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Approaching Okinawa "blurred"

A lift of Okinawa, the Chinese have most direct response is US military bases, it is the US military in the Western Pacific region's military fortress, filled with mystery.

For many Chinese, Japan Okinawa island to plump than others. There is a star Takeshi's hometown, US military bases, is famous in the film did Okinawa "set hellip; hellip; Okinawa gives the impression that goes beyond the US level, even with a description of the confusing.

Okinawa impression

Okinawa Prefecture including one by hundreds of small islands in the island chain.

This island chain of centers to Taiwan and Japan Kyushu distance almost equal. In Viet Nam during the war, US military bases, especially military bases in Okinawa is the most important strategic and logistical base. In addition, Japan strategist pointed out that, despite the three non-nuclear principles, but during the cold war the number of bases in Okinawa are still being used for the storage of nuclear weapons. Even today, in the United States and Japan signed a secret deal's support, the United States equipment of nuclear submarines and destroyers cruising around in Japan. Moreover, the US military bases in Japan to United States convenient strategically speaking very important five mdash mdash; sea; the Bering Sea, sea of Okhotsk, Japan Sea, East China Sea and South China Sea.

India think tank IDSA article believes that although Okinawa us maybe are not covered by the Okinawa Prefecture Japan's welcome, Okinawa for United States, still have strategic importance.

The potential threat from China and Korea threat, Japan had to allow United States bases stationed in Okinawa.

Okinawa impression

Okinawa first appeared in China's history was the year 610 years, at the time of the Sui dynasty officials to Okinawa adventure, report to the Court after returning home.

1372 years, Ming dynasty emperor sent messengers to flood the island Empress Ryukyu Kings. Subsequently, the Ryukyu King in person tribute, and China has and maintains close ties with the Ming dynasty. Ming dynasty annually sent messengers to Okinawa, Ryukyu each held a grand ceremony, until now, Okinawa also holding such a memorial ceremony.

This activity, the street jumble, televised dressed in ancient Chinese clothes, with silent evaded, and other brands, all of a sudden thought to hundreds of years ago in China.

Okinawa impression

Okinawa's most famous tourism product is made from sweet potato and sweet potato snacks seedlings is Okinawa Messenger from China to take home.

Then the King of the Ryukyu Palace main hall, write a hanging a piece of clay tablets, Zhongshan se. According to research, these four words coming from the hand of the Qing dynasty Kangxi Emperor.

The first city in Okinawa (formerly Shou-li city, Japan was changed to now) is the tourists will go.

This is a fusion of Chinese ancient culture and Ryukyu culture's unique buildings, is the Ryukyu Kings Office and ceremonies.

Okinawa impression

Enter the first in the city, first after Shou-li, it looks very like China's arch.

Enter the first line of a castle gate called Huan-gate, is welcome Chinese emissary. Doors on each side with a lion, Okinawa shisa is called the lion, and Chinese pronunciation is very close. An old man dressed in ancient Chinese clothes stood there, asked didn't know he was a guard. He said that when the guard is wearing such a garment. At this point there is a pair of Japan lovers walk, the young man said: I felt like alien here. It is true that people here feel fear not the Japan culture, which is the ancient Chinese culture and the integration of the Ryukyu culture.

Light, simple Resort Samui

Scenic sights

Thailand, Yunnan people familiar with the various islands, Thailand for Yunnan, nor is anything strange.

Take the Samui for example, if five years ago, that wasn't afraid to say familiar, 5 years later, Samui Island, has become the Yunnan people regardless of family or honeymoon, or as regards the free line. Now in Samui, people have to say that although leave no traces of time, but she was already as if the mark had been carved in Yunnan's mind.

Light and shadow Samui, simple holiday.

This is the 2010 National Day Golden week for the tourist express tour Koh Samui that express ideas. In light and shadow in every corner of the island, in the light and enjoy simple holiday life. She, like shuhe old town of Lijiang, Yunnan province, as the time goes by, the same time gentle splashing in the depths of the sea, the sea with private beach, and lazy people from around the world who have powers to come, with the third eye to discover, enjoy and shadow Samui Samui, let alone everything gone with the wind.

Went all over Thailand, want to stay in Samui.

There, the day that is soft, the sun slowly pouring down on the white sandy beach, night, the night was so charming, moon with some vague glow, shyness and fall into the depths of the sea, waves from the mysterious light and shadow, are called stunning. Of course, this is the lazy people who want to ' soft areas.

Light and shadow through Samui Chachi Timor Sea Park Beach, Dyna, Villa Hotel, Vacation Club, simple REIGUI everywhere.

A piece of pure light and shadow Island colors

Scenic sights

Samui island in color, and Phuket completely different, Phuket Thailand is known for beautiful Pearl, Samui is Thailand's southern invaders in pristine islands, no commercial atmosphere, the island of fishermen pure passion, one of the few tourists, people come here for one purpose, lazy and simple holiday.

Koh Samui from Bangkok approximately 560 kilometers away from the South, 20 years ago have visitors to disturb this lush Coconut Grove and quiet little fishing village.

Until a few Western tourists travelling from Bangkok to the movement of the vessel, coconut Samui has a beautiful beach only for messages that were current. Samui is Thailand's third largest island, an area of 247 km distance to the Mainland, about 80 km, around 80 Islands, but many uninhabited. Samui is the narrowest 5 km, widest point 21 km/h. Samui island clean, strip of white sand beach, is everyone's dream of a tropical island paradise.

