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The world's top ten weird holiday magic comedy (photo)

World holiday you know?, how much you know about the interesting festivals around the world? although great wonders of the world, but there are some holiday I believe will bring unexpected surprises.

Japan will Sun Festival

Section 1, Japan nude

Nude section called section, participants will be Sun is male, they only Japan traditional loincloth, nearly all naked.

This activity started at the end of the Edo era.

Every year in February the third week is held in the nude on the feast day, Saturday night's activities is the climax, in this day there are about ten thousand men to attend the ceremony baomu nude scramble, visitors also are numerous.

Game to eat bovine testes

Section 2, testis

Location: United States, Montana, Clinton

This season's English name is Testicle Festival, strict Chinese translation should be a testicle Festival.

As far as I know, Montana to testes-themed folk activities there are several thriving, organize time somewhat differently, but from the impact and scale, you no doubt should first every year in mid-September in the State in the southwestern city of Clinton (Clinton) held this event.

About 6500 people will participate in the United States of Montana's 27th testicle Festival.

This Festival is limited to adults, the Festival includes eating Bull testicle, Rocky Mountain oysters, etc. At the same time, visitors can also participate in oil wrestling, wet t-shirt contest and nude gatherings, a variety of activities.

Boryung beauty mud Festival

3, Boryung beauty mud Festival

Venue: Korea, Boryung

In 1998 launched beauty mud Festival has attracted millions of tourists to visit.

It is said that these mud rich in minerals, the use of mud on the Festival will be transported to the TA-bathing for tourists and locals enjoy.

Boryung area of mud from the natural sea mud, excellent performance, is the beauty and health.

Come to Boryung mud beauty section, you must remember to prepare several sets of clothes and toiletries. All upper and lower coloured mud, mud slide glide on, is the most exciting activity, adventurous friends, be sure not to miss it! and friends in the mud pool enjoy frisk fun at the same time, you can experience the beauty of deep mud and its effects. In addition you can also purchase cosmetics fair mud to roses mud cosmetics.

Camel Wrestling Championships

4, camel Wrestling Championships

Location: Turkey, Nasser Chu g

Now the competition is limited to Turkey's Aegean region, two camels knocked together until the other party to concede defeat.

Lost camel always rushed into the stands of panic caused by the audience.

World back his wife contest

5. world back his wife contest

Location: Finland

17 century initiated back his wife carrying contest aims to win relay race, winner's wife could gain and wife weight of beer.

Now also in other parts of the world have similar activities.

6, tomato war

Location: Spain, Valencia

Tomato war (La Tomatina, also translated as tomatoes wars) is Spain Valencia autonomous region bunol town in August of each year on the last Wednesday of the Festival.

Tens of thousands of participants from all over the world to attend a field will not cause injury to the conquest, in the street throwing more than 100 tons of ripe, juicy tomato.

Tomato war originated in 1944, after 70 years of development, it has become a firm tradition bunol town and city features.

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Cross-baby Festival

Section 7, cross-baby

Location: Spain, Castrillo de Murcia.

Cross-baby Festival to celebrate Catholic Saint body section, adult male will look laugh by Satan, in newborn babies, with the consent of their parents, from newborn babies who skipped.

Play the Devil's personal with horrible costumes, waving whip and stick to purify the baby.

This traditional activity from 1620 years began, it is said that in order to exorcise evil spirits, and the more casual to drive results.

Enthusiastically go

8, burning man Festival

Location: United States, Nevada

Burning Man Festival is a traditional carnival, was founded in 1986, first in San Francisco Baker Beach concerts, art activities, and in 1990 moved to Reno, Nevada desert, in the suburbs of BlackRock attract tens of thousands of people each year.

Participants with life, in a self-built urban life in 8 days, and then left to roar.

After eight days of wanton destruction, climax will appear in the burn a huge wooden statue of the moment.

Red neck games

9, red neck games

Location: United States, Georgia, Dublin

Red neck games is the 1996 Atlanta summer Olympics local funny imitation.

Participants are plunged into the prior digging, filled with mud mud, in 30 seconds as much as possible by carrying out immersed in the bottom of pigs feet, and then set up the toilet lid, jumped into the wooden cage playing rafting.

Roll cheese Festival

10, rolling cheese Festival

Location: England, Gloucestershire, Mt

At the end of may each year, the United Kingdom are organized crazy stimulation of cheese competition.

Roll cheese contest in Gloucestershire's Cooper Hill, while the highest prize is the cheese, but cheese warriors even been broken arms and legs. Of course, far rarely been able to catch up with cheese, everyone is crazy and rolled down from the mountains.

