hawaii specifically for newlywed husband the design of advanced lengthened Limo, comfortable interior decoration and stylish appearance, in the street profile, you can specify a variety of different languages, allowing you to enjoy different honeymoon trip.

Explore the world's most incredible ten strangely

The world's most exotic beaches, beaches Croatia sharp corners.

Tip angle Beach (Zlatni Rat), Croatia  

Those who think the beach are all the same, as long as water, sand and waves of people may need to change the perspective.

Sharp end of the beach into the sea, and the winds of change. So this is a changeable beach.

Australia Shark Bay with the world's most special seaweed laminated rock

Shark Bay, Australia

Shark Bay located in Western Australia to diversification is famous for its natural beauty, has the world's largest seagrass beds, a large number of local characteristics of animals, five endangered mammals and Australia 1/3 of bird species.

Shark Bay, the most major characteristic is the blue-green algae formation of laminated rock and takes the rock's structure.

Utah unique Spiral Jetty

Spiral Jetty (Spiral Jetty), Utah  

Land art Spiral Jetty is located at Brigham (Brigham) 30 miles to the West, the North of the Great Salt Lake.

This particular sculpture by artist Robert middot; Smithsonian in 1970 with the creation of basalt and mud. Spiral length 1500 ft (450 m), reaching down to the depths of the Lake. After that, due to the rise in the Lake, the Spiral Jetty sinks in the underwater, 1999 again out of the Lake.

The world's most incredible Beach mdash mdash;; California glass Beach

Glass Beach, California

Glass beach is located at Fort Bragg, at first glance and other beach is not any difference, but a closer look at the foot of the shiny: silver, green, blue, Orange, occasionally there are red in the sunlight shining glass stone will keep you amazed.

Prestigious China Sichuan Jiuzhaigou National Park

China, Jiuzhaigou National Park  

Jiuzhaigou National Park is located in the northern part of Southwest China, Chengdu, 1992 was awarded the UNESCO's world heritage area, is a natural beauty spot, and also the State endangered species protected areas, such as the giant panda, Sichuan antelope.

The eye of the sea; mdash mdash; Belize City, blue hole

Great blue hole (the Great Blue Hole in Belize), Belize City

In Belize sea many blue hole, but near the lighthouse Reef (Lighthouse Reef) of great blue hole is one of the most famous is also the place most suitable for diving.

Great blue hole with a diameter of about 1000 feet (304 m), depth of about 400 feet (122 m), in the East of Belize (90km) 50 British.

The most exciting dining and mdash mdash;; Maldives underwater restaurant

Maldives undersea restaurant (Ithaa Undersea Restaurant)

The restaurant is located at the Hilton resort (

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island), in the following 6 metres above sea level. The outer layer is transparent plexiglass, can accommodate up to 12 people. The restaurant offers lunch and dinner, from 11 a.m. to midnight.

The rough waves of the Valley, Arizona

Waves Valley (The Wave), Arizona  

Close your eyes and imagine yourself walking into a brown barrel, fantastic whirlpool, like a piece of chocolate to melt rocks.

Waves Valley is like a huge Olympic swimming pool, the wall is so giddy waveform, calcined loess and pink, Brown, light green materials. Waves Valley lines mostly level trend, some places have a Z-shaped.

Like the abstract paintings of the same Canyon mdash mdash;; under Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Lower Antelope Canyon (Lower Antelope Canyon), Arizona  

Located in the southern part of Lake Powell, Arizona, on the lower Antelope Canyon was carved by the wind and the water and the formation of sandstone is abstract shapes.

From the above, the Canyon and Arizona other Canyon is not any difference, but from the bottom, you will feel deep inside a very exquisite works of art. Canyon of some places very narrow, and only allow one person to pass through.

Here's the scenery makes people like walking into a fairy world

Capadocia (Cappadocia), Turkey

Located in Turkey in the middle of capadocia, with its fairy-tale spot is famous for its rock: strange rock structures, caves and half retreat crowd of historical sites fascinating.

