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Spain Flamenco performances of the soul

(Lead) in Spain, there are two landmark performance had to look at.

If that is too cruel too bloody bullfights, flamenco, you must not miss it.

Flamenco is originated from southern Spain-Andalucia-a comprehensive arts and dance music, set a deep song, guitar, dance art advantages.

Andalucia is a piece of land so rich, where almost all cultures are centralized: ancient Greece elements, Carthage, ancient Rome, Byzantium, Jewish, Islamic, Gypsy hellip; hellip; naturally involves a variety of musical styles. Flamenco, is derived from such a piece of land, regardless of its source, the number of argument, it is rooted in Andalucia, originates from the people here, and the Wandering Gypsy, and the Moors, it is probably beyond doubt.

Soul and body by dance

Corral de la Madrid moreria, is a very famous restaurants, not because of their food and wine, but because of flamenco.

It is Spain's most famous Flamenco performances restaurant. Flamenco is rooted in folk art, therefore, the most original ecological performance, often in the restaurant or bar.

10 pm, show begins.

On stage, two guitarist, two singers, several dancers. Show begins in the singer's vocal, with songs, dance dancer began. First look at flamenco, will be the actor's dance deterrent. With the guitar rhythm crescendo, actor feet will tap out flying General melody, both arms, body, and even the eyes, facial expressions, are so full of power. gangjin

Although you can see the iguana Bloom's skirt, bare back, but you would never think of sexy.

As usual, you are sure to see iguana smiling face, sexy body or graceful lanhuazhi, these are not part of flamenco. Even young, also not part of flamenco. And other dance, excellent Flamenco actor has experience, this may be closely related to the history of flamenco.

A flamenco dance, is a pain of salvation.

I prefer the flamenco dancer in the male, they storm-like melody, tap. Many people like to watch a dancer's feet, the feel that they like ATAP actor, you can then easily retractable freely. But I prefer watching dance in the actor's expressive. If the female dancers is cynical, is the proud staunch, then the actor will have a "boasts of arrogance, is a challenge to destiny, on the challenges of life.

In the flamenco dance, you can realize an attitude towards life: all the painful and unbearable, nothing.

Only the flamenco dance, the extreme love and hate, happiness and suffering, a perfect fusion and dripping.

The tragic sing to you

If you think that Flamenco is a dance, you're sadly mistaken.

It is said that the first flamenco dance is not only singing. Even today, authentic flamenco performances, also are started in the singing and guitar.

So, if you want to know the real Flamenco, be sure to go to a concert.

Flamenco singer often raucous voice are some enough, or just fit the vicissitudes of homeless people.

In Seville, a bar, 12 a.m., flamenco at the end of the performances, most of the guests are gone.

Suddenly I hear the next room of songs, it's like a magnet attracts me. That voice sounds so painfully, world hellip; hellip; although could not understand the lyrics, but still will be attracted to the melody.

So I pushed open the door and into the room full of people, even people standing.

Some listeners can't follow dancing. Singer, is an old man, accompaniment is, they sometimes sing sing, sometimes sadness, sonorous, it seems that all the pain and struggling, confused kink, song, was so sweet to be sing out. But the singing of the elderly is always half-closed eyes, looks not much light in the slightly sad.

If that tragedy is the life of suffering can show you the performance, this song is tragic unreservedly sing to you, singers sang, weeping blood listener pain sad hellip; deep song is Flamenco soul.

Blood flowing music

Blue Jean, is one of the South-East of Madrid, in a small town in the world, really small.

Here is the famous, in view of the 16th century, Sotomayor square, the square was built in around, wooden structure in the middle ages, these huts now are various restaurants. It is said that these wooden houses a total of 234 seat facing the square on the balcony, the convenience of the guests watch the performances within the square.

In the small town of Penicillium Joan Sotomayor square, I saw a open-air performances of flamenco.

On the day of the show's protagonist is not a dance, not singing, is the guitarist, Mr. Gerardo Nunes.

It is said that the guitar is the last to join the flamenco elements, but today, it has become an inseparable part of flamenco.

Gerardo Nunes is Spain famous guitar master. 2008 has been common to China with his wife. This evening's performance, the dancer is still his wife. Gerardo Nunes guitar, needless to say, plucked, do you have a quot; caused by flares earnestly arrived, Pattering jade plate quot; feeling, especially in the high frequency band, when dancers in the footsteps of tap and guitar melody together, you will have an urge to dance to, at least you'll have to give the beat. But in the entire show, he seems to only focus on the guitar, rarely face the audience.

