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Autumn line five ultimate beauty of North America

One, big sur

Big Sur

Big Sur (picture from: national geographic network author: Ted Distel)

United States California Western scenic spot along the Pacific 160 kilometres of rugged and beautiful seaside, from Monterrey, South of Carmel extends to the South of St. Simeon of Hearst Castle.

A sinuous, narrow, rugged coastal road for ornamental Pacific and Los Padres (Los Padres) and the magnificent scenery of the national forest. State Pfeifer-Big Sur (Pfeiffer-Big Sur) Park (324 hectares] [801 2819) and big sur village (Monterrey South 48 km) on the verge of Saint Lucia Ridge in the IJssel, attracting numerous tourists and naturalist. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;

Here was a desolate area, today praised by visitors and naturalist.

Poet's Thomas Jefferson University, (Robinson Jeffers) in his poem "INSEL angle of woman" (1927) depicts the magnificent scenery and here in the 19th century to the settlement of immigrants alone. The former residence of a poet (he built in local stone) is a local King. 1986 Monterrey county authorities adopted a comprehensive zoning plan, strictly prohibited in big sur through rugged 109 km promenade the wire development business.

Second, Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier National Park (photos from national geographic website author: David Whelan)

Mount Rainier is the United States the highest volcano with addition to Alaska, the largest single outside the glacier and the biggest glacier system.

Due to the Pacific Ocean from the East wind and humidity is high, the Earth's history as the greatest snowfall on out here. At the same time, this mountain is the United States the main training establishments along. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;

Mount Rainier National Park is a city to Mount Rainier, the center of the Park is located in the South West of Washington, Seattle, 1889 for the protection of the natural scenery of Mount Rainier and the establishment of the National Park.

Mount Rainier is the world's most magnificent mountains, from the top looking around, you can see the scenery of 1500 m were sunk in the sea, only the higher peaks of the piece, as if floating island in the sea.

The year was snow-covered mountain tops, 27 road ice spray around. In addition, in the steppe zone, abdominal, July/August, snow and ice melt, flowers, mountains, became a beautiful flowers.

Piedmont is a large thick primary forest, lakes, waterfalls scattered about.

Located on the eastern slopes of Emmons glacier is the largest glacier in the United States. Glacier summer melting snow, huicheng fast stream and waterfall, water pours rocked the Valley. The Park's paradise and Sunrise two attractions extremely popular people of cherished and protected. Paradise is located in the South Shanxi Rainier, the terrain is extremely high. Here in addition to the beautiful mountain scenery are murmuring flowing water and crystal clear waterfalls and lakes, the North of the paradise renowned paradise River.

Mount Rainier National Park (Mt.

Rainier National Park), not only is Washington State's landmark, the many artifacts are on this mountain as a pattern, it took the mystery, the taste of a sacred.

Third, Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park (photos from national geographic website author: Ralph Lao)

Glacier National Park is a unique and beautiful natural scenery

。 With rugged towering mountains and many ice Lake, including the 100-mile long Lake of Argentina. In the Lake of distal three glaciers Confluence, milk grey ice water coming down, like a small round roof like a huge ice with a thunderous Thunder burst into the Lake. Glacier National Park of the glacier has 4 km, approximately 150 feet high.

Park Service offers two different ornamental paths.

A path through a huge crane put tourists contain up to 300 meters high, at this time, huge glaciers as if compelled, some icebergs floating from you. The front of the glacier is steep that seem too good to Glacier internal due under tremendous pressure and a number of faults. The distance, the glacier takes on a dark blue tone. Second path toward Glacier forward, from a cliff on the past, the Park service agencies in the region have set up a few sidewalk, so that you can enjoy the magnificent landscape of different parts. Greater advantage of the sidewalk is that it allows visitors to observe the scenery at the bottom of the glacier, and as much as possible close to the front of the glacier.

