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Brave journey: the Earth's most desolate and pretty corner of ten

1, mdash mdash;; Tristan da Cunha

South Atlantic island and Tristan da Cunha Islands, it is the world's most neglected in a corner of a barbarian.

Distance from the nearest Island, is 1700 miles of South Africa, and more than 2000 miles South American coast. Although shortage, but here is distant history. 1506, the explorers discovered here in Portugal, a small group of United Kingdom, Italy and the American people from the beginning of the 19th century residence here, but so far as the United Kingdom territory. Now the Islanders total 271 people, mostly the first descendant of the settlers to farming and handicraft. Despite television and satellite Unicom network device, this island is still a wild and remote. Offshore fishing vessels are currently sitting in the past.

2, the Dzong

As the last one did not pass, Tibet nyingtri Dzong is Asia's only a movie is not virgin territory.

Just go there and just impossible days up badly too snowy mountains suspension bridge (200 m) in the comparable year Red Army of thousands of difficult million insurance can reach. In addition to stunning geographical location and natural resources, the Dzong also like Eurasian on an island, in order to build a common road countries spend millions of dollars every year, but all efforts due to landslides, avalanches, and complex and ever-changing environment and ended in failure. Until the early 1990s, has finally built a temporary highways leading to the town center, but only motuo opened a few days, it was again covered with lush jungle.

3, Queensland

The Australian continent because of its sparse population and the original ecosystem is famous for its natural beauty, these two are located in Queensland, Australia northern corner of a large tracts of wilderness.

Here only the great majority of the population, 18000 local tribes of indigenous people, the world's largest undeveloped areas. Here is a great way to save the original beauty, but also become Australia's most difficult to reach places. Even with four-wheeled transport, there are still many places are entirely to not only were to walk far.

4, New Zealand-Nunavut

Canada's new Nunavut's regions, Atlantic ahlert town distance Arctic only 500 miles.

Here is widely considered one of the world's most northern part of a residential area, is also one of the most desolate area. According to Canada radio and meteorological laboratory data, here's the temperature down to minus 40 degrees Celsius due to the high-latitude location, also visible Sun hangs and polar night. Distance ahlert nearest town is 1300 miles away in a small fishing village, to the major cities in Quebec, which is approximately twice the distance. Due to the local military purposes there are airport ahlert, but because the temperature is too low, often not available.

5, the East island

Distance from Chile 2000 miles of the East coast of the island (also known as Easter Island), is the vastness of the Pacific on the one of a small island.

Only 70 square kilometers in area, the current population of about 4000. This island with its scattered on the beach is famous for its stone group, approximately in the 16th century by the island's earliest Aboriginal carvings, as a result of the massive felling of manufacturing output into the sled Island trees forest was almost gone. Scientists say that have met the verdant island now nearly deserted, this is all coming here at the beginning of another. The earliest years of this migration will need weeks to arrive here, now known as the world's most remote areas of an airport, passengers can in Santiago, Chile in flight.

6, Pitcairn Islands


Pitcairn Island location is almost the middle of the South Pacific.

The nearest neighbors are West French bill Islands and Tahiti Island, but there are hundreds of miles distance. The island is the United Kingdom in the last of the territory of the Pacific, the island is home to approximately 50 people, mostly descendants of the BOAI, crew. 1789, charity No. a legendary mutiny, the crew out of island run away life, abandoned their duties and missions, in nearby port destroyed vessels, and settled down on Pitcairn. Today, the descendants of these sailors have depended on farming, fishing and sold their rare stamps for a living. There are no air shipping, so go there from the mainland only by New Zealand cruises ship, takes about 10 days.

7, Cole Magelang is.

The so-called island is far away from any prosperous and civilized wilderness brute, Cole Magelang Islands is a seat to the small islands in the southern Indian Ocean.