Hiking mount Qomolangma let you palpitations of the top 10 global adventure tour

Hiking mount is located in Nepal in the camp of Mt. Everest

Hiking climbing Everest from Nepal in the camps will be a return to make you turn this life adventures.

From Kathmandu ready, then passing through robust carat, then boarded the last kelp Valley, towards the South camp. Along the way, in addition to his spectacular snow-capped mountains Wei, you also can enjoy robust Carat glacier, Charles-family village, South of Bourguiba RĂ©gion mountain town, and into a Buddhist Center.

To the great wall of China's den

Shanhai pass West to East the Jiayuguan, the great wall of China is the world's longest manmade city walls, the total length of more than 6300 miles (about 10139 km).

Climbing the great wall is experiencing Chinese history and culture, enjoy the magnificent scenery of the best ways. However, this isn't what the weak of the game, you must have sufficient strength and fortitude of perseverance persevere.

Visit the Inca Trail Peru

Walking full-length 28 miles (45 km) of Peru Andean mountains, you will be able to come to the lost city of Machu Picchu (Machu Picchu), feeling it striking ancient relics.

Just like in the movie "the adventures of grabbing the Po, you're in the subtropics of the jungle with the sword road, through the deep canyon, climbing over a long ladder, go shop built on thousands of years ago, but now the ancient road is gravel. nbsp;nbsp;

Travel in Morocco camel riding

In the Sahara desert experience to turn this raw adventure mdash mdash;; camel riding.

From Marrakesh (Marrakec), follow in the footsteps of ancient Camel Caravan across the desert to the Saghro mountain (Jebel Saghro), climb than sand dunes (Erg Chebbi), every night camping in the Palm of a small piece of OASIS, surrounded by a crackling fire out snapped.

England twin skydiving

Twin base jumping refers to you and a coach tied together, from an altitude of 10 000-12 000 feet above the plane on a jump-down (3048-3657 m), while having to worry about their own ability to timely open the parachute.

South Africa cage diving

This isn't in the movies "shark fin", you will be in a sturdy cage, back when tied oxygen cylinder, deep sea King will slowly close to you; they gave you Lucy bright teeth, deep dark eyes looked at you and show you their streamlined bodies.


Go to Zimbabwe bungee

In Zimbabwe, you can walk and enjoy the beauty of Victoria Falls; mdash mdash; or, for more guts, you can select the bungee, from nearby Victoria Falls Bridge plunged to admire the scenery.

Not long ago, the seat and Zambezi have 364 feet fall bridge also has is the world's highest bungee jump. nbsp;

A number of motorcycle on a road trip

There is very little way to let people at the same time the nature and the artificial world best panoramic, but if you ride a motorcycle, in Los Angeles and San Francisco connect the city highway for a ride, enjoy this treatment.

The scenery along the way make you behold, from high-rises to beautiful coastline, there is one big South Cape and mind-blowing. nbsp;

To Spain benniu   

In the Spain of Pamplona (Pamplona) held a day of Holy Buddhist Ming Festival, namely the so-called benniu Festival and a bull run together.

For foreign tourists, nothing is more exciting than this. At that time there will be 6 header or more angry Bulls were missed streets, their nose spray to rampage, to run forward. Rules of the game is that you want to run fast death defying seven, while avoiding being Bull hit, so you either took refuge in the narrow lanes, either before the bulls ran the game.

Ice fishing in Canada   

If you have been looking forward directly from a hole in the ice in the fish catch, you may wish to go to Canada by the Ontario experience.

There lies a quarter of the world's freshwater resources, salmon, sea bass, dogs, fish production is extremely rich. First of all to the superior surface of AI Ma County, Hubei Province, then you can place the line on the bait, and then waited for the delicious juicy guys hooked, at last use a pile of firewood cooking your food.

Do not love ... love adventure is best suited for beauty and five adventures

Adventure travel, and is not designed specifically for men.

Big is beautiful in the world, women have a right to a quest. The Chase freedom, longing hearts of women, but also look forward to trying the adventure. In Costa Rica and shark tours Malaysia Islands follow fisherman whaling, in more than 5000 m altitude Nepal mountain treks, in Indonesia full of volcanic ash forest Ghani volcano hiking and climbing in Kenya and the beast come this close contact, in Peru's on bird island and the oncoming birds hit a full, in the Philippines dives into the blue of the deep sea, took a boat on the Nile drifted but under hellip; hellip; nature of fantasy and tolerance allows you to exclude all distracting thoughts, you become courageous.

The following are our recommended five suits best adventure destination in women:

Costa Rica Irazu volcano

Costa Rica ecotourism

Because of its unique biodiversity and beautiful scenery, Costa Rica became truly eco-tourist destination, is more and more visitors from all over the world backpackers visiting.

