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Migration of the world''s most artistic city

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French & mdash; & mdash; Paris is the perfect combination of art and fashion

Here is not a simple pure art, here is the perfect combination of commercial and art, here is one every love art love fashion ultimate heaven, here will be the perfect combination of art and fashion. Here art appearing thick commercial breath but she not sentimental not worldly, she did not conceal the boldness of facing each studies her man, this is her personality, this is people like his reasons.

Art recommend ground:The Louvre, champs elysees, Versailles, Picasso museum, georges pompidou cultural center


The Dutch & mdash; & mdash; Amsterdam artist''s paradise

Amsterdam is the global art to crown the shining pearl, here, you can feel at lowest art.

Here is the Amsterdam national museum, van gogh museum, coolers curtain le gallery. The national museum of the Netherlands is the biggest museum, buchanans building baronial imposing manner, keeps a world top art treasures. Here will be able to fully appreciated art to bring your visual impact. If you are a van gogh crazy followers that you shouldn''t miss Amsterdam & mdash; & mdash; Come here to see van gogh, feel van gogh.

Art recommend ground:Amsterdam national museum, van gogh museum, coolers curtain le gallery


Italian & mdash; & mdash; Milan designer''s paradise

Here is a world fashion and fashionable. Here is the world stylist street-cred''s paradise. Here''s the top luxury brand a little less than Paris less. The magnitude of armani, fan saizhe, PRADA, DuJia class natrium world such as clothing bedrock.

And here is the Da Vinci, master left here most of legend and glorious works. Here not only has design have painting, and here are some on behalf of the world at the top of the opera, Carla grand theatre. Here you can be in sight, hearing, touch on omni-directional soaked in artistic wonderful among.

Art recommend ground:Milan cathedral si cara grand theatre have mention NaPoLunJie goods-station pull museum of modern art


Austrian & mdash; & mdash; Vienna music

Every love music will yearning sanctuary. But you must not look down upon the city. Here not only has music there is exquisite, disparate style of architecture. Here culture has a long history, and here adornment art effect all over the world. So here is the &; ldquo Building, of culture, decoration of rdquo; of&" Here is the art of finish completely heaven. Whatever you love and engaged in what aspect of art research here you can find enough of her marriage.

Art recommend ground:In every corner of the city


Italian & mdash; & mdash; Fiorentina''s most ancient art of city

A full-scale art city, one or two blood are flowing art city. Here is the European Renaissance birthplace, here is the birthplace of the opera, here is the artist''s cradle. Here is the world''s first art school & mdash; & mdash; Florence art academy. Here preserved medieval Roman architecture. The big cities have 40 several museums and art galleries. Here you will feel art to bring your shock and moved. To Florence right, to understand the real art & hellip; & hellip;

Art recommend ground:Every inch of the land, each silk air.

Japan''s drugstore - most attract foreign tourists shopping sites

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Japan drugstore
Japan drugstore

People''s net Tokyo 26 August report (reporter JiaWenTing) for foreign visitors, Japan''s drugstore most propbably is everybody wouldn''t miss the shopping sites. Japan''s drugstore why such a great charm, today to uncover its mystery.

Japan drugstore
Japan drugstore

1. Quantity. Drugstore around the streets of Japan, whose quantity can and convenience stores rival, so frequently appear in front of tourists, want to stop not walked into the store actually is difficult.

2 all types. Shiseido, kanebo, GaoSi, music, and other famous Japanese brands in kwun each big drugstore are on sale. Aisle usually put trial outfit, let consumer experience, then choose suitable cosmetics.

Japan drugstore

3. The price is materially beneficial. Many Japanese brand products are usually 7 discount, affordable prices also become many tourists into drugstore and had to shopping reason.

Check-in top outdoor hotel appreciate alternative independence road landscapes

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In any time, outdoor hotel must be the coolest. Run it should be people of you seen among the funniest guy and practice outdoor hedonism master. Maybe you are looking for lions, or just want to find a more surprisingly wedding location, anyhow choose carefully & mdash; In Africa queen kashyyyk would also let you live a night to know what is the global top price.


Australia lie on the bed to watch luxurious tents outside the sunrise

Compared with the Sydney opera house, the boundless landscape and clear sky seems to be more a senior players yearning that fascinated. The dunes wake up, through the huge tent on the window, watching the sun from the earth uriah secretary at the other end of gravel dyed red, the experience is unforgettable.

Hotel small material

Name: Longitude 131 deg whole 131 & resorts,

Area: central Australia

Address: Ayers Uluru National Central Park, crazy, Australia

Star: five-star

Features: national park of luxurious tents resorts

131 deg; whole of&" Is a well-equipped warmth type small resort, located in the centre of Australia Kata Tjuta Uluru - national park, near here just is in the earth longitude 131 degrees online, hence the name. The whole resort is located in an independent dunes, there are 15 seats tents appearance of suites, everyday just received 30 guests, providing an unforgettable luxurious wild camping experience.

Resort facilities, including restaurants, bars, library, recreation room and a swimming pool. Each a tent suites are based on 15 first find this place named after the pioneers, indoor display their feat souvenirs and camps still paved with natural carpet, each tent has a unique bathroom.


The hotel restaurant provides stylish Australian diet, guests are in the public place can meet and they lived together in the mysterious world outside garden in the way the friends. Resort outside is campsitev & mdash; Camping ground is separate can provide more natural atmosphere. Here also includes aboriginal and management personnel dwellings, police, service station, forest protection personnel of housing and a sewage treatment plant.

The resort 15 rooms in an out-of-the-way, moon dunes, can not enjoy interference to enjoy the scenery Uluru. Because in the construction and check-in process needs to sand dunes and animals and vegetation protection, resort in design is quite expend idea. For example, in order not to direct contact with sand dunes with steel column rack high room, and makes the room can be dismantled and movement. In addition, the guest need through a simple paths in sand dunes lower-altitude room, this is to arrive to avoid dunes top damage.

Each room roof by three layers of material composition. The outer layer is the traditional sense of FangYuZhao, provide shelter and most rainproof effects, and in the form of similar little dune. The following two layer formed a closed cavities, with sound insulation and heat insulation function. Room USES a simple cube design, face south wall with whole window, can obtain the openest view vision. Sliding glass panels can half-lidded, make the guest can direct contact with external environment. Metope, make small slant scenic view further open, through window can glimpse dunes.


Live in meridian 131 deg; of&" One of the benefits of is all unforgettable wonderful adventures are all near at hand. People can enjoy Kantju canyon in the glow of sunset, uzziah miles-rock in slave slave see a red flag raised, taste herdsmen flavors of Billy Tea (was Billy which do you prefer) and Australian tailor-made traditional bread (Damper), or in the adjacent to the park feeling of desert serenity. Early morning, the sun rises from Uluru rocks, chenguang sprinkled on Uluru rock refracts the colorful phantom radiance, breathtaking. Lying in the white linen bed, feel the desert of peace, tranquility, let the earth, let yourself away from zero, let the soul release!

