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Changed way play upon the island seeking stimulation from the sky, play to the bottom

Sun, sand island, constitutes a classic combination.

In addition to playing in the sea, beach and bathing water, why not change way close to the island? or surfing, feel the passion and excitement, or snorkeling, to the depths of the sea, feel the most pure blue; or go boating in the sea, enjoying the beauty of the encounter between and hellip; hellip; there is always a way, let you experience the charm of the island to another.

Island tours, white sand beaches, magnificent sea, beautiful plants is fascinating, however, the islands of adventure is also a pleasure project fatal temptation of many tourists.

This summer, so we change the way, with pleasure, let the island tour a thrilling pleasure synonymous with journey!


Play item: surfing

Surf the Web, I believe we are not unfamiliar to us.

This is a wave-powered sea sports. Surfer standing on surf boards, above the waves. This unique feeling not dashed across the waves could ever imagine. Surfing needs to have a high level of skill and balance, and should be good at long distance swimming in the sea.

Indonesia, Bali, Sumatra island in the West people Dawei Islands, Hawaii Islands, perennial are ideal for surfing the waves of the sea, is the world famous surfing mecca.

Beautiful Bali Island, Surfers Paradise

Recommended: Bali

Bali Kuta Beach is the surfing enthusiasts can indulge in heaven.

It is located in Bali Straits, wind and waves, hideous, tempestuous, whitewater was born for surfing and beach.

In the latitude 8 ° hot sun, wave after wave of hooded long stretches not Jedi to the wide Beach, each Crest has a grueling bolang ' driving wave front row, clever and beautiful.

This dynamic atmosphere, attracted many brave all want to go and swim.

Here, all are boasting brilliant color surfboard men and women, courageously to the sea, experience to join the thrill of the swell.

Among the most outstanding is the locals, they surf the Web, not like a plate with the tide of tourists Volt, but proudly tensely, in a duck, shuttle freely.

In addition, the July local currents moving quite rich, fish school, may wish to dive into the underwater world of Bali, stumble across colourful tropical fish and coral reefs, to a fantastic underwater journey.

Other game

In addition to the experience of most yingji surfing can also go to Bali's southern coast of the sea Temple is famous for its appreciation to the beautiful sunset on the island or participate in the world of nature Association on sea turtles, together helping turtles return to the embrace of the sea.


Transport: Bali to find car and the driver very convenient, the hotel has a lot of outside; to be able to quickly get used to the left driving tourists can rent a car-owning youquan Island, Jeep general day 15 to $ 20.

Gastronomy: must be onto gold Balaam JimbaranBeach seafood stall, eat dinner, where you can roast lobster on the beach, watching the sunset, but bearing in mind that most of the big e scale, may bring a small bottle of mineral water to help school scales.


Project: snorkeling excursion

Snorkeling as long as a pair of goggles, breathing tube, flippers and life jackets.

Volt floats, rallied flurry, xuanyan dazzling fish in the eyes. Because respiratory pipe solves the most difficult to master swimming of breathing problems, so beginners can learn for a short time. But snorkeling is floating, it contains a float, dive, drainage, self-help and equipment use, and so on.

Most of the world there is snorkeling Island, Cebu, a project of the Maldives, Saipan, Phuket Island, Sea Island, PP is snorkeling lovers paradise.

Cebu Philippines

Recommended: Cebu

As the world snorkeling spots, Cebu's Barry Casa island is an enchanting trench, submarine unique in 30 metres away from the coast, suddenly fell vertically, while the sea 150 m to the sea brings rich fall of deep sea fish species, the locals call it rose on the Grand Canyon.

Through the Periscope, you may see a rose-shaped coral growth along the fault, you can also see a funny clown fish and other marine life. If under with breadWater, remove a small piece of dough in my hand, but also attracted over small fish eats.

In Bari Casa, best of the drift over the shoal, the eyes do not project into the Sea Continental Shelf, oblique, 90 degrees steep cliffs at the moment, the Sun through the sea, forming several road lozenges light points directly to the harbour.

