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Japan abandoned ship island

Warship island

Warship Island (Gunkanjima) is a Japan Nagasaki Prefecture 505 uninhabited islands, about 15 km distance from Nagasaki.

1887-1974, this island has a coal mine, has been living in this.

Warship Island most prominent features are being abandoned concrete building and the surrounding sea. Warship Island to Japan industrialization period on the island is famous for its coal and mining activities. Mitsubishi Corporation to 1890 purchased warships arrived on the island, goals excavated from the harbour of coal.

Warship Island most prominent features are being abandoned concrete building and the surrounding sea

Mitsubishi Corporation, Japan 1916 building para a large concrete building mdash mdash;; rows of apartment, in a growing number of workers by providing shelter, protection Island facilities from Typhoon damage.

In 1959, the entire island of warships island population density reached 835 people per hectare, residential population density per hectare 1391, record the world's highest population density in the world.

Warship Island ruins

With the 1960s Japan domestic oil instead of coal, Japan Government began to shut down coal throughout the island's coal mines, military vessels, of course, was not spared.

Mitsubishi Corporation in 1974 officially announced the closure of the mine on the island of warships, today there deserted, bare a tablet, this is part of the island is also known as Ghost Island.

Abandoned buildings

Warship island until 2009, April 22, is open to tourists, the official name of a warship Island to end the island.

At the same time, such as abandoned cities Royale for the movie 2: town of the song and the computer game the killer 7 provides inspiration.

Building condition

Japan Nagasaki City tourism resource development warship Island, the first year about 7.5 000 tourists landing sightseeing, close to the expected (2.5 million) three times that number.

Residual life articles about once past

Nagasaki city culture and tourism of the General course of Park Soo light (53 years old) analysis of the causes of many tourists: mainly due to the good weather, 1 year about 200 days on the island, the number of days can be higher than projected doubling.

For security reasons, visitors are still not close to the ruins on the island. Therefore, how to describe building of a background and past life situation, and so become the subject of the future. Nagasaki City planned to start in the near future to the island by boat on the broadcast video, describes the streetscape and buildings.


A previously lived in the island's residents said: warships Island Japan previously is said to be the most densely populated place, full of energy on the island.

Now this island has completely reverted to nature and hope people see now able to comprehend. He also said: I didn't expect so many people. In order to not just a Flash in the Pan, hope through lectures and other forms of publicity.


Island Japan previously is said to be the most densely populated place

Warship Island coal mine there during World War II the strong removal of Korea, and China Labour's disgraceful history.

The experts, Nagasaki University, Honorary Professor of high real Kang Minoru pointed out: learning the history of the island of naval vessels to avoid strong removal of labour. Hope for tourists also describe these things, to deepen understanding of history.

Now this island has completely reverted to nature and hope people see now able to comprehend

Connectivity warships and Nagasaki harbour ferry weekday day shifts, holidays for two classes a day.

Fare requires a continued time 50 minutes ashore are limited to 1 hour. Because the island is full of collapse of building rubble, tour by safety instructors. Because the island is full of collapse of building rubble, tour by safety instructors.

Inventory of eight luxury hotels around the world feel shine luxury extravagance

President Wilson hotel rooms

1. the President Wilson hotel, Geneva

The list is the first bit of Hotel President Wilson.

The hotel is located in Geneva, the Royal Suite here too one night price is us $ 65000.

While 65000 dollars to include: the use of the entire top floor of the hotel, and a private elevator directly there.

Suite is equipped with 4 bedrooms, each one can see the Geneva Lake and Madame peak. At the same time, the suite also has six dressing room. Suite of all doors and Windows with bullet-proof glass, usually scheduled this suite are some celebrities.

Four Seasons hotel balcony

2. Four Seasons Hotel New York

In the list the second bit is located in the four seasons Hotel New York.

If you selected the four seasons Hotel boss Thai middot; Warner named top floor suite in one night, the cost is $ 35000.

The hotel's spokesman confirmed that the luxury suite always in full, if the scheduled times to wait for months.

Here, you can freely in a walk in the nine rooms, each room walls are decorated with pearls, you can also enjoy the private spa here or read the top-level garden books, playing the piano.

Luxurious decoration

3. Cala di Hall Pei Hotel Sardinia-

In Italy, waiting for you in Sardinia-is Cala di Hall Pedro Hotel, where the presidential suite, one-night price is us $ 34000.

Of course you can also here in the summer, but the summer here in price will not be lower than us $ 45000 per night.

The hotel is located in a city of skyscrapers, the presidential suite 25000 m2, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and private gym room, sauna room and wine cellar.

