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Limit beyond counting the world's top 10 most exciting roller coaster

Roller coaster this stuff is all over the world theme park is an indispensable part of it.

The bomb, but exciting feeling many creepy, but forget to return. Do you have for this ultra pleasure and obsessed with? the following reference world 10 most stimulating the most thrilling roller coaster allows you to experience the experience, prominent gall!

Behemoth (Canada Wonderland, Toronto)


Built in 2008, the $ 260 million of Behemoth (beast) is Canada's fastest, highest roller coaster.

Roller coaster in 3.9 seconds to run 80 miles, from the outset is 85 degrees of rapid decline, the next 8 times decrease and horizontal loop that takes you to another of the abyss, cool look!

Eejanaika coaster (Japan Fujikyu Paradise)

Eejanaika coaster

2006 completed Eejanaika is reputed to have four, the seat can rotate 360 degrees to the front and back, is the world's roller coaster the maximum number of total rotation, is included in the Guinness Book of world records.

Similar roller coaster is only one before (in the United States Six Flags), but the power of height and Eejanaika extraordinary (75.9 m, up to 126 km/h), far surpassing predecessor.

Tower of terror Tower of Terror (Australia Queensland dream world)

Tower of terror Tower of Terror

Tower of terror is back-roller coaster.

Shuttle to the L-shaped magnetic rail, 7 seconds to accelerate to 161 km/h, has been on 129 m equivalent to 38-storey height, forming the free float of posture, and then inverted landing! back speed dive feeling more strongly than positive dive more frightening.

Steel Dragon Steel Dragon 2000 (Japan Nagashima spa park)

Steel Dragon Steel Dragon 2000

Steel Dragon 2000 is the world's longest roller coaster on track--2479 m.

It uses the traditional chain lift, ladder tilt is too long, so there are two chains, one in the bottom half, a half of the maximum. The chain is very long, at least two roller coaster of weight. And so sturdy chain, so you can safely run two roller coaster.

Furius Baco (Spain PortAventura Park)

Furius Baco

Furius Baco Tri-Rail on each side there are seats, more passengers were sitting position will have a very different experience.

There are also possible in the process-and to get close to the ground!

Megafobia (Welsh Pembroke, Oakwood theme park)


Megafobia is large traditional wooden roller coaster in the United Kingdom has been chosen as one of the three major mobile games.

Sit on your Megafobia, at 2000 feet above the altitude 95 kilometres per hour speed flying, climbing, underhand Heng, twist, as if caught in a tornado that don't know what to do, but also extremely exciting!

Geographical goddess, Ne

Mesis Inferno (United Kingdom of Alton Towers)

Geographical goddess Nemesis Inferno,

Nemesis is the first European roller coaster.

Passengers were shaking to similar ski lifts of the seat, the whole will experience numerous reverse tuck. This gadget also has served in 2004 created the Guinness history most nude play roller coaster records!

Ferrari Formula Rossa (Abu Dhabi, Ferrari world)

Ferrari Rossa Formula

It is expected that in the 2010 release of Formula Ferrari Rossa, not only in the fastest car, will be the world's fastest coaster.

Roller coaster will be completed within 2 seconds 0 ~ 100km/h acceleration, from indoor to outdoor up to 171 feet.

Beijing Kingda Ka Dhaka (Six Flags amusement park, New Jersey)

Roller coaster is the world's fastest roller coaster.

First roller coaster to 206 km/h the car firing into the air, height reached 139 m, finally the rapid decline in 90 degrees from the perpendicular to the ground!

Bizarro roller coaster (Massachusetts Six Flags amusement park)

Bizarro roller coaster

2009 new Bizarro ran away up to 123 km/, including the exciting free fall time.

Sitting in the car, passengers can enjoy (if time, HA HA) of the Connecticut River, one of the most beautiful landscapes. Although Bizarro however 63 m, and not very high, but after a first small hillside will experience a rapid decline, down 67 meters away in an underground tunnel.

United States "gay street"

United States San Francisco Castro's top gay street mdash mdash;; Castro alley

Lift the United States, San Francisco, many Chinese would think it beautiful Bay and strange urban landscape, but in the eyes of many Westerners, San Francisco is famous for its open.

Here, there was a man named Castro's streets, it is far from San Francisco's most prosperous Street, but it's maverick in local no one does not know, because Castro Street has a rather provocative Jena mdash mdash mdash;;; the gay capital of the world.

