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Drunk romantic Tahiti real and dream crisscross castle

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This is a lifetime only angels and the righteousness of the local talent to habitat, This is a golden a flash of all went free unreal imaginary space. & mdash; & mdash; R. Wallis & hellip;


Initial impression Tahiti

1767 June, British navigator Wallis looking for the legendary southern continents with another ship scatter, by the wind to Tahiti. Wallis to berth for more than a month and goodbye coming. He wrote in his record: &; ldquo We as if place oneself in the garden of Eden, plain lodgepole tree was loaded with fruit, streams transit circuitous & hellip; & hellip; Here the people enjoy nature most generous gift, is full of enthusiasm, have a rest, comfortable and delighted, and happiness gowns. & rdquo;

The 18th century Europe, when the bourgeois revolution period, the whole society in the great changes in the midst, and ldquo; Tahiti & rdquo; As the garden of Eden incarnate, attracted all manner of people: the French navigator GanWeiEr, England captain cook cloth expedition here, Writer Melville, jack &; middot London here looking for spiritual belief, High more is here penetrated the ultimate questions of life, become the greatest painters of 19th century. In 1960s, Tahiti because film cloth grace''s captain protesters "reputation big noise, once again today it is preferred resort & countries celebrities star hellip; & hellip;

You see, Tahiti, has always been a and art during his destination, though time is past 200 years, although connecting with the world, rising prices to the world No. 1, here is still far from a share of the modern civilization original flavor, let everybody can think like a poet; ldquo of&" Where do we come from? Who are we? We go toward where? & rdquo;

And this, is my short Tahiti trip biggest harvest.

Lines selected

French Polynesia''s islands consists of five islands composition, currently tourism open the most mature concentrated in society islands of the three islands, besides Tahiti and distance main island 15 kilometers of jasmine jas island and the most romantic a bora-bora island, the three island resort facilities is the most complete, the scenery is different.

Tahiti dictionary

This little dictionary can help you quickly and efficiently understand Tahiti.

Tahiti black pearls
Tahiti black pearls


The south Pacific French Polynesia''s 118 islands of the biggest one, also is the seat of the capital puppy mention, for excesses, therefore become the pronoun of islands, also be translation &; ldquo Tahiti & rdquo; .

[high more]

Tahiti most crazy fans, twice came to Tahiti, 1903 in local died. High more in Tahiti formed its own unique style. Interested can look "NuoA NuoA: high more Tahiti notes" (2005 zhejiang wenyi press).


The national flower of Tahiti, white, very faint scent, almost everyone in the local wearing, allegedly unmarried people will take the left, married people with the right.


Tahiti all-island idols of the natives, usually a few centimeters to ten meters tall statue. There are many islands in the folk custom villages, Tiki named display Tahiti traditional dance, folk houses and food.

[] shallum

Local people''s traditional costume is colourful piece of cloth, male and female can all wearing, don''t see simple, locals have 100 kinds of tees.


The traditional Tahiti dance, performers dressed in grass skirts and wore a corolla, simple drums and accompaniment, twist double buttock, appeal extremely strong.

[lemon fish]

Tahiti characteristic cate, fresh fish and cut into small pieces, join extreme acid lemon juice and mix well with a little salt and cucumber, delicate taste, sour and sweet and delicious.


Tahiti black pearl of the best brand, founder WenHuiRen is Tahiti pearls of aquaculture in Portland, a local 8 farms and home 1 pearl museum, Shanghai currently also opened to reveal office. ROBERT WAN represents Tahiti black pearl of the highest level happily we visited his black pearl workstation, has witnessed black pearl production of magical process. Actually black pearl not black, it has multicolored colour, and decreases as the light and transformation.

A bora-bora island
A bora-bora island

A bora-bora island

Interview notes

Tahiti, closer and closer to us

When I for Tahiti preparation for the trip, it was found that the relevant Tahiti data so scarce, besides compliments and scenic spot introduction besides, local transportation, accommodations, lines, play mode are few and far between. May Tahiti for Chinese tourists, as said &; ldquo maugham, A possible non-existent temple rdquo; of&" . Since September 2008 and opening-up, only a few hundred people here before, except for 18 hours of flight time and expensive price outside, many people simply will it and other island delimit equal-sign. Actually otherwise, Tahiti wonderful is far more than bask, swimming, sea so simple, many island disparate style, add unique artistic temperament, it is absolutely can touch mind journey.

With the related itinerary development is more and more mature, us and Tahiti distance is shorter. Like my this trip, flight is by the French chamber of commerce, Tahiti government, Tahiti tourism company organization of charter flights from Shanghai non-stop Tahiti capital puppy mention, the entire 13 hours. But lately I get from Tahiti tourism administration of news, Tahiti aviation future may open Beijing stops Tokyo to pat skin lift flights, such time price will be reduced.

To Tahiti tourism really expensive, local prices is Beijing''s ten times, but visit down, I think there is not a rich man''s exclusive, careful planning, a week gameplay time (including flight time) the per capita cost control in three thousand yuan without problems, such as to make reservations ahead is relatively cheap but good quality hotels, to develop the islands, the mature design good trip circuit, etc.

So this time, in addition to show the beauty of Tahiti, I still have focused on hotels recommend, because the holiday is perfect, hotel quality absolutely important, hotels recommended all is me personally experienced, comments are objective and hope to everybody formulate Tahiti travel plans have certain reference.