This idyllic land with her sister resort quite different, she saved a tropical retreat's unique natural history, the most outstanding is her fine white sand, small caves, and crystal-clear waters, and dense Chitou of Coconut Grove and farmland landscape.

This is the place where people want to forget things dust disturbance and escape the bustling, with lazy eye to enjoy tranquility and shadow Samui.

Chachi Timor Heartthrob rock free

Scenic sights

The song "Hotel California", United States cowboy rock show is careless inner feelings, dreams of rock youth walk in the night to end of midnight, a California casual but eager urgent cowboy style.

In Samui first night, we precisely in Samui of Timor Beach heard countless times in the Hotel California ", the beach is like a spot, filled with action and bring some decadent California music. Cafe, barbecue, and outdoor bar, from Benz pickup tracing a pair of earthly life of painting, flowing so a little bit lonely.

Chachi Timor, LAOMAI, MEINAM is the largest Beach on Samui, which coincides with the Timor Samui beach is the development of more sophisticated Beach, the beach although not large, but now has become a synonym for Samui nightlife, saying no to the great wall and you haven't been to Beijing, use this to set: not exactly Timor Beach haven't visited Samui is too much.

At one o'clock in the morning to rest a moment of "Hotel California" started, outdoor bar full of different States of lazy activist, some even come here to see the old cukuang of singers, some from the West to the newlyweds on their honeymoon also music twist the body, with the point of intoxication along with the rhythm of the dance, a kiss is affectionately.

Deep night, tropical breezes hit in the face, blew up to end of our sleep, because the next light on holiday there is content, we take a red leather card returns hotel, only listen to the music of the female singer cukuang farther, finally only Starlight dots, sleeping surface, occasionally dough-return small fishing boats, floating in the sea of mist overlap.

I think that it is not a sunset in the sea of small fishing vessels, the sunset scene precisely because the sea and fishing vessels and had become chaoticThe sunset afterglow is the glittering sea maps, Sun closer to the sea, the night is lowered a few, small fishing vessel finally leaving a black shadow, drifting on the sea, mysterious.

Lazy evening gentle passion


Scenic sights

In Samui, any one of the night, you can be said to be unique.

And red wine green Bangkok, Samui is obviously to quiet comfort, without the propagation of noisy metropolis, but don't have fun. Centre districts that pass regardless of check-in is the star, or ordinary seaside houses, they would provide car and motorcycle rental business, on Samui, lightweight motorcycle is more in keeping with local style. As long as they pay good every day about 300 baht and must deposit the rent, you can borrow a motorcycle, a tour of the best tools of Samui. Driving a motorcycle trips, but also the experience of flipping do as the Romans do.

In addition, the hotel boss mostly has its own private beach, private beach set top open-air bar district, night, landscape begins after midnight.

My usage of big glass of beer, often under very drunk it much, elegant saxophone sounded, I do not know how many of the exotic, the saxophone acoustic music, and the wind blowing in the wind playing with the harmony of the Blues, people do not get drunk. Through the glass at Samui, time has completely stopped, just at that moment.

Samui island's nightlife is not popular, but it has its own features, ease of release of passion.

Then eat a bowl of Samui's acid spicy spicy soup powder, but this life. Soup powder mixed in the fish ball, vanilla, refreshingly, bean sprouts, pepper, and so on, eat a bite is called human appetite, a lingering aftertaste.

Koh Samui travel gonglue

Scenic snacks

October 1, Yunnan first fall Samui airport by plane will set sail.

Kunming direct flight to Samui, tourists do not need to take a flight to Samui's House and then by boat on the island, direct flight to 3 hours to reach the island, replacing the student prefers.

Kunming kanghui travel launched flights Samui Spa 6 days starting on October 1, 4-star price 6880 yuan/person.

In Samui Island, shopping, shopping very convenient, because the ring road around the coastline of the island, by the way the beach town of connection.

There is a large shopping centre and large supermarkets, only shopping markets and small shops, and tourists-related daily buy everywhere. Main business opening hours from 11 am to late 22 points, check the section start en Beach shop open until the evening of 24 points.

2010 the world's most livable city in 10

World famous United Kingdom lifestyle magazine the eyeglass (Monocle) recently launched the 2010 year of the world's most livable cities in the list, in the 25 most livable cities, Germany # 1 city Munich, Denmark ranked second in Copenhagen, the capital.

The criteria for selection include urban safety, crime rates, international exchanges, climate, construction quality, public transport, city, latitude, environmental issues, close to nature, design, business, health care, how many beneficial to urban development of active policies, etc.

No.1 Munich

Munich is located in Germany's Southern Alps mountain, nad Uysal was Germany's leading economy, culture, science, technology and traffic center one of the most prosperous city in Europe.

Munich while retaining the original capital of the Kingdom of Bavaria, rustic style, it was known as millions of people in the village.

Munich Opera House

As a historical and cultural city, Munich has many baroque and Gothic buildings, which are typical of the Renaissance in Europe, there are various sculptures in the city, the life.

We do not smile, our life is not colorful, we too serious, and we work hard, we are all well engineer that is right, but there is another side: a lot of society, a colorful contradictions melting pot.

In addition to science and technology, environmental protection, ecology, art, culture, and other near-perfect balance, Munich has ・Western's quality of life. The most important factor is that when Germany elsewhere facing a demographic crunch, it is the only report the birth of urban growth.

In addition, Munich or the world's most energy drink like beer city as the city's air is filled with the fragrance of beer.

