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The world's most unique hotels

Russia's newly published traders Magazine lists of the world's most unique several hotels, the hotel with its unique features to attract customers from all over the world.

NO.1 Paris Hotel Le Grand veyour

The oldest hotel: Paris Hotel Le Grand veyour.

This hotel was built in 1784, France history of almost all the most famous people who have had to have dinner in the hotel.

All meals in the hotel has maintained the characteristics of the oldest in France.

Visited here called the most beautiful hotels in Europe, because here all furnishings are authentic France antiques.

Finland Kuappi hotel

The smallest Hotel NO.2: Finland Kuappi hotel

This hotel is only a single small restaurants, restaurant located only 2 seats, it once served only 2 customers.

The largest hotel NO.3: Thailand Bangkok Thai Hotel Tum Nuk

Its area has four football fields, only one central hall can accommodate more than 5 000 guests.

In order to improve the speed of service, all attendants are wearing skates to customer service.

Allalin Hotel Switzerland

NO.4 highest rotating Hotel: Switzerland Allalin hotel

This hotel was built in Switzerland Alps altitude up to 3500 m.

The entire hotel every 1 hour rotation for a week, customers when eating, you can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding Alps.

Israel Red Sea Stars hotel

The first underwater Hotel NO.5: Israel Red Sea Stars hotel

This hotel was opened in 1993, when the customer where meals can be eaten with fresh seafood, watching the wonders of the undersea world.

It took the world's largest music fountain

May 9th, 2009, Dubai Emirates in Dubai shopping center announced the world's largest music fountain built Dubai Fountain officially opened.

This fountain is in front of the world before making the first, Bellagio fountain of WET United States companies.

This value 2.18 billion dollars of the United States than the Bellagio fountain fountain out of 25%, to become the world's largest music fountain.

Its total length is 275 meters, the maximum you can spray to 150 meters, and a height of 50-story building.

The fountain will Jet 2.2 million gallons of water, and equipped with a light and 6600 50 color projector.

It has 1000 multiple changes, you can say that is truly extraordinary.

It's spray action is not rigid, on the contrary, it is like a hand in dancing elegant dance, along with this it is the number of the first Arab as well as songs from around the world.

Dubai Fountain daily from 6 pm to 10: 00 p.m., every half hour show once, each time the performance up to 5 minutes.

Weekend performances from 6 pm to 11 pm and 9 pm back to every 20 minutes performance.

According to official said the Dubai Fountain of light can be 20 miles in any one place to see, let it be the lightest in the Middle East.

To avoid the crowd enjoyed the Europeans love lost to

Do not try to stroll around Venice, Travieso?

From Venice City Centre by train to Travieso as long as 20 minutes, but make you feel arrived in another world.

At first glance Travieso has no special place mdash mdash;; beautiful house with a balcony overlooking the Canal, the medieval church spire in the red tile roofs abrupt, coffee went straight to the cobble in the square.

Good restaurants everywhere, and no knock on tourist package bamboo staves (menu turistico), Travieso you would be blowing closeness. Point to the end of the wine, the waiter will smile to on, you will be presented on a dish of small snacks. On the contrary, tourism hot to Venice local to foreign tourists at best performance out of tolerance.

Casa dei Carraresi is a local maximum of museums, its next exhibition (November 13, opening) theme of the artist's relationship with the model, from Canova (Antonio Canova, he comes from a distant Bassano (Possagno)), the van Gogh (Van Gogh), Pablo Picasso (Picasso) and then to Vohor (Warhol), rich in content.


Travieso's famous due to its compact and comfortable hotel, rather than luxurious five-star hotel, located in the riccati Street 44, (Via Riccati 44) hotel fn Maison Mathilda (Maison Matilda, website: www.

maisonmatilda。 Com; a double room from EUR 240) very chic, this is the home of the design hotel breakfast (designer Bamp; B), is located in a elegant building. Located in the Center ancillotto Plaza 4 (Piazza Ancilotto) of Albergo Il Focolare hotel (price of 100 euros) cannot only be measured by money. Fashion a preferred is located in Ponte SA novyy Veneto Persian Postumia Street 63, (Via Postumia 63, Ponzano Veneto) Manor Hotel Relais Monaco (Monaco, website: www. relaismonaco。 It; the price of 250 euros), the hotel consists of a headquarters in the beinatong Travieso (Benetto) owns the company, this luxurious villa-style hotel is less than 4 miles from the city, near the swimming pool, have owned their own golf course.


In addition to stroll around the Museum, you can visit the built in the 12th century cathedral, but to Travieso traveled more fully realize the spirit of Italy, rather than making a quick sweep.

