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Sad shocked! foraging in Cambodia's poor garbage

Dump child

The city was surrounded by a huge garbage dump on the edge, attracting a large number of garbage picker.

This is a group of urban living in Cambodia back, regardless of age, men, women and children, most of the size of clothes and sloppy, Gaunt, wandering in pomposity city eyes, in ridicule people abandoned corner looking for in life. Every day, and a lot of garbage odor emitted as they deal with the only hope for survival.

Garbage scavengers waiting for garbage

Refuse, in the eyes of the city, just a bunch of worthless waste, garbage picker, however, it seems, is like a treasure, the garbage truck comes, they will yihongershang.

They are in the dumps are so focused and craving, carefully pick up every piece of garbage, racing their residual value, as long as there is a little bit of usefulness, they'll be income in the bag, then you will see they have a meeting, or even be amusedly smile.

Slum children

On the pungent stench and crowds of mosquitoes and flies, they are already accustomed to.

Next to the garbage dump garbage on the cover of the shack, pick up garbage man's House. And here's child also has to refuse. Their every day, whether it's ups and downs, are spent in searching for survival. These pictures may be able to let everyone on poverty has deeper understanding, not even a trace of memory, a sympathetic, a fear, a meeting, a gratifying.

The little girl in the dump


The sad eyes


Busy garbage scavengers

Spam me the scene


Scavengers in garbage in search of food


Sad and shocking


Little girl smiling, Lake

World's strangest ten tourist attractions

Anthony housing and its surrounding gardens and green spaces are used to make a movie

1, Cawsand, Hat's tea party

Tim middot; Burton and his actors live in Cornwall South East Coast, especially in Cawsand village.

National managed organization one of Anthony's housing property and its surrounding gardens and green spaces are used to make films. From began on 6 March, the House will become a Wonderland, you can visit Alice's bedroom, from the huge garden through the weekend, you can also participate in the hat's tea party.

Nazca lines

2, Peru, the Nazca lines

The odd lines and geological imprint 500 years BC to ad 500, inlaid into the desert.

These patterns are birds, animals, and is known as the astronaut's strange humans. While no one, but it is said that because the astronomical reason, here's a small airplane passengers will feel yunwei.

Kilauea volcano lava area

3, the big island of Hawaii, Kilauea volcano lava area

Kilauea is the world's most active volcano, is rough hard around the lava area.

You can go to the volcanoes National Park, go to the crater observation. Or by plane from aerial observation. In the South of the island, you can see the drink to the magma Ocean, provoke a new wave-wave.

Cracow salt mine

4, Poland, Willy Chica, Cracow salt mine

Enter the Cracow Salt Mine Museum, visitors seem to enter an underground lake, surrounded by eccentric salt sculpture, here you can see the last supper in the dwarfs and the shrine of the God of ore.

Visitors can also visit the salt into the Castle.

Jellyfish Lake

5, Micronesia, the Republic of Palau, jellyfish Lake

Palau Republic jellyfish Lake jellyfish due to lack of predators, has no irritating capacity, every day they go with the Sun in the Lake tour to swim, slowing down the tempo, you can swim with them.

Bligh Star Canyon

6, United States, Utah, Bligh Star Canyon

Odd-shaped rock Variante GmbH Canyon become now the cause of abnormal shape, minaret, fish fin, the window of eroded and beautiful color rocks.

This small national park has an elevation of up to 9 thousand feet of the mountains, is the best place to hike.

The myth of the desert

7, South Africa, namaqualand, desert myth

August to October between to namaqualand, you will be surprised to see this desolate place turned rich multicolored world.

This is due to weather and winter rain.

APE home cave

8, Turkey, capadocia, APE home cave

These effects due to the strange rock formations of the cave is not just a divinely attractions, but also to visitors with a chance of living in a cave.

Some distinctive hotel is composed of soft fireMountain ash, and very luxurious.

Moon Valley

9, Chile, Atacama desert, the Moon Valley

Barren and desolate, the Andean mountain land in this place full of natural phenomena, such as the nearby Crystal salt flats and only risking the Jet of gas not geysin.

Stone Forest

10, China, Yunnan, stone forest

Stone Forest is located in the vicinity of Kunming, tall columns forming a maze maze.

But it's not just monotonous Karst terrain, there are trees around.

The ancient city of Pompeii: through the Millennium of whispered softly

The ancient city of Pompeii

Pompeii city is the Apennine peninsula, a long history of the ancient city, located in southern Italy, Vesuvius Naples near the feet of the Southwest.

Founded in the 6th century b.c., belongs to the ancient Roman era, a.d. 79 years destroyed by Vesuvius explosion. Thousand years ago, nature make this bustling town in Marshmallow into a dead city. Until the 18th century, only began to be resolved here.

