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The world's most beautiful 10 campuses

University of Oxford

United States financial magazine "Forbes" has the world's most beautiful University campus.

Selected 10 campus, seven from the United States, 2 from Europe, the only thing on the list of Asian Institute of Tsinghua University in China. According to "Forbes" website news, the magazine recently invited architects and designers on the campus of the University, the jury elected their own most beautiful campus. The final winning campus, both broad in scale, such as Oxford University, the structure choiceness of as Gdansk lipps Institute.

1. Oxford

Founded in the 12th century by the Oxford University is more of a city.

Oxford city has many medieval architectural treasures, the mythical building sites, covered with MOSS bench, winding alleys, make people feel like walking through history.

Comments: convent style with fine buildings, like the architectural Wonderland.

Kenyon College

2. Kenyon College

Kenyon College is the United States, Ohio, the oldest private University, founded in 1824, the school building style is Gothic style.

A 3 meters wide by Lin Yin Road through school Central, add some villages for campus.

Comments: here is to let people thinking about the big issues of the quiet little place.

Gdansk lipps, nbsp;

3. the College of Gdansk lipps

This is located in the United States California women's colleges are often described as the most beautiful campus in the United States, its design to architecture and landscape of the perfect combination.

Comments: Campus planting many amber tree, is full of autumn in captivity.

Trinity College

4. the Trinity College

Ireland Dublin's Trinity College is the 1592 year United Kingdom Queen Elizabeth I ordered the construction of the school of architecture from different periods into matrices, quite has the characteristics of the times.

The school library, possession of a large number of prestigious precious works.

Comments: standing in the middle of the Bookshelf, no words of praise are unable to express the hundreds of thousands of ancient books represents the power of knowledge.

Nbsp; of Tsinghua University

5. the Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University is located in Beijing's flourishing Garden District of Northwest skirt, campus around the famous monuments, gardens, and beautiful tree.

The old campus of campus, West to the American Campus layout and many Western-style brick smth stone structure features of historic buildings; Eastern campus is built above the 1950s as the main body of the main building of Suzhou, 1990s began by building a modern-style buildings.

Comments: smth, prosperous.

Nbsp; University of California

6. University of California

United States University of California at Santa Cruz near the Pacific Ocean along the

Shore's most beautiful beaches, the campus is located in Redwood nature reserve.

Comment: in which, and the quiet of nature.

Nbsp; the University of Cincinnati

7. University of Cincinnati

University of Cincinnati, Ohio, located in the United States, is the Midwest's best public University, the school has a variety of styles of modern architecture.

Comments on: the modernization of the 21st century campus.

Nbsp; University of Virginia

8. University of Virginia

University of Virginia was ranked second in the United States public University, school of Jefferson campus academic village is the most special style of the buildings has become a world model of architecture.

Comments: reject Gothic spire, a small Pavilion floor and green space are complementary.

Wellesley College for women nbsp;

9. the Wellesley College for women

United States Wellesley College for women is an elite school, 19th century building is in the female student safety considerations, the University is located in a 150-metre wide, 5-story brick wood hybrid architecture.

Comments: campus is like a small city in New England.

Yale University

10. Yale

Yale University is located in the United States, Connecticut, beautiful gothic architecture and George dynasty-style architecture and modern building from each other, so the entire campus, decorated with beautiful classical.

Comments: Campus beautiful and rich thick inside information, unless the person to stop.

World billionaires top-level seat driving large exposure

Bill Gates mdash mdash;; (William Gates III)

Total assets: $ 465

Owned cars: 1999 paragraph Porsche 911 cabriolet (Porsche 911); 1988; Porsche 959 (Porsche 959)

1999 paragraph Porsche 911 cabriolet

Gates always borrow his two Porsche to relieve your own neural tension.

Usually he opened 1999 convertible 911, but already ready by a 2005 Section 911 cabriolet to replace the current block driver, because the factory number for the new Porsche 997 is too tempting.

But Gates favorite or 1988 Porsche 959.

Because the emissions of non-compliance and no collision level proves that the car has been prohibited on the road in California. Until the proscribed nearly 10 years later, President Clinton issued a person of a federal statute that allows Gates legitimate driving the old Porsche 959. There were even rumors that Bill Gates and Paul Allen-legal in order to be able to drive this car on the road, and even developed a program for virtual crash test, in order to get the crucial impact ratings prove it. Demonstrates how Bill Gates like this car.

