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Celestial Beach: the "bare" and "raw" eye adventure

Vancouver (shipwreck Beach)

Canada's most famous Heavenly beach is Vancouver's wreck beach (shipwreck Beach), located at ubc (British Columbia University) campus Southwest not far away.

Wreck beach there are Woods do barrier, is hidden, go to the people at the beginning is not easy to find. Even if you find the entry, but also through a long stone steps, there is a feeling of isolation.

Wreck beach and North America other similar Beach, this hilarious, boiling and very busy.

Brown, black, white skin with heap together with ligation. Old pale lax skin, middle-aged fat bloated bellies, skeleton, jagged thin men be candid.

Paradise Beach Greece

First go to the celestial beach is in Greece.

Because I know the first and the most beautiful one and celestial bodies, the woman is the famous Venus. And I have been faithful that, either from historical, cultural or natural conditions, the world is no place better than Greece movement of celestial bodies.

Mykons island with beaches at the famous celestial bodies; mdash mdash; Paradise Beach (Paradise Beach).

That day, the Aegean wind some dubious, I wear a swimming trunks and evil intentions and heart palpitating come to Paradise Beach. Sure enough, most people are naked objects swimmers in the face of other people's eyes, everyone is calm and relaxed, like back to the original state of the garden of Eden. Only my eyes free, suspiciously, feel yourself in this fully disclose the initial point of the dark psychological, let me become humiliatingly and ridiculous. I like the France as a young man again over said to myself: you can't get that stuff off!

First go to the celestial beach is in Greece.

Because I know the first and the most beautiful one and celestial bodies, the woman is the famous Venus. And I have been faithful that, either from historical, cultural or natural conditions, the world is no place better than Greece movement of celestial bodies.

Lady bay beach (Miss Bay) is announced by the Prime Minister, 70 's, legal bodies in one of the beach, it hiding in the busy tourist attractions watsons bay (Watson Bay) of shady, backed by the rocks and cliffs on the yellow blooming flowers, white sand beach small slender.

If you want to visit and not difficult, from the Sydney Opera House front ring terminal bus direct to Watson Bay, get off after Watson's Bay Hotel, the coastal side of a narrow from North to South along the roadside, saw a wooden signs along the direction of stone steps, simply walk down a dozen little wild ride to get there, where all can see celestial swimmers.

Australian worldwide every year many naturist activities, the most popular is the No. 1 hold nude Olympics and November of each year.

Alexandria bay in Southeast Queensland naked Olympics competitions including the frog jump, discus, tug-of-war, final comments on the most beautiful buttocks of sportsmen and women. Participation in the Olympic Games in person to nudity is sufficient to expose to the public of courage, because in the nude during the Olympic Games, often have a television interview, the naked face of a lens with fervour, don't mind if the majority of TV viewers in front of you remarked that this practice was home.

Rio de Janeiro

There is no doubt that this is the world's most famous beach, it's in Rio de Janeiro neighborhoods across 4.5 km ahead.

Gray road, white beaches, blue sea is a city on the edge of the RGB. Local summer is from December to February of the following year, the temperature is 25 degrees to 35 degrees. This is one of the most seductive Beach, just a walk, you will find beach activities in many beautiful tall and beautiful face. The street to the Mall of the local people are also dress up, bikini from so close to the beach, say a happy go straight to the beach to go swimming.

Río real Beach

Río real world level great weather all year round, but do not change. October is the area of hurricane season, but there will not be affected. Río real beach is 17 miles and exquisite white sand beach and the paradise-like quiet atmosphere. Here.Shopping, not suitable for Carnival, but if you want to stay away from the crowds, in a time of local taste alone and years to your life, here is the best place.

Hawaii Beach

Hawaii beach is almost synonymous with romance and honeymoon.

Here, you can fully experience the features of the island in the world with charm, each colour, of various languages together, maybe you don't see Kim Hee Sun or Nicolas middot; catch. The best time to visit Hawaii is from mid-December to the second year of the end of March, but a different month prices are more expensive. Hawaii summer temperature is maintained at 30 degrees.

