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Presence of foreign country

Introduction: for people like me without sophisticated equipment nor self-flagellation pursuit, but want a kiss snow mountain and the mountains of Nepal's annapuerna outfit.

Without carrying a cooking pot and tents, a compass and a walking stick or lost along the way to one side, the tea break, every night is also a hot bath wash hellip; hellip; well, that sounds really cool is that?

Practical information:

Time difference: later than Beijing time 2 hours 15 minutes.

Voltage socket: Nepal 220V AC, 50Hz.

Jack is round Jack, domestic electrical appliances plug of some could not be used. Recommends that a European-style conversion plug.

Nepal currency: rupee (Rs Nepalese Rupee, short), with RMB and dollar fluctuations in almost every day.

Go to Nepal Tourism without worrying about money problems, because currency exchange office, you don't need to worry about changing to counterfeit money.
Trip preparation


Although Nepal local consumption is low, but tickets are relatively expensive.

At present domestic flights to and from the Nepal and China Southern, Air China only in high season fares $ 7000, off-season also need 5000 Yuan. But if 10 or more, you can obtain more favourable prices of team. If you are starting from Shanghai, recommended in Chengdu, Lhasa, which not only time better arrangements in the aircraft also to enjoy the beauty of Mount Everest.

My one and a half before departure began to look around at the time of flight information, and finally in copyright2004 (specifically do Nepal Tourism's Web site) group purchase to 4550 $ (including tax) Shanghai mdash; Kathmandu airfare, also includes one night accommodation in Chengdu.


Nepal's visa is very good, as long as with at least 6 months of validity of the passport, 2-inch passport photo, copy of your ID card and personal visa information table to go to the Consulate for Nepal, visa fee is £ 15 days, $ 235 per person; 30-day, $ 50/person.

Nepal Consulate:

Add: West Beijing Road, Shanghai, East exhibition building 669 16/f, Tower a

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9: 30 am-11: 30, 13: 30-16: 30
Tour introduction


Kathmandu, its presence

Day1mdash; 2: Shanghai mdash mdash; Chengdu; la mdash; Kathmandu

Tashi Delek Hotel Hostel:

Tamil in Kathmandu (Thamel) tourist areas of the Centre, is open to the hotel.

Comparatively, the area is clean and tidy. If you are concerned about the Nepal couldn't adapt to, you can choose to stay in this hotel.
In bokhara, understand the significance of hiking

Day3-Day7: bokhara

Carry-on travel guide says: bokhara, Eastern Switzerland.

Small town on the North, is the magnificent annapuerna mountain range, this is part of the Himalaya, a paradise for hiking enthusiasts.

Prepare for hiking

Enter Annapuerna mountains need in the ACAP Office for bokhara mountain pass.

Bring 2 pieces of 2 '' photo and passport, each person 2000 rupees. In the walking process may encounter ACAP staff request stamped your climbing permit.

Note: ACAP is the Annapurna Conservation Area Project, is Nepal mountaineering management body, like a quasi-government organization, consists of civil protection, education, building, research, economic, facilities, and other seven units.


The mountains without meat eating, mostly eggs and vegetables.

Another harvest walk is your will on the eggs of practices and their English name. In addition, mushroom and tomato pizza are also worthy of recommendation.
As with the Kathmandu, worship of tourists, the city's restaurants and colorful boccara. Down from the mountains are generally really wanted to eat meat, it is recommended to Everest Steakhouse point a steak, while meat is relatively old, but the warm atmosphere of the shop can also make people spend a pleasant evening.

A number of lakes, bokhara, spread over a number of small family hostel (Guesthouse), most of them with beautiful garden.

In the low season, a room will probably only need 6 dollars, but need to be reminded that, due to local health conditions are not too good, it's best to bring sleeping bags.
Hotel View Point
LocationMore distant, near the Palace, but quiet. Single room rate of $ 6 off season.
Phone: 532-648, 98560-20202

Bhaktapur, tourists fascinated by the calm

Day8-10: Bhaktapur

Quiet I Bhaktapur first impression, clean and spacious du Pakistan square Dove at ease and hopping, elegant shape.

From the residence of Lord Shiva hotel overlook the square of the window, dreaming is through the space-time of the ancient South Asian women, against the window on the rail, idly times.

