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The real version of the fairy tale world of the top ten most fascinating inventory Castle

Prague Castle

Prague Castle: the largest ancient castle

According to the Guinness Book of world records, Prague Castle, the biggest ancient castle, long as 570 m, width 130 m.

For a long time there has been a Royal Palace in Prague, it is still the President's residence and seat of the State organs.


Saint Michel: located in the castle of small island

Known as the Western attractions of Saint Michel mountain is located in France Normandy and Brittany, is located in the middle of a huge shoals of Rock Island.

708, Avranches town Bishop Albert meets Archangel Michel suddenly and in their brain skull opening a hole on the point, the highest point on the island he built a small church dedicated to the Archangel Michel as a pilgrimage centre, said Michel.

Mountain area is very small, only 1 km in diameter, Hill built than it nearly twice the monastery.

This monastery was built in the 16th century, 11 is the extraordinary skills of masterpiece, the Church Gothic spire-kissing, top Golden Saint Michel statue was holding the sword straight away. A glimpse into the Fairyland. It blends into the natural environment surrounding unique, high tide, it looks like a lonely island, indifference and unpredictable pride; tide back, it also becomes easy.

PHA-DEIA lukomski Castle

PHA-DEIA lukomski Castle: built in the Castle caves

PHA-DEIA lukomski Castle is the world's only built a castle in the cave.

According to the record, the castle of the establishment is not a stretch: twelve century began the construction of the castle of left-wing, built in the middle of the Renaissance, until 1570 years before right-wing built, the entire project took about four centuries.

Fort new Swan

New Swan classic fairy tale Castle Fort:

New Swan Castle, also known as forsen Snow White Castle, is a white wall blue top myths Castle, is located in the Alps, was founded in 1869.

The Castle built very dramatic. Initially it was Bavarian King Ludwig II's dream by design, Ludwig II is an evening with the Princess's cousin, it is said that he has a crush on his evening with Princess 08 unfinished new Castle, an evening with the Princess gave a porcelain Swan congratulations, Ludwig II will this castle named Cygnus Castle.

The King had not seen his dream was completed, the castle was later completed by year, so the castle today are the predecessors and their cooperation.

Perhaps the dream of King Ludwig II is also did not think that each year to this travel will be millions.

Matsumoto city

Matsumoto City: Japan's most charming Castle

Matsumoto city was deep Chi-town.

Muromachi period, Ashikaga Zun's retainer Ogasawara-Chen Zong ren Shinano daemon, the building of this city. Matsumoto city as typical Pingcheng. This shot, the second of the pill, three of the city generally assumes the pill square. Day Guard settings in the southwest of the pill, and the lack of concave in the northern part of pills be surrounded, outside the square of the three entire surrounded of pills.

In the existing and the ancient city of Japan can be verified, Matsumoto city is only the month see paddle (oenothera paddle is used to the full moon of Tower) built in the days of official buildings.

Brown Castle

Brown Castle: Vampires Castle

Brown Castle, also known as vampire Castle, is located in Romania, legend has it that it is

World's # 1 source for vampires living place. This castle is the King of Hungary in 1377, constructed, this is used to protect against Turkey's fortifications. 1382 year completed, here gradually become set in military, customs, local administration, judicial centre of politics.

Legends of the world's number one vampire-Australasian Grand Duke v Pollard has long live here.

Brown Castle is famous because vampire story. According to statistics, each year attracts the tourists about 45 000 people. As awareness of the horror films of fanaticism, many film directors are also turning to the Lord with vampires Castle.

Marburg Castle

Marburg Castle: the world's largest brick building of Gothic Castle

Marburg Castle, also known as the bar's Knights Castle is located in Fort Marianne had to Poland of Marburg Deutsche bar meal order headquarters, in the history of the Roman Emperor, sacred method Derek has to Prussian District residents to Christians as conditions permit the bar's Knights of occupation of Prussia.

Pope George further licensing of meal order may occupy a territory, so long as the Slavs converted Christians.

Religious belief and the territorial disputes resulting in ongoing ethnic conflict in the future.

Since the appearance of the castle is a magnificent view of the Declaration of sovereignty of the best symbol, so the bar's Knights disappeared after hundreds of years, Marburg Castle has been the strong eye to target. Occupiers kept expanding additional, eventually the Marburg became the world's largest brick Castle. The reign of the German Empire, Marburg Castle as the first national monuments of Germany. In 1997, to the UNESCO world cultural heritage.

