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Scottish Odyssey tour exploring Europe's most beautiful city of Edinburgh

The top of the castle of volcanic rocks

There is no better than here is known as the Kingdom's place; there is nothing here to view more noble charming hellip; hellip (;) as the capital of the Kingdom of Scotland, Edinburgh occupies an excellent location to visit the East coast of Scotland, England and also in close proximity, in Scotland's only dead volcanic Dome, Edinburgh Castle abruptly stand, surrounded by a moat around.

Enter the Castle, fortress, on both sides of the wall is pierced with a row of holes, rack-gun, you can put an arrow, you can get to keep. Station in Scotland Castle, it is natural to think of their hero. A wave of hallucinations sway, as Wallace is standing on the wall, shouted, commanding a million British invasion junma resistance. Edinburgh Castle as British troops attacking Scots against Fort, analogous with the great wall of China. They have documented and inheritance with history, and have become a sign the nation will never admit defeat never discouraged spirit coordinates.

Edinburgh is Europe's most popular tourist cities and the most beautiful cities of the United Kingdom, known as the Athens of the North.

There is no doubt that Edinburgh is Scottish culture Exhibition Center. Its complete urban facilities, international atmosphere and strong Scottish local characteristics and medieval style that she has been ranked the best residential area in the United Kingdom. Edinburgh Castle, the Cathedral, aromatic whisky, dressed in Scotland that it skirt Piper, is the best Scottish style miniature.

Scottish skirt

Internationally known Scottish Plaid skirt in world fashion trends in the timeless, yinglunfeng in almost blew into every corner of the world, this is probably the only one in the world, without distinction as to race, regardless of their country, regardless of age style.

The embryonic form of Scottish skirt with Gaelic speaking is feileadh mor, English mean big kilt.

It is not trimmed dress, about 5 meters long, wrapped in a human body, at the waist tie a belt, in order to achieve the purpose of covering the body. Part of the loin and now the Scottish skirt is almost, but waist above is to fold shoulder PIN.

Today's Scot Scotland skirt as a dress or participate in the celebration is wearing a dress.

Usually the wedding or other formal occasions, they will wear short skirts in Scotland, but also have a small number of people as ordinary clothes to wear. Scottish skirt was also used as a military parade, Boy Scouts of clothing, Highland Games, various pipe band competitions, village dance and play will also be able to see people dressed in a Scottish Kilt.

The Scottish bagpipe

Film "brave heart" inside the great Scottish scenery of the episode, the first part is the Scottish bagpipe playing, let me recall hellip; hellip; like Chinese drumming, Scottish bagpipe also represents, simplicity and pure Scottish style hellip; hellip;

In fact, the pipes in the world, but why do we remember the Scottish bagpipe fireflies? only because in the hearts of the people in the world, the Scottish bagpipes and not just the instrument itself, it is also connected with a long list of representatives of the traditional culture of the Scottish Highlands.

Legendary Scottish tribes prevailing wind pipes in rhymed MACCRIMMONS era. James II in bits, of the tribe is the by Pipers to contact between feelings, combining the power of the tribe to maintain its high resistance to the traditional forces to foreign aggression. The pipes have been sublimated into Scottish culture as an integral part. Until today, the Scottish Highland bagpipe tune in society will still play a very important role.

When the melodious sound of the Scottish bagpipe floating across the beautiful mountains, everything remains as past quiet, beautifully scattered shepherds hut, harmonious dotted with green earth, where people seem to forget all the sins of the world, and the ugly, the only peaceful, warm and free home hellip; Scottish Pipers hellip; it has its joys, it has it's light, it has it's jumping hellip; hellip; Scotland's wedding the most common instrument remains the Pipers.

Bagpipe, more often or in Scots Carnival programme. Nature and lively, the accomplishments of the men and women standing in a Scotland for leisure in the afternoon hours, blown bagpipes, jumps merry dance. In this dance, the young man was always careful to pick their own partner, is choosing your favorite old girl. And beautiful love, the perfect marriage is a symbol of happiness, it is better to let them go to cherish, to follow them for years and years have experienced numerous changes of the musical instruments of a bagpipe from generation to generation.

Scotch whisky

Old Gaelic, whisky is called the water of life.

In the past, it is men of liquid gold, now, in the Royal Mile, Edinburgh Castle on foot, Scotch whisky Center, I first learned what to taste, not to drink it.

Scotch whisky, is one of the only Scottish whiskey in manufacturing, and other areas of whiskey, and in particular the adjacent Ireland whisky biggest difference is that during the manufacturing process uses a peat.

It is from this kind of natural substances after drying, the Malt Scotch whisky has brought a distinctive and unique aroma.

How to taste Scotch whisky? first carefully observed and wenches, color and more clear that wine ages more light, if the color is the color of the honey whisky has 20 years of history; the next smell and taste, for the first time, first on the smell, the second and then a deep breath.