This open-air performances, seems to fit la charm.

After the performance, had the pleasure of chatting with Gerardo Nunes, asked a few words to him, in Flamenco guitars and other musical style, he is more like the one he said without thinking: quot; certainly flamenco, because I grew up in Silesia Finnforest, young grew, flamenco to me, is the body's blood flowing, innate. Each time on the stage, I have not performed, but appreciate my own heart rhythm, enjoy the music. For flamenco, the best teacher, is love. quot;

In Spain, flamenco performances often continue late.

But no matter how late, the audience will find fascinating hellip; hellip;

Interpretation of boulders Beach five keywords

This is called the quot; the world's marine and terrestrial best connections quot; as if it were a Jasper is set in sunny, beautiful California coastline; here is the 100th session of the United States Open tennis tournament held, after ten years of samsara, the 110th United States Congress back here again; here can see the most entertainment stars in golf star guidance, as students like cap in swing.

This is located in Northern California's Boulder Beach golf course, the United States the Golf Digest magazine as the best golf courses, the United States is the United States in the eyes of the most beautiful golf courses.

In June this year, the 110th United States open return a Boulder Beach Lynx Stadium.

Chinese people accustomed to here called the quot; quot; boulders Beach, but living in the United States, especially California player generally no first name, but rather it is called the quot; Pebblequot; and to express their devotion to the stadium. From the 1960s United States the Golf Digest "begin selection of golf courses, all the golf magazine in the world of golf course, round stone Beach has been the world's first public golf course. The stadium of worship have put it on the altar. But in fact round stone beach is not so difficult to understand, perhaps several keywords, it can let you easily understand everything in it.

Keywords: United States Open tennis tournament

2010, the 110th United States Congress back round stone Beach, count on history, this is the fifth visit.

From 1972 to Jack Nicklaus middot; a number of magic a rod of iron, the 1982 Tom middot; Watson incredible cutting rods into the hole, from 1992, Tom middot; Kate to the advantage of two rods, then to win 2000 Tiger Woods record to lead the second 15-bar King of accomplishments. This year, when another decade of life in the past, the Boulder beach once again ushered in its new owner: Gleim middot; Mike road Weir. Today, the Boulder Beach has been successfully held its fifth session the entire us open, it has been said in this championship players said that there is a round stone Beach and quot; United Kingdom competition venues General noble temperament quot;, perhaps more important, because it bears witness to countless people.

Keyword 2: Jack Nicklaus middot;

Jack Nicklaus middot; is the late 1960s early 1970s PGA Tour player of excellence, and in 1972 the boulders Beach United States competition has created a miracle on.

The last round, he was a hard fought Par3 17 holes, first hit the ball, and a flag pole push the ball firmly into the cave, thus the third offering of the United States Open Championship, this is his first obtained by the 11 champions. In today's constantly with new star emerging Golf altar, Nicklaus is still maintained in the golf community and no one can replace the status, in spite of his most brilliant period has long since past. As such a legendary golfer, Nicklaus on world so said: quot; If my life is left in the final game, I would choose the boulders beach. From the stadium's first started, I fell in love with it. It may be the world's best golf course. quot;

Keywords: beauty and stimulate

Cliff, wave, sea lion hellip; hellip; God on this stretch of coast is simply love to the extreme, not only for its beautiful scenery of the sea are connected, and it documents the history of the United States open to the most brilliant moment.

The magnificent wide vision, four seasons and pleasant climate, the design exquisite villas, as well as seabirds assembled rocks, just so cute seals were hellip; these are the hellip; boulders Beach adds vibrant and unique charm. But there's a lot of holes are built, and the coastal boulders Beach has also to venues and hard as stone, is famous for its varied, there is a dense fog in the morning, then there are strong winds--usually. So many golfers have recognized this is very difficult to break record and challenging high pitch.

alt="" src="http://www.itravelqq.com/uploadfile/2010/0809/20100809052013240.jpg" />

Tags: Caddy

In Round Rock beach there is a proverb says so: quot; If you want to tour round stone Beach, looking for a cart; if you want to enjoy a round stone Beach, find a caddy.