Deep seabed will let you generate Mae panic. But infinite scenery in perilous peak, you'll also be Cliff edges more attracted by the beauty of the coral, sea of flashing unknown organisms.

Other game

Coming to Cebu, certainly not to be missed out cute dolphins, enjoy the hordes of dolphin.

Furthermore, the Cebu Mint island you can also type in the world and the smallest monkey class mdash mdash mdash;;; glasses to a close contact with the monkey. Glasses are only one of the adult monkey hand large, it can be to do a 180-degree turn of head, large eyes, plush, big ears, very strange and interesting.


Traffic: now middot; Western South Lake travel guide holiday charter flights direct flight to Cebu, eliminating the hassle of connecting flights, three hours you can go directly to Cebu.

Cebu/local has a large number of taxi and the Philippines, there are also unique to the Jeep pedicabs mobile passenger, you can select.

Accommodation: in Cebu, from luxury hotels to equipped theme resorts, where lodging is everything.

For example, the Shangri-La resort by the sea, there is some economic downtown surrounding the hotel.

Cuisine: seafood city for seafood, such as grilled grouper or Golden Spurs foot fish.

Or to the taste of Asia karben market best mango.

Sea fishing

Play project: sea fishing

Sea fishing, which is the basis for a variety of fish life in the ocean waters of morphology, combined with its environment life habits, Habitat conditions, seasonal and climatic factors, feeding habits, etc., to take effective measures, in order to lure fishing tackle and bait.

Abroad, since many countries for marine life protection has strict requirements, so in some countries, fishing is limited, it is best to travel anterior clarify relevant provisions and procedures.

Among them, the Thailand Phuket, United States of Alaska, Malaysia's heat wave of Hokkaido Island, Japan and Korea's Jeju Island is a famous fishing resort.

Thailand Phuket

Recommended: Phuket

Phuket is surrounded by the Andaman Sea on the Indian Ocean, gave birth to unique ecological environment.

It has an extremely rich marine living resources, is fishing. The best fishing locations, when few have sea of Shangri-La, Milan Islands National Marine Park. Its distance from Phuket 100 km, take the speed boat takes approximately six hours of the voyage. Here there is the South-East of fish, most suitable for the first time for sea fishing, because very rewarding.

July is the fish harvest season, may wish to take a yacht out to sea fishing.

And tuna, swordfish and other big fish challenge process is definitely a thrilling experience. Here the yacht sea fishing services, are equipped with a professional fishing, no sea fishing experience of tourists can also receive unexpected surprises. After fishing, water high foot estates sea Muslim villages to enjoy the most sumptuous seafood dinner, to taste lobster, abalone and shark's fin soup and other seafood.

Other game

To Phuket, it may be the way to the sea, known as Thailand's Phang, Guilin, here with their typical sea is famous for its Karst rock, with many in the Bay of Islands, shoals, various stalactite cave, natural grottoes the scenery is amazing wonders of the world.


Traffic: Thailand Phuket flights, only need about 3 hours, compared to previous voyage through the itinerary, roundtrip savings of 7 hours.

Trisara resort accommodation: to personal service, and the environment as a selling point yinshi, the whole resort is located in two private promontory, surrounded by dozens of acres of green, North-Sea view Phuket.

Gastronomy: Phuket food famous have sour refreshingly tasty soup, hot and sour soup with coconut shrimp, sour fish nest.

In addition you can enjoy authentic Thai cuisine Sul characteristics, the Andaman Sea seafood is not to be missed, not only many varieties, fresh, and affordable, can satisfy the appetites.

Sea canoe

Project: sea canoe excursion

Canoe trip in the South-East Asia, the island's most special is full of tropical jungle style of rock peak of cave exploration, in the shuttle is an excellent rites, laid-back experience.

Therefore, Samui's antong Marine National Park, Buji of Phang are lovers of the sea canoe adventure pilgrimage.

Samui Island Beach

Recommended: Samui

Located Samui's antong Marine National Park, the azure blue sea and limestone hills that make up a beautiful landscape, the beautiful sunset.