Fourth, Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park (photos from national geographic website author: Ralph Lao)

Bryce Canyon National Park landscape very peculiar.

This place is like someone has used the chisel to here the earthwork out and then filled with orange and Red pillar base, rock pillars of appearance is so fantastic that they look like living in a fantasy world. These are called natural strange rock pillars of stone architecture and indented, morphology, and their appearance or like castles, or the like, or like Tower Bridge, or like the President, or like the Prime Minister, some even as Queen Victoria. Here, even if it is to these names and geographic strata together approach is desirable, but also can be forgiven.

Many people choose to visit here in winter, this time by Bryce Canyon is a Wonderland, people have fun here.

Thousands of red and orange rock pillar render out strangest shapes, it is covered with white. Park Service cleared to Rainbow point (Rainbow Point) 24 km scenic drive, so that visitors can proceed to check out this winter extravaganza.

However, no matter what season, the most desirable or Bryce Canyon of all kinds, including the fallen Stone Pagoda of Regal, spring road (Riggs Spring Loop) and photographers often photographed Douglas Wall Street road (Wall Street Trail), Wall Street road from steep Canyon bottom upward like a Tower General straight on to blue sky.

Get permission, snow shoe traveller and cross-country skiers can in Wonderland loops (Fairyland Loop Trail), connections with multiple Bryce short track of margin-bottom path (Under-the-Rim Trail) and Regal, spring road winter camps along the specified. Cross-country skiers can shuttle to bear fruit trees, dwarf pine and the United States, along the Valley between the ponderosa edge. nbsp;

Fifth, Banff National Park

Banff National Park

Banff National Park (photos from national geographic website author: Robert Vitols)

Banff National Park was founded in 1885, is Canada's oldest national park.

It is situated in the Northern Rockies, Alberta to the West of Calgary Canada approximately 110-180 km. The Park occupies 6641 square kilometres in total, there are a number Bing peak, glacier, ice, glacier lakes and Alpine grassland, hot springs, such as landscape, its qifeng silk, the North American continent.

Is North America's summer resort, is also the best skiing in the winter tourism destination of Banff National Park, Lake Beauty Pei in the 1960s, the completion of the Trans-Canada Highway, in addition to the original Bow River Valley Road, provides another across the Bow River Valley Road.

Also in this period, the Calgary International Airport. In the 1970s, beginning with the Banff Springs Hotel, in winter business year opening to Banff National Park.

Canada has repeatedly apply for Banff National Park as the winter Olympic Games, held for the first time in 1964 Winter Games, lost to Austria Innsbruck.

Soon, the 1968 Winter Olympics and negativeGrenoble in France. 1972 Winter Olympic Games, compete again in Banff, environment protection organization received the sponsorship of the Empire State oil company of Canada, strongly opposed to the Olympic Games held in local, so that the application is subject to the most controversial. At that time, Canada is responsible for the Park Authority middot; Jean Chretien under pressure, no longer support applications, ultimately Japan Sapporo City won the Olympic Games.

The world's five most "alternative" pyramid

The pyramid of the Sun

In over one hundred pyramid ruins, hide some look kind of pyramids.

These pyramids while fame not so loud, but in history, but also has an important position.

1. Sun pyramid

Sun pyramid is located at once is the world's most bustling metropolis of multiple references to a rare, there is the ancient centre of Indian worship the Sun God.

The tower is a temple of the Sun, but have now been destroyed.

Alternative cause:

1. strange astronomical location: Sirius light, after the south wall of the flow channel, which can be arranged on the top of his head in the Auditorium; Polaris light, after the North wall of the flow channel, you can direct to the lower deck the halls.

2. construction and skilled: pyramid Tower bottom layer stacking and gradually, like a wedding dazzling multi-tiered birthday cake.

The towers on each side there are 91-364 step, four levels, plus the Tower of the last level, a total of 365 step, and the number of days is one year. According to the Mayan last year and 18 months of calendar Tower into the ladder and is divided into 18 sections.

