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Zest in alien six romantic city looking sweet memories

Fantastic Garden City, beautiful like a shining pearl, romantic feel free to spread throughout the world, as my mind into the night in.

There is a sadness pervades the alien of the air, there is a hint of poetry in a exquisite like Angel City brewing ... Today, small series will take you to those adorned by the romantic city looking for some sweet memories.


Athens forever Olympia

It is a old hymn, in Europe long primitive civilization Lane, listen to the Banshees song of the sirens wonderful; it was a period of ancient history, old Castle and splendour reflected off slowly in the Aegean Sea.

No sound, no, Vienna, Paris, romantic nor Madrid I crazy, or maybe to Athens is mysterious, beyond time and space, as well as any you can touch everything, so we crept in Athens in people's memories of hope.

Walking in the streets all over can hear soulful singing, sound high to low.

These descendants of Socrates, Plato, though still is several centuries ago in Athens, they would never tolerate modernization buried Athens ancient civilization. This is paradise, is also the focus of the world, the famous Olympia fire burning here and delivered to every place in the world, the delivery is not just to observe is the Athenian aspirations for peace, harmony, harmony of the spirit, it is everyone's pulsating veins.

Appointment of the Aegean Sea

Athens of the main attractions are: graceful Aegean Sea, the ancient Acropolis, the Parthenon Temple, a grave Street, Temple of Zeus at Olympia, a brick of a conglomerate are shining with the brilliance of human civilization.

They are each visitor of solace to the entire city, as small as any corner ruins are called kiss.

Warm xiaotieshi:

1 the best time to travel: each year four, five, six, nine, ten, in November, is the most tourists in August.

2 traffic: Athens local bus, trams and other public transport services, visitors are always free to car rental motorcycles, cars, and other tools.

3 slack: Beijing seven hours later, but in each of the 3-9 month daylight in Greece than Beijing 6 hours late.

4 accommodation: Athens Hotel is divided into A, B, C, D, E several grades, prices vary widely.

All hotel rooms are hanging behind Greece national tourism authorities approve fees. During the peak season, we thought it was off-season 1.5 times. Most of the room rate includes breakfast. The night have a passport when checking out a mortgage, and get paid back to the Passport.


Amsterdam: people in art River

Now is a beautiful painting, cow, enjoying all the blooming tulips, windmills of ancient sound issued are van Gogh's bright colors.

Watch watching, seems to have passed through the picture, to the beautiful Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is a romantic water, city is closely separated from water Lane, crowds of seabirds in the water and glide between housing, like fairyland.

Often come here know, Amsterdam city and not quite so full you can ride a bike shuttle to town thousands block style still on the bridge. Or you can take a boat, in sparkling floating on the water, leisurely enjoy Amsterdam's charming scenery.

Van Gogh Museum

Here's the building still maintains 17, 18th century style, such as the van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House, the Royal Palace, and so on, most distinctive is the Yamagata wall, roof such as Gothic spire, take you into the pocket of Andersen in the dream Castle.

Of course, the Amsterdam art quite strongly, come here to visit the delights of people mostly to Van Gogh and the sunflower ". Stay, you will see the simple life of the flowers bloomed.

Beautiful water city

Warm tips:

1 traffic: in Amsterdam on the square in front of the railway station you can take trams, buses and rental

The car arrived in any one area of the city. Take the train from airport to town is also very convenient, each 15-minute, 15-20 minutes.

2 accommodation: Amsterdam District accommodation Hotel quantity are many, varied, various grades of a, but each accommodation and scale are not large, the bed was not much, in Amsterdam has more than 20 room accommodation, even large hotel! so looking for suitable accommodation becomes more difficult.

3 entertainment: most of the cafes, restaurants, nightclubs and discotheques are located at the Glade Peter square and Rembrandt square nearby.

Here is the center of the nightlife, even in the morning, still overflowing with people.

4 shopping: shop business hours are generally 9: 00 to 18: 00.

Monday morning many stores do not open the door, but on Thursday will be open until 21 points. On Saturday to 17 points; the City Centre shopping mall and a few shops are open on Sundays, from 12 to 17 points; supermarket opening hours are Monday to Saturday 8 am to 20 points.

5 tips: all services are subject to a 10% tip, including taxi driver.


Pure Buddha of

Luang Prabang: pure Buddha of

Luang Prabang is a natural and beautiful city, which has flowed in the Mekong and gently flowing Campo El River.