Quot; here, the lease must have seemed to have become a necessary--they not only help you challenge round stone Beach, can also help you integrate into Boulder beach.

In 2000, the United States open in Round Rock beach playground, at 573 code 14 holes, none of the players to 2 bar green, round stone Beach Caddy in this cave has an almost cruel unwritten hidden: If you can catch a hole in the current round of the first bird ball, you will be able to win hundreds of dollars, or even to free to play a game of ball.

So, if you're brave enough, in the former and caddie play swing this bet.

Keywords: Crosby weather

Boulders beach weather is culminated a connection, all here Golf Player, weather is the most saddened by eternal topic.

As a typical Lynx Stadium ATamp; T boulders Beach professional-amateur pro-am 1947 began as the weather, the weather being used pro-am founder bin middot; Crosby was named as the quot; Crosby weather quot;. Snow or rain, people say that sometimes the weather here is terrible, but until today, this factor on the influence of the beach remains very large.

Spring Zhaxie autumn in October to Australia reverse spring outing

Every year October golden week is to get out of the House round the world in good time, but every time I travel, I always look forward to some unusual experience.

In October, it is the beginnings of the southern hemisphere Spring season, all kinds of wonderful activities have mushroomed, melts Australia after the winter, most unique o mdash mdash;-experience; From fine dining, art, sport, the natural scenery, each element is clearly posted at Australia's unique tag! still drifting shopping Shopping, cursory look at urban landmark, or are in the same marshlands? not entering into spring infinite good Australia, experience unique in the southern hemisphere passion here!

Spring of gastronomy in October article

Eager to Sydney (Sydney Crave) festive breakfast at the Sydney Harbour Bridge, nbsp; nbsp;

Similarly, in Australia is gourmet but hosts a different element.

Multicultural existence makes Australia's creative cuisine, modern cuisine and art of mashup as Australia Food Festival in permanent, unchanging fresh theme!

At the beginning of October, the desire for unlimited Sydney International Food Festival (Crave Sydney International Food Festival) will look at all widespread pressure was kicked in, world-class cuisine, creative art and full of exaggerated comedy drama will fill the streets of Sydney in October! follow 35 international cooking genius, top chefs and culinary experts in the world famous chef cooking rewards (World Chef Showcase), sharing pioneer innovative cooking philosophy; October 10, Australia Sydney Harbour Bridge, symbolic spots will make up the world's largest outdoor restaurant, the sun sparkling shine in Sydney Harbour, the warm rays of the opposition between jumping, cute napkin animal walking in the lawn, 6,000 lucky dog will be the most spectacular places on the Sydney Harbour Bridge picnic-enjoy this fresh delicious large outdoor breakfast Carnival!

Whereas on 2 October, let the global gourmet lovers looking to drooling, kick oysters feast (Ceduna Oysterfest) will be held on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia (Eyre Peninsula) fresh login! this is Australia's largest Oyster feast has been celebrated its 20th anniversary birthday, Oyster Bay directly from smog (Smoky Bay) and Wan (Denial Bay) no contamination of natural waters in the fishing up, have a distinctive fresh taste and pork quality and, with the support of Australia's wine, refreshing taste straight to the head, this is not in the northern hemisphere may wish to enjoy the taste buds will let you ecstatic, addicted!

Spring art of October

Perth festivals

In Australia, many forms of artistic expression, but the Indy! this country has a unique natural environment and the freedom of free personality, continuous burst dynamic creative diversity.

The world famous Sydney Opera House and enjoy a charming Opera; look for urban beats own music dreams; or is it came to Australia in inland areas, in the magnificent red desert feel that played tunes permeates the freedom of the soul.

In the romantic crisp October spring, the southern hemisphere's largest music industry event in the same rhythm Perth Festival (One Movement for Music Perth), Australia Perth shocking debut, from around the world, in over 200 artists, 100 music professionals, hundred record company representatives and thousands of music fans will pour into Perth, melodious music full of alleys, the passion of street performances can be seen everywhere, along with the city's beat, high turn this seaside city! while in another Department, Queensland outraraj volcanoes National Park, with the constant through carefully crafted inland Broadway performances in this gorgeous debut, the National Park of ancient crater formed by volcanic eruptions and the lava terrain is this unique Opera's magnificent curtain, nature's harmony of twittering is she, the various styles of music performance fusion now classic pop songs, in the arms of nature sounds of released!