Then climb to highest point will pick a place to sit down, Palm down should have rough wood, has long been the predecessors of hand-rubbing is smoothtranslucent suo.

And then it just goes around in a circle without maps, anyway, the city just a bit bigger.

Earthenware square, crowds of people squatting smoking, playing card games, waiting for just making good clay pottery is Sun dried, stereotypes, you go to their sides to sit down and talk about their companion, and brought the camera on them, they also turns. While those who like being spread of coils like alley, vegetables, fish, spices, sweets made a bunch of random squeeze, smell mixed with each other on either side of the lane, door canopy low, Dim light, sometimes going out of one person, but scare you jump hellip; hellip;

The city as a bit of reading to do things the old way, everything calmly.

He hold you, take care of you, for you to tell his story, but it will never change for you.

One evening I sit idle at du bus Plaza.

Light in the darkness of the sky, only to see bhupathi Ting de la middot; Mara (Bhupatindra Malla) King-like outline of perseverance and in the heart of the Temple of shadows. In the Sky-God's care, the young people of the night of laughter hair. For them, Bhaktapur is not listed on the World Heritage list on the protected old town is not important, tourists come and go or not important, important, these square and the temple that was never possible erosion of the land, is home.


Also known as the Bard.

Located in the Kathmandu Valley in southeastern Nepal. Amadou Toumani Touré of the old Royal Palace, Plaza bar built in 1700 years are still well preserved, with beautiful wood carvings and an exquisite gilt entrance. Opposite the stone pillar with bhupathi Ting de la middot; Mara bronze statue of a King. There are other temples in the square. In the South another square, stands a 18 century 5 temples and a langenbielau Temple, the gate guards a pair of gold-plated symplectic Haas (God Lion) bronze sculpture. The city has a beautiful wood carving museum.

Foreign tourists into the Bhaktapur to turn up to 750 rupees entry fee, but a handheld Chinese passport is as long as 50 rupees.

Each entry in the city are some serious charges or tickets. If you intend to live here for a week, only to pay an entry fee, but when the tickets have to say it clearly, and in the back of the ticket your passport number.


Bhaktapur is famous for ceramics and wood carvings.

In Getachew Phra street old city square around the stalls and the Pujari alley next to the Math will be able to find excellent handicraft. The most common form of copies of a Peacock or terrorist God bhairab mask.
Recommended food:

Don't forget to taste the Bhaktapur well-known features snacks: jujudhau, it is a yogurt.

In addition, du bus Plaza and] NavpokhuPokharI pool between small restaurant (outside posted the picture with cheese) also can enjoy the cuisine.

Reference price: a small glass of 7 rupees, a big bowl of 60 rupees
Recommended restaurants:

Gnata Pola restaurant (Cafe Nyatapola)

In the square, it Taumadhl is located in the building used to be a traditional Temple pagoda type.

The restaurant is very narrow, but the location is very good. Food prices are quite high, the restaurant part of the business profits will be donated to a local hospital.

Reference price: fast food 150 rupees, package 450mdash; 550 rupee, tea each pot of RS. 55

Opening hours: 8 a.m.-7 p.m.

Marco Polo restaurant (Marco Polo Restaurant)

Located on the corner of the square, near the Temple of the Gnata Pola.

The restaurant is both affordable and cheap, but business time is very long, other tourism restaurant close at night, it is still in business. The restaurant has a small balcony, but to be able to see the attractions are very limited.

Reference price: entree 70mdash; RS. 120

Looking for that side of the pure land to go to San Marino mystery world home of longevity

Modern man's pursuit of fun, excitement, lack of work ethic, fast pace and society often led tense, these are with longevity.

Slowdown in the pace at the right time, enjoy yourself along the scenic, stretch the whole body, relax and eat a delicious, for every modern men are physically charging and enjoyment, this will also help us better longevity. Today, small taping members to world look desirable longevity.

The compact town San Marino

San Marino

San Marino is located in southern Europe, is a country in Italy, this peaceful town was Italy's noble and romantic wrapping.

