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Roaming the Olympic host city to honour the memory of Juan Antonio Samaranch

Chinese people's good friend Mr. Juan Antonio Samaranch's left us forever, but he brought us the spirit of the Olympics will forever continue in his position of 21 years organised over 5 games, today we just as his footsteps to visit which was the host city of the Olympic Games.

The 23rd 1984, nbsp; United States Los Angeles


Disneyland: global famous Disneyland, located in 40 km from Los Angeles to Anaheim.

Disneyland was built in 1955, the park covers an area of 150 square feet, wishing to see the picture, it takes two days. The main facilities in the Park include fairy tale world, tomorrow's world, a world pioneer world, adventure, New Orleans Square, etc. A variety of recreational activities or a feast for the eyes, or exciting, each playing a DIS-paradise of people find captivating picture. Famous cartoon characters, such as the "snow white", etc., is DIS-products. The favorite is the symbol of Disney's Mickey Mouse, is also a generation after generation of children pets.

Traffic: Figueroa St. downtown by taking bus No. MTA460 approximately 120 minutes.

Driving from the city centre to a Highway 5, Sant Ana Fwy. South Harbor Blvd in AC road to-, time required for 50 minutes.

Tickets/opening hours: 1 pass: adult $ 47, $ 37 for children.

Opening hours: 9: 00 ~ 18: 00 (8 ~ 24 points in the summer, opening hours vary with season, week be adjusted, the topic area of time are not the same, it is best to call and confirm)


Hollywood: was reputation as a film city, recently, because the TV, the filming of the movie is also reduced.

However, Colombia, paramount, and other well-known film company continues to shoot. Hollywood's main street is Sunset Blvd-Hollywood Blvd. the streets is a movie and advanced store, extremely luxurious and stylish. Hollywood has a theatre Grauman Chinese Theater, almost all famous movie stars are printed under his (her) ' fingerprints or footprints. Hollywood Bowl for open-air concert under the stars at xiangqu.

The 24th in 1988, nbsp; Korea Seoul

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Gyeongbokgung Palace: built in 1395, Gyeongbokgung Palace is located in the East que (changde Palace), West que (Kyung Hee Palace) in the North, thus also called quot quot; North Que;.

Gyeongbokgung Palace (historical site no. 117) in Korea's five palaces in both scale or architectural styles are called five Palace. Siren-e of the new chaos (1592-1598), Gyeongbokgung Palace most buildings were burned, after Gaozong (1852-1919), XING Jun chaired the restoration of the Evangelist courtyard and built 7,700 building. There are saved inside Gyeongbokgung Palace Korean representative architecture of the era; mdash mdash; qinghui floor and Cosco h.k. Pavilion Hall of the Lotus pond, diligent and statue of the platform are Choson carving art of crystallization. Gyeongbokgung Palace-West is a national at the door of the ancient Palace Museum, Gyeongbokgung Palace in Cosco h.k. Plaza East is the National Folk Museum. (Purchase tickets to Gyeongbokgung Palace while viewing the National Museum of the ancient Palace and national folk museum. )nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;

Rest day every Tuesday

Hours: 3 ~ October/09: 00 ~ 18: 00 (admission until 17: 00) nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; November ~ February/09: 00 ~ 17: 00 (admission until 16: 00)

Nbsp; admission fees

1) adult (19-64)-personal 3,000 won/groups KRW 2,400

2) youth (7 ~ 18-year-old)-personal 1,500 won/groups KRW 1,200

A ticket can

At the same time viewing Gyeongbokgung Palace, National Museum of the ancient Palace and national folk Museum

South Mountain Park

South Mountain Park: Nanshan 265 m above sea level, is located in the city centre, is a symbol of Seoul-although the mountain is not high, but because in the city centre, at the top of the Hill overlooks the beautiful scenery around, is that people like rest place.

Nanshan top octagonal is good place overlooking Seoul, Seoul to your eyes. In 479.7 m in Seoul Tower can not only watch the Seoul, beautiful scenery, but also look to the front of the sea in Incheon. The Tower has a revolving restaurant, you can dine while admiring side of Seoul. Especially the night here at Seoul's night. After dinner, to enjoy the night view of Seoul Tower enjoyable

Opening hours: Nanshan open 24 hours, the tramway: 10: 00-22: 00/lookout am 09: 00 ~ 23: 00 pm

No tickets:

Rest days: no

25th 1992, nbsp; Spain Barcelona

Holy Family Church

Holy Family Church-is Spain's great architect Gaudi (Gaudi) masterpiece, build by 1882 onwards, has not yet completed.