Money didn't discuss global cheapest top ten tourism destinations

Saving money doesn't discussing today small taping we look at ten of the world's most expensive resorts


Go to India tickets may be more expensive, but the costs are very low.

It is said that, where a glass of beer, as long as the $ 1.25 hotel is 10 dollars or cheaper, a dinner only need 2 dollars, while a cup of tea only need jimeifen. And here is a long history and culture, there are many fascinating tourist attractions.


From Bulgaria to join the EU in 2007, the growth of the prices here, and elsewhere in Europe, still very cheap.

If you avoid the capital would be more cost-effective. The beautiful Black Sea Riviera is the most expensive Beach: a glass of beer only $ 1.3, a glass of wine for only $ 3.5.


As the planet closest to the Sun country, people here call-to-weight ratio elsewhere to light around 1 kg.

The reason is the Equatorial line Centre is farthest from the Earth, which is the most affected by gravity on Earth small place. Love the ladies don't have missed.


Most of the United States people are away from the border area, because it will be because of the violence caused by drugs.

But also missed the opportunity, people can go 100 miles south of the border, a glass of beer only $ 1.5, go to the archaeological area tickets just $ 3.


Morocco's two big selling points mdash mdash;; Beach and market are free of charge.

Hotel every night about just $ 25, local famous a cup of mint tea just 65 cents. Go to other cities in the country, 300 miles from Daniel to Marrakesh train trip just $ 20.


Poland is the cheapest European tour, a glass of beer only needs $ 1, $ 3 of Hamburg, a cup of coffee for only $ 3.5.

But here's travel costs will rise soon, because Poland may adopt the euro system. Think of Poland tourism can hurry.


Nepal's slightly higher in cost than India: 2.14 USD for a glass of beer, accommodation and catering costs less than $ 5.

If you came here to mountaineering or short trip, without a guide just 7 dollars a day, even with the group to go out or just $ 25 a day.


In addition to tickets, the cost of all South-East Asia are very cheap.

In Bali, the famous South Beach Resort, take a glass bottom boat to admire the beauty of the sea; after going to Bali will visit foreignOne Street, this is the library Tower District the most popular entertainment and shopping center. The trip also can enjoy a comfortable Indonesian Deluxe essential oil therapy, nearly 50 different kinds of essential oils, based on the combination of the guests, complemented by the most authentic Indonesian traditional ancient method of massage.


In June last year, the President of Honduras had banished the coup d ' état, so frightened some tourists, but here's a cheaper cost.

Every beer just US $ 1 or 50 cents cheaper, will be able to taste local specialities mdash mdash;; corn flour tortilla stuffed. Moreover, Honduras diving is the world's cheapest: 4-day package insurance trip just $ 250.


Laos, especially in the beautiful countryside: dense forests, historical and cultural temple, spectacular waterfalls from the diarrhoea Mekong a down.

An average of US $ 35 as long as you can comfortably enjoy the day. But, Lao is famous for its silk, you can here to 5 USD in price to buy handmade silk wall hangings.

November is a pure summer Antarctic ice-breaking tour

No one read the Emperor Penguin diary will be approximate to the Antarctic that pure heaven landscape and heart-break.

But because visas, prices, and many other factors, the Antarctic Tour has been a lot of people a distant dream. 1 January 2007, Argentina as a tourist destination for Chinese tourists open, Guangzhou has the Club success organization number of Antarctic tour.

07 Nov 2000, Zhang Shu-along with his wife, aunt together on the beam and the whole 20-day trip to Antarctica.

17, take France flights from Hong Kong, in Paris, interim, fly to Argentina's capital, Buenos Aires, and then diverted to Ushuaia. This is from the Antarctic land closest city, along the Beagle Channel constructed along the coast. Yi, backed by the green hillsides and the altitude of 1000 meters of snowy mountains, in the streets, feel free to take a photograph postcards are comparable.