Pena Palace

Pena Palace: the most romantic classical Palace

Portugal's Pena Palace is the goddess of the King, as if it were located in the garden of Eden, the surrounding scenery, lush trees, the secluded mountain vistas, landscape and nature blend together.

The palace complex interweaving diverse architectural style: Gothic, Renaissance style, Moore, Manuel type. This is a 19th-century Portugal Queen Maria II husband mdash mdash; Rio Ferdinand; the bother.

It was founded in 1840, was completed in 1885, Ferdinand's death that year.

Living in this region of other dominating dignitaries, in accordance with the same idea of building the residence makes Sintra as European romantic buildings of the Centre, its Park and garden style more deeply influenced the later generations of landscaping design. Pena Palace in 1995 listed as world heritage.

Lion's Castle

Lion's Castle: 18th century Disneyland

In the 18th century, the Hessian rulers William IX Marquis in William Highlands Mountain Park building a classical mdash mdash; historical buildings; Lions Castle.

It is a romantic new Gothic Knight castle ruins, has the basic features of the middle ages, such as the moat and drawbridge. The furniture inside the Castle are all medieval rarity, such as altar cards, medieval churches and monasteries of glazing, weaponry, bronze statue, games and game table and so on.

Potala Palace

The Potala Palace in Tibet in monumental buildings:

The Potala Palace is located at the top of the Lhasa Hongshan culture, is a grandiose Palace castle-building complex, is essential.

According to legend, the Tibetan King built good good tubo believe in Buddhism, the capital of Lhasa, often in the hills near Lhasa chanting prayers to the mountain named-. -Is the Sanskrit Transliteration and translation of PuTuo Luo or PuTuo, refers to the goddess of the home. A.d. 641, songtsan Gambo married after the Tang dynasty Princess Wencheng, fudged as Princess made the Potala Palace.

That year the construction of the Potala Palace high 9 storey, a total of 999-historic residences in Venice, with a total of 1000 hills practice rooms, the magnificent.

However, the circumstances are different, the Potala Palace suffered mine, electricity, flames, devastated, downs, fallen apart, the only remaining Dharma, and main halls PA barracao. Now the Potala Palace was built in the 17th century has been renewed. The White House was founded in 1645 years, which lasted 8 years to built during the time of the original goddess of mercy Hall as the Center, to the East to the West building up a huge Temple Woo. Red Palace built in 1690, when Emperor also especially from mainland sent more than 100 Chinese and Manchu, Mongolian craftsmen involved in the expansion of the Potala Palace in Tibet, this huge project。

In the Red Palace built, in addition to local craftsmen, the Qing government and the Government of Nepal has also sent architects involved in the construction every day, up to more than 7700.

The Potala Palace to 1693, basically completed, the total duration of 48 years, about $ 213 million two silver. Potala Palace, most buildings have 350 years of history, architecture and even some 1300 years. It attracts more and more foreign tourists to visit. Now, the Potala Palace has been included in the UNESCO world cultural heritage list.

Natural history of the world's most beautiful rural scenery

During the work in Sweden, I often hear this lament: a hundred years ago, we still farmers! Sweden said these words, the slightest intention of self-mockingly, often with a sense of honor of smugness, to indicate that they and the rural areas, land and nature of the avocation.

In many Chinese people, Sweden is an early from the agricultural community of highly developed modern country.

For those who have the opportunity to visit Sweden, Sweden who give them the impression is also mostly civilization, elegant, and even a little aloof and aloof.

However, if you have more opportunities to meet people with ordinary Sweden, you'll feel more or less, in the blond hair and blue eyes, cheeks ruddy of Viking descendants of heart, has a deep attachment to the village and on the nature of fear.

Simple rural traditions like branded General engraved in the hearts of the people in Sweden, they seem to also not used to the modern city.

Every holiday season, they always had snapped to escape the city, go to the hermit or a desolate island villas.

In the invitation to go to several of Sweden's Villa, I know, the so-called Villa, however is a painted red cabins.

In Stockholm and many other city suburbs, you will see a strange sight: a large flat land is divided into many small blocks in a neat, grow a variety of plants.

Every holiday season, you can see there are a lot of people busy in there.

Originally, these small pieces of land is designed for living in apartment buildings in the prepared, they can rent a small piece of land, planted some your favorite flowers and trees, spare time over a farmer's addiction.