From the smell, able to distinguish between the different production areas of Scotland whisky: high areas give off scent photinia, low areas with butter crisps taste, love Les island of peat and the smell of leather, and the most famous production Iturraspe Cypriot area, is filled with PEAR fruit is sweet.

Scottish Shepherd Dog

Scottish Sheepdog originated in the Scottish Lowlands, takes its name from the local name is available, black sheep.

And many other breeds, won the favor of Queen Victoria. In 1860, when the Queen visited Scotland access, carries a few returns only keeping warm sand Castle. Thus, in the United Kingdom is becoming popular with high praise of the Shepherd. In the late 1990s, also subject to United States persons of all ages. In 1940, the Shepherd starring Lacey (from classic novels and films quot quot; passive-Lacey;) corner. For centuries, in addition to the Scottish region, almost nobody knows shepherd dog. And now it has become the world's most popular varieties. This dog has always been enthusiastic about the work of cattle and sheep guard dog, is working hard and smart work of the breed.

It has been in the limelight in the TV series.

In the United States the children believe that the breed is most attractive hunting dogs. 1860 breed has attracted the attention of Queen Victoria. 1872 was born black ash xingse beautiful dogs, reputation, and there are two variants, a plump for fur, long-haired dogs, one is short plush dog. Most popular long-haired sumu.

The birthplace of the Harry Potter "

Edinburgh's streets, full of clothes of the artist, even the sidewalks are covered with a festival concert poster size, this is the love of art in the world of Edinburgh for a summer feast, a dress up as Georgia era gentleman's boy, warmly invite passers-by to Salzburg to visit him and the companions of the play, not only do not vote, but also provide refreshment for free.

From the Royal Mile road near elephant Cafe.

Is the Scottish single mother Jmiddot; Kmiddot; Rowling for heating costs on the spot, take road heating and creation. French is a beautiful old Street Edinburgh, something magical novel is in the coffee room houses a birth. Cafe door is always crowded with people, and always have a car and a car of visitors constantly. Curiously, the store never overcrowded. Spend two pounds a drink, or with a drink at the edge of a pound, to friends and loved ones a instant photo, said: Hi, I'm born Harry Potter middot; good morning to you of the Café. And then they leave.

Elephant Cafe wall hung up the picture of the elephant, the Cabinet also laid the shopkeeper elephant collection, and even some chairs to elephant for modelling, various sizes like together, over 600 only! I don't hurry hurrying, would sit down, called a Scottish cream with berries, eat side thought: what inspired Rowling's inspiration is the oldest? Castle, or always be Scots recall of supernatural story? (this article by Tencent tourism integration, all rights reserved.

Forget the beauty of classic

First, the "cold mountain": the southern Romania

The cold mountains of the United States this is a civil war in the southern village of love story, but the film selection in Romania in a small village in the South.


The small village also retains many original forests and ancient architecture, rich with ancient style, ideal for shooting United States civil war-era movie.

In this small village, more than a century people lived a quiet idyllic life, this perennial suffered drought, farmers used to draw water from the well to transported by horse-drawn carriage for drinking and irrigation. This ancient village, Romania is Nicole Kidman middot; watching husband and Jude middot; Laurent home quot; quot; cold mountain. This preserves the original original life of the women weave cloth, very good restore that does not like United States country life.

Second, "Miss Potter": United Kingdom Cambria County Lakes region

"Miss Potter" will United Kingdom Cambria County Lakes region's exquisite scenery seen leaving, here is the movie protagonist Harry Potter after settlement, middle-aged, Lake scenery beautiful lakeside scenery make many literati yake found creative inspiration.

No wonder was born so beautiful fairy tale.

You can also find an unconventional belonging to your own Cambria County.

From a long history, literary giant to art landscape, modern dance, Cambria County, a thriving, vibrant. Tourists can visit a number of award-winning attraction, participate in a number of exciting activities, you can go to the art gallery to explore, find inspiration.

Third, "the sound of music": Salzburg


Remember the first time to enjoy the sound of music ", is the film's music and full of lakes and mountains, the then attracted even suspected, the picturesque background is not the only stage background, too beautiful, here is the story of Salzburg, the heroine growth, capital of Austria.

As the gateway to the Alps, this annual reception countless flies from across Europe of skiers.

Many of the Lakes, decorated in mountain range between Hitler's secret base Imperial Eagle nest is located in the South of Salzburg becht Berchtesgaden. City of Baroque architectural style has a unique charm, the entire old town of Salzburg in 5 December 1996 WINS United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage list.

City Central has a middot; Archbishop Wolf Dietrich to his lover, the construction of the Palace and garden, then to the old lover named as arten Vecchio, Wolf middot; Dietrich's successor malcus middot; Siti library, in order to erase this inglorious story, it was renamed as the Mirabel Palace, Mirabel is a female name, meaning Italy is amazingly beautiful.