Another spectacular natural beauty is here expanse of the sky. In the desert enjoy a meal in the sound of Silence (in) please of outdoor desert dinner is absolutely cannot miss strange feeling. When the sun goes down to the west, while enjoying the modern musician playing native instruments, tasting the Didgeridoo various aborigines features gourmet, including Australia barramundi), (arowana kangaroos, emu meat, crocodile meat, potherb salad and classic Australian sweetmeats, etc. The whole evening another astronomer told sky stars in the southern side of the story.


The YiErSiYan Ayers crazy, The world''s largest single Rock, also have called for YiErSiYan ULURU, this is from The local native language, mean &; ldquo Have the tailrace tunnel where rdquo; of&" . YiErSiYan generated from five to six billion years ago, because once was in the sea, so the rock surface special smooth. It XiongJun imposing manner, as if a beyond time and space, the natural monument in vast wasteland, abrupt above the dazzling sunlight send out an attractive bright, surrounded by vast reaches hundreds of kilometers of Victoria surrounded by large desert.


African sleeping in animal edge

Many times, if you haven''t seen imaginary Africa, it''s only because you unfortunate chose the wrong place to sleep. Only put yourself in animal haunts of resettlement, they can brazenly careful study of you, or running away from your hand, eat. We recommend to you the outdoor camp were at South Africa and Kenya, they can give you the precious experience, while retaining you as a human decency and comfortable.

Hotel small material

Name: Myra Myra camp

Area: South Africa

Address: PO Box, 5514 Northlands, Africa, elvaloy® 2116 israelites

Price: with the season float

Features: living in South Africa animal protection zone, live in geobuksun villa, and with animals neighbour.


South Africa exploration & mdash; Myra Myra camp colours colours camp

Like the film the African Queen "(away) in the African so romantic adventure? Then to South Africa''s Myra Myra private reserve it. It is sabe sen (Sabi stillbirth) game reserves the largest private animal reserves, and Kruger National Park (Kruger National Park) connected. Myra Myra camp is Myra Myra three camps in the most luxurious one.

Visitors live in marah Myra camp with thatched cover poky bungalows, men and women bathroom apart. Each room has a private balcony overlooks the brush, visitors can clearly see in this a giraffe, sheep or warts pig in activities, some bold small baboon or SengMian monkey still run into protection area from visitors hand grab something to eat.

Myra Myra camp had a open-air semi-circular restaurant, enclosed in a semi-circular of a few tables with local handwoven cloth, put a few candle, the ground and a bunch of burning bonfire. Every day, all have careful arrangement of traditional native barbecue supper, called &; ldquo Boma” In Africa, usually begin in the drums. Tourists and their own wizard dinner, guide should not only for the passengers poured wine add water, but also kept answer travellers proposed a variety of problems, let everybody can build a big foothold. Have finished, service personnel, chef and guides will enthusiastically pull up passengers hand, the bonfire dance, sing aboriginal folk songs.


Camp wizard is responsible for assigned to his guest all services, including introduction camp, driving and search for the guests introduced from animals, animal behavior, to dinner for the guests to send water etc. The wizard according to wild animals habit, every morning and evening at eight o ''clock, lead the tourists and a black vice wizard, take the roadster jeep in the mists of South Africa in the fields for wild animals, here''s wild animals are large beast of prey, like a lion, a leopard, rhinoceroses, etc. Camp guide are generally young lad, they all possess of plants and animals learn related university degree, always answer visitors various animals and plants behavior problems. They must be subjected to rigorous shooting and rescue training, because they want to all the passengers is responsible for the safety of life.

Strange, is always the jungle agent most puzzling novel exciting activity. Zone almost no asphalt, so not a four-wheel drive vehicle cannot handle so poor road conditions. The wizard has received many years of professional training, they can be made from animal tracks, wastes clues discriminant animal direction, effectively tracking animals. Jeep is equipped with radio equipment, as long as a car find special animal, can immediately pager other vehicles miharu, is very efficient.

In the jungle itself driving, total feel by Windows inside far view separate a layer, and look at the animals, many aboard jeep carnivorous beast like a lion, cheetah or body huge elephant, buffalo, etc are all near at hand, and this feeling really make people excited! Good luck, it can also be seen in the pond hippos and crocodiles. In addition, birds ecological also very rich, by the side of the pool is wait-and-see stage ornamental bird, sit on all day will not boring.

Sometimes visitors also travel at night, habit at this time out of food animals easily tracking them, so wizard will take on the gun, led the passengers in the dark into fields. Darkness, the searchlights around search animals genes-found, you often see some breathtaking scene, such as hungry tiger hunt, group lion surrounded flapping mdash; of& etc. Of course, as long as prey is not you.


Iraq''s grace the scepter west hut Lodge Il N’ gwesi

Kenya area:

Let''s look at these in such boondocks hut: where the light pierced the grasslands of all the darkness. Because of the several dong wooden hut were all built in a properly hill, so look down from here, savanna the beauty of the landscape is we panoramic, like the opera accounted for the first row. We sit in the green around the outdoor platform enjoying the delicious dishes, or with a brotherly smile have a drink. Despite all those massa yiren armed with a spear, but actually he was very friendly, as long as you trust them, they will use a glass of beer and relaxed in return.

Here the hut was carefully designed: six complete with thatched roof bungalow scattered in luxuriant plant community, this kind of house without a door also no window, give a person a kind of sleep in savannas central feeling. Live in have this coast style little room, we more and more like &; ldquo The orthodox and elegant & rdquo; Massa yiren: with bare trunk made pillars, contain African amorous feelings of fabric, masks, covered in white gauze account on bedstead bed, all these elements in the charming traditional plays a respective roles. Here the shower is very interesting, almost as if in open nature in an environment of! (thanks to a solar, here when it''s hot bath available) then well, is in the stars in photograph reflect enjoy dinner!

This kind of wooden trip has three times daily usually goes out to play activities, including that to be British French called &; ldquo Please drives” The &; ldquo Interesting travel & rdquo; , of course, can also be interpreted as &; ldquo Exploring large animal travel & rdquo; . The first game out general arrangement in the morning at 6:30, this is to help you to wake up from sleep, if lucky words can still see a hunting scene. The second game arranged in late morning, this outing goal is grasslands those attractive scenery. Game 3 of the arrangement in the evening go out, mainly consists of some collective activity composition: watching the hippopotamus bathe and lion nap (lion everyday want to sleep 18 hours! If everybody lucky words, and this land all animals and fault shoulder: elephants, African buffalo, giraffe, warty pig, antelope, impalas, LanZhu chicken.

Exploring resort Morocco mysterious north Africa garden. (ap) -

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Located in northern Africa of Morocco, for most Chinese people, is a mysterious place. Morocco with a unique geographical position, the northern biqing Mediterranean the Atlantic ocean portal, the strait of Gibraltar. Southern and eastern border Sahara desert. Is the highest in central north atlas mountains. Across all atlas mountains hindered from the Sahara desert high temperature, making the Moroccan climate would not be too much heat, different kinds of geological and geomorphic, splendid islamic culture, making it has rich tourism resources, full of mysterious attraction for visitors, every year there are innumerable European tourists come here on holiday travel.