Mdash mdash;; Warren Buffett (Warren Buffett)

Total assets: $ 440

Owned vehicle: 2001 section Lincoln City (Lincoln Town Car)

If you see a marker to economical (THRIFTY) indication of the number plate, so it must be the world's wealthiest investors Warren-Buffett 's.

And use this number plates is a economical 2002 paragraph Lincoln City.

But there are a lot of people think that since the thrifty Buffett want, so why choose Lincoln City rather than buy a cheaper Ford Crown Victoria? two cars are on the same platform on production, from the engine to the interior space is almost always the same.

But Buffett does not feel that way, he prefers to Lincoln massive soft seat. But he had to buy a Cadillac or a Lexus. Do not know this astute investment to buy a car for the money to which a car.

ASO de Prince (Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud)

Total assets: $ 237

Have unlimited Infiniti FX45 vehicle:Jinbei; Hummer H1 (Hummer); Volvo XC90 * (Volvo); Rolls Royce Phantom (Rollsmdash; mdash; Royce Phantom); Daewoo Matiz (Daewoo Matiz)

As Saudi Arabia Sudan Abdullah's nephew, ASO de Prince has always been top grade luxury consumer goods eateries.

This extremely rich Arab countries Prince of wealth can from his garage in a brief glimpse of a second. When he always bought bought two, just like buying shoes or sell socks. Two infinity FX45, two Hummer H1, two Volvo XC90hellip; hellip; buy two cause is one to own, one for bodyguards.

In the garage you can still see another interesting phenomenon--two luxury Rolls-Royce Phantom was docked next to two compact Daewoo Magnus Emperor's (which is now made of Spark).

This was not that the Prince and the bodyguards were willing to get in the car, but the ASO de Prince hold shares in their own Daewoo bought two has also expressed support.

Ingo mdash mdash; tile; capoulade (Ingvar Kamprad)

Total assets: $ 230

Owned vehicle: 1993, Volvo (Volvo) 240-GL

IKEA's founder capoulade proudly owned a car with 13 years of age old GL Volvo 240.

Although this car, but usually this Sweden people still prefer to do the bus, which he can use his old card.

While in the list on the top ten, but he is always in economy and never hold Deluxe hotel. In his company code grounds such an IKEA person not open luxury car can't sumptuous hotels, capoulade with practical action. But he Fortunately, not all of the people of the world, as he does koumen, who will buy those fresh photos of IKEA furniture?

Paul mdash mdash;; Alan (Paul Allen)

Total assets: $ 210

Owned vehicle: 1988, Porsche 959 (Porsche 959 Coupe); 1988, Mazda (Mazda) Bmdash; mdash; Series pickup

When Alan is not in his Octopus Yacht boat bench, that he must open the 1988 paragraph Porsche 959 in Germany of not rush of speed on the highway.

Did he really just wanted to boss Gates together in the United States on this classic Porsche, but the President's decree only allow gates open 959, but not including him. So simply his own 959 shipped back to Europe, where he can open it on the highway is the indomitable, do not worry what ticket and exhaust. When he returned to Seattle, it can only hurt in that subsection 1988 Mazda pickup.

He probably everybody else would not understand, old Pickup is legitimate, the old Porsche how illegal? this is the United States hellip; hellip; refusal and deny your car on the road, do not need a reason.

Lawrence mdash mdash;; Ellison (Lawrence Ellison)

Total assets: $ 184

Owned vehicle: 2006 shall fly (Bentley Flying Spur); Bentley Continental GT (Bentley Continental GT)

The Oracle of Veterans is not like other wealth rankings as fear of Regal, on the contrary, he is acting crazy adventure and sport, and headlines.

He can do the driving fighter stunts in the air, also participated in the America's Cup. But amazingly, while Oracle and automobile is the America's Cup in cooperation with sponsors, but Ellison never BMW. This may be because his life is a pursuit of high quality.

And Bentley brands best embodies the British luxury, elegance and high quality, Ellison duty purchased two Bentley cars.

Where flying is not just a car can provide very high driving pleasure of the powerful sports car, or a luxury utility of sedan. It seems that after Bentley's product which is entirely correct, at least get like Ellison such great recognition for consumers.

Jim mdash mdash;; Walton (Jim Walton)

Total assets: $ 182

Owned vehicle: 2002 paragraph Dodge (Dodge) Dakota pickup; 1999 paragraph Chevrolet Silverado (Chevrolet); 2000, pica akula (Acura); 1998, Integra (Mitsubishi) Mitsubishi Montero buggy; 1959 Cadillac (Cadillac)

Jim-Walton is in his father's Wal-Mart shopping grew, cleaning, finishing rack system is a major work of his time.

