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New Zealand South Island looking for "the Lord of the rings" treasures of the rings filming sites

New Zealand is located in the South Pacific, West Australia across the Tasman and just across the River, West Australia 1600 km east of Tonga, Fiji, land area 27 million square kilometres of coastline 6900 km, the coastline has numerous beautiful beaches.

Go to the New Zealand South Island, think of a film; or because of the film, countless people travelled to New Zealand South Island.

This is the Lord of the rings ". Welcometothemiddlemdash; earth! a Lord of the achievements of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, therefore, more and more fans suck or photography enthusiasts to New Zealand South Island seeking reality of Middle-Earth, real-life paradise.

If you are obsessed with the Lord of the rings "will have a magnificent mountain scenery, the New Zealand South Island fresh in the plain.

This March, which is the summer just to go to the autumn is coming, the Lord of the rings heat is thriving, go to the splendor of the South Island on a Middle-Earth's little hellip; hellip; expanse of vast plains, snowy hills of straight shrugged clouds mountain ranges, as shown in the movie 7000 years ago human civilization began in the soil of the Earth.

Christchurch is the New Zealand South Island's largest city, is in addition to New Zealand in Auckland, most celebrity's second biggest Star City.

Here, the Lord of the rings "has left a deep imprint: drama Princess in Central Asia, the South Ferry to charm attracted the flood barrier Arwen's Opera, the Department is in Christchurch side near the town known as the arrow of the Canyon. No one had been to the tourists in Christchurch are her everywhere full of rich pastoral atmosphere.

Extreme sports for the Lord of the rings "what is important, when the first trilogy is selected in the premiere of the New Zealand South Island on extreme sports.

This is located in a small town in the southwest of South Island to bungee and speedboats, and other extreme sports in the world. Extreme sports concentrated around the Lord of the rings filming sites. As one of the rings fan, and absolutely a must. The only 1.1 million population of the town, since the advent of the Lord of the rings ", the annual reception of traveler and over millions of fans. Movie Elf Princess yawen horse carrying Frodo, Arwen hard chase of the theatre.

Baidu encyclopedia is introducing New Zealand South Island of New Zealand is located in the South Pacific,: Western Australia across the Tasman and just across the River, West Australia 1600 km east of Tonga, Fiji, land area 27 million square kilometres of coastline 6900 km, the coastline has numerous beautiful beaches.

New Zealand mainly consists of the South Island and the North Island, Cook Strait separating the two islands.

There are also many smaller islands. The mountain throughout the mountainous area of 50% of the national area. South West rocks at the magnificent Southern Alps. Cook's peak 3764m, the highest peak for the country. Whether it's lush rain forests, clear lakes, green grass and the Hill, famous for its white beaches, all show New Zealand's clean and beautiful.

April New Zealand is beautiful, the beauty of the South Island in April with the United States.

Whether you are the Lord of the rings or exquisite scenery when you come to New Zealand South Island, you will find in this beautiful island almost everywhere it rings, street of shops, a glass cup wall Aragon and Elf Princess avatar is surfaced; buy a cup of commemorate this, a romantic love story should have at your fingertips.

Set sail for Luang Prabang time exactly

Luang Prabang photo

People who like to enjoy the time, be fascinated Luang Prabang.

Various colour of tourists, or hanging from the camera to wander to the bustling main street and tranquil lanes, or a cup of coffee in a book, sitting in a pub with Plaid desk motionless. That kind of boring lazy, and the coming and going of the local population. This House is the old French style, with Southeast Asian rain forests, small, very delicate, s long and well preserved.

30 April 14, took off from Laos Luang Prabang, Xishuangbanna mdash mdash mdash;;; mdash; Vientiane, Luang Prabang airline recovery navigation first flying aircraft 0920 in Xishuangbanna airport, marking the Xishuangbanna mdash mdash mdash;;; mdash; Vientiane, Luang Prabang airline successful recovery.

The tree view

Xishuangbanna mdash mdash mdash;;; mdash; Vientiane, Luang Prabang international routes in March 2003, due to the tourist organizations, corporate operations, January 2004 to stop flying.

Restore navigation, route weekly temporarily flying two flights, that is, Friday, Sunday, single return prices to us $ 160.

When mdash mdash; Xishuangbanna; Vientiane mdash mdash;; Luang Prabang airline fuhang's first landing in Xishuangbanna airport and airport held a grand ceremony.