Church three sides tall towers, the conception of the novel, the style is so unique, stunning heartstrings.

Mont zulfugarov hills-in port on the right, which commands a panoramic view of the urban and port, in the Commission.

The peak there is a 17th century castles, 1992 Olympics main venue, located in the hills nearby. Another built Spain village, built of ancient streets, squares, buildings, etc., visitors can see Spain culture and life style

The 26th 1996, nbsp; Atlanta, United States

The Coca-Cola company headquarters

In Atlanta has two leading enterprises CNN and Coca-Cola (Coca-Cola): don't miss seeing CNN Center and Studio, Coca-Cola Museum.

In CNN CNN Center buildings have real-time dissemination of global news, CNN Radio, and can take advantage of the 35 minutes to visit the scene of the TBS cable broadcasting, the TBS site popularity of cable broadcasting is very strong, so you will need one day in advance before the opportunity to participate in the appointment.

You are in the Coca-Cola Museum (The World of Coca-Cola) very detailed look at the history of Coca-Cola, where you can see at a glance to understand at first production of the bottles to the now popular can change history, Cola origin to selling, etc., you can also look at the big screen in the world famous Coca-Cola advertising, free to enjoy a global range of Coke.

United States civil rights movement Center mdash mdash; Atlanta;

Famous black civil rights leader Martin Luther King bull bull;; Gold's hometown, here to listen to "I have a dream" passionate turbulence; downtown Atlanta Downtown peach Street and 10th Street interchange, is a novel "floating" author Mitchell's former residence, wander in this, we realized the flames of war and passion! Recalling the centenary of the modern Olympic Games, the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games in the 26th session of the Olympic family happy!

Atlanta is the famous black civil rights leader Martin Luther King bull bull;; Gold's hometown, the 1960s were the United States in the center of the black civil rights movement.

Martin Luther bull bull;; gold famous speech "I have a dream" became a pioneering work, he was assassinated after his death, the bodies burials at Ebenezer Church churchyard. In 1973, Atlanta has become the United States South of the city's first black elected Mayor of the city.

Since Atlanta in the civil war period is the southern army in strategic locations, so there are many sights and the historic sites of the civil war.

In the eastern suburb of Stone Mountain Park hills, inscribed with the Commander-in-Chief General Lee in the South and the southern Confederation President Davis, 3 large statue. In downtown land bridge of underground Atlanta, is the only survived in the civil war destroyed a section of the street, the fix is reserved for the occasion.

Atlanta Aquarium

Atlanta Aquarium: world's largest aquarium mdash mdash;; Atlanta aquarium in the southeastern United States, Georgia, Atlanta open to the public.

The Aquarium's volume of nearly 3 million cubic meters, has about 10 million species of marine life, to become the largest tourist attraction.

The 27th 2000, nbsp; Australia Sydney

Australia Museum

Australia Museum: is located near Hyde Park, Sydney Australia College Street, Museum of Australia (Australian Museum), the world recognized ten top Pavilion one of Australia's largest Museum of natural history.

The Museum was built in 1827, is Australia's first Museum, the Museum was formerly a colonial settlers Museum in 1929 was renamed now. The collection is extremely rich, many of the collection is unique.

Opening hours: Museum of the year except Christmas day (25 December), open every day.


Adult $ 10, children and tickets $ 5.00 family tickets $ 25 family (2 adults, 2 children)

Holding senior card and free for children under 5 years old.

Ticket holders can visit the Museum free of charge.

Sydney Opera House

Sydney: Sydney Opera House (Sydney Opera House): is a symbol of Australia.

Sydney Opera House is recognized not only in the 20th century the seven wonders of the world, and is also the most easily recognized in Sydney. Its White appearance, built at the harbour of shell-like sculpture, like floating in the air, apparently petals, for many years been the people.

bull; Concert booking daily Monday to Saturday 9: 00-20: 30, Sunday's show the ticket to begins the first two and a half hours.

bull; Opera House tour tour times are 9: 00-17: 00, every half hour, daily 11: 00 and 14: 30 and Chinese navigation.

Immersed in Norway's fantasy forest and romantic Bay (photos)

The aircraft through the clouds, I go to Scandinavia, a little close to the Arctic Circle, latitude continually climbing.

58 degrees north latitude, Norway at the southernmost point than most North latitude to the North; 71 degrees 10 minutes 21 seconds, or Norway, this is the end of the European continent.

Legends, Norway's forests are a much will let people get lost in the forest.

