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See the top ten stars deluxe seat driving (photo)

World fighting the smugglers, the shining in lvyinchang on football star not only because of the superb skills attracted public attention, its ultra high income has also become the people after the exciting topic of soccer.

Star and Ho car seems to be another couple, shade farm blooded in their cars what preference? small series by World Cup that is, the count of ten stars love seat driving.


Massey: love BMW, driving the most adequate to describe the Massey Audi vehicle choice.

Familiar with Massey's fans know that Macy's favorite car is a BMW. However, Macy's daily commute of transport is an Audi Q7. Audi in luxury car too little brother, but the last two years it has gradually become one of the new GUI. Young, explosive power, it also has a delicate beauty. Audi growth in the Middle, has developed a master with stunt, horsepower or speed is possible. Even in the expert group, Audi also wonderful attack, captured the dignity and status.

Land Rover discovery 3

Owen: Nimbus as a striker, Owen in the 1998 World Cup was shot into his chengmingzhizuo.

This has proven his strength: speed, technology, breakthrough ability. You can see figure Owen belonging to thin small forward, and he chose car in sharp contrast, Land Rover discovery is he one of the clan seated. In the latest Land Rover discovery 3, handling and ride comfort was further combines.


Figo: as putaoyadui gold generation, Figo has been playing the right position, his avant-garde technology let him is both an avant-garde and can become a striker, often in front of the ball to the opponent, while a deadly Figo's ability to relatively strong assists.

Though Figo is car enthusiasts, the car had a total of 13 cars, but he most often or usually a Porsche, he said the car was purchased for his wife, in the 1900 Paris world fair, Porsche has been all over.


C Luo Luo: c has too many block driver, almost covers business brand to ongoing brand to match all kinds of luxury brands.

However C Luo in nike's advertising and value 80 million pounds, known as the King of sports cars, Michael Diweilong race, met with his characteristic amazing similar cloth jiadi, C luoding so don't miss it.

Binliya induced

David Beckham: David Beckham car has long been known, according to incomplete statistics, the total catch in 9 years to buy a 26 car, purchased nearly a year on average 3 car, said he is car-crazy really too much.

Beckham love good men should be representative of the vehicle was his order for the whole family is specifically addressed to T room binliya sports car worth 16.6 million Bentley sports car, elegant, dynamic. Weight exceeding 2500kg of elegant double T equipment 6.75 l turbocharged engine, maximum torque up to 875 Newton middot; m, 0 ~ 100km/h acceleration just 5.8 seconds, no wonder it's the world's fastest four-door Coupé. Double hanging shock again with electronic anti-skid devices (ESP) also meet David Beckham on the security properties of very high requirements.


Rooney: as England main striker, strength and speed, both his breakthrough ability Super, has been described as he shot like shells.

Similarly he drove very fierce, the BMW x 5 meets the needs of his speed. Although X5 is BMW's production of the first SUV models, but by virtue of the brand and the beginning of the development goals very clear consistent manipulation first thought, not to the then reconcile on-road and off-road performance of mainstream design compromises, and play out their unique SAV sports multi-purpose vehicle concepts, thus achieved a market success.

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Ferrari 360

Kahn: the flow of Germany goalkeeper although one reason relegated to second goalkeeper, but once the appearance remains the spiritual leader of the team.

His strength is obvious to the average forward facing him inevitably some legs. Kahn for his red Ferrari 360SpiderModena sports car's favorite different General, he had more than once said, have such a car were my childhood dream.

Mercedes-Benz M-class

Henry: Henry is a technology for comprehensive killer players.

Technology Acceleration, and let his scoring ability Super. This comprehensive performance let Henry also chose his various manifestations of the Benz M-Class. New Benz M-Class comparison of sleek and smooth appearance, tilt of wiper, a strong visual impact of the former engine hood and rising shoulder line, are further highlights the new features of motion. M-Class

GM Hummer

Ronaldinho: see Ronaldinho in a beverage advertising last two girls bundled Plait silly things you absolutely can't imagine his talent on the pitch.