Xishuangbanna Prefecture Zhouwei, Vice Governor, Minister CHAN Kai-chung zhouwei propaganda to the airport to meet fuhang first guests, Laos Luang Prabang provincial Deputy Secretary and Deputy Governor Kham flat middot; race fuhang song, attended the ceremony.

In Xishuangbanna airport to celebrate the fuhang after the ceremony, Vice Governor Li Jiang in Xishuangbanna Prefecture of Rainbow rate of the foreign State, the Tourist Board, transportation, and other units in charge of air travel to Luang Prabang in local celebrate fuhang ceremony and Luang Prabang relevant stakeholders the Xishuangbanna mdash mdash; play; Vientiane mdash mdash;; Luang Prabang airline role, promote tourism, and trade and other aspects of development.

According to Deputy Director of the State of tourism in Xishuangbanna Pengbo, Xishuangbanna Tourist Board and Laos Luang Prabang province Tourism Office signed by the Chinese State Tourist Board and Laos in Luang Prabang province Tourism Office on the border (depth) tourism cooperation agreement, the agreement shall determine the share of tourist hujian, marketing promotions, travel training, educational cooperation mechanisms, development and construction of the line, as well as the official tourism cooperation mechanisms joint system, eight aspects of co-operation to further consolidate and develop the long-term friendly relations; Yunnan tianda co., Ltd., Xishuangbanna Mekong travel service co., Ltd. also separately and Laos Luang Prabang travel company, Laos fragrant light travel company and the signing of the bilateral cooperation agreement between the team reception, tourist line toward the standardization of operations, the line development work matures.

Pengbo said, Vientiane, Luang Prabang mdash mdash;;; mdash mdash; Xishuangbanna route fuhang, will undoubtedly be in old tourism cooperation.

Later to Jinghong, I'll be able to fly directly from Luang Prabang to! came all the way from Laos Luang Prabang province to Xishuangbanna Lao businessman aqing in Jinghong told reporters.

Because of the business relationship, aqing repeated every year by road from Luang Prabang to Jinghong channel. This time, he came with his family to Xishuangbanna may day holiday. Before aqing in Laos can also learn from a variety of channels to Vientiane mdash mdash mdash;; Luang Prabang; mdash; end fuhang Xishuangbanna route 4. To this end, aqing very much looking forward to. He said that Luang Prabang mdash mdash;; Xishuangbanna route of flight, after fuhang certainly have plenty of opportunities to enter in the air.

Xishuangbanna Prefecture Tourist Board official said, Vientiane, Luang Prabang mdash mdash;;; mdash mdash; Xishuangbanna Fuhang maiden flight routes, the route was opened, the Lao Peoples expectations.

Full of national customs of textiles

Aqing said, Luang Prabang is the ancient capital of Laos, every year there are a large number of visitors from around the world.

Vientiane, Luang Prabang mdash mdash;; the opening of routes in Xishuangbanna, not only make the contacts and trade activities more convenient, but will also promote tourism revitalization, accelerate development hand in hand.

Xishuangbanna Adventure Club one specializing in depth tour routes in the old development senior do mission man Liu Jiang sea, for the opening of this route also have high expectations.

Only in 2009, he set a total of more than 40 thousand guests mission to Laos borderDepth of visit.

Liu Jiang Hai said: past guests to tour the old depth in all the way back.

Going back to walk more, will reduce the line's reputation. The opening of the route, solved in depth tour returns the original path. Let guests on tourist traffic have more choices: you can choose from the air into the land back; can also be entered from the land, from the air returns. This to some extent to enrich and improve the old border defense in depth tour of the tourism product.

Exquisite handicrafts

Kunming scenery Zhu Wei, General Manager of CITs optimistic, Xishuangbanna tourism has formed over the bulk market, cable and wire development strategy to attract more foreign tourists to revitalize the tourism industry in Xishuangbanna.

Lao airlines have also seen this kind of opportunity, therefore also under these conditions, thus beginning fuhang ushered in a new opportunity, juke that guests in fuhang conditions, as in Yunnan. I conclude that there will be more and more foreign guests through new traffic lines into Xishuangbanna, at the same time, with the ASEAN countries, economic cooperation and closer to the domestic tourists in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan tourism also has new options, you can take to Laos Luang Prabang, even abroad.