Night of Luang Prabang streets, flashing neon lights and the soft, shop signs, dressed like a Luang Prabang medieval European town.

Luang Prabang is Lao Buddhist Center, Temple, pagoda, only the urban areas will have 30 more Temple, residents a devout Buddhist, is worthy of the Buddha.

Therefore all the more pure louangphrabang, not only for its Oriental shy and European-style romantic, more because of Hinayana Buddhism given human tolerance.

Calm and charming Buddha are

Get up early in the morning, we can see a neat team disciples along the alms.

Yellow monks, in the morning in the warm sunshine, bright and beautiful, all the Luang Prabang air filled with calm and charming atmosphere.

Warm tips:

1 recommended hotel: Chanthy GH is located on the edge of JOMA CAFEacute; a small road, the hotel is in a quiet area, at the entrance to a small courtyard blooming flowers.

Main building rooms separated by wooden walls, equipped with a public bathroom. The hotel were very enthusiastic. Double room US $ 6-10, in Luang Prabang River area relatively cheap accommodation.

2 recommended restaurants: Tum Tum Cheung Restaurant amp;

Cooking School from the city centre to the North go a short distance, just next to a temple, Wat Khilli tranquil village of Th Sakkarin road, here also is a cooking school, have a first-class Lao dishes. The wooden building frontage opened, so it is very suitable for lunch and dinner. About 10000-30000kip/person.

3 transportation: Airport is located 4 km east of Luang Prabang City Centre from the airport to the city center take package TuTu about 50000kip.

China Kunming international long-distance bus arrives in Luang Prabang, every evening 5-6 points in the nanyao railway station, bus station and the boundary of the Kunming international bus station is departure, the passing of mengla and Mohan (port), full 24 hours, the fare is about 300 yuan.

4 shopping: Luang Prabang's main market is the Market the new Phousy, located in the Center the market for a few kilometres south of Th Phothisarat road.

Here is a hawker, approached by dazzling hardware appliances, kitchen utensils and piles of fresh local products. Business hours 6: 00-17: 00.

Stunning Lu saien

Lu saien life essential beauty

Speaking Switzerland, whom Lenovo is a bright and beautiful landscape painting volumes: bottom of the stream is flowing, the azure blue of the Lake, tall and deep forests of FIR and Lucerne, the magnificent picturesque steep xuefeng hellip; hellip; the heart and lungs nature Bentham, dotted with many exquisite and unique city profiles.

God created by natural beauty and artificial modification of architectural beauty, harmonious combination of the world I could not find the second Office so beautiful place, where they gradually formed the heart leaps tourist destination. Geneva from southwest to northeast of St. Gallen; bull; from the Northwest to the southeast of Basel, which towns of Lugano is not like the fairy cast Pearl?, however, the Pearl of Central has a heart was so extraordinary that it is not only a brilliant shine today, and transmission from the old brilliance! this is the ancient city of mdash mdash;;Lucerne.

Leisure life

Lucerne City Centre itself is not very big, the main attractions are scattered in the walk and range.

History of Lucerne, medieval churches, towers, Renaissance palace hall, Somersetshire, and century-old shop, ChangJie guxiang, abound, Lucerne Lake across the town to the North and the South area, Lake light color maps of the city sights, traveling in the meantime, the suspect's whimsy. It is like a soft Yuen-light yarn, still wandering in peri-urban people have in the past, all of a sudden adsorption, no one can escape from here.

Warm Tip:

1 traffic: Lucerne from Zurich airport about 1 hour by car from Basel Airport about 1.2 hours by car from the Geneva airport about 2.5 hours by car.

Lucerne railway station of the train can lead to Switzerland in the territory of all major attractions. Lucerne is also connected Lakes throughout the transportation by ship.

2 festivals: Lu saien almost every month there are a variety of festivals, February-March Lucerne Honky Tonk traditional carnival, a Carnival; April Easter special music events held in Lucerne, Lucerne Marathon and more

3 accommodation: liusenhu district there are also many places suitable for holiday residence, Weggis, Vitznau and Ingeborg, etc.

The hotel service is thorough, very user-friendly. General star hotel reception staff speaks English.

4 shopping: weekly on Tuesday and Saturday, Lucerne city becomes a bustling market, full of life.

