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Direct contact with Argentina Glacier National Park

Argentina glacier

Argentina Glacier National Park covers an area of 60 million hectares, a small glacier 356, is one of the important freshwater storage sites.

Among them, the Perito Moreno glacier middot; human beings can directly reach and close to watch one of the few glaciers.

Argentina glacier


Argentina glacier


Argentina glacier


Argentina glacier


Go to Angola to see the world "most expensive" night

In early 2010, global Times reporter in the Angolan capital, Luanda for a few days, the deepest impression is the expensive living in Angola.

Money more goods than pushing up prices

The world's most expensive cities? Tokyo, London or Moscow are wrong,? the world's most expensive cities are the capital Luanda Angola.

This is the last published authoritative statistics results.

What can be more expensive for a few days and finally realized.

Before asking a friend to Angola reserve a room, a two star hotel in single room per night the price to $ 300; and reporter at the local supermarket has found that a 20 dollar bid round cabbage traveled! because catch friends birthday, another friend of mine bought a 10 inch birthday cake, called discount was also $ 200.

In recent years because of a large number of exporting oil, Angola has become the continent's fastest growing wealth, but there is little light industry, from fashion to food to daily use, almost everything is imported.

Money more goods, prices naturally rise over a day.

However, in Luanda, and not all things are expensive, such as refueling is very cheap.

A liter of gasoline 50 cents, and a liter of diesel as long as 30 cents. Remember the day just to Luanda, although it was late, the road is still very congested, and from the airport to the city centre was originally just 10 minutes by road, but more than half an hour. A friend pointed at the roadside almost static caravan said: there is no car, but are waiting for refueling. What are expensive, Angola is oil cheap, but very few gas stations and oil bleed more than an hour of team is very good. It is reported that many people after 12 o'clock at night to refuel, but still want to chop half an hour or so.

Night view of the world's most expensive

In recent years, the world's leading energy companies racing to Luanda, in the city centre has many built in style of the building.

Luanda Africa rare not power shortage in the city.

Last December to meet Africa's Cup and the celebration of Christmas, the municipal government in Luanda's main street has installed a landscape lights.

In the evening landscape lights and lamps are lit, really a bit non-night city sight.

Local people are very proud of, not the plane, one an hang stewardess proudly said to me, to Luanda must go to the night scene, night scene, we can not lose New York Manhattan.

Ilya peninsula from Luanda Bay extends out of a 6 km long peninsula, just like a belt, and is also the best choice to enjoy the night view

Optional. A business-minded Chinese businessmen have long admired this treasure, one close to the sea side open a Shanghai restaurant.

When nearly 10 points, but there are still nearly full, many people at the night scene here.

A row of exploration of the sea of fire night came out and translucent. Looked across the many modern buildings, brightly; bow, swaying, shallow water fish in the water.

This winter in the great barrier reef, do one of the happiest of migratory birds

The great barrier reef mdash mdash;; the world's largest and longest coral reef group, is one of the seven natural landscape in the world, is Australia's most proud of the natural landscape.

Also known as transparent clear sea Wild Kingdom.

This scenery, dangerous, complicated flow, survival with 400 different types of coral reef, one of the world's largest coral reefs.

There are 1500 species of fish, molluscs, up to 4000 kinds the 242 species of birds, and has a unique scientific research conditions. Here is some of the endangered animal species (such as giant green dugong and turtle) Habitat.

Coral to feed on plankton, group life, can secrete a calcareous skeleton.

The older generation, coral remains left after death, a new generation to continue development of breeding, like tree branches sprout, pumping to the height and the development of both sides. So year after year, cumulatively, the secretion of calcareous skeleton of the coral, together with algae, sea shells, and other marine debris bonded together, stacked chunks of coral reefs. Coral reefs of the construction process is very slow, and in the best conditions, the reefs annually but thickness 3-4 cm. The thickness of reef have reached hundreds of meters, quot; architects the quot; in this has gone a long time.

The waters of the great barrier reef islands were approximately 630 more, with the Green Island, Daniel Island, Magnetic Island residents, Helen Island, Hamidon Island, Lin de man Island, lizard Island, fen, more famous island of Seraing.

Part of the island, great barrier reef is flooded in the sea of mountains peak. Overlooking the great barrier reef, as the overwhelming sea of green gems. These have their own characteristics of the island are all as tourist areas, each year attracting numerous tourists.

Here the natural conditions are suitable, no high winds, into a variety of fish habitat, where different month would also be able to see different aquatic rare animals, allowing visitors to feast their eyes on.

The great barrier reef is the world's most beautiful decoration, like one of my flashes blue, Indigo, blue and white light of Pearl, even on the Moon is visible from afar.

Due to the great barrier reef is sinister, built around a large number of AIDS to navigation beacon, some have become famous historical sites, and through strengthening still plays a role.

These AIDS to navigation and lighthouse at play while also becoming a Visual landscape.

The great barrier reef, 1100 km distance from Brisbane, Cairns, 600 km distance.

Many large cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane has the great barrier reef, flight arrivals, Proserpine railway after the great barrier reef, along the Bruce Highway you can also reach the barrier reef.

If you want to choose the best time to each year in May to October (i.e. local autumn, winter and early spring) is the best.

At this point the climate more stable, clear and pleasant for the blue sky and white clouds. Weather you have enough light in the water, various color colorful corals and fishes of color is gorgeous and lovely. The great barrier reef sea temperature is from the coldest in winter and 23 degrees Celsius in the summer heat of up to 32 degrees Celsius. Therefore visitors any time you can swim tourism and not feel cold.