This is called the appearance is ugly and star football talent, is a Brazilian football midfielder, attacking players passing ability strong organization, his passing has permeability, dribbling skill. Such a gifted players seated to one and the same large Palace can all fit in the garage, but recently his new love is a black Hummer.

Porsche Cayenne

Great team mates: Italy famous striker big team mates with the closed area of activities becomes art, he has a double and slender body disproportionate agile legs, you can use skillfully fast disk over an opponent.

Full of spirituality he equally full of spiritual sportsmanlike let competitors eat plenty of hard time. He's seated is also different, of the many car in his favorite or Porsche Cayenne SUV models of Porsche. Cayenne pepper in Spanish has meant that its design overall is have this characteristic.

Australia Luoshai Belle

Australia sunny beach is a good place for leisure enjoyment, intensely hot girls hang around on the beach, in order to put the skin drying into healthy tanned, even at the nude sunbathing.

Bondi Beach, it was originally intended to turn the tide of noise, very appropriately describes the up and down the beach, here whether in summer or winter, is the essence of Sydney, beach life very comfortable, whenever the summer, there is also a solarium and a great place to surf.

Bondi Beach's name comes from the language of the indigenous inhabitants of bondi, meaning the sea shore.

Bondi Beach is 1 km long, although only a small town beach bin Hai is Australia is the historical centre of surfing, surf life saving Australia traditional training base.

In the summer weekend, here there are all kinds of surfing activity, players take turns performances; informal East team ashore hoarse singing, folk events, art exhibitions, etc.

The tourist season each year, the sea can be seen everywhere in paddling skills of skateboard everywhere in a handsome guy, shoal are enjoying the waves stroking meimei.

Sun, waves, Belle and champagne combination into Bondi Beach scenery line.

Follow the World Cup South Africa tour Moji alone (photos)

Passion for South Africa World Cup

African mystery as a piece of original jungle, you are not sure will be met by wild carnivorous or splendid scenery.

South Africa is not safe! in World Cup coming to Africa for the first time, the first sound warnings.

As the world's highest crime rate among the countries, South Africa's insecure lives up to its name.

As early as 2009 ballot period, former Austria goalkeeper Piet middot; Boggess Tal by Beckenbauer-free tickets to V IP, gangster killing; Germany team leader than erlhoff luck a bit better, in his hotel was stolen passports and mobile phone. Former South Africa Football Association Vice-Chairman and member of the Organizing Committee for the 2010 World Cup Molalla January and was shot in the home. This tells us that South Africa lurked frightening factor, then it also escaped.

Even FIFA also published in the official online guide to safety, health, tourism, transport and valuables such as four items 19 small items like a reminder, this silver-free 300 to declare this is not to spread rumors, but to teach everyone how to respond to potential risks.

South Africa distance Angola further, anti-Government armed with a gun sweep in broad daylight does not occur, but South Africa also is far from safe, various media provides website are warning everybody: in South Africa, not a human action, do not expose the money because the criminals are staring at the rich people.

Related reading: Tour to the rainbow nation South Africa trip guide nbsp; nbsp; Tourism in South Africa should strengthen the self defense nbsp; nbsp;

Even if no reminder, North Korean and their fans will, as always, a low profile.

You can always remind visitors make money hidden, one to give South Africa's small traders just clogging up, it is hard to enjoy enjoyment. Afford the World Cup tickets to South Africa to see the ball, the non-rich is expensive, who to withstand the child not to buy two diamond back? a Swank England wife mission is directed at the jewelry, but you don't have to worry about these people, their husband would spend millions of pounds to hire a bodyguard to protect them. If you're just an ordinary women, don't leave your man, or buy a chop-Wolf axe, just in case.

Policing the police in South Africa

Since South Africa Police have armed to the teeth, the offender will not be stupid enough to move, even by officials of the cheese is very hard for terrorists.