There is no airport on the island, only from Madagascar coast a call Reunion nbsp; nbsp; Island after 6 days of sailing to arrive. There are no original inhabitants live here, but many scientists and engineers in France, the island has been a French territory. Cole Magelang Islands since 1772 here since it was found as many biologists and explorers to the parents, including Captain Cook in 1776 to live here. Now the island as a scientific research center, also has a subsidiary of the France airport and military defense systems, and even as a dangerous refugee resettlement of France.

8, Rudnik, region

836000 square kilometres of Greenland is the world's largest island, but the one on the island, only 57000 population.

All towns in Greenland, in the most desolate far fear is Gdansk, a small town located on the island, the East Coast, fishing and hunting. Gdansk, area around England almost, but only poor 500 inhabitants, this means everyone has almost 150 square miles of land. Most of the local population to hunt polar bears and whales and warm season also catch halibut. Gdansk area is located on the coast, but the surrounding area of perennial ice, each year, only three months to allow the vessel by port. 25 miles from the Columbia Airport distance, but very few flights.

9, Santa Barbara

When it comes to wild man, and in South America I'm afraid there is not any place in Peru in Santa Barbara, this is a small Andean Glacier mining town.

17000 feet altitude here has become the world's most expensive cities, so special geographical position more and more significant shortage. Small urban construction in the early episodes, only along the dangerous zigzag road driving. The road is a few days, and the consequent high altitude reaction and the local poor living environment makes few can Hess. But the town population 30000, almost all of the gold mining industry practitioners, most of the minerals in the nearby caves of ice.

10, Mike Moran more stations

Antarctica has no indigenous people, but a lot of work in this Center, the largest of which is Mike Moran more stations.

Located in the northern mountain ranges of Antarctica, where almost Los is covered with ice, as an international research center, the relatively warm summer about 200 scientists and workers in this work. Once upon a time to go to Antarctica take many months or even years, now that Mike Moran more stations already has three flights. It is precisely for this reason, where the scientists are able to enjoy many of the city's modern facilities such as gymnasium, TV, or even nine-hole Frisbee golf, etc.

Like sheep looks like cattle Bhutan Lei man State Veterinary

The Kingdom of Bhutan is a beast called the Tower of gold (Takin) level to protect animals.

I first saw this animal, the capital of Bhutan is Thimphu wilderness protection zone.

At that time really is it strange looks startled.

This beast head such as sheep, corner like a deer, and sports such as cow, tail like a donkey, the Opera and is a David!

It is said that the Tower of gold live mainly in altitude in the 2000 m to 4000 m in the Himalayas Shandong Lu.

As said above, the higher the more cold climate, but can it himself.

Forest growth of shrubs, trees, grass and some tall tree bark, are Tower gold delicacies.

This animal daytime stealth in bamboo forest, Bush breaks into the evening and night come out looking down from the mountains, in the bluffs.

Interestingly, the Tower of gold is very afraid of the hot summer air temperature near 30 degrees c per minute panting frequency 100 times or more.

The origin of the Tower of gold, and a gentle Bhutanese Buddhism would mutter living bamboo bar gun column.

It is said that the bamboo bar gun column walk around in Bhutan, some people see him idle, doubt whether he has a real talent.

Bamboo-gun column said me yak meat and mutton, I will let you see the miracle.

Bamboo-gun columns get round to sheep skull placement to above the yak bone, a problem, a sheep cattle as monsters suddenly appears in the hillside. The locals call this tower of gold, meaning the head of yak. In fact, the Tower of gold is called Takin. Takin is not a cow, animal classification closer to frigid antelope, and even sounds like sheep, is the world's recognized rare animals.

Currently only the Southwest, Northwest China and Bhutan, India, Myanmar, and survival of this species.

At present the entire Bhutanese territory, only about 300 remaining only.

Three Asian cities beauty make up

Singapore: Marina Bay's waterfront slow life

Step into the splendid Don Bay Hotel (Fullerton Bay Hotel), everyone will feel like a star.

nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; The bar is located at the front of the hotel, the open air on a 25-metre swimming pool, the famous Hong Kong building master thick people design. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; Singapore claims brother Margaret pier as red terminal, this colonial-style architecture hosted countless memories of Singapore. Colonial South of migrants, including many Chinese, first landing in Vancouver Margaret and Wharf Singapore take root. Recently the rich Art Deco style of brother Margaret terminal after modification, make up to One on top of the Bund in the restaurant.