In recent years, tourism in Xishuangbanna are explored and for tourism the second undertaking and ongoing efforts.

Faced with unprecedented opportunities and challenges for Vientiane, Luang Prabang mdash mdash;;; mdash mdash; Xishuangbanna route fuhang, Deputy General Manager of Kunming style travel believes that its Liu zhimin on golden triangle tourist area has a certain role, with business guests provide greatly facilitated, does not exclude also contains a portion of the travel guest. However, to raise awareness of cognitive, form a line of large quantities of guests to let Xishuangbanna truly become the domestic tourists, leading to far from the foreign tourists in Yunnan tourism hub port city, also takes time.

Roadside stalls

Dazzling Palace night market

To Luang Prabang, Palace night market is a must.

Day on the front of the Palace Cahei Street to stop vehicular traffic, the hordes of stalls and shops.

Hear people say that it has Made in China, so the warning itself, cannot be identified are absolutely unique things firmly Luang Prabang is not buying.

A step into blocks, see colorful lanterns, I heard that it was only in Laos is the mulberry paper flower lantern, both beautiful and inexpensive, not the component, so be good friends and relatives, one person's head. The red tent with the sidewalk and the Street Central, scarves and fabrics is one of the main night market, see dazzling. A closer look, a variety of fabric patterns, work are very unique.

In addition, there are a lot of rattan, wood and silver handicrafts.

There are also extremely rough hand made of paper notebooks, cover some is made of powder painted a bodhi tree, the Buddha's head. That is simple, so I bought two. Turn around, saw wooden inlaid with silver, bookmark. Red wood products done very elegant, abstract and fashion, it is said that a lot of people dedicated to scouring. But after all, the wood is too heavy, not good, so many are looking down. I intend to buy, you can buy a set of plates and bowls in combination with the rest of your life, but also very good.

Infinite charm

Buy something interesting, funny or bargain, dollars, kips can make, but when you buy something, someone shouted offer, always first in mind their conversion, exactly how much the value of RMB.

Keep the exchange rate is quite low, something credulous hundreds of millions, language barrier, always got Halo brain. So let's see what the most secure way is to use the computer, the first well in the end is in US dollars or kips, then let the hawkers on the keyboard, the counter-offer is your own and then by their own satisfaction. After speaking with Exchange rate subject to what is RMB price, I'll never let myself suffer. Even if prices fail to reach an agreement to leave, nor experience any difficulties.

The old city still

Listed as a world cultural heritage, to a certain extent also limits the developments within the old city, the relevant authorities to repair old temple, provides for the retention of more than a building, a new building cannot be higher than 3 layers, paths cannot readily be changed.

To retain the stringent standards to save a city that has never been a simple matter.

Corner of the beautiful

The old town there are many old houses, mixed blood with method

Country-style atmosphere, some still use of wood, deep brown color, attract countless sunshine and rain, but also very strong, good things always ignores the time.

See the House should not just appreciate it space or the shape of the United States, you should see time upon him leave fingerprints.

Space is stationary, the time is flowing, the numerous small story drop into, but these small stories are collected in the House of wrinkles, if worn out wrinkles, the story also natural wastage.

The book a good taste of mood

Doors and Windows of the mottled brush has been washed away, new paint a new tile, all dressed up, such cities will know how to ask for travel people.

Trunk are hotels, restaurants, handicrafts stores, etc. This seems to be the trend worldwide tourist attractions, everyday life scenes become tourism. Commercialization is not good, depending on the style, but fortunately this is a taste of the city, after all lived several generations of dynasty, this is the best time, or it may be the worst of times. After a moment, perhaps it was ruined.

Beautiful scenery

The old residential areas not intensive life not wealthy not poor village people (Yes, the city more like villages) dog cat, flower planting, every household has a small vegetable garden, raising some orchids, very relaxed and happy, and the time here is also lost, like a framed picture of a movie, no longer flow, but does not feel bored.

Leisurely, relaxed, pleasant ones, maybe their life is not rich, but the generous peace of mind to smash everything in the desire of many vulgar.

Eat in old way

Long hours of sunshine, makes people tired.

In this case, a glass of ice Fruit shake (fruit juice) is necessary.

Drink a drink here to stay

Lemon, mango, strawberry, banana, papaya, Dragon fruit, you think, think of fruits, are quietly lying in a transparent plastic cup, as long as the visitor sees, the boss will get out of hand-made juice mixer, mix milk and ice, spot

You make a cup of weight full Fruit shake (fruit juice).

