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Experience fashion pilgrimage 11 holiday shopping international commercial Street

To this valuable 7 days holiday, many early look attractions or tour packages, perfect to spend valuable seven days long vacation.

Do you have visited the world famous commercial Street? New York Fifth Avenue, Paris Champs, Sydney Pitt Street hellip; hellip; they gathered all big top brand, full of history and culture, allowing each to help power of exclamation fashion and culture blend, became the heart land of perpetual Pilgrim.

New York Fifth Avenue

New York Fifth Avenue with diamonds of pin gold

Any one to New York Sightseeing tourists to visit the Fifth Avenue, the United States's most famous jewelry, leather goods, clothing, cosmetics shops are concentrated here, like in all of glittering diamond, set in the Fifth Avenue on both sides, attracting thousands of visitors.

More PULITZER fountain, ROCKEFELLER Center, St. PATRCK'S Cathedral as you stroll around the streets of the episode.

Shopping highlights: for the first time attracted to this street friends, could enjoy those famous RI elaborately decorated window scenery, have been shocked by the name of the store.

LV largest flagship store, soul.do Lady love Chanel Fendi, elegant, and the world famous brands such as the fashion world: BrooksBrothers, A.testoni HarryWinston etc, in addition, brand stores, very large department stores are also highlights of Fifth Street. It is understood that the most upscale BergdorfGoodman is here, a collection of shopping centres and more than 200 women brands and more than 100 men's shop, nearly 10 million a piece of fur coats, $ skirt look on.

Hajj Guide: Fifth Avenue's discount season generally begins from December, discount fares increase as close to Christmas and gradually increase.

Although 11 missed discount season, but you can buy Clinique and CCP Landai cosmetics, not only the price relatively low, and buy things will get a lot of trial.

Paris Champs Elysees Avenue

Paris Champs Elysees Avenue, mosaic-like beauty

Champs Elysees Plaza with dot is divided into two parts: eastern sector is 700 metres long Lin Yin Road, with natural scenery, the road is flat English lawn, is busy in a rare quiet.

West is about 1200 meters of advanced business district, and State-of-the-art shops, perfume shops, Moulin Rouge, etc. are concentrated here, near the Arc de Triomphe up a shop. And here the shopping mall, but rather to enjoy wind Yuet King here, walking in the beautiful Avenue in the world, like walking into a reality version of Kaleidoscope.

Shopping highlights: the Champs Elysees Avenue started in front of the Louvre, Concorde and ending at stands in star Plaza in front of the arc center.

Along the sides of luxury shops such as Louis Vuitton, Guerlain, limousine Exhibition Center, film distribution, theatre and entertainment stores, high taste restaurant and other categories of shops scattered, embellishes this romantic and fashionable Paris City's most beautiful roads. In the immediate vicinity of St. Anna Street is the world's top brands and designers of the shop, such as Dior, John Galliano, Her-mes, Lanvin, YSL, Chanel store in this area. In recent years, some new designer's comp shop (Multi-Brand Shops), let the old commercial streets constantly enriched.

Hajj Guide: France each year, two national merchandise at a discount, because the Government consolidated planning time, so each day are not fixed, generally six summer discount will, while in winter in July until a week after new year's day.

Of course, you don't worry, the author believes in the most scenic and cultural connotation of road is the most meaningful most memorable things.

London Oxford Street

London Oxford Street global fashion camp

Oxford Street-art shopping mall at the start of the 20th century, but also with some small shop opened.

Oxford Street, enjoy a reputation around the world, domestic and foreign tourists dropped each year from world 3 million tourists to this sightseeing and shopping, here they accounted for the consumption of Oxford Street all the income of 20%.

Shopping highlights: in less than two kilometres of the street, he gathered more than 300 large shopping malls.

Of these, the old department store SeIfridges collection many top brand names. Although a number of surprising shopping centre, Oxford Street is the most significant feature is the brand categories, but in the style is very complete. In addition to the complete style, this area's biggest advantage is that all of the shops are shoulder andShoulder got together, and the streets and spacious; although prices are high, but United Kingdom local brand quality good and relatively cheap, it is recommended that you purchase the local brand.

Hajj Guide: July is the highest concentration of United Kingdom merchandise discount season, including the world famous brand clothing.

Discount of 5%, or even lower. In addition, before and after the new year is also the season of discount United Kingdom shop.