Moon pyramid

2. Moon pyramid

Moon pyramid is located in Mexico teotihuacam ancient town north of the city, is a worship the Moon God.

Architectural styles and the pyramid of the Sun are basically the same.

Alternative cause:

Confusing arrangement: teotihuacam city the most amazing one trait is extremely accurate in urban planning, so scientists have reason to believe that the mausoleum was due to some reason intentionally built to City North-South axis in the East a few feet away.

As regards teotihuacam creator in the end is how to develop orientation, this is a mystery of the mission.

Stepped pyramid

3. step-pyramids

Step pyramid is located 30 km south of Cairo, Sakala city.

The multiple pyramids and temples of buildings, building 2700 years BC.

Alternative cause:

Egypt pyramid prototype: design of a stepped pyramid is called the wisdom of God by Naim grohote, he is the ancient Egypt's Prime Minister King left, Sergio.

He designed the layers of rock-like pyramid shape, and the mausoleum of exception in room design, enabling people to stand at complex start. Stepped pyramid is not only the pyramids of Egypt's first, it is also the world's earliest mausoleum built with stones.

Bent pyramid

4. the bent pyramid

Bent pyramid is 2600 years b.c. by the fourth dynasty of Egypt's first Pharaohs safro built, is located at the distance of the Cairo 27 kilometres southwest of Sakalava region.

Alternative cause:

1. it is the only one of the pyramids of smooth surface.

This pyramid pyramid surface due to retain the original limestone shell and reveals the original pyramid's most glorious side.

2. the high mast bending: 105 m pyramid in more than half the height of the tower when the angle changes, by the sudden appearance of 52 degrees inclination angle becomes 43.5 degrees, also makes the whole pyramid bent up, look down and Chinese graves some likeness.

Red Pyramid

5. the Red Pyramid

Red Pyramid is the owner of the bent pyramid safro of another pyramid, is located in the vicinity of bent pyramid.

It is considered the most ancient Egypt true pyramid.

Alternative cause:

Red Pyramid: make this pyramid is famous for various reasons it is clear that it is the building material of Red limestone.

It pink looks for it won the Red pyramid or rosy pyramid-us number.

11 Golden Week overview of international shopping street full of history and culture

To this valuable 7 days holiday, many early look attractions or tour packages, perfect to spend valuable seven days long vacation.

Do you have visited the world famous commercial Street? New York Fifth Avenue, Paris Champs, Sydney Pitt Street hellip; hellip; they gathered all big top brand, full of history and culture, allowing each to help power of exclamation fashion and culture blend, became the heart land of perpetual Pilgrim.

New York Fifth Avenue with diamonds of pin gold

Fifth Avenue

Any one to New York Sightseeing tourists to visit the Fifth Avenue, the United States's most famous jewelry, leather goods, clothing, cosmetics shops are concentrated here, like in all of glittering diamond, set in the Fifth Avenue on both sides, attracting thousands of visitors.

More PULITZER fountain, ROCKEFELLER Center, St. PATRCK'S Cathedral as you stroll around the streets of the episode.

Shopping highlights: for the first time attracted to this street friends, could enjoy those famous RI elaborately decorated window scenery, have been shocked by the name of the store.

LV largest flagship store, soul.do Lady love Chanel Fendi, elegant, and the world famous brands such as the fashion world: BrooksBrothers, A.testoni HarryWinston etc, in addition, brand stores, very large department stores are also highlights of Fifth Street. It is understood that the most upscale BergdorfGoodman is here, a collection of shopping centres and more than 200 women brands and more than 100 men's shop, nearly 10 million a piece of fur coats, $ skirt look on. Hajj Guide: Fifth Avenue's discount season generally begins from December, discount fares increase as close to Christmas and gradually increase. Although 11 missed discount season, but you can buy Clinique and CCP Landai cosmetics, not only the price relatively low, and buy things will get a lot of trial.