A bora-bora BORA BORA romantic fantasy island

Worth stay: 2 ~ N late, depends on how much you want to spend money

Do not miss: a bora-bora lagoon is a natural colorful swimming pool, is the world''s most beautiful lagoon, manasseh Antioch Angle or lagoon in the white sand island in the sunshine, it was great.

A bora-bora distance Tahiti 268 kilometers, only 10 kilometers long, 4 km wide, huandao week 32 kilometers, by a main island and the surrounding atolls and members of the island and the atoll in the clear between with vast lagoon, green is rare diving resort. The island has a total of 18 hotels, to all hotels are to play water TAXI, when speedboat speed in ubisoft''s green, on the surface of the sea breeze blow on the face and come, but no trace of seawater gamey smell, you will feel that everything in a dream. This short mind blank may also occur in early morning, in slumberless among, opened the door and saw balcony so wonderful intension and gutty don''t know where I feel.

A bora-bora is also the highest rate of celebrity encounter one of the island. When we are in the four seasons hotel restaurant breakfast, the side guest is a few days ago we met at the airport, sitting private plane to Tahiti mystery guest, wearing sunglasses girl is big chat buddy beyonce pregnant gossip.

In a bora-bora, at least for a night, because the sea water house too amaze, not with the intimate contact will certainly have pity, besides there is extremely magnificent coral reefs and always hung baiyun palusalu of black AShan.

Recommended hotel

The Four Seasons hotel (Four Seasons Resort)

A bora-bora latest six star-rated hotel, located in botanical gardens, facing the palmer black AShan, environment is very illicit is close. Besides blue sky and white beach, there are all kinds of swimming pool and gardens. There are only two room & mdash; & mdash; Water house and seascape villa suites, water house has a very large area, more than 100 square meters of area contains sitting room, bedroom and toilet, and even large balcony and a can of watching the sea bubble bath double bath crock. Of the four seasons restaurant was great, especially FaCan soothesu all captious appetite.

However, here really expensive, the house price of water season 15,000 yuan/day onwards, the smallest seascape villa suite too late to 100,000 yuan, eat breakfast at 300 yuan per person.

The underwater world
The underwater world

Jasmine jas island world under the sea

Jasmine jas Moorea movement island paradise

Worth stay: 2 late

Do not miss: Tiki folk custom villages, complete shows Tahiti residential, dancing, gourmet, folk, let you quickly understand local culture of in the meantime also can participate. Eaten locals with traditional cooking technique baked food after, follow the handsome boy, beauty an experience, feel the hula super-pleasant. Lucky words can still see the local traditional wedding.

Jasmine jas island distance Tahiti only 15 kilometers, ten minutes of the flight or 30 minutes boat ride can arrive. The whole island was broad clean shallows with lagoon surrounded, there are two most famous gulf & mdash; & mdash; Cook bay and Mr. HuWan doppler garadar Here is to bask and aquatic sports''s paradise.

Every morning, when the sea in color from dark gradually becomes limpid bright, sunshine also half-clothed fellow the whole island, all sorts of different colors of the foreign tourists lying sunshine unbounded, also have sports crazy into the sea arms, enjoy surfing, sail, kite surfing, canoe, yacht, diving, motorboat aquatic sports bring stimulation.

I don''t feel so exciting and is the most interesting thing driving motor boats to watch the devil rays and sharks. Arrived intended location & mdash; & mdash; A large reseda lagoon, handsome guide is just a water, numerous waving &; ldquo Wings & rdquo; The devil rays came to us, while sweeping legs, while glide belly, playing merrily, In contrast, the shark is shy many, just a little stream, can let them be defeated and flee.

Recommended hotel

Intercontinental hotels (Intercontinental Resort &; amp Moorea Spa)

Jasmine jas intercontinental hotels beach is very beautiful, here a week to show rich stayed indoors & mdash; & mdash; You can ride motor boats to lagoon see the devil rays and shark, can be in Helena Spa do a pure natural Spa, or go dolphin breeding center and dolphins playing while, or in the room on the sea in a daze, again or by boat to a small island to times BBQ, and cats, chicken enjoy staying in the afternoon.

Jasmine jas intercontinental room have special local characteristics, whether the lobby, common room, water house or villa, from decorate to decorations are use local materials, daily still doesn''t forget to put on many flowers.

Off-season common room about 2000 yuan a night, and water house a night 4500 yuan on, but the off-season have buy give activities.

Legend hotel (Legends Resort)

Jasmine jas, one of the top hotel is located in the beautiful, can see the seascape. All by big villa composition, the room by kitchen, dining-room, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, laundry room and a stateroom composition, very suitable for the whole family here to stay for a holiday.

Tahiti amorous feelings
Tahiti amorous feelings

Tahiti Tahiti French amorous feelings island

Worth stay: 2 ~ 3, suggest arrived late for a night to rest, and then try FaCan way before leaving can stay another 1 ~ 2 late, rest or shopping.

Do not miss: snacks if ray, located in the night market Place Vaiate puppy, carry on the dock nearby. Every evening at 6 o ''clock, companies-so difficult restaurant open minibuses came on land, of all kinds of dishes is dazzling, Chinese food is main, still can eating to see the performance.