Heilbron Palace and its gardens, fountains of the Palace also attracts thousands of visitors.

Salzburg Cathedral rebuilt in 1614 to 1628, North of the Alps, is the first Baroque church, St. Peter's Abbey is the German-speaking area of the first monastery.

NOK Enbei targ's benedic Ting nun Convent is the world's oldest convent.

Fourth, the "Roman holiday": Rome

Because the Roman holiday, Hepburn, I first look at a beautiful and noble but lovely lady pub beauty, for she loves comes from the heart, without any exaggeration rendering flourishes as "Roman holiday" the noble Princess, her every move make people very intoxicated.

Not just because of her wonderful acting decorated with wonderful, Rome or the charm of Rome itself is no barrier. Even the black and white film. Also called Rome million amorous hellip; hellip;

Rome has been called the world's largest outdoor History Museum.

Built in the year 1 century one of the eight spots in the world of the ancient Roman open-air arena, is the symbol of the ancient Roman Empire. Broad Empire Ave. has a Senate, House, Virgin Temple and some famous temples, this open-air arena relics of the North, is documenting sanseviero Emperor the Persian expedition achievements, Arc de Triomphe is recorded based on the South are the Emperor's eastern Jerusalem record of pedicel pedicle is Arc de Triomphe, in the South are not far away from the Arc de Triomphe, and a seat for the commemoration of Constantine the great victory over Nero tyrant established the largest triumphal arch in Rome. This is a city of Kings!

Five, "Casablanca": Casablanca

Casablanca, one is located in North Africa's White City because of the film "Casablanca", become poetic-flexible, all about Casablanca things become and love the hellip; hellip;

Casablanca is Morocco's largest port city, bordering the Atlantic Ocean.

Spain, Casablanca is text White Palace. Casablanca fame, definitely not as Morocco this country great. The shooting in 1940s Hollywood famous film "Casablanca", so that the city has rather noisy. Interpretation of the movie, Casablanca is a romantic city.

Walking in the beautiful Palm Avenue anfa, see backlighting-mark in some Misty, Hassan II, Xuan Li Tower, and the Sun was a warm glow and shines on the shoulder.

Atlantic waves lapped Beach from time to time, as well as shore-based rock. Such good weather and the Sun, from time to time encounter morning people, give you a more brilliant than the Sun smiles.

Everyone knows Rickquot; s cafeacute; hellip; hellip; however, not everyone knows, the movie "North Africa" is in fact a lens spies lurking in not filmed in the casa.

Real movie, Hollywood Studio. And realistic version of Rickquot; s cafeacute; that is a member of the United States who have a passion for film, modelled on the movie scene construction of simulation products. At the Casa, you just have to call a taxi, the driver said Rickquot; s cafeacute; that will smooth arrival Rick Cafe. Here every day an endless stream of tourists come here, coffee shop, a small Hall, to show the film "Casablanca", as well as the theme song of the movie: time flies As time goes by.

Six, "brave heart": Meath Ireland

The brave heart ", Belle, heroes in a like outdoor, Taoyuan-like interpretation of an epic love story with national independence, the film almost all rally a wonderful read, of course, the viewfinder in Meath Ireland has, of course, because this film, Meath also fame, soon turned to look for the famous resorts of heroic footprint.

Meath (County Meath), commonly known as the Royal County, here in Ireland's history and played an important role in local stone tomb construction 3500 years BC, the ancient Egypt pyramid also.

This interpretation of the most purely natural scenery, Ireland seclusion in the mountain hut, green meadows, rain and fog just let you thought into Fairyland hellip; hellip;

7. the "Forrest Gump": United States Carolina

I believe that many of the audience for "Forrest Gump" is still fresh in the simple little stupid Forrest, has neither a mortal life great wisdom, let your insight, in fact, success really is not so difficult, life is so simple, as long as you continue to pursue her will, one day you will gain happiness.

Apart from the story itself, the film beautiful sight I believe everyone soul twines dream distraction hellip; hellip;

The second floor of the growth of Forrest cottages, green grass hellip; hellip; Forrest Gump and Jenny together chat chat dreams of that piece of corn that tree overground hellip; hellip; Forrest Gump run three years after the next beach, the landscape is so stunning hellip; most hellip; camera since the Carolina United States
I heard that nature in the North Carolina with its palette will tune into green slowly, the mountain into a blue sky, mountain high, towering above the clouds.

Here the smoke Smoky Mountain Mountains > was light blue mist covered and protected by the still Lake, cliffs and such as carpet-like forest. More colors on a palette in a natural, suddenly jumping, mountain is yellow blue wildflowers adorn into spring, Crimson and gold in mid-October.