If you want to experience Munich's beer culture, you can travel to Saint Mary Ann square next to the famous HB beer houses, and crispy and delicious Germany large elbow is zuojiu local delicacy. Saint Mary Ann Bell, the square of puppet is tourists in Munich will tour attractions, 32 puppet in Brahms "cradle" of the accompaniment every second to deduce the culture and history in Munich.

No.2 Copenhagen


The city has set up low-emissions city life standards.

Urban structure of community-focused, Denmark citizens care, crazy bike features make it rank high. In hosting the global climate conference, it became the world capital of environmental protection.

No.3 Zurich

Zurich in 2008 was named world's best quot; quality of life; the city quot.

Switzerland's largest city, Zurich state capital.

At the Northwest end of Lake Zurich and Limmat-Strait. The middle ages as a business centre with the Guild, international importance of the water transport hub. Switzerland's largest commercial and industrial centre, is one of the world financial center. A Zurich University (founded in 1833), Switzerland Federal comprehensive engineering school (Einstein had in this study and work), a library, Museum (founded in 1898). Beautiful scenery, the tourism industry developed. International Conference held in this. The city has a medieval building of the Tower, the Castle Church, fountain, Limmat-Strait is shuangta Roman basilica, convent, the Buddha Park, etc.

Zurich is Switzerland's economic center, but also 3 over 100 banks in the financial centre.

Medieval Italy Zurich becomes the interface between the North and Germany's transport hub, is a textile-based commercial city.

Zurich is the combination of medieval and modern city.

The city has a medieval times teaching tip Tower, Castle, fountain; Limmat-Strait has twin-tower Roman basilica, convent and the municipal government and many modern residential, hotel and restaurant, etc. Zurich Lake like a Crescent in urban areas of the South-eastern end, up to 40 km, blue sky shines Green Lake, Woods white sail flickered on the clouds; the Lake on the outskirts of evergreen trees, Green Valley.

Here or attracting fresh creative city.

In recent years the financial crisis that rocked the city. More and more young people create their own companies. New entrepreneurship and high-quality education and superior geographical location has attracted many famous professors around the world.

No.4 Tokyo


The bustling Tokyo is the capital of Japan, is Asia's largest city, the world's second largest city.

The world's largest economic center. Tokyo is Japan's economic, commercial and financial centre, capital in more than 50 billion yen, 90% of companies concentrated in Tokyo, the nation's major banks or head office or main branches are located in Tokyo, Tokyo in a thousand generations of district and the Central District is famous for its Territories respectively with Japan Bank and active in the world of stock market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

In the alleys of Tokyo, found everywhere shrine Temple, even the famous business district of Ginza, large and small 13 shrine, dedicated to the patron saint of maintenance of commercial prosperity.

Zhou Enlai, Lu Xun, Guo Moruo youth have been in Tokyo for schooling. March 14, 1979, Tokyo and Beijing to friendly city. The traffic is very convenient in Tokyo, manoeuvrable with 200 km of Shinkansen from Tokyo to Kyushu, and extends to the North East area. Arrive at Metro could almost all important areas. Rail, road, air and sea form a convenient transportation network, the gateway to the country and around the world.

Although there are a large number of residents, Tokyo remains clean, punctual, etiquette.

Its skyline total an alarming frequency transformation, to erase the concrete city impression in the city. To 2013, the city will build on the existing basis of more than 400 hectares of green space, plant 20 million trees.

No.5 Helsinki

Finland's capital Helsinki

Finland's capital Helsinki (Helsinki), bordering the Baltic Sea, is a classic beauty with modern civilization into one of the city, which reflects the European city of romance, and an international metropolis.

At the same time, she is also a city of architecture and natural beauty unique combination with the garden city. In the Sea against the sea, whether summer or winter instead of blue ice again floating, the port city is always looks beautiful and clean, the people praise as the daughter of the Baltic Sea. In Helsinki harbour market, have a daughter named in the Baltic Sea, the statue is a symbol of Helsinki.

Helsinki City streets broad, beautiful clean, is full of green trees and lawn as yin.

City Centre Street in the intersection of the flowers in the garden. City buildings, unique style, with light-coloured granite built, there is a quot; Nordic day quot; AIT.

A sunny day in Helsinki will be able to compensate for additional nights here.

It's small enough so you can easily walk or ride a ring around the city, the surrounding scenery make the person heart movement. It is closely linked with the world: 7-hour direct flight to Asia, 8 hour arrived in New York, 3-5 hour train direct to St. Petersburg. Nordic welfare system guarantees the quality of life, free education programme covers the entire city.

No.6 Stockholm


Stockholm, Sweden's capital, is the largest city.

Sweden national Government, Parliament and Royal Crown Palace are located here. Located on the East coast of Sweden, on the verge of the Baltic Sea, Lake malaren, into the mouths of the scenery, is a famous tourist destination. Urban distribution of 14 islands and a peninsula, 70 bridges these islands with, thus enjoying the reputation of the Northern Venice. Stockholm urban area as a part of Stockholm. Starting from the 13th century, Stockholm became Sweden's political, cultural, economic and transport centre. Stockholm is Alfred middot; Nobel's hometown.

Stockholm by chegem rastan (old city) of the castle building.

Still retains many historic buildings, and scenery. The central station, hotel and other facilities are mainly concentrated in chegem rastan North of NOK Nkrumah Salm region; East to quiet upscale residential Esther hilma Chelm; southern land of the cable is Chelm street artists and young people to gather; here is called the world's most beautiful capitals.