Travieso is Italy's fashion industry Centre immerse in one of the sides of a word Calmaggiore street of fashion boutique shop, feel a day over very fast. Then along the tree-lined by buranelli Canal (Buranelli canal) shore unrivaled, splendid villas and medieval walls, is a comfortable yet again. Walk to the bustling fish shops as well as the nearby vegetable and fruit market is required of the person's mouth watered, walked to the nearby fish shop street 23, (Via Pescheria 23) muscoli Inn (Osteria Muscoli), a glass of wine, try the roast suckling pig (porchetta) equally indispensable experience.


Local people who like to dine at fashion colardo Street 26, taste of authentic Travieso, first at the traditional restaurant (trattoria) to reserve a table.

Located in ancillotto Plaza 11, Le Beccherie restaurant (Tel: 39 0422 540871) cuisine such as clouds, to make a delicious sweet pomegranate sauce loosestrife (faraona alla peverada). It is located at street number 7 (Via Inferiore 7, Tel: 39 0422 543829) Tony ders-bin (Toni del Spin) is a domestic wood decoration of the magnificent hotels, all patrons such as clouds, is tasting oil halogen sadin

Ten magnificent Cliff wonders traverse

Pakistan big Kawaguchi towers PK.

1, Pakistan, Kawaguchi towers peak (Great Trango Tower)

Big Kawaguchi towers peak is located in Pakistan, belonging to the Himalayas, high 20608 ft (about 6286 meters), the most exciting features are: the world's biggest vertical drop.

The white cliffs of Dover, United Kingdom

2, United Kingdom, the white cliffs of Dover (White Cliffs of Dover)

As a symbol of England, it was difficult to climb the highest point of the white cliffs of Dover.

This is about 100 years ago by the formation of fine limestone cliff. The highest point of the cliff at the beach of top (Beachy Head), where the Cretaceous layer after millions of years of sedimentation in the beach from the following increased by 500 feet (approximately 152 meters) high.

Mongolia fire cliffs

3, Mongolia, Agni cliffs (Flaming Cliffs)

Very few on Earth than Mongolia adversaries cliffs also remote places, pioneer United States naturalist and Explorer Roy middot; Chapman in 1922-1930 had a total of five times on this area carried out ground-breaking research.

Andrews and his team at the magnificent cliffs found a large number of dinosaur fossils, including the first discovery of dinosaur egg and buried in rust red sand under complete nest.

Hawaii, Kalaupapa cliff

4, Hawaii, Kalaupapa Cliff (Kalaupapa Cliffs)

Don't let its dense, lush scenes fool you, located on the Hawaiian island of Molokai high 3315 feet (1010 m) card Kalaupapa Cliff is the world's tallest sea cliffs.

A slip will fall into the Pacific Ocean. The cliff is an ancient part of the volcanic vents, therefore they today quiet exterior actually hide a huge destructive energy.

Greece Saint Dorigny

5. Greece, Saint Dorigny (Santorini)

Saint Dorigny coastline rugged Cliff witness the spectacular beauty of Greece island's turbulent history.

High 980 ft (300 m) of the cliffs by the pumice layer, volcanic ash and lava solidified to form. It is estimated that Saint Dorigny following volcano over the past 20 years, eruptions 12, BC 1650 catastrophic eruption is the Earth in the past 1 million years to the largest volcanic eruptions. The effects of volcanic eruptions can cause is located in Crete advanced Minos civilization to crash, or even some say the legend of the lost continent of Atlantis.

Norway prayer altar rock

6, Norway,

Road monument rock (Preikestolen)

Norway's famous sermons monument rock, as is commonly known as preacher of the rostrum is known, it is a high-1982 ft (about 604 m) of the flat top of the cliff.

Here are the hard climb up the cliff top people a incredible to watch the lysefjorden. Every year, nearly 10 million people come to the cliff top flat, smooth areas. Managers recommend tourists better not too close to the cliff edge, but it will not prevent those looking for the best photos shot opportunity.

Croatia Lokrum island

7. Croatia, Lokrum island

Lokrum island is located on the Adriatic Sea, is a popular tourist destination, mainly to have a lot of famous half-wild kongque, Lokrum Island nudist beaches attract tourists from all over Europe.

Comparison of water below the cliff, therefore on the cliff diving is safer.

Iceland Westermann na Islands

8, Iceland, Westermann na Islands (Vestmannaeyjar)

Countless storms and relentless waves carving out the Westermann na Islands steep cliffs.

Westermann na Islands are located in the South of Iceland, at about 1000 years ago, was a slave with Ireland's discovery of the Vikings. Here most of the island is uninhabited, those weathered, inaccessible cliffs become thousands Atlantic point auks safe Habitat.