Tahiti in society islands, the national about 70% of the population living in here, by two volcanic highland sections, one is called &; ldquo Greatly rdquo; to brook of&" , another is called &; ldquo Small Tahiti & rdquo; And here is the French Polynesia''s capital puppy carry seat, also is France''s ambassador to south Pacific naval base, the nature of the natural fun inclusions urban subway breath, do not have a scene. Is worth mentioning dug up some islands are from here transshipment.

Covers an area of 7000 square meters of puppy mention public markets, every morning thronged with all kinds of flowers, fruits, vegetables, handicraft is dazzling, here is the most living fresh of Tahiti and well worth around. Locals are usually very enthusiastic, a little bit more active, they will buy some discount, and discount a lot!

If you have time to tower hara o shut wait-and-see stage look, from here can see always from coast to puppy mention city landscape superexcellent. Here is also the best place to shoot the sunset, Papenoo valley country-given the Tahiti, canyon distribution has numerous historical sites and boasts beautiful scenery of the countryside and many waterfalls, very beautiful.

Recommended hotel

Manasseh, he Manava Suite Resort Hotel (death Tahiti)

Manasseh, he hotel only opened year is Tahiti island more advanced apartment hotel, ancient and modern all rooms, the room is not big, but although the area is there a kitchen, can cook by oneself, and invincible big balconies. My favorite outdoor scenery here, though not large, but sweet and comfortable, swimming pool, pool the bars ABU dhabis skyline small cute. Near the sea island has deck chair, can lay and watch the sunset and locals rowing match.

Moderate price, can free get to the Internet, coke, almost 2 euro a listen to the island is the cheapest.

Intercontinental hotels (Tahiti Intercontinental Resort)

From the airport, very close to just 5 minutes ride, continued the intercontinental consistent style, the room is very characteristic, beach charming, here is also watch the sunset Moorea island and the best place. Give me the feeling is the hotel is particularly much, have a swimming pool by rock beaches of change, like lens face on the surface of the piao wear several pieces of the original stone, zen is dye-in-the-wood.

Radisson Plaza Resort hotel (lmperial Tahiti)

Tahiti comparative luxury hotel one of the island, room area is very big, decorate luxurious, room design like a maze, bed is very comfortable. Compare peculiar is here to see the whole French Polynesia''s islands only black beach. The room can free get to the Internet.

Amy hotel (Le Meridien Tahiti)

Tahiti earliest hotel, room was renovated. Architecture is very characteristic, dining-room chimney lived in the bird, man and nature feel happy. The hotel has between artist''s studio still calculate have characteristics.

Sofitel hotel (Sofitel Tahiti Maeva ok Resort)

The good and cheap hotel, the distance from the airport and carrefour supermarket are very close, is the best transshipment hotel. Hotel general room but 1000 yuan. Have very beautiful swimming pool.

Beautiful Tahiti
Beautiful Tahiti

Only belong to Tahiti dream


Besides society islands of the three islands, Tahiti and other islands also has distinguishing feature very much.

Hu Nebuchadnezzar had Huahine island () still retains tradition and primitive lifestyle, be rated as the garden of Eden.

If Iraq yeti (Raiatea) is sailing enthusiasts &; ldquo Maiga & rdquo; .

Taha island (Tahaa) have rich plant resources, abound with vanilla, called &; ldquo The island of rdquo; vanilla of&" , nicole &; middot Kidman honeymoon is spent in on this island.

Marquesas (Marquesas) called &; ldquo Mysterious island & rdquo; , because of its rich plant and the historical and cultural sites, high more life the last 2 years spent here.

HeiWa island (Nuku garadar library Hiva) or HeiWa Mr Island (Hiva Oa), you can see the world famous tattoo home and appreciate &; ldquo Tiki” Patron saint of perfect sculpture.

AoSiDa pull islands (Austral) dharma Polynesia''s south, residents rarely, sporadic swathes of the ancient temples and the sacrifice of place and underwent several century Tiki protector is the scenery here. Every 6 ~ 10 months here can watch whale.

Figure eminem figure atolls (Tuamotu) have pearls factories and world-class diving resort, can be in on a coral reef surfing and enjoy pink beaches.


The best tourist season: the four seasons all appropriate, seawater average temperature of 26 ℃ ~ 28 ℃, all islands year-round can swim. Year 5 ~ 10 months for the dry season, November to April for the wet season. If like everyday sunny, had better choose a dry season.

Equip: sunglasses and prevent bask in essential, food and medicine can also bring some, local items more expensive, a pack of instant noodles are to 25 yuan.

Language: French is the official language, in hotels and large islands, English is also very popular.

Currency: unit for the Pacific francs get, the dollar and the euro can also be general, 1 dollar about 94CFP in every hotel change can exchange money. Local besides vendors, credit card is very popular.

Flight: at present there is no direct flights from Tokyo or Auckland turnaround, time about 18 hours. In Auckland as interim is high have walked more in line.

Ya-wun traffic: regardless arrive which island, must return to Tahiti turnaround, so be sure to manage their time. Traffic in the simplest method is consulting Tahiti travel company, they can help you arrange everything well.

CanTuan: at present, the Beijing travel agencies have Tahiti Tours, including CTS suing, Caesar tourism, cyts has very good lines and products, particularly CTS suing, general metropolis sent the leader, can good care of the guest''s various needs.