Sydney Pitt Street Mall

Pitt Street Sydney southern New York

Sydney enjoys the reputation of New York's southern hemisphere, and the most famous is the Pitt Street Mall, which is not too large shopping centre is the most concentrated in the southern hemisphere luxury brand.

Due South to the northern hemisphere season on the contrary, here the famous's main purpose is to display it. Interestingly, Pitt Street Mall and the United States, France, United Kingdom, and new products are always synchronized fashion.

Shopping highlights: and Fifth Avenue, the Champs Elysees Avenue, compared to the visibility of the Sydney Pitt Street, not too high, but its gorgeous shops, luxury goods, strong popularity in no way inferior.

Pitt Street Sydney City Centre areas, where more than centralizing super-size department stores, such as the Glasshouse, Skygarden, MidCity Centre, Sydney Arcade, Westfield Centrepoint and shop with more than 600 shops of famous DavidJones and Myer in Australia. At Pitt Street, Chanel, Dior, Gucci, LV, Armani and other big-time new shelves speed, update speed is very timely, but season instead, Australian customers only, wait until the first taste of climate change and change clothes.

Hajj Guide: driving to Sydney before Midwinter sweep out the next quarter and summer attire is a wonderful and interesting experience.

Hong Kong Causeway Bay

Tide of people, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong shopping Gold zone

Causeway Bay is Hong Kong's main commercial and entertainment centre.

The region has a number of large department stores and shopping malls: Sogo department store, Times Square, Lee Theatre square and World Trade Center. And other foreign Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong is not a straight a street, but a small size, but the size of the road crossing.

Shopping highlights: many people on our fashion Temple are already very familiar with the Causeway Bay.

Lane Crawford is a top name brand gathered senior Department store, many top brands to shop in shop of forms set up here. Anna Sui nor will in times square opened Asia largest flagship store. Hong Kong shopping, ordinary people preferred three commodities: clothing, cosmetics and electrical equipment. Hong Kong brings together the world's largest brands, although more than a little expensive, but the origin and the Mainland is cheap compared to many; cosmetics due allowance, in some famous brands of cosmetics and even cheaper than the country of origin.

Hajj Guide: Hong Kong's discount quarter is the annual July-October, and before and after the new year to the next year February.

Beijing Jinbao Street

Beijing Jinbao Street in its embryonic form of high-end commercial Street

If you stay at the golden week in Beijing, you can go and see, next to the Jinbao street of Wangfujing, after more than ten years of development, this article from scratch ' Street has its international high-end business street pitch.

As in 1998, Beijing to Hong Kong investment projects, Beijing is one of 60 key project, Jinbao Street from Hong Kong Fu-international group unified development and operations, planning, building area of more than 800 000 square meters, 730 m long streets, including eight blocks from Richland, Li Ting, Lai chun, Xinhai Jinjiang four luxury hotel, Jinbao building, ornate buildings, four grade a Office, Beijing, Hong Kong Jockey Club, Jinbao meeting shopping center, hotel-style apartments and other high-end business-related property. Now only Street North of 2, 3, and is planning development, several years later the two plots will become a large business complex, has a connection to the rest of Campbell street block pedestrian traffic. The future is finally entering the ranks of the international business street, Jinbao Street holdings co., Ltd. Chairman of the Board, Mr. said they also will conduct a series of adjustments.

Shopping highlights: currently, Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Kiton, Broadway Palace and many other international first-line brand traveled in the mesh, as Beijing high-end consumer crowd Spotlight; Palace cuisine lijiacai, celebrity dining hall, garden restaurant, authentic Portuguese restaurant Adjame, capital city famous big Dong, traditional Kung Fu performances, upscale restaurant settled, and Home World Italy style furniture shops, Minotti, Boffi Asnaghi etc home brand franchisee, Jinbao Street as defined in the business street lifestyle manner; and the world's first choice for help even become Ho car Jinbao Street

The finishing touch pen, grace of Rolls Royce, passionate gentleman like Lamborghini, Aston Martin, middot; elegant horse Sara te, by Ferrari, and soon to be launched by the world's most expensive sports car Chief jiadi, are in the world highlight the Jinbao Street as a world-class provider of luxury and exceptional Street, a full range of pure high-end lifestyle synthesizer.