Local jasmine rice and Germany imports malt, hops and brewing, not only evil Beerdao, also particularly refreshing.

Look at the other side of light, drinking old don't infants (a taste very thick Lao Brewery), if the time is here to stay, nice!

Mix the lemon grass tea fragrance, taste rich fish's refreshingly soup and spicy thick Curry scones, fresh and delicious French small lamb chops, covers the entire Eurasian continental of various types of cuisine of the gourmet Street, certainly won't let you down.

You can swim in West falls group

You can swim in West falls group

Shopping in town for two days, we decided to go and see the natural landscape.

In the suburbs in Luang Prabang forty kilometres, one called light West (Tat Kuang Si) waterfalls.

Transport, pack a doodle, round-trip 200000 old currency can get.

To bypass a damp little Habitat use, underwater, poured down on an underwater in the past, a white drop from the top of the Hill, the train hit a bi-color of deep pools.

It is strange that the long-range look in the pond is green, a close look at it like milk with a hint of milky white, but also the taste of egg flower. We guess there may be no minerals!

It was very hot, cold ice waterfall, 'd jumped down cool for a minute.

Then, next to the Woods, there are also special dressing rooms offer free services. Heaven and Earth have big beautiful, if in the world of big beautiful before cannot let yourself naturally into the beauty I'm afraid I have to compromise.

Sightseeing by boat

Travel choice

A flight from Jinghong to Luang Prabang, saved a lot of time, we have many fellow self-driving tour of Kunming

The behind, see Luang Prabang is very quiet. Lao airlines in March 2003, opened the international routes, but due to the tourist organizations, corporate operations, January 2004 to stop flying. This interval of 6 years after fuhang route is restored, a small by the Lao Airlines flight performed by Luang Prabang and Vientiane in Xishuangbanna round-trip flights. And twice weekly hours are Friday and Sunday, two days off from Laos to Xishuangbanna after returned on the same day. Departure time fixed to 12 points (all Beijing time) flight leaving Laos Luang Prabang, 13 point landing Xishuangbanna airport, then day carrying Chinese tourists to take off from Xishuangbanna 14 points, 15 point arrived at Luang Prabang Airport. Flight time approximately 55 minutes, one-way fare is $ 85, amounting to around $ 580.

Beauty to suffocating Puerto Rico's five islands resorts

Puerto Rico has a lot to see and where to play, however, for many newcomers to the visitors, the information is too much trouble, would be to miss a lot of beautiful scenery.

In order to help travelers distinguish order, here are the five islands voted. They include the ancient castle, tropical rain forests, biological fluorescence Gulf, the natural beauty of underground caves, have to suffocating beach of beautiful small island.

1. San Juan, the old city of El Morro fortress  

El Morro fortress, the Castle, is the most eye-catching old San Juan, most easily identifiable landmarks.

It protect San Juan city and sea routes more than four hundred years of history. Today, if you check out this six-storey Castle, just like the shuttle to the 16th century to the beginning of the 20th century military history of Puerto Rico, has undergone a hailstorm of baptism, this castle is still facing the Atlantic, a step forward, to enter into similar to beacon towers of small box, feel colonial soldiers is how in this life and work, and then look in World War II, the US is how to reinforce the city's ancient castle.

2. the Bié Rikers biological fluorescence Bay

Want to come to the Gulf, to select a no moon night.

Designated canoe through the mangroves to villas in Changan Rikers mosquito Bay, you'll understand why so many people are surprised. Then, you'll find your little oars in the water will slowly become green. Fish swimming around you, they're the stars of light. When you dive, you will see in the night, to your own shining body. In this way, you is not difficult to understand why the Bié Rikers bioluminescence Gulf experience why is the best gift to Puerto Rico. Due to the special geographical and climatic conditions, coupled with local conservation action, that makes the bioluminescence Bay is the world's most famous beach of bioluminescence.

3. cloud cover rain forest  

Clouds rain forest is a United States national forest system in a tropical rain forest base.

Departure from San Juan, two hours drive to reach the clouds rain forest, the rich and abundant mountainous regions far away from the city's beaches and you go to a tourist destination. But this is also why people want to come here: you can travel through the tropical rain forest in the lush flora, you can walk from one of the few lines look for the best way to hard to climb the Rocky Mountains, you can also dive under the waterfall. Here is the Puerto Rico has undergone centuries never changes.