It makes me always seem to go back to Norway for the road, look through the coffee hover, mist through the glass window, across the road from the silent forest, mottled, shadow, thick orange trees in autumn has in Norway's forests, from talking to deep, is toward red transition. Forest open spaces filled with light blue mist, despite his head with dazzling sunlight, is still very difficult to distinguish between the forest of details, it seems that here the lost are not what strange things.

Aurora city Alta has the world's most unique hotels-built entirely by ice Alta Igloo Hotel

The first days of the end of the North point of continental Europe

Fill color, apricot-yellow, dark blue, purple and ferns, dotted with white small flowers of the fields is much far away like a piece of cloth, while the road as if printed on a crack, our car is like a pair of scissors, the front is always the color of a piece of the vast, Misc, shuffle and has no end.

Wheel across the Earth, the Earth is cropped off, despite the rise up.

I was driving from the center of Northern Finland Ivalo (Ivalo) all the way to the North, IE, Norway already crossed the border into the territory, but I do have some tired, after all, this is a period of more than 6 hours of walk-it's just as I had not anticipated, looks like the projector in a cell only plug in the film, beautiful people and some sleep.

Thanks to coffee. The way of coffee is the best choice, each walking some distance, you will see a roadside Cafe with chic in business. All the drinks are self-service, guests will not be many, mostly on their people, when in a good mood with some milk and sugar, is not clear when it is a good cup of black coffee.

My destination was the North point (Gjesv? r), the end of the European continent.

1553, a United Kingdom Captain leading the fleet bypass mageroya on this Highland, the Arctic Ocean on this huge cliffs named North point. For hundreds of years, this ancient rock formations have been fishermen, merchants and pirate nautical flags, rock stands a cutout of globe sculptures, this is a landmark in the North corner.

Reach wide viewing platform, truly magnificent sky panoramic, surrounding is almost vertical cliff, the following is the magnificent Arctic Ocean.

I tried to look at, but even an iceberg is not seen, but some resentment. Now I think about it, they really are some silly, why is ignored there cold wind, the smoke like the mist mystery and souvenirs shop cute soft toy, a renowned North point card party-there's delicious caviar small snacks served with champagne.

Today had a honningsvag (Honningsvaag) Town settled, compared to the North point of tourist Hall, here there is almost no pedestrian, but only two streets.

Even in the summer at the end of July, Norway North Hills still covered with a layer of snow, Arctic Circle, weather wind bursts, sunny, Vista's changeable is unexpected. Midnight that day or the light of the midnight sun at this very moment was hung in the eyes, gentle light will sky a slice of Orange, and then went to the shore, the original should be the place where the sea and the sky blend somehow into a patch of blue, purple, quiet pictures, no rough, no spray dots, midnight sun is quiet.

I'm in the middle of the Sun, enjoy the specialties of mageroya-SorryMack brand beer, why say sorry? because since 1845, central city Trondheim has always claimed that their brewery is the world's most Northern Breweries, beer brand is called Mack.

Subsequently, the mageroya small brewery cannibals preempt the concept of the North, to apologize, he named SorryMack. In the face of the world at the end of the sense of desperation, and drink of my hear the voices of the Earth. North point, here is like the great wall of China, he represents a meaningful, representative is a highlight of the trip, or end point.

Tromso restaurant always be marinated salmon

The second day, Tromso to meat you

Although it is to the South of nearly 4 hours by car, the most northern of the typefaces in Tromso (Tromso) still rife, northern lights Planetarium and beautiful Tromso Museum constitute the world's most northern part of the University.

Built in 1861 by the Catholic Church and the Protestant Church belong to the most northern part of the worldThe Church. At the same time, Tromso is a maximum of wooden house in the city, the only wooden church in Norway Tromso Cathedral in the city. Prior to the South, I visited the ceremonial places a call to the Arctic Ocean's Church, built in 1965 of modern architecture, holds up to 6 tons of stained glass to design the main material, the Arctic in winter and auroral theme.

Tromso is Norway Sámi ancient residence, in the City Museum, you can see the rich Arctic Sami cultural exhibition.

Sami is Scandinavia's oldest nation, Santa is a nation in the world of the star. Thousands of years ago, they settled in this endless ice in the Arctic, they lead a nomadic life freely, without establishing their independent State, is not subject to any rule. They have their own language and text, belief everything there is spirit, they believe, from animals in nature to the stones has a soul.

In Tromso sent time than other Nordic town easier, and Norway North Coast other those quiet city is different, here's the street around floats with music, known as Nordic small Paris, entertainment and catering services are developed, however, no matter which one you visit someone or restaurant, chefs are always recommend them to you at home before the marinated salmon, of course, you can also try a spot in the fireplace baked salmon.