The market along the Reuss, Unter der Egg to Seebrucke, Capel bridge to Jesus Church Council Kleinstade.

Nbsp; United States city of hue

Clean city of hue

Hue is a beautiful city, through the clear River in the city, the city is divided into two areas of North-South.

The North is the old city, outside the city and the inner city.

Of course, speaking of hue, people always want to mention three circles, Castle.

Blue water and nature, which is the castle is the hue of the Southwest Indigo by Yu Yu Ping Shan, Royal Ping Shan pine forest, the shade is overwritten. In the morning, hipped mountains looming in the mist Misty light yarn, filled with mystery. Scattered clouds, high mountain peaks, draw the Royal screen from view, you can see the sea.

Dead sea floating in the temptation of carefree

Jordan East Coast

As the world's most fascinating natural and religious landscape, the dead sea in Jordan on the East Coast has developed into one of the Arab region, religion and health recuperation tourism Center.

Here the road smooth, sophisticated hotel, sanatorium and sports facilities, as well as the discovery of archaeological and religious, which attracts tourists from all countries today, just as it attracts numerous ancient kings, monarchs, businessmen, prophets and pilgrims.

Dead sea floating

Located at 410 m sea level, the dead sea is the lowest elevation on Earth.

The dead sea is the most attractive places or its warmth, comfort, water salinity is very high. Warm with buoyancy and is rich in mineral water from the ancient began attracting tourists from all parties, including the Roman emperors Herod and beautiful Creole Pate la Egypt Queen. They were here to enjoy the rich stimulation of black in the dead sea dead sea mud, water easily floating, let the skin absorption of the nutrients in the water, head of health is Jordan moderate sunlight.


In the dead sea, where not to go, all day long here enjoy sunbathing, swimming and diving.

In the light wave good water relax, experience never sink surprise feeling! enjoy comfortable massage services, or try the dead sea mineral mud from the bottom, experience the world famous healing effect. If you want a more leisurely day, in a comfortable hotel for one night, the dead sea in the West Bank of the beautiful scenery at a glance. Look to the West, you can enjoy the magnificent unique sunset.

The dead sea coast

Dead Sea also has historical and religious stories.

It is believed that the dead sea is mentioned in the Bible in five cities (Sodom and Gomorrah, Admah, Zeboiim, Zoar). Now, the dead sea in the East coast of the few living, very quiet. Local landscapes and ancient almost unchanged compared, is the perfect holiday trips by car.

Funky counting global people aspire to the five major terrorist

From the South Pole to the North Pole, from old world to the Western Hemisphere, from sunrise to sunset, from Cenozoic orogeny to slightly more various, nature in the charm of dynamic and static build-up between is we never read of gorgeous scroll.

The exclamation of a magical nature, apart from landslides of majestic grandeur and green mountains and blue waters of the prosperous, there are those that tremble with fear, different King takes hills. Today, the counting of small series to look at the world's most famous scenic spots of the five terrorists.

Passing through the hole will die

1 dead after could Cave of death; mdash mdash; Indonesia Java-Dong

Indonesia Java-Dong singular most terrorist.

This Valley has six big cave, the cave is Horn-shaped, are big trap. Needless to say life-Dong are entered, is to keep distance are also difficult to escape. When a person or animal, from of the cave is a powerful attraction into the Valley hole and eat. Is there away from the entrance 6 to 7 meters distance, will also be smoked inside magic, a swallow. As far as surveillance, Valley of bones of the cave is difficult to distinguish between what was, is, what is the human animal bones.

Kamchatka peninsula

2 it's a death; death zone mdash mdash; Kamchatka peninsula

Kamchatka peninsula is Russia's largest peninsula, xibin Okhotsk Sea, East of the Pacific and the Bering Sea.

The former Soviet Union Death Valley on the Kamchatka Peninsula: 2000 m long, wide l00-300 meters of death Valley, Cliff, Mira, snowy mountain tops. Here the West hillside vegetation envelops, East is bare, Canyon often filled with veil of mist.

This rugged, Rocky, black bear, Wolverine, wild boar, wild animal death phase by yonder, bones, Hangchow.

Into the place of mankind was not spared. According to statistics: at least 30 people were killed. Presumably, the Valley with the noxious gas accumulations. But surprisingly, close to the Valley of the cottage, but had not been affected by the impact of harmful gases.