When Sydney waterfront sculpture exhibition (Sculpture by the Sea) put Bondi Beach and Tamara Beach (Tamarama Beach) are the waves sculpture made of sandstone headlands as background, creative avant-garde art and beautiful natural scenery.

October 28-November 14, the world's largest outdoor free outdoor contemporary sculpture exhibition will dress up Australia winding city coast, Sydney's most beautiful scenery line!

Spring sports articles in October

Spring Racing Carnival Spring Racing Carnival

Australia is also a movement, but give it a different passion for racing and soul! charming combination of fashion, herding to the streets of the city, along the great ocean of wild racing, these creative portfolio underlines Australia's wild imagination, let normal movement also has a unique pleasure.

Often say *, but the ride in Australia the sheep's back country but lively lets you feel million sheep Pentium sight! this year's October 3, large-scale sheep wearing cute stage Pack will be in New South Wales State of Bozo Watts (Boorowa) small town street processions, offer excellent performances see how Collie! and the Shepherd, the flocks of sheep was in order, not springing out of the lens; ornamental essential, unique Australia featured shearing competition.

Just a few seconds, the fat hypertrophy of sheep is immediately successful weight loss, remove the soft wool, into Pygmalion!

The beach and beautiful women, speed and passion! both elements together definitely attract your eyeballs! the next Armor All Gold Coast 600 Racing will visit the Queensland's famous resort Surfers Paradise (Surfers Paradise), blazing sunshine, gorgeous car, stormy waves, rolling ROAR, there are many wonderful beaches, beauty, like Hollywood blockbusters like scene will be staged in Queensland! southern hemisphere bright sunshine and beaches will let the racing fanatic Empire of the rising Sun, the Sneaky Sound System and The Angels and so is Australia band will bring the most exciting live concert, the enthusiasm of the crowd of spectators to the highest lift! also waiting for? get packed into the crowd, exploded your passion!

Coming spring Racing Carnival (Melbourne Cup Carnival) will let the entire Australia are caught in a Carnival.

This year, StarCraft's Carnival will be held on 30 October kicked! this is Australia's most popular racing event. A 50-day activities guided tours to fashion into a contest, becoming a national feast of entertainment. As Melbourne Cup horse race Festival tradition, all the ladies were dressed, wearing a beautiful small stylish dress and wearing fancy festive hat, in addition to exciting intense racing is point, the various contests of retro seduction and fashionable hat is also essential to adjust the field products!

Spring of nature article October

Take a helicopter view Uluru

Spring nymphs, Australia's scenic nature don't have different! southern hemisphere's largest Spring Flower exhibition Floriade gorgeous blooms Spring Sun, more than one million lines of Tulip in Australia Canberra Federal Park (Commonwealth Park) compete competition, beautiful colorful variety of flower beds will interpret the role of the imagination and creativity.

This year's Spring Flower exhibition Floriade will jointly present special events held in the entire flower show after the night falls on new clothes, blooming flowers will show under the neon lights of rendering, show night charm and enchanting; lively night market, exaggerated Clowning and open-air cinema and other types of activities will bring the full debut, the Grandview flowers banquet (Nightfest).

Enjoy the Canberra's colorful colourful colours, we must go to the Northern Territory experience the sheer variety of red! in this blossoming season, enjoy the Uluru (Uluru) the superstar's one-man show red land, see her as the Sun changes that come out of different colors; the day, guided tour of the indigenous, to wander in the Uluru tours at the bottom, listen to the story, told by Uluru enjoying rocks of murals, feel the local indigenous view of mystery, endless red desert, enjoying the big rocks from morning dark purple into the splendid Golden Sunrise; wait until dusk, in the open red land, enjoy the famous sound of silence (Sounds of Silence) dinner, tasting champagne, careful pondering Uluru sunset red, watching her from golden yellow to a dark Crimson, then fall, when darkness looming over the desert thoroughly, overhead that sparkling glittering stars, in the silence of nature, make your own beautiful wish!

This October, follow the southern romance gorgeous spring into colorful Australia to spectacular nature, listening to the sounds of Perth, follow, dancing to the music once tongue on art trips from ancient indigenous cultures, to modern music events, from traditional to wild horse racing, show you the full taste of Australia that is different!