Helpless is Norway's prohibition, alcoholic beverage prices exorbitant, a bottle of wine of France, across the sea it has risen ten-fold, Norway will, of course, drink, just not as generous as France guys.

Norway people like to eat the fish smoked, smoked method and cold smoked and steaming.

Steaming is smoked in a high temperature, the temperature of cold smoked are much lower. Impression quite special dish is the whale meat in the shell, plus caviar, then get some special sauce. Norway's whale, caviar is not like other countries, so all visitors will not miss this opportunity, a station one stop to eat seafood: Germany people like pepper Spanish mackerel, France people like whales and wild salmon, Japan like to eat whale and hot-smoked salmon, caviar United Kingdom people likes to do tea, Italy people like to do when you join the seafood, production of crab fjords. A crab here about selling 15 kroons, while local prices, probably 10 times in mainland China, so it is very cheap.

If you ask people everyday Staples Norway eat? probably be surprised to get to the dinner table, it was Italy Pizza! according to surveys, Norway is the European consumption of frozen pizza's first name, then you say, what food is representative of the traditional gastronomy? 65% of people will tell you after the meatballs, is mutton roasted kale and cod, with most people mind of salmon, caviar and fresh seafood is completely OK.

In fact, in ancient life, precisely because the sea life support, daily fish eat the Government forced people each week to eat red meat, Feng Shui turn, now looks very advanced in fact also very expensive salmon, that time is given to the poor House eat, eat meat, it is a symbol of wealth, meat ball will become the representative of the traditional cuisine.

The third day the smell of the sea Bergen

Walking in Bergen (Bergen) mast located terminals, filled with a salt sea breeze flavor, let people feel a cordial and pleasant atmosphere.

The street, buying a drunken sailor, a flower of a man who is eager to return home residents and, more importantly, from the crowd, you will find here really is beauty of the place of origin, whether male or female, features are like comics in General.

8 pm, Sun also down on the horizon, brilliant cloth Ruijin wooden group still could see clearly, any one of a family of ordinary Norway inhabitants, have the ability to build a log cabin, the Government in order to encourage more young people have joined the ranks of the construction of wooden houses, even as they provide interest-free loans, Ruijin wooden base is only a representation of these huts.

This group of colourful wooden houses, though it is Norway's typical eighteenth century building, at the time it was Germany-Isaac merchant's houses and warehouse, now has become UNESCO selected one of the world cultural heritage.

Another world heritage is the medieval port before mentioned.

8: 00 in the morning, Pier fishing, opening, Bergen is Norway's West Coast's largest port, its fish market is famous, but you absolutely can not think of is there even such internationalization. Every day, city of port liner, next to the large number of United Kingdom, Spain and Italy were transported to this acquisition, crazy cheap fresh seafood. And Norway men? to drink some bottles of inexpensive small wine and would rather take the trouble to fly into neighbouring countries Denmark go for short.

As for who the Chinese tourists, besides the deft of smoked salmon, you can have a taste of the sea usually invisible whale meat, preserved in various seasoning sauce, herring, one by one orange black big ROE, fresh, sweet sweetness of shrimp hellip; King crab hellip; more is a must try.

Sea Orange's float is the fishermen to catch them special cast net label, but the King crab is rare varieties, so usually no. King crab taste extremely tasty, maximum of 25 kg, fishermen at sea fishing up immediately after they took down the leg and the remaining part of the throw back to the sea, crab legs in the fridge to store one at a time as long as they took out a only, it is sufficient to fill your belly.

Suddenly feeling in their taste buds, there is taste of Norway sea.

alt="" src="http://www.itravelqq.com/uploadfile/2010/0412/20100412023049274.jpg" />
Norway's railway is supposed to be enjoying the forest and the best choice for Marit

The first four days Fiordland Marine spokesman

I no longer woven a Shangri-La, I am completely satisfied with the presence of the world, although not know

Small style Cafe

Cafe handsome waiter

Accustomed to nine, truth experience a Netherlands Office life, they often hupenghuan friends after work go to the bar and the Café chat, share feelings, to experience Amsterdam night.

If you want to enjoy the summer sun, if you want to experience the romantic atmosphere, if you want to drink a cup of coffee taste pure, also enjoy leisurely evening time, Amsterdam is your choice.