San Marino in te Tanoh hillside, castles, churches, houses and low scattered about, Oh, in the Woods Nonglv. Standing on the Castle Hill Timothy Tano, looking around before looking to the East is viridescent of Adriatic, mighty, a boundless; North, West, South three hills, Plains, Shek Kong, overlapping, Earth rise are vineyards and orchards, embellished with some white housing, don't have a poetic.

Living in such a country as a dream pictures, people positive mood, cheerful and extension of their own lives.

Here is the same as the average life expectancy and Japan, 83-year-old, male life expectancy is more than Japan. According to expert analysis, the key lies in their peace of mind, a healthy diet. San Marino claims to be a gentleman's country, if you lost something, no matter how long, leaving back when things will still be there, or if it was free.

Extreme calm life

In the diet, wholemeal bread, wine, olive oil, is the San Marino people daily will eat food, coupled with tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, lettuce, potatoes, mushrooms, etc. with the antioxidant effects of vegetables, very beneficial to health.

The harsh summer, go to San Marino popular party longevity secrets, calm and cool your life bar ~

Warm Tip:

1 climate: subtropical Eastern Mediterranean climate of San Marino.

The average annual temperature of 16 ° c, winter minimum temperature-2 ° c, in summer maximum temperatures of 30 degrees centigrade.

2 hotels in recommendation: Hotel Titano, San Marino, hotel services and facilities include bar, restaurant, parking, television, viewing room.

Price: 58 euros/night

3 traffic: domestic airport and railway station.

Travel to San Marino can be the first to Italy Rimini, Rimini from of travelling to San Marino 22 km/h.

4 diet: San Marino diet and Italy are very similar, in San Marino local restaurants are able to provide customers with authentic Italy meal.

Home of longevity

China BAMA

BAMA is located in Guangxi basin and the Yunnan-Guizhou plateau's slope, is the world famous home of longevity.

Here enjoying being extended youth and vitality, the incidence of heart disease and cancer is very low, the immune system is very robust. And foreign researchers found that BAMA in air, water and food for three other regions have incomparable advantages. BAMA regions of negative oxygen ions per cubic metre of up to 2000 ~ 5000, up to 20 000, industrial cities and plain area ten times to several dozen times.

BAMA's River and the spring, most after thousands of meters of the subsurface is outcrops, from different strata incorporates wholesome, trace element selenium, strontium, long-term consumption can regulate physiological function, to prolong life.

Food, BAMA lifelong eating congee and corn porridge, or a hybrid of two metres, generation congee, porridge home food and long life.

Boutique BAMA

BAMA is rich in unique tourism resources, major tourist attractions have blessed Lake scenery, long hung rural scenery, friends of the primeval forest, panyang scenery, 100 modong, Laurent Crystal Palace and other natural resources as well as longevity secrets, national customs, revolutionary history education base, etc humane resources.

BAMA Shouxiang treasures tour is included in one of the top ten tourism products in Guangxi.

Also, what, quickly go BAMA!

Warm Tip:

1 climate: the climate of BAMA is warm in winter and cool in summer, any time you can breathe the fresh air.

Every year in September to the following year's excellent season in May was BAMA.

2 speciality: miniature pigs, maize rice crust, camellia oil, wine, Gecko dish hemp, etc.

3 traffic: County is located on State Highway 323 and provincial road 322 line interchange, is leading in

GUI in Southeast and southwest area of the throat, distance 70 km-Kunming railway.

4 accommodation: slope of the month, and is satisfied that there are many farmers in the slope of the hotel, available for you to choose from.

Hidden in the Valley of beautiful scenery

France pirineos region

Pirineos is located in the southwestern mountains in Europe, located in France and Spain, is the junction of the two countries border mountain.

Mountain range lies the forest, mineral deposits, iron, manganese, bauxite, sulfur and mercury and lignite etc, and a spa. Gorgeous mountain scenery, is an important tourist destination, and mountaineering skiing and other winter sports activities of good sites. The annual tour de France is fully demonstrated here, stimulating the tourism industry.

Pirineos is many people's interest, in the tradition of the people here have been relying on a living from agriculture and animal husbandry.