Customs building

Chinese Taipei: fashion and art and literature to the end nbsp nbsp nbsp;;; nbsp; nbsp;

Xinyi district, Taipei City of the future, the planning of business for many years, and is also the tallest building, Taipei 101, in recent years have been a new action.

Recently let people awaited unification Hankyu Department store opened, opening day was Japan apparel brand youyiku fans heavy siege queued entry, a multi-department stores opening into local media headlines, become a spectacle.

Unified Hankyu Department store

Address: Xinyi district, Taipei City Chunghsiao East Road, no. 8, paragraph 5

Most called hedonism, crazy W Hotel Taipei is also located in the area of the Lutheran Taipei implantation in the fashion of the travelers.

This episode comes from New York's fashion design hotels group, active in the establishment of new bases in Asia, Hong Kong, Taipei W will debut the Taipei most high prices under the banner of the W, not opened has attracted media attention, as the W hotels is Starwood hotels and resorts, a young fashion brand, so in nightclubs in the recruitment of staff interviews and surprising.


Address: Taipei 101 Tower, Hsinyi Rd. 5, 7,

Huashan Arts District

Address: 100 zhongzheng road, paragraph 8, no. 1

Transportation: take the Metro to the rehabilitation of temple underground station nbsp nbsp nbsp;;; nbsp; nbsp;

Taipei's little theater and arts space very prosperous, with the exception of official primary rush and support of Orthodox performances, there are more exciting little theatre, is an independent production, can play even more crazy.

Here you can find many products in Taiwan designers, weekends here will not organize creative Bazaar regularly drop.

Treasure rock

Transportation: take the Metro to Metro station hotel

Korea Seoul: design of

This year, Seoul is the International Council of societies of industrial design is chosen as the biennial World design capital (World Design Capital 2010) and, therefore, attracted the attention of the design enthusiast.

The New York Times, Wallpaper, and other media are to be chosen as this year's will tour. Elect 50 Korea classic design heritage, from the most traditional of palace buildings to fashionable technology products, so that local people on Korea has its own cultural traditions.

New urban planning

At East Gate in the busiest centres will be equipped with a design by Zaha Zahid design Park (Design Park).

The unique design of public space

Current Seoul public buildings have many masters-level work.

If you are in Seoul only time visiting a Museum, it must be located at the Itaewon of Lee Um Gallery. The Samsung Group established the Museum apart from the collection of Korea most valuable traditional artifacts, including pottery, paintings, etc, it consists of three buildings of the Museum of modern architecture is itself a exhibits.
Cheongdamdong and no.3 Sinsa fashion Temple

Travel concern Seoul tourist attractions are concentrated in the area north of the Han River.

The Netherlands design company Un Studio of Galleria Department store is located on the main roads of no.3 Sinsa, you can't miss.

Transportation: take the Metro to no.3 Sinsa or cheongdamdong Metro station

Shilla Hotel

Seoul inter-face is the most prominent feature of the cityscape, however is not defended in Seoul

On the rustic traditions, but rather to let the traditions in modern life a new meaning. Go into the classic Silla hotel, you can easily feel the Seoul eager thirst for innovation.

Casino Las Vegas-Notre Dame de Paris sewers of humble Invicta group

Gold shine Casino Las Vegas.

Golden glittering United States Las Vegas underground, original hidden an undisclosed miserable world.

Hundreds of social abandonment, Notre Dame de Paris the dark sewers, and cockroaches, rodents cohabitation, face stands flooded crisis. They rely on the casinos have Casino each night to pick up the money for a living, the casino but do not know when to return to the ground, to live with dignity.

Lived by many social abandonment.


A Sin City of Las Vegas, the underground world of darkness and ground for the bright formation.