Paris Champs Elysees Avenue, mosaic-like beauty


Champs Elysees Plaza with dot is divided into two parts: eastern sector is 700 metres long Lin Yin Road, with natural scenery, the road is flat English lawn, is busy in a rare quiet.

West is about 1200 meters of advanced business district, and State-of-the-art shops, perfume shops, Moulin Rouge, etc. are concentrated here, near the Arc de Triomphe up a shop. And here the shopping mall, but rather to enjoy wind Yuet King here, walking in the beautiful Avenue in the world, like walking into a reality version of Kaleidoscope.

Shopping highlights: the Champs Elysees Avenue started in front of the Louvre, Concorde and ending at stands in star Plaza in front of the arc center.

Along the sides of luxury shops such as Louis Vuitton, Guerlain, limousine Exhibition Center, film distribution, theatre and entertainment stores, high taste restaurant and other categories of shops scattered, embellishes this romantic and fashionable Paris City's most beautiful roads. In the immediate vicinity of St. Anna Street is the world's top brands and designers of the shop, such as Dior, John Galliano, Her-mes, Lanvin, YSL, Chanel store in this area. In recent years, some new designer's comp shop (Multi-Brand Shops), let the old commercial streets constantly enriched.

Hajj Guide: France each year, two national merchandise at a discount, because the Government consolidated planning time, so each day are not fixed, generally six summer discount will, while in winter in July until a week after new year's day.

Of course, you don't worry, the author believes in the most scenic and cultural connotation of road is the most meaningful most memorable things.

London Oxford Street global fashion camp

Oxford Street

Oxford Street-art shopping mall at the start of the 20th century, but also with some small shop opened.

Oxford Street, enjoy a reputation around the world, domestic and foreign tourists dropped each year from world 3 million tourists to this sightseeing and shopping, here they accounted for the consumption of Oxford Street all the income of 20%.

Shopping highlights: in less than two kilometres of the street, he gathered more than 300 large shopping malls.

Of these, the old department store SeIfridges collection many top brand names. Although a number of surprising shopping centre, Oxford Street is the most significant feature is the brand categories, but in the style is very complete. In addition to the complete style, this area's biggest advantage is that all of the shops are side by side beaten in aOnwards, and streets and spacious; although prices are high, but United Kingdom local brand quality good and relatively cheap, it is recommended that you purchase the local brand.

Hajj Guide: July is the highest concentration of United Kingdom merchandise discount season, including the world famous brand clothing.

Discount of 5%, or even lower. In addition, before and after the new year is also the season of discount United Kingdom shop.

Sydney Pitt Street, Sydney, New York, in the southern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere's reputation as New York, and the most famous is the Pitt Street Mall, which is not too large shopping centre is the most concentrated in the southern hemisphere luxury brand.

Due South to the northern hemisphere season on the contrary, here the famous's main purpose is to display it. Interestingly, Pitt Street Mall and the United States, France, United Kingdom, and new products are always synchronized fashion.

Pitt Street Sydney southern New York

Pitt Street Sydney

Sydney enjoys the reputation of New York's southern hemisphere, and the most famous is the Pitt Street Mall, which is not too large shopping centre is the most concentrated in the southern hemisphere luxury brand.

Due South to the northern hemisphere season on the contrary, here the famous's main purpose is to display it. Interestingly, Pitt Street Mall and the United States, France, United Kingdom, and new products are always synchronized fashion.

Shopping highlights: and Fifth Avenue, the Champs Elysees Avenue, compared to the visibility of the Sydney Pitt Street, not too high, but its gorgeous shops, luxury goods, strong popularity in no way inferior.