Moreover, there are also simulated Ocean swimming pool, a salt water but inside.

Aristocratic style of interior decoration

4. Westin lean Hotel Rome

In Italy's capital Rome, you can find the hotel Westin lean, or rather its Cooper La Villa suite, where the living is the price of us $, per night 31000 here, you will feel back centuries BC the city of Pompeii of pomposity.

This luxurious villa, decorated with numerous relief, with Jacuzzi, etc to your kind care and services.

Villa suites is located in the hotel's fifth floor and the sixth floor, 6099 square meters, in addition, you can stop in 1808 square balcony enjoy Veneto district of Mayfair.

Warm and comfortable hotel suites

5. Lizzy middot; Carlton Hotel Tokyo

In Tokyo, meet your is Lizzy middot; Carlton Hotel.

25000 USD you can buy a medium car or in the hotel's top floor stayed for one night. Here you can enjoy the breathtaking views of Mt. Fuji, and you can see the city's beautiful night scene. If you are awake, you can spend $ 18000 to a bottle of Diamond Eternity martini wine in the bottle bottom with a 1 Carat Diamond is waiting for you.

The Atlantis Hotel Paradise

6. the Atlantis Hotel Bahamas

Next is the hotel Atlantis in the Bahamas.

The hotel is located in the 23-storey arched bridge suite, Arch will two building hotel. In USD per night 22000 equipped with en-suite room decorated with 22 carat gold chandelier, large-scale piano and marble floors. In addition, at the made up by 10 bedrooms suites, all sections, and all have lived just death pop King Michael middot; Jackson

Extravagance luxury

7. where the Board Hyatt Hotel Paris

Posted in Paris where the most expensive hotel, the Hyatt Regency Suites price is us $ per night, room 20000 facilities in addition to massage bathtub, massage table, there are many more you cannot imagine.

In addition to the luxury of living room, the suite also has a dining room, kitchen and Studio.

The most prestigious hotel

8. Perot porcelain Hotel Dubai

Let us go further East, came to Dubai.

Now, who do not know the Perot porcelain hotel or Arab Tower Hotel built in on? the mid 90 's, the Royal Suite is the price of us $ 19000 per night. Suite located on the 25th floor, if you are afraid to take the lift, you can walk decorated with gold marble staircase. The hotel owner is very generously gave their hotel 7 stars, this also shows the master enough self-confidence.

2010 will go to ten local

Sri Lanka

In the last quarter century, the Sri Lanka grueling misery.

Including the Sinhalese-controlled Government and Tamil separation between the brutal civil war in the group. But in May last year, the coast near the India, natural scenery, culture colorful, land form, such as tears of island, finally ushered in returning to peace.

This population is only 2000 million people of the island itself is like a big tropical Zoo: Elephants walk leisurely; Buffalo in paddy field in doing nothing to kill time; monkeys jumping in the forest.

That keeps the original appearance since the coastline. Bamboo forest surround white sand beaches, often miles. During the war, there is a closed area, but visitors can inadvertently protect the beauty of the human heart cruise.

Among the many attractions, to few to Tamil North Nilavelli beach along the most trouble, even after many military checkpoints.

Where visitors can lazy lay hammocks between the Palm trees, next to the swimming pool. You can also clear the crystal waters of semi-submersible; or from the Nilaveli Beach cocktail on the hotel name is. The hotel is a refurbished cottages, each household has a private balcony.

Sri Lanka South Shore Matara International Airport currently under construction.

When completed, go to the airport and enjoy there next to the charming village of Galle's Beach will be more convenient. The 2004 tsunami took there was almost razed to the ground, but now also dispenses built stylish hotel and boutique hotel.

Number from Galle in the South of the village, a mile crescent-shaped Beach, named Unawatuna, there perhaps is the southernmost island.

There are luxury hotels. Including Thambapanni cultivation Centre. There you can enjoy with a four-bed rooms, yoga and India herbs SPA is the Centre of the characteristic. And Galle Sun Villa resort in kind of a mango tree courtyard and colonial decoration style, like the Queen of the United Kingdom susen to this hotel. Galle city wall there are hidden in the middle of a very distinctive Galle Fort hotel, this is a jeweler's home, renovated and now consists of several Australian business.

Patagonia plateau's wine country

Translator's Note: Patagonia Chile and Argentina plateau straddling the two countries, from the Andes mountain range at the southernmost extension eastwards to the North.