Full of exotic open-air cafe

In all, the Netherlands is Amsterdam coffee holy land development Café culture of Europe day, the early shipping has brought the first batch of coffee beans, thus inheriting the evening time after work habits, leisure, chat with Netherlands culture has developed a unique Brown Café.

Brown cafes on the one hand is to describe the color of dark wood furniture, on the one hand is the result of the addict with nicotine smoked under exposed.

Netherlands Amsterdam, a sacred place of coffee is the European development of one of the magical Cafe culture

In all, the Netherlands is Amsterdam coffee holy land development Café culture of Europe day, the early shipping has brought the first batch of coffee beans, thus inheriting the evening time after work habits, leisure, chat with Netherlands culture has developed a unique Brown Café.

Brown cafes on the one hand is to describe the color of dark wood furniture, on the one hand is the result of the addict with nicotine smoked under exposed.

Hoppe is Amsterdam's most famous Cafe

Hoppe is Amsterdam's most famous Cafe, opened in the year 1670, at taxinge Castle by the River.

This shop is well suited as a location for an appointment to meet, to the evening, the shop is filled with people who came back from work.

Proposal for a field when you love to travel over long distance running

Poems of Ibadan: beautiful call world

After a long love Marathon, new people in how to choose a trip to the honeymoon.

If domestic? not Hainan is Yunnan. If you select foreign? in addition to the Islands or island, followed by small series for a play. Select you ahead of the other classes of honeymoon tour!

Poems of Ibadan is located in the Southwest, distance East Malaysia semporna Harbor (Semporna Port) 36 km of Sea North Sulawesi (Celebes Sea), throughout the year for diving and DAMA Government propaganda here in the world is the world's premier diving paradise.

Poems of Bataan by volcanic orogeny, Harbour block up from the sea depth 2000 metres up to the Ridge up, go full circle the island does not exceed 20 minutes.

As pilgrims in the eyes of Mecca, Sabah poetry Bataan like divers in paradise.

Poems of Bataan distance semporna port 36 km of North Sulawesi Sea, is a mushroom shape Ocean island. Located at latitude 4 degrees, although very close to the equator, but very cool.

Poems of Bataan has a unique condition, but after 5 m shoal is a vertical fall 600 to 700 m deep blue sea.

So in 1993 after the influential journal access scuba diving lovers, they agreed that the poetry of Ibadan is the world's most coastal diving, but also for the world's top of the cliff diving. The water temperature is mild, current and mitigation, water visibility belongs in, fish-rich, is a world famous diving paradise. Poems of Bataan area around only 0.03 square kilometers, it was hailed as the world diving Mecca holy places, the people of God in the Aquarium, the world of diving, the father of Jacques-Yves Cousteau middot; that it is not a violation of art.

Throughout the poems of Bataan diving area includes poems Bataan, Knight Island, pale Islands and SEA VENTURE oil drilling platform.

Go to the poetry of Ibadan can not easily, take 3 hours flight to Malaysia Sabah state capital Kota bharu, Beijing that take 30 minutes inland lake, the aircraft to the bucket and then sat 1 and a half hours of light to the sin bin, then she sat for nearly an hour's boat, you can set foot on this island.

At this point, the hotel has already awaiting more vehicles, since then, the rest of the things you do not have to worry about.

$ 5 day 4 night packages prices seem a bit expensive, but this has included food, housing, transportation and entertainment, transportation and all costs, than the first two years of 1300 dollars cheaper.

And live real water housing mdash mdash mdash;;; the entire cabin are hanging in the beautiful sea. Everyday life can generally be arranged like this: during the day to play with snorkeling, eaten every day different buffet, lounging at the foot of the fish in a fight, and then feeding, moving chairs, the roof or the beach in the Sun.

Played a dive, you will understand the poem Bataan world top ten diving sites of the name is not fiction.

Here is a paradise for diving enthusiasts, near the beach often sea turtles in the walk. Not far away from the horse Tunb is the world's rare small marine life viewing point, you can see the blue flame Octopus, cuttlefish, ring, discoloration, Scorpion fish and eels Tiger, it may be said of wonders!

Travel budget: 10000 times; 2 (including air, Kuala Lumpur or Sabah 2 late, MA cloth Island 4 night accommodation).

Package Villas enjoy winter snow

Know the Lushan, summer means a fascinating late Lushan Dongyun Pak Mei.

