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World's smallest capital of the most crowded

World's smallest capital male mdash mdash;;

Malé is the capital of the world's smallest, small does not have its own airport.

Maldives airport is located in the neighbourhood of fur-Island, walk 5 minutes from the airport to see Pier. 'S boat, yacht, seaplanes are connected airport and all major transport resort hotel.

The area of Malé only 2.5 square kilometers with a population of only about 6 million, but also into Henveyru, Galolu Machchangoli, Maafannu and so on, in four regions.

There is no deliberate spread of asphalt road, looking to make a bright white sand road. Bright white coral reefs and mostly painted blue, green, and doors of chromatic aberration, stark House usually build tall and narrow, it is said that in order to avoid the evil intrusion, as had been under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom, so there is also a part of the building with a strong English atmosphere. In this Pocket countries, car seems to be superfluous, it is not a cyclist is walking. Malé is the center of the male ' Atoll, Maldives national economic, political and cultural centres as well as State and private organizations focus point. This island is a microcosm of the Maldive Islands.

Maldives mdash mdash; taxi; 's boat

MarineDrive Pak Sha Road, is the most important streets in male ', there are many here, as well as business hotel was built in 1913 in the Presidential Palace.

In addition, there are built in 1656 by the ancient mosque and 1675 year completed the magic of Islam minaret, the white buildings can still clearly see the inscription of the Qur'an. Malé is the Islands on a total commercial district. Islands of the Islanders have come here to conduct commercial activities. Here the majority of goods imported goods. In Malé, port, beating the Maldives lives Bo-mai, tankers, cargo ships of honorably discharged, coming and going through constant rudder nice ships, vessels outside the parking, the harbour and customs.

Bird's eye view of male '

There are also available for viewing by the dynasty of ancient Sudan Sudan Park, it was established in 1968, Maldives Republic, has been compromised and is still relatively intact ancient Sudanese culture, documented the blending of multiple cultures.

Male street side shops are not large, the most craft store, selling some wood carvings of fish, coconut shell do ship, gorgeous hand painting, there are a number of shops selling diving supplies.

Malé is the shopping and leisure Maldives, almost all of the shops are gathered here.

Local residents used to live a simple life, simple and want to experience the local life should go to the fish market. There is the island capture fisheries production of auction center near dusk, every day there's cries, cries out Island dynamic aspect.

Photo: counting on 18 at extreme environments in the world (photo)

Greenland, South Africa and Australia are eligible to compete for world's oldest rocks are located in the title, but in this field than the age of competition, Canada, North of Tarnów magnaghi figure g (Nuvvuagittuq) greenstone belt seems to be a true champion.

Greenstone belts rocks can be traced back to approximately 42.8 million years ago of the underworld Proterozoic (Earth has just formed the first geological age). At this point of the Earth like a hell, just start cooling crust, meteorites and Meteor rained from the sky. It is estimated that a Mars size name Jethro Bahia colliding planets of the Earth, have impact than Greenstone belts are located then ahead of millions of years of age. This impact will not only increase the quality of the Earth and also bring up the moon.

Earth's oldest rock may be a yueshi.

In the implementation of the Apollo 15 mission, the astronauts on the Moon surface found this so-called creater rock and brought back to Earth. Creation of age estimated that 45 million-year-old, probably once the initial part of the Earth's crust of the moon.

You might think that most rain on the Earth's land should be the rainforest, the actual situation is true.

It is generally agreed that the border with Panama Chocó, Colombia is the most humid place. In 1974, Chocó figure figure that many city rainfall reaches alarming 26303 mm. This area of the average annual rainfall is 11770 mm, two-thirds of the rainfall occurs during the night.

Hawaii Kauai in Cerro Huai Lage (Wai-rsquo; alersquo; ale) mountain is the most rainfall days over the Earth, up to 350 days.

If you want to go to Hawaii vacation and enjoy the sunny days, don't do Kauai column in the itinerary.

Federal Bay to wind up the Earth's land of official master of the Guinness Book of world records law and the eighth edition of the journal of the national geographic map.

It should be noted that the Federal Bay located in Antarctica. Forget the occasional gusts, in the windy place, you can really feel the wind's terrible. Here's the wind strength and stability, and speed is in excess of 150 miles per hour (approximately 240 kilometres per hour).