There are over 40 beautiful island formed by the middle of the island by the almost uninhabited mountain is covered by forest. Ang thong Marine National Park everywhere is the colourful corals, transparent waters instantly, and colorful tropical fish. Island has a deep secluded cave, filled with breathtaking views of the limestone walls, very pleasant.

Two people sitting on Koh Samui's unique canoe, paddle forwards slowly, an interest in the island located between shuttle, frequents innumerable natural beauty.

Maybe in a twinkling of an eye, it is possible and I do not know where the colorful tropical unexpected surprises. What is more, leisurely walk, gaping, a blue and fantastic sea view upheavals, you suddenly lost.

Other game

For visitors, Samui's biggest charm or from its beach, Samui upstream people not too much, still retains the original ecology of tropical island atmosphere.

Located in the North of the island of Timor Sea is the most famous attractions. Check the Timor Beach to smooth clean white sand beach, due to the warm sea, the sea, is the most suitable for a variety of activities at sea. Whether swimming, diving, canoeing, sunbathing or water sports motorcycle or beach volleyball, is the protagonist of entertainment here.

In addition to Samui holiday, be sure to go to Thai authentic SPA and antique massage experience.

Island SPA is built, there are also many SPA types, in addition to the Thai traditional massage, oil massage, foot massage, head massage, etc, can reach the relief of fatigue and relax the whole body.


Traffic: summer flights Nanhu travel guide Koh Samui, Bangkok Airport transfer said goodbye to the past, just three hours roundtrip save 7 hours trip, more time to play.

Accommodation: check Wu en Beach has the most complete services in the evening, in particular, the famous SPA resort hotel.

Preference for the visitors may wish to choose the beach la Mai Beach, resort village on the long white sand beach, romantic and chic.

Gastronomy: the restaurant on Samui is internationalized, port terminal has many cafes and restaurants, offering Western and Thailand.

Many tourists also to the Pier near the night market (Th Chonwithi) side around eating noodle soup and drink beer. In addition, CHAWENG Beach, La Maison Beach, and many restaurants. Samui wrapped sweet Fried Coconut Balls of cereal and ZAO coconut balls had to try again.

Specialities: local peanuts, cashews, shrimp cake, coconut, bird's nest, seafood, pewter and gemstones, fruits are hand letter.


Play item: seaplanes

Maldives seaplanes with a red and blue, the main focus in red.

Maldives seaplanes spaces can take more than ten passengers. Apart from tourism Hydroplane aerial or some big long transport of hotels, some of the more beautiful grade higher as W Island, Hilton island or Shangri-La Hotel. So far, the hotel is just after the Equator will be flying across the southern and the northern hemisphere, the hotel will issue a certificate stating the name and time over the equator.


Recommended: Maldives

Seaplane flight altitude, just to see the Maldives, your eyes only Bristol blue waters, White Pearl, spiced water House, surrounded by the beauty of a tropical plant cover, the island can also be clearly overlooking the resort on the island of Malé forest Sensen, crowded housing hellip; hellip; so you feel the beauty of its soul, will understand the Indian Ocean in a number of meanings.

Other game

In the blue sky and white clouds, azure Maldives paradise, the most romantic way and lovers here enjoy only the second person's sweet holidays.

When time has lost its significance, it may be with your lover together into the Maldives clear water make a happy tropical fish, tour of paradise in the Indian Ocean.

In addition, the setting sun Dolphin Tour is the Maldives in addition to diving outside the special project.

The sunset accompanied by's ship, and intensely pink dolphins as you navigate, you can enjoy to their nearest distance to pretty to human gesture.

Not to be missed are the most interesting Maldives night activities mdash mdash mdash;;; riding the Moonlight night fishing at sea, riding's boat for the endless ocean, watching the moon on the fishing vessels, while polishing line, soon to enjoy the happiness of the fish hook.

After fishing with tropical fish to catch themselves, shore to field night BBQ fresh fish meal.