Casablanca rick" S cafe internal

Ait - Ben hadu small. -
The Sahara, on the edge of hadu ait - Ben - little village. Defensive local-style dwelling houses, the spare.

White casablanca

Casablanca''s fame, absolutely can not compare with Morocco this country. That film footage from the 1940s to the Hollywood famous film casablanca, make the city reputation big noise. In film is deduced, casablanca is almost romantic city''s representative.

Almost a plane, I fell in love with the edge of the Atlantic city. An airport gate, the eyeful tropical plants, ear spread ringing charming twitter, still have the Atlantic ocean breezes bring cool and refreshing & hellip; & hellip;

In the morning, I came to the card of asaph oldtown, some old buildings, slightly old streets, making it more has some vicissitudes of life. Dawn in medline (tilt Medina) walls and city tower, dusky and warm. Here, see metropolis that noisy morning, see hurried to work, and some people, only occasionally pass of cars and carefree and pedestrians.

Early morning hassan ii mosque, square was empty. Lifted up his eyes, and looked, and the haughty XuanLi tower, in ChenYang in yi yi is unripe brightness. Compared with dilapidated old city-area, here is simply another world: clean square, luxury temple gate, beautiful fountain. Hassan ii mosque, of the world''s most modern mosque, it enough to make Moroccan proud.

Leave hassan ii mosque, taking along the beautiful, journeyed anfa go the beach. The beach is the casa anfa cannot miss scenery. Because it''s beautiful scenery, more because of the Atlantic place was once a casa origins. Anfa, once a tuareg small village. Now here is the rich residential area. Deep curtilage courtyard, beautiful beaches, luxury hotels, restaurants, palm avenue, this is today''s anfa.

Walk on anfa beautiful palm avenue, some of the watch backlight gloom navigation tower, hassan ii XuanLi tower, the first warm sunshine, then hot shone on the shoulder. The Atlantic ocean waves, sometimes flapping beach and shore of rocks. Such a good weather and sunshine, occasionally meet the people exercise, right against the face to give you a more than sunshine bright smile.

Casa most romantic part, of course, belong to rick Rick" s cafe (café encough .

Everyone knows Rick" S café & hellip; & hellip; However, not everybody know, the movie thriller "actually a shadow north lens in casa haven''t taken. The real film, which are in Hollywood studio inside the finish. But the reality version Rick" S café Love, is a movie of americans, imitates the movie scene built &; ldquo FangZhenPin & rdquo; . In card asaph, you just call a taxi driver said, with Rick" S café Will smooth arrival rick cafe. Daily tourists who come here, drive-travelers cafe a small hall, constantly showing the film casablanca and film, the theme: time flies As a goes by.

Once again, go back to the station through casa city, I would like to proceed to marrakech marrakech). ( Everything about romantic legend, they left in casablanca it.

Marrakech djemaa el fna square
Marrakech Djemaa el Fna square

Red marrakech

In Morocco, marrakech (marrakech) is a cannot miss city, because it connects the important north-south things more due to its geographical position, ancient and modern urban style, numerous coexist monuments, gardens, world-famous city (Medina), not Djemaa el Fna&hellip night square, & hellip;

These south and north, seen too much square. But like Djemaa el Fna so dazzling square, or let my gape! Although positive Muslim of Ramadan, here is still very busy, absolutely is our as described in the scene: sell the water, sell a medicine, sell fish sell meat, the drums, brush snake, DaBaShi busk, storytellers, fortune-teller, sell spices, robes add body of locals, in fashionable tourists, have covered the Muslim women, short dress up of European female tourists & hellip; & hellip; Everything. This is square, it is China''s temple fair!

Towards late evening, Djemaa el Fna square than day more lively. Ramadan, fast a day of the people have toward the central plaza. The air filled with all kinds of food mixed taste, everything was covered in the barbecue booth smoke of incense. The juggler music voice, vendors and applauses, bargaining sound of the carriage, mingled with the sound of the bell, strongly pounding your eardrum.

Djemaa el Fna is a fresh stage. You can see for thousands of years, the locals day life condition, they like living history textbook. Marrakech, because Djemaa el Fna square filled with an infinite vitality. Here, you can see another kind of survival.

Majorelle garden
Marrakech Majorelle garden

Early morning marrakech, another world. Blatant Djemaa el Fna square at quiet surprising. Medina lanes, also in deep sleep in. I prefer this time city. While everyone not up, I went into medine.

In guinea worm, map is useless, because you always will get lost, not simply put aside map, let yourself lost in marrakech red city in. Don''t know in the old city turn long, I came to the walls of red-brown edge. Long dozen km walls, and will marrakech split into two different worlds. Outside the wall, is a modern metropolis, inside the wall, is the millennium city. But, daily shuttle in marrakech inside and outside the walls, like travels the millennium between. Marrakech charm seems was hidden in the city around the house, the city wall. The old city walls, villages, mosques, HeGongSe, while the wall outside the town, buildings are also appeared in the morning and HeGongSe, the sunset, the whole marrakech, be a sea of red.

Through an alley of woman
Fez, passes through an alley of woman.

Multicoloured fe, ancient city

Phillips, is the oldest a Moroccan emperor city. Its history, is almost Morocco''s history.

Phillips, ancient city wheat field there, many thickly, narrow slender, BaiZhuanQianHui lanes. But McGrady there shop, legend as many as 9000. Walking in the thousand-year-old HangZhong, and led the donkey of local people pass by, smelling &; quot Notorious &; quot The leather tastes and looking at the assorted store, ear swinging from the gouge spread from masons sound, copper bodega crispy jingling, and children''s laughter &the hellip; & hellip; This time, phillips'' already passed over a thousand years, but still griselda.

In the handicraft, numerous medine leather industry is absolutely fe, the most famous industry.

The fez PiGeDian
The fez PiGeDian

Approached Place as Seffarine square - ancient city, can have strange taste test your sense of smell, followed the pungent flavor, we came and went ldquo; Notorious & rdquo; The leather dyeing.

Walk into a shop, the boss close to send me a mint, used to dispel the pungent odor of smelly leather outfit. Along the narrow stairs walk to tiantai, that piece of red, orange, yellow, green, purple youth of dyeing tank with odour, immediately appeared in front. In a clearing surrounded, those colorful dyeing tank matrix alignment. But toiling workers, barefoot in dyeing tank, some of the first-infection of leather, some flick knife repairing fur, some hellip; stir dye of&" & hellip; In Morocco under the hot sun, they need not only hard work and endure a dying VAT is sending out the pungent odor. See such a sight, the in the mind a bit mixed emotions, feel really can''t simply using shocking to describe.

Phillips, is the world a few keep the traditional leather dyeing methods regions. Locals with the donkey leather transported to the enterprise, leather repair clean, soak, softening in dyeing tank, and then clean, dyeing, dry after processing to processing into various leather products.

Once upon a time, leather dyeing are used in natural dye. Such as green is mint, coffee is fingernail flowers. But now, many workshops are use chemical dyestuff. Phillips'' dyeing, increasingly bearing the burden of the tourism.