In 1912, Australia Antarctic Explorer Douglas Mawson middot; streams of the Federation of the Denison angle built Australia Antarctic expedition's home base.

Presumably, he is rarely without wind, do that, otherwise, Federal Bay breeze will make him mad.

United States, Oregon, in the southwest of Cape Blanco is the northern hemisphere up one of the wind.

Blanco, process library, Bay near the Pacific Ocean, is the Oregon and westernmost of the United States. Here the winter often terrible snowstorm, accompanied by snow squalls of up to 125 miles per hour (approximately 200 km/h).

Chile's Atacama desert in the strongest cases will not be welcome too much rain, but in the worst cases, a little rain never happen.

In fact, that the vast majority of the time, deserts are no rain. 1903 October to January 1918, the city Arica North Chile did not meet any rainfall, the creation of the world's no rainfall record for the longest time. The Arica in parts of the photo so that people can't help but think of Mars. For the red planet's no rain, we don't feel any surprise.

United States Death Valley is often one of the hottest planet, the lowest and most arid places in the ranking, with the United States in the Mojave Desert is also is a hot and dry.

California's Baghdad has created the United States in the history of the longest drought period records, for a period of drought, 767 days from 1912 3 October continued until 1914 Nov 8. This shows that Baghdad is worthy of this name also. California Baghdad is ushered in a White Christmas is questionable, since 1991, it became a ghost town.

On Earth, the land of snow extreme more often is this area that is rich in water vapour in the air masses moving up under the influence of high mountains and through condensation point.

In fact, some surprising places also appear unusual snow. 1927 on 14 February, researchers in Japan ibukiyama snowfall of the year for the measurement, the measuring results38.8 feet (approximately 11.82 m).

United States Northwest Pacific region of the Cascade Mountains are logged the largest number of snowfall.

From 1971 to 1972 winter, Washington State-Jabel snowfall 93.5 feet (approximately 2850 cm), a record. 20 years later, this record will be in the vicinity of Mount Baker ski break. 1998-1999 winter, the ski resort of snowfall 95 feet (about 2896 cm). Someone joked, Rui Daniel Hill this snow machine in this winter has chosen the rest.

In addition to skiing enthusiasts, the high-altitude mountainous snow almost never give anyone else trouble, but terrible strong snowfall can let the city centre in a few days, sometimes weeks paralyzed.

The legendary sky mirror is Bolivia of Uyuni salar (Salar de Uyuni), which consists of several prehistoric Lake.

These lakes are concentrated in one place, they eventually dried up, leaving only a few feet thick, more than 10582 km2 of salt marsh. Think about it is Utah's bad Navia salt 25 times with the ground, you know Uyuni salar is big.

Some rare elements concentration in the composition of Uyuni salar of various different types of salt, which include very important metallic lithium, Uyuni salar lithium reserves, total global lithium-70%.

Most of the time here is a piece of dry and no vitality, however every year in November, the summer rain will attract a large group of pink flamingos, red algae and brine shrimp. During that time, Uyuni Salt Marsh becoming even more flat, in fact it has become a big mirror, orbit satellites using its calibration range.

Voronya cave (cave of Russian mean the Crow) is located in politically controversial Republic of Abkhazia, cave deep 7188 feet (2191 m), in ALA Bekaa mountain (Arabika Massif), the mountain is in the age of dinosaurs from the limestone formation.

1960 people found the hole, it is also known as storskrubb La Cave, under Russia geographer Alexander middot; Kruger's name. This cave than Austria Lampreia nichts cable fen (Lamprechtsofen) cave depth deeper, is the world's deepest cave, is currently the only known a depth of more than 2000 meters of caves.

All credit goes to Ukraine Speleological Association (ukr.s.a), it has been working to determine the Voronya cave and its lot with the depth of the cave.

Ukraine Speleological Association from the early 1980s began to clean up the obstruction and widening narrow places to cave explorers can enter to the interconnectivity of deeper into the cave. The current depth record is 7188 feet (2191 m), this is the 2007 autumn results, but the Association each year on the Voronya cave system to conduct a search, therefore these figures may still change.

Located in the United States of North Dakota is one of the difficult PofA to polar (The Pole of Inaccessibility), it is the point in mainland China, from any marine and all directions is the furthest point.

Difficult to reach the pole there are also multiple scale, one of the most difficult to reach low-da's hard cold polar are located in the wilderness of Antarctica.