Transport: in the past, Chinese tourists travel to Maldives, must go through Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Sri Lanka, Dubai, transit, round trip flight time nearly 25 hours, now the South Lake travel guide flights, fare just six hours, to return a full save 13 hours.

Gastronomy: real Maldives restaurant, has a long history of cafes in Guardia, composition is steamed banana, potato or face cake, chopped onion, coconut and lemon juice, fresh and delicious, the most consistent with old broad tastes, you can taste the delicious fish soup of pine.

Shopping: Maldives male ' is the main shopping district, where the streets have all kinds of small shops, most handicraft shop, selling some valuable fish, coconut shell, hand painting, there are a number of shops selling diving supplies.

Second stop: Oceania

Diving has realized the man like a fish in the harbour of liberty walks.

This is full of mysterious movement has been the favorite of many people, in the island of diving that many people experienced in another world, Groovy.


Play item: diving

Saipan island

Recommended: Saipan

Saipan is the Western Pacific in a bright Pearl, small coral reef Island, with blue skies as wash, emerald blue water and white sandy beach.

However, here is the most famous diving. Saipan island has all types of beach and boat docking point, visitors can easily find their own level of ideal diving point.

Saipan 20 more diving point, a perspective of the sea can reach 30 m.

One of the most famous blue hole is the world's top ten cave diving places. The blue hole is a typical natural sea caves, through the cave you can dive tour to offshore. It is said that when you dive into the cave, you see the sun shining bright in the water, Chloe is rendered very. In this wonderful diving point, divers can enjoy a variety of marine life, including sea turtles and the clown fish.

Harrier Fen bang is also a unique diving points in Saipan.

Here you can see lots of playing around chicken fen, photography enthusiasts can be videotaped Harrier Fen's match. The depth of the dive spots from 40 feet to 130 feet, suitable for all levels of diver.

Other game

Here's Mike beach is the most representative of Saipan, the beach, not to be missed.

You can see the sea inconceivable seven color change and the beach of fine sand of a star dust. In addition, you can also add to the ACI Europe sunbath on the beach, enjoy the beautiful scenery or stroll along the beach.


Transport: Saipan rental car is the most convenient, parking is also very convenient.

Small size for Saipan, want to get lost in this self-driving is difficult!

Accommodation: Saipan Yuet-Thai hotel and two adjacent Hyatt Hotel, located in Saipan best dense Crowe Beach, be able to see the beautiful scenery.

Gastronomy: in Saipan areas can be found here and the flavor of the restaurant, the hotel most concentrated in the West Coast Beach Boulevard.

Saipan island's most important food is seafood, fresh tuna fish, Grouper, seafood, with fishing with eating, very delicious.

Helicopter parachuting

Play item: helicopter parachuting

As long as doing speed fall prepared to wear safety equipment and receive 1 short training courses for coaches will take you for a ride in a helicopter going skydiving, don't be too worried because safety is the highest guiding principles for coaching.

Three LEDs in red, Orange, green, light up, then the order is followed by coach from 1 million 4 km height jumped, unforgettable journey commenced immediately!

Cairns Green Island

Recommended sites: Australia Cairns

The island is located in the northern hemisphere ushering in a year the best holiday season, and there Australia Cairns in the southern hemisphere so tropical beach.

The great barrier reef is located on the northeast coast of Queensland, a large sea area is the world's largest longest coral reef group, which is also the world best dive sites.

Take the air conditioning catamaran luxury cruise, to the great barrier reef and Green Island Reef forward outside Norman, love the blue coral reefs to field.

The most abundant green island is at the same time have

Great Barrier Reef and rainforests above unique hotel GREEN ISLAND RESORT, is Heaven-honeymoon destination. Cruise further ahead on the outside can be arrived at Norman reef, it is far from distance on the northeast coast, the small contamination, more natural.

Select the helicopter parachuting, along with the parachute opens, you can open your eyes, the Queensland eyeground, especially beautiful tale of the great barrier reef, and certainly not to be missed.