Lyubov orlova, icebreaker, the whole trip most of the time spent on board

22 may, 16: 00 (local time, the same below) Zhang Shu-Lyubov orlova, on board the icebreaker.

Lyubov orlova in 1976 by the construction of the former Yugoslavia, the main transportation to and from the Antarctic of tourists as well as goods. A total of 45 rooms, they live in double standard room with separate toilet, there are two large wardrobes. Shipboard facilities with restaurant, café, conference room, gym, library. 24 hours with tea, coffee and biscuits, a way to eat fresh fruits, vegetables and other food. Even a bar to drink, dance. It also has various lectures about Antarctica (English only), so that visitors do foot full knowledge reserves, an understanding of the code of the Antarctic cruise. Stuffy can also enjoy the film. Mobile phone signal in the Antarctic is no, you can separate billing using the ship's satellite phone (every half hour), share with friends and relatives in the Antarctic Ocean acoustic wind penguins, and some comes with a satellite phone.

Ship has 105 visitors, the Chinese had 25 people, the other from the United States, Japan, Taiwan and other places, is a small organization.

Westerly: fight with storms

22: 30 or so to rest.

At midnight, when the ship from the Atlantic's Beagle Channel (latitude 54o-57o) through approximately 960 km Drake Strait, storms, wind speed up to 24 m/s. Wave high 7-10 m, straight to the hull of the ship, sway 34 degrees, the whole room issue sending sound, desk, closet, where there is no fixed living things off all over the floor, like photographing the shipwreck. The whole process lasted 12 hours. Members generally have very classical lie down and body sway, stand up and head in the Akira, walks in the Akira. Most people throw up upside down. This is located at latitude 45-60 degrees of westerly, also known as the storm circle, is the world's worst maritime environment. Only the perennial stay at sea, it is not obvious. Beam aunt ate doctor of seasickness pills, drifting in bed after a second night and day. Return when both spouses are seasick.

23, breakfast, Zhang Shu-came to the restaurant and found that even he, only five members of the tour, other people have different degrees of seasickness reaction.

The Drake Strait, the waves are reduced accordingly, 15 m/s wind speed and wave height of 3-5 meters, some are almost always recover normal activities.

Through the westerlies, greet everyone is a quiet leisure paradise of the South Pole.

Afternoon arrival in King George Island, with a small amount of floating ice, wind jacket with snow in Antarctica, which continuously due to reception of tourists in Canada wreck will no longer be able to let other tourists landing, he was forced to cancel the trip, there is some regret.

Login: abiding by the rules of tourists

November to March is the warm season, Antarctica, coastal zone, average temperatures seldom exceed zero degrees Celsius, dressed in emergency clothing is enough, is the most appropriate time for sightseeing.

The Regiment in 10 days of sea, almost never seen chatted black (not of the deputation overnight sleep see dark), night sleep whenever eyes day is da!

The original plan 24, as early as 8: 00 landing, but because of the wind speed is too fast, up to 15 m/s, inflatable boat is unable to log in.

Until 14: 00 in the afternoon before landing.

Antarctic cruise itinerary, always bearing in mind the various rules.

Pro boat, to export a piece to a plate near, sign your own name, and then check back to the ship, crew count whether someone is missing in the Antarctic. No generation of check (his wife) or be warning!, and out of the cabin passengers, the first station into a disinfectant in washing shoes to prevent the bacteria from a landing zone to the next landing places (hi-tech inspection on board the sole is clean).

And Penguin seal of non-intimate contact

Antarctic to Zhang Shu-impression is poignant, clean, and changeable.

Glacier in mobile, ice will crack, skuas flying, Penguin Chase play, each landscape every second is changing. While glaciers, nor is it a stretch to imagine in white, but deeply shallow blue, or even pink snow. Lumps in the vicinity, in the heart of all shapes of glaciers, let everyone feel so excited, but also really see the beauty and grandeur of nature. The penguins of the Antarctic Peninsula in occupies an outlying islands, but visitors may not take the initiative to go near them within five metres of distance and blocking it forward.