Here at the Christians from the Roman persecution of shelter, 4 century a.d., a group of monks established capadocia.

Global top ten people drooling "Man Heaven"

United States well-known male fashion site Askmen's recent review of the 2010 annual global best for men living in the city.

Number 1: New York, United States

Replace last year's Champion Chicago topped the charts and became a man in heaven, was selected as the financial crisis makes New York the bar's consumer cost reduction.

Number 2: Melbourne, Australia

Selected ground: complete supporting sports facilities never let men feel life spent stuffy.

Number 3: Japan Tokyo

Selected ground: rich food, high-tech products and famous brands shop

The selection criteria include: weather, living costs, career development, nightlife, sex ratio, air quality, holidays and restaurant bar number, etc.

No 4: Spain Madrid

Selected ground: non-night city.

Best for men living in the city is concentrated mainly in the economic development of the infrastructure is good, material and human levels are higher in developed countries.

Section 5: United Kingdom-London

Selected ground: financial crisis makes London pubs consumer cost reduction, 2012 Olympic Games largest viewing point.

Section 6: Cape Town, South Africa

Selected ground: 2010 South Africa World Cup, charming beaches and wine.

7 name: Miami United States

Selected ground: in addition to the beach and beautiful women, all of the various activities of dynamism for men.

Number 8: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Selected ground: football fans of pilgrimage.

Chapter nine: Australia Sydney

Selected ground: beautiful Sydney Harbour, tempting cuisine and relaxed people.

Article 10: San Francisco, United States

Selected ground: pluralistic cultural atmosphere, the shopping paradise and the northern coast of fresh oysters.

California Disney create exclusively your fantastic summer

Introduction: here the storage of so many fairy tales, freeing up the magic of 55 years.

As long as you step into this magical land that magical moment in this way. Sit on Mark Twain middot; rafting, and Peter middot; pan to fly, and Star Wars unit in space exploration, or sit on Aladdin's feitan, Wonderland with Alice roaming; hellip hellip; ready, welcome to the magical world, the release of all happiness factor and energy, to create a fantasy of a Midsummer night's dream.

Small archives

California's Disneyland in Anaheim, California, United States, Disneyland Resort, is the world's first Disney theme park, is reputed to be the happiest place on Earth.

Since opening in 1955, Disneyland in California has become the world's most popular theme parks. Disney vacation recreation area (Disneyland Resort) including Disneyland, Disney's California Adventure Park and three resort hotel. Is divided into eight different themes with different characteristics, including adventure world, future world, fairy tale Castle, West of the town era, Mickey cartoon city, etc.

Info: Disney opening hours vary with the season, the season is about from 09: 00 ~ midnight, when the normal season 09: 00 ~ 20: 00, daily publication of Garden Guide has detailed instructions on the day of activities.

Disney's California Adventure Park is 10: 00 ~ 21: 00. Cost: Disneyland takes a ticketing system, and district is divided into a variety of fare combinations. 1 day card (Single-Day Theme Park Tickets) adults $ US $ 66, children 3 to 9-year-old US $ 56, $ 2-in-1 day pass (One-Day Park Hopper Ticket) for US $ 91 $ adults, children 3 to 9-year-old US $ $ 81; 2-2 day pass US $ 122 for adults, $ 9-year-old children 3 ~ US $ 102 million. (Buy 2-Hopper tickets, you can also use the Disneyland and California Adventure Park two Park)

Fantasy Midsummer night nbsp; Hug a whole summer wind

For children, the annual summer perhaps they awaited moment temporarily abandon their studies, happy to greet the long summer days.

And for those of us prisoners trapped in the Office all day long in precarious camp of office workers is concerned, the number of hot days of summer so we from lengthy gloomy weather, breezy in recovery to feel the smell of summer. If a place has an enchanting beaches, pleasant climate, excellent facilities and convenient transportation, fantastic pleasure time and space, it also hesitate about, why not leave a good for this summer's memories, in a real journey to meet the constant fantasy moments to come?