Brazil cubatao

3 no brain baby mdash mdash; producing areas; Brazil cubatao

In Brazil tropical green of the mountains of complements, located at one of Brazil's pale mdash mdash; cities; cubatao.

20 years ago, several dozen in this city baby has no brain, cubatao overnight was a nickname of fear; mdash mdash; the Valley of death.

In cubatao City chimney, uninterrupted release revel industrial emissions, the city is filled with a foul smell, but familiar cubatao knows that, over the past two decades, the local Government has already paid a huge effort to rid themselves of the Earth's most polluted cities in the hat.

United States Death Valley

4 hell on Earth animal paradise mdash mdash;; United States Death Valley

In the United States, California and Nevada are connected, there is a large mountain valley in the world, up to 300 km, 6 km wide and narrow Department, Office 26 km in width.

Both sides of the Valley, a little dangerous, see xuanyajuebi are chilling, smell, colour changes on it.

In the spring of 1949, a gold dream of exploration team is pleased to uncultivated virtually unheard of virgin land, results, completely annihilated.

Later, many explorers trying to uncover the mystery of death Valley, consequences and prospecting gold team.

Later, scientists used air reconnaissance, stunned to discover that the world was living death, beast big amusement park.

According to the aerial survey statistics, in which the dead wild, Umm er nearly 300 species, wild ass about 2000 head, over 20 types of snakes, lizards and 17. Them or fly, or climb, or race, or lying, not happy. This Valley is a murder mystery beast, the West has not yet announced.

Death Valley Italy

5: animal burial mdash mdash; human beings in heaven; Death Valley Italy

Italy Naples and ouarville NOK near death Valley, dedicated to win animal life, the human body but lossless, known as the animal's burial.

According to scientists,

Discover the Valley of the tragic death of animals of all kinds and sizes of bones of animals is more than 4000 (head), dozens of kinds of birds, reptiles, mammals, 19 species also has ten species. Their death, and not kill each other, non-collective suicide, even non-human origin, which is still unknown. More interestingly, the beast, and the Valley of rage has not victims. According to statistics, each year at the tragic death of animals up to 3 m long.

Look at the many charms, go to these places look is also a big surprise!

Summer is also very HIGH Florida summer extreme sports

Extreme sports, the city bore people have been following the concern, bungee jumping, cycling, rock climbing hellip; hellip; a few are not.

But drier exposure of the summer season, what is suitable for extreme sports this season?

Downhill movement

Downhill, experience the vertical limit

Downhill, in the outdoor sector already Fuzhou is not fresh, but is not widely known.

A rope of hosting 3000 kg, equipped with corresponding downhill, plus dozens of metres of height, we can let you immediately experience the vertical limit! although not very very strict professional skills, but downhill participants will have to get over the fear of the height, speed, brave, stick to it.

What is a downhill

The first is used for a downhill mountain adventures under protection technology, military raids in emergency and also frequently used in action, and later evolved into and rock climbing, bungee jumping, and other similar items of extreme outdoor sports.

Now, the downhill has been reduced, the differentiation into rock waterfall falling, falling, falls Creek, bridge building, falling, falls, etc.

On the downhill

Downhill is the coach of the guidance and protection, with the attractions of nature, take advantage of falling from the top rope, participants can grasp downward velocity, impact point to reach the ground.

Downhill originate in Switzerland's ultimate outdoor sports, activists from the top of the rock is slowly declining, along the rope in his right hand through cords after lumbar control and master the lowering speed, decrease of fall in keeping with the ropes on body, legs are parallel to the rock wall on supporting and rock into a 90 degree angle.

Downhill at present can be divided into cliffs falling, falling, falls Creek waterfall, and so on.

Rock falls basic technology is located in the right lumbar: right-hand side, hold the rope would make the body stops declining his right to relax in the gravity-uniform decline.

Upper body to maintain integrity, legs straight or slightly bent push in on the rock, move down step by step, in addition to any part of the foot, the body is not to close contact with the wall.


Regarding the equipment

Downhill movement of basic equipment, including safety helmets, seat belts, master lock, 8 Word Central, gloves, etc.

General full equipment is about more than $ 3000.

Safety helmet: and rock climbing and outdoor sports, a helmet is essential for the safety equipment, a small drop in the way of stones fell, hit in the head may cause great lives.

Seat belts: downhill with the sit-harnesses, tied by a belt and on both sides of the foot with thigh root.