Colorful overseas ZiJiaYou November exit new play big inventory

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November overseas ZiJiaYou, there are many fresh play, this season is wrong peak swim, fewer people and fun.

More and more people choose to go overseas ZiJiaYou

Material to travel abroad in many people''s vacation has occupies more and more great proportion, from initial with a tour group, slowly subdivided into half self-help, self-help to now, more and more people choose to go overseas ZiJiaYou, people make full use of ZiJiaYou &; ldquo Freedom, flexible & rdquo; The characteristics of a deeper and more wide Angle explore exotic places of historic and local customs.

National Day holiday has passed, for many visitors, car window outside scenery and driving pleasure I still remember. But for many travel agencies for, along with the consulting and enrolment overseas auto-driving tourists more and more, to cater to the development of the market and different tourist groups of demand, in the next few months, especially during the Spring Festival, how to design develop more novelty, more characteristics of overseas auto-driving products, become a important task. The upcoming November, XinJing bound to like CITS has the friend to prepare New Zealand zijia auto-driving products, and travel agencies are also brought us.abutting products & hellip;... & hellip; Overseas auto-driving is becoming more and more tourists of water mark of the election.

Europe, Australia auto-driving popular
Europe, Australia auto-driving popular

Europe, Australia auto-driving popular

Reporters from CITS XinJing bound to understand, National Day this year especially introduced Canada, Germany, Turkey and Australia four overseas auto-driving lines, all smooth dough, especially the Australian line, Europe line most hot. According to the club relevant controller introduces, with European auto-driving product exemple, besides unique landscape outside, still a big reason is the euro depreciation, this time go to Europe to buy brand goods very cost-effective, so choose to European countries auto-driving tourists, fun, buy and contentment. But Australia is diversified landscape is famous, road conditions are very suitable for driving, enable visitors to fully experience the fun of gallop.

Bali zijia, the islands new play
Bali zijia, the islands new play

Bali zijia, the islands new play

To be fond of travel person, Bali must not unfamiliar. Rich cultural characteristic, the world famous SPA to Bali cover on the dazzling aura. Ever approached this mysterious way to drive to the island, reap some regular circuit cannot experience fun?

According to the port CTS relevant controller introduces, the club during National Day ZiJiaYou was launched Bali visitors''s consistent high praise. It is reported, the club is guangdong province and domestic only a Bali auto-driving travel do. Although from Australia, European roads, compared to Bali road wants relatively narrow some, but the club is already the auto-driving line done sufficient preparation. All the way in a limousine saying the escort, full of the hotel that is selected, the style is different. At the same time, it also creates &; ldquo Chase the dolphins & rdquo; Project, deeply tourists friend welcome. In addition, also specially reserved day free time, tourists all think this trip relaxation degree and distinctive.

America, New Zealand ZiJiaYou fresh debut
America, New Zealand ZiJiaYou fresh debut


America, New Zealand ZiJiaYou fresh debut

National Day after the holiday and enter into the wrong peak travel good time. November when New Zealand spring, blue mountains and green waters, the flowers in bloom, a vitality. Therefore, CITS XinJing bounded special launched a New Zealand ZiJiaYou product, let visitors experience of southern hemisphere spring scenery.

Travel agencies are also.abutting on November for overseas tourists zijia like friend brought us ZiJiaYou products. This product includes Hawaii, San Francisco, monte force gulf, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and other famous tourist resort, can feel coastal scene, sunset beauty, still can visit is located in the west coast of the United States of America''s largest castle peak shengximen mdash; of&" & mdash; The herth castle. Let visitors feel unique American amorous feelings.

The eminence be huan world mountains TOP8 restaurant

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World mountains restaurant
1. Switzerland, planning, matt Chez Vrony

In the traditional house in Switzerland, you can see the modern furniture, cylindrical vase lay pinecone. They are all food purists, their cattle, and then put the beef dry. In the basement, they also make your own cheese?

World mountains restaurant
2. Switzerland, st moritz, La Marmite

In this snow only cable to reach the skiing, La Marmite is the most cost-effective six dining-room the most delicious. Here''s the cook emphasize flavors of uniqueness, pure white antependium, sparkling silver dishware, first is lobster soup, and is equipped with black truffle tuna sashimi or with vanilla bag of venison. Have finished, guests can enjoy postprandial wine and good cigar.

World mountains restaurant
3. Italy, cher ranua, Etoile Chalet

Here''s the menu every day will change, but only the same is thick fish soup, floating mussels and jellyfish shrimp broth. Staple food includes the mushrooms pasta, lobster Italian fine flour, clam clam, steak. Don''t forget to postprandial drinks, a cup of strong coffee, Gladys ba wine.

World mountains restaurant
4. France, high snow Nashville, Le, Cap Horn

This is a person.but (there are often many celebrities or Russian millionaire here) and tasting important where food, especially sushi. In the popular choice is sea creatures, from Canadian lobster, crab, Norway jellyfish shrimp, shrimp to best 3 oysters.

World mountains restaurant
5. France, Val D ''isere, La Folie Douce

This style is like the ancient dairy cooperative company, here the raw materials were derived from local farmers and family firms. In this seemingly rough buildings, there are two dining are available: comparing formal and cafeteria. In the basement, have more than 500 collection of bottles of wine.