The twilight of xuefeng heroic spirit pushes me, the air inside the human heart. Walking on the road, the shadows of a figure, like clear carving. Lushan, there are nearly 600 Villa, as if the world architecture Museum, meilu villas, Villa s. Buck villas, Marshall, pine door Villa, bamboo hidden Villa, Xiaomei Villa hellip; hellip; one name makes illusion: Unlike in the mountain, but rather a small town in Europe. Unexpected is the price is also very close to the people, the cheapest room, 80 a night, upscale but 680 Yuan, Villa also package day meals, three meals a day to $ 50 35, quite effective.

Southern Thailand: free romantic unlimited

Recommended reason: Thailand not only dry summer rainy season, November to April is the dry season, Thailand, the warm sunshine, clear air, the initial travel abroad for best new artist.

Thailand is a State of Buddhism, starting from Bangkok airport, you will be deeply felt as Thailand.

This is known as white elephant Kingdom's beautiful country jingbihuihuang, everywhere is a sharp corner tower of the templeWoo, stupa, moreover, there is also a modern building, with water, whether it be passer or ordinary residents can find their own dynamism of excitement

Love the waves of new members, not to go to Phuket experience, windsurfing, parachuting, sailing boat, motorboat, hellip; beach volleyball; stimulation of sea hellip project is waiting for you for free.

At night, Padang Beach started lively, bar street, neon, Cup shadow zigzag, the scene of laughter that witches on the stage.

Back to Bangkok to water markets look, very hot congested city streets, where the Canal provides a different way of welcoming mdash mdash;; long tail boat, local hawker and tourists-trading, bargaining is a pleasure.

Like shopping xiaoliangkou cannot discard L'Oreal, Lee, Levilsquo; s and authentic Thailand jewelry, Siam area of several big stores, SiamParagon, SiamDiscoveryCenter, MBKhellip; hellip; have a flyover, rely on the mountain of handicrafts, weekend market are equipped with a flea market, furniture wood as small cut ershao can be found here.

Travel budget: $ 6000; 2 times.

Aegean Sea: fantasy fairy tale end really

Many people think that Greece and Italy all seasons such as summer, in fact, the two parts of the seasons, November into tourism season, playing two countries spend about 10 days, not too much.

You can use four or five days time to visit Italy, Peloponnese continent (including Olympia, Nafplio/Mycenae and Sparta/Mystras), Cycladic Islands (including the Santorini, Paros and Ios Island) is worth a go.

In winter, only one side of the small island in the Aegean Sea is still open.

Remaining time to Greece, to feel the history of civilization of Greece.

May wish to travel to Turkey and Greece border, at the footsteps of Alexander the great. Greece north-end city Kavala are not to be missed, the white buildings scattered m Bavaro hills, this is a beautiful town. Cypriot Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece, there are many archeological museum, exhibiting Macedonia, Greece and the Roman Antiquities, exquisite carvings of jewelry of gold were stunning. The last tour of Greece, Athens, the heart left in it, visit the Castle, the Parthenon Temple, Zeus, and then expand the Aegean na island by boat journey here to rich pistachio famous, you can choose to walk on the island, to taste the famous grilled Octopus, feel the Aegean Island style.

Xuexiang: snowflake witness happiness

Recommended reason: xuexiang be rated as a unique beauty, winter scenery, 20 to 30 degrees centigrade, it creates the feeling is different from Jiangnan tobacco magnificence of willow Misty.

琼瑶 Montreal Crystal world is the most charming places in Northland. For the South, the icy silver scenery, is a romantic dream!

Located in Heilongjiang Mudanjiang's Sea town of CARAS, shuangfeng forest farm changting from 105 km, changting County town covers an area of 500 hectares, the entire region both at 1200 m above sea level.

Xuexiang bimodal Mudanjiang large forest farm is located in the forest territory, hailin zhangguangcai Ridge, here in the beautiful scenery, amazing. There are two nearly two years 1700 meters peak, mountain peak is covered with snow all the year round, again, Alpine health ermanii yan. $ Violet fragrant flowering in August, but spectacular. Famous Chinese Xuexiang Bactrian, year snow up to 7 months, the most thick snow near metres. Every winter, the snow snow in negative forces, with the variety of a shape,, xuexiang bimodal became an ice yuzhuo's fairytale world. Preliminary study of the effect of snow in the wind with a shape, the variety of attracted numerous visitors, domestic and foreign photographers and television teams to this creation, the chuangguandong "and" North wind that blows on the cast in this shot. PLA quot quot; 1 August; the resort is located here.

Shuangfeng forest farm, wuhua, rich in resources, and its proximity to large hailin FDA Pacific Forestry Centre, the original forest area in the forest area of forest trees, flowers and herbs of hundreds of great variety, wildlife health, Habitat of the rare breed, mineral rich natural resources.