Here's the dark is not only not light, many drug traffickers, and suspicion and rapists are hiding beneath the large road in the Casino. Originally built for flood control and flood-relief road, total length 700 km, 70% of the Earth, to live in people homeless, risking his life to live underground flood road.

Only the family silver.


Flood road is long, live in houses and people concentrated in close to Las Vegas Boulevard area, because they go out of the cave is the casino that is also in contrast to most residents looking for ground drops money place to work.



Lives in the underground of the benefit is not spending money, and the police or harm to a companion, or else the unexpected opportunities.

Here residents lack of self-discipline, only exchange for flood rain coming messages, because of the floods may fill the sewer, they only household effects or even life is dangerous.

Lives in the underground of the benefit is not spending money, and the police or harm to a companion, or else the unexpected opportunities.

Here residents lack of self-discipline, only exchange for flood rain coming messages, because of the floods may fill the sewer, they only household effects or even life is dangerous.

Argentina don't cry passion tango show you forget dark blue

Argentina tango country (picture transfer from national geographic website)

I am a loyal FANS Massey, of course, is Argentina's clarion call for World Cup FANS, have calmed down, dark but still lurk I heart hellip; hellip;

I like the song "don't cry for me Argentina", let me feel the Argentina's extraordinary, always feel that this is a mysterious country, has a passion for Latin America, it is always overflowing waters and hover in the Mediterranean melancholy and romantic, just as love their team, I was attracted to this mysterious country, in particular, be they consecrated tangohellip endeavors; Argentina; hellip

Argentina tango country (picture transfer from national geographic website)

The red shoes, face serious dancer, Dim light, two men with the rhythm of the broken chapter overbearing galloping hellip; hellip; I feel the most sexy tango is also the most aftertaste, total guobiaowu gives a powerful Ling man but let them go.

I heard that, in Argentina's tango as in China, Beijing Opera, was regarded as a national treasure, but always be young people a wide berth, perhaps young at heart is unable to understand this hidden to deep cultural charm hellip; hellip;

Argentina tango country (picture transfer from national geographic website)

Argentina Tango dancer has more than once to the elegant, and easy, elegant, unobtrusive dancing and unique features for sharp syncopation, rhythm and lucid music brings us, aroused people's interest.

Argentina tango country (picture transfer from national geographic website)

Argentina tango originated in Argentina's capital, Buenos Aires port areas.

A large number of originates from Africa, North America and even Europe's immigrants detained in the port, forming a special external social groups. Most of them live in the lower social status, unstable, in the bar by singing, dancing and kill some time. Initially, the original is man and man jump, gradually changed to man and the red light district, the port, Aeolian girl into present elegant, world renowned dance. Argentina Tango actually is this special environment produced by a special art form, the dance is in MINNEN, HABA Nera, candombe, Latin America, Africa and many other folk dance based on deductive.

Argentina tango country (picture transfer from national geographic website)

It is actually a kind of singing more than dance form of art.

And it's singing is overwhelmingly male, and is a vocal solo, occasionally there are several small funny musical interludes. Hot keyboard is the main theme of the accordion accompaniment, its unique segmentation is always give the rhythm of the heart.

Argentina tango country (picture transfer from national geographic website)

Argentina is the birthplace of tango.

Argentina people have a passion for Tango. Many people will tango, usually full of Tango dance music can be heard. Argentina to tango as its own national treasure that is the pride of the nation. Argentina Argentina Government announced that Tango is an integral part of the national cultural heritage. For foreigners, the Tango is a dance of unique charm, and Argentina, it is inextricably linked with life. Melt in blood culture.

The country of Argentina tango

(Picture from national geographic website)

This is a romantic but some tragic Kingdom, only when you with wonderful music, your world only you and your partner, sorrow will nullify the hellip; hellip;, Argentina don't cry, tango show you forget the sad hellip; hellip; (Article reprinted from Tencent Tourism Forum, where there is copyright of Tencent is not responsible for tourism.