In Sweden, there is an old Statute mdash mdash;; the right to travel freely in nature, that is, everyone can travel freely, even private lawn or forest, is no exception.

You can set up our tents, picking berries, picking mushrooms.

Of course, you must comply with the two disciplines: a does not destroy vegetation; the second is not bother the owner.

It is said that this item be Sweden people proud of regulations in the world is unique.

Side is significant, even a very modern, but it is on the rustic and large since

So in love and obsession, in Sweden travel, people are often assembled for this surprise.

It is this peculiar contradiction, constitutes a unique personality in Sweden, enabling them to create modern at the same time, on life, on the future and have a comfort and peace.

And like many Sweden, my friend Professor Ashley can each have a period of time, will return to his native country, like farmers in their fields in farming.

He put this life as a spiritual convalescence, it can make all the life in the modern city of people a little calm and less impetuous.

Historically, the mid-19th century, Sweden was still a relatively poor agricultural country, 90% of the population is rural population.

Agriculture crop with high fertility rates, make the most of the country's population are living in very poor condition.

Ashley can teach me about him on this piece of history.

In his view, it is this close link with agriculture, Sweden and the European continent other ancient civilizations have fundamental differences.

In Sweden, agriculture means that nature, means that ordinary, simple, and it also means that fewer people in Sweden with some civilization and tradition.

Use the official language of Sweden, that is: we have no time to establish a set of all world civilizations are to be found in the solution of complex culture code system.

Experience the romantic Venice Italy

Experience the romantic Venice Italy

The world-famous Venice is located in the North East of Italy, the Adriatic shore, off the map as a mosaic of Venice in beautiful boots boots waist Crystal, in the Adriatic sea waves.

Venice is actually a built in 4 kilometers from land of the Islands, between the urban architecture relies on 100 pieces of watercourses and 400 bridges.

Venice is about 10 million people, with an area of less than 7 square kilometres, but the city has a long history, the ancient city of Venice was built some 452 years before and after the 14th century, it has become Italy's busiest port city, known as the entire Eastern Mediterranean's most famous set of commercial tourism on the water city. Literatus Shakespeare's Magnum Opus the merchant of Venice literature is happening here in the story, for centuries, "the merchant of Venice has continually been descendants on film, television, drama, Opera and other forms of spreading to the world.
I first came to Venice, we are her unique landscapes and unique water traffic network. When we take the Venice unique transport, Venetian gondola through the water as streets, admire the old buildings on both sides of the street, listening to the accordion band played beautiful music, cozy, romantic feel. Listen to the Guide, the beautiful ancient city of absolutely about 100 more Church, there are more than 120 clock tower, dozens of monastery, dozens of sumptuous palaces, the world-famous San Marco square and its high tower, standing near the House. San Marco square of about 170 m, width of 60 m, the total area of about 1 million square meters, where people like waves, the square there are countless pigeons fly-off, the visitors and their peaceful coexistence. San Marco's Cathedral and many stunning murals and statues, attracted numerous visitors every day, the square is often a long long long queues.

Venice worth mentioning her unique facial makeup art and crystal processing technology.

Here do Facebook each manual superb, almost every visitor to Venice to bring back a Facebook as a Memorial. Speaking of Venice's crystal processing industry is also famous for the world, but we went to Crystal factory manually workshop, the guide takes us through the water maze of lanes, in order to enter the factory, inside the old mechanical processing equipment and technology in the production of crafts attracts many visitors.
Riding on the Venice unique mdash mdash TAXImdash;;; gondola in old accordion and other instruments of melodious music through to the antique old water network, it is a rare treat, if you go to the Plaza to enjoy an absolutely authentic Italy fast food, a Italy noodles or to a pizza and beer, Italy will be even more so. If you have a chance, I will come back to Italy, Venice, feeling her beautiful, warm and romantic.

Free tour joyride Florida global top ten free attractions

London: National Gallery NationalGallery

1, London: National Gallery NationalGallery

Financial crisis all consumption seems to think clearly, travel also reckoning.

In fact, there are many world famous free attractions, let us hasten to go take a look.

National Gallery possession Portage and Lee (Botticelli), da middot; Finch (LeonardodaVinci), Edgar Brandt (Rembrandt), the root is Bo Luo (Gainsborough), Turner (Turner), Renault Watts (Renoir), Cezanne (Cezanne) and where the middot; advanced Super master's works.