The best tour time: January, February, March and December

Opening hours: all day

Recommended Spring Festival to xuexiang just because there's much more snow beauty where life special!

From the Siberian cold and moist air in from the sea of Japan in this interchange, plentiful snow, so there's this wonderful in Mudanjiang city place mdash mdash mdash;;; shuangfeng forest farm.

Each year, beginning in autumn and winter, here the snow snow yongshan, up to a depth of two meters, snow duration up to 7 months, therefore it has a name: China Xuexiang. Wuzhen: literary youth honeymoon holiday paradise in the winter, most of the time the Sun Xuexiang is slanted, castle-like silver casting screens, standing in the vast sky. Thick snow cover in just like a blanket on the roof, Chai heap, the Earth, as in a form that would, in the Sun, crystal clear. Twilight, the incense smoke rises over the small villa, which constitutes aA calm, peaceful, comfortable paradise. The most romantic thing, is the integration of children's games, snowman, ski, childhood fun.

In xuexiang, be sure to come along to others, left the right way, waist-deep snow can make you very funny.

Of course, there are also let you show, such as skiing. Xuexiang skiing price is $ 70 for two hours, the set of shoes and snow board, the other no longer charges as wrestling level donkey, try the soft snowdrift is not bad!

Travel budget: 8000 times; 2.

Nordic: snow drifting Tage performance and

Access to the Nordic winter, will enter the most exciting season snow.

Sweden Stockholm city is known as the Northern Venice, local people have a passion for the Sun, even in winter, you still can see the street up chaise-enjoy the sunshine. In addition to the Royal Palace, Congress Hall, Town Hall, museums, attractive, and performances of street artists.

The honeymoon on the last leg of the Kingdom of Denmark in fairy tales.

Capital Copenhagen as the incarnation of dream, small house with a different color, river boat mooring at are colourful, boat body paint a different name, very romantic. Not far away there is also the oldest Nordic mdash mdash; amusement park; Tivoli, come here, almost all of them will go straight to the fairy palace, there is a fairy tale world mdash mdash;; the ugly duckling, pea Princess, the Mermaid, the little match girl, love wearing new clothes King hellip; hellip; all about childhood memories, all will emerge.

Western Europe: the love story between the Castle

Recommended reason: considering the honeymoon holiday comfort and itinerary of unpredictability, articles headlined the young couple of month trip are concentrated in Western European countries, including United Kingdom, France and Germany, while the castle tour is their long-awaited.

Castle gave the impression that old and stale, possessing many novel story, Jay William Castle "more stir people yearning for European Castle.

Located in continental Europe, thousands of Castle has a long history, the Royal burial with hundreds of years ago the nobility of romance, of course including numerous touching love story.

The first stop of course is France, with the exception of the Louvre, Versailles, France's Loire Valley in the West, it was formerly the Royal aristocracy place to live.

This is known as the garden of France, the rivers have many exquisite small hills, built in the Renaissance of numerous castles that complements in the green of the Woods.

Unique Chambord Castle, built in 1519, is by Fran?ois I ordered the construction of the extent to which many people than Versailles.

Night, Chambord in light shining down a wonderful light, take a boat on Bryant Suong, moat and the Grand Canal, from Saint-Michel bridge towards the Castle, you can experience the Louis XIV was felt.

Amboise castles, from Charles VII to Fran?ois I, have lived in this small.

It is for the decoration of this magnificent Castle, France's architecture art reached its pinnacle, even up to-contributed also Finch. The former residence of the great painter finally Kolas Lu plug Castle is close at hand.

Prestigious Windsor

From France by Eurostar, you will be able to come to the Royal atmosphere more strong United Kingdom.

In the United Kingdom many ancient Windsor Castle, the largest and prestigious, fully because King Edward VIII for their loved one and decided to give up the throne, not relinquished beauty story told through the ages.

In Windsor, first saw the statue of Queen Victoria, which stands at the gateway to the Windsor Road Central.

Windsor is composed by several bastions, the round tower is the symbol of Windsor Castle. Opening of the section within the Palace, and the most worth visiting is the magnificent Chapel of St. George and Mary Queen doll houses. St. George's Chapel is the sovereign honours ceremony held at the guardian Knight. To George Chapel when played by Hun, is many people's Convention: front, one foot in front of Queen kneels, waiting for the Queen's sword stand in the shoulders, and chest hung up Medal, this ceremony for each pair to add to the men and women performing a medieval romance.

Last stop to Germany.