Australia spring events list  

Floriade Tulip:

Location: Canberra Canberrarsquo Federal Park; s Commonwealth Park: 2010-11 September-10 October

Thirst for the infinite Sydney International Food Festival (Crave Sydney Internation

al Food Festival):

Location: the capital of new South Wales Sydney time: 2010-1 October-31 October

Raw oysters feast (Ceduna Oysterfest):

Location: SA Eyre Peninsula, Eyre Peninsula: 2010 October 2 to October 3

Perth Festival (Perth One Movement for Music):

Location: Perth: 2010 October 6 to 10 October

Inland Opera (Opera in the Outback):

Location: Queensland outraraj volcanoes National Park (Undara Volcanic National Park): 2010-October 7-10 March

Armor All 600 Racing: Gold Coast

Location: Surfers Paradise Queensland Gold Coast (Surfers Paradise): 2010-October 22 to 24 October

Melbourne Cup Carnival (Melbourne Cup Carnival):

Venue: Victoria, the capital of Melbourne: 2010-10/30/2010, 6 November

Australia travel tips for October

Weather and dress code

Australia is located in the southern hemisphere, the seasons coincide with northern hemisphere instead, 11 golden week period coincided with the local spring, the visitor off the plane we can feel fresh and cool spring breath blowing, and traveling in Australia spring, just feel that people with natural, just-in-one day people.

Tourists to travel or take part in activities wearing casual thin Pack (such as shirts, t-shirts, windproof jacket) and comfortable shoes; in addition, morning and evening temperatures are lower, be sure to bring a piece of thick warm sweater or jacket. Australia year round sunshine, please bring sunglasses, sunscreen, Sun and bathing suit. In the great barrier reef coral area enjoy the fish, you can keep shading hat, sunglasses and sunscreen emulsion, shall prepare beach shoes protect podiatrists.

New hand baggage regulations

For travel to Australia for international flights and domestic flights to Australia, Australia Government introduced new provisions to limit hand baggage carried in the liquid, aerosol and gel.

The new requirements are as follows:

1, placed in the hand luggage on aircraft operating in the band liquid, aerosol and gel must be installed in no more than 100 ml container.

Includes: drinks, creams, perfumes, sprays, hair spray, toothpaste, lipstick, lip balm and similar protection can pour out, squeeze out and substances;

2. all containers must be sealed loading capacity of up to one litre of repeatable sealing of transparent plastic bags (if the dimension is 20cmx20cm or 15cmx15cm);

3. tourists everybody can carry a plastic bag.

Entering the quarantine is important

To protect Australia's agricultural and natural environment, quarantine officials will use x-ray equipment, detector dogs, means such as physical detection on all flights, passengers, baggage, mail and cargo for scan, with information and archive.

Visitors arriving in Australia, you must declare to detect all food, plant material and animal products, to promise not to carry any pests and diseases. The flight landed, visitors will receive a disembarkation, visitors must fill in a Declaration on the card. Australia law strictly prohibits visitors carry drugs, weapons, firearms, protected wildlife and related products.

Shopping more

Visitors can find the urban city centre and international airport duty-free shop.

Large department stores, arcade shopping street, shopping, gifts and souvenirs shops, fashion shops and boutiques all over Australia as a whole. Hot commodities including high definition o Po and other precious or semi-precious, Pearl, Sheepskin and leather products, indigenous arts and crafts and painting. Australia has many famous markets, is buying works of art, handicraft, souvenirs, clothes, fresh fruits and vegetables are a good place: such as Hobart's Salamanca market (Salamanca), Darwin's name di Beach Sunset market (Mindil Sunset Markets), Adelaide Central market (Adelaidersquo; s Central Market), the Queen Victoria market in Melbourne (Queen Victoria Market), Sydney rock area market (The Rocks), Perth's Fremantle markets (Fremantle Markets) and Brisbane River market (Riverside), etc.

Rebate help you save money

Australia charged 10% of the consumption tax (GST-Goods and Services Tax).

In Australia, in addition to the necessities of life; such as milk, bread, fruit and sunscreen, the list price of all other commodities, and contains a consumption tax such as accommodation, tour, tour guide, ground transportation, translation and other tourism services also require payment of consumption tax. If you come to Australia in 30 days before departure from the same shop to buy more than the value of AUD $ 300, you can apply for the rebate. International Terminal building of the port area generally has a tax refund service network.