Wear when you adjust tightness, or in long drop process can be very uncomfortable. In addition, when you remember that the beating belts-buckles, belts fastened along the opposite direction after wear-return to prevent release straps on the way.

Master Lock: be figuratively called big D, the material is a very solid construction, the General can accommodate 30 kN force and cushion the impact of 10 kN.

The main role, since connection as connection flat belt, static ropes, usually connect 8 words ring, buffering of Electrocutions. In the fastened main lock, note that after you remove the header along the thread you want to reverse a half circle pines, this was done to facilitate open master lock to prevent stress after deadlock.

8 words ring down converters: the most common use of decline, by the rope in 8 words ring formation of in shuttle to 8 points to increase friction control lowering speed.

The retractable 8 characters ring, be sure to handle with care, if the central body occurs, even then the tiny cracks should immediately stop using it.

Gloves: as the distance long, downhill speed, a 8 words ring friction heat very easily, so a pair of gloves is essential.

Decline in mind when hands ropes away from 8 words ring to prevent gloves involved eight rings are dangerous.

Safety tips

Play downhill you need to select the proper venue and the guidance of professional trainers to ensure safety.

River Falls and waterfall falling while irritation and the adventure of the strongest, but because of the floods last month may bring geology changes, so senior coach recommendation would not be appropriate for a downhill in the near future, if you need to practice may wish to select the bridge lowering or floor drop, but must be guided by a professional coach.

It is important to note that strenuous exercise, a downhill is more suitable for young people to participate in the minors and should not participate in the elderly.


-Season skiing

7 month of the northern hemisphere, just enter the summer and winter season in the southern hemisphere it is.

If you want to experience a handful of ice and fire two days of contrast that to the southern hemisphere.

On the off-season skiing

This two-year China ski lovers and enthusiasts grow, gradually formed a new group, the original big city resort gradually become less able to fully meet their higher requirements.

New Zealand White ski trip, covers newZealand, the South Island's most famous four major ski resort, the difficulty is also suitable for many kinds of stair-like growth of ski enthusiasts.

This gives tourists in summer travel choice just regular playing water, tour the island and so on, but also for off-season travel price advantage.

Ski equipment

Regarding the equipment

As long as no longer go to have fun, and suggested that they still have to buy your own ski equipment.

Equipment is divided into basic and advanced equipment. Basic equipment at the primary level should be configured, a set of primary equipment three thousand dollars to get, intermediate to advanced will be high. Coach, skiing level reached intermediate level, then consider buying advanced equipment such as skis, snow shoes.

Goggles: prevent snow blindness occurs, in the snow snow fight pain while preventing eyes.

Ski gloves: cold-proof, cut-proof, Outer fabric must be waterproof.

Ski underwear: ordinary cotton underwear sweat-impermeable, sweaty after icy, resulting in the loss of body temperature, not suitable for skiing. Ski underwear is a specialized chemical fiber fabrics, personal, ductility, the key is breathable, let the water molecules through out.

Ski clothing: at least to be waterproof, jeans and the like.

High quality waterproof and windproof jacket for skiing, light and not bloated, hardwearing, use as high too sicks, breathable fabric, so you can thoroughly in sweat.

Warmth-media: a cold in underwear coat room also with air layer.

Other small pieces: snow caps, retaining neck, face masks, snow socks.

The primary use of sleigh: wider skis, stretch, and no obvious your waist, it is recommended that you do not buy it, rent it, because, after going to swap levels.

Rental must explain itself is the primary level, the tightness of tune, and fell is easily out of the sleigh snow boots, and reduction of injuries. Advanced sleigh snow by different uses a different design, it is recommended to consult a professional shop by individuals often go to snow snow field.

Snow boots: into the rear matter and comfortable, except to the top level for the pursuit of performance at the expense of comfort.

Upright when toes touch the boots, leaning at the disengagement.

New Zealand's largest skiing area-MT-Ruape

Recommended to

New Zealand is a famous ski resort in the southern hemisphere.

Because the higher the farther south latitude, the lower the temperature, the New Zealand ski resorts of concentrated mainly in the South Island. Main Queenstown ski bases have extreme sports, Christchurch and two districts, North Island Resort is located in the commercial centre of the North Island Lacroix Ruapehu mountains.

2010 skiing season, in order to give the tourists bring better skiing holiday experience, many snow field introduced a completely new design.