When big umbrella slowly fall to the ground plane, you will think: how it went? want to skip a time!

Other game

Want to close contact with the underwater world, you can also choose to dive.

In cruise ships, you can directly put on professional diving equipment by hand to guide you to the Harbour, enjoy deep submersible 1500 species of colorful fish.

Not afraid to dive underwater selectable ride? motorcycle.

This harbour motorcycle, only this one in the world, only in Keynes's Norman outer barrier reef. You do not have to bite the wearer, but also do not have to wear goggles, boring yellow big round helmets, led by the instructor dives into the underwater 4 m, oxygen is injected from continuous oxygen cylinder helmet, just like in the land of breathing is so comfortable, even contact lenses don't have to pick.

Driving Harbour motorcycle in the great barrier reef seabed play 20 minute, diving Instructor course accompanied, Harbour motorcycle speed maintained at walking speed, most deep under the sea can be up to 4 m.


Gastronomy: Here you can eat fresh seafood and juicy fruit crops.

Not to be missed is the local Kangaroo meat.

Strange nation in the world: the dishes in his mouth when jewelry

1. in Thailand, monk

In Thailand a Buddhist temple, a young monk head is sharp red point, it is said that the monks have spiritual protection.

2. India, henna dye hand

Africa, the Middle East and South Asia, in a long time ago will use henna leaves made from the State to decorate the body.

Now, these decoration has become a talisman and announced that the symbol of happiness.

3. El Plug and Bjarne, Tutsi woman

From Ethiopia and southern Ethiopia a MO Tutsi women are using facial patterns and decorative dishes to decorate themselves, on the ground, this is a sign of beauty.

4. Canada, tattoo man

A Montana man in the face and have a tattoo tattooed, dressed up as a zombie.

Tattoo is very ancient art forms, the world's culture has a different representative.

5. in Thailand, Ms. badong

Padang, Ms. young neck will set on brass ring to ward off evil.

But in recent years, the suggestion of the human rights organizations, this ritual is repealed.

6. Italy, Goths

Italy Rome of the face with perforation, wearing weird contact lenses of men want Gothic theme to attract people.

7. Ethiopia, Dassanech male

Large scar on his body that he killed in the fighting and many enemies, dust to enter the wound to scar more obvious.

8. Japan, tattoo artist

In Tokyo the press organization of a major show at the meeting, the top tattoo artist in Japan to a woman's back tattoo.

This show is designed to provide people about tattoo art historical and cultural background.

Inventory of polygamy national marriage status

At present still polygamy countries: Senegal, Uganda, Egypt, Libya, Swaziland, Sudan, Ethiopia, Yemen, U.A.E., Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Morocco, Somalia.

U.A.E. to now also kept polygamy, allows a man to marry up to four wives, Nigeria can marry a four wives.

Arab States: polygamy derived from religious belief

In modern society, blatantly maintained polygamy in Islamic countries, aimed at causing chins, blood group, as for the enjoyment of more abundance of sexual pleasure, but secondly, and most importantly reproductive man as a fortress, the powers laid the combat effectiveness and powerful Foundation.

Mohammad, the son of the desert in the Koran in the enlightenment people: polygamy, but also to multiply in the race.

In the Koran, allows a man has four principal; as for the right hand have (as the spoils of the woman, or followers of the widow), a few people without restrictions; but mandatory, donated four principal property must be equal. Moreover, the husband must equal treatment to them, not left out either, as is provided for sexual equality. As for infertility, infidelity, old age, can be a ground for divorce, the gift of his wife's property to recover by the husband, then be removed from their homes. If you are not a personality, divorce grounds v. wives to husbands half of donated property, you can accompany with original trousseaux to leave her husband's family a dowry, so they set up a divorce. Conversely, suppose that a wife active request for a divorce, you have to take the initiative to give up the right to accept the inheritance. The husband's estate, two thirds of available legal pursuance, dichangzi available one-third, the law of succession and the present and future generations and not much difference. In addition, the principal other than the marriage is considered a bigamy, close relatives of rape is also strictly forbidden, visible at that time, women's status and rights have considerable evaluation.