8. the Paris dream ": Paris gourmet

The Paris spring "is a floating dream Palace story, the story took place in the Louis XIV of France, the film's ornate palace style let you stunning at the same time, those xingse different Paris gourmet is the focus of people drooling; hellip hellip; is it the film industry to sum up, if only because in the eyes of small series, Paris is a people can't resist the charm of the hellip hellip;;

9. the slums millionaire ": India style

Oscar best picture 2009, no doubt this is a wonderful film, seemingly legend but logical story, let all the people will sigh, this is a traversing India human documentaries, followed by an actor in memory, from the slums of India to the Taj Mahal to Uptown hellip; hellip; are so fascinating hellip; hellip;

10. the kangding, Sichuan Ganzi

Why the love song of kangding "on the list and, finally, small series in this didn't want to do too much interpreting, hands are a bit tired of writing, just wanted to tell you that the kangding mdash mdash;; Sichuan Ganzi, is definitely a worthwhile to lay down all the sadness to taste!

Romantic to extreme Italy three beautiful Charm City

Italy is a country with a warm love of country, many famous love stories is here.

Here is a world class fashion, full of charm of the Renaissance architecture and art masterpieces, but also has a bright and beautiful and pleasant scenery, in many people's minds, Italy is synonymous with romance.

Juliet's balcony

Verona: meet in Juliet's balcony

Verona is a city with a long history and has a population of 25 million of medium-sized cities of Italy, North to the Alps, West economic center, East, Milan, Venice, Rome, the capital of Nantong, a very important geographical position.

Originated in the Alps of Adige is S-shaped dress to the city and the beautiful scenery, quiet here. However, let the Verona city there his world, not all of these reasons, but because it is Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet "in Juliet's hometown, Romeo and Juliet in love and death. Shakespeare's Verona city since the market has become the world's young people in the eyes of love, every year millions of miles, not far from here in visit and learn from their experience.

Capello in Verona city centre road in a small courtyard, the courtyard of a small building is in Shakespeare's Juliet's House, has now become very popular love under the balcony landmark stone wall is love wall, filled with a blessing love text and pictures.

Picture a Cupid's arrows, heart-shaped symbol. In the courtyard of the former residence of Juliet Juliet statue, is not less beautiful love lovers prayer sincere touch is smooth and bright. In addition, Juliet's grave is one of Verona's so grand, legends and here is the secret of Romeo and Juliet get married, so every year there are many couples come here from all over the world get to marry, to like Romeo and Juliet, defend to love.


Rome: fashion and art treasures

If Italy of every city full of art atmosphere, perhaps no one objected.

Rome as the capital of Italy, is a treasure house of arts. Rome is located on the Tiber River Plains, is Italy's political, historical and cultural and traffic centre, at the same time, the Roman and the birthplace of the world's brilliant culture, 2500 years of history. It is a city of culture, Italy occupies an area of the largest and most populous city, which is also the world's most famous sightseeing places in the world.

Rome City resembles a huge open-air museum.

Ancient ruins in Rome, stands on Imperium Senate, Arc de Triomphe, JI Gongzhu, Pantheon and the Colosseum, and other world famous monuments; there are also many fine Renaissance architecture and art.

European everywhere a shoppers ' paradise, but Italy is a paradise of heaven.

In Rome, from special advanced products to the stylish small everything is settled, is Europe's easy to buy a good and cheap. In addition to leading fashion, here's leather goods, stationery, porcelain, glassware, and are world-renowned. Rome's large department stores in Europe is not great, but there are many fine shops, brand-name from the famous to the obscure (but often very high commodity quality) merchandise.


Florence: everywhere are romantic resorts

Florence old translation is Firenze roller printed, such as Xu Zhimo's "Firenze roller printed overnight, said that is Florence.

Firenze roller printed in the Italian city of Italy is flowers. Although it looks slightly some incredible, but this exquisite beautiful name down quite so some fantasy. But Fiorentina tone does not really like emerald green sprouts. The most typical weather here is also the most typical weather Tuscany, it is sunlight of blue sky and white clouds.

Colorful walls, deep green shutters, deep red roof, is the logo color here.

Florence, the city has a total of 40 museums and galleries, the Palace and 60 more numerous size Church, the collection of outstanding works of art and relics, and West of Athens. It is the world's most extensive Renaissance artwork saved one. Profound artistic charm and beautiful city of hue, Florence is full of romantic, many couples will be here as honey tour will go to one of the places.

Travel abroad must know tips: shopping tax-free tax rebates to

Travel abroad, it is inevitable to crazy shopping, learn about some of the foreign shopping is also very necessary tax knowledge.

Recently, several tourists Huanggang customs and immigration, customs officers seized its merger with new LV handbags immigration undeclared, result value overrun, was ' processing. Do you know what circumstances outside the shopping to declare tax? you know shopping tax-free what? this hands-on mdash mdash; the church you;

Chinese tourists overseas to buy luxury goods market grew.