In 1958, the Soviet Union in Antarctic difficult to establish bases, but very soon they gave up the base.

Before you go, here the Soviet exploration team installed a Lenin's Golden bust statue (plastics), in order to continue monitoring the ice and take advantage of it announced to the world of the Soviet Union arrived here. Lenin statue eyes stares of Moscow, pleasing side, it will not be affected by the Dove. Over snow, almost completely cover the statue, in which the following is a hut, which is placed at a convenient for visitors to sign guest book, I guess it must be very thin.

Before the Earth's most extreme of the article, including the most remote, but inhabited islands mdash mdash;; Tristan da Cunha.

Although the island is very remote, but another uninhabited island is regarded as the most distant islands. Bouvet is the South Atlantic in an island, but the strange thing is that it is Norway's rule. Distance from the nearest landIt is located in the southern part of it, nearly 1000-mile (160 km) of Queen Maud Land, Antarctica. Distance from the nearest inhabited island, is the distance it approximately 1404 miles (2260 km) of Tristan da Cunha. Distance from the nearest inhabited land, is located in the northeast of approximately 1600 it miles (2580 km) of South Africa. Bouvet is shooting a film in 2004, the alien wars blood soldiers on the scene. In addition, it is the Internet country code top-level domain: Bouvet Island.

Bouvet 93% is iced over, it often falls into the South of glacier ice and the ocean.

The island's area is only 19 square miles (49 km), in addition to the small block outcrops rock formations on lichens and growing, there is no vegetation. Bouvet is famous in 1979, was a United States spy satellites on the island found near light double Flash. Although this has never been confirmed, but many people believe that these Flash description Israel and South Africa may be conducted jointly by a nuclear test.

Extreme weather conditions, distance, geological and topographical conditions, so that our planet is in many respects is even more distinctive.

Are you feeling you have no taste? if so, you may wish to occasionally out of comfortable living environment, to the extreme, you will from this kind of adventure in a large income.

Everest elevation 29029 feet (approximately 8848 meters), the highest peak in the world.

This is a fact, but it is not completely true, depending on the angle of the appreciation of the Mount Everest. Technically, Everest's rocky peak is the highest land, but because the Earth is not a perfect sphere, some lower places in space, it seems it is more efficient. For example, Mount Everest is another relatively little-known mountain in the distance to the Moon and stars over longer distances, which is located in Ecuador's Mount Chimborazo. Chimborazo mountain altitude of just over 2 000 feet (approximately 6096 m), while the height than Mount Everest, due to the shape of the Earth, it is indeed better than Everest closer to outer space.

Follow in the footsteps of Champions "King" country roaming Spain

Today Spain is a Carnival of even more than their annual carnival also solemnly.

Today, the peak moment is the country belongs to Spain; world fans rejoice smile also belongs to Spain, shouwang football interpretation reflects the King of Spain national spirit. Walk into Spain you will find many places are the classical with the Royal Palace, the Palace of the breath and the Church. Let's take a look at!


Royal Palace of Madrid

Royal Palace of Madrid

Madrid's Royal Palace was built in Manuel Rosales of Hill on the left bank of the River, it is the world's most complete and one of the most beautiful palaces.

The Palace is the site of the Habsburg dynasty Castle, 1734, burned.

1738 began construction of a new Palace, 26 years after completion. The palace buildings have fusion of Spain's traditional Royal architectural style, and Baroque architectural style whole blinking squares, each side length 180 m.

As successive Kings are according to your own preferences on decorating the Royal Palace, the Royal Palace with a strong personal imprint and time stamp, such as Carlos III layout suite, Carlos IV Hall and built by King Alfonso XII OFC luxurious dining room.

Whatever political or geographic, Madrid is the Centre of Spain. Southern plateau with fiery Sun gave Madrid enthusiasm like fire, perhaps not very elegant, but hot eyes to her and the European capital of any State are compared.

Ballroom (Saloacute; n del Trono): built to Carlos II period, the Hall decoration has been changed.

Hall of vault painting shows the story of the monarchy era Spain, special highlights of the 18th century King of you. Hall of decorating workshops for most of the Royal production, but there is also a luxury from afar, such as the Venice of shoots and crystal chandelier, the Velvet embroidery on Naples, Rome, bronze lion-like.