Costa Rica has some excellent facilities and accommodation, and continuously developed in order to become a safe and convenient travel community, very suitable for alone explorers.

Best adventure activities

Cahuita National Park (Cahuita National Park) snorkeling; Canter along Cocles Beach (Cocles Beach) horse riding; Todd soil cover, National Park (Tortuguero National Park) in Lake canoe; finally relax in the Spa.


In Costa Rica, there are a lot of the hotel is in harmony with natural ecological balance of the world on many camps and farm provides a unique hiking experience.

If you live in La Fortuna, in Chato eco Villas is more secure, there is a quiet garden hut.

South Africa Watch whales

To South Africa to watch the whales

Every year in June and December, in South Africa's coastal Rahman Linus (Hermanus) has exposed Ridge South. whale

12 km of rocky cliffs on the coast, here has become world famous whale reproduction.

Best adventure activities

Took to close watching whales, if you are lucky, you can also see the seal and sharks.

Go to Walker Bay (Walker Bay) diving; go to the harbour at fresh fish ashore or taste the local wines.


Baleens is perfect female tourist residential hotels, cheap and safe, away from the beach and lagoon only one street away.

You can reserve a room in advance, there is hot water Suite only need? 20 a night.

Mongolia country steppe

In Mongolia experience the nomadic life

Mongolia is the world's remaining wilderness of adventure tourism lovers paradise.

Odyssey travel adventure is Mongolia nomadic culture landmark, broad spectacular scenery give you unmatched visual impact.

Best adventure activities

Horseback riding through the nomadic people of the Prairie; camels in the Gobi desert; travel to Eastern Province (Dornod) grassland and sukhe province shooting Gazelle.


Anak Ranch for female backpackers offers traditional accommodation Gers Mongolia, it was the home of the nomadic people.

Here there is no Internet or television, but authentic Mongolia meal, horseback riding, hiking, fishing, grazing, pastoral songs, and even small animals on the Prairie, are you living here and important experience. This place is unique, it's open prairie and coniferous forests, is a truly uncontaminated place.

Yellowstone National Park

Hiking in Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is a United States's most famous wildlife reserves and adventure tourism is one of the best places.

It has a diversity of ecosystems, spanning three States (Montana, Wyoming and Idaho), there are a large number of indigenous people (such as the bear). Therefore YellowstoneNational Park became a nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts the best adventure.

Best adventure activities

In Gallatin river rafting adventures in the Park: close watch bison, elk, moose, wolves and bears hellip; hellip;

In the majestic mountains make camp live?

Since the Park is a protected area, if you want to go to bed at night in it, you must know the location of the hotel door, it can help you in the event of unexpected situations can quickly exit (especially if you have a car).

In addition, you need to plan your route, and make sure you selected the safety of the camp.


Adventures in Iceland

Although Iceland was the most expensive one of consumption, but the recent economic downturn, attracts visitors from all over the world backpackers.

Green swamp and Rafi desert tundra zone, spring hot Alaska Volcano, a large number of known good birds congregate Westermann na Islands are disseminated in a mysterious atmosphere, fascinating.

Best adventure activities

Soak in the warm mineral waters of the blue, enjoy the stunning northern lights; the climb a black volcanic; in summer, drink a drink and enjoy the midnight sun.

And the charm of wind whispered words Kyoto Kyoto tour

The spiritual homeland of Japan

Until today, Japan people think this is true of Japan, is the spiritual home of Japan.

Kyoto's initial design imitates Chinese sui in Chang'an and Loyang. Now, the Kyoto in traditional regional division still to Laurent Word Press in divided into East and West, Luo Luo, Luo in the North, South, East and lotensin.

For many years, Kyoto remained in compliance with the Chinese Tang dynasty period urban layout, even if this is the first time here, need not be afraid to get lost.

Here you can find all longed to Japan to find something with cobblestone Garden, beautiful temple roof and a brisk pace for taxi's geisha # 8943; # 8943; in addition, you also often able to both see the walls in the streets dressed staff, because many companies are retaining wall of wooden house and Office.

Sea of short houses, narrow streets, this much is Yasunari Kawabata's the Kyoto.

The keen edge of time before it becomes blunt clumsy, but it still retains a few century old looks: soft, calm, antique iridescence.


Lodging at home

Now that came true in Japan, it is necessary to experience the real Japan life.

We are looking for a Japanese traditional Inns Hotel, although not a hundred years-Cho housing, founder of tatami also style. The hotel's door bell with induction, as long as someone come in or go out, hearing the Bell of the grandmother or mother will run out by yinglaisongwang, people feel warm.