The number of divorces has limited to three times.

If financial resources permit, also allows temporary marriage exists. 1 marriage is in a certain period of time, and, on cohabitation common-law discharge of financial security, such as the temporary marriage and polygamy, almost can be said to be the prerogative of the wealthy class, the poor had to have a wife, or slave; but this is also the sale of marriage, if you can't afford to pay, you must to family members or article Exchange.

Viet Nam: war cause imbalance between men and women

In Viet Nam, man's position is very high, at home and keeping promise.

Viet Nam Women inherited gentle good tradition, is home to live on top of the road side of the field, most of the farm work was a woman. In Viet Nam, I have found way: men do big things, small women. What is a trifle? see children doing housework, farm work these are little things that are done by women. Men are doing some beer and playing cards and the like.

While such a situation occurs, the great majority, and after World War II because of the Viet Nam war constantly, too many men and wounded to these countries, the ~ you can have several wives!

Viet Nam the description about the wife is also interesting, Viet Nam the description about the wife is not what's wife, nor is aunt too, but instead uses food to call, for example: wife called for rice, second wife called for two rice, third wife is rice flour, four wives is noodles, fifth wife is instant noodles.

Its meaning is quite as appropriate: rice as staple food is essential for everyone. 2 rice while m components, there are some changes, but the end is the staple food. Rice flour should go for a snack, is the staple food of the supplement. Noodles in you are hungry you can get food brought to charge. Instant noodle is a free, want to eat it every time you get to take a dip, do not want to eat it on the side.

South Africa Durban: polygamy is a symbol of wealth

Durban is South Africa's third largest city, is also all of Africa's largest port in the world for the ninth column.

Durban in South Africa, the large number of Zulu, Zulu effects everywhere. Durban airport to legendary Zulu rulers named Sandy card, when the locals meet guests performances of dance is the Zulu dance. Local famous attractions is the Zulu folk village.

Zulu folk village of eye-catching door hanging on both sides of the trunk of a few big horn, the village is full of bottom dwarf thatched houses, many with branches surrounded by walls, houses are relatively low, fujibe roof tremendous, almost down to the ground, nearly to squatting to enter, so you can defend against foreign enemies.

There the villagers in weaving traditional products, with herbs, Zulu village also produces the Zulu weapons, such as shields and lances, etc.

The Zulu tribe man everyone must learn to dance war dance.

War dance is the Zulu tribe's most famous dance, the symbol of the battle of various actions, to flexible jump, stabbed and avoidance action to showTheir bravery. In Zulu, the Zulu is Heaven, therefore Zulu also claim to be, they enjoy certain tianmin degree of autonomy, and has its own way of life.

Now the Zulu has been gradually integrated into the city, but many habits have not changed.

So far, they have also maintained polygamy tradition.

South Africa is currently the President Jacob Zuma is Zulu, though from the outside, he has more than one wife things has always been contested, but the Zulu people think this is a symbol of wealth and courage.

However, the wife had had enough of bride, today, cow remains an essential wedding bride, marry a wife had ten head of cattle.

Real beat Japan's summer wear robes to take to the streets to feel cool (photos)

Beijing Olympic Games, the Government hopes that some people more civilized, the summer his father habits changed changed.

Shanghai World Expo, the Government also hopes that the public display of civilization, the summer Pajamas family lifestyle convergence.

While in Shanghai saw a friend, she said in elementary school reading daughter is coming to Japan home travel, school fees charged by, a pen is a bathrobe, also said that time to the Organization, the kids bathrobe up gathering.

In Japan, a bath is generally divided into steam bath and bath.

Japan in the world, the steam bath is a very popular, this sauna fathers.


At that time, the steam bath wash, Japan seems to be a shy person, not a nude bathing is wearing thin hemp knitted white bathing clothes, this dress is called soup curtains, Japanese is called yu ka ta ra bi.