The ancient city of Pompeii was almost instantaneously, and historical records to Pompeii and relatively small, which makes the Pompeii became a legend.

During this period the Pompeii's story has been staged, lying volcanic ash in the city nor paragraph telling of the subterranean burial of the Millennium.

592 years, farmers in the Vesuvius 8 km southwest of building drains, driving to the coins of ancient Rome and the marble pieces carving; 1707, Vesuvius group at the foot of a Hill Garden drilling, tapping out three old clothing gorgeous female statue.

Until one day a hoe reveal all the historical truth.

The year 1748 spring, a man named Andrew column of farmers in deep digging its own vineyard, exalted hoe below stairs into a sound that seems to dig into the Boulder, but how hard can also pull out hoes. He sprang calling brother and sister-in-law to help. They scrape mud and stones, found a hoe penetrate metal cabinets, so everyone pitched in and out the cabinets, open, and there was a lot of melting, half-melted gold and silver ornaments and ancient coins. Then came the archaeologists have found the slowly opened a mystery of ancient Pompeii. 1861, Italy King Emmanuel knob II ordered the ancient city of Pompeii for large-scale mining.

The ancient city of Pompeii

People for Pompeii overnight away from volcanic eruptions, mainly from two letters.

Cover approximately-Prescott Pyrenean is the Roman fleet in General, when he in Naples Bay North fleet headquarters musset hornum port saw Vesuvius clouds, the immediate command warships sailed to Pompeii direction, due to volcanic ash in the night sky, suffer from asthma General Bibles. Prescott, Pyrenean General nephew to Vesuvius was observing, recording, 20 years later, he wrote to Rome, the famous historian bottazzi soil, letter details the Vesuvius eruption, which enable modern man to the two thousand years away of carnage to the back of his hand. In this section describe: we prepare ourselves to escape with the car in the Plains on the swing, while we were in the wheel underneath mats. We see that the tide of sea water caused by the earthquake, a large number of marine stranded on the beach. A cloud rushed into the two fires, like two great victory hellip; electro-optic, hellip; follow Prescott Pyrenean General from musset hornum port out of the soldiers at the burnt gobble, rush shout lsquo; God bless ', but this time more people realized that there was no God hellip; hellip;.

Volcano covered the splendid town of Pompeii, let the increasingly prosperous Xinyi city in an instant from the earth disappear, but retained the volcanic ash and the ancient city of Pompeii, which let the face of the ancient city of Pompeii is not old underground sleeping for thousands of years, until one day be history of noise to wake.

Looking at the remains of the ancient city of Pompeii, the imagination of Pompeii was infinite scenery and sensual pleasures.

Pompeii city that magic Sun Temple, a huge bucket of veterinary field, the epic theater, to pray for the Church and the wizards of fancy sauna as well as entertainment venues, many attracting the wealthy and aristocratic around. That's a large slightly burnt smell of fertile soil, the Pompeii magma produced grapes a large juice sweet, great wine, has become the top around the nobility; the rush for the days and nights of geothermal hot springs, not only attractive bathing, but also attract many aristocrats, wealthy businessmen have come to Pompeii built gardens, villas. Especially black with bright red in the volcanic stone, because there is pain, soothe, Hemostatic magic, everyone has to offer. People will always be unexpected is that distant Vesuvius is flushed the greedy eyes of waiting to Pompeii to the fatal blow.

The ancient city of Pompeii

In fact, Pompeii is the historical disaster traceable, but ancient Pompeii were so confident, they too have a crush on Pompeii.

The year prior to the beginning of the famous geographer strappo under Vesuvius terrain characteristics determined that it is an extinct volcano, then people believe he's such a demonstration, not on the volcano. The year 62, 8 February, a strong earthquake struck the region, causing the collapse of the destruction of many buildings, today we see many Pompeii city destroyed buildings are caused by the earthquake. The earthquake, Pompeii and rebuild the city and the pursuit of luxury and Deluxe. May be overly confident of Pompeii were causing the next nature more ruthless revenge, Pompeii completely disappear.

Look at Pompeii city excavated ruins of the human body, the pain is spreading in the veins: many people sleep

Die, there are those who died at the gates, they hold the arm mouths panting; many people bread is still in the oven, the dog also tied by a chain on the door; slaves with ropes; library shelves made of placing a caozhi wall scroll, also close to the election posters, graffiti love phrases hellip; hellip; these life scenes, fully demonstrated at the ancient city of tens of thousands of people are suddenly being alive tore life chain! all of life is so enormous pain and died together. Maybe Pompeii in somewhere already know that disaster will happen, one person died in Pompeii painted frescos of plant mosaic, when people to over a thousand years later excavated his remains, while identifying the frescoes engraved with the inscription of a sentence: nothing can be eternal. Yes, never anything is the eternal, ever flourishing today as a living fossil of Pompeii have verified the concept of this sentence.