In 1981, fe, was listed as a world cultural heritage list, it is said that the ancient dyeing tank for fate, add cent many.

No night square
Marrakech not night square, library figure gibeah mosque.

At sunset, the Sahara
At sunset, the Sahara

Discovering the Sahara

To Morocco, how can miss the Sahara? When I saw the window of desert, over atlas mountains of ZhouChe lawton instantaneous evaporate.

A tuareg and led a group of camels in the desert slowly walking, tuareg blue, the Sahara, the distance of the golden sand dunes, near camels, all as beautiful picture scroll, unaware tiancheng.

This is the Sahara? Those endowed with the Sahara life of sand, when seen from afar, sometimes like dancing silks and satins, sometimes as strong slippery chocolate, after I had come into contact with it that as soon as flickers, gave me strong visual shock.

When our line of people they rode upon the camels, and walk in the desert, the sun has almost falling, sunset flames the sky, the endless desert, also be completely red. Everybody''s face, I was with light. The British tourists, prosaic excitedly jumped off the camels, in the desert heartily roll around, scream, laugh!

The night of the Sahara, mysterious some terrorist. The sky and sand dunes, now seems completely fuse and darkness to recognize each other, gentle wind, you can even hear quicksand''s voice. Pillowed the ShaTao and sky, I couldn''t sleep, remembering that in order to vainly sanmao stray to the Sahara hair woman.

You just a hint of before dawn, our tuareg wizard will kneel on the desert do morning ritual. After he led us to see the sunrise. In the morning light shining with, a group of people of inclined shadow, quietly printed on the flow of desert.

The Sahara, always have endless charm.

Morocco tourism strategy

1, Morocco history

Morocco area, the earliest inhabitants are tuareg. In the 7th century, Arab into, and in 8th century established the first Arab kingdom. Now Mr Allawi dynasty established in 1660. From the 15th century, western powers successively invasion. In 1904 October sign France and Spain partitioned in the sphere of influence agreement. In 1912 degenerate into French protectorate. In 1956, March 2 independence. 1957 set name for Morocco kingdom.

2, cannot miss scenic spots

Morocco tourism resources are abundant, there are many cannot miss scenic spots.

1) Morocco adjacent to the Atlantic ocean, the southern port city of o Agadir) Deere (add are very suitable for vacation. Various styles of hotel, bar stretches on the Atlantic coast. Many europeans to this vacation, can not only enjoy the sea and sunshine, still can be found here distinctive golf course. Agadir therefore Morocco tourism revenue most cities.

2) o itec &; middot This &; middot Ha du Ksar w.t. Ait - Ben - Haddou

From the Sahara desert arrive.chongwenmen marrakech journey, passes through a atlas mountains in the small village: Ait - Ben - Haddou, this ordinary village, once filmed 20s department famous movie, such as Lawrence of Arabia, overlord iron king kong, Alexander, etc.

Ait - Ben - Haddou originally is a place of medieval dwelling houses built ksar, or called defensive kasbah. These defensive dwellings all with local Sahara clay court structures and become, every family houses are linked together, is a glory all honor both. Allegedly, these buildings originating in the 12th century, when FeiDao prevailed, locals here built such houses, making the whole village yi keep difficult tapping. These buildings because there is very local flavor is euramerican film director''s favor.

3) blue town Chefchaouen

Located in mountainous area, is Chefchaouen Rif blue ocean. The whole city, door, window, mailbox, signs, and even ground, all is the variety of blue, is a quiet and mysterious town.

4) Majorelle garden. The marrakech

Majorelle garden located in marrakech hsin-cheng. It was meant to belong to French artist, he Majorelle Jacques lifelong energy design, construction of the garden, from all over the world, collect all kinds of plants, built the cactus garden, vines corridor, lotus pond, bamboo forest path & hellip; & hellip; In the garden, filled with painter like blue. This blue color, be remembered as Majorelle blue.

Majorelle garden were later fashion master yvonne &; middot Holy &; middot Los lang buying. Yvonne &; middot Holy &; middot Los lang infinite dotes on the garden. For nearly 30 years, each spring, master will live in Ma - jorelle garden. He died, and ashes in the garden too.

3, the visa information

Morocco embassy given Chinese citizens'' personal tourist visa. Need material: 1, 1 inch colorful pictures, background no requirement, 2, 3 months bank account information exchanges, The original and copy of 3, passport, 4, jobs proof (mainly including information position, salary, service life, ensure punctual return, etc.), 5, round ticket order; 6, application form (can get filled) at the embassy.

4, language, currency and other

Morocco use Arabic, national passage parts can speak French, Spanish, and the people who speak English much.

Morocco currency for di lahm Dhs, $1 jn. 8 di lahm exchange

5, how to

Domestic currently no direct flights Morocco, subject to Europe or the Middle East turnaround.

6, local transportation

Morocco cities, between the train is developed. From card sasha has train is bound for marrakech and fe, ancient city.

Go to other small place, only rely on DaBaChe or taxis.

Within the city traffic, need to rely on a taxi. Morocco taxi into large and small, the price is different. And before getting into the car with the driver, or about good price, or asked the driver play table.

7, religious

Morocco is Islam countries. Besides CARDS of asaph hassan ii outside mosques, and other mosque refused to non-muslim visit. Locals to photograph sensitive, filming, best first after its agree, even fellow man is no exception.

In addition, Ramadan, had better not public eating.

8, accommodation

In Morocco travel, at least for a night with local characteristics of a home stay facility riad, a Moore style of courtyard. Around buildings, atrium is a small garden, and general middle fountain, around filled up with flowers. In atrium, with home stay facility owner chats homely, sent off at noon hot time, is piece very plaisant.

9, public security

Morocco poverty population is more, stealing activities happen occasionally. For women visitors, do not exclude the possibility of everyman a certain degree of sexual harassment.

Morocco, streets are dense city medine like a spider web, Suggestions, please recommend guide, not only have the official guide function, help oneself learn more customs, still can hold concurrently do bodyguards. Usually the official guide fee for every 150-200Dhs.

Ghost PinChu! The world''s most eccentric six cities

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Every city has strange place, but there is always some places more bizarre than elsewhere. The following six cities is really very strange.


1. Venice, Italy

Why weird?

Allegedly, Venice is the world graveyard most frequently cities. About from canal ghost wandering, on the square the terrible governor (the Venetian republic former ruler), and from wall out the rumours of a headless body has a long history. One of the most worrisome legend is from a nearby Maliban Teatro like maze passageway plaintive wail sound. It was believed to be explorer Marco &; middot The Baltic wife issued lamentation, because alone, she finally committed suicide.


2. Cyprus Nicosia

Why weird?

In Nicosia central is the United Nations buffer, will be given in two. This ldquo; peeping of&" Wulungu & rdquo; , you will see all kinds of oil and barbed wire. After army checkpoints, you can only through the intersection. Through the intersection, you from Greek Cypriot area came to the Turkish Cypriot area. This modern luxuriant city will bring you a Oriental exotic emotional appeal.