And now, he is the world's largest family-owned enterprise of the person. His car is often used as a supermarket delivery car, so it's not hard to understand why he would have two pickup. When you need a larger carrying capacity, he will choose Dodge Dakot, that is a full-sized pickup, the loading capacity can reach more than two tons. But usually he more willing to open his akula Integra, because it is very fuel-efficient.

As for the 1959 Cadillac, the estimate is from old Walton inherited.

Go into the "soul of Paris Champs" (photos)

Paris Champs is a lack of perspective, an elegant window.

Every time a reporter walking in the street, in addition to a taste of her history, antique buildings and stone pavement, a bit like here is filled with the scent of perfume, coffee and delicious tiramisu flavor and unique colorful cultural atmosphere, as well as leading the world fashion trends.

Avenue des Champs-autumn

Avenue des Champs-autumn

Fragrant Street is located in the Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, in front of the Concorde, the Arc de Triomphe and the Arc de Triomphe Paris District, Grand Central axis.

She played the Concorde, the Arc de Triomphe, West end, TRANS-Paris, the duration is about 1910 m. Fragrant street there is a circle in the middle of the square, the main street is divided into two sections of the East-West, about 700 meters is Paris typical Boulevard, West of about 1200 meters is a bustling commercial area.

Towards the Arc de Triomphe

Towards the Arc de Triomphe

From a swamp, the Mall, then to the Mall, after 400 years, fragrant Street transformed today's soul of Paris.

Aromatic Evergreen views to the bustling streets of its profound cultural background: the Indus, fountains, sculptures, street lamps, benches and kiosks, juggling and open-air coffee hellip; hellip; both have retained traditional image of fragrant Street, embodies the romantic French nationality. Fragrant Street therefore attracted including Louis Vuitton, Cartier Jiaolan,, Orchid pose, Swatch, sifulan, Disney, crocodile, Nike, Mercedes-Benz and the hard rock cafe, etc. more than 110 shops in this world famous, the service involved in luxury, upscale fashion, advanced car, restaurant, shops, cinemas, nightclubs, a daily average of $ 30 million tourists come to this, where a significant proportion of foreigners.

Shopping in France

Shopping in France

Tourists, consumption is naturally more.

According to the street authority to disclose, fragrant Street 7 days per week are open, some shops open until midnight. Here's sales is usually higher than other downtown Paris 20% mdash; 30% higher than Saturday, Sunday 10% mdash; 15%. Fragrant Street shops are the most popular sifulan perfume shop, daily reception a large number of tourists from around the world. Louis Vuitton door every day queues. According to statistics, is located in the streets of business annual sales of up to 10 billion euros.

Of course, sweet Street continues to increase the rent, the more expensive than a year.

In the aroma street faces south side, taxes and property costs is not, the ground layer of rent per square metre per year up to 8000 to 10000 euros, merchants and sales per square meter per year at least to achieve 1.3 million to 1.4 million euros, in order to achieve a fiscal balance, nevertheless, fragrant Street 60% mdash; 70% of businesses still profitable.

Looking at inadequate scenery

Looking at inadequate scenery

At present, in such an expensive streets, two Chinese opening of the shop victoriously on the head: 125, China Southern Airlines Paris Office, this is China's enterprises in fragrant street showing unique brand; 77, France Wenhua travel agency, a famous overseas Chinese enterprises.

This let go in the streets of the Chinese people feel proud. When a reporter with rents rising businesses will go to abandoned shops, Chairman Li Wenhua travel agency France-Tung replied that, in fact, here is a place where the sand, the store owner has been changing, unchanged is fragrant Street storefronts never vacant. All businessmen squeeze in attempts to reason is: first fragrance Street itself is one of the world's largest brands, can stand here tenable, apart from the need for adequate strength, reputation and visibility of the effect is obvious. Secondly, the fragrant Street heavy cultural achievements in the international arena, the tourists from all over the world prefer to pay than in other places far more expensive and also willing to spend, Mimi feeling here of business culture.

Arc de Triomphe

Arc de Triomphe

In addition, fragrant Street distinguished status make it

As France held a variety of festivals, events and celebrations entertainment. Journalists were here witnessed a Carnival of the new millennium, close each year to watch the Christmas night lights, the enchanting should embark on the invitation of the President of the reviewing stand at France's national day military parade. Reporters also had the privilege and family go worship Street 42, Citroen flagship showroom, on the top floor rosy round bedroom, through multiple Prism glass Zenith count the stars at the Moon, listening to the street of noisy and boom, you feel the fragrance of popularity, street fame, Member and cultural atmosphere.