Enjoy live tomorrow is elusive.

Pompeii city unearthed a silver drinking cup was engraved with such words. This ordering is mining to store wine in the room, at the same time be excavated and yonder in glass next to the remains of a woman. This is the Pompeii, which moments of pain at the cost of destruction, it crossed over a thousand years of time and space, which tell the world why you want to enjoy the joy of life. Pompeii enjoy enjoyment, it didn't expect thousands of years later he also became part of the post people pleasure. In many of the world, but also never had a disaster in any disaster like Pompeii, it brings posterity is such enormous pleasure. --Goethe

Pompeii is so special, not only because it's in your age well, also thanks to its authentic reproduction of the historical downtown, reproduction for thousands of years before man old civilization, depicts the ancient Romans unmatched wisdom.

Inventory of the global top ten wonderful hotel on the water

Canada Pacific king room

1, Canada Pacific king room (King Pacific Lodge)

Pacific king room built on top of a floating yacht, guests can experience the original wilderness and enjoy the comfort of a five-star service.

Its the only way is to take the seaplanes annually from May to October the hotel Princess is dragged to the big island (Princess Royal Island).

Australia coral reefs of the world

2, Australia coral reefs of the world (ReefWorld)

Eco-friendly hotel, coral world has eight rooms, bathroom walls underwater all transparent glass building, guests can enjoy underwater spa, hotel in Australia's most famous great barrier reef on the construction of a Research Institute.

India AO Bai Shui Udaipur Vilas hotel

3, India AO Bai Shui Udaipur Vilas hotel (Oberoi Udaivilas)

The five-star hotel is situated in the middle of the Lake Pichola, is the world's most amazing hotel.

Hotel design by extending the traditional India palace style, elegant courtyard, the murmuring fountain and beautiful gardens embellished.

Aerohotel (to be built)

4, Aerohotel (for construction)

Russia architect Alexander Asadov early initiation of this idea, like a hotel design spaceship, through the elegant support system is in the water, this design can protect the environment below the hotel.

Hotel landscape including suspension of gardens, cafes and restaurants and other facilities.

Maldives resorts Hong Li

Li Hong Kong 5, Maldives resort (Conrad Maldives)

Hong Kong Lai Hotel across the Indian Ocean two private island, the hotel is located on the land portion of the facility, but most of the construction of the water, such as 50 luxury water villas, all-glass water underwater restaurant, spa etc.

Drifting revolving Hotel Dubai

6, Dubai drifting revolving hotel (construction)

After completion, the 100-metre drift revolving hotel will become one of the architectural history of David JI.


7, Floating Resort Malaysia Dragon Inn

The hotel offers rooms built on pillars, rooms for Palm leaf roof.

Structural design of the hotel allows guests as in the traditional village of Bajau water.

Polynesian Pola Pola island

8, Polynesian Pola Pola Island Bora Bora Lagoon Resort Spa amp;

The hotel consists of 44 seat water shed, visitors can also choose to build in the garden room on the beach.

Panama Hotel Punta Caracol

9, Panama Punta Caracol hotels

Guests can experience the feeling of overlooking the Caribbean, also fishing, diving, go to the surrounding tropical rain forest adventure.

Six Senses in Hotel Maldives

10, Six Senses in Hotel Maldives

By boat from male ' the capital of Maldives 15 minutes to reach the Six Senses hotel, hotel provides private water villas.

Peru "frog juice" local is men's supplements

Frog with other material juice of fruit juice you dare to drink?

The frog and the drinks in the people appear to be unrelated, but in Peru, the have a frog juice made out of soft drinks was in hot pursuit of the local people.

In Peru's capital Lima some farmers ' markets, there are some small restaurants sell this frog juice made out of soft drinks, every day many people dedicated to drink.

Used to be a frog juice

See the small dining room, the wall hangs advertisement of frog beverages above a bodybuilding men like Mr. with their strong arms to show their muscles.

The hotel claimed this frog juice is not only able to keep fit, relief of fatigue, and treatment of asthma and bronchitis, even on the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and therapeutic effects. It is also so called Peru viagra.

Frog juice

Frog juice are generally to the customer on-site production shops, my curiosity for a glass.

The shopkeeper was from the glass cylinder in the pick a frog, kill, use a knife to cut the frog belly, Onen frog's skin the whole Strip.

In local frog juice known as men's supplements

Then the frog with honey, Aloe, and an unknown plant root together into the mixer stir up.

It is said that this unknown plant root can improve sexual function. After filtration, the shopkeeper put a glass light yellow viscous frog juice and gave it to the author.

Practice a bit cruel beverage

I pinch your nose a taste, taste is a bit weird, didn't dare to drink.

Some people think that Peru's drink some cruel, but others believe that things can keep fit, will this frog juice as morning or afternoon tea.