The street was full of Rainbow flag

From San Francisco's downtown Union Square, jump on a tram, shake shaky 20 minutes to the San Francisco suburb of Castro Street.

Just to Castro Street, I felt it like no different than other districts of San Francisco, not to a km of streets flanked Nordic architecture style of shops, restaurants and cafes. But look carefully, you can look out some clues. We arrived on that day happens to be the United States national day, Castro Street styling not many United States flag, but hung up in the red, Orange, yellow, green, blue, violet six colors of the Rainbow flag, this is a sign of homosexuality. At the street entrance, a six-story architectural Spire, end a huge Rainbow flag, United States flag can only in its side when the foil, the houses on both sides of the street and shops, there are generally straight out of the wind, a little dancing in the Rainbow flag.

Follow the Rainbow flag, you can see the streets, many designed for gay and lesbian service features shops, from the book illustrated to clothes, completely subverting the heterosexual world outside, the scale of 1 to let people find it difficult to accept.

The shop has many manners intimate homosexuals in each selected commodities, some people still came from European countries. The streets are home to Castro Theatre, it is said that there are more than 70 years old, fame, inside you can see a movie about homosexuality, such as the "Brokeback Mountain", etc.

In fact, in many large cities in the world, have heard various identified homosexuals methods such as earrings to wear method, on the location of the handkerchief, and so on.

But in the Castro Street, and you don't bother to tell, in this street walk, many are holding hands or wear the same clothes of same-sex couples, they radiate calm, also occasionally laugh out loud, even when Kiss. Some people also wore black leather jacket, covered with nails, it is said that this is gay men recognized uniforms. If you would like to make contact with a homosexual groups, to the bar to drink a cup should be a good choice, Harvey bar is this street fame greatest bars, sit half is a middle-aged man, they labored hard to drink and chat, polite, for our visitors, they also don't exclude talk to you on a few words, as long as you don't hastily put up cameras.

A shop owner told reporters that the free and open is Castro Street, unique attitude towards life, you set foot in here, you enjoy unlimited tolerance.

Only in the Castro, homosexuals can live so frankly, so fair to automotive daubed striking Gay flag can have their own bars, restaurants and shops. Because of this, Castro Street is called the gay capital of the world, not only attracted United States homosexuals, other countries in the world of homosexuals have come.

Curiosity killed the cat to inventory the world ten Department cannot enter the sanctuary

The world is full of mystery and exclusion, we simply don't know anything, even if we want to find out what will be turned away.

This list enumerates the world's top ten you can not go in.

Mei may Al Gore in town

Article 10: Mei may Al Gore in town

Mei may Al Gore in town (Mezhgorye) is a Russia a closed town, it is rumored that town lives are in Magnus Tower Watt mountain (Mount Yamantaw) surrounding engaged in highly confidential tasks of staff until 1979, the town was discovered by the world.

Yamanta Watts Hill up to 1640 m (5381 ft) is the Southern Ural mountains, the highest mountain, is connected to the Kas-Skye mountains (600 km to the North). It has been United States suspected is a project of the magnitude of the nuclear facilities, or of a bunker.

In the 1990s after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States satellite images observed here to explore the works of large, but then when Boris Yeltsin middot; (Boris Yeltsin) pro-West era.

Built in facility at the top of the two military fortress mdash mdash;; Belovezhskaya beloretsk-15 and Belovezhskaya beloretsk-16. No matter how repetitive questioning about United States yamanta Watt mountain, the Russian Governments have only to transfer some of their silent. They said it was just a mine, a repository of Russia Ministry of finance, a food store area or when the refuge of the leaders of nuclear war.

The Vatican Secret Archives

Chapter nine: the Vatican Secret Archives

In the previous ranking list also mentioned mdash mdash; here; the Archives Department names are confidential, no secret at all.

You can view the want to see the file, but you can enter the archives. You must submit a file to view the application form, and then archive the documents made available to you. And recently lang middot; Joel Tak Wah (Ron Howard) and Dan middot; Brown (Dan Brown) jointly produced by the stupid trash movie "the Angel and the devil, here are all of the files, but can be read and not proscribed by the scientific theory, and monumental backup.

In this you can not only a glimpse of what is 75 years (aimed at protection of diplomatic and Government information).

Archives for those who wish to view the users directory index. It is estimated that the Vatican Secret Archives of the shelf 52 miles (84 km), only available for reference by the directory have 35000 volumes.