Characteristics: Kyoto accommodation is divided into four mdash mdash;; hotels, hotels, lodges and youth hostels.

Kyoto City accommodation too expensive, visitors may choose to live in the suburbs of lodging or youth hostel, then take a bus to the city tour. Autumn is the season, the accommodation must be paid for in advance.

The beauty of Lanshan

See simple landscape Lanshan

If you would like to see different temples, shrines and the Palace, so be sure to go to Japan, this is the area of traditional rural small town.

Car into Lanshan, Maple and pine trees, the mountains looming temple pilgrimage to the heart health cornices. 154 m cross-bridge mounted in Po nakatsugawa, become the symbol of Lanshan. The entire area of the region is crossed, the bridge, the bridge's name comes from the Kameyama a sentence on the Wong-seems like a full moon crossing the bridge. In the mountainside, a Pavilion for rest, we see a group dressed in kimono, look pretty lady, smiling with rickshaws became husband on a price.

Characteristics: Lanshan feet shopping street is very famous, gift shop, if you want to buy hand letter, you can buy here.

Buy and fruit, it is necessary to pay attention to shelf life, some of the shelf life of only two weeks, you have two or three months.

Transport: Kyoto station by JR Sagano line Electric Railway, or by area of Beijing-Fuzhou electric railway line, Hankyu line, in the area of the area of the station.

If you take the bus, four river original flight 11, 93-machi.

Golden Pavilion Temple

Golden Pavilion Temple to meaning full General House

Here is the often clever a Hugh was blowing browbeaten Ashikaga meaning full General home.

Strictly speaking, this should be called rokuonji, Ashikaga meaning full general method courtyard house, deer garden. Later, because the monastery in gold foil stickers-Buddhist temple mdash mdash;; Golden Pavilion very famous, so called Golden Pavilion Temple.

Golden Pavilion Temple has three layers, each layer style: one level is the second floor of the House style, is the aggressive style, three-layer is temple style.

Golden Pavilion Temple of tickets is also very unique and tourists get is not a bear Golden Pavilion Temple photo tickets, but instead write a blessing paper breaks. A low and one of them, for they squat, hand-washing NET. Although introduced from China's cultural image, is full of taste and style. Courtyard of fudodo next to Chinese, and Korean God check for divination.

Transport: bus 12, 59,101,102,204 or 205 to Kinkakuji-michi.

Tickets: adults 400 Yen, opening hours 9: 00 ~ 17: 00

Heian shrine

> Heian shrine city of paradise

Through the Kyoto Museum for crosswalks, you can see Heian shrine of Zhu color open Word arch.

Jingu color special attention getter, green and red, they form the main hall followed by three ponds and four gardens, used to worship the emperor Huan Wu Emperor Xiao tomorrow. This is Kyoto first and last emperor, it is a temple, rather than a building Research Institute.

Transport: from Hankyu Kawara-machi station, a bus, to Kyoto Museum galleries.

Tickets: into the park for free, God court costs 600 yen for another

Opening hours: God Court 8: 30 ~ 17: 30 (9 ~ 10-8: 30 ~ 17: 00, 11 ~ February 8: 30 ~ 16: 30)

Night cherry River

Fresh roasted tofu restaurant and night Cherry Creek

Dinner was a friend took a tofu restaurant is famous for its old, 100% of the production of soybeans and Japan well produced in ancient law, the mouth of tofu.

Every time you eat the food, the taste of fresh tofu are there between incite the taste buds. Restaurant located in a rustic cabin, all four sides of the door open, with free access air, becomes lighter and tofu best Companion.

Kyoto night brilliantly illuminated, all of the cool during the day, the streets around the flow of people.

You can follow the walk through the Kyoto in yachuan, on both sides of the cherry trees stretches away, if the proper season, you can enjoy the legendary magnificent night cherry. And in this beautiful scenery on the other side of the distribution at the various restaurants that characterize, salon, Huan field and party, takes, tells the most vivid of Kyoto.

Kyoto Geisha

Kyoto travel gonglue:

Currency: in Japan to renminbi Bank, preferably prior to Yen in China.

If the carrying amount may, at the airport, Exchange Bank, the hotel Exchange. JCB credit card by the cardholder with a credit card at the agreement Merchant shopping or dining, enjoy preferential treatment in specific login JCB Chinese Web site www.jcb-global.com/china/ query:. Japan does not have the habit of tipping, but in the hotel, restaurant additional 10% ~ 15% service charge.

Accommodation: want to go to Kyoto sightseeing tourism season, the first thing in the room reservation.