Tips and bargain

Australia generally do not have the habit of collecting tips.

Hotel and restaurant will not be subject to service charges. In the restaurant, the waiter customer General 10% chargeable to that of a tip over their thoughtful services. The hotel's concierge is generally no need to tip, but the General need to press a standard baggage unary to luggage service personnelPay tip. If you want to call the room service is also available to service people tip. For cleaning the room's waitress, generally you do not need to pay tip. The taxi driver would not have to ask for tips, but the passengers if you prefer you can not change. In short, tourists can choose whether to pay tip. In addition, Australia who is not in the habit of bargaining.

Go to the Islands have a leisurely vacation!

The cool sea breeze and the elegance of the waves, soft sand, and pleasant scenery, this summer the most leisurely time thus also quietly arrived.

Stuffy air so irritating, it is better to have a relaxed island leisurely holiday, only free breathing fresh air, on the outskirts of bath sprinkled over large tracts of sunshine, enjoying the birds surrounding you can make you feel comfortable during the summer. In the beautiful islands of playing golf is a pleasant thing, on the island, we seem to be better able to understand the pitches are returning to nature's natural places. But those islands, also naturally become a golf lovers should not miss the holiday resort.

Thailand Phuket

Thailand Phuket

Broad, beautiful beaches, spotless grains of sand, green, emerald waters of the Andaman Sea and the Indian Ocean, as a bright Pearl quot quot;;, Phuket impeccable.

From many years in Thailand, quot quot; new; the status of a line, we can see people on Thailand beautiful exotic yearning. In order to attract more tourists to the local golf course building nature does not lagging behind. So for the tourists who come on holiday to Thailand for attractive, more than beautiful beaches and colorful nightlife, there are five world-class Golf Championship Golf course.

Blue Canyon Country Club

Recommended golf courses: the Blue Canyon Country Club

A century ago, golf-Thailand, and quickly became one of the local community a very popular activity.

Now, in Thailand in the territory of more than 200 world-class golf competition venues, and most of the venues are from a world class design master's hand, the Blue Canyon Country Club is one of the most outstanding. Blue Canyon Country Club distance from Phuket International Airport and only a few minutes away, and beautiful coasts and towns of Nanyang only 29 km distance. Canyon Golf course was built in 1991, provides a standard 18-hole championship-level golf courses, of which 17 cave jade world one of the 500 best hole, kick-off to completely beyond the lake water obstacles, green surrounding undulating, flagpoles are surrounded around the bunker, challenges the wisdom and skill players, also for golf fans brought the heartfelt joy.

Borneo Malaysia

Borneo Malaysia

Glorious Malaysia is the new Southeast Asia golf resort, close to 200 in your home to various types of Greens make it become a golf paradise attracts large numbers of tourists to visit.

The Borneo Island, Sabah, as the development and retention of more original characteristics. Sabah has opened up building a lot of scenery and pleasant golf course, provide challenging and full of fun for the fairway, random at the end of the beach and numerous natural harbour, the original rainforest and amazing wildlife ecology, as well as the majestic mountains of Beijing, makes that Baru here to become a paradise for golf fans in mind. Recommended course: Borneo Golf and country club

This altar by golf legend Jack Nicklaus design middot; of course, is located in the area of 900 acres of land, with a stretch of natural terrain, lagoon pool, sand pit, and is not affected by any failure of a pleasant environment.

Especially hit after 9 holes, whisk people face the same breezy, frankness, relaxed and happy. In addition, the bulk of natural or man-made pools, as well as up to 84 sizes of bunker, are testing the player's skill.

Korea Cheju Island

Korea Cheju Island

The popularity of golf in Korea and a high standard, with the quot; Fantasy Island quot; Cheju Island, is famous for is Korea's largest island, is the highest peak on the island of Hallasan Korea.

Cheju island climate warmer, the characteristics of a subtropical climate, here is Korea important tourist resort, quot; quot; Korea's Hawaii. There are 5 seats on Jeju Island international standard golf course, at any time you can enjoy the green grass on the swing.

Recommended golf courses: Chinese golf

Chinese Beach golf course is the Cheju Island cliffs along the coast and the blue of the sea and the formation of a waterfront Stadium, general line long 6820 m.