Practical course topic 1. Offshore tax shopping premium required

Many people go shopping is often expensive, to declare tax policies are not widely understood.

Since there is no sense to buy goods from abroad who need to pay taxes, or don't really know what what quantity of goods to achieve tax standards, so there is no tax at the time of the entrant. Necessary to remind that in entering foreign goods carried exceeds the quantity range for reasonable needs according to the rules, taxation, the tax rate from 10% to 50%, if the rate of cosmetics is 50%, video camera, digital cameras, and other tax rate is 20%. nbsp;

2010 August 19, the customs service has issued a bulletin 54 also clearly defined: 1, imported by travellers in overseas residents for self-use goods worth less than 5000 RMB ($ 5000); non-residents and travellers to stay in China for self-use goods worth less than 2000 Yuan (including 2000 Yuan), customs clearance, the single tax exemptions be varieties limited personal use, a reasonable number, but tobacco, alcohol, and the national provisions should be taxed in the other 20 kinds of merchandise, etc. According to relevant regulations.

2. imported by travellers exceeds 5000 inhabitants of RMB self-use items customs audit is liquors; travellers from non-residents to remain in the territory of China self-use items exceeds RMB 2000 Yuan, the Customs only excess self-use goods taxed on the indivisibility of the full amount of single items.

Watches, computers, brand-name bags are a lot of Chinese tourists abroad frequently purchased items and their prices are more than 5000 Yuan, purchase entry needs to the custom Declaration and tax formalities, such as undeclared or declared false to bear legal responsibility.

Import tax reference tables

Apply 10% tax rate items: food, footwear, medical, beauty equipment, kitchen, furniture, musical instruments, etc.

20% tax rate applies to articles photographic camera, audio and video appliances, computers and their accessories, etc.

Apply 30% tax rate articles: Golf and equipment, luxury watches.

Apply 50% tax rate articles: cosmetics, liquor, tobacco.

Practical course topic 2. Overseas shopping can enjoy duty free service

DFS provides one-stop shopping service for free, on a global scale has a storefront.

Page1: recognition of duty-free shops

Duty-free import of goods, is exempt from import duties and import value-added tax, which taxes according to the type of goods varies with different tax rates.

As for the Mainland, cosmetics and tobacco and alcohol tax rate is very high, so the duty free shop for cosmetics, tobacco, wine prices are cheaper than outside.

Each country of the duty free shop shopping are not the same, for example, in Korea, duty free shop shopping offer passport and ticket, bought out things cannot go, to return to the Airport pick up, no amounts and time limits.

In Japan you can show your passport and ticket purchase duty-free goods directly. Our duty free shop is actually a fake because Hong Kong is a free port, no customs duty, it does not require any formalities. Any shop in Europe can buy goods and pay invoices to the airport tax refund.

Page2: huanqiumianshuidian recommended

From 1995 in Guam opened the first DFS Huanqiumianshuidian, DFS has so far, a total of 13 large one-stop gift shop mdash; DFS Huanqiumianshuidian, worldwide, the area from 2,000 m2 to 16,000 square meters.

Including Auckland, Bali, Cairns, Gold Coast, Guam, Hong Kong (2), Honolulu, Okinawa island, Saipan Island, Singapore, Sydney and Taiwan. DFS Huanqiumianshuidian brings together the world famous brand product, is the international travellers good shopping choices.

Page3: global airport duty free shop

Switzerland Zurich airport-duty free


Switzerland Zurich airport to ZURICH

Shopping index: ★ ★ ★ ★

The value of a purchased: chocolate, saber and watch.

Star brand: Calvin Klien, Guess, Versace, Sand and Mexx.

Price level: can enjoy duty-free goods.

Shopping environment: Zurich airport like a comprehensive town, there are bustling streets and squares, bustling shops and charming cafés and restaurants.

Featured service: the service here is really easy, and is the top level of service.

Critical: airport area fully 807 hectares, non-physical superior to all.

Experience: Zurich is Switzerland's largest city, is a global financial centre.

Here, in addition to the bustling streets and the square and the bustling shops, charming cafes and restaurants is another here.

Zurich airport is extremely attractive shopping paradise, not only because there are a large number of pruducts shop, but also because here you can buy the real duty free or premium products.

Located on the third boarding procedures at the Airport near the Outlet, is the most nostalgic Shopping paradise. In the area of 1000 square meters of hypermarket, AirportOutlet at an attractive price (maximum discount of up to 50%) for customers from Guess, Versace, CalvinKlien, Sand and Mexx international famous brands of clothing, jewelry and jewelry. Also don't forget to watch it in Zurich international airport is the protagonist of singing.

Singapore Changi International Airport is recognized as a brand.