There is the famous Strait of Magellan, Panama Canal opened front is, the Pacific and Atlantic's only channel. Where Earth expanse, glaciers, snow-capped mountains, grasslands, landscape Strip. Ten years ago, a group of ambitious wine guru sees at Patagonia plateau corner, beautiful St. Patrick's Valley (San Patricio del Chanar). It is located in Argentina, the fertile land, landscape and magnificent exception. They began to hard, planting vines, waiting for the harvest. This is the present wine country, rich in a variety of delicious black Pinot (pinot noirs) and Martha Beck (malbecs) grapes, there are many beautiful and unique wines.

Among this group of pioneer, a company named BFM (Bodega del Fin del Mundo) of wine, with an area of 2000 acres.

They and the famous wine consultant Michel middot; Roland de (Michel Rolland) cooperation, the Merlot grapes, Cabernet grapes and Martha Beck grape mixture, making a taste rich wine, repeatedly awarded at international. While NQN Winery and wine expert Robert to Argentina, produced in a 2006 Malbec wine Coleccion NQN, is famous for the wine fan "magazine hit 92 min. There is a rising star of the next VP Winery, Valle Perdido, in its own wine-Chuang, built an 18-room resort. To have the effect of wine made of liquid, do for you is their a SPA.


Forget Tokyo bar, now global design crazy people are running into Korea.

Attracting these design is a madman: Korea's capital full of charming cafes and restaurants, fabulous variety of galleries, and evergreens fashion tide shop, such as Italy Milan 10 Corso Como boutique design shop in Seoul's branch, and circle the famous Ann Demeulemeester Korea shop, the shop was avant-garde style green plants in packages, like we saw before, head up grass grass doll.

Current Seoul Mayor Wu Shi-Hoon also crazy design art.

In his ruling, Seoul is a leading industrial designers Association 2010 World design capital, in other words, Seoul is the annual gathering of the global designer, exhibitions, conferences and various activities in the industry's preferred city madness. Many activities are includedDivision. 3rd Seoul design exhibition will undoubtedly be the bright spot. (Date: 17-9; mdash mdash; 7 October) and in Milan, New York design week compared favourably. Last year's Seoul Design Expo, is the main venue for the Olympic Games in two huge inflatable Pavilion, organized within weeks of the event attracted 250 million.


Translator's Note: Mysore is located in the southern regions of India.

Distance from the famous India's Silicon Valley, Bangalore, about 140 km/h. Local Mysore Palace, Mysore Palace is famous. When you have completed the 200 hour yoga courses, can make hands hold the legs slowly ground and ground parallel high-difficulty; also participated in the Yoga-Surf camp on the beach, as yoga enthusiasts, but also to go?, parts of the Yoga fans are stepping up the southern city of Mysore India (Mysore) journey.

Because distributed by Ashtanga Yoga, so they set foot on to Mysore's Yoga pilgrimage.

Ashtanga Yoga can be easily distributed to make you sweat, demanding, breathing coordination. This regimen is by Krishna Pattabhi Jois's great flourish, he died last year, live 94 years old. His grandson now is Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute's school. Where to learn yoga, the first month's fee is Rs., 600 kg 27,530 around us $. Course in the shortest possible need for a month.

Wanbuqi? no time?, that's OK.

The Yoga craze spawned meet the various needs of the Yoga Center (Shala). Scouring through yoga, you can name the Anu bamboo room or beside the Regaalis hotel's swimming pool, and we easily exchange, learning Sanskrit, India herbs SPA or go to visit the Royal Palace on the ground.


Last month, thousands of environmentalists gathered here, has always participated in the Copenhagen climate summit, the leaders of the protest.

In these noisy, people heard the spirit of this city as the capital keynote: Denmark, has become one of the most green cities, maybe the coolest cities in the world.

Let the city become more green ideas, Copenhagen is not simply stay on the oral teachings, and is practicing at the city's daily life.

City District flat on either side of the road paved bicycle road, residents can ride to the city. While the tourists can find everywhere in the city centre with free bike, ride up browsing. Columbia City famous fashion blog on the green fashion do more story. Adjacent to the North of the city's inner harbor, this year, Osterbro area added two public swimming pools. This old polluted waterways, now became the Copenhagen summer fun hangout.

In addition to the modernists and music by family, the original order of poor Norrebro district, translator's Note: Denmark philosopher Kierkegaard's life lived in the area.

Is attracting many cultural exploration of the fans, but also makes the area a controversial new family gathering. Decadent parties, students and immigrants, in local famous Sankt Hans Torv square around the Cafe and Gallery. But the city is young and wild creatures here club night jump to dawn. At any time to HIGH!

Libraries acquire island

Gallery Tokushima (also a translation into Ko Kut) will become the next Samui? the translator's Note: Thailand-Koh Samui Koh Kood and the beauty of the Islands? own on-line searches of pictures, be sure to make you beautiful.