Sweden's capital for the eco-city established a benchmark.

Stockholm people breathe clean air in Europe, summer in the city centre, the clear water tour, winter skiing through the forest, ride the Green bus to work. 75% of public transport are the use of renewable energy.

No.7 Paris


Beautiful Paris, the magic of Paris, which is representative of the architectural art, it is a model of the ancient city of protection, it is an example of the cultural environment, it is a model of ecological civilization.

In the Paris urban communities, everywhere you can see the museums, theatres, gardens, fountains and sculptures, cultureThe environment is very good. Paris's cultural life and variety, entertainment art atmosphere in the form of elegant, very strong. Paris people are polite, just like the sight in his remarks on the European tour, said: in the past people said lsquo; six rsquo; selling vegetables FDH has smoke water vapor, Paris people who had probably have had one or two root ya bone. Paris people, because they almost like breathing air breathing art gas natural to ya.

The Paris City Government attaches great importance to the building of the ecological environment, despite the very tight urban land, the Government was doing everything possible to increase green space in urban communities, gardens and trees, to improve the environmental quality of urban communities, improving people's living environment.

Paris is a city of art and is also a city of flowers. Whether it is in the room, balcony, courtyard, or in a shop window and roadside, everywhere there are blooming flowers, everywhere there are charming fragrance. As for the colorful flower and splendid Park, is often make people stop and watch, to return.

Finally, on the outskirts of Paris on solving difficulties to enter the list.

Postcard perfect streets, fascinating coffee shops and independent shops, landmark cultural attractions make Paris is hard to beat. Paris Charles de Gaulle airport plans to fast track speed to 20 minutes, reconnect with city and surrounding areas.

No.8 Vienna


Vienna, Austria's capital city, world-renowned cultural city, both for the music of high reputation, and to beautiful tale, different styles of architecture and construction of win known; and long history is known as the cultural capital; to exquisite exquisite decoration and are known as decoration.

Vienna new year's concert has become an international music festival. Located in the northeastern part of the Northern Alps Austria (lu) Vienna basin, surrounded on three sides by mountains, the sparkling Danube to wear around the city, surrounded by the famous Vienna Woods. Western Europe and the Balkan Peninsula railway hub, Danube port. Vienna is the first of the Danube flows through the city, known as the goddess of the Danube. Summer open-air concerts are also held. Each home will be fun when playing classical music. More interesting is that in the Government at the margins of the meeting, all will be playing a song.

Vienna, beautiful environment, scenery, winter temperature in summer.

Eastern Alps inspired Vienna Forest Hill stretches to the West, and green acres. Mountain West is a luxurious residential areas, gardens and vineyards around. The Danube flows through the city, mountains, picturesque shuibi. Board of the alpine foothills West, waves of the Vienna forest in sight; on the East face of the Danube basin, can enjoy the Carpathian shining green peak tip. North broad grassland is like a big green tapetum, blue turquoise Danube winds puts on the class. Housing with mountain, heavy floor even Woo, structured.

Its rich culture, clean and tidy, be careful nurturing, extending in all directions.

High ranking healthcare services, reliable public transport network and many green spaces, Austria ranks among the most livable in the capital continue to cities list.

No.9 Vienna


Melbourne (Melbourne) is Australia's second largest city, the capital of Victoria, renowned international metropolis, green area of up to 40%, Melbourne has for years been the United Nations as the most suitable one for human habitation.

1901-1927, Melbourne is the capital of Australia. Melbourne is Australia's cultural center and sports, has hosted the 1956 Summer Olympics, Australia is an annual tennis tournament, formula one racing aodaliyazhan competition organised by the city all year round.

Melbourne is Australia's second largest city, is known as the garden of the State of Victoria (Victoria) of the capital to more cultural atmosphere, green, fashion, cuisine, entertainment and sports activities.

Melbourne green coverage up to 40%, Victorian buildings, streetcars, Opera, art galleries, museums, and tree-lined garden and streets form a Melbourne City and elegant style.

In the eyes of the people of Australia, the largest city of Sydney while bustling, but Sydney is a commercial city, Melbourne it is a historical and cultural city.

Melbourne Australia only has been included in the United Nations of the world cultural heritage of ancient architecture, there is a splendid historical, but also many famous international organising sports events all the year round. From the cultural and artistic level of pluralism, the beauty of the natural scenery, Melbourne everything, in satisfying the senses entertainment, more can be said to be in Melbourne Australia, whether art, culture, entertainment, dining, shopping and commercial everything has its own characteristics; successful integration of Humanities in Melbourne and naturally, from 1990 to 2006, ten is headquartered in Washington, d.c. international population action selected as the world's most fit for human habitation.

Lack of like Sydney, beautiful appearance, but Melbourne means business.

The annual average economic growth 3.3% (new South Wales 1.7%), employment growth 2.1% (new South Wales 1.4%), Melbourne and now can be pretty interesting cultural image on a strictSu powerful data.

No.10 Madrid


Madrid (Madrid), Spain's capital city, the nation's largest city, the national economy, transportation center, Madrid province capitals.

Located in the Iberian Meseta central plateau, the Guadarrama mountains East to South mountain plateau basin, 670 m above sea level, the highest terrain for Europe's capital. To be a water with the African continent, to the extent of the Strait of Gibraltar, the North Vietnamese Pyrenees mountains can arrive at European hinterland, historically important due to the strategic position and has long been known as the gates of Europe.