World mountains restaurant
Six, Austria, holy Chris Randolph, Hospiz Alm

This is al beta skiing best restaurant. Lunch time, skiers in sunny balcony drink a glass of champagne, enjoy Vienna Fried steak and caramel scones small. At night, the traditional hut will become the gourmet paradise of: oneself salted salmon, special duck, of course, wine is also essential.

World mountains restaurant
7. The United States, Somerville, brook restaurant

If you are a member, only can eat lunch here, because only control in 395 individual within, and standby list. But dinner is open to the public. First is avocado pudding amber fish, then is equipped with sushi shrimps potatoes steak.

World mountains restaurant
8. Japan, ancient villages, ii lookout restaurant

This restaurant is located overlooking the mountainside villages, can let you enjoy the world''s most fresh sushi and seafood, because here the ocean only half an hour''s car ride. This kind of fresh than skilled chefs cooking out dishes more attractive.

Small endowment is mad also suits white-collar four romantic vacation paradise

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November is many white-collar choose leisure vacation time, many people choose to go out heartily visit it. We suggest is might as well choose a soothing destination, spend a romantic freehand brushwork journey.

Recommend ground: Nepal

Vacation paradise

The recommendation reasons: Nepal has been has been known as a &; ldquo Mysterious country rdquo; of&" Here, the lush forests and countless snow-capped mountains, is very breathtaking scenery. Every November and December is the best season in Nepal, warm and enjoy annual leave white-collar workers are rare choice.

Recommend play:

Each November, is the best season to Nepal ornamental snow mountain. In this pokhara world renowned local absolutely not miss, here is especially suitable for vacation and mountaineering adventure and photography enthusiast I quite agree, can sit quietly at clear as a mirror of fee Eva lakeside small cafe languid lazy stunned, also can choose in this season to enjoy sunny walking mountaineering, deeply feel the towering snow-capped mountains sullenness. In addition, also may come to a &; ldquo The Himalayan mountains snow mountain observatory & rdquo; Known as the accept hyjal contour, particularly recommended in November in the dry season in the morning and dusk, shot the years of ice and snow giant peak showing a peaceful golden moment, but don''t worry other seasons in mist diffuses and blocking snow-capped mountains of color beautiful condition.

Nepal thick forest park in northern well worth list. The most famous to several chitwan national park gathering all kinds of wildlife, visitors can take a elephant across the primeval forest adventure, encounter Asian peculiar one-horned rhinos and Bengal tiger rare animals such as shooting, appreciate rare animals living subtle is preferred. In addition, Hinduism, Buddhism, imperial palace building is also Nepal attractions, might as well the capital Kathmandu, Nepal that experience rich cultural and religious heritage.


Transportation: direct flights from guangzhou, and removed from Tibet Katmandu, Nepal into Nepal destinations. And Nepal domestic transportation more convenient, but the traffic tools and the old and backward landlord is relatively low.

Accommodation: Nepal is relatively early open tourism country, pokhara over 30 years ago to build a five-star hotel still maintain high occupancy rate. Various types of hotel &motel many, regardless of the team or self-help swimmers, lodging won''t become the problem.

Food: Nepal catering condiments are quite special, many people don''t habits, suggest no.15 some drinks dry rations. Local weather is hot, cold food, feed as far as possible not prevent gastroenteritis.

Recommend ground: Australia

Vacation paradise
Romantic lavender

The recommendation reasons: on November Australian Sydney and Melbourne carpet, can enjoy the unique Australian amorous feelings, taste high-end wine, also can enjoy the spring scenery, carry out brightly wonderful gold trip.

Recommend play:

Wine is Australia''s specialty, suggest you must go to Sydney suburb of hunter valley look. It is an Australian very famous grape park, store a few years of red wine. Manor of wine estates have distinguishing feature each, some in the room, already sell wine bottles filled, and display, others directly put huge wooden barrel moved into the house. Product after drunk, can sit carriage whole family to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the hunter valley field. And like the fresh things visitors might as well bold to taste the crocodile meat, kangaroo meat or Australian emu meat.

Chun xia season is Australia perfect enjoy flower season, one of the most popular than the lavender eye Melbourne lavender manor belong. Look in the past, the endless purple flowers like a soft carpet bespread the whole land, breeze, a fragrance of flowers the nose, relaxed and happy making a person. The hydrophobic after to Melbourne Finn mountain gold field launching a fascinating found gold trip, experience the classical town amorous feelings.


Accommodation: from deluxe five star hotel to economy hotel facilities are complete. For economic swim tourists may choose to various youth inn, knapsack hotels and motel, the price is very cheap.

Food: with various restaurants, can satisfy all visitors taste, very diversity. As for characteristic cate, visitors can enjoy various seafood, such as abalone, oysters, emperor crab, lobster and salmon, and unique kangaroo meat is also worth a try.

Recommend ground: the Dead Sea

Vacation paradise
The Dead Sea

The recommendation reasons: the Dead Sea is an inland salt lake, water salty makes here are unusual buoyancy, let HanYaZi can also enjoy on water carrying heavy upload float fun! Every year 12 months to February, where the temperature on maintaining ℃ around 25, so now is the most appropriate to the Dead Sea travel time.