Hajj Guide: every year in July and August are the merchants of Campbell Street activities more discount.

Although it is now nearly October, it doesn't matter, golden week to Campbell send a movie still is very pleasant to enjoy, where Broadway cinema almost can be said to be the best cinema in Beijing.

Small couldn't be small country


First name: Vatican City (Vatican)

The Vatican is the world's smallest countries, is a sovereign and independent State.

Area: 0.44 km2 population: 830 people

Location: Italy Rome North West Highlands

Vatican City (Vatican), is the world's smallest countries, is Europe a sovereign and independent State.

It is also the center of the world Catholic; mdash mdash; the seat of the Holy See. It is located on the right bank of the Tiber River, surrounded by walls for borders. Junior Palace houses, churches, libraries, post offices, stations, train stations, airports and other facilities. Official languages are Italian and Latin. Residents many professing the Catholic Church.


Second place: Monaco (Monaco)

Area: 1.96 km2 population: 35657 (2005)

Location: Eastern Mediterranean region in southern France

Monaco is located in the South of France, North and West, throughout the lower sides surrounded by France, on the South, bordering the Eastern Mediterranean.

Border line length 4.5 km 5.16 km long coastline. Long and narrow terrain, the thing is about 3 km north to South the narrowest at only 200 meters. In the many hills, an average elevation of less than 500 m. Subtropical Eastern Mediterranean-type climate, dry and cool in summer, humid and warm in winter. The average annual temperature is 16 ° c, with an average annual rainfall of 500-600 mm.


Third place: Nauru (Nauru)

Area: 21 km2 population: 13005 (2005)

Location: Western Pacific Equator

Nauru is an oval-shaped coral island throughout.

Steep coast. 30 km of coastline. Coast width 150-300 m, 30 m above sea level on the coastal zone, is the only agricultural area. The highest point in the middle-station, to 64 m above sea level. The whole island 3/5 is the covering of phosphates, no rivers, only the Southwest with a salt water lagoon buada. In the case of tropical rainforest climate with average annual temperature of 25-35 ° c, annual precipitation in more than 2000 mm.

Nauru generally live in Government-built coastal lowlands of the House, because the weather is hot, it was relatively simple.


4th Prize: Tuvalu (Tuvalu)

Area: 26 km2 population: 11,000

Location: situated in the South Pacific Island Nations

Tuvalu is a group of nine coral atolls ring, North and South ends of 560 kilometers apart from Northwest to Southeast stretching scattered in about 130 000 square kilometres of the sea, and land area of just 26 square kilometers.

Because the terrain is very low and barren. Almost no water area on the ground, and in soils or farming. The greenhouse effect caused by sea-level rise on Tuvalu caused very serious threat. The average annual temperature of 29 degrees centigrade. A tropical maritime climate. It is in addition to the Holy see most outside meagre.

Tuvalu almost no natural resources, its main income comes from foreign assistance.

The main industry is fishing and tourism, is located in the far away each year tourists are very small. The population density of the smallest of small States.

San Marino


Section five: San Marino (San Marino)

Area: 61.2 km2 population: 28117

Location: Italy, North of East Asia had Leah coast

North-Eastern Italy San Marino is a landlocked country in the hilly topography.

Subtropical Eastern Mediterranean-type climate. The average annual temperature of 16 ° c, winter minimum temperature-2 ° c, in summer maximum temperatures of 30 degrees centigrade. Average annual precipitation of 880 mm. San Marino is a country within a country, is located in Rimini Italy Adriatic Beach cities nearby Te Tanoh mountain. Here no border crossing, at the foot of a gate-style decoration, a banner with the writing: the old Republic welcomes you. This is the mark of the San Marino national boundaries.

To Cambodia to challenge your stomach dare is exuberant

Cambodia scenery

Cambodia food recorded very little, but each visited Cambodia and tourists about Cambodia make appetizing and creepy culinary temptations.

Sihanouk of live seafood, Siem Reap's Tomb Raider cuisine will give praise, while the assembled in Phnom Penh has constantly insect snacks to challenge your vision and taste.

Phnom Penh: challenge your stomach

Phnom Penh: challenge your stomach

Whatever delicious Cambodian rice, rice noodles or all kinds of desserts, France left French long staff in Phnom Penh's gourmet menu are indispensable, but most will let visitors deeply mindful of is undoubtedly Cambodia's killing insects.