We sit in a rubber boat, walking in the area of pack ice in Antarctica, met with seals on the ice, the crew will turn off the engine lets you take pictures.

Zhang Shu-with a D70, took thousands of photos brought back.

The next few days, we landed a Brown cliff, half Moon Cay, Disko Bay, a large number of Antarctic animals and most ornamental value of Antarctic Islands, visited Argentina station, way, were in point of welcome, also cover the Antarctic postmark postcards home.

If you are willing to swim, you can get the Antarctic swimming certificate!

Penguin fun, there's also make difficult action

Antarctic extreme pristine environment also means that the extreme fragility, need to be careful of care.

For example, do not touch animals, plants, birds and fish, not throw waste. Never in the specialized smoking room smoking Antarctic space outside, such as the group that did not bring anything to take away what mdash mdash;; only take away memories, and a pure heart. In this piece of Earth's only pure, everyone was extremely conscientious.

Come back later, we all had the same feeling: if everyone can look like at the South Pole so care around animals plants and the natural environment, it would be wonderful ...

Take the Metro to States

If you want to comment on where in the world's most convenient metro station, non-Japan MTR station.

A friend once Japan told reporters in Japan subway station only imagine, not to buy.

Japan is very developed, underground subway has seven floors, need something do not need to go out of the subway station, don't even need to go out of the layer, the station will be able to find answers.

This is one of the greatest merit is a wide range of vending machines. Vending machine in addition to the sale of cigarettes, newspapers, and other common items, there are a variety of foods, such as hot and cold beverages, glass noodles, ice cream, etc. Listen to Japan to friends, there is a subway station is also equipped with the sale of flowers, toys, umbrellas of the vending machine. Journalist in Tokyo a few Metro station see Curtains hung machines, self-service photo documents according to vote for, just a few coins, press several buttons, documents, photos are automatically printed. In addition to the vending machine, in the subway station at intervals not far away there is a canteen, although only two or three square meters, but UCH, Clippers, batteries, mirror, etc., is said to be the most popular is the stockings. Some ladies out accidentally broken stockings, pantyhose worn hole is very rude behavior, don't go home for socks, MTR station store to buy a pair will be able to solve immediate problems.

Reporters also MTR stations found rows of cabinets, racks, each row has a numeric code, the original is automatic lockers, if you don't like carrying things to act and vote a few coins cabinets they exist.

Underground art Hall of the Moscow metro station

Moscow metro station has been recognized as the world's most beautiful subway, enjoy the art of the ground floor of the Palace.

The Moscow metro is one of the world's largest metro.

In nearly 200 Metro station, not find two identical, each station has its own unique architectural style. Every subway station consists of individual architects design, including renowned master. Each of the stations are paved with marble walls and floors, choose from the former Soviet Union regions of origin of the 20 different stone. And workmanship of the statue, emboss, large pendant lamp and color glass and mosaic inset the more underground transportation hub as a another art gallery. Moscow travel per trip, you may experience a beautiful baptism.

Many subway station to Russian literatus named, as Pushkin, Chekhov, Turgenev, etc.

One of the loudest is the famous mayakovski station. Mayakovski station in honor of the Soviet Revolution poet mayakovski. Subway entrance with the poet's head, eyes brown. Mayakovski station is famous not only because the poet, is because of the architectural features of the station. The Metro station of architectural styles are included at the time of Stalin classicism-new, avant-garde design concepts into the traditional decorative elements that don't have a poet like romantic feelings. Each seat on either side of the lobby Marble Arch are inlaid stainless steel. A lights lighting round in a circle, embedded in the dome. The red marble floor central channel, Utah to a red carpet, as if to welcome each passenger. Metro station's most attractive features are the ceiling: don't think that just lighting round in a circle so simple, in fact, each circle is another scene. Here the inlaid with Soviet painter deineka mosaic murals, a total of 31 sites. Amazing designs in 1938 in New York International Exhibition Award to mayakovski station into a world-class Metro station.