33, Club

Section eight: 33, Club

And contrary to popular opinion, Disney is a beverage supply licenses.

But only after the end of the period of mass tourism, the Park will give private party liqueurs. However, in Disney's New Orleans square axis, a private club mdash mdash;; 33, Club, which had the perennial liqueurs.

This theme park has been a Mystery Club next to the entrance is located in 33, Royal Street Blue River restaurant.

Club of strolling has engraved blocks 33 eye-catching and ornate address nameplate. Turn-about one-to-Sky's contributions will be able to join and become a Club member, the Member has private parking. But if you want to join, then queued estimates to 14 years.

Moscow metro 2

Chapter seven: Moscow metro 2

Russia Moscow metro 2 is legendary and the Moscow public Metro subway system in parallel.

The subway system may start in the Stalin era, and was built in the Soviet Union of the National Security Council named D-6. Reports for Russia journalists, Russia's federal security service and the Moscow subway, ambiguous, noncommittal attitude.

It is rumored, the length of the Moscow metro 2 even more than Moscow subway.

It has 4 main road, to the underground 50 to 200m Department. Moscow metro 2 is connected to the Kremlin, Russia's Federal Security Agency headquarters, Vnukovo-2 of the Government Airport, camanche of an underground city, as well as other countries. Needless to say, even if it is not known to exist, would like to visit it, of course, is more difficult.

White gentleman's Club

Section six: white gentlemen's Club

White Club is the United Kingdom's most unique gentleman's Club.

The Club by Francisco-Bianco (Franz West-Francis white White) was founded in 1693. The Club started to sell the then popular chocolate hot, but eventually it became a classic and highly personal gentleman's Club. White Club to its members a wide range of singular is famous for gambling. The most famous is the bet 3000 pounds to bet window glass two drops of rain, which first.

Then we will be white listed on the list of Club reasons? first ladies are not allowed, this eliminates half the readers.

Furthermore, want to join the Club of men must be a member now, and this invitation should also have two other Member permission. Unless you are a member of the Royal family, high-powered senior officials or actor, or want to get the unique White Club invited almost impossible.

51 district

Section five: 51 district

51 area rankings so forward, that's because many readers on their ages.

51 area is United States West of the Southern Nevada test, also known as a military base, it is located on the Las Vegas downtown North Northwest direction 83 miles (133 km). This military base Center (that is, the groom Hunan shore) has the largest secret military airport. While the military's primary purpose is to carry on the aircraft and weapons systems research and development tests.

United States Government on the bases of secrecy makes its covered with a veil of mystery, and it also makes the mass population of conspiracy theories and the core of UFO.

The figure above, if you enter 51 area will be affected by the deadly attack.

39 rooms

Ise Jingu Shrine

Third place: Ise Jingu Shrine

Ise-Jingu (later, we know every 20 years this God Palace will be pushed to rebuild once, so the Ise Jingu Shrine is not only one, which already has more than 100 of Ise Jingu Shrine mdash mdash; was; the translator's note) is Japan's most sacred Shinto.

This is to worship God Palace as great God day (Sun God), since 4 years Jingu b.c. exists in the world. Jingu main hall houses a large Japanese empire is the most important thing: eight measure mirror (this mirror from Japan mythology, was the first emperor of Japan by the bailiff).

Ise-Jingu every 20 years will have to destroy and rebuild, in order to meet Japan Shinto thought of transmigration (next to rebuild the world to 2013).

God Palace in the list of top reasons for this is that if you're not from Japan Royal rituals would like to get in the door. So unless there is Japan's Prince or Princess browsing this page, you also look at Ise Jingu Shrine roof of thatch.

Disaster emergency control centre

Second place: the big disaster emergency control centre

Here not only closed to the public, and the public will never want to tread! in many films about the end of the world, will be mentioned in a highly confidential, and United States Government officials and elite who avoid the impending end of the world.

That place is the big disaster emergency control centre!

This Center as the cause of the cold war was built in the 1950s, but it still remains the same.

Because it is the last hope, so highly confidential for granted. Here by the Federal Emergency Management (FEMA). The control centre has been in operation, when the United States occurred in local small disasters, most of the traffic transfer is done here.

Manuel Chavez Hill United Kingdom Royal Air Force

First name: Manuel Chavez Hill United Kingdom Royal Air Force

Manuel Chavez Hill United Kingdom Royal Air Force is a United Kingdom and United States Aishilang global intelligence network of military bases the connection phase.