Singapore CHANGI Airport, Changi International Airport

Shopping index: ★ ★ ★ ★

The value of a purchased: cosmetics, perfume.

Star brand: chanel, ya Shi Landai.

Price levels: Singapore shopping prices generally slightly higher than that of Hong Kong.

But there seems to be cheaper than the city airport. In addition, Changi Airport's duty-free shops often do some promotion activities, such as buy three pieces above play discount.

Featured services: Singapore airport service very humane, in 1, Gate has a fitness center, fitness, beauty, massage, movies and even swimming.

Shopping environment: large and comfortable, very HAPPY, the two terminal building, there are nearly 40 provides catering services for booth, there are more than 100 shops selling all kinds of products.

Critical: Changi Airport has two terminal building, although you can take the free shuttle train, but still feel inconvenience.

Experience: duty-free shops, brand shops and dining and bar areas, the material greatly enriched.

Here's cosmetics to cheaper than Singapore city, but it seems that still no match for Hong Kong Airport, some only in the duty free shop on sale exclusively at q Edition perfume gift set, skin care products suit or dress up very cost-effective. Once there, bought a set of CCP Landai skin care Kit, eye cream cream night cream 1000 Yuan House also has a very classic black patent leather handbags gift, back in the Saite see things add up to $ 2000, played live for a long time for stealing his music.

It is said that chanel in Singapore airport is also very cheap, well worth buying, because I do not, therefore, are not actually chanel on verification.

Apart from the cosmetic perfume a class, it is strongly recommended that at the time of departure from Singapore to bring some alcoholic drinks to the husband, dad. Smoke crazy cheap, almost every home will carry on two Chinese.

In direct contrast with the domestic airport, at Changi Airport dining price was cheaper than the urban area, almost grades of seafood per capita small pot, price than before in the city low 5 block SGD.

Hong Kong International Airport has attempted to shops and restaurants.


China HONG KONG International Airport

Shopping index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The value of a purchased: cosmetics, brand name sunglasses.

Star brand: cartier, dior, Chanel, hermes gucci anna sui, fendi, prada and versace.

Price: from 10 $ for small souvenirs to the famous at over $ 50 million.

Shopping environment: airport shopping arcade of the ad hoc, of more than 200 shops and restaurants.

Featured services: 19 equipment set of baby rooms, convenient for visitors to the diaper and feed infants.

Critical: duty-free shop cosmetics than urban salsa, Bonjour makeup

Products shop, good in quality assurance.

Experience: the Hong Kong Airport again all over the shop and restaurant for dinner, basically from entering the airport to the zone I are all the way out.

Closed area to food, also sell Disney souvenirs, travel bag bags, watches, etc.

Terminal zone is the world's top cosmetics, clothing, bags, perfume, jewellery and other luxury goods. It is recommended that you do the check-in, in a closed room safely around the lies, the new shop and fun merchandise can attract my eyes, hearts toying with relatives and for which the gift. A zone is dedicated to selling duty-free tobacco and alcohol, the price is cheaper than many in the country, particularly in the domestic selling very expensive cigarettes and wine, less high tax, here are a lot cheaper, packaging is also very delicate. Sell top brands of duty-free shop is the place where I will go, perfume and cosmetics, skin care, sales staff are very professional, but do not have to worry about the shelf life of goods, the girls are like the majority of waiting time to stay here. There is also a large toy store that I and other childlike people's favorite toys of the variety of those afforded to toy Dou city, many are in the country see spirit strange toys. Near boarding at food stores tend to be my last stay in place that will put the $ all used up, pick up our unique food to buy for your family.

History of the Netherlands Schiphol airport base Pu

Shopping index: ★ ★ ★

The value of a purchased: Euro cosmetics perfumes, make-up of the limits not only a lot earlier than domestic, and cheap.

Star brand: cosmetics, electrical appliances

Price levels: a few euro's gadgets to several thousand euros in comparison with electric everything, shopping possibilities.

Featured services: airport there is a big Casino

Shopping environment: dining facilities

Critical: insufficient time.

Experience: compared to other countries, the Netherlands airport tax refund is also more convenient and relaxed.

What is not everything is cheap, buy something before I must, the perfume of the spectrum, in addition to limits of basic there is nothing to buy, because the price almost with domestic, skin care if your heart is spectrum, you can look at, because here taohuan often has benefits, often very cheap.

Sometimes a brand would be with arcade-like make a promotional stand, this time meet your favourite things must start now.

Something relative accessories, cosmetics, some scattered or large scale, because it is going to catch a plane at the airport, hurry, generally not try try, so it is not a special understanding of things, and generally not recommended to buy.

Some small appliances or something, here also, although not as Germany cheap, but compared to domestic to or very affordable.

Alcoholic drinks and sweets such things, as compared with other similar airport does not seem to have too much advantage.