Recommend play:

Flow to the Dead Sea water other minerals and accumulates in the coasts of dirt, and apply to the skin or the joint disease, high efficacy curative effect of mud. Therefore, effortlessly floating on the Dead Sea, with the Dead Sea mud daub skin is people came to the Dead Sea &; ldquo Designated rdquo; program of&" . Here is the arthritis hurrah, due to the climate is dry, the reason of the joint disease patients as long as confront here, will feel symptoms eased.

Sunlight is also came to the Dead Sea tourism must-see project. Here, people can be in relatively long time exposed to healing under the sun''s rays, added to the end of sunshine and desert environment, caused by the Dead Sea water evaporated quickly, thus makes the people breathe air has a high concentration of oxygen and bromine, let a person feel very comfortable. If travel time is abundant, might as well arrange a Dead Sea hot spring tour. In this resident, a year the four seasons chun xia sunny day more than 3.3 days of beautiful environment, let the body immerses natural sulphur mineral spring pools, often can give health is an unexpected benefits.


The weather here: dry weather and annual rainfall deficiencies 40 millimeter; Average relative humidity 34% & mdash; 50%; Daytime temperatures average highest from January to July 20 ℃ ℃ range of 39; During the spring and autumn climate warm.

Transportation: starting from tel aviv, need only 2 hours by bus, you will arrive, Across Israel have regular bus service.

Accommodation: from the popularization of the hotel to luxury villas and hot spring resort, camping camps and resorts, can be found here.

Recommend to: Turkey

Vacation paradise

The recommendation reasons: Turkey bordering the Mediterranean Sea and the black sea, across the Eurasian two continents. Turkey for its long history, beautiful natural physiognomy and environment and inclusive multicultural, becomes the world of tourists adream place.

Recommend play:

Capa more strange and was Turkey''s heartland. Located in strange and grid caprara more werder''s open-air museum, it is a comprehensive the dozens of medieval cave church world heritage. Many of the church is decorated with colorful religious within sight of the murals. This peculiar place is famous for dungeons, huge tunnel maze, caves and channel has eight layer. 36 block greatly small dungeons in capa many strange and was found, each tower dungeons have kitchen, wine cellar and olive squeezing machine, dining room, the stable, bedroom, storeroom, deep well, aerate mouth and even have a church.

Pamukkale is located in south-eastern Turkey, such lovely names, derived from its appearance is like bespread cotton castle. So-called &; ldquo Cotton & rdquo; , is spring from the peak obscene, the place after thousands of calcified precipitation, form successive layers of semicircle white natural limestone overlays ladder, far see like big duo duo cotton stands on a hilltop, more like the big terraces dyed white, so the turks call it &; ldquo Pamukkale & rdquo; .

Pamukkale springs two-tone, some only and ankle, and some and waist. Because of the hot spring in pamukkale is no charge, since this bubble hot spring of visitors drive-travelers. Especially in hot summer and warm spring cool more thankfully the nature to the miracle.


Currency: $100 in Turkey can change more than 30 million Turkish shopping in dollars money, also but, shopping is a good place.

Time: Turkey time than domestic late 6 hours.

Taboo: Turkish taboo is mainly religious, such as mosque inviolability, Muslim forbidden pork and wine, christians taboo &; ldquo 13 & rdquo; Etc.

Don''t need a visa can go beautiful country

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Russia: the most familiar strangers
Russia: the most familiar strangers

Russia: the most familiar strangers

Due to the diplomatic relations with China''s good or the development of tourism needs, outside the state allows our compatriots part without visa can travel, including some famous tourist destination: such as jeju-do Korea, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Russia, etc. If you accidentally get a do not grow not short holidays, went to these beautiful resort of!

Russia: the most familiar strangers

In today''s Chinese eye, Russia is a kind and distant countries. The Moscow on the outskirts of the night "melody moving, the classic ballet" swan lake "dreamy lightsome, beautiful Anna &; middot Karenina lets a person dejected, drink spirited vodka Russian men have many charm & hellip; & hellip; Some say, haven''t been to Russia may regret lifelong capital Moscow and st Petersburg, have especially popular.

Red square blocks construction temptation

The red visibility can and tiananmen square to rival, but 9.1 million square meters of area, only about one fifth of the tiananmen square, formerly known as &; ldquo Torre belgravia rdquo; of&" , meaning &; ldquo Mart & rdquo; Instead, braganza at ldquo; of&" The red & rdquo; , meaning &; ldquo Beautiful squares & rdquo; .

Red square has many famous buildings, south vassili cathedral, alias wave grams rove''s cathedral, is Ivan ray emperor to commemorate the victory over KaShan tatar 1552 years building; and ordered the army West is in red granite and black pull feldspar built Lenin mausoleum, built in 1930 (before this Lenin''s tomb is made of wood. The autumn leaves red square, the fade makes red square into a colorful world. Standing on the square, building blocks of the kremlin wonder that people back to childhood accumulation in the wood.

Autumn fertilizing hongye intoxicate

Summer Palace, located in the south of Peter FenLanWan the forest, have the world''s largest fountain garden. Autumn play Summer Palace, magnificent dancer in romantic fountain as golden garden dance, leaves for its accompaniment, aureate dazzing akiha will stage dressed up dazzling glories. Summer Palace is st. Petersburg earliest buildings, reputation has &; ldquo Russia''s Versailles & rdquo; Say, architectural magnificent, cover an area of nearly a thousand hectares, Russian tsar, on the outskirts of past dynasties LiGong. 18th century, Russian tsar Peter the Summer Palace, its appearance ordered built simple grave, interior decoration of showily. Then many of the big dance, imperial court celebration activities are held here, 1934 after, Summer Palace is warded folk history museum.