4. Culebra  

Many people to Culebra controversial.

In this small Culebra Island, Puerto Rico's East Coast, Super attractive is widely recognized that unmatched Buddha zamengo beach. But here, we recommend Culebra, because it is an independent island, you will need to specifically take a water taxi or private boats to arrive, she has never been destroyed beauty, in this small island, the only offshore Lighthouse is the only artificial construction. Of course, there are its beaches. The West Coast is a long beach band, the blue sea water ring holding, good for snorkeling. Culebra coral group in the South of the island. This island like crown jewel-like, Turtle Beach, here's as beautiful as the beach, the picture is not only people like, and nesting of turtles also liked.

5. Khan-caves

Campo-cave Park can successfully defeated the other strength similar opponents, like the Art Museum, Poncet is for two reasons: first, you can also visit the famous Puerto Rico for arresi Bernard radio telescope (many travel agencies are packaged in gift); second, you can carry out some real adventure.

Campo-cave system is the third largest in the world. You can walk through the Canyon bottom, up to 600 feet deep underground, there are also likely to see underground underground river. The active and courageous visitorsAlso you can try the cave mouth that used the Lasso, sliding slime, paddle, there are a lot of the underground world of ultimate jumping sports.

2010 summer world's money-saving travel destinations recommended (map)

Air ticket from the beginning of last year grew by 22%, but there is no reason to give up my summer trip, here are a few for you to save money in travel destinations and tourism:


Las Vegas by night

1. go to Las Vegas

Las Vegas hotels still have not recovered, so still attractive discounts and last less than 18%.

Still hesitating?

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

2. Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic is the Caribbean region are cheaper to travel.

Although close to Haiti, but many mega losses are not large, the infrastructure and many tourist attractions are not affected by the injury. Here's tropical beaches, rugged mountains, the most important thing is to not need you took too many pockets, will make you forget to return.

Orlando Disney World

3. Florida, Orlando

Orlando is the best place to go this summer, particularly for passengers with small children.

Hotel costs reduced by 10%, Disney also allows children to free play. Harry Potter theme park from July 18 to tourists.

European shopping

4. the European

If you want to go to Europe this summer, you can select through the self-confidence to reduce toll rates at the airport.

This summer, to London or Madrid fares than to Paris and Rome's US $ 200 cheaper fares.

San Diego Sea World

5. Santiago

Want to play and would like to sit in the Sun, California and San Diego is the best choice for this summer.

There's Beach, or polar bear habitats, and the hotel also provides a discount.

Travel by cruise ship

The recommended way to travel:

1. sit cruise travel

Cruise travel is the most economical way of travelling, a thoughtful Caribbean cruise ship travel only need $ 100 per day, and General cruise travel will put all costs are included, so it is very effective, if you do not have additional consumption, such as drinking or expensive Beach tour.

2. baggage fees

Check the baggage fee also covers travel costs for a large part of this year there are, and growth.

Some airlines even start on carry-on luggage also began to charge fees. When going out with as little as possible, don't let the bag is too big or overweight. Then online check which airline baggage fees.

3. holiday rental

If you and your friends, go out and play with your family, good rental housing might be a cheap option, rent price money cheap, spacious comfortable than hotels, if you put aside the hotel's restaurant, its own cooking will be cheaper.

4. travel flexibility

If you want to go or go to flexible, your wallet will thank you.

Want to go to the Caribbean region, but don't know where to go, you can go to Jamaica or Anguilla, you will still be having a good time. Also, avoid Friday or Sunday, Tuesday or Wednesday departure will save 7% of the cost.

5. Green


With ticket prices, summer swim is the best way to save money.

If you don't have a car, rent a power-saving mode of transport is a good choice.

Rio de Janeiro numerous blood mixed into the Carnival city of

Brazil said: God took six days to create the world, the seventh day God created the Rio de Janeiro.

Celso on privilege was born in this God has spent a whole day to build cities, blue silver beach, green tree flowers, beautiful exception. Corcovado Hill (Corcovado Mountain) is the city into North and South, the North is the old city, is also the place where the poor, the South is the new city, is also relatively rich area.

God created in Rio de Janeiro

Celso in North grow to 10 years old at that time, his father was working on ocean-going vessels, he remembered with his mother and younger brother to the pier, and so the father returned from the voyage.