The most dangerous place might be the most secure place, if you are following in England, Germany, Italy, France or the United States soccer fans, congratulations, you can watch more police to protect you. Unfortunately, this top level players Messi, may come and go in the riot police shield cover, you have to his signature, as well as World Cup after flying to Barcelona.

Maybe soccer hooligans give recidivism were a little color look, but such a desire is Kuan warfare Qin Qiong, Feng Jie Dou Fu Rong.

The so-called soccer hooligans, daqunjia living single does not reflect its combat strength, plus the pre-match game after alcohol stimulate, often die, gangsters and then have the courage, nor will it pick not afraid to fight crimes.

France World Cup have beaten into a vegetative state constitutional officers, Germany World Cup, there are three bank robbed, South Africa's insecurity is more terrible? maybe FIFA's kind, he has given you cheat codes, South Africa is defensive mine, or unlimited scenery, depends on your courage and luck.

South Africa travel tips


Safety walk South Africa

Never walk alone, especially at night.

Do not cross the Park, dark alley, not far from the resident, do not go outside.

Clamping wallet.

Or put the money and passports in clothes bag.

Do not open.

Not in crowded places with high mobile phone, do not take out the camera to take photographs, it is best to put them in the bag, do not wear expensive jewellery.

In the heart

Within their means, South Africa Police will be happy to work for you.

First aid phone mdash mdash mdash;;; 112/plane 107, alarm phone mdash mdash mdash;;; 10111

The majority of violent crimes occur in small

Township, and acquaintance.

Tourists are rarely affected by violent crime.


Experience the height of cool experience global top ten upper air observation deck

As the saying goes to stand higher to see farther.

In order to allow visitors to experience the natural splendor of high altitude and beautiful, but also have been a thrilling and exciting addiction, architects build one upper-air observation deck. The following ten viewing platform is the most outstanding representatives of the family.

Austria Clodagh Steinway's Tim bridge

First place: Austria Clodagh Steinway's Tim bridge

Known as the Alps balcony of Clodagh Steinway tianxing bridge altitude reached 2700 meters, built in tahuna Gallery koal 250 m high vertical rocks above the surface.

Station in Santiago on the bridge, in front of the visitors is a 360-degree panoramas, so that they can fully enjoy the southern Czech Republic of Slovenia and the North of the beautiful scenery. Clodagh Steinway tianxing bridge altitude not only over Niagara Falls, and even Brazil Iguassu waterfalls of some representatives could not comparable.

Norway Aaland fjords viewing platform

Second place: Norway Aaland fjords viewing platform

The viewing platform located above the Aaland fjords, the altitude is 2000 feet (approximately 610 m), by the architects Todd middot; Saunders (Todd Saunders) and Tommy middot; Williamson (Tommie Wilhelmsen) is responsible for the design.

In Norway the best travel routes appraisal, the viewing platform won the first prize.

Aaland fjords viewing platform is V-shaped, curved to provide support for the entire structure, level of some of the most remote being a big glass barrier to prevent unexpected visitors.

For those who have the courage to go to the most remote, they can display their courage and also list make it hard to believe the fjords.

United States, Arizona, Grand Canyon suspension bridge

Third place: United States, Arizona, Grand Canyon suspension bridge

Arizona Grand Canyon suspension bridge looks like a horseshoe, is apart from the ground level is approximately 4000 feet (1219 m approximately), out of the Grand Canyon edge up to 65 feet (about 20 m).

Standing vacant on the bridge, you can really feel what is dramatic.

Suspended bridge consists of 4 inches (approximately 10 cm) thick glass is built, in view of this, want to embark on the adventure of visitors must wear a special scratch socks to climb the giant Horseshoe, and thus feel the grandeur of the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon has been suspended bridge construction engineering of a miracle, it can withstand up to 70 tonnes (equivalent to approximately 14 head the African elephant) of weight, and can stand up to 100 miles per hour (approximately 160 kilometers per hour) of wind-proof.