Pitt Street Sydney City Centre areas, where more than centralizing super-size department stores, such as the Glasshouse, Skygarden, MidCity Centre, Sydney Arcade, Westfield Centrepoint and shop with more than 600 shops of famous DavidJones and Myer in Australia. At Pitt Street, Chanel, Dior, Gucci, LV, Armani and other big-time new shelves speed, update speed is very timely, but season instead, Australian customers only, wait until the first taste of climate change and change clothes.

Hajj Guide: driving to Sydney before Midwinter sweep out the next quarter and summer attire is a wonderful and interesting experience.

Tide of people, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong shopping Gold zone

Causeway Bay

Causeway Bay is Hong Kong's main commercial and entertainment centre.

The region has a number of large department stores and shopping malls: Sogo department store, Times Square, Lee Theatre square and World Trade Center. And other foreign Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong is not a straight a street, but a small size, but the size of the road crossing.

Shopping highlights: many people on our fashion Temple are already very familiar with the Causeway Bay.

Lane Crawford is a top name brand gathered senior Department store, many top brands to shop in shop of forms set up here. Anna Sui nor will in times square opened Asia largest flagship store. Hong Kong shopping, ordinary people preferred three commodities: clothing, cosmetics and electrical equipment. Hong Kong brings together the world's largest brands, although more than a little expensive, but the origin and the Mainland is cheap compared to many; cosmetics due allowance, in some famous brands of cosmetics and even cheaper than the country of origin.

Hajj Guide: Hong Kong's discount quarter is the annual July-October, and before and after the new year to the next year February.

Beijing Jinbao Street in its embryonic form of high-end commercial Street

Beijing Jinbao Street

If you stay at the golden week in Beijing, you can go and see, next to the Jinbao street of Wangfujing, after more than ten years of development, this article from scratch ' Street has its international high-end business street pitch.

As in 1998, Beijing to Hong Kong investment projects, Beijing is one of 60 key project, Jinbao Street from Hong Kong Fu-international group unified development and operations, planning, building area of more than 800 000 square meters, 730 m long streets, including eight blocks from Richland, Li Ting, Lai chun, Xinhai Jinjiang four luxury hotel, Jinbao building, ornate buildings, four grade a Office, Beijing, Hong Kong Jockey Club, Jinbao meeting shopping center, hotel-style apartments and other high-end business-related property. Now only Street North of 2, 3, and is planning development, several years later the two plots will become a large business complex, has a connection to the rest of Campbell street block pedestrian traffic. The future is finally entering the ranks of the international business street, Jinbao Street holdings co., Ltd. Chairman of the Board, Mr. said they also will conduct a series of adjustments.

Shopping highlights: currently, Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Kiton, Broadway Palace and many other international first-line brand traveled in Beijing, became the focus of high-end consumer population

The focus of; Palace cuisine lijiacai, celebrity dining hall, garden restaurant, authentic Portuguese restaurant Adjame, capital city famous big Dong, traditional Kung Fu performances, upscale restaurant settled, and Home World Italy style furniture shops, Minotti, Boffi Asnaghi etc home brand franchisee, Jinbao Street as defined in the business street lifestyle manner; and the world's first choice for help even become Ho car Jinbao Street finishing touch pen, grace of Rolls Royce, passionate gentleman like Lamborghini, Aston Martin, middot; elegant horse Sara te, by Ferrari, and soon to be launched by the world's most expensive sports car Chief jiadi, are in the world highlight the Jinbao Street as a world-class provider of luxury and exceptional Street, a full range of pure high-end lifestyle synthesizer.

Hajj Guide: every year in July and August are the merchants of Campbell Street activities more discount.

Although it is now nearly October, it doesn't matter, golden week to Campbell send a movie still is very pleasant to enjoy, where Broadway cinema almost can be said to be the best cinema in Beijing.

The wild beauty of the colorful Africa under the lens

Reflections of the lion, the photos shot in Tanzania, Ngorongoro Crater, Lion seemed entirely unknown photographer, calm attitude extremely unusual.

This group of strange photos from Texas software engineer Andy-Biggs.