Painting Gallery: a collection of various painting genre painter's works, including de Juan?? Franz Desmond's Catholic Queen Isabella of multi-connected--law, to the Cala de Joe Salome and John the Baptist's head ", as well as working Las gates and Goya's works.


Address: Calle Baileacute; n s/n 28071

Metro: line 5 and line 2 station oacute; pera.

Opening hours: winter: Monday to Saturday 09: 30-17: 00, Sunday and holidays 09: 00-14: 00; summer Monday to Saturday 09: 00-18: 00, Sunday and holidays 09: 00-15: 00

Tickets: Royal Palace of Madrid (Office Hall, pharmacies and Royal ordnance Museum) in a guided visit 9 euros, free visit 8 euros; Office Hall and painting Gallery in a guided visit 10 euros; Royal ordnance Museum (Real Armeriacute; a) free visit 3.40 euros.

Barcelona Ronald

Holy Family Church

Holy Family Church

Barcelona is located in Catalonia, Spain's largest autonomous regions.

Before the discovery of the new world, the Catalan to Eastern Mediterranean-oriented location, become strong Ocean countries. This is the entire Spain subject to Roman culture most areas, there is a unique cultural traditions and its own language: Catalan.

Holy Family Church is also called the Holy Family Church, sin is Spain's greatest architect Gaudi designed, whether you are in Barcelona which party, as long as you looked up to see it.

The entire building beautiful, amazing, is the miracle of architectural history. On top of the Church, Barcelona town spreads out below the platform.

This is a city full of symbolism symbols of architecture, a stone carving out of the Bible.

Church of the three facades, depict the birth of Jesus, the good and the glory of God, represent Jesus God in three dimensions, with description of a scene of the Bible. Design by Gaudi, the Church has a total of 18 block, minaret, representing the Christ, the Virgin Mary, 12 disciples and four Gospel Messenger. The main wall to local flora and fauna image as decorative, positive trio door adopts the goddess of color tiles.

Gaudi work performed personally supervised mainly include the chapel of the House of semi-circular Vault after room and the birth of Jesus.

Jesus was born door and underground chapel in 2005, was selected as the world's cultural heritage. Now the Church has established a small museum, exhibiting Gaudi's photos, biographies and part of the architecture design pattern and model.

History: the Saint's Cathedral was built in 1882, is a feature called Josephine Organization initiated with the aim of building a can let people toward God, decadence and pray and seek forgiveness of sin.

1883, the 31-year-old took over as chief architect Gaudi, until after he was 43 yearsKilled in a car accident. Successor to rely on the design draft of Gaudi and the model continues to build, but during the civil war these valuable data are anarchist destroyed. In 1952, works to commence again until now, the church interior is still like a big site, has just completed an 8 seater Tower, top of the tower is also covered with scaffolding.

Church in Spanish and English speaking guide services, each 45 minutes without an appointment, charge 3.5 euros/person.

Tour schedule:

Morning: 11 points, 12 points in English, Spanish, English and 13 points.

Afternoon: 15 point English, 16 point Spanish, English, 17 points in only 5-10 month service.

You can also hire voice navigation device, Spanish, Catalan, English, French, German and Italian optional, fee 3.5 euros.


Address: Mallorca Street 401.

Metro: lines L2, Sagrada Familia L5.

Coach: red line.

Tickets: 8 euros.

20 or more team 5

Eye-opener! Dubai's extreme luxury Porsche just TAXI

Think of Dubai, plunged into the mind of the only two words: luxury hotel luxury yacht!, the countless stars chase of Palm Island, as well as innumerable famous store, everything breathtaking.

It is said that every tree planting is to spend over $ 3000. Several of the world's most expensive hotel stationed here, Benz here when the police car, gold is part of a woman weight! everywhere on the streets of famous sports car of the shuttle, the most breathtaking is the famous car just call stop TAXIhellip; hellip;

Ferrari: Roadster do taxi some let goit, Oman's Ferrari Enzo taxi, million dollars, the more money a km?

HUMMER H2: Similarly, buggy do taxi is not much to see, let alone prices expensive advanced off-road vehicle.

The HUMMER H2 taxi, a Lei, aren't you?

Maybach Maybach: Russia has estimated taxi, only to the consumer, such as Tycoon Abramovich.

Lamborghini: Lamborghini oil kingdoms of Western Asia taxi, a value of more than 300 million RMB.