3. Vienna, Austria

Why weird?

Vienna claims to be the odd museum. Here have international esperanto museum (esperanto: one kind is hard to say good artificial language), also have a globe museum (shows there are hundreds of different globe). More odd is funeral museum, international contraceptive and abortion museum (looks like abortion clinic) and criminals museum (display for thousands of copies of murdered body images).


4. Vilnius in Lithuania

Why weird?

Here is the absolute odd. Other cities also really compare with it. In so many strange, the characteristic is located in the WeiErNiuSi Uzupis an independent republic. It across a river, have their own constitution (attention some such as dogs as a dog have rights, etc.). Every year on April 1st, the National Day is Uzupis (maybe it''s not a coincidence).


5. The united Arab emirates dubai

Why weird?

First, there are many public projects, such as shopping center at large the ski slope, underwater hotel and towers, etc. Secondly, there are still many very bold created land engineering. In this Muslim city, cost the countless money.


6. Peru an heifer tos

Why weird?

In a lot of respects, has 40 million population of an heifer torres is a real modern city. But its location but will it isolated. The city is located in the amazon rainforest depths. It cannot be reached by land, because the city surrounded by around completely for the jungle. Therefore, only by taking a plane or by boat to arrive. The city has many amenities. But on the other hand, once you walked out of the city, you will be in another world.

Leisurely and slow lives to enjoy free and unfettered 6 big resort tourism

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The tourist season, accumulate annual leave can''t just wasted away. But this rare happy hour is like a busy life, hurriedly, and hurriedly go. If you are tired of this fast rhythm, publicity and blatant sensations, might as well change a living environment and lifestyle.savor manifest &; ldquo Slow music & rdquo; The other side of taste.

The Tuscan
The Tuscan

The Tuscan - town of love

Slow music index: u u u u u

Leave a noisy city, is all pursue &; ldquo Slow music & rdquo; The best footnote. Then don''t hesitate and go to town looking for heart most pure, unruffled feeling!

Italy gives a person feels like there sunlight, romantic and warm. Romantic like "Roman holiday", warmly such as "the Tuscan sunlight". &; ldquo Life gives you thousands of opportunity, what you have to do is take a. & rdquo; This is the movie Tuscan sunlight "a line. Come to the Tuscan means catching the enjoy sunshine, beauty and carefree days of opportunities.

Located in the central Italian Tuscan, beauty, culture has a long history and the town, but must not miss cloudy and from Siena to pizza''s stroll along the way, and, of course, the spectacular scenery. Mountain city by terry brunello mani (Monteriggioni), modern city (Val di Colle del gaza; d&rsquo Elsa), quiet town of Santa Jimmy case that Enoch (San Gimignano), all this is like a realistic picture scroll, hurry to the road of time and exhaustion easily passed.

Living in town, forget about the heart of the city''s noisy and crowded, silently in spirit to touch town of each old tree, every plugging walls, or each locals well-meaning smile, you''ll find all this will return you more, such as peace of mind, such as happy mood.

If you feel you have a little tiredness, might as well XiangDongHang, to Tuscany, the most beautiful spa resort Montecatini Terme, mei (a) small rest. There, luxuriant in flowers LouYuJian kam clusters lawn, suggest you buy tickets for the day, drinking extremely hot spring water from moist, mixing in the winter of a ray of sunlight, enjoy wash buckling libertine giacomo casanova pools, fountain now.

TIPS: since you have stroll in pizza, then the recommended must-see spots except the well-known Pisa outside, still have a pizza''s cathedral Piazza del Duomo square (), you will be amazed at the church positive wall are respectively by green, pink and white marble combination becomes pattern, looking both beautiful and harmonious.

Macao church
Macao church

Macau, nanyang nostalgic

Slow music index: u u ☆ painted

With the Hong Kong, macau fujian different rhythm of life are doomed to be slow and warm, but not enough to walk in macau road, feel the remnants of the old street is always a comfort and pleasure.

Macau, and is suitable for walking. Suddenly away from the crowded crowd peace day of transport -- automobile, convert steps measurement, although Macao will start a bit does not adapt, but no ferial in traffic troubles and thronged the noise of the sea, with the flavor of air and a leisurely and carefree mood, natural also lightsome many steps.

Macau is not big, the most suitable places to walk in the famous held by the board ZhangTang street district, stretches along the street to sell grass nests area, here is the white dove concentrated Portuguese characteristic, the essence in one location, also the most suitable nostalgic. The sidewalk by Portugal shipped limestone, typical Scandinavian gravel road sides rows amorous feelings, land is located in the two countries mixed Portuguese characteristic of old buildings. Walking in this article 2903, casual produces an otherworldly imply the feeling of old buildings, old streets: look pale, pedestrians and idle hellip; & hellip; Once in the movie appear the ancient era of old nanyang scene, so panning realistically appeared in front of him, not in what year was between suddenly trance, where.

TIPS: a walk in macau, maybe can''t walk a few steps came to movie once used by kashyyyk. For instance & gt; Fulong new street, once was macau famous fireworks LiuHang, but now is now a representing old-time &; ldquo The original & rdquo; Macao charm of GuJie. The street &; ldquo Xinhua hotel & rdquo; large Some of the scene, is familiar? Wong kar-wai film 2046, be in namely filmed here.


Gulangyu island - harp listening

Slow music index: u u u u & gt;

When wave-beating shores, reef will be issued by the boom of a drum, friend name &; ldquo Drum wave & rdquo; . You have to admit, a music wrapped around the city is clever, more romantic.

Sleep is lighter heart swelled the prelude of the knock wake up, then have RiShangSanGan. Need not busy work, also need not busy life, find home the scent of the shops, gliding slowly drinking bowl with eggs sweet thick peanuts, again to come to a noodles soup line paste or a meat taste buds open cast when moments, beautiful and wonderful day on the curtain, looking at the street well-hidden pedestrian, occasionally piano voice will unconsciously in a corner, fall in the eardrum drifting in the heart, but the prelude into main melody.

During the day, on the island for the lane with those who go down, always have a story to the old villa meet by chance, courts, old trees unwilling alone will stretch out high walls, sunshine leaves scattered on the ground after Isaac. Standing in the shade under, silently to rust-stained dinghies castle wall, listen to it telling the story of the past. Or go to university of lujiang beside slope on the open-air cafe courtyard drink coffee in a daze, street knocking calmly by, and never seems to find your existence, or you as a member of them. What you need to do is to enjoy all this, enjoy all this.

Gulangyu this song climax should appear in the night. Month YunShao, in quiet xiamen university campus walking, occasionally meet young lovers in finger to be buckled under the stars stroll, heart picked up long-unseen romantic. In pin-points of lamplight, do not know from which opens a window and intermittent wafted up from the piano, piano will melodious out and melodious music, in the end, surrounded by sleep for gulangyu day drew to a perfect end operator.

TIPS: speaking of emotional appeal, three together will go to the gulangyu is one of the old house, usually heard in young children outside the church choir practice under the piano accompaniment, followed his sermons and hymns. The sing very nice accents, to allow the people can''t help but pious up.