Brazil Iguassu Falls group viewing platform

Fourth place: Brazil Iguassu Falls group viewing platform

Falls group is located in an area of huge subtropical nature reserve, is the world's most famous tourist attractions, visitors have access to many other places incomparable sightseeing experience.

In order to maximize the experience of the magnificent waterfall and spectacular, you'd better come on board the viewing platform, and falls to a close contact, although do need to have great courage.

The viewing platform and waterfalls is close too scary, so that visitors have just stepped up his legs, clothes have been provoked waves waterfall wet, deafening sound better is that they do not hear any other sounds.

Standing on the viewing platform to see the falls from 80 m high cliff which goes down, that kind of impact and shock force we can imagine.

New Zealand Auckland Sky Tower

Fifth: New Zealand Auckland Sky Tower

Auckland Sky Tower high 328 m, is the highest building in the southern hemisphere.

The construction process, the Sky Tower sharing to 2000 tonnes of reinforcing steel, 660 tonnes of general building steel and 1.5 million cubic meters of concrete.It can withstand wind speed of 200 km/h and the Leeb 8 earthquake. Clear weather, the view can reach 82 km.

Auckland Sky Tower is the highest point of the indoor air of nature, its floor observation deck from the seamless glass shop, you can let visitors enjoy panoramic 360 degree view of the sky.

Of course, no courage and guts, most people are not afraid to stand to transparent on the floor.

Australia's Illawarra fly road

Sixth: Australia's Illawarra fly road

Australia's Illawarra fly road construction lasted 5 months to complete, recently opened to tourists.

The viewing platform located on the Southern Highlands Robertson Knight mountain cliffs near the ground is around 25 meters away from the rainforests surrounded by a Crown. With the help of a rigid structure platform, visitors can enjoy walking in the middle of the rainforest canopy. Illawarra fly road maximum highlight is 500 m long overhead walkway, with more on the sidewalk, you can set the visitors on cantilever rushed to the cliff edge, let them while from kiama to shell the entire coastline of spectacular.

Switzerland's Cape vacant viewing platform

Seventh: Switzerland's Cape vacant viewing platform

Switzerland's Cape vacant viewing platform by Paul middot; Butch (Paolo Buuml; rgi) is responsible for design, is an integral part of Karl Dada project.

Switzerland Government hoped that with this project let Karl Dada, a new life, the entire project is expected to be completed in 2010. Map channel using just through the titanium structures route, visitors will be able to span the viewing platform, and thus enjoy the Lago middot; Maggi olesya's beautiful scenery. In addition to enjoying the magnificent natural beauty, visitors also can through the railings of picture and text information on local history and culture.

United States Wisconsin's rock on housing

8-bit: United States Wisconsin House of rock on

Rock on housing from small Alex middot; Jordan (Alex Jordan), in 1959 the first opening to the outside world.

From the architectural point of view, this is located at the top of the rock observation deck is made from unique rooms, streets, gardens and a shop of a consortium. Rock on housing is located in the United States, Spring Green, Wisconsin is the most famous tourist attractions. Its boundless room in the extension of the hundreds of feet above the Valley, the Windows 2000 multiple hand-formed a line that was spectacular. Best of all, endless room below without any support.

Italy-Il binocolo

Ninth: Italy's Il binocolo

Il binocolo is a fascinating view of the metal structure, located in Italy trout Murmansk flower within Cardiff castle garden, because like Sen were put out of a mechanical arm, the viewing platform is especially eye-catching.

Il binocolo this name in Italian Italy as binoculars, from picture we can see clearly that the name comes from the top of the small top form. It is learnt that the telescope-viewing platform by architect martio middot; Thun (Matteo Thun) is responsible for the design.

Austria's top of Tyrol

10th place: Austria's top of Tyrol

Tyrol Summit of 3000 m above sea level, is located in Austria Tyrol's history degree thanks to the glacier.

Considering the location of the bad weather conditions, the top of the Tirol with Corten steel as a construction material. With the help of this out of the mountain part of up to 9 meters of viewing platform, visitors can enjoy a taste of history degree thanks to the glacier at the foot of the perfect scenery.