Thailand da rajashima (Trat) many beautiful islands is becoming the new Thailand Tourism. Since many years, tensions between Thailand and Cambodia, as well as backward transport facilities are all of the uninhabited island for many years. Now, including libraries, Tokushima, is becoming a tourist paradise of longing. This section should be attributed to the teleporter city to the island of click on a direct flight. The recently opened resort, Soneva Kiri 42 villa-style suites. Undoubtedly greatly enhanced the Cook Island's tourist reception level, rather than one like Robinson Crusoe's island. Immediately, a new environmentally-friendly resort X2 will also debut, resort consisting of 14 villas with swimming pool.


Damascus will become the next similar ancient Marrakesh Marrakech, Morocco had Imperial City tourist hotspot? maybe Damascus hotels

Users noticed, through the old town historical legacy of the refurbishment, Marrakesh has attracted a lot of high consumption tourists to go sightseeing. They also started in the old capital of Syria of the construction, excavation of the tourism resources of gold. City of the 18th century House, with a courtyard and terrace, is constantly replaced boutique hotel. Among them the old vine Hotel only has 9 rooms, the hotel expanded Hanania, half is a hotel, the other half is a small museum.

Keith m town

Cesme town located on the West coast of Turkey in the middle of the peninsula, town history can be traced back to the era of Troy, the fountain of Empire, Turkey.

Kay m, is a new Bodrum Bodrum (Bodrum)? West Coast in southern Turkey, the Bodrum Peninsula, facing the Aegean Sea, has a long history. Local sea-view and yacht in the world. As in the Bodrum nightlife diminishing number of tourists, Keith m Peninsula once unknown Keith m town started to become a new choice for tourists. Always protected seaside village Alacati is one of the highlights. Last summer, where he held the world professional windsurfing surf Federation organization of handicap. This spring, from the 19th century mansion converted, only 7 rooms of the hotel opened the Nars Alacati, it became the Istanbul fashion elite weekend holiday top choice. The hotel also has a restaurant and garden attached to hotel Luna Mesa.


Want to go to Antarctica adventure travelers to look for.

Next year, the number of visitors to Antarctica will begin strictly controlled, not because the ice melting too quickly (despite the fact that pipe), mainly to prevent large-scale tourism adventure activities on this fragile continent produces threat.

Not long ago, most ships crossing the Antarctic in scientific investigation.

But this planet's most magnificent, the last Virgin territory, now an influx of large numbers of tourists. This caused much controversy. Scientists say that the development of tourism on Antarctic environment. In fact, in recent years, there are few passenger stranded there.

The country has been calling for restrictions on the number of passenger ships, ships must be able to resist the impact of sea ice strengthened hull and marine we commonly known as heavy oil.

Later this year, the International Maritime Organization to adopt these proposals, will be prohibited from entering the Antarctica voyage in the use of heavy fuel oil, which would effectively limit to the number of large cruise ship in Antarctica.

Because the new regulations will be in two years, by 2010, tourism companies will say goodbye to tour as the promotion of Antarctica.

At the same time, the travel company is purchasing allows for legal entry into the light ship in Antarctica. The Abercrombieamp; Kent company is introducing new Le Boreal cruise ships, the company's public relations department said the new ship complies with all environmental regulatory requirements and, therefore, the company's business in Antarctica Tour will operate normally.

The company's new cruise this year will be put into operation.

This exquisite luxury small cruise ship can take 199 visitors. The boat is equipped with an outdoor swimming pool, steam sauna and separate balcony. There you can enjoy Antarctica glacier.

Summer to swim in the heated spa ritzy luotuoluwa for body and mind

Luotuoluwa hot springs

Winter index

Temperature: 6-8 months for winter, the temperature generally 9-15 ° c;

Dress code: need to wear a warm winter clothing, such as sweaters and coats, etc.

If you look from the Tourism New Zealand's on the plane, overlooking the luotuoluwa geothermal city, you can see New Zealand's only active volcano on the sea.

Because of the active volcano, New Zealand winter becomes an attractive travel.

In this rich, geothermal energy, not only can a dip in the hot spring water, bubble bath, mud and more you can watch a tingle of Maori dance, it is said that it was ancient ancient Maori and indigenous Warrior dance, see human blood, morale, and then, in the southern hemisphere winter becomes warm.

Polynesian Spa pool

The winter way

Recommended method: spas

Recommended reason: luotuoluwa is a geothermal city, New Zealand, is authentic Maori settlement, it can be felt in the ice from the Earth's temperature, but also appreciate the vast New Zealand's Maori culture with a long.

Recommended sites: luotuoluwa.