Kiev and the extensive use of League points gold yellow elements and magnificent chandelier, a Royal Palace style.

No wonder there are proud to say that in Moscow, Moscow Palace Castle, that belongs to the Czar, and the subway is to let people free access to the Palace of the people.

In fact, many of the Moscow metro station only heard names can make people feel the rich scent of proletarian revolution.

For example, trade unions, Marx, etc. But the Revolution Square station it is a scene of twists. Hall on both sides from a dozen arched doors, each with a Brown Marble Arch decoration, arches on each side placed a statue of warrior statue, show the Bolsheviks who speaks.

Précised pendant lamp is the Moscow subway station another Vista line.

And light irradiation also make various decorative more stereo, express a subway station.

And Mendeleev station only a wall between the village underground station, in one central arched gate post also inlaid with colorful painting glass.

These designs to flower as the main body, decorated in praise of socialism and people work and leisure scene, symbolizing the colorful new life.

Seoul subway stations of stands

Korea land area is not large, extending in all directions by metro line connecting the entire city, the intensity is like a spider.

In Seoul, take the subway is very convenient, but also people travel preferred means of transportation. Journalists in Seoul living for more than two years, on Metro's developed and facilitate natural feeling quite dark, but there is also a reporter impressive thingLove is in the shop numerous subway stations, merchandise, visit Metro station seems like to stroll around the small Big Bazaar.

Seoul Subway main transfer station and downtown area of the station generally have a lot of small shops, outbound passengers, you can go here to buy some everyday items.

The abundance of goods in shops, selling food, clothes, cosmetics, there are a variety of daily necessities, the price is higher than the price of the shopping malls and supermarkets cheaper. Reporters found that many people will buy some in subway's cake, cake, dessert, as the next day's breakfast. In addition, various sold daily necessities of the shop was also very fire. Korea friend told reporters, because the pace of life is very fast, a lot of people work directly home, take the subway in not out of the station will be able to buy some commodity, is very convenient.

In addition to the stand of small shops, a variety of small traders baiditan will come along for the ride.

It is said that many foreign tourists when he first arrived in Korea, there is no way to translate the Seoul subway system and modernization of stands. Thanks management is not very strict, small traders were simply in the subway station, a small table on the team, on his own commodity began starting up in business, selling watches, electronic products such as MP3.

Also some people simply on the ground is covered with a cloth or several sheets of paper, put the item in the above, these lay some more cheap goods, such as belts, watches, mirror, Rubik's cube like gadgets.

More exaggerated, even there are Korea aunt simply basket in subway station, selling vegetables, scares journalists.

London underground station is a station for a King

Station in each of the London underground mouth can see two bright red English words London Underground (London underground), if the literal is the London underground.

What is the London underground station on the ground floor of something that words?: as long as you wait patiently went in and know that this underground things tell of the history of the Earth.

London underground is the oldest subway is one of the world, Metro, the cradle of the London underground in total length and the number on the station remains in the world, London is thus regarded as built in Metro City: 12 lines crisscross, Chief of over 400 km, bus station there are more than 270.

Many people use a station a jinglai described the London subway station, because the appearance of each station from the decoration.

Platform on the tiles, mural or flyover design in colors and materials are quite different. Located in the Center area of Baker Street Station today is 5 metro lines of transfer stations, but walk into underground station you will find the clock back to the mid-19th century. Masonry old platform coupled with wooden stairs, make people feel and modernization of the United Kingdom does not match exactly. But if you're on the subway platform entrance walls found a poster size of brass nameplate will understand that the intent of the people of London. Nameplate reads: this platform is in 1863 the world first subway, certify. For Holmes famous Baker Street station, the Metro platform of walls with locally produced small brick tiles, bricks, India was the detective's head. Typically, the London underground station is advertising on both sides, but Baker Street station, each platform above the seat to leave posters of space. These posters and vividly portrays from 1863, because of the subway, Baker Street and bustling life scenes.