Most Queen temperament hotel

Victoria's Empress Hotel

To single out in Canada with the Queen's Hotel, temperament, but the end does is, it may be to Victoria's Empress Hotel experience under the Queen's Castle, United Kingdom.

In Canada, if you ask the taxi driver is Canada's most famous hotels, the answer to the fundamental similarity: Fairmont.

As Canada's landmark hotel group, and Canada is inseparable from the history of the construction of a railway, and therefore takes up a place at the right time and people. Fairmont Hotels across Canada and around the world, most of the hotel group is a castle-like elegant is famous for its ancient architecture, the hotel location is also a selection of the most charming landscapes or downtown Centre, guests can wander among them explore local distinctive cultural characteristics.

Name Victoria noise

In British Columbia, Victoria, the capital find most Queen temperament of hotel, taxi driver that errand, looked at him surprised eyes, thought I articulate the problem, the driver shook me directly to the beauty of the city harbour of Fairmont Empress Hotel (Fairmont Empress Hotel), finally said: Anyone who doesnrsquo; t know this is The Empress shouldnrsquo; t be staying here.

(Do not know the Empress Hotel is not the stay in Victoria). Glad he didn't directly I get off this uninvited, Empress Hotel smattering, but didn't expect it to have been so popular.

This hotel was opened in 1908 by the Empress Hotel because the name architect Francis-Rui's Bo Rui masterpiece and make it the most magnificent Castle Canada building.

100 years ago, United Kingdom, Victoria Peak, colonial Victoria City British Columbia, which also considered United Kingdom Queen Crown Diamond. In order to highlight the Royal temperament, the city has planned into the English style, the Empress Hotel was named for. Hotel original 116 rooms in two expanded to now of 416 rooms, Walnut coloured hardwood flooring, complex knitted carpet and velvet Chair-Phnom Penh carved wooden chair, porch hanging United Kingdom Royal photos. It seems that the driver did not open the wrong place, this has been the world celebrities and the Royal family's Hotel head-on, I was in Victoria City destinations.

Empress Hotel is magnificent

English afternoon tea

100 years ago, the United Kingdom to traditional afternoon tea culture to British Columbia, followed by afternoon tea became important practices here.

Traditional afternoon tea in addition to the unique allocation of tea, tea of seasonal berries, small sandwiches, fresh bakery of coloured jam and thick cream Scones. In the English style, Vancouver Island, especially in the British tradition of Victoria congregate, people on this golden love a plus, afternoon tea, here is a true art. Victoria has many characteristics of the teahouse, second to none when few Empress Hotel and Butchart Gardens.

Check out check-in procedure is Canada's traditional afternoon tea, and Empress Hotel as the Queen of the United Kingdom tea zone, certainly not to be missed.

The hotel's unique Tea at the Empress tea with award-winning Patisserie Drsquo; Oyen Christie delicious pastry carefully to bake, French toast is Strawberry sheng in the silver double tray in solid, thick cream and butter wrapped with pink toast, creamy Strawberry fragrance from mixed up with silver bowl bottom spout out, is reluctant to move the knife and fork. Toast taste not imagined sweet because the chef uses fresh home-made Strawberry Jam, and peripheral drop plate Strawberry is the morning just picked from the garden in the mouth after the mouthpiece with the juices.

The more attractive the night

From the Windows of the Empress Hotel commands a beautiful Victorian town centre and the inner harbor, the night-time gengshi beautiful and charming.

Victoria City Centre located at the magnificent buildings of Edward, the inner harbour is around its around, sightseeing boats, ferries and seaplanes docking Pier. Bright summer buskers were performed along the beach, hanging in the basket on the road a lamppost. contests Washington State mountain range across the Juan de Fuca Strait, like tiansi screen, when night four, lanterns, the Parliament building in 3,333 shining small lamp.

All this, and the Empress Hotel in close proximity.