Madrid is a very suitable for walking tour of the city, from the Sun Gate West than Antilles square, or from the direction of large square to the Royal Palace, full of art, culture, treasure, full of tourists gather browse the monuments, the world's most famous museums and enjoy the nightlife.

Oriental Palace and the Prado art Palace is famous for the Palace of art in the world. Many parks, fountains in the city, Plaza has its own characteristics, such as: the Sun Gate square, Grand Central Plaza, Spain square, Columbus Plaza, etc. Bullfighting is the big-name entertainment, Penn das largest Bullfight.

Africa real version of the Lion King

This piece of Tanzania's Lion King and son photos and the Lion King "has a remarkable similarities

According to the daily mail "reported that recently a photographer in African soup sannia a plain in photography to this scene, a resounding Lion standing on a hill, next to a myriad of gaze was born near small son, scene very like the ever popular global animation the Lion King" in moving story.

The lion as sincere son said: my son, your responsibility! "when you grow up as father, as the Lion King, leading the Lions.

Disney Animation the Lion King "is similar to a screen in

This picture will be brought back so many people on the Lion King "in some fragments of infinite memory.

Reality version of young Sinclair was brilliant,

The Lion King "after the show in 1994 was a great success, with over $ 400 million pounds (about 52 billion RMB) box office net revenue ranked top in the history of animation box office charts, the position in the animation sector still not shake.

Depth understanding of the global top ten different style of rich countries

United States financial magazine for the latest release of the world's rich countries and regions in the ranking, Qatar ranked first, with a per capita gross domestic product (GDP) for more than $ 9 million.

This list will have to let our emotions, Crouching Tiger, hidden hellip; hellip; Qatar end

GDP per capita, Qatar USD 90149


Qatar is an Arab in the Southwest Asian country located in the Southwest shore of the Persian Gulf, Qatar peninsula, bordering with the U.A.E. and Saudi Arabia.

550 km of coastline. A tropical desert climate, summer maximum temperatures of up to 46 ° c; cool and dry in winter, the minimum temperature of 7 ° c. Average annual precipitation is only 125 mm.

Petroleum, natural gas is Qatar economic pillars.

In recent years, the Government has invested heavily to develop natural gas as the economic development of the development of natural gas in the medium and long term development plan. Cards will also develop non-petroleum and natural gas industries as national income diversification and free from dependence on oil, while the main avenues, Qatar also has the world's largest LNG export terminals, development of petroleum and natural gas offshore transport fleet.

In addition, Qatar also took note of the implementation of the strategy of economic diversification.

Focus on attracting foreign investment and technology, opening up to the securities market, promulgated a number of laws and regulations, improve the investment environment to attract foreign investment and technology; to encourage the development of agriculture, to provide seed to farmers free of charge, fertilizers and agricultural machinery, called reforestation, expanding the area of cultivated land.

Qatar in 1994 became GATT article 121 States, 1995 to become a WTO member.

The third session of the World Economic Forum, the Arab States 2007 economic competitiveness assessment report show that the card competition second-highest in the Arab States, second only to the U.A.E..

Doha: located on the Arabian Peninsula to the North-East of a small peninsula on the eastern coast, famous harbour in the Persian Gulf, Qatar is the political, economic, cultural and Transportation Center, the country's largest city and a port that is also the highest concentration of the population of the region.

Capital Doha is a coastal city, located in the desert climate, hot summer, it turned out to be a fishing fish as the main towns, with Qatar petroleum industry, hop into a prosperous new modern city.

People who have a passion for sports in Doha, the coastal swamps into beautiful clean Binhai road, become tourism, recreation and exercise. Local government keen to organise sports events, and invites the top stars. For example, Doha has many traditional sports, horse, camel races, more because of the close interaction with the sea, sea sports, three in April each year will be held in Doha, pearls and racing simulation canoe activities.

Doha beautiful coastal road in the Middle East's most beautiful coastal road.

The total length of about 7 km, prestigious. Avenue Middle wide green spaces, Greensward lawn, perennial blooming flowers and tall coconut-tree. Avenue Central has a larger mdash mdash; many parks; Beida Park, which has reflected the Gulf Arab States traditions of art sculpture, here often held large open-air celebrations. Avenue a Spengler sculpture that symbolizes the Qatar fishing glorious past.

Nbsp; Luxembourg Per capita GDP is $ 79411, nbsp;


Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the full name as is now the only remaining on the European continent, is located in the northwestern part of the Grand Duchy, Europe, South East, adjoins France Germany, Western and northern border with Belgium.

Because of its terrain variation, in Luxembourg in Germany and France in the history of capturing impregnability topographic, has always been an important military fortress in Western Europe, North of Gibraltar. Luxembourg is the industrial countries, but also the EU per capita income and standard of living in the countries with the highest per capita gross national product in the forefront of the world, highly developed economy, iron and steel, finance, and TV is the largest economic pillar industries. For more land and small, old castles, Pocket Kingdom Chin Castle State title.

Luxembourg is the world's most developed capitalist countries, lack of natural resources, the market is small, the economy is largely dependent on foreign trade.

Iron and steel industry, financial services and radio and television industry are the three pillars of economic Lu. LU resource-poor settings. Forest area of nearly 9 million hectares, or about the land area of 1/3. Lu to iron and steel, chemicals, machinery, rubber, food industry also has a large development. Industrial output accounted for about 30 percent of gross domestic product in the country, of the employed population of 40 per cent. Lu has long been known as Kingdom of steel, steel output per capita is about 5.8 tonnes (2001), ranking first in the world. Agriculture is dominated by animal husbandry, food can not be self-sufficient. Agriculture and livestock production accounts for about 1% of GDP. 12.5 million hectares are cultivated. Agricultural population accounted for 4% of the population. Main agricultural products are wheat, rye, barley and maize.