California's Disneyland is the world's first Disney theme parks, a 55-year history, as the original dreams factory, Southern California's Disneyland is certainly will not miss the summer tour.

From this year's beginning on 11 June, fantasy Midsummer night celebration at Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure theme park sustained performance-August 29.

In Disneyland, the most impressive is the fantasy wonders of fireworks extravaganza, dramatic programming, lifelike animals and Mickey sorcerer, surprise performance in the first time the adventure is always attract our eye.

When the magic suddenly falls, dazzling brilliant Fireworks at first so the sky, full of the breath of Disney songs of celebration, as if a fairy-tale of Midsummer night's dream, follow the cartoon world of players, with soaring in the magical world of magic, hold summer good moments. Such wonderful memories I believe no matter how long that will be the year it is worth bearing in mind the moment.


Since 11 June onwards, fantasy Midsummer night (Summer Nightastic) celebration will take place in Southern California, Disneyland Resort (Disneyland Resort in Southern California), its characteristics to make the night big beaming wonderful evening activities in mining.

Fantasy Midsummer night at Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure (Disneyrsquo; s California Adventure) theme park to continuous performance August 29.

Tips from the timing of when the amp; manual to control early in the second province three Sprint

Limited time, limited garden manual, of course, to a reasonable ratio to be truly enjoyable to play, will like to play a game project.

At the timeArrangements, early admission is the key, a queue of people may be less, California summer sun wasn't fooling, early admission to avoid hot sunshine, get Fast Pass will be in the morning time of physical best set several gas play pleasure project. After a morning of physical exertion and competition, the afternoon, tiredness and sleepiness is inevitable. Save energy at this time, the Park at different time periods have a wonderful show, watch some interesting stage performance is good, more is the way to the next round of activities for bedding and rest. In the middle of the program before the arrival of several hours, shopping and dining of course is not to be missed, but also for the final fireworks displays for Sprint.

Main objective: color world nbsp; Water gorgeous spectacle

Disney has a magical qualities, even just walking aimlessly in, or you can play with to return.

In the fairy tale world, there is an endless stream of surprises and adventure, this is also true for Disney, always brought us a new sensory experience and refresh the memories. It is said that in this new stage of the game project, Disney California Adventure Park will be put on a brand new night water gorgeous spectacle mdash mdash;; colour world.

Impression of color World Fusion a fountain, colours and crisp light and shade, boundless atmospheric sound, everyone waits with bated breath wander interplay of the world, as a whole to participate in the festive party, everyone with their eyes as a child, curiosity, meet a small gathering of surprise moment.

New color combination in the world of hundreds of columns with magnificent fountain, colorful bright lights, and both audio and Visual effects of a new Kaleidoscope, Fusion unprecedented water dance special facilities, Super projections, lasers, fire, smoke, ring-way audio and striking images, in the magical atmosphere, led us to embark on a fantastic journey into the wonderful world of Disney animated classics. Everyone seems to be on the animation world, closely looked at Alice in Wonderland, listen to the Lion King melody, drunk with the wind in the wonderful world of romance, and toy story playing happily in the leading role. Whatever you say goodbye to the fairy tale of how long, the world has more distant, degeneracy when we made eyebrows special effects over the whole lagoon night and rush to the cloud, like a feast like the perfect ending, as though another fairy tale of the opening, all people into summer fantasy time.


This year's debut of Disney's California Adventure Park's new night water gorgeous spectacle mdash mdash;; color world beyond all previous production, utilization of water dance spectacular fountains, vivid Disney Animation, the fountain is performing in shine shiny star, make up the world's largest curtain of projection.

In the latest design accommodates 9000 people viewing area, Disney's California Adventure park guests can enjoy the most perfectly to this exciting evening celebration. Display to lasts about 25 minutes and included in the theme park in the price of tickets.

COLUMN color world behind the magic technology ☆ occupies nearly exactly 1 acre, crafted giant building, than a football field, and can accommodate three-tier architecture mdash mdash;; a layer as the performances, a layer in the underwater, another layer as maintenance.