Sunset, a ship on the horizon, this scene deeply impressed in his mind. Mother was descended from Italy, father is Brazil's indigenous descent. Celso said, in Brazil, almost everyone is mestizo, mixed up again and again. There are more than 10 million population of Rio, different color, different races, a daily fight for trivial things that never happen religious or ethnic strife. Just like the Rio beach of sidewalk, with black and white stone paved, without any modification or transition, categorically be put together. This is the Rio.

Street Carnival beauty

If life was left with only two days, you can in Rio; mdash mdash;

Day Carnival

A shy man in Brazil can not welcome.

You want to dance, not understand music, just like in China man does not earn the same leg.

If life was left with only two days, on the Rio, certainly for a day of Carnival.

Celso each time back to Brazil, are keen to give you a variety of mail he photographs, photograph he or singing, or on the football field, or at the seaside or in the beer with friends. I asked him, can't you live all the music, football and wine? he unhesitatingly answered and said unto me, our Carnival every day.

Father of African descent, Celso inherited his music cell, he was ten years old when he started learning the Samba drums.

In Rio, particularly in the North, almost all the children were brought up to be sent to Samba (samba) school. Now some fat often take their Celso somatotype joke, learning drum is wise. Do they know that when I'm fat into now? on the ground, in the bus, in the alley, with friends, no matter where, just heard the Samba music, just as order, people will gather together with the rhythm of the swing dance, I don't understand why Beijing is always so quiet?, Celso in the world of most cities are too quiet. The men were too shy. A shy man in Brazil can not welcome. You want to dance, not understand music, just like in China man does not earn the same leg. He joked.

Celso said he was brought up in school and what almost no costs.

In Brazil, starting from kindergarten, primary school, secondary school to University, only half day lesson a day, morning or afternoon of your choice, daily in school time is no more than 5 hours. This is relative to the Chinese pupils is heaven. Parents will not worry too much about puppy question anyway, we are developing. Celso first love experience in high school, in short, he is more than 20 years experience of love, of course, to break up a lot of experience.

In Brazil a man, a woman is more important than is probably a football.

With football and beer, then big pain can also be forgot. Rio de Janeiro has four traditional strong teams mdash; Flamenco (Flamengo), Luka nenjiang plug m (Fluminense), Botha Buddha Koh (Botafogo-RJ) and Vasco middot; Vasco da Gama (Vasco da Gama), the first three teams in the arena is the famous maraconahú (Maracana) football field. Fun, four from the same city in different teams, different levels respectively represent and cultural points of interest, with their Fans. Celso is Botha Buddha Koh's fans, the team mainly by intellectuals and mysterious commentators support, his father is a huge fans of Flamengo, the most popular in Brazil, it's the team supporters mostly civilian sectors. Encounter between the two teams, Celso and father will compete for their busy team. In Rio, every Sunday, the men will go to the stadium, in deaf from Fed's cries in the vent. Regardless of whether you win or lose, as usual, is to have a drink. Brazil's most beloved beverage is beer and caipirinha (a kind of alcohol, lemon, sugar of mixed drinks. )

Rio de Janeiro beautiful sunshine

A day in the Sun


Decades passed, according to Parnell of girls is still beautiful, Bikini, body, also said that even if a Celso all day won't bother, you still can only watching them disappear in the crowd at the beach.

The remaining day used to doing? Celso and all the answers to the Rio people: go with Parnell Thomas (Ipanema beach) Beach in the Sun.

Some people say that, on the beach to see Rio's life when childhood where playing in the water, recreation, an adult on the beach, show their body, old and later on the beach in the Sun. This may be a bit exaggerated, but Celso says Rio attitude is this: relaxed, lazy, himself. If you set the Sao Paulo to Hong Kong, China or Shanghai, Rio's attitude towards life is more like Beijing.

Celso parents retired, they moved away from the beach and very close to the residential area, a few minutes on foot.