The beautiful Luxembourg, seven out of the country area is forested, is full of green, fresh air, is a veritable forest of countries.

But the most famous scenic and Louvain is the birthplace of Lu; mdash mdash; the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is not deep,Probably 10 m deep, from the cableway's ancient bridge overlooking on the whole Canyon streams flowing slowly, on both sides of the green trees and green grass in the breeze, hierarchical level, in an orderly manner. The forest of the ancient castle of vaguely emerged, its quiet Spire environment very much like a fairy tale Princess or Prince lives in place mdash mdash;; romantic old. Not far away is the Luxembourg Grand Mansion (symbolic of the Royal Palace, usually living in the suburbs of the King Palace), in front of the hotel stands a soldier armed with neat, very big mdash mdash;; especially the hips is spectacular; its face serious, when he reassigned, the pace of the regulation is to thrive, wine fills me with courage, looks like some funny, like in the show.

Luxembourg is a good place for relaxation and leisure, sitting on the edge of the Stone Canyon on rest, never want to leave, because here the ancient walls of deep roadway secluded, green tree vine on winding, birds, quiet and elegant.

The street is very clean, every window there will always be colorful and fragrant before potted, residents dress neatly, probably mostly for the sake of the financial industry; mdash mdash; dress elegant conversation. This small, beautiful and quiet is a paradise.

Nbsp; Norway GDP per capita was US $ 52964


Nordic countries Norway, located in Scandinavia and the East West Sweden, West Atlantic.

The coastline is very winding, constitutes a unique Fjords Norway. In addition, Norway is also the border with Finland, Russia. Norway's territory also includes Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands, capital Oslo. Since 2001, Norway is sixth consecutive year by the United Nations as the most suitable for living in the country.

Norway is equipped with modern industry of developed countries.

Norway 90 s oil and gas output exceeds United Kingdom and became a new oil and gas producing countries. North Sea oil field production of oil, gas, in addition to meet their own consumption, but also a large number of exports. Major oilfield in the North Sea area, the new focus of many new oil pipelines, oil terminals and oil. Deep sea oil production technology developed.
Norway's capital Oslo is the capital of the North of the road. The city as Nordic people spitting out of character, thorough and unrestrained. Ancient times, huge glaciers make the overburdened Hill a little down, eventually connected with the sea to form today's fjords. Oslo City in the South of Abu column cell area is the perfect place to watch the fjord, take the liner in the fjords is tour. Pier fairyland, dedicates to the open-air fish market. I do not know because fish attraction, or harbour natural feature, the Oslofjord can be described as a world of waterbirds, can hear the birds in the distance.

Some say the fjords is Norway's soul.

Its beauty, beauty in nature superlative craftsmanship, in steep mountain doesnot. The Fromm nearby sognefjorden, is the world's longest, deepest one. Its duration is 205 km, deepest reaching 1309 m. Cross mountain vistas, shape-changing; after its torrent dashes down the waterfall, a number of old houses, decorated in the mountainside, there in the wild. Every day here travel a lot of people, and our fellow travelers on a New Zealand, South Africa and Japan, as well as a large help twittering France middle school students. Fjords, see point pollution. River water pure and transparent, both sides of the ripples; although not hear sound, but it can be great to see the goats graze in the Shui Pin. Good luck, you can encounter seals sunning themselves on the rocks. At this moment, press the extreme, is surrounded by picturesque scenery, but rather the fjords that accommodate another kind of harmonious living State.

Nbsp; Singapore GDP per capita was US $ 52840


Singapore is an island nation in South-East Asia, is also a city in the country.

The country is located in the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, adjacent to the Strait of Malacca, the South has nankou Singapore Strait and Indonesia, North have Johor Malaysia and Taiwan, and long beach is connected to the new Ma Strait. Singapore is Asia's most important financial, service, and shipping center. Singapore in the remarkable effect of urban cleaning aspects, also known as the garden city.

Singapore's economy has traditionally dominated by business, including re-export trade, processing, export, shipping, etc., is Southeast Asia's largest harbour, important commercial cities and entrepot trade center, is an international financial centre and important aviation centre.

Post-independence Singapore economic development progressed, known as dragons. Tourism is the Singapore economy one of the pillar industries (three economic pillar industries: international trade, industry, tourism).

Singapore well-known merlion as it is located in Singapore, Singapore-sur-logo and symbol.

The statue high 8 meters, weighing 40 tonnes, the lion's mouth emit a clear water, is determined by the sculptor forest South and his two children together, sculpture in 1972.

Lion's head, was sitting in the water for fish on the merlion, its design concept is the fact and legend combined: lion's head, on behalf of the legendary city of Singapore.

Fish symbol of the ancient city of Temasek, representative of Singapore is a small fishing village.


28 February, merlion in heavy rain were struck by lightning, head and wavy base damage. Merlion on 2009 years March 18, after opening the visitors once again. According to the ancient records, the ancient Singapore called Temasek, in the Java language for Olympian City. Park in the 14th century, there is an ancient legend of Indonesian Prince discovered the island, he here saw a magical beasts, later known as the lion. In this respect, the Prince will this small island named Singapura mdash mdash;; in Sanskrit, meaning lion (Singa) city (pura).

Now, every year over one million visitors from around the world, made a visit to merlion Park, and the world famous merlion.