Residents in this unique land planted potatoes, sweet corn and feed crops, and produce wine, vegetables, fruits, typical of the Eastern Mediterranean products. Although here eating a high-fat of Goose liver, recipe, beef and butter cake, high food bulked large, but now the world's longevity of the elderly to live here. France people think eat Goose liver, beef and there was no contradiction between maintaining health, the key is moderate.


France children were brought up to understand that if you do not eat at the table, it is difficult to find food, vending machines allow installation in various schools in France.

At the same time, provide a healthy and diverse France school lunch, and forcing people to accept, against the policy of students ' parents, City Hall will write to notify them to the town hall to receive lunch education.

Taste the authentic and delicious Goose liver, experience the thrill of moderate diet health, come and Pyrenees mountains.

Warm Tip:

1 climate: temperate maritime climate, warm in winter and cool in summer, precipitation evenly, suitable for four seasons travel.

2 food: tender lubrication French foie gras

3 transportation: Mountain West Coast built on more than one railway, and another 6 Road and 2 railway tunnel through the mountain range, communication and the South.

4 attractions: PK, pine wave aikou, ASPO Valley etc.

Gateway to Okinawa

Japan Okinawa

Okinawa has been called Japan's Hawaii, which is located in Kyushu, Japan and Taiwan, from over 60 Islands.

The main island of Okinawa and long narrow, North-East; it is Japan's only sub-tropical maritime climate, warm and sunny weather all year round, the average annual temperature of 22.7 ° c, even in winter the slightest feel cold.

Due to climatic conditions, Okinawa main growing sugar cane and tropical and subtropical fruit.

Here's a flashing blue white light of oceans, white sand beaches, beautiful coral reefs, a variety of subtropical plants and Tropical scenery, there are also ancient cultural traditions and historical heritage.

Allegedly, Okinawa island, home to the most long-life on Earth, do check with the doctor often find, even in old age, the Okinawan people still have young immune systems and arteries, high levels of sex hormones and the perfect mental health, cancer incidence rate is 40% higher than in the West.

It's a blue

Japan people love to eat light food, high protein, low-salt foods, this diet has been universally recognized as a scientific and rational diet.

Okinawa is located at the seaside, at any time you can eat a variety of fresh seafood, this can be useful to the arteries and the brain. Okinawa people pay attention to movement and the old often spontaneous organization various team competition, out of love to walk. These are the secret of their longevity. Enjoy a romantic seascape, with Okinawa seafood meet taste, GO

1 the best time to travel: Okinawa is a subtropical climate, warm in winter and cool in summer, are suitable for a holiday all the year round.

2 traffic: Naha international airport is the main airport in Okinawa, Tokyo and Honshu, Kyushu in 15 cities, there are direct flights.

If the time sufficient, take a boat to visit Okinawa is also a good choice, from China's Xiamen or you can take a boat to Naha.

3 currency exchange: in Japan to renminbi Bank very few tourists best in domestic currency exchange.

If the carry is the US dollar, the local airport, Exchange Bank, or some star convertible.

4 Tip: there is no tipping in Okinawa in habit, but in the hotel and restaurants usually add 10-15% service charge, although usually the visitors on a voluntary basis, but if not, may be considered

It is not polite.

Ecuador's Vilcabamba

Vilcabamba Ecuador

In Ecuador there is a call in the South of Vilcabamba village.

In 1970, the village called Miguel. Karl Fabio's people have caught eye diseases, for the first time to see a doctor. This time the eye make Vilcabamba is known as Miguel was said to have lived a 120 years old.

Vilcabamba is about 5000 people, of which more than 100 years old 20 or above.

This mountain village is recognized as the land of the Western hemisphere's longevity. 102-year-old village has a bit of the old West LA, a few years ago in the small town of Carnival dance. In was asked why the long life, she said: we can't walk a lot, to old to work.

Quiet Vilcabamba

Vilcabamba people like to eat beans, corn, bananas, sweet potatoes, rice, mango, etc.

Most people only have a week or two chicken or fish and other animal food. The natives also love to drink the spring water, scientific analysis found that local spring water in the high mineral content, iron, magnesium, and other components of the ideal proportion.

Five basic longevity village are located in remote areas, yearend, the inhabitants of the warm and friendly, upbeat and enjoy peace and quiet, this is the reason for its longevity.

Go to the other, how can we not to Ecuador.