New markets in the South of Phnom Penh, has a monopoly on insect snack stalls, stands on the deep-fried crickets and Silkworm pupa and water, business is quite good.

Operated a day can sell 20 ~ 30 kg insect snacks in the afternoon, every day to all the goods are sansidianzhong sold out. A flood of lice sell 1000 real (Cambodia currency, equivalent to approximately 4000 Riel 1 USD), is the most expensive in spreading insects, also sell best. A lot of black-brown water lice look a little scary, but stripped of its wings, placed in the mouth to chew, but was crisp aftertaste. Many people like to eat in Phnom Penh this water, this water lice are living in the water, the fishermen's nets to after fresh and sell them to the booth, after cleaning frying, brought to the market.

Deep-fried crickets are size, these crickets are transported from Kompong.

If not the mating season, crickets catches will be greatly reduced, farmers can only be used in a heap of straw or in-soil irrigation capture in the cave; if you are in the cricket mating season, night in the open on a lamp, hang on a piece of white plastic film, the dig a shallow pool, night crickets will automatically put the lamp, and fell in a shallow pool, provided timely to fishing. Insect snack selling cricket are, is a true natural food. They though shape after a terrorist, but fried crisp and delicious, many people bought the present wine dishes. 1 milk tank (measuring container) to sell large crickets, crickets 3000 Riel 1000 real small sellers.

Silkworm Chrysalis is excellent products.

When the cocoon thrown into boiling water is left over after leaving cooked chrysalis. These incense pupa while not not crisp, but rich in protein and large amounts of trace elements and minerals. Silkworm farming process is very sensitive to pesticides, mulberry leaves a little to contain pesticide, it will cause massive death of silkworm. Sericulture in feeding on Mulberry leaves, leaves absolutely cannot contain pesticides or stained with dew or rain. Therefore, the pupa is the natural green food.

Thousands of species of insects, the Cambodian people just love the big three, fried spiders is affected by local people in hot pursuit.

This kind of 8 cents each, fried spiders where poverty has become an important source of income for the residents. A few decades ago, the local population in the refugee process came to this very good things, then also invented a special cooking means that you must follow to catch with eating, and wood for the fire and pan fine fried able to maintain its fresh flavor. Such processing of fried spiders, black and red color on the outside of the package with a crispy crust, inside of the delicate juicy meat. Quite like this in Phnom Penh residents therefore periodically-Kun purchase fresh spider.

Siem Reap: Tomb Raider cocktail


Siem Reap's daytime is quiet, unassuming, because most of the visitors to the site of Angkor Wat.

After nightfall, Siem Reap began to busy. Locals enjoy in Siem Reap Riverside open-air stall, eat barbecue, including various types of meat, fish and insects, so eye-opening. Along the famous Popular Guest House South walk you will find a typical Cambodian style beef hotpot shops, hot pot is a mini, soup base light, with fresh pink and tender beef, just pick up the day with vegetable, dotted with yellow bananas, transparent small scones and a rainbow of dip. Sliced pork into the boiling soup, rapid rotation, then just put the small circle are dipped in water after the disc is placed on top; Needless to empty for a while, meat is cooked, biscuits and soft, volume with vegetable, and after a little sauce dip, tooth cheek Sultan entrance. Of course the Cambodian traditional gourmet restaurant in Siem Reap Amok everywhere, with coconut milk to spice to banana leaf bag of food that looks definitely tempting.

If you eat too much fear the fire, the barbecue can roadside casual with fruit glass Cabinet next to drink a cup of fruit shaved ice, as long as 1500 real.

Of course, visitors or the most loving to the bar of Angkor beer. Dead Fish Bones are very famous in a bar, located in the central market of trunk, cartoon fish bones of neon signs are visible. The bars inside like a semi open-air plant construction, tall space be built out of composite structures, there is a sense of design. In addition to drinking, in thisWhere can buy all kinds of printed with fish bone pattern and unique souvenirs.

Not to be missed are located on the north side of the central market of Red Piano restaurant, the film Tomb Raider ", actress anghilina middot; Julie has been a regular visitor here, this shop has launched a Tomb Raider cocktails, is sought after by visitors.

Sihanouk zones: seafood


Located on the southwest coast of Cambodia Sihanouk, is the largest harbour in Cambodia.