Here is the birthplace of New Zealand tourism. A geothermal city, recommended to the Polynesian Spa pool (PolynesianPool), it is New Zealand's first world-class spa centre, has a long history and great scenery, where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Lake Luotuoluwa. Spa Centre by brick and wood into one pool, each with a different temperature, temperature 36 ° Celsius to 42 degrees, different water temperatures have different effects.

Luotuoluwa hot spring district

Winter play

Soaked Spa enjoy foot massage

Walk into luotuoluwa, strong sulfur smell, aroma to this hot spring town really lives up to its name.

And at the roadside or in the local population's private garden, can always see risked white fog hot springs pool.

New Zealand is located in the Central Pacific volcanic belt, the geothermal resource is very rich.

Here, you can integrated, all-encompassing feeling hot springs, such as the readability of the hot springs or immersive feel hot spring, etc.

First, spas, in temperatures as low as 10 below, undress, jump into a hot spring is a challenge, but from the hot springs in rose, is a challenge, not to mention, spas in luotuoluwa so comfortable.

In particular, to recommend the Polynesian Spa pool, foot massage, it is the most popular of a project. Foot massage is a massage from luotuoluwa, more specifically, massage therapist uses the local species of birds, with essential oils and fats with massage, the permeability of the comfortable sense of unutterable.

The gates of hell

See the spectacular scenery of the gates of hell

Perhaps spas for Guangdong people too general, but the Spa there is also a special beauty mdash mdash mdash;;; is Bernard Shaw named hell's gate area, also located in the North Island of New Zealand's geothermal reserve, this is New Zealand's only an easy reach of mud volcanoes.

Hell's Gate in the greatest spectacle is boiling mud, don't underestimate the sticky mud pool, is said to have healing, skincare SPA of magic.

Maori song and dance

Feel the mysterious and unique Maori culture

In addition to the spas, luotuoluwa still mysterious indigenous Maori cultural traditions, Maori gift is very interesting, forehead touching the forehead, nose nose, very cordial.

But the Maori ebullient dance performances more memorable. After the mud packages, hot immersion, you can also choose to fishing, expedition, canoeing, swimming, biking and other campaigns, but also to point stimulation, such as skydiving, take a jet boat, play roller ball and so unheard of exciting outdoor games.p>

Luotuoluwa gorgeous night

Travel gonglue

1. transport: currently, only Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong have direct flight line, Hong Kong recently, flight time of about 10.5 hours.

2. food: local eating for meat, wine, very famous.

3. accommodation: specially selected by the people, and the plural, in addition to the same hotel, there are numerous backpack traveller hotel, holiday parks, very low, in Park tent inside; a motel, farm stay, family hotel, etc.

4, notice: travel to New Zealand, customs quite strict, must not take meat products (canned), fruits, seeds, beef, pork and poultry products, and any other entry, so as not to conflict with the food to local criminal law.

De Wei on brothel Aeolian leaves a rhyme to tell stories about Argonaut

De Wei town

De Wei is Alaska's famous entertainment, a small town is not big but very clean.

About 1897-1898, a large number of people who crossed into, pickaway, where built a, twenty thousand people in town. Then some of the old building still survive. The annual summer tourism Summit, approximately 400 000 people drive, ride, take a cruise ship, or even riding a bike and walk to this place, one hundred local residents is responsible for the supply of dietary visitors.

Red onion

This is Alaska's famous town, pickaway taken at a brothel.

The picture on the entire Alaska's premier mdash mdash; brothels-; red onion, now is the actress was disguised as a prostitute, was devoted to the visitor performing miner in the small town of story, let visitors experience gold peak of Aeolian leaves a rhyme hellip; hellip;


The brothel cover in 1898, nearly 10 bedrooms upstairs are lived near 10 girls, they each room walls are an iron and downstairs cashier.

Cashier counter stands 10 dolls, clothes, hair color, and face the girl with the upstairs. Guests under the dolls to choose their own desired girl.

Disguised as a prostitute actress

But he selected a room upstairs, the boss of this baby down, said she has entered the working state.

About bi guests who prostitute Gold 5 dollars remain in the room. They do not pay cash, but at that time, the $ 5 gold.

Brothel room old rich

Girl gold thrown into wall of iron pipes, direct access to the cashier, the arrival of the Golden Nugget boss hears the sound, the doll is straight up, said she has completed work for the next guest.

Has now been changed to hotel

Downstairs is a dance floor and a bar, and dance performances by Geisha and they can extract peijiu 50% rebate for drinks.

Now here is converted into a hotel, but huge wood bar is shown at left, although more than 100 years, is still sharp creases in America.

Beautiful clothes

Antique room