In 2001, Biggers gave up before work to pick up the luggage, began his journey of African photography. This group called the colorful photos of Africa is Biggs spent six years, from South Africa travel to Kenya, at Magic travel taken along the way.

Antelope of the Gladiators, filming in Tanzania, Ngorongoro Crater

I have to do is capture animals most unique, authentic behavior, Biggs added: such as Antelope of gladiatorial show it live color, which is what my work to show.

He added: the amazing shooting these animals up close footage is actually very simple: you just need to work hard. It is not as complicated as a research rocket, but do you need starting earlier than others, spend more time in shooting, this is your cup of coffee, toasted slices of bread to be meaningful.

Namibia's Skeleton Coast

Biggs won the BBC's wildlife photography competition winner of wild class works, he's winning, Namibia's Skeleton Coast; quot quot; today it is exhibited in the Museum of natural history.

Back to Texas, he admits to Biggs is preparing to this year, with his last equipment back to Africa.

Elephant boxing game, shooting in Tanzania's Tarangire National Park

Sossusvlei dunes, filming in Namibia's Knox Road, Fu National Park

This group of strange photos from Texas software engineer Andy-Biggs.

In 2001, Biggers gave up before work to pick up the luggage, began his journey of African photography. This group called the colorful photos of Africa is Biggs spent six years, from South Africa travel to Kenya, at Magic travel taken along the way.

Down beat movement of giraffe, filming in Botswana Moremi wildlife reserve

One of the following tree of Leopard, filming in Tanzania, Serengeti National Park

This group of strange photos from Texas software engineer Andy-Biggs.

In 2001, Biggers gave up before work to pick up the luggage, began his journey of African photography. This group called the colorful photos of Africa is Biggs spent six years, from South Africa travel to Kenya, at Magic travel taken along the way.

Gargle hippo, filming in Tanzania, Serengeti National Park

Africa steppe sunset, filming in Tanzania, Serengeti National Park

This group of strange photos from Texas software engineer Andy-Biggs.

In 2001, Biggers gave up before work to pick up the luggage, began his journey of African photography. This group called the colorful photos of Africa is Biggs spent six years, from South Africa travel to Kenya, at Magic travel taken along the way.

The elephant with the nose tickling, filming in Tanzania, Ngorongoro Crater

Takeoff of the flamingos, filming in Tanzania, Ngorongoro Crater

This group of strange photos from Texas software engineer Andy-Biggs.

In 2001, Biggers gave up before work to pick up the luggage, began his journey of African photography. This group called the colorful photos of Africa is Biggs spent six years, from South Africa travel to Kenya, at Magic travel taken along the way.

The world's most countries missing man

Latvia blonde girls rally

Many people think that the world's most indispensable man by Russia, but it is not, it is Russia's neighbours Latvia.

According to the Latvian Central Bureau of statistics, the difference between men and women of Latvia 8%, the difference in the world.

Latvia blonde girls rally

And Russia, Latvia and female ratio imbalance causes is Cruel World War II, owing to the Baltic is within the scope of the former Soviet Union, the German invasion of the earliest and latest theater retreat, therefore the ratio of men and women in Latvia than other former Soviet republics are poor.

Latvia blonde girls rally

Fewer women than men and the biggest worry is the marriage.

Latvian woman both Russia women's beauty and elegance of the Western European women, and generally a higher level of knowledge, the original is in hot pursuit should be a good man, but admire lucky girls, boys, so they had to bring a spouse require lowering, can find a hash join-in-man has satisfied mdash mdash;; to know there are many sisters to face a single possible?

Latvia blonde girls rally

In recent years, many Latvian women hope to find their own happiness lang, friends of the Internet, international marriage agency business.

However, the Latvian women are networks and illegal pornographic fraud was forced to matchmaking industry reports are not uncommon. The Government therefore repeatedly remind the sisters: the pursuit of happiness should be, but keep your eyes wide open.