The city's most attractive is that white dazzle, sea blue beach. Out of Siem Reap's Millennium lost city, then went to the beach Sihanouk spend a very pleasant things.

And every coastal city, Sihanouk to Cambodia's best seafood, crab and shrimp are particularly famous.

The beach is now grilled fish vendors, cooking method is simple, is absolutely fresh. Located at the beach of Hawaii Seaview, Sea Dragon can eat Khmer-style or cooking delicious seafood. Beautiful harbour seafood restaurant (Chhner Molop Chrey Restaurant) at victory Beach (Victory beach), here live seafood, scenery, the beach, accompanied by the soothing sound of tempests, leisurely enjoy delicious.

Global airport duty free shop shopping Raiders

Beijing Capital International Airport

The global economic crisis always make people unhappy, but for people in terms of shopping to usher in an unprecedented departure time for a shopping tour.

Low prices, exchange rates, dropped at the end of the promotion and spread of originally existed, let your trip seems to be no other reason. Specially scouring global airport duty free shop, but also for your shopping tour outside of painted on a satisfactory end.

Beijing Capital International Airport

When hosting services provided nbsp; Three stars

BUY: meizhuangpin, cigarettes, folk crafts

From recent years T2 Terminal opened successively in the duty free shop on the high cards visible capital influence, but since last year design Deluxe, facilities advanced build T3 Terminal, various brands of duty-free shops began to develop clear close up here and become the scale.

If you recently have travel plans to go abroad, in their own local procurement was made. T3 now offers hosting services, to buy something you don't have to take on the plane, you can return when the baggage service delivery of duty-free shops. T3 's entry and exit Office has a duty free shop, but some of the exit of the goods is more complete.

For at the capital airport duty free shop in the largest retailers, tax-free, its reputation all the way from Beijing to Shanghai, cannot be said to lankou mascara, all shops are a $ 295, here was only $ 125; Dior's colored eye shadow, malls counter $ 550 $ 320, here.

The comparison was seriously before, basically there prices still higher than in urban areas or buy cheap airport about 10%. Local shopping madness are always think outside buy cheaper international brands, but in the doorway can pick up a cheap mdash mdash;; day tax line on the inside is not only the high card is complete makeup, perfume, and many of the brand price is almost the malls counter 5-7%, so that people don't sell are difficult. Also, here not only things cheaper, many in the counter is not new on the goods.

Duty-free import of goods, is exempt from import duties and import value-added tax, which taxes according to the type of goods varies with different tax rates.

As for the Mainland, cosmetics and tobacco and alcohol tax rate is very high, so the duty free shop for cosmetics, tobacco, wine prices are cheaper than outside. In addition, many of the already stationed in the airport, such as the universal brand watches, Omega, Longines and Tissot ssih, and so, here is the price the same brands franchise stores in 7-8 fold. But is your ticket to fly to Hong Kong, then this course is not the best option.

Japan duty free shop on some Chinese characteristics of handicraft products, the price is relatively cheap, but if you are on the plane before you forget to foreign friends bring some gifts, here is a good choice.

Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong International Airport

Men, women and children-eat five stars

BUY: big bags, sunglasses, Disney souvenirs, cosmetics

Unless you are the master's son, to the airport duty free shop shopping really be careful, because there were too many commodities, food used to play, it's all too easy to take possession of all thrown in cash, by the way, the credit cards maxed is not possible.

Hong Kong Airport Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, there are shopping areas, including digital products, designer brand clothing, jewelry and watches, cosmetics and skin care, men, women and children through toys, etc.

If you are a family outing, everyone can find the heart, never happen wife crazy shopping, Mr. aside yawn.

While Beijing and Shanghai in duty-free shops meizhuangpin part price lower than Hong Kong, Hong Kong Airport has some set of groups is not mainland airport, such as Shanghai combines Clinique men's discontinued, hang with scrub and perfumed body lotion, a set of $ 305.

Digital fans beware the departure lobby Fengze electrical chain stores and a3 concept store, which specializes in fresh digital cameras, cell phones, cameras and electronic gadgets, list price and urban stores consistent, but want to enjoy the fun of a counter-offer is impossible.

Luxury brand stores are more into dazzling, Louis Vuitton, almost all you can think of the big brands can be found here: Gucci, Chanel, Prada, Cartier love-Max,, Agnesb.hellip; hellip; however, in the absence of a tariff, they right here in price the more approachable.