He said the Rio crazefor sunshine, everyone with dark skin is beautiful. He really do not understand why the Chinese girl sunny so like an umbrella. By the sea, the fierce Sun down slightly to fever, skin. Wave is not high is not big, but it is very solid. Walk on the beach, in front is clearly… seawater, feet pounded the Golden thin sand, ear breezy can smell the sea breeze with aroma wafting of the sea. Lying on the beach, the ear is old-fashioned radio that tune "with Parnell Thomas girl":

Tan and young and lovely, bronze skin

Up from Parnell Thomas girl walk

When she passes through

Everyone cannot help but wonder

When she walked past

Just like Samba

Quietly shake

Gently swing

When she passes through

Everyone cannot help but wonder

The Rio Carnival is the most important thing

Celso mdash mdash; recommendation; Rio, Best Try:

Q: Rio two Beach Bukoba Cabana with Parnell Thomas what features?

A: most Chinese people are more familiar with Bukoba Cabana Beach (Copacabana).

The beach and the surrounding neighbourhood is Rio de Janeiro's most bustling commercial district, many shops here in addition, there is a bookstore and souvenir shop, various shops. Another big Beach in Parnell Thomas (Ipanema) is the most fashionable neighbourhoods in Rio de Janeiro, there's a lot of fun bars and restaurants. According to Parnell Thomas beach is so named because of the 60 's that famous songs in Jazz. It is said that Brazil's composer Antonio Carlos Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes two people often depends on Parnell Thomas beach nearby open-air bar binge Veloso. Two people got to see a young and lively, the em-skinned girl, sashay light pendulum over their eyes and then disappeared into the crowd on the beach. In brainstorming, they compose the first red throughout South America Garota de Ipanema. If you're a jazz fan and pilgrimage to go here. If you can only choose one, I suggest you go to in Parnell Thomas.

Recommended shops:


Away from the beach, here you can find the most recent cutting-edge designers Brazil local design, including clothing and accessories.

Many of the design of products is unique. Plaza also held from time to time, inside the designer's party also have comfortable cafeacute; for your stroll tired to rest.

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 09: 00-20: 00

Enthusiastic Samba

Q: Brazil traditional Carnival is a few months, if missed, but which saw Samba performance?

A: Carnival dates from Roman Catholic religious customs of the Festival, is the fourth before lent Carnival.

Carnival (carnival) is a term derived from the Latin carne vale, mean saying goodbye to the meat. Every year in late February, Brazil jubilation for three days and three nights. At that time, the streets of Rio de Janeiro, colorful flags flying, the decorated around donned Gala. People of the city, a tide Chung streets, old and young are raucous and twisting of the waist, waving her hands, Samba. All kinds of music, dance, theatre performances and competitions. Grand processions to festivals of make-up Merry climax, large car surrounded elected King Queen leading open circuit, and mighty team, Devil, Angel, beautiful women, demon cents, warriors, dominating, elegant, black slaves and other strange dress dazzling, dinner; the audience to cheer their favorite character, vote to flowers and ribbons. Carnival's most important programmes is Samba competitions, Rio's football game every day, but Samba dance competition but only once a year. All supported teams will make their own unique skills, in order to compete for the $ 100 million dollars in prize money. Game night, the night before, continue to the next morning,There is no point manual also don't try to when the audience.

If you didn't catch the Carnival, it does not matter.

Rio has a lot of very good samba school, weekend will organize performances. Although the size and Carnival so magnificent, is also very lively and interesting. As long as it was in October of each year to the second year in February, can, you know, this is Brazil's summer.

Recommended schools:


This school is not only a traditional samba school.

All members are members of a community, they dance in this form to represent a community cohesion. You can see most of the ordinary person Brazil on a love of Samba and feelings.

Desirable seaside scenery

Q: went to Rio de Janeiro to play for a few days more appropriate? how would you?

A: many Chinese people like to go a day, yet in many places.

I do not like that. I think it must be in a city slowly stay, you can feel the spirit of the city. I personally recommend everyone in Rio for 4 days.

(Specific itinerary, hospitable Celso helped out a detailed list)

First day: the day go by Parnell, take a walk on the beach, take a look at those who wore the world's smallest bikini Babes of.

Breathe the fresh air and smell the scent of the sea. 7 p.m. or so to Toca do binicios Bookstore, they ask the boss novs, 9 points you can directly go to the show.

Second day: boarded the Corcovado Mountain, there is a different scenery.

At an altitude of more than 700 m high peak there is a huge statue of Jesus Christ (Christ Redeemer), 38 m, gravity 1200 tons, is the new 7 Wonders of the world. At the top of the Hill you can see the whole picture of Rio. In the afternoon you can go to Rio Tropical Botanical Garden (Botanic Garden). If it happens every Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday evening you can go to the famous maraconahú (Maracana) football field, with luck, you'll meet Ronaldo.