Brunei nbsp; GDP per capita was US $ 48714


The full name of Brunei, Brunei Darussalam, also known as the Brunei Islamic monarchy, North Borneo, South China Sea on the South-East Asia.

Entire territory is surrounded by segmentation, Malaysia.

Traditionally, Brunei is an economic structure is a single country, its economy is mainly based on traditional agricultural and coastal fisheries.

nbsp; Gold stacks up country

As in the 20th century Brunei discovered oil and natural gas, the text of the economy depends primarily on the export of oil and natural gas.

In recent years, the Brunei Government gradually intensifying economic diversification strategy deployment, seeks to change the economy too dependent on oil and gas, single economic model. After many years of efforts, despite its economic structure also to oil and gas revenues, but is gradually starting from traditional single economic, to fisheries, agriculture, transport, tourism and financial services industry and other industries of diversified economic paradigm shift, achieved certain results. Brunei economy overall trend features: economy highly dependent on oil and natural gas.

Brunei has many areas and in the world.

Here has the world's largest traditional village water village. This building was built in Brunei River, an area of 2.6 square kilometres of water village has for centuries been with Magellan sailing in Italy traveller Anthony middot; Pavel Gata description into Oriental Venice.

The world is using the largest, most modern Palace.

Covers an area of 120 hectares of Nuba leumann Palace was built in 1984, Brunei Sultan Suite and Office. There are also reportedly the world's largest the Koran manuscripts, placed in July 1994 opening of Hassanal Bolkiah mosque middot; men's prayer hall.

1994 $ 13 billion wenyuan (approximately $ 7.28) built by Crystal Park is Southeast Asia's largest playground, inside modern facilities, set in the natural landscape and numerous rides, amazing.

Currently Sudan's Princess in Sudan birthday gave him a weight of up to 4500 kg of artificial super Crystal, is high in the ring-type holding large bracket arch, located in the Central Park complex, under the Sun is shining and majestic.

Nbsp; United States GDP per capita was US $ 47702

United States statue of liberty

United States of America is one of the fifty States and a Federal Union constitutional Federation composed of SAR Republican State.

The East is close to the Atlantic, the West Pacific, and North to South, Canada, Mexico. Since the 1870 's, the United States economy is highest in the world. Today's United States is the United Nations Security Council permanent five, its political, economic, military, entertainment, and many other fields of huge influence on other countries that cannot be matched.

United States has a highly developed modern market economy, its gross domestic product (GDP) and foreign trade are ranking first in the world.

The 1990s, to information, biotechnology industry representatives nbsp; Wall Street represents the United States a strong financial power of the new economy boom, driven by this, the US economy experienced a decade-long growth period. In 2001, the US economy was in recession, gradually after a short recovery. In 2008, the United States GDP of $ 14.334 trillion (2008, countries and regions of the world number 1).

The statue of liberty, is France in 1876 to United States independent 100 anniversary gift.

United States of the statue of liberty is located in the United States, New York, New York Liberty Island, near is an important tourist attractions in the United States. The statue of liberty to 45 million pounds, high 46 meters high, 45 m, base its full name is the statue of liberty national monument, the official name is the shining world of the statue of liberty. The whole statue to 120 steel skeletons, 80 copper tablets for peeling, 30 million rivet assembly fixed on the stand, the total weight of up to 225 tons. Statue of internal steel frame is made up of Architects about dimensional Lei Bo Duke and the construction of the Eiffel Tower in Paris France Eiffel is famous for its design and production engineers. This is a United States national landmarks.

Nbsp; Hong Kong, China GDP per capita was US $ 44840

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Hong Kong

Hong Kong is Asia's bustling metropolis, one of the region and the international financial centre, the conditions of natural deep-water port, 1842 year 1997 is a colonial United Kingdom, July 1, 1997, reunification with China.

About 1104 square kilometers with a population of more than 700 million, major industries including real estate, banking and financial services, tourism, industry and trade services, social and personal services. Hong Kong to clean government, good security, free economy and a sound rule of law in the world.

Hong Kong is a free port, with the exception of tobacco, spirits and dynamic use of fuel (petrol, diesel), Hong Kong no other tariffs on imports.

Hong Kong's economy in order to free trade, low taxes and less government intervention. Hong Kong has been the world's leading rating agencies and organizations as the freest economy in the world, the Nobel Laureate Milton Milton Friedman more bull; as an example of a free economy. Hong Kong is Asia-Pacific region and the international financial centre, international shipping center, regional trade centre, close to many countries and regions is an irreplaceable superior status. Today, Hong Kong has become the world's eleventh largest trading entity. For the throughput calculation, the container (the container) port is the world's busiest container port in the world.

Hong Kong is a free port, known as the shopping haven, the vast majority of the goods without customs duties, all over the world are transported to competitive materials, some cheaper than the original also.

Hong Kong has a large shopping centre, city, New Town Plaza, Shatin, and so on, which in addition to the large department stores, there are all kinds of shops and restaurants, some more amusement equipment, is a shopping and leisure. Some industry-focus, so customers can have more choices. Which such as computers and related products, Sham Shui Po MTR station nearby Golden and the highest concentration of gold shopping centre. Household appliances and camera in Mong Kok and Causeway Bay more, but to provide guidance to reputable stores (such as with the Hong Kong Tourist Association Red Sailboat logo) or the purchase of large department stores. Hardware machinery shop in Mong Kok MTR station of Guangdong road three street segment. Garden Street, Mong Kok Road to Prince Edward Road, fruit, fashion and commodity vendors of paradise. Cross Argyle Street after Tung Choi Street several Street segment, is the famous woman in the street. Its situation and in Yau Ma Tei Temple is similar on both sides of the Temple Street. But the latter in the evening and there is a mixture of cooked and fortune-telling vendors, near Temple, more operatic singing like a quayside of the general public.