MaiDan island beach resort hotel
MaiDan island beach resort hotel

MaiDan island - touch heaven

Slow music index: u u u ☆ painted

In paradise places, time should be able to pause. The Philippines'' cebu MaiDan island is such an to heaven recent place, time seems here can also slow down &; ldquo Footsteps rdquo; of&" .

With before travel''s in a hurry, here is suitable for different feeling quietly. Standing at shangri-la Shangri La MaiDan Island (Island Resort & - Mactan; amp Spa) exclusive beach, facing the azure blue sea, the sea breeze, meet the fresh bathed in the bright sunshine and drinking fresh-squeezed juice, this is the enjoyment of human acme, isn''t it? If the body can do it again a clarification of SPA? Just like life in a dream, total hope their dreams never have came.

Shangri-la hotel, a famous &; ldquo Gas & rdquo; Spa (CHI Spa) is a must try. &; ldquo Gas & rdquo; Spa concept is based on the principle of China''s five elements, gold, wood, water, fire, soil is five in the body that Yin and Yang in the operation of the balance. It is a series of unique therapies such as &; ldquo Gas & rdquo; Balance method, Yin and Yang harmonic massage etc. Imagine, let oneself in the devoted to relax, soft music, and will accumulate already a long time of hard work and life pressure release, the heart of dust wash, right now, as if really have physical and mental unity; ldquo of&" Feather fairy rdquo; and litres of&" .

In addition, here is especially suitable for like quiet honeymoon couple. If you don''t like a big row bustling wedding banquet, or unwilling typically type tension honeymoon, then choose to stay here and enjoy life the most sweet &; ldquo Two people holiday rdquo; of&" Now, a new life here quiet but sweet beginning, also will give you stay long, sweet memories.

TIPS: have &; ldquo Gas & rdquo; MaiDan SPA shangri-la hotel is the largest island in the Philippines and the most luxurious resort. In addition to enjoy SPA outside, here can also experience the joy of fish on the hotel''s exclusive: private beaches, water is clear, the gulf before numerous precious tropical fish. Guests can on the shore feeding fish, close the appreciation of the colorful of Marine biology.

Ice and snow castle hotel
Ice and snow castle hotel

Cammy - polar romantic

Slow music index: u u u ☆ painted

Perhaps in the tropical seashore of Christmas is lively and warm, but after all, not enough naturel flavor. So, come to Santa''s hometown of Finland, in the frozen cammy, can feel authentic Christmas flavor.

In fairy tales, Santa always in snow and ice, red red hat, reindeer-drawn sleigh, carrying a bag gift in the goose in the snow assured. But in reality, although the cammy won''t see the real Santa Claus, but as long as you have a star is not undying childishness, can make your dreams come true, live in fairy tale crystal palace - snow castle hotel.

The snow in cammy castle hotel, igloo, ice tables, ice chairs, an ice & hellip; & hellip; But you must not fear, cold not imagination in so terrible, because every single bed put heavy fur, plus from Norway shipped designed for snow warm and design Ajungllak sleeping bag, can assure you absolutely warm and comfortable enter the dreamland. More importantly, romantic, dream, and familiar with fairy tales, ldquo; of&" Reality version & rdquo; The way your thoughts attract. In this snow world, played, music, after waiting quietly in the New Year bell tolled, at that moment, as if earthly pain, sorrow has left in the past, the heart is like glittering and translucent snow is same, clean of welcome the New Year.

Came to Finland, another must experience is the traditional Finland smoky type sauna room. Want to know, only in Finland washed the most authentic Finland bath, you can understand why sauna became the Finn the devotion of a lifetime. Ice hot 0/1 baptism will become fresh memories, long long to engrave in the heart. It was a strange feeling, polar romantic, extreme experience!

TIPS: don''t forget to friends and share your joy in Finland slow time, Santa''s hometown in lapland. Here, people can from there to relatives and friends sending Christmas CARDS, but must remember that put the letter into the mailbox, post office to ensure that the red before Christmas received from Christmas hometown blessing.

Iraq beans
Iraq beans

Iraq beans - hot soup warmth

Slow music index: u u u u

Rush, subway of rolling stream, and high strength, high pressure of work, like Japan urbanism labels. But Japan, is another sign in wintry day, seek a dense fog outdoor, with warm spring ShangChi saturating every inch skin, until the temperature thoroughly we were urbanism crushed some numbness of heart.

Choose Iraq beans, most part of the reason is KangCheng in sichuan and end from the Iraq and the bean dancers "love, that called Iraq faces the Pacific, bean peninsula has the most beautiful coast and the warmth of spring. Winter to Iraq beans to, to feel cool and passion between temperature.

Iraq beans in the inn, usually guest accommodation house is very vintage residence, the room room outside, finding, the house while some old, but simple furnishings, the jing ya assignment-compatible wood wall columns and wood furniture faint natural hidden moist light, mixing the window was born in steps over the garden path of old trees LuTai, permeates a dominated the sadness.

Wander strolled out hotel, to nearby soup way walk road, the face valleys winding and born of secret trails, allegedly is at that time many writers usually walk wondering where find inspiration, Layer upon layer on the lichen trails limestone palm-sized pebble, in winter, they display is another heavy implicative and secretive fantastic. Came to outdoor hot spring, spring is divided into two place, a place is co-educational bath &; ldquo Heavenly rdquo; the soup of&" , a place is female special &; ldquo Female soup & rdquo; Both completely by the size of stone and round ZhuLi as a barrier, in fine, but below left about 30 centimeters of space, convenient sight just can occupy a very high see below canyon.

Breathing the air cools, the body completely submerged in hot soup, watching the fog in the side of transpiration & hellip; & hellip; Slowly, the body warm, the heart also subsequently warm up.

TIPS: recommended live in soup library, in this old hotel during the year, sichuan KangCheng gestate countless works, and several main rooms are had in his memories of various words repeatedly writing description, but want to reserve is the best time of half a year in advance.

Qiu dong health SPA trip abroad to recommend the four hot spring lift-off

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Autumn is the best choice of lift-off relax, using annual leave or business travel time, abroad some with clear air, smooth hot spring place, to a leisurely SPA trip, it may be said of rehabilitate kingly way.

To jeju-do, bubble hot spring is a must.
To jeju-do, bubble hot spring is a must.

Recommend ground: chiju

The recommendation reasons: now, is in autumn and chiju winter season, both of alternating red fire is like the maple leaf can look, also may meet fog Fei like snow. In addition, now is also a regimen bubble &; ldquo Soup & rdquo; Season, especially suitable for women try, with domestic hot spring completely different feelings.

Recommend to play: jeju-do, bubble hot spring is a must. Mountain fang shan magmatic spa is the earliest jeju-do Korea mass type hot springs, is a rare carbonated hot spring, have good health care efficacy. Island &; ldquo Seawater rdquo; hot spring & Has thin body antiphlogistic, detoxification hairdressing, eliminate fatigue effect, including crystal stone sauna room, sauna, TCM loess room steam care is worth a try.