☆ 1200 more column dynamic programmable fountain.

☆ Multiple control points with 18,000 huge underwater grid.

Each pillar fountains are equipped with lighting, color intensity, angle and height of the water dance, more control. ☆ Fountain height ranges from 30 feet until the towering into the sky of 200 feet.

?? when the audience was immersed in animation experience, flame projection, laser and effects of accurate system so that the audience is filled with rich sensory pleasure.

☆ In over 80 ft lagoons of the magnificent scenery.

☆ The world's largest projected curtain ndash; 50 feet high, 380 feet across the wall of water as a projection surface 19,000 square.

Nearly 30 high definition projectors.

Main objective: ' European Captain nbsp; A tribute to the King of pop

At Disney, but wait one miracle burst and, perhaps most harvest is full of courage and warmth.

There are always some fragments that remain in the mind, the fermentation in the softest place to wander, cosy, quiet, is a good time and memory of film, forget the reality of tusks dance claw, clearly found the original trust and childish obsession.

Last time, too many reality visits have lit a era Guangyao pop King mdash mdash;; Michael Jackson's left? all wringing their hands over sigh.

But perhaps, in the emotion of the summer, we can revisit that has given us hope, as we build the dreams, once again listen to his voice, and harvesting a courage and aftertaste. 1986 and 1997 had shocked the Disneyland of classic musicals, European master of presence will let us first to experience the making of the original 3D performance, will once again make Jackson dance as if from the screen jump out to the theatre a reality. By Michael Jackson playing and singing? two original songs of the ' European masters, won the Oscar actress Andrea Ricardo? Houston, has a dual personality, experience the magic of make up and become a Jackson defeated the dark forces of a member of the electronic band together, using the latest 70 mmFilm, music, dance and lighting for the entire theatre is full of colourful Rainbow, black and white land into color and joy of the magical world, as we build out a fantasy space journey. This way, for all the fans, is a collective of nostalgia trip, warm memories of an era. In the summer afternoon, so close to the idol, remembrance time seeing the warmth given, leaving the eternal respect and remembrance, is this trip in the warmest memories.


1986 and 1997 shock Disneyland guest's classic musical performances ' European captain is now open at Disneyland.

This Michael Jackson as the special features of buildings rides is back to tomorrow's world, Disneyland as new audience provides a first experience original 3D production performance opportunity for hope for big-screen authoring of rare performances saw the King of pop music's long-term fans, this is a nostalgic look back.


23 years ago, sublime entertainment at the top front of Michael Jackson joined the Disney?, producer George Lucas and Director Francis?? Ford? Coppola powerful combination, to produce a pioneering 3D movie experience 17 minutes, cast including Michael Jackson playing and singing? two original songs of the ' European masters, won the Oscar actress Andrea Ricardo? Houston, has a dual personality, experience the magic of make up and become a Jackson defeated the dark forces of a member of the electronic band, dressing material and where the mythical space role.

Iraq-European master than has historically made the same length of any other movie, choose more famous actor. The production has hired Hollywood's finest dance instruction home, stage designer, costume designer and special effects artists.

PS: a practical strategy of supplementary ① efficient use of F P

At Disney, one after another game project queue time is the most headache.

In fact, there are a number of recreational facilities will be FP (Fast pass), for such games that you can use your ticket to go for a card. The card marked with you can enter the game, get the card, is allowed to go play something else.

② avoid peak times

Early admission is the key, and rational arrangement for each game project time, be targeted.

Popular project gate queue time often display signs, according to the displayed time to arrange the order of play. By lunch time you should try to avoid the midday 11 ~ 14 point between meals, can be a little early or delayed, to avoid long waiting for long service.

③ flexible use translation device

Some of the Walt Disney theatre or performance is also equipped with a translation facility (Disney Show Translater), for a child or do not understand the language of the people take advantage of these devices in order to be able to understand the plot.

Loan delivery US $ 100 deposit and return to the funds received from the previous deposit. The deposit can be by cash or credit card, very convenient.