Warm Tip:

1 climate: close to the sea very hot, a typical tropical climate, the eastern Amazon region is the tropical rain forest climate, the mountains, the climate is relatively cold climate at high altitude.

2 Customs: Ecuador people terribly rude, and guests meet for the first time to shake hands, but when you encounter when you have to wait for their women first-hand to shake hands.

3 other attractions: the old city of Quito, Cologne Islands, independence square, Equator monument, etc.

4 visa: Ecuador tourist visa in 90, 30-day duration of stay, to entertain business day in 3 days to complete.

Jamaica: Rast method in the school's paradise

Applause players, we all gathered together to the bar, every afternoon of the fifth point is the same ceremony, where Regal dance music in the sun slip below the horizon of instant play its first notes.

Institut earned a handful of dollars, some with fist song these grey young Jamaica man at the top of the cliff dived into the water, and Cliff's Rick Cafe (Cafe Ricks) make up the island's most popular spectator theatre. This is a necessary skill skilled movements, Cliff a notice before establishing advisory with lay people do not imitate. From seven miles long cliff jump into the water, a cliff jump is Donegal Riel (Negril) of a tradition, and its world famous 12 km long beach is listed as the world's most beautiful beaches in the world.

Jamaica scenery

Diverse scenery

In addition, at the turning point of the last century in Port Antonio, Jamaica (Port Antonio) experienced their first leap forward of tourism.

At that time, the huge port operates large-value and the export of bananas, which means a large number of the vessel in Boston banana was empty and then return to continue their mission until a captain's sidetracked, transport those rich United States visitors. Counting the unique wealth of France who Wan (Frenchmanrsquo; s Cove), the region does not lack material, was hanging rock surrounded by France's Bay is a ideal small bends, a small of the Banyan tree ferns, Palm trees, or even transform magic color of blue coral reefs with a natural swimming pool edges to expand this extension to shop. It is there, the technique of small wire (Brooke Shield) in a large screen.

TIPS souvenirs: Blue Mountain Coffee! Alex Swilly Mann plantations (La plantation dAlex Twyman) are those in the renowned at the reception people one of the few Park.

The old Inn coffee industry (Old Tavern Coffee Estate (924.2785)

Magic moment: hanging in the tropical jungle on Pointe Paris Express, canopy (Canopy Tour) Tyrol's most spectacular Express, tournament Crown by blowing card Caribbean Adventure tours.

Golden Gate Bridge to global suicide preferred

From the Golden Gate Bridge look down

From the Golden Gate Bridge, look down, often there is fog lingers, hallucination.

See the Golden Gate Bridge of the sea

Golden Gate Bridge (Golden GateBridge) since 1937 after completion, mankind lived nearly a century, or even go to the moon.

But the face of the Golden Gate Bridge, many common idea or a human arrogation, cover the creator is not the cover of the project. Since the Tower of Babel may work under God's intervention, human or having failed to continue to try to great works.

Can I take key step

There are already more than 1200 people jump, slapped on the sea.

Some people can't find it, some people in dozens of nautical miles, visceral impact by powerful earthquakes in pieces, as if the master died in the House of bone sponge.

Golden Gate Bridge is the world's preferred suicide sites

This is the first choice of suicide sites worldwide.

On the bridge, you hidden suicide may also be awaken. A young father, holding two-year-old girl, was good, and a pariah tourists enjoy together heap Island Bay scenery, should also took some photos, but suddenly he dropped the baby, they immediately jump sea. There is no any aura, nor any reason.

Also some public figures, will come here to die to the public.

Also some public figures, will come here to death to the public, to teach kids the bad guys.

This includes the former United States Vice President Al Gore's good friend DuaneGarrett; Victoria's secret lingerie high cards (victoria s secret) founder RoyRaymond, if you happened to be wearing this brand of dingziku, in a show before a few seconds of silence.

Many suicides are unable to explain

Many suicides are unable to explain.

Anti-suicide groups and religious groups struggled against San Francisco media in coverage of suicide, said the sort of suicide, in fact also appeared in integer, such as the impact of 500, 1000, sudden surge in the number of suicide. Sort to 998, if the bridge there are two men wanted indisputable first 1000 bits, they had to do with consumption above other side first jump, deadlock, but his jump next to three individuals, the two men would regret it.