Besides bubble hot spring, chiju is also a romantic place, especially to coast, large bunker cape coast PuZhu shape joints, here long coastline, the grand sea blue can overlook, feasted coast beauty. In addition to water natural recuperation Lin temple, walk along the road of Chinese fir wood and the foot massage roads, on a healthy forest bath. Across the valleys recuperates Lin on distributed method jiangchuan warm temperate zone, with various species and frigid, autumn leaves, winter snow and very beautiful, worth seeing. This season is tasting chiju kinds of food of season. Such as nourishing ginseng chicken stew, jeju-do specialties black pig barbecue, xianggu mushroom hot pot, nutrition abalone porridge jeju-do seafood pot etc. And local specialty chiju citrus, in jeju-do besides can eat sweet juicy oranges, still can enjoy authentic citrus SPA.

Second-ranking tip

Transportation: by guangzhou non-stop Seoul, probably need about four hours 15 points. Then by Seoul to chiju.

Accommodation: chiju hotel mostly concentrates in the XiGuiPu jeju-do city, city and Chinese tourist area etc, and complete facilities. Especially recommend Chinese tourist area''s super hotel.

Food: chiju characteristics, such as nourishing food many Korean ginseng chicken stew, jeju-do specialties black pig barbecue, xianggu mushroom hot pot, nutrition abalone porridge, Korean barbecue, Korean nutrition ShiGuo mix rice, jeju-do seafood pot etc.

New Zealand hot spring tour
New Zealand hot spring tour

Recommend ground: New Zealand

The recommendation reasons: is located on the Pacific rim of the New Zealand national throughout geothermal resources. In this season, the most suitable while enjoying the beautiful lake view and spectacular fjords, while enjoying a soothing hydrothermal vents mimics, come to a physical and mental big experience.

Recommend play: in New Zealand north island of hot spring protection area has the southern hemisphere''s biggest hot spring waterfall and New Zealand only mud baths & mdash; & mdash; Bosom oala pool. In addition, in ldquo; of&" New Zealand spa city rdquo; of&" ROM torre called & kupi luwak and a ldquo; WaChi & rdquo; The mire, and boiling mud like frogs jumping up and down, churning. Tourists in sign under the guidance of can watch tower to uw Mr Doppler inaccessibly sulphur mud fountains and seven colors volcanic lake wonders. Mud fountain at 10 a.m. 15 points on time from the rocks mouth jet, last about half an hour. If directed toward inside again, is an unbroken volcanic lake, appear blue, orange, red, white wait seven colors interlaced lake, transpiration fast-you wonderful phantasy. Here the mud bath, wash a mineral rich mud covered with warm body, such as the mud of the dry again after the pieces, at this moment to strip off the hot spring is the great enjoyment.

Besides bubble hot spring, this time can also visit Tamil ford fjords. Amir ford fjords YuBingHe period, formed by the British writer jeep Lin called &; ldquo The world the eighth wonder & rdquo; . In a calm sea mill ford as a mirror; fjords The rain fell in torrents, around all is the most expensive waterfalls. In this will see 800 years old tree. Visitors can through almost 500 km criss-cross of foot path, explore its every corner. And mill at foot path, Kepler foot path and Reuters this foot path, they belong to the New Zealand &; ldquo Excellent foot path & rdquo; . For travelers, it would be rare and leisure place.

Second-ranking tip

Transportation: guangzhou have direct flight to New Zealand flight, visitors can also choose in Hong Kong, Shanghai or Singapore turnaround. And in the local tourism, tourist bus is very good choice, which is not only convenient and economical.

Accommodation: in New Zealand travel, whether five-star hotel, youth hotel or budget hotel, New Zealand peculiar KIWI spirit is to let each go to New Zealand were able to hae returned home of intimacy.

Food: New Zealand is famous farming kingdom, abundant, known as the &; ldquo Cate heaven & rdquo; The reputation. Produce of fruits and vegetables, meat and seafood, fresh taste beauty. Like mutton, game, venison, lobster, avocado, strawberry, kiwi and salmon, all is New Zealand famous delicacies.

Baden-baden hot spring city
Baden-baden hot spring city

Recommend to: Germany baden baden

The recommendation reasons: baden-baden black forest in northwest in Germany on the edge of the aspen river valley, is a famous hot spring city. City along the aspen valley winding extend, back of castle peak, facing newtown.there, scenery enchanting spectacular. German in baden is bath or shower mean here, the hot spring not only number, but very good, is recognized as one of the world''s best hot springs.

Recommend to play: baden-baden, must do is to soak hot springs. Here the hot spring source originates from underground, about 2,000 meters below the average temperature approximately 68 spring degrees Celsius. Now balak bathing in the town of about more than ten, among them with Frederick baths and kara Carla bathing the most prestigious.

The ancient grand Frederick baths built in 2000 years ago Roman baths site in, let a person can soak hot spring side watching old buildings. Contrary with white marble built Carla Carla beaches and is relatively rich contemporary sense, area of 1,000 square meters, there are multiple indoor and outdoor hot spring and sauna bath. Usually, people will start to outdoor two 30 ℃ and 34 ℃ spa immersion, after ℃ eighteen of cold pool &; ldquo Antipyretic & rdquo; And then to 38 ℃ heated pool for sprint, such, your whole body tired can all be washed away. Here the hot springs can not only through immersion means to achieve relieve muscle cool bone and dispel rheumatism, stomach, allegedly diseases such as drinking fountain can also sick and treating diseases, have no disease (vti efficacy.

It is important to note that the baden-baden bath way, is the men and women with pool. In Carla Carla bathing within you still wear swimsuit avoid embarrassing, but came to Frederick baths are no dressing, so you can be in the bath, depends on your courage with courage!

Second-ranking tip

Food: baden-baden diet distinguishing feature, due to the influence of French cooking deeply, authentic cuisine food with its high quality and creative and popular. Of course there''s also great Chinese food.

Shopping: in baden ba golden romantic street, covered with sundry, greatly small shop, brand-name fashion, jewelry, porcelain and toys in this dazzling, shopping really fun.

To blue lake bubble hot spring
To blue lake bubble hot spring

Recommend ground: Iceland

The recommendation reasons: because happened in America plates and the Eurasia plate between fault zone, Iceland this natural snow world more had a geocentric enthusiasm mdash; of&" & mdash; Volcanoes and hot springs, become the earth Thule rare vacation choice.

Recommend play: Iceland manasseh''s north of lake (Myvatn) flower is a volcanic region, rich in geothermal resources, volcanic eruptions left after also unusual magnificent landforms. Here the underground springs and sulphur mineral spring around, drive a into this area can smell of sulphur was floating in the air smell. Carla Cardiff pull volcanic manasseh''s northern HuDong spend 20 kilometers place, is still an active volcano. Recent eruption in 1980 to 1981. After the outbreak of magma, continuous flow at five years of smoke, manasseh''s region since many places flower, can also see white smoke from underground or volcanic YanFeng in slowly rising, everything around haunt the unique and mysterious atmosphere.