Entry conditions needed for: team tourist visa, shall be submitted to the Tours.

South Korea chiju: capture all han drama romantic elements 

South Korea chiju: capture all han drama romantic elements

South Korea chiju: capture all han drama romantic elements

Like watching Korean friends can discover, in han drama, almost all newly married couple will go jeju-do honeymoon. This has a golden YouCaiHua and beautiful natural landscape place don''t know how many people witnessed the sweet love. Located at the southern tip of south Korean jeju-do Korea famous special municipality also preserve island, chiju san-duo: stone, wind, more women. Now in jeju-do can still see the sea WangDou department in the female, infiltrate 20 meters of buoy deep waters, breath to suppress 2 minutes by sea creature, adopt water skill rather get.

Discovering a teddy bear

Because TV drama "palace of hits, teddy bear &; ldquo Have & rdquo; Many new friends. The island of teddy bear museum exhibits years by the world''s favorite toy bear, here can see the world production toy bear. In history, have mapped with century history famous scenes which combines reappearing history characters teddy bear, antique teddy bear, including the Mona Lisa''s teddy toy bear modelling particularly noticeable.

XiGuiPu sea fishing

Located in the eastern chiju XiGuiPu, there are many famous seawater bathing city mountain peak sunrise. Here also struck with violent nearly 20 meters high cliffs and sea fishing and famous. From a call dapu holes in a small village by the sea to southwest direction of more than 600 meters in the field of the trail, there appeared in the pines, cliff here between waves heave when can be as high as 10 meters, the great tide, spectacular.

Entry conditions needed for: a valid passport, travel to the ticket or boarding passes, hotel reservation confirmation, stay 30 days.

Arrive way: Beijing and Shanghai have direct jeju-do flights, flight to Beijing time for Monday, Friday, Shanghai for daily non-stop.

Mauritius: the Indian Ocean Eden
Mauritius: the Indian Ocean Eden

Mauritius: the Indian Ocean Eden

&; ldquo In the first place god created Mauritius, to create the garden of Eden. & rdquo; (American writer Mark Twain) in Africa map, along the edge of Madagascar, a move toward the east potty little point, is reputed &; ldquo The Indian Ocean pearl & rdquo; The island nation Mauritius. The golden beach, blue sea water and the sunshine, green ZheTian attracts large number of tourists from all over the world. Mauritius, but no native country, taiyuan wufang Mosaic of traffic English, French and KeLiAo language, Chinese about 5% of the total population.

In LuYiGang brew

LuYiGang is the capital and the important port Mauritius, by the French 1735 governor cloth tang, nanotubes built, and with the king jehoshaphat Louis xiv is named. At the Suez Canal is navigable ago, around the cape LuYiGang sailing the necessary land. Here with different skin colors erguna person, have africans, europeans, Arab, Indian and a considerable number of overseas Chinese, so both of the western parliament building, city hall, also have Arabia type of mosques, Indian style in monasteries and Chinese temples. In the local natural museum, still have a pair of many birds bones, the bird is the symbol of Mauritius, appetent &; ldquo Peace & rdquo; , but now extinct.

The heihe mountain ldquo; exploration & WuSeTu & rdquo;

The heihe mountain is located in the famous mountains, Mauritius island island southwest, close to the coast. The highest point of the heihe mountain peaks, as is a small heihe 826 meters, heihe river mountain natural ups and downs, ZhuFeng between 100 jian flowingrapidly, whenever rainy season comes, streams rose water, catharsis, very beautiful.

In a land called &; ldquo Hin rdquo; horse tired & The hillside, and a colorful rectangle land, of about 0.5 square kilometers, there are red, yellow, purple, orange color such as the earth, distinct, very bright, locals call &; ldquo WuSeTu & rdquo; . The inner earth, said to ldquo; hitched of&" WuSeTu & rdquo; Is when a volcano erupts outbursts of magma, in strong sunlight issued by biochemist changes and of generation. The heihe mountain is Mauritius YinDuZu population, where every August 15, local people will YinDuZu wearing beautiful national costumes, clap YaoGu, jump &; ldquo The color and dance & rdquo; While revelers late into the night.

Entry conditions needed for: a valid passport, valid date clear round-trip ticket, hotel reservation confirmation, stay period do not exceed 60 days.

Arrive way: Mauritius aviation has direct flights from Hong Kong to flight, mainland residents can turn to Hong Kong flight.

Sri Lanka: a tree incomparable gems

Sri Lanka: a tree incomparable gems

Sri Lanka: a tree incomparable gems

Perhaps you have never know the place, but you should know &; ldquo Ceylon tea & rdquo; It was recognized as the world ldquo; of&" One of the best tea rdquo; of&" Tea is distributed in Sri Lanka. As early as seven centuries ago, Marco Polo had described Sri Lanka is a gem, a single &; ldquo Incomparable gem rdquo; of&" Sri Lanka''s history can be traced back to the 6th century BC, her beautiful seashore, mysterious ancient city, grand temple wrote the story of the past to sigh.