Travel recommendations

1, in the great barrier reef of sea tour.


2. to set foot on the barrier reef of silver sand on the beach.

3, with stars and corals, a memorable night.

4, the world's best diving to learn diving.

5, bird-shaped coral reef.

6, watch the whales.

7. naval aircraft flying to WhitehavenBeach picnic, feel good.

Food battle five airlines "air meal" contest

They say that aircraft meal to eat, often have to travel by air fly people, high-quality personalized food and beverage service is their selection of airlines of one of the important considerations standard.

It is the largest airline in aircraft article done on meal, innovative cuisine, free meals, special food and beverage service hellip; hellip; open or latent in the high-altitude food contest was launched.

Thai Airways

2008 best airline competition jinyi best of Thai food and beverage service award, its food service has always been well received by people in the industry.

Inflight guests can 22 unique choice of dishes to choose a favorite, such as steamed Thai fish, British beef stew, ham and chicken breast with mushroom.

Each dish is carefully by the award-winning chef cooking Thai Airways, rich of Oriental cuisine and elegant continental style.

If you are paid for in advance, Thai Airways also offers special catering services, such as the various stages of baby meals; diabetic meal, low-cholesterol meals, no bran meal and other special healthy meal.


Royal first class 22 dinner looks all tempting, and advanced restaurant cuisine has a spell.

Special catering service classification and meticulous, and very user-friendly.

All Nippon Airways

Enjoy the best reputation for meals on the All Nippon Airways from the end of 2008, departure from the all Japan flew to China's business class meals made significant reforms, the famous producer of Japan to the gourmet cuisine inside the senses.

This reform subversion of the traditional Western food and take examinations of two old mode, each month launch of fresh seasonal vegetables in season.

The most distinctive is black and cattle and sushi combo packages. -Hair and cow has always considered the most advanced taste of beef, with plenty of water. Children's meals, children can also get airlines offer a lovely gift.


Monthly refurbished seasonal seasons vegetable very pleasing Don Juan's passengers, Panda face of puff super cute and adorable, let the children.

United States aviation

United States aviation mdash mdash; Shanghai; Chicago routes, with a gusto menu.

In first class, Chinese-style beef bowl of noodles for the main course and sweet and sour pork, sweet and sour pork is famous among yourselves, and be able to let the Chinese passengers on an airplane to enjoy their cuisine. Two western main course as crispy garlic lamb and lime butter chicken.

In addition, in response to Chinese passengers breakfast favorite features of porridge, meihang special prepared traditional rice porridge.

There are all kinds of warm breakfast bread, seasonal fruits and selected beverages, can let passengers upon arrival at their destination before.


Depart hometown days can also eat road authentic murmuring meat, congee, delicious Chinese small point warm heart, it can be considered for a feeling of nostalgia.

United Airlines

United Airlines Corporate Executive Chef and culinary team travels around the world, with a local chef in joint efforts to study, to provide passengers with first-class culinary services.

Business class passengers can enjoy fresh and healthy meals, delicious appetizer with snacks, fresh salad, main course of fusion Asian features, as well as fresh fruit.

A drink after dinner liqueurs, Porter's wine and Starbucks coffee is a delicious meal complete the picture.

In flight rest for a while, we can also be tasted more delicate snacks mdash mdash;; sandwiches, salads and tasty snacks.

United Airlines economy class in most international flights are provided free meals.


This family of aircraft meal is better in taste fresh, fresh and refreshing salad had a voracious appetite, the liqueurs after dinner is the finishing touch.

With Virgin Atlantic

Afraid to miss lunch time and can't fall asleep? assured! with Virgin Atlantic Deluxe Business class provides user-friendly point meal service.

Here, there is no fixed meals on time, at any time, you can enjoy a meal at any time.

All flights with Virgin Atlantic in the provision of free exquisite meals and drinks.

There are Thai Curry with chicken staple food, Turkey stewed mushroom pot, etc. Another United Kingdom baked cheese cake Cheshire, chocolate dessert after dinner.

Many passengers have praised the Virgin's cake is exquisite tastes, rich thick creamy, ate the cake can also to a cup of black tea is brewed United Kingdom.


Passengers overslept won't miss dinner time, with the point.

Day flight, the passengers can also eat while watching the film, the excellent ice cream so laid-back Afar?

The real beat is laugh alpaca wool Festival

Find ancient is Quechua catch alpaca, meaning the ancient Inca period residents catch alpaca and shearing alpaca.

But modern look ancient has joined a new meaning, except for the alpaca wool, catch the alpaca also includes checking the alpaca growth, health status and registration number, etc.

Ayacucho province Chulucanas community was immersed in music and dance of joy, local residents and more than 2000 visitors at home and abroad, as well as Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and Bolivia, on behalf of the four countries together to celebrate Peru this traditional shearing Alpaca Festival.

Chulucanas region small Alpaca is called vicuna, South America, two wild one small alpaca.

Peru there are about 20 million small alpaca, is the world's wild vicuna highest number of countries. Vicuna general growth at an altitude of 4000 meters of altitude, mainly in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina and Chile and other countries.

Small Alpaca quality close to cashmere, good luster and softness and curl, can be used to manufacture high-grade fabrics, knitted fabrics and hat, etc., because of the scarcity of volume, the more valuable.