Land Rover Range Rover: Dubai have taxi is not surprising, since in the present seven star hotel where everything is possible!

Rolls Royce: Although there is no taxi lamp, but the waiting at the Dubai 7 star hotel door Rolls Royce is a reservation of a taxi.

Luxury car taxi can be seen on the streets of Dubai

Luxury car taxi can be seen on the streets of Dubai

Luxury car taxi can be seen on the streets of Dubai

Luxury car taxi can be seen on the streets of Dubai

Go to Korea travel anterior will 10 things to know

No matter where you go to Korea for a job, or want to sweep the East Asian region, in order to better enjoy the journey, the following 10 customs you must know.

Spicy cabbage

1 Pickle is culture!

Cabbage kimchi is the Korea, red pepper sauce and marinated anchovy paste.

It tastes spicy and fat acids. Korea people's favorite pickles, every meal is not it.

Kimchi is a symbol of Korea culture: taste strong, unique and some defiant, provocation.

Some foreign tourists can't stand the taste of pickles, but if you can eat pickles, you will win the respect of local people in good faith.

Korea people care

2 shoes!

When you go to Korea people's House, you have to take your shoes off.

No shoes is a very bad performance.

Korea human life cannot be separated from the floor, they sat on the floor, often sleeping on the floor.

Korea intolerable home dirty floor. If foreign tourists wearing shoes into their living room, they will consider these Westerners are a group of uncivilized barbarians.


3 Korea wine!

Korea has its own wine culture.

People are the stuff of a wine is wine. Korea soju is a color transparent, taste like vodka wine.

Korea people use small glass to drink wine, and usually with respect to food and drink.

They are hilarious, frequent drinking toasts and speak all kinds of toast, then. In the evening, you will often see a group of people to sing karaoke, tottered down the street, laughing, singing and controversy.

Korea people drink a lot of rules, for example, you must not only give himself drinks, or when you give more than you for older people to pour wine, you must be a hand on heart parts or drink one arm to show respect


4 rice!

And Japan, Korea almost every meal to eat rice.

Rice is also a part of their culture. In Korea, one of the ways in which common greeting is you eat rice.

But Japan is not the same person and the place is Korea people use a spoon to eat rice, but they never end up dishes for dinner.

Similarly, you do not place chopsticks into the rice, because only to those who worship the death, the will to do so.

Don't laugh

5 don't laugh!

Korea people enthusiastic and generous, but you're in public don't see the point.

Sometimes, in Korea in the street, you can see a lot of people to pull or face severe.

However, little children, they always laugh while grinning, called Hello, Hello.

Crowded crowds

6 pay attention to your elbow!

Korea is a crowded countries.

The hilly terrain, only a small number of valleys and Plains for human habitation.

In such countries, the results of pilots.

A large number of people in a small space, in order to catch the bus, take the elevator or purchase on the farmers ' markets to prefer food, hustled commonplace.

You don't even need to say excuse me or something, but still have to pay attention to older women.


7 protest!

In order to become a democratic society, Korea who did a lot of hard work.

Now, they often will exercise the power of the protest, and enjoy.

In fact, Korea, on the political field of all the problems going on frequent protests, and into the great enthusiasm.


8 hiking!

Korea is a mountainous country, hiking is the nation's best pastime.

Even in the most crowded cities, there are several mountain you can let people get away from city crowds, rest

In the mountains, Korea has shown the best side.

They will greet you with a smile and say hello, and always adhere to share with you their food and drinks. Passing through a small hotel on the Hill, it is important to ensure that went in to a seafood pancake, then drink a cup of wine.

Dog meat

9 dog meat!

Yes, despite the Government's attempts to shut down some of the best selling dog meat soup restaurant to improve the international image of Korea, but some people do in Korea eat dog meat.

Korea people mainly in summer eating dog meat and eat dog meat is mostly men.

It is said that eating dog meat can improve energy.

Korea people

10 nationalism!

Korea is a very proud man, sometimes this pride will become fanatical nationalism.

Watch some sports events, you can feel this kind of nationalism: thousands of Korea fans for his national team with a chorus of cheers, side drum, side waving flags.

In particular, the term referred to Japan, their nationalism will become even more fanatic.

Japan had previously had invaded Korea several times, and when in the early 20th century will become their own colonial Korea, plundering a wealth of resources, and forcing thousands of Korea women become comfort women.