The sea heaven Colombo

Colombo, Sri Lanka''s capital and the first big city, in sinhala is &; ldquo The sea heaven & rdquo; Meaning. Due to its geographical location, have important ldquo; of&" Oriental crossroads & rdquo; Said. Early in the 8th century A.D., Arab traders has been in this business. Colombo is a beautiful city, urban wooded and pleasant climate, streets are &; ldquo planted around Tree & rdquo; Iron wood trees and &; ldquo National flower & rdquo; Water lilies. Colombo national museum is located in the south of the Victoria park, Sri Lanka''s biggest cultural relics collection, museum displays a lot of painting, the antiquities. One of the most conspicuous is when zheng he''s voyage in Sri Lanka establish monument.

Wonderful kang mention open-air performance

Kang carrying is Sri Lanka of culture, also the world''s most beautiful cities. Kang mention canyon is surrounded by mountains, every year there are rich and colorful open-air performance in this hold. Kang mention of open-air performance, is the world''s most one of rich and colorful activities. About 100 head well-dressed elephants and more than 1,000 dancer drummer and gentlemen by the temple manager cut along hundreds of thousands of view guest to tie the first by the elephant in the house of a small box regards. Team for seven days in the street parade, until August the full moon so far.

Kang mention national museum exhibition is from the 16th century to the 19th century of fine art, including the Buddha, the crown, noble image and wood carvings, etc.

Entry conditions needed for: Sri Lanka citizens in China executes Ukraine treatment, the passport and ticket can to Hong Kong flight HongKong and macow deal with Hong Kong, without maturity.

Arrive way: Sri Lanka airlines from Hong Kong, Bangkok and Singapore to Colombo fixed flights.

The taj mahal in India because of love, born of the brilliance

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In men''s eye, the taj mahal is India pronoun. This is known as one of seven wonders of the world grand mausoleum, as wall as a great nation, with a concentrated and ancient civilizations thousands of years of splendid culture.

Someone once said, whether international dignitaries or regular visitors to India, even if again busy schedule, make time to a point in new Delhi 200 kilometers south of the taj mahal. However, most of the people of the taj mahal, it typically too unfair because see the taj mahal is very learned.


The taj mahal is mo mughal emperor sand JiaHan for my precious, tai ji &; middot The horse Hal had made. JiaHan 17million in sand, reportedly love princess first went over him news, unexpectedly night hoary head. To commemorate tai ji, not love beauty of king sloping jiangshan national strength, and consumption of countless money, using the 22 years time built the glittering and translucent get rid of the taj mahal.

The king wanted to in the rier again build yourself a identical black mausoleum, use among half white, half of the black marble bridge connection, with my precious, relative but sleep. Who knows the taj mahal just completed soon, son will kill brother wudao homophobic earthling thone he also was imprisoned in far away from the taj mahal in agra fort. After eight years of time, the sand JiaHan everyday can through small Windows overlooking the river to murmur distance until the taj mahal of reflection, floating and die.


Local someone said, although 300 years on both sides of the taj mahal has been dignitily stand two dark red mosque for it, though now escting total daily from all over the world thousands of visitors forever, but the taj mahal is lonely, lonely, like a there lies the drop-dead gorgeous in rippling river stupid expects ZhuMu took vows to return.

Because the taj mahal full-bodied with white wash buckling libertine giacomo casanova, wall, door, window lattice vulture became full the exquisite decorative pattern, so early middle-late different time to see the taj mahal, always can have a unique experience.


Imagine rises, the rising a red with ZhuMu take the morning mist curl river, as will the taj mahal from slumber, right now it seems quiet. After hundreds of years harships vicissitudes of life, it has already unperturbed trader, with great aplomb dress, ready to smile to meet directions of guests.

At midday, the taj mahal head to foot the blue blue sky, green trees in South Asia, always bright sunshine burwell, more grown exquisitely carved, brilliant.


Wait until late in the afternoon, the taj mahal ushered in its day in most enchanting. Setting the taj mahal, white sunsets start from tan, golden gradually turned into a dark red, pink, the color of the moon, with weak cyan rises, ultimately to return into silvery white, to wishers visitors over in the moonlight blowing, will AnQin the taj mahal appears elegant chic and bright and charming.

Because of the difference of scenery, the taj mahal may also the only an early middle-late tour fare different spots.


For India domestic visitors are concerned, daytime only 20 rupees ($1 equal to 42 Indian rupees), and in the morning or afternoon before 7 after 17 but when to 110 rupees.

India, the world famous hot weather, the highest temperature can reach 47 degrees Celsius above all day long irritable, sunshine barbecue taj is like a ball of fire, outward spraying a dazzling white light. At this time went to visit, flavor can be imagined, want to take photo sometimes that I could hardly keep my eyes open.


JiLing sits on a three or four storeys high marble terrace, visitors through the tunnel, and pools, from Damon walked till after the tomb, want to be picked up rank and, must first take off shoes, respectful, even foreign dignitaries is no exception.

If change in warm winter sun season, light foot in white marble, as the Indian people describe, bolton have cloud stroll feeling. And the summer, platform became a emit hot air of big steaming plate, feet very hot so badly that visitors have to in the platform pranced around fast forward, from a distant view, as in dancing.