United Kingdom London Heathrow airport duty free shop

United Kingdom London Heathrow London Heathrow Airport

Shopping index: ★ ★ ★ ☆

The value of a purchased: pipe and tobacco.

Star brand: love mashi, Chanel, Dunhill.

Price levels: very high.

Shopping environment: very elegant, very British-style.

Featured services: United Kingdom airport recently because some terrorist attacks become more stringent, somewhat like 9-11 when the United States.

Critical: everything is good, except for the price.

Experience: the biggest feature of the shop is expensive, help yourself to a snack and drink a cup of coffee is 178 pounds.

Goods sold, up from London City shop buy cheaper. Airport customs, a special rebate of a window. In particular there is a shop selling cosmetics brand, size extra large product range is complete, each kind of perfume. From L'Oreal, Garnier to elegance Arden, jiaolan, Clinique, oushudan, SISLEY, HR, ya Shi Landai, Clarins, Lancome, CD, everything CHANEL, Laprairie, and adoption and sales communication, usually a small gift. Only allow people who do not understand is that as a United Kingdom local brands bodyshop, at Heathrow Airport is hard to find their missing, and there are plenty of body, London street shop shop a striking contrast.


France Paris CDG

Charles de Gaulle CDG France

Shopping index: ★ ★ ★ ★

The value of a purchased: Champagne, chocolate.

Star brand: Ca


Price levels: the airport duty free shops in commodity prices and the Paris urban area, no distinction.

Shopping: total: 220 shop, 166 home services shop, 111 nine restaurants and bars in the hotel.

Featured services: equipped with speak Chinese staff.

Critical: few duty-free shops, especially the cosmetic brands and varieties than Paris City.

Thailand Bangkok International Airport for commodities, and many staff members can speak Chinese.

BANGKOK Thailand Bangkok International Airport

Shopping index: ★ ★ ★ ☆

The value of a purchased: United Kingdom of pharmacy brand BOOTS

Star brand: L'Oreal, HR, SISILY

Price levels: consumption is not high.

Shopping environment: airport duty-free shop is very large.

Featured services: because the language barrier, so there is a good service and also feel not very true.

Critical: the identity of the duty-free shop.

Experience: duty-free shops, the price is really cheap for the time being, only two large areas of cosmetic consumption zone will allow the girls to return, and visited the most impressive is probably the L'Oreal brand products of all kinds of goods, prices of tangible benefits, in the country still has no L'Oreal men's skin care products, there have been from the wash to Sun protection in place.

Some people say that Thailand Airport products no airplanes are really cheap, that Thailand airport increased taxes on goods.

But Bangkok airport BOOTS products, favourably than Hong Kong, while packaging is very big, very suitable for enclosures home slowly. At the airport there are many luxury goods by discount stores, although not many, but the style is relatively new.

Munich Airport free zone

Germany Munich Airport to MUNICH

Shopping index: ★ ★ ★ ★

The value of a purchased: beer mug, major brand jewelry, watches, perfumes, steel products, fashion, crafts, books.

Star brand: Airbrau restaurant

Prices: inexpensive, very cheap.

Shopping environment: species richness, the price is also very real.

Featured services: Munich Airport has the world's only airport wineries.

Critical: go HIGH, easily missed.

Rebate sites very lonely hard to find.

Munich airport shopping distinguish one terminal building and the second terminal building two zones, a total of 130 stores, a number of shops in the terminal building is mainly located in public areas, while the second terminal building is set in the shop in passenger and baggage inspection.

Germany's goods are usually give the best impression, Munich more shoppers paradise, which is both the Munich Airport in Germany all the benefits of commercial district; mdash mdash; large, content-rich, price and good quality.

Here, in addition to the internationally renowned designer of high-end duty-free shops, travel value shops, boutiques and souvenir shops, there are various leisure food to choose from. The Beatles from fast food to the restaurant of the 5-in-one package that will enable guests to stroll around the HIGH after eating a HIGH. One of the most unique Airbrau restaurant.

Munich Airport has the world's only airport wineries, is located at Munich Airport Center, Bavarian beer garden Airbrau next.

The shop has brewed beer, outside there are tree flowers open-air meals. Brewed beer of course points of white beer or black beer, but depending on your own drink, white beer light some cool, dark beer is concentrated more and thick. But here the beer such as airport prices, it is cheap, as long as three or four euros only.

Dubai is the world's famous luxury purchase the cheapest one of duty-free shops

Dubai International Airport and Dubai International

Shopping index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The value of a purchased: Watch, L'Oreal cosmetics, tax free cigarettes.

Star brand: high card is full, Ysl, Lancome, Shiseido, white goods and Rolex, Omega, baobai, hundred age, IWC, Cartier, product family, watch all in.

Price levels: skin care is very cheap.