Arc de Triomphe sculpture "expedition".

France, the famous sculptor Fran?ois middot; lude design, also known as 1792 volunteers start expedition ", later France national anthem" Marseillaise "is the resultant. This piece of sculpture in the 19th century in France and the world adorn history is important position.

Fragrant Street show of brilliant and beautiful gives the inspiration is that culture is not entirely is the commercial and business cannot survive without culture, there is no culture of business is the desert, but boring consumption is not going to let the world visitors have more stay and look back.

In recent years, those famous tiankeng

2010 Guatemala tiankeng

According to the United States National Geographic website reports, or because of tropical storm Agatha the rainfall in Guatemala City, Guatemala capital region on 30 may appear a depth of about 100 m in giant pits, shocked.

A strict interpretation of the geological terms, tiankeng (sinkhole) refers to as the water continuously eroded solid bedrock, surface formed by collapse occurred a huge pits. United States and many parts of the day the chance of the pit.

1.2010 year Guatemala tiankeng

Guatemala giant hang the tiankeng further expansion of the term, that is, the ground suddenly collapse.

Guatemala City is part of the urban land is not in the solid bedrock, but rather a layer of relaxation, the composition of the volcanic pumice stone, usually several hundred feet thick. At least one geologist, Guatemala City's latest tiankeng is raised by a pipeline leak, not natural phenomena. Overall, Guatemala recurrence of such events more likely, but it is very difficult to forecast.

In 2007, Guatemala-day pit

2.2007 year Guatemala tiankeng

In 2007, Guatemala City has seen a similar distance from the tiankeng, and the recent emergence of the tiankeng also not far away.

Under photos, this two-day pit of diameter approximately 60 feet (approximately 18 m), depth of about 300 feet (approximately 100 m). Typically, the Administration will use large blocks of stones and other debris will pit fill the day. Over time, the water erosion and air drying effect, also cause tiankeng tilt.

In the United States, Florida, Winter Park tiankeng, for example, it is identical to the gradient of Guatemala tiankeng, depth of about 100 feet (approximately 30 meters).

However, the Florida Sunshine State of reputation, adequate lighting, making day hang in approximately 24 hours slowly tilts. United States Missouri State University geologist come down cell-cell Wu Ze (Doug Gouzie) said: I think around Guatemala City days do not so hang quickly collapse.

Florida, Winter Park-day pit

3. Florida Winter Park-day pit

According to Peter describes jigau, Winter Park-day pit formation in 1981 in the city, a public swimming pool, the swimming pool is leak, I've never seen a full report.

He said that water could pool bottom of small cracks seep into the soil below. As Florida's sandy soil, even swimming pools surrounding aquatic plants may slowly enough soil washed, erosion following solid limestone layers. Jigau Peter pointed out that the United States Geological Survey Bureau draws throughout the entire us rock type. Scientists still need to underground cracks and water flow through the cracks of extensive research, so that they occur-day pit sites for prediction.

Florida Marco Marbury tiankeng nbsp;

4. Florida Marco Marbury tiankeng

This deep about 185 feet (about 56 m)-day pit in 1994 in Florida in the city of mulberry, collapse of dumping in mining enterprises IMC-Agrico stack wastes.

The company was to extract phosphate rock mining. Phosphate is a chemical substance is a major component of fertilizer, mainly used in the manufacture of phosphoric acid, as well as enhanced soda and various food taste. However, in phosphate extracted from the rock, the main ingredient is gypsum waste is treated as a slurry filtered out.

As the layers of gypsum is dried, formed cracks, as appears in drying mud crack.

Subsequently, the water flow in the crack in the ground substance volumes go to tiankeng formation. United States regulatory agencies that IMC-Agrico company should bear management responsibility of the tiankeng, avoid harmful underground drinking water supply.

Belize City, Blue Grotto hang nbsp;

5. Belize City, Blue Grotto hang

According to the Missouri State University geologist jigau Peter describes, what, as long as the water erosion connection vertical horizontal drainage system, which might happen day, because in this case, a large number of solid substances being washed away.

If the tiankeng in near the coast or in the sea mdash mdash;; such as Honduras Belize City coast lighthouse reef, the famous Blue cave, seawater rapidly after the collapse into a deep see bottom of the pool.