It is also especially for children and adults with various projects, including exhibitions, talks and guided tours of audiovisual projects, explain services and holiday activities.

Opening hours: open all year, except Christmas and new year.

Singapore: Raffles landing site Raffles landing site (Raffles Landing Site)

2, Singapore: Raffles landing site Raffles landing site (Raffles Landing Site)

Raffles landing site in Singapore River on the East Coast, from here you can see barge traffic long urban panorama: take the subway to Raffles place station (C1RafflesPlace) 8 export bridge walking past.

Photographic good point: urban panorama, Raffles marble, Boat Quay.

Barcelona: Gaudi-Park

3, Barcelona: Gaudi-Park

Remember the struggle "there Cheung Dor Fook interview saying that they like Gaudi's art? this park is the masterpiece of architects Spain.

Metro (L3 Lesseps line or after Vallcarga, down a marker, watching the direction to a point is wrong)

Bus (24, 31, 32, 74, 92, 116, 129, of which 24 and there is a station stop at 92 side door, down goes without uphill walk, but generally recommended lines are in the main road down to go uphill and then into the main entrance)

Italy Pantheon

4 Pantheon, Italy

Pantheon is now complete saved only Roman empire building, was built in 27 BC-25 years, first by the Roman Emperor Octavian's son-in-law, ARGO construction Saliba, to worship gods of Olympia, in the mountains of the Augustan period of classical architecture.

France: Paris Notre Dame

5. France: Notre Dame

Notre Dame de Paris is a symbol of the old Paris, founded in 1163, the whole Church in 1345 year is completed, which lasted for many years, 180 is a typical Gothic church.

There have been many great ceremony held here, for example reading of 1945, World War II victory hymns, and in 1970, France President de Gaulle's funeral, etc.

United States: the National Museum and Memorial

6. United States: the National Museum and Memorial

In the United States Washington, there are a large number of national museums, including the United States National Museum, National Art Museum, National Museum of natural history, air and Space Museum, featuring a large number of treasures, coupled with China's giant pandas in the vicinity of the National Zoo, all free and open to the public.


Countries most national historical monument, Lincoln Memorial, Washington, Jefferson Memorial, Washington Monument, Philadelphia independent Palace, independent, New York World Trade Center site, is free. Some of the attractions for the protection of the need to limit the number of visitors, in the high season without prior call or online booking, most likely arrived at the scene will be informed on the day of the visit the quota is full, you cannot come.

New York statue of liberty is located not far from Manhattan and the statue of liberty Island, next to the Alice Island United States oldest customs building, now is the United States Immigration Museum are free.

However, the public to visit the island must travel on the ferry, $ 11 per person. Hawaii Honolulu, Pearl Harbor Memorial Museum is free and open, tourists can visit the historical picture and exhibition, watching a movie to reflect the attack on Pearl Harbor and take the naval transportation boat to Arizona, the Battleship Memorial Memorial.

Japan Mount Fuji does not collect the tickets

7, Japan Japan Mount Fuji does not collect the tickets.

Mount Fuji (fu ji sa nn, FujiSan) is the highest peak in Japan, located in South-Central Honshu Island, cross-Shizuoka, sorbitol and two County, East of Tokyo, about 80 km to the Fuji Hakone Izu is part of the Park.

Kengamine Mt. Fuji, mountain base perimeter 125 km, conical-shaped mountain, the mountain is covered with snow all the year.

Mount Fuji is the world's largest active volcano in the world.

Is a very famous tourist attractions.

Russia Moscow Redfield

8, Russia Moscow Redfield

Moscow Redfield's popularity can be compared with the Tiananmen Square, is located in the city centre, the occupying a land area of 9.1 million square meters, here is the name of the Czar 1658, confirm, to the beautiful West of wide often it is the Kremlin and the red walls and three towers, South Russia representative building mdash mdash;; Vasily Church, North is a red brick, silver top Museum of history in the East is the largest supplier of Moscow sing mdash; Kitgum department store operators often here about only Tiananmen Square 1/5.

The ground is very unique all paved by the slates, is ancient and sacred. Here is the original name is quot quot; torge; that means the quot; quot; Mart. 1662, converted to here is the quot; quot;, the old saying goes; for quot quot; beautiful square. You can not make a mistake!