Some people buy too at a discount of $ 700 after Salvatorenbsp; Ferragamo sunglasses, fashion Burberry bag 4000 $ inhabitants will be able to win, very economical. However, and urban areas compared to the big stores, here's style may be less, update speed is not so fast, if you are keeping up with the wind vane of timeStill, the tide or in urban areas to buy more appropriate.

Of course, most of you have missed a few here in Hong Kong Disneyland Magic Shop.

Colorful shops have various Disney products sold, from plush and candy to clothing and jewelry, 70 dollars a cup and a set of 100 $ cookies although not cheap, but after all, is the authentic Disney produced. If you don't have time to go to Hong Kong Disneyland, where to buy souvenirs back away.

Japan Tokyo Narita

Japan Tokyo Narita

Services best, the second three-star

BUY: Japanese snacks, sake, digital products

Japan-brand universally upheld is known, but the strange thing is that brand-name stores in the Tokyo Narita is not large, but where can see the love-Max, Burberry, MONTBLANC, among others, the comparison is worthwhile visiting the best buy to make a pledge for feelings of Tiffany and advocacy by Beyonce sexy woman bags Products nbsp;

Samantha Tavasa, because they are in other airports more difficult to see.

Japanese cosmetic brands in Shanghai is so popular these days, but if you intend to airport build-up to the previous year's goods may be disappointed, because here the make-up brand or to Europe and the United States Department of the majority, only Japanese brand Shiseido and Uemura, the price is cheaper than the urban area, there is no need to wait until after the purchase of the airport.

In contrast, various packaging delicate Japan specialties more watchable.

Do-me A dream most favorite burned in Fa-So-La duty-free shops are sold, the soft cake in vivo is Hokkaido red bean filling, 600 yen for a package. In addition, a variety of seaweed, hand noodles, mustard, the fruit is let love to eat people watched Al fixed step, buy to make hand letter is also very nbsp; Good. Of course, the famous Japan sake is not to be missed, 720 ml 8 Haishan sake at 2500 yen, buy it at least 300 million, a higher price.

Of course, if you're Japan digital products loyal consumers, airport duty free shop in the electrical area is a must.

Whether 46800 Yen Sony Cyber-shotnbsp; DSC-T700 slim digital camera, or 14100 Yen JVC Portable iPod sound system that will let you call buy fun.

Narita airport duty-free shops last Trump is the high standard of service, where a shopping experience are on their own to enjoy high-quality service which lingers, it appears that here you can truly experience the customer is God's meaning.

Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore Changi Airport

Limit to suit most cost-effective 4 stars

BUY: Watch, skin care, makeup

Changi airport environment and service is famous for it's good, duty free shop size and international airport has a spell, also often introduce attractive promotions and limited product, there is only one purpose: to make money from your purse good flow to them by the cash register.

The recent global economic downturn, passengers shopping mood also greatly affected, in order to stimulate consumption, Changi Airport third passengers building common areas introduced without consumption tax shopping areas, including Samsonite and Thenbsp;

Body Shop, 27 retail stores the original charge was cancelled by the 7% GST to the first and second passengers building restrictions in line with local shops. This move, the estimation of many more cover does not hold the purse.
Although many of the commodity price is higher than our airport is slightly higher, but is better in enough unique, such as the Gem-Based Skincarenbsp Baogeli; Line, exclusive formula contains a gemstone with positive energy, improve skin shine and anti-wrinkle firming, the market is not easy to buy, but at Changi Airport's second passengers building has sold. Here is Asia Pacific's largest perfumery and cosmetics for the duty free shop on sale exclusively at the inside of the makeup and skin care set is also very worthwhile purchase.

In addition, not to be missed is the wrist watch, Omega, Swatch 2007, Tag Heuer and the prices are much lower than the domestic, it has been used 1200 Yuan to buy a home is priced at $ 2800 tiansuobiao, almost the equivalent of 4%, really makes domestic consumers hematemesis.

Dubai International Airport

Dubai International Airport

Edge enjoyment side shopping 4 stars

BUY: Watch, cosmetics, souvenirs

In international air transport Association published survey, Dubai Airport for several years, ranking the best worldwide.