Enjoy the natural juejing Xenophon, four seasons enjoy golf and to enjoy Chinese GowerCardiff Stadium, green grass and palm trees around and camellias and Jeju Island's unique blend of Autogenous plant, showing a specific atmosphere. The Chinese tourist areas not only for golf enthusiasts and family as a unit of people prepared to accommodation facilities, also has various other diverse recreational and tourism facilities.

China's Hainan Island

China's Hainan Island

Development of golf tourism in Hainan Province possesses a rare resource advantage: sunshine, clear blue waters, year-round, price concessions hellip; hellip; currently Hainan has 16 golf courses throughout the year can be hospitality, tourism and vacation-Golf market.

Superior and unique geographical conditions, the golf course designers curious spirit, some built in Sea Island, located in the Lake Island, coastal, according to the slope of the hellip; hellip; central island, visitors can enjoy all kinds of different golf courses.

Recommended course: Ocean Bay Beach Golf Club

Ocean Bay Golf Club is the only ocean view golf course in Hainan Province, near the mountain near the sea, beautiful, unique natural terrain and the perfect combination of elegant and natural environment, not only has one-day-in-one concept of golf and pitch drab natural obstacles and difficult.

The former 9 hole lush secluded, birds, mountains, panoramic after 9 holes. In addition to swing time feel the charm of a tropical seaside golf course, you can call after the quot; enjoy sea Moon, itogether quot; sight, let your day's toil suddenly evaporated.

Expo: global into the marriage of gay people (photo)

Homosexual lover

According to the Boston Globe-NET reports local time on the afternoon of 4 August, United States District Court Chief Judge Vaughn Walker will announce his decision whether mdash mdash;; maintenance of California voters passed the ban, 8 proposals (or California Marriage Protection Act).

8 proposal, if passed, will be incorporated in the United States Constitution, this proposal was considered in California, only a man and a woman is valid between marriage and recognized. This award is the most recent worldwide multiple national constituents and the Government of one of the similar choice, they will affect the legally married gay people. In the United States, some States are challenges 1996 Marriage Protection Act. Washington, d.c., and Mexico City in March and July 15, announced that same-sex marriage legal. Argentina is the first to recognize same-sex marriage of Latin American countries. The following photo is recently some countries embarked on the red carpet for new people.


2010-July 30, Argentina actor Ernesto Larrese (right) and his partner, broker, Vannelli, Alejandro in Buenos Aires kiss each other after the wedding.

Argentina's President on July 21, signed a new Bill, Argentina became the first man to legalize same-sex marriage of Latin American countries. Larrese and Vanelli is the Bill after the first on in the capital of gay marriage.

Hold your hand

2010-July 31, Chile's Giorgio Nocentino (left) and Jaime Zapata in Argentina Mendoza married, on their own wedding bands.

Cross Cup drink

2010-14 February, in Lima, Peru, a couple in their own wedding cake Cup drink next to, their participation in a collective wedding on Valentine's day.

This wedding will be the local gay groups, organizations, is intended to raise awareness about the legitimacy of Peru gay marriage.

High spirits

2010 March 3, Colombia approved gay marriage legal SAR, with nine years of Phillip Dunham (left) and Allen Pittinger to High Court brought them of the marriage certificate, they hold each other.

Kiss and cry

2010 March, Washington DC gay marriage legal marriage can be brought after the first day, Darlene Garner (left) with her lover, who brought Candy Holmes to the marriage certificate, Holmes was crying.

Sweet Kiss

2010 March, in Washington, d.c., Montreal court gate, Jonathan Howard kissing his partner Gregory Jones (right).

They just apply to the Superior Court Department of the marriage certificate of marriage.


Yuet Cadence

March 9,2010, Washington, d.c., the new Act came into effect after gay couples can be held on the first day of the wedding.

5 photos of Darlene Garner and Candy Holmes is the Metropolitan Community Church of clergy, at the same as the clergy's Dwayne Johnson watched as their joy in Cadence.


March 9,2010, in Washington, d.c., wedding ceremony, when Angelisa Young when her Sinjoyla Townsend (left) appears to be some excitement.

Happy sweet

2010 March 3, Aisha Mills and Danielle Moodie has just arrived in Washington in front of the building to the Montreal courts, they are going to the courts to apply for a marriage certificate of marriage.