Reference to the Castle, people cannot help but think of the new Swan Castle. Castle Bavarian King Ludwig II design and construction, is located in the Alps, is called the nearest place where fairy tales. The name of the Castle and a beautiful love story about: Legend has it that King admirer at Greek Rubia Princess, accommodation in New Castle, the Greek Princess gave him a sibyl porcelain Swan congratulations and he made the Castle Fort named Cygnus. The owner of the story, broken, the lifelong bachelor, ultimately in a quiet night walk into the depths of the Lake within the Fort, the white wall blue top mystery Castle, put on a layer of mystery.

Travel budget: 1

8000 times; 2

Kyrgyzstan: visit the mysterious neighbor snow mountain lakes

Kyrgyzstan is located in Central Asia-Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, between the three countries and China, covering 19.85 million square kilometers with a population of nearly 440 million (1990), of which more than half of the Kyrgyz family, Russia and Uzbekistan family of more than 1/5 respectively and 1/10.

In addition, such as the Ukraine. Kyrgyz and Russian as the language. Majority of the population profess Islam.

Kyrgyzstan is a landlocked mostly mountainous country, more than 500 metres above sea level throughout the territory, of which 1/3 of the area in between 3000-4000 m.

Tian Shan and Pamir middot; Alai Mountains offer mutual in Kyrgyzstan border zone, the highest peak, elevation for victory 7439 m. Low land accounts for only 15% of land area, mainly in Fergana Basin and the Northern Talas Valley area. Large rivers have the Naryn River and Lake Issyk Kul, mainly has the Issyk-Kul Lake. In the case of temperate continental climate and mountain climate, cold winter and hot summer, cold in the night sky, rain, sunny.

Star 490.8 million (January 1, 2001), which accounted for 40% of urban population (1979).

A total of more than 80 people, of which the Kyrgyz family 60.3%, Russia family 15.7%, Uzbek family 14.2%, Ukraine family 1.5%, remaining as East stem, North Korea, Uygur, Tajik peoples. 70% of the population of Islam, Sunni majority, and the remaining inhabitants of the genus profess Orthodox or Catholic. Mandarin for Kyrgyz (in the case of the Turkic languages of the Kirgiz Yuzhi East-Hungary-csicsak language group), the Russian can be used as official languages.

A horse that's Tomb, in the Talas River Valley, was built in the 14th century by 30-40 years, is the daughter of the Emir Abu g card better bizjak-Al East's Tomb.

But folk legend, the tomb burial is a horse that's globetrotting. A horse that is the legend of Kyrgyz well known heroes, he led his son Xie Willamette, grandson plug for g, together with the Kyrgyz people and a tenacious struggle against the invaders. The tomb is the region's popular typical front dome brick structure, its layout is circular. The dome and the main entrance of the circular, overlying Atrium entrances located sagittal niches. Front-mounted wall decorated with exquisite patterns and inscriptions of red brick. The original building was destroyed, 1969-1970.

Issyk-Kul Lake, Kyrgyzstan mdash mdash;; the famous natural scenery tourism destination.

The Lake is located in the territory of the tianshan mountains, Lake elevation 608 m, Lake long 178 km, widest point 60 km, an area of 6236 square kilometres, an average of 278 metres deep, deep 668 m, height of 1738 cubic km. In more than 1200 meters above sea level in the world of high Lake, an area outside South America Titicaca Lake and Lake area of China, but depth home first. The Lake accept 50 river water, but no exports. Nearly 40 years the Lake declined an average of 5 cm. Lake clear, visibility greater than 20 meters. The Lake is brackish and year round in warm, basic, not cold and warm Lake Zegrzynskie. The Lake with magnetite, therefore calls containing iron Sand Lake. Each year to this to wintering waterbirds of the Swan, up to 2 to 5 million. In the Lake of underwater 7 metres have been submerged ruins. Lakes region the climate is mild, Shan XI, sunlight and water-green, fresh air, clean water, and have significant therapeutic bath of mud and Spa, is ideal for medical treatment, recuperation, holiday travel, Lake resorts spaciousness and summer resorts.

Issyk-Kul Lake, the beautiful natural landscape for the development of tourism offers exceptional conditions.

Last year, in the Kyrgyz Government to determine support and development of tourism, preferential policies, Issyk-Kul Lake scenic spot attracts 60 million tourists.


1) passport (half-year and over)

2) 2 inch Photo 2 (near

Period photos)

3) copy of your ID card (both sides photocopying in A4 paper)

2 of 4) company stationery (stamped)

5) company introduction (corner photos and stamped, also stamped with the lower-right corner)