Recommended check-in of the new company and new high-flux bin-area lodging. The hotel maintains the old town house design and furnishings. About 1000 Yuan a night, a room for three to nine people.

Transport: car rental in Japan is very cheap, average one-day rent all risks insurance premium not to 400 Yuan, you can select a to b to return to the car.

You can own to toyota retal car rental car Web site, even if not read Japanese, against the Chinese characters and translation of the website or you can cope with.

Climate: Kyoto seasons, but because of the basin, a muggy summer in Kyoto, is horribly in the winter, spring and autumn are quite comfortable.

Spring blossom, autumn view of maple, is the most loving traveler. Cherry Blossom Festival in April, usually lasts one week.

Raw material delicacies: Kyoto cuisine mainly vegetables, fish, tofu, use traditional crafts, delicious flavor.

Want to eat sushi can take a heavy sushi taste mackerel sushi, road in green tea Alba film is also good, don't miss the famous dessert family mdash mdash;; Gion xiaoshi snacks. PM for the best place to go is a traditional wooden house-Cho, snacks.

Jordan sent you a special gift to take home the desert (photos)

Mosaic production process

Have you seen the sand bottle art? it looks a bit like famous for painting inside the bottle, but it has a completely different kind of crafts, art bottle is made from a variety of paint brush into the vial, in its wall paintings, and sand bottle art is colored sand poured into bottles.

Sand painting bottle production process

If you want to learn more about sand bottle art mysteries, you only experience in person.

Walk in the shop door, you'll be racking up fabulous sand bottle art attracted, they are really beautiful, colorful abstract designs, having vivid Donald, Popeye, cartoon characters, and a bottle of Pepsi-Cola is imitation, not look, really thought it was a bottle of juice in there! most or all of the desert landscape. There are sand bottles in the image, but also write with sand.

Many visitors hope in a bottle to write a few characters, this is no them, looking at the words on paper, one side with a wire with a glue in the bottle wall imitation to write, write, add a little red sand poured into bottles, bottle and cross over one go sand glued glue words written, then like just use funnel and the sand filling out other pattern, imagine bottle so small, the bottle is stereo, sand or flow, to put sand in bottle filling out pattern to how difficult this is!

AZ cat: tourism experts, freelance writer

As Jordan sand painting production process of witnesses, AZ CAT are best qualified to speak.

G: A global tour report: AZ cat

G: in your opinion, what is the sand bottle art when development?

A: from North Africa in Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Syria in Western Asia, there is a handicraft seems to be no national boundaries, it is the sand bottle art (Sand Bottle), maybe and nomadic yellow sand desert living environment are closely related to tap, painting themes and colors and their vast and desolate environment, very exotic features, so this kind of cheap and very environmentally friendly art in this promotion.

G: do you think this is why environmental art, see?

A: may we as alien to the people of Jordan travel see sand bottle art when it is environmental protection work of art.

But for the local people, perhaps this is just an artisan.

G: why travel to Jordan?

A: for me personally, I am very fond of this Middle East country.

Through many countries in the Middle East, I on the local culture as well as special landscape lights some, including monuments, civilization. These places are the comparison of a region, but you are not familiar with the place to go to Jordan travel is my very early on before you are ready.

G: external factors for you to go to Jordan travel are there, such as transformers 2?

A: no, because I'm not a favorite movie, I went to Jordan is known only after Transformers 2 shot.

G: from Jordan who sell sand bottle art, native way of life?

A: handicrafts are these areas people depend on for survival craft, they are not very high-end advanced machines, rely on them in the hands of the simplest tools, using local materials, and then sold to the foreigners to earn some money.

Petra this place is full of mountains, hills, the most valuable of the sand, because the production of this kind of color variety of sand, sand and Earth are, then they sell this sand bottle art not surprising.

G: that of living in Jordan, there are no such environmentally-conscious?

A: from my perspective, this arts and crafts with local characteristics, is very environmentally friendly.

But in their own terms, is up to the height of this awareness, sand bottle art easier, but the cost is very low, in an unconscious was completed in the environment.

G: in addition to the sand bottle art, Jordan, what else?

A: Jordan addition sand bottle art this cost is very low and very green work of art, there is the same process is very famous: mosaic, the same test maker of craftsmanship and creativity.

Jordan mosaic crafts a lot, but the quality of the best has concentrated in Madrid, we come to Madrid for a mosaic workshop, watching people grow a lot of knowledge of mosaic production process. In an already painted pattern paper, locals intently with small chunks of diamond tweezers is a small mosaic with a little glue, adhesive paper, finishes an A4 size picture to more than a week's time, huge work you will need three months or longer, price view case size from 100 up to several thousand dollars in RMB.