Third day: during the day to Tisuca national forest park, in the Centre of the old town of lunch in the lunch.

Wandering in lenlco district, 6 pm at Folhe sece Bookstore (books and selling Samba instruments) will have a small before the Carnival activities. Evening to Lapa at Samba live performance. Learn the twisting your ass.

Fourth day: go with Parnell Thomas had a lazy morning.

A solarium, swim swimming, lying on the beach for a cup of coconut juice. Then go to the modern art museum (Modern art museum) see Brazil last century 20 's and the 70 's of modern art. One night in the northern part of Mangueira Vila Isabel or samba school schools to see their shows, they learn the dance. In this way, your home, you are a Samba expert.

Recommended shops:

Rio scenario

Rio local a very famous Club, recognized as the best music club.

Is the old factory renovation, there are two layers, the day, here is a gallery, the evening is often held a concert or party. The city of fashion are required.

Toca do Viniacute;cius

Rio bossa nova, a sale of books and performing stores.

In addition to the bossa nova CD, books, t-shirts, videos, related instruments. Sometimes night bookstore will also be held at the bossa nova. The artist, poet, painter of love.

Address: Rva vinicius de morais, ipanema

Folha seca

Samba in specialized bookshops, musical instruments and costumes, in short the thing with Samba for selling anything.

Celso place. Even the shop telephone he also remember. Friday afternoon people gathered in the shop front, express a week working pressure.

Q: Rio's security status?

A: the Rio is a strange place.

The city slums occupied the entire area of more than one third of the city. North are all places where the poor, even in the South, many mountains, dense cover to the House, YuanWang has become the Red Hills, rich and poor districts not too isolated. The northern part of the security chaos in the relative compares, but no legends so scary. In the Rio you'd better find a local tour guide, or play with small groups traveling together will be more secure.

Gourmet taste


Founded in 1946, is a

Very traditional samba school. Participated in several years Carnival Samba dance competition, but results are not encouraging. Tuesday 8 pm, Saturday at 10 p.m. both Samba dance performances.

Q: native Brazil cuisine which kind, which recommended the Rio Hotel?

A: Brazil's specialty is black soya bean meal (Feijoada), is a wide variety of smoked black beans and dried meat, stew on small fire.

At first make this dish, the use of a kitchen material cut down don't, because that is to the slave. Today, pig tails, ears, pig, pig became slow simmer Cook stewed. In Rio, weekend lunch black beans meal has become a habit of locals, all meals (Completa) including rice, cut detail of cabbage (Coure), cream of cassava flour (Farofa) and a slice of Orange.

Celso said if a week not to eat black beans meal would be crazy.

Brazil dish tastes the most special, first Bahia cuisine. Only from Dente palm oil and coconut milk, it's not hard to find from Africa. Bahia people like to eat chillies, many dish are made from peanuts, cashews, shrimp as ingredients. Bahia is the most famous dishes are: Vatapa (with shrimp, shrimp, fish, peanuts, coconut milk, dende oil, spice and soup of bread into); Moqueca (fish, shrimp, crabs or assorted seafood and Dende oil, miso and coconut milk); Xinxim De Galnha (chicken with Dende oil, dried shrimps and peanut stir-fry and); Caruru (shrimp with pods and Dende oil mix copied into); Bobo De Camarao (spices is tree potatoes, fresh shrimp, Dende oil and coconut milk); Acaraje (a pancake, Dende fried peanuts have joined Vatapa, shrimp and a red spicy). These dishes while delicious, but the greasy Palm and coconut milk might make some people's intestines are not easy to digest.

Recommended restaurants:

Casa da Feijoada

Restaurant location in Parnell, is very hard to find for tourists.

At the name which is specialized to sell traditional cuisine of the restaurant in Brazil. Taste authentic, price is not expensive. Anyway, never eat dinner with black beans. And also free delivery for a glass of Caipirinha.

Armazem do Chopp

In the area of the Flamengo Brazil restaurant is a typical Brazil home cooking, is very popular with the locals.

Evening open seats are very comfortable and the price is very reasonable. There are special dishes for lunch.


In a quiet street, design Bazzar is a modern and elegant restaurant.

Cuisine style is a Fusion of the more popular now. Provide some design special dishes. Brazil is now fashionable young people like to go to a restaurant, there are open seats at the door.