It is a communications interception and missile warning, including a station huge satellite ground station, is the world's largest electronic informationMonitor console. Under the United States National Security Agency of the United States some reconnaisance Office manipulation is for satellite ground receiving stations. Antennas are hidden in some distinctive white radome, it is said that this base is part of aishilang.

Aishilang system was created to monitor the 1960 's, the cold war, the Soviet Union and its eastern allies group of military and diplomatic communications.

But since the end of the cold war, it was used to search for traces of terrorism, drug trafficking, head of the planning and political and diplomatic aspects of intelligence. It has also been reported for commercial espionage and penetration in the country of all telephone and radio communications, this is an extreme violation of privacy.

The world's largest "Elm" hotel

In legends and myths, beautiful castle often and romantic love.

However, the modern, these over a long period of time of the ancient castle, except as a tourist Mecca, in fact, become a terrorist. Especially in Europe, many castles were produced across the famous ghost story. Although ghosts may not be true, but the Castle has brought great fear.

De la Ormes Castle

Be converted into the haunted Castle Hotel

Today's de la Ormes Castle (Dragsholm Castle) has been converted into a hotel, but is believed to have a few ghosts have been living here, more famous is the Gray Lady (graynbsp; nbsp; Mrs. lady) and white.

But the Lady said quite friendly, this is a noble lady was in love with the civilian population were father imprisoned and eventually die from depression.

Sea-Adams hotel

Obama took office before live Elm Hotel

United States President Barack Obama was elected, and their families to live as is famous of Wolf sea Adams hotel, as the inaugural make final preparations.

According to AFP, located in Washington, d.c. City Center Lafayette Square on the sea-Adams hotel opened in 1928, and dozens of meters away from the White House only.

The hotel has a total of 145 rooms, the room rate from $ 395 per night to $ 6000. Deluxe room with fireplace and balcony, you can easily see the White House. The hotel also to like Obama's 10-year-old elder daughter Maria as suffering from asthma guests provide low allergenic Pillows.

Sea-Adams hotel to the 19th century had lived here; sea of John and Henry middot middot; Adams named.

The former personal assistant to President Lincoln, and later served as Secretary of State; the latter is a writer, is also the President of the United States and his son John middot; Adams and John middot; Quincy middot; Adams's descendants. It is said that Henry middot; Adams's wife in 1885 by depression commit suicide in this hotel.

Grey ghost nickname of warships hotel

Grey ghost nickname of warships hotel

Queen Mary was a luxury ocean liner, later transformed into the gray ghost of battleship nickname.

In 1967 long beach city purchased, Queen Mary, was converted into a hotel and a will to tourists. At the Queen Mary, a good meal and to their supernatural hot zone tour costs up to us $ 109. There is talk of the many ghosts are still wandering on the Queen Mary, including a death in the engine room of the sailors mdash mdash;; that is the famous white ghost mdash mdash;; as well as in the swimming pool in drowning children.

Saint Peter's haunted hotel


Users experience the St. Peter's haunted hotel

St. Peter is Florida in a beautiful city, the urban population less than 30 million, the annual average temperature is 18 ° c to 27 ° c, no wonder every winter here is the holiday resort.

Renaissance Vinoy resort hotel was built in 1925, the hotel is divided into two parts in the new building of the old buildings, I never dare to live in old buildings, because I first go to the felt the old House, haunted, stood in the lobby, strange flesh, think back to take a cool, even now, every time I go through the lobby is a trot, the toilet? No Way!! Better to hold back for a no go!

The first time from the hotel came back, I also tend to be checked on the hotel's historical data, obviously I'm not the only one with a strange feeling, historical records of this hotel have been repeated fires, mysterious suicide tragedy event, I heard that the hotel has been designed for lovers of catch ghost adventures open too, many people come here, each with its own story, but give this hotel brings many business, try Ah.

rc="http://www.itravelqq.com/uploadfile/2010/0915/20100915112414160.jpg" />
Stanley Hotels

Horror films have haunted legend

United States Colorado astatech-Division Park, Stanley hotel (StanleyHotel) 217, room: shanling scriptwriter Stephen middot; Kim and his wife were here to live, and gets the shanling "inspiration.

Many people also believe that this hotel haunted. TV Shanling "DumbandDumber part also in this film. This hotel is in the closed-circuit television in the movies and TV series shanling ".

The world's interesting signs

The signs in the world are different, some are very creative, some prohibited items will make you go live touched.