The skiing season starts in June, the New Zealand ski resorts also will all newly opened several Cafe released, add new ski lifts and wilderness skiing facilities.

For example, Crown peak (CoronetPeak), Hart mountain (MtHutt) and excellent mountain (TheRe Juan markables) is introducing a new ski lift pass system automation, simply use the microchip can pass scanned clothing, greatly improving the efficiency of admission.

Cardrona-Watt Naka (Cardrona-Wanaka) is located in the South Island extreme sports (Queenstown) and the districts of Lake between the Cardrona is one of New Zealand's best skiing destinations, it is preparing to launch the Australasian region (Australasia) the first snow of the international certification.

Gold Rush (Goldrush) ski is affected by the FIS (FIS) certification of snow road, Cardrona investment of $ 300 million of New Zealand's largest construction project in the first phase of the project, the project will add 150 hectares of ramp and strengthen the capacity of snow.

Three awl-Watt Naka (TrebleCone-Wanaka) as the New Zealand South Island's largest ski resort, three double-bevel mountain has slabs and snowboarding veteran's favorite.

The region also will add a line with FIS standard large high skills in skiing, then, is bound to the tourists bring memorable visual feast.

The resort will also be in July and September Ms ski week organized, targeted specifically at hope to raise standards of female senior veneer and freeski activists.

2010 skiing season also marked the three conical hill, a five-year plan for improvement.



About surfing

Surfing is dynamic with waves, to a sea of the beach.

Wave height in meters above sea level, minimum 1 not less than 30 cm. Hawaiian Islands perennial suitable for surfing waves, particularly in the winter or spring has come from the North Pacific ocean wave, the wave height up to4 m, you can enable athletes slide 800 meters above the sea level, therefore the Hawaiian Islands has been the world surfing Centre.

Regarding the equipment

Surf boards about 1.5 ~ 2.7 m, width 60 cm, thick 7 ~ 10 cm, light and flat plates, front and rear ends a little narrow, with stable below after the role of the caudal fin.

In order to increase the friction in the plate surface also coated with a waxy outer membrane. All surfboard weight only 11 ~ 26 kg.

Surfing is players first or kneeling in the surf and use the hand drawn to a suitable place for the starting point of the waves.

When the waves pushing surfboard sliding, athletes make surf boards keep the front of the crest to stand up the body, legs and natural creation (usually the balance leg legs in front, the control in the back), knees slightly bent, with the wave waves, fast.


Recommended to

1. Sydney

A surfing paradise of Australia there are many suitable Surf's golden beaches.

Sydney city most famous location is from the city centre 8 km, wearing Beach, Sydney City South also have surf beaches: South of the city of Bundy, romblon, and ancient Foundation, North of the Manley, tension and Palm Beach. In addition, from Australia's Eastern Queensland Brisbane drove South 78 km, there is a stretch for 42 km of holiday resort, is the famous Gold Coast, Queensland, has become the world's surfing enthusiasts gather.

2. Hawaii

Hawaiian Islands has been the world surfing Centre.

Because here there are all suitable for surfing waves, particularly in the winter or spring has come from the North Pacific ocean wave, waves up to 4 m. Hawaii Islands all have excellent surfing beaches, if you are a beginner you can start surfing course begins, the price is 40-60 dollars an hour.

3. Tahiti

Tahiti is the three major islands in the Pacific Islands, French Polynesia, the main island is volcanic.

Tahiti surrounded by sea, the Eastern Sea no coral reef conservation, the waves can often hit the shore, so here's a surfer who will come to the place.

During holidays, the fashionable women and men with a surfboard to this play.

4. United States California

Sun, sand and surf of the beach, suitable for surfing everywhere, it is difficult to distinguish.

California beach surfing services and equipment is very complete, is a famous surfing supplies chain PacificSunwear camp, coach, and integrity of the protective measures, passengers can safely surf the Web.

Safety tips

Surfing first have to understand Ocean tidal variations in climate, topography, wave, sea, wave-shaped, etc.

In Thunder weather never launched, each time before you must check the surf and surf boards connected safety foot rope is put on, so that even the only after launching life-saving tools are gone.

As a result of surfing and not wearing a life jacket, so playing the best mastering swimming, so even in a sudden dangerous situations, such as surfboard loose or lose balance and fall into the water, or you can save.