The bath is in the world after Japan widely popular up a bath method, especially popular is the money soup, which is a public bath.

Until modern times, due to the development of urban bathroom, nude bathing in Japan people more and more, bath after a long wearing silk kimono took to the streets of Customs also spread.

The bathrobe in Japanese is called yu ka ta, after reconstruction, first into home leisure time you can put in, to begin after the mid-Meiji, become a dress and wearing out.

Now, Japan's summer night to engage in the activities of the various sections, people are inclined to put on your bathrobe sent home.

This has also become a King on the streets of Japan.

It is said that many Chinese tourists to Japan, she is passing zone go a bathrobe, Beecher its said: I want to know the culture of Japan.

A Japan hotel lobby Manager once and I talked about it, I smiled and told him: Chinese people even if Japan's lsquo; bathrobe rsquo; back, nor in the streets.

Against South Africa's best shopping places (map)

South Africa has the world-class infrastructure and fashionable shopping center, and the world of fashion.

On public holidays and weekends, the shopping center will have all kinds of performances, to meet these age groups who's entertainment needs.

Cape Town streets

Cape Town streets (Canal Walk): streets is a leisure, entertainment and shopping malls with an integrated.

There are over 400 shops, cinemas and dozens of 18 restaurants. Here you can see hand-play system for leather goods and furniture, there are all kinds of gifts and antiques. Plate smoke square (Cavendish Square): plate smoke square is a small shopping centre, a variety of top fashion products can be found here. Victoria Pier (Victoria Wharf): in the Victoria and Alfred terminal area (Vamp; A Waterfront), has several restaurants, staring at this busy Terminal, a Museum of cinema, as well as the sale of high-quality have South Africa featured painting and art shops. Constant summer village (Constantia Village): a Cape Dutch village of complex, with several high-taste of the shop, there is a special period of the supply of locally manufactured fashion shoes and handbags. Ladies from the outskirts of vineyards come here to enjoy lunch and shopping. From the Victoria and Alfred terminal area (Vamp; A Waterfront) not far away, in the Atlantic coast, is the Green Point and De Waterkant. Green Point in focus with multiple small crafts Gallery, furniture and interior decoration shop.

De Waterkant

De Waterkant is becoming the city's fashion and fashion leader.

In the Cape Peninsula (Cape Quarter), some ideas for unusual businesses around in this small stone paved courtyard. If you want to search for modern furniture, lampshades, lamps, vases and other unique home decorative works of art.

Durban-pass Gate Theatre shopping center

Durban-pass Gate Theatre, shopping centre (Theatre of Shopping Gateway) is the flagship of Durban.

The shopping area of wide, is available for tourists places of leisure and shopping. Centre multiple retail stores and trendy merchandise offered to tourists, the food, as well as technical equipment. In fact it greater demonstrate the local way of life. If you are keen on sports, then we have a surfing Centre and skateboard park. Simple but stylish Durban Westville, in fact, is the oldest town. A large shopping center with tent-like Pavilion design, full of romance and exoticism. These parts are directly called the big tent. Tearing these open-air retail store and open shop, enough to spend your day. Farther, and you have a Yu shopping Centre Workshop, Musgrave and La Lucia Mall.

Johannesburg shirt free Center

Johannesburg, South Africa shirt free Center first commercial centre is one of the world's attention, very beautiful.

Here are the tourists and the rich people stopping place. Shirt-soar with 300 or so stores, connected to more of Nelson Mandela square. Nelson Mandela square, a central fountain square, stands the statue of Mr. Mandela, surrounded by some simple restaurant and designers themselves set up shop. Rose shore Mall, compared with the shirt free, here's some more young tourists. The shopping centre is a great way to be outdoor and indoor, in addition, we also have Eastgate, Northgate, Westgate, Cresta and shopping Malls Fourways, its style essentially similar, are located in different areas of Johannesburg. Therefore, regardless of where you can immediately find a nearby shopping center. Each shopping center inside the sale of gifts, souvenirs and your favorite small jewelry.