It provides luxury services are the other airports are incomparable. 24 hours of duty free shop brings together the world's most fashionable commodities prices are relatively low, and there is often an attractive gift; rest area has 32 spacious and comfortable large sofas, dining area, like the State Banquet Hall, offering 25 style diet.

Dubai Airport free zone up to 9000 square meters, the floor of the airport, there is a large central open sales area, various Dubai souvenirs, souvenirs, general price are within a few hundred dollars, in Dubai's most authentic souvenir sand painting, Hookah and camel crafts.

In addition, there are a variety of luxury brand of the concentration camps, duty free shop skin care brand with YSL, lankou, Shiseido, MAC, CD, Clinique, L'Oreal, watches to labor camps, Omega species most other there are Athens, Guerra bisutti, baobai, hundred age, IWC, Cartier, product family, Chopin, Longines and Tag Heuer and so on. Best buy is the skin of L'Oreal, a set of internally to around $ 600 on yankang anti-wrinkle series of complex, Dubai Airport duty free shops, and only as long as 87 dirhams-170 Yuan or so. Also worth mentioning is the camel, 555, Marlboro, yunsidun such trade in the domestic selling price of cigarettes is also very cheap,.

Shopping here, you can swipe your card can $, Dirham, eliminates China universal shuangbi credit card swipe local currency 1.5% handling charge.

At Dubai Airport there are many Chinese Assistant, English is not good and not worry about it.

The world's five weird Festival

Boryung mud Festival

1. Boryung mud Festival mdash mdash; Korea;

In the 12th annual Korea Boryung mud Festival, dirty.

A whole week of June, one can carefree enjoyment of mud tihui, mud muddy art, in Montreal, sand playing soccer. Although the Festival only 12 years, but last year has attracted more than 150 million travelers to experience the fun of mud. From Dacheon Beach mud rich in minerals, a lot of cosmetic products are used as raw materials. I didn't expect it, so a noisy jubilation Festival will benefit your skin, believe me!

Pig Festival

2. the pig Festival mdash mdash;; France

Every year, on the occasion of France in pig Festival will praise they believed that the Earth's greatest is easily misunderstood animal mdash mdash;; pigs.

Pig Festival every year in mid-August in Trie Sur Baise town held, there was once on the biggest pig farms in France. Festivals have to play a game of pig, but in an ironically dinner eat special food. But the most attractive is the annual pig called competition. Experience old to contestants will mimic the pig births, deaths and other times when exclusive Spotlight pigs cry. A festive celebration of Exult might be cured in late summer of wild boar Cathedral.

Night radish

3. night radish mdash mdash; Mexico;

The name sounds like a horror movie of vegetarianism, this attractive holiday is actually a Christmas celebration prior to Mexico.

Every year on December 23, thousands of people gathered in the city of Waka main square (Oaxaca), to witness the vegetarianism sculpture masters of creation, these masters of sculpture statue too great Saints and Jesus, of course, are purely for radish! best sculpture will receive awards that evening Mexico roast sugar sales soar, the street of pyrotechnics racy blinding.

Hokitika wild foods Festival

4. hokitika wild foods Festival mdash mdash; New Zealand;

Gastric function weak people don't have to participate every year in March in New Zealand hostikka held Festival.

In this wild foods Festival, Chef and mad scientists will challenge the definition of food, they launched the creative new dishes, such as the bee larva ice cream and cucumber fishes. More surprising is that the world's hungry traveler who flocked to, and really to these weird food pay. Only in 2003 year 22500 of tourists to experience. This strange Festival will also be questions to the wine experts: drinking wine, eating at the risk of smoke eel and worms chocolate what? nbsp;

Colorful Huri Festival

5. for the surge Huri mdash mdash; section; India

Color section is India a traditional festivals are celebrated in some countries.

Color Festival originated in India myth Avil├ęs (Holi), is a symbol of justice prevail over evil to the success of a Grand Festival. The Festival lasts for two days of the two countries, according to the case of India calendar are usually February or March. The first night, people with high fire round and stem dry shrub start celebrating (kick off vehiclesYi), symbolizes the burnt to death demon Holika (the mythical image of India). The second day, don't call the color colorful Dhuleti, from that day on. The street regardless of men, women and children, face painting with colorful paint dye or exchanging gifts, the family gets together to greet the arrival of spring to celebrate the victory of the expulsion of the devil.