In the Bay Bridge on a handful of people who committed suicide

In and the Golden Gate Bridge and Bay Bridge's sister (Bay Bridge): a comparative study, suicide experts found that, in the Bay Bridge on a handful of people commit suicide, according to the common sense, people want to die, fall where not?

Many of the few people think that die in under the Golden Gate Bridge is very beautiful, very romantic.

Of course, not from the downtown of high jump down, so too will drop it to the selfish, and others.

Suicide expert RicharD Seiden says: many few people think that die in under the Golden Gate Bridge is very beautiful, very romantic, and jump down from the Bay Bridge, seem old-fashioned.

Standing at the Golden Gate Bridge, you will produce this illusion, the jump will be clean, calm, gentle death.

But starting from Visual JeromeMotto, found the reason: he finds at the Golden Gate Bridge, you will produce this illusion, the jump will be clean, calm, gentle death.

Golden Gate Bridge is considered to be the Temple of death

Skip a lot of people, in the Golden Gate Bridge suicide have generally accepted rationale: why here because you cannot commit suicide? in other places are so gorgeous, here is the death of the Holy Temple of death, as long as you jump, you is dedicated to the sacred streamer Festival of death.

In the Golden Gate Bridge retro wangdou below

Below the Golden Gate Bridge, retro wangdou suicide prevention, this huge project justification for decades, have not been implemented by, perhaps, we all have a tacit understanding that in the Golden Gate Bridge does not make people commit suicide, too cruel.

Mikura Island dating with dolphins

Mikura Island, these dolphins are happy

As the world's most amazing mammals dolphins for our human contribution goes well beyond the sea playing so simple.

It is not only an integral bio chain, even in scientific fields have immeasurable value. Excessively high IQ also makes their curiosity driven by bravely approaching vessel and human.

Relative to Dolphin Bay of those poor creatures, less than 300 kilometers of mikurajima Island, these dolphins are happy, their food, lives at home, you can safely and Afar human harmony, even with the friendly photographer with tour Huan-Hee.

Beautiful Dolphin

In Japan, about 200 km south of Tokyo sea, Izu Islands Midway, a small island called mikura island.

From distant Pacific North of Pacific warm Kuroshio mikura island and positive. Black tide from deep sea brings nutrient-rich water, make small islands surrounding oceans equally full of life, which is a group of wild dolphins perennial live on mikura island around.

Each March, with dust bunnies of weakened, sea conditions are becoming more and more calm, take on the island every day of the liner to the visitor, almost all are specially comes to the Dolphin who among them is the first time, and I like to visit regularly.

Swim with the dolphins with

With these lovely creatures with the tour, we will gradually find each other along with distance and style.

With constantly rising and dive, and dolphins communicate continuously, on life and people of understanding not through television sets in the animal world can understand.

Perhaps because Dolphin too clever, they use the time on the hunt.

Dolphins prefer a game is to surf the Web, so no matter the size of the vessel at sea, often encounter dolphins came to bow before the parade, the more out of the water. At mikura Island, too, there is the dolphin swim whenever you encounter on the ship before the ship's people are very excited, said astonishingly constantly, but dolphins often will respond to people's rocketing, happy and out of the water.

Playful dolphins

Dolphin's curiosity, or even like toys.

View dolphins in tourists often encounter dolphins will he got seaweed or current bring plastic bags hung on their dorsal fin swimming on slowly, once off it a circle, with the dorsal fin or pectoral fin and even caught the tail fin. Sometimes dolphins will and Dolphin are cast and then play the game.

Charmingly naive little cute

The sun goes down, the dolphins were ended on the island side rest time and began to swim to the deep ocean to food.

In fact, these friendly animals are not happy or angry, sometimes with Dolphin, regardless of the distance or forcibly close to them will have a group on the external male dolphins, then prior to deter it positive for dolphin watching, mouth, revealing with teeth and constantly emit concatenate like dolphin, this will make people feel threatened, so prohibitive.

Adoption of these creatures, we learned just how to get along with animals, nature, harmony, communication between humans, even the life of new understanding are prompted me for an appointment on time each year.