Canada Aska MTS.

9, Canada, Aska MTS. (Mount Asgard)

Aska, consists of a pair of approximately a cylindrical tower composed of granite, it has a flat top of cliffs and steep walls.

Aska Canada Northern Berg is located in the Baffin Island Auyuittuq National Park. Aska Tokuyama's name comes from the Nordic myth of fairy palace. Slightly higher in the North Peak high 6611 ft (about 2015 m), in 1953, was the first time reached the peak.

Japan Tomoiwa cliff

10, Japan, Tomoiwa cliff

This high 400 feet (120 m) is located in Gunma prefecture in Japan Tomoiwa Cliff recently was well known, because the famous cartoonist acetabular jingyiren's body was found at the bottom of the cliff.

Usui was a popular comic strip "Crayon Shinchan" authors, a climb up to 4665 ft (1422 m) peaks no return, he was released.

It is strange that Usui camera was found next to the body, when inside the picture playback, display Usui in slow near xuanyajuebi, shooting a series of consecutive disturbing photos.

Climber's grave inventory 10 global peak of death

Whether experienced or novice mountaineers climbing enthusiasts, when they had strained himself badly stabbed into the rocks of the moment, it has to be dangerous.

1. the Annapurna


Since 1950 the first time someone climb, 130 people attempt to climb the peaks, of which 53 were killed along the way.

Such a high mortality rate makes the mountains became the altitude 8 km mountain inside one of the most dangerous.

2. chogori

Nbsp; chogori

We all know, Chogori is the second peak in the world, for the purposes of its climbers climb the difficult but in the world.

If you want to climb chogori need to first go through a complex of glaciers, then up a steep climb over countless rock, then a may fall vacant you love.The piton held. Note, that the most simple one line.

3. South Gaza PAL-PK.

South: PAL-PK.

As the world's first 9 peak, South Gaza PAL Bart peak has and chogori Mascalzone difficulty of the climb.

On its first attempt is along a narrow ridge lines to the top. Mountains of the South is the world's largest mdash mdash; Rock; Rock-Lu-Park, have 1 million 5 thousand feet long. Such complex of climbing routes, it is not surprising that people send nickname mdash; man-eating peak.

4. dry city kanchanjunga

Kanchanjunga dry city

If you're the world's most dangerous mountain climbing to the mortality observed, you will find that, over time, these numbers are declining, but dry city kanchanjunga is an exception.

As the world's third peak, dry city kanchanjunga mortality in recent years reached a remarkable 22%, reflecting the avalanche and weather catastrophe of high risk, also makes this mountain covered with a layer of the shadow of terror.

5. the Evergreen PK.

Aigues PK.

Aigues-located in Switzerland in the Alps, the impregnability of the northern slope of the peak successfully become numerous mountaineering enthusiast's dream.

Although this peak in 1938 when someone climb, but with legendary Aigues-North slope or attracted those who dare to challenge the limit of the climbers. Ultra high technical difficulties and serious landslides also earned the reputation of the murderous slope.

6. Matterhorn


Matterhorn the unique shape is like a Valley suddenly out of a corner, the mortality rate of climb it is in all the Alps mountains.

The results of the many reasons, including its technical difficulty, avalanches and landslides of high fat, climb the peak population of swarms are also important factors.

7. Vincent PK.

Vincent PK.

Vincent peak is the highest peak of the South Pole, it is not exceptional elevation, nor a very high degree of difficulty and mortality.

However, thisMountain location determines its isolated position. Combined with the extreme cold, and in the Antarctic continent capricious weather makes climbing Vincent peak into a field on the knife 4 volt journey, even if one of the smallest delay can also let you kill!

8. Bel Tabou la PK

Bel Tabou la PK

Bel Tabou la PK to OGRE name was well known, is the world's most difficult climbing mountains.

Even as early as in 1971 when someone may initial attempts to climb until 2001 before first reached the peak. Road middot; Scott as ever climb El thapla PK member, in the climb en route because broke both legs, had to meet Blizzard climb back to the team base camp.

9. Mount Everest


As the world's highest peak, a total of more than one thousand five hundred people have left a footprint here, but only about 50 people in one day successfully reached the peak.

Mountaineering enthusiasts flocked, plus Everest extreme altitude conditions are unique for their risk levels, one does not resist its charm.

10. McKinley


McKinley also named Dena Carlit, is the highest peak in North America.

Although only 6194 meters height, but its location is very high above sea level, causing the air is extremely thin, coupled with the weather and extreme low temperature, so that it becomes the face of the climbers, together with the insurmountable barrier. For all these reasons make the McKinley climbing success rate of only 50%, 100 people died in the snow snow mountains.