In addition, because in the Sun for a long time exposure, so shall wear tight clothes or surf the Web dedicated to shelter from the Sun, and Sun block cream coloured and many supplementary physical loss of moisture.

Surf boards not only surfing tools, when playing away into the sea, is the life-saving equipment.

When you overboard, please don't be preoccupied with the safety of your feet foot rope and surf boards is linked, floating in the sea and do nothing, wait until the surfboard presence, this is very dangerous. Because you never know if it is floating around or wave came, so off the water and then came the first thing is to find surf boards where, and to avoid being hit it. nbsp;

Most have no intention of natural beauty of the Earth "heart" of useful

People familiar with Lakes, wetlands, island, rock, forest, landscape, if you change the angle from the sky looked? Canada is from the author of Chao of Ch'in proposed an natural hand painted into a heart-shaped landscape, found their unique beauty.

Heart Doodle fish

For humans, the heart is a symbol of love, so we all exist in nature, similar terrain modeling and landscape are particularly sensitive.

They let us surprise delighted, Kiss, let's go and watch for even try to create.

Tree-like heart-shaped leaves, sand and pebbles, found in the heart of the sky by chance see heart-shaped clouds, Woods and wild mushroom-shaped pattern of Anjou, or even the universe of heart-shaped nebula are people give meaning of love.

In Taiwan, the people also nurtured heart amusement fish.

Mdash mdash; Croatia; lover island

Croatia lover island

In the vicinity of Zadar Croatia came Galesnjak this heart-shaped island, people love to pursue a more fanatics.

Countless lovers companion who gravitate to get married and spent Valentine's day holiday. This makes Galesnjak Island to lover Island soon spread all over the world-wide fame, has made the island owners thus made a fortune. Followed, but it is heart-shaped island and Galesnjak Australia Queensland famous heart-shaped island more like between who endlessly argue about heart-shaped.

Mdash mdash; Switzerland; Alps

Switzerland's heart Lake

In the Alps in Switzerland, as the great glaciers of the corrosive effect of morphology of Lakes.

In the mountains, glaciers eroded mountains formed ice bucket, then ice bucket position and stagnant water and form ice bucket Lake near the foot of the mountain, is the Valley was gravel (tillite) covered water into the moraine Lake landscape.

Mdash mdash; Australia; New Caledonia island

Australia's heart island

Located in the East of Australia, New Caledonia belongs to the Melanesian archipelago, the elongated Island area, only one-third of the Korean peninsula, surrounded by the surrounding forest, beautiful coral reefs and climate is called at the end of the world public opinion.

This heart-shaped mangroves grow in the Northern beaches of the island of New Caledonia a slice of the terrain and slightly uphill, in the middle part is the vegetation sparse yellow sand.

Mdash mdash; Fiji; Lu, I.

Fiji Malua island

This is Fiji Viti Levu coastal Malua Island, a heart-shaped the landscape in the uncontaminated sea water color, beautiful people dizziness.

As Fiji inhabited the main island of Viti Levu with more than 300 islands, is surrounded by coral reefs of the island of volcanic origin. So these Islands Marine landscape rich, Harbour and because there are various types of fish life and becomes entranced.

Mdash mdash; United States; Olympic National Park

United States Olympic Park's heart Lake

This is the United States Olympic National Park in the eastern part of a landscape, it is located in the Park in the altitude of 2400 m of Olympus.

Because the mountain ecosystem, mountain and override active glacier, the Park is formed a temperate rainforest, mountain meadows and the coastline of the natural landscape, shrubs, flowers and ferns, lichens can be seen everywhere, also distributed to shape new Lakes.

Mdash mdash; New Zealand; Abel Tasman National Park middot;

mg alt="" src="http://www.itravelqq.com/uploadfile/2010/0713/20100713031112659.jpg" />
On the coast of New Zealand's heart

This photo shoot in New Zealand in the Abel Tasman National Park middot; (Abel Tasman National Park), it is said that this is New Zealand's smallest national park, the Park is connected to the coastline, in the middle of the forest with thick Woods, tidal fluctuations, between the coast between left Golden soft heart-shaped beach.

In fact, heart-shaped landscape is not deliberately cut of nature.

In that kind of random patterns formed by the amazing sight, one might be to ignore those purely commercial speculation and interest disputes, quietly enjoy the natural beauty of the world great dedication.