Nbsp; Switzerland GDP per capita was US $ 43903


Switzerland is one of Central Europe (or categorized in Western Europe), Federal States (although it follows the old called Switzerland Federal, but in 1848 had constitutional federalism), and Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Liechtenstein.

Switzerland is also the world famous neutrals, historically maintain political and military neutrality, Switzerland is also involved in International Affairs, many international headquarters are located in Switzerland. Switzerland is the world's richest, most developed economies and standards of living in one of the highest per capita gross national product in the forefront of the world. Rich tourism resources, has the good reputation of the World Park.

Highly developed capitalist industrial countries.

Free economic policy, the Government reduced interference, absorb a large number of foreign workers in low-wage labor. External advocates free trade, against protectionist policies. Under the influence of world economic depression, since 1991, Switzerland has for six consecutive years of stagnation and recession, in 30 years, the most serious crisis: rising unemployment rate, the State's financial situation deteriorated. Economic recovery is difficult.

This small country located in Central Europe by the Lake and the mountains ' is just right, chic decorated elegant.

With the world's first class beauty, watches, cheese, attracting tourists from around the world, is the holiday destination must not be missed.

Summer of Switzerland is best suited for hiking and biking tours, because the temperature is moderate in summer of Switzerland, whether along the Creek through grasslands, suburban, or along the mountain paths on the Alps, everywhere featured hiking routes, you can appreciate the majestic mountains, quiet beauty of the Valley and the city.

For example, the Geneva area long river is a relaxing way, the hiking route starts from the Centre of Geneva, you not only can you enjoy in the Mont Blanc bridge and la Jonction between attractions, you can see the cannon River protected rare birds. The excursion line and you can mix long river a short cruise and eventually to reach a Russin imposes the wine village. In addition, at the edge of the Alps Watt RAND area for hiking, you can see the Crescent of the Geneva Lake stretched away into the distance in the mist of mist. Stroll along the Alpine Garden Rambertia, appreciate worldwide 1000 various plants, six-month prevalence of flowers is the wild growth of daffodils.

Nbsp; Netherlands GDP per capita was US $ 40610


Netherlands, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, is located in a country in northwestern Europe, land area 41864 km, bordering the North Sea, on the border with Germany and Belgium.

Country to the seawall, windmills and tolerant society.

Netherlands is the developed capitalist countries, one of the ten economic power in the West.

Netherlands relative scarcity of natural resources, but rich in natural gas reserves, 2001 mining about 743 billion cubic meters of natural gas, self-sufficient, but also to export. -Dutch industries developed, the main industrial sectors are food processing, petroleum chemical industry, metallurgy, machine building, electronics, steel, shipbuilding, printing, diamond processing, raw materials and sales markets mainly depend on the country. In the last 20 years as the development of space, micro-electronics, biotechnology and other high technology industries, traditional industry primarily in shipbuilding, metallurgy, etc. Rotterdam is Europe's largest refinery Center. Netherlands is one of the main shipbuilding country in the world. The Netherlands also developed agriculture, is the world's third largest exporter of agricultural products.

Flower exports international flower market 40% ~ 50%.

-Dutch financial services and insurance, tourism developed. The shipping and fishing in the economy. The Member States of the European economic community. Grain (wheat) and feed rely on imports. Sea nbsp; Rhine River and inland shipping, Rotterdam and Amsterdam is an important port. The coast of the island, the ancient city, the Grand Canal and flower planting to attract foreign tourists. Every year up to 260 million tourists.

People often put the Netherlands called windmill country, a European Western Netherlands are only 10 million population of the country.

It's real name, country of the Netherlands. Denis is low, LAN is land, collectively known as low-lying country. Netherlands national one-third of the area just above the North Sea l m above sea level, nearly a quarter below the sea level, is a veritable, Teresa.

The Netherlands is located in the Earth, the prevailing westerly winds westerly year round container.

At the same time it was on the verge of the Atlantic Ocean, and a typical maritime climate, sea breeze over the years. This lack of water and power resources in the Netherlands, provides the use of wind power of generous compensation. Netherlands windmill, introduced from Germany at the earliest. Initially, the Windmill is only used for grinding powder and so on. The 16th and 17th century, the Windmill on the Netherlands economy has a special significance.

Nbsp; Australia GDP per capita was US $ 39842


Australia (Australia) and rich, is the most developed economy of the southern hemisphere countries, is the world's fourth largest agricultural exporter, is a variety of mineral exports in the first country in the world.

Australia is a country of immigration, multicultural, 20 per cent of the population was born outside in Australia.

O animal husbandry developed, abundant natural resources, are riding on the sheep's back country and sit in on the State of mine said that Australia has long depended on exports of agricultural products and earn substantial income of mineral resources, is rich in sheep, cattle, wheat and sugar, but also the world's important mineral resource-producing and exporting countries.

And ranching, mining for o traditional industries. Australia's high-tech industry in recent years has a faster development and competitiveness in international markets. Since the 1970s, the Australian economy had undergone major structural adjustments, the rapid development of tourism and service sector, the proportion of gross domestic product to increase gradually, and currently has reached 70%.