Enter Carla Randolph, then pull volcanic entered another world. There are many blue-green small lakes, like gems of same color inlay in the volcanic rocks between, the glittering. Walk, meanwhile, sometimes can see still smoking rock. The most pleasant, drench yourself in manasseh''s hot spring flower lake, allow the blue-and-white warm water wrapped, a handful of mineral mud, besmear bottom in facial, everyone say good natural hairdressing mask.

Second-ranking tip

Visit: in Iceland, to blue lake bubble hot spring is a classic program. From reykjavik city southeast drove 1 hour can reach, remember to carry the swimsuit.

Food: traditional Iceland staple food is fish and mutton, smoked fish and dried fish is a world-famous speciality. Salmon and smoked trout is recommended dishes. Lamb meat tastier, cannot not taste.

Spain picturesque scenery commonly

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A state of considerable distress gangly and knight, riding a ho-hum NuMa; By his side was a clever optimistic squat chamberlains, drive a little old grey hair donkey. The tall short, a thin one fat separating the two people do battle righteousness, through countless absurd bizarre chivalry of adventure. This is the masterpiece & mdash; Cervantes & mdash; The hall &; middot [DE ".

The Spanish literary world in the greatest writers will describe the character of the hero so graphically, but also to the Spanish this magical kingdom added multicolored colour.

Madrid peiss

In many European novel, Madrid is a mysterious land. Broad avenue connects with narrow 2903, european-style buildings against the Arabia type of red tiles white wall mdash; of&" & mdash; Contradiction is harmonious. Madrid, a new and old coexist, the magical things cutlrey land.

Madrid is Spain''s business, public administration center, is also congress and the royal is located. Besides, Madrid in its pluralistic culture, and passion style, rich artistic activities and stimulating nightlife is famous in the world.

Madrid have more than 300 square, the sun gate plaza is the center, 7 street which radiate out in in all directions outspread. The middle of the square flower-bed establish an a unique sculpture & mdash; & mdash; A climb to hold the saplings of brown bear, it is ChengHui in Madrid.

Another famous square is Spanish square, also called Cervantes square, Spain famous writer Cervantes monument is Spanish square symbol.

Cervantes statue was built in 1835. Sit chair writer fortress look solemn hand a his beloved middot; the hall & [DE ". A monument hall &; middot "[DE" in the two masters middot; craftsmen of&" [DE and his attendants PanSha.



Barcelona bright pearl

Barcelona location was advantaged and pleasant climate, boasts beautiful scenery, numerous cultural sites, known as the &; ldquo The Iberian peninsula pearl rdquo; of&" Say, Spain is famous tourist resort.

This has a variety of face of the city, though its modernization degree is high, but at the same time fully retained many with gothic style of ancient buildings, they hand in photograph reflect with tall buildings.

In Barcelona, you may be in the edge of the burgeoning area to see pattern messy small lanes, may also be within the antique not-so-nice area suddenly see extremely industrial age means chimney, these are not surprising.

Barcelona diet represents the typical Catalonia flavor, maintained a strong hometown and flavor. From common small white bean chowders to great variety of seafood dishes, from grilled fish to simmer with noodles, these bespeak the countryside food in Barcelona can taste.

Sevilla orange flower fragrance

This is an orange flower the scent of the city, throughout the park, lanes of JuShu is its symbol. When orange flower opening, sevilla ushered in the joy of April section and enterprise big celebration. This is Carmen, tang &; middot Huang, le figaro stage, the curtain with sevilla''s streets, tragicomedy church and the background of tedium. Here is also the birthplace of flamenco, whether they are happy or sad, sevilla dance forever bold and unrestrained powerful.

From the Roman empire, Arab times until the new discovery, sevilla''s historical series connection has another golden age.

Quality life global top 10 golf resort LanSheng

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Edge playing golf, travel? As is known to all, many golfer exploits holidays to all over the world to try different stadium style. To help golfer plan next time travel, tour website Cheapflights. Com (news. Cheapflights. Com) lists the world''s top 10 golf travel destination.

Portugal golf tour
Portugal golf tour

1, Portugal

European golfer have swarmed into the Portuguese al add kauf (Algarve), now this place also gradually in the United States ball hand pop up. You in Portugal golf tour actually can include many content, such as LuoLunSuo (San Lorenzo visit st), rob valley (Vale coque Lobo), aston villa Vilamoura) and the pull (Macintosh lake (do Quinta Lago). These places are not only luxury golf course, also known as food and wine with says.

Spain is full of tourists came to golf
Spain is full of tourists came to golf

2, Spain

Spanish &; ldquo Sunshine coast & rdquo; (Costa del Sol) by some men as European version of bradamante Myrtle Beach (''s ok), here is full of tourists came to golf. The 1997 Ryder Cup (Ryder director) near by SuoTuo grande (Sotogrande) held. Also don''t forget to go Aloha (Aloha), Las Brisas and Torrequebrada.

Orlando is professional golfer''s paradise
Orlando is professional golfer''s paradise

3, Florida

Orlando is professional golfer''s paradise, there are also many different styles of public golf course. Well-known stadium including Bay dome (our), Cypress, Hill Grand Orange County National and Disney, etc.

Scotland is golf hometown
Scotland is golf hometown

4, Scotland

Here is the golf hometown. Since the 15th century, golf and here are rife. St Andrews (St Andrews), cano demestiha (Carnoustie) and glen Iraq Gleneagles) goss (pitch is any enamored with the ideal of golf swing sites.

The desert first-class golf course
The desert first-class golf course

5, Arizona

In Arizona, phoenix, a Scottsdale (Scottsdale) and Tucson (Tucson) has the first-class desert golf course, and equipped with super luxury accommodation reception facilities.

Golf sanctuary attracts each player
Golf sanctuary attracts each player

6, American south Carolina

Hilton Head and Charleston (Charleston) highball attracts each contestant sanctuary, including some stadium held ryder cup.

Rolling green hills golf course stretches far beyond
Rolling green hills golf course stretches far beyond

7, Ireland

Rolling green hills golf course stretches far beyond. Ireland''s two best stadium is located in Northern Ireland''s Royal potter lu assorted golf club (never Portrush) and real rural County golf club (never Down.

California golf pleasant scenery
California golf pleasant scenery

8, California

If to landscape and golf course, California bit as well as. Say to the natural scenery, must carry Lake Tahoe) Lake Tahoe (near the stadium, Say to the luxury facilities, might as well to round shi tan (Pebble ok) and the Spanish gulf (Spanish) our course.

Canada mountainous golf resort
Canada mountainous golf resort

9, Canada

As a mountainous golf resort, in whistler (whistler) north of vancouver 90 minutes place, here have &; ldquo Giant & rdquo; (Big Sky) and Whistler castle Chateau Whistler), and other well-known (golf club.

Hawaii worth stadium makes golf fans with longingbeauty
Hawaii worth stadium makes golf fans with longing

10, the United States Hawaii

Here the capa kupi luwak (Kapalua) and WeiLei and (Wailea) stadium makes golf fans with longing. Brenda Lanai island () and Kauai (on) the other Kauai golf course is also very famous.