In the same area of Hyde Park station is the same in about the year history of the British Empire.

In the subway station of the wall, you can see even the mural, tells United Kingdom 1851 in Hyde Park, organised the first world exposition of the scene, vividly depicts the excitement and extraordinary year: 1851 in London the first World Exposition attracted more than 600 million people visit. Now for the commendable Crystal Palace, and advocacy to host World Expo of Queen Victoria and her husband Albert Prince had met to discuss the vivid scenes are stay of these murals, let you even do not see the historic sites, can imagine those historical sight.

London underground station is not only about distant centuries of history, the United Kingdom in the mid-20th century urban cultural change in the future will not leak.

London Western Knights Bridge Street is the famous retail malls, including Harrods, Harvey middot; York, many upscale department stores. Located in the local Knights Bridge station in order to reflect local characteristics, not only to Metro station and has a 100-year history of the Department store's entrance even together, is the subway wall colors and decorative style and ground Department Store Street.

East London's financial district is a new development zone, here's Canary Wharf station subway station is designed and fully reflected in the United Kingdom's financial culture: the most modern lift systems, the ubiquitous wireless Internet prepaid or hanging on the walls on either side of the subway station, 24 hour broadcast of financial information of the TV screen, make people feel the atmosphere of the city's work.

The mystery of the underwater city

Ancient Egypt Alexandria underwater

According to foreign media reports, in some mysterious underwater world or Lake hidden ancient human city, these ancient archaeological pregnant with a large number of human history information.

These mysterious underwater city still retains many of the secret, they found that scientists had a keen interest in the history of civilization of mankind has formed many suspect and thinking ...

1. ancient Egypt Alexandria underwater

Away from the port city of Alexandria Egypt's northern coast, a mysterious ancient city located at greater Lishan mountain and sea, it is considered after Egypt gaudily Cleopatra's site of the ruins of the Royal residence, it is most likely caused by 1500 years ago, a huge earthquake caused the underwater city sunk to the sea.

In addition to the prehistoric artifacts, statue, there are a number of Egypt after the palaces in Yan, allegedly, Alexander City Government had planned to provide underwater wonders of the ancient city sightseeing.

Thailand branch svampa Yao Lake Temple

2, Thailand branch svampa Yao Lake Temple

Thailand branch svampa Yao Lake itself is nothing special, but the bottom there is a 500 years ago in Thailand Temple.

In about 70 years ago, this Lake Thailand Temple is the real cause of concern to researchers, the recent sector are discussing how this underwater ancient temples to fix, but is estimated to take billions of dollars in costs. However, this ancient Thailand Temple sunk to the bottom, has become a place of fish habitat, many researchers propose not to destroy the fish habitat.

Japan and the countries Island underwater pyramid

3, Japan and the countries Island underwater pyramid

20 years ago, diving tourism guides had accidentally in Japan and the countries Island Harbour of ancient ruins found in a Department, after scientists believe is likely to be far from the Japan coast there is a mysterious pyramid, this architectural structure in the bottom there is a carving of the signs, but its base structure used by the tool before and is not considered to be part of the ancient civilization in Japan, currently for this mysterious underwater pyramids still full of many mysteries.

Havana, Cuba, megalithic ruins

4, Havana, Cuba, megalithic ruins

At present, a team of scientists study group in Yucatán channel Brazil for seabed surveying the mysterious ruins, they found the ruins of the urban environment, these underwater ruins signs along the harbour water extends for miles.

Many people believe that the Department had to fit for human habitation of the ruins of history may be older than the ancient civilizations of the Americas. To date, only a computer model to monitor the mysterious underwater ruins of the stone.