Korea clouds

The miracle of life great migration animal survival

First, the King of Butterfly in the Americas

American King Butterfly

Learn American King called black veins a butterfly gold spot butterfly, is a colourful and beautiful butterflies.

Canada and the United States to avoid the winter cold, millions of Wang Butterfly each year at the risk of mortality risk, advanced through the Americas chongshan Jun Lin of weathered the storm and cold, South Pacific, Mexico and Cuba, and for the winter.

King long distance migrations are butterflies scientist listed as one of the top ten miracle of nature.

At the end of October each year, they flew to Mexico, in March and then fly back to the United States and Canada, one-way flight 4000 km on average, an awe-inspiring sight along the way.

Second, the right horse

Point Ma

Angle horse, also known as wildebeests, is a way of life in the African savanna on large antelope.

In the vast plains of Africa lives on a variety of large animals, the angle of the horse is one of a kind. Angle horse looks like cattle, live in Eastern and southern Africa. During the rainy season, with plenty of rain, the Earth, a vast grasslands interspersed a horse horse African Horn.

Every year in October, dry season just around the corner, angular horse in search of fresh grass, Africa, the horse had to leave here, they come together, the number of up to 150 million head, flocked to find food, 48 km to go every day.

3000 km long journey to Kenya's Mara.

Third, Papua Penguin

Papua Penguin

Papua Penguin, also known as gold illustration Penguin, unlike the Antarctic Penguin Emperor, gold figure penguins prefer warm some climate, sea water is cooled, they will expand the areas of activity to the South.

The migration of four, Zebra

Zebra migration

In Botswana, the continent's largest Zebra migrate each year occur in one of the, about 25,000 horse Zebra will follow the migration of rainwater southeastward from Oka vanke Delta to Ma cadi cadi salar grassland walk through all the way, in the way hundreds of pool side stays, and finally to West bend back to Oka vanke Delta.

Fifth, walrus


Fangs length, you can display these walrus different age, summer, Svalbard Islands where you can reach nearly walrus number 2600 head heights.

In the beginning of the 19th century, ivory hunters almost Norway's walrus hunt group. Starting from 1952 is protected, the number of the Walrus is currently in recovery.

6. White Pelican

White Pelican is a migration path in Mississippi's largest number of migratory birds one kind.

White Pelican average weight reached 16 lbs (7 kg), but relying on 9 ft. (3 m) wingspan, they can be very high in the sky. White Pelican with a unique fishing techniques, they will work together to put the fish off into a small area of the surface, in order to facilitate the development of hunting.

Seven, the Pacific salmon


In order to lay their eggs, 6 species of Pacific salmon will migrate to return to Russia in the remote gambling with notes

Langanes, when transferred to a person in the water, their shape and color are drastic changes. Red Salmon, the most expensive one, ozernaya River (Ozernaya River) transaction in a dominant position.

8. United States Antelope

In the United States West of the morning carefree, like those in Wyoming Grand Teton National Park to shoot to photos, lots of deer to migrate freely.

Because of the season, the deer were driven from the mountains to the Valley of migration was always a difficult journey, and now, fence, boundaries, rose water, rivers, and other restrictions to the movement further created congestion and bottlenecks, so that this endangered animal species to devastating losses.

9. snow geese

Snow geese

Snow geese likes the number of groups, from only to a few thousand only.

During the breeding season, snow geese soldiers several road, in the North-West of the island of Greenland, Northern Canada and Alaska and the North-East of Siberia have left their tracks. Because birds moult mostly gradual replacement of the molting process will not affect the ability to fly. Snow geese in springtime is all at once, in this period completely lost the ability to fly, so snow geese have hidden in the bushes, in case of Lakes of enemy of predation.

8 the end of the month, the propagation of snow geese and its children, as well as non-propagation of snow geese gather up to 10000 only, a little pause, started flying to wintering areas.

10. Flamingo


Flamingos like in the wild.

In Africa, small Flamingo group is the world's largest bird group. Flamingo is not a strict migratory birds. Only in food shortages and migration of environmental catastrophe in time. Migration generally in the evening, when the day is at very high altitude flight for the purpose of avoiding the attacks of prey. Migration of flamingos per night can be 50 to 60 km/h speed flying 600 km.

Picture flamingos in the Gulf of Mexico natural composition of a pair of magic as flamingos photos.

(In particular: this article reprinted from Tencent Tourism Forum, compiled by netizens cocolike GeoNetwork since countries)