Shopping environment: duty-free zones up to 9000 sq.m, luxurious facilities, many of the world famous brands, as well as Europe and America remain synchronized fashion make it a truly world-class shopping at the airport.

Featured services: shopping can swipe, dollars, Dirham, eliminates China universal shuangbi credit card swipe local currency 1.5

% Of the fee.

Critical: families and I'm looking forward to the Arab people quite disappointed with dried fruits.

A packet of dried fruit probably 500g sold around and open 50rmb found very tide, Beijing supermarket bought tastes good.

Experience: Dubai International Airport is known as the busiest passenger and cargo airport, 100 foreign airlines use Dubai Airport.

9000 square meters of duty-free shops to 2005 annual sales exceeded 21 million dirhams ($ 5.9) performance to become the world's third largest airport duty free shop, its splendid facilities, world famous brands, as well as Europe and America remain synchronized fashion make it a truly world-class shopping venues.

Japan Tokyo Narita recommended purchase: Japanese snacks, sake, digital products

Japan Tokyo Narita

Shopping index: ★ ★ ★ ☆

The value of a purchased: MIKIMOTO jewelry

Star amp; brand: TIFFANY


Price levels: If you are not too sensitive to price, or to enjoy the many shopping pleasure.

Shopping environment: environment, staff attitude is also good, let you have a sense of God.

Featured services: God-like access to staff of deadly.

Critical: Japan brand skincare prices but more expensive, and certainly not worth the buy.

Narita Airport in Japan airport has the largest number of duty-free shops.

In addition to the world famous brand shops, there are all kinds of restaurants for you to enjoy delicious food.

Narita airport duty free shop environment good, sell sister attitude is also good, deadly to let you have a sense of God.

However, when God is the need to pay the price. The price of an item here are not cheap, especially Japan special commodity, food, small appliances, Japanese clothing, etc, than Tokyo shop prices. Of course if you are not too sensitive to price, or to enjoy the many shopping pleasure.

Japan's most famous Kazakhstan, Narita airport duty-free shop natural sparkling high cards can be found on the variety, such as: TIFFANY amp;


Japan Tokyo Narita recommended purchase: Japanese snacks, sake, digital products

Japan Tokyo Narita

Shopping index: ★ ★ ★ ☆

The value of a purchased: MIKIMOTO jewelry

Star amp; brand: TIFFANY


Price levels: If you are not too sensitive to price, or to enjoy the many shopping pleasure.

Shopping environment: environment, staff attitude is also good, let you have a sense of God.

Featured services: God-like access to staff of deadly.

Critical: Japan brand skincare prices but more expensive, and certainly not worth the buy.

Narita Airport in Japan airport has the largest number of duty-free shops.

In addition to the world famous brand shops, there are all kinds of restaurants for you to enjoy delicious food.

Narita airport duty free shop environment good, sell sister attitude is also good, deadly to let you have a sense of God.

However, when God is the need to pay the price. The price of an item here are not cheap, especially Japan special commodity, food, small appliances, Japanese clothing, etc, than Tokyo shop prices. Of course if you are not too sensitive to price, or to enjoy the many shopping pleasure.

Japan's most famous Kazakhstan, Narita airport duty-free shop natural sparkling high cards can be found on the variety, such as: TIFFANY amp;


Practical course topic 4. in the duty free shop shopping how tax rebate

Keep in mind the rebate outside shopping

Outside the duty free shop tax free shopping in two ways: first, the scene of the rebate that transactions do not include taxes payable, but the premise is that you must fulfill the Government's tax rebates, provided or commercial tenants have the right to compensation from your credit card payment of taxes and deductions; the second is after rebate, i.e. transactions include taxes, merchants in your tax refund formalities complied with after tax credit refund to your credit card.

Before going abroad please understand the provisions of the country's tax rebate, and note the following points:

(1) shopping time to carefully read the terms of the tax rebate single-card and signature, at the same time one of the other tenants, the other two with stay-over for tax refund formalities;

(2) departure time (such as shopping sites is an EU country you leave journey last EU countries) in the customs procedures, customs tax refund for the verification of purchases and refunds will be in single and two with a rebate on the seal, a mount merchants dedicated envelope and airport tax refund private mailboxes; another to preserve, in the event of dispute, this list can be used as proof of dispute resolution.

(3) if the failure to complete the customs clearance may drawback procedure return to global return Group (GLOBAL BlUE) request help in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc. of specified rebate points to continue.

National shopping rebate provisions

Asian countries

Thailand: Thailand shopping must be extra plus 10% tax, but refunds due to deduct the fees, it is the exit 8% to 9%.

In Thailand the total value of goods of the refund must be not less than 5000 baht (about RMB 1000 Yuan), and every shopping spending at least 2000 baht, the goods must be purchased within 60 days of carrying out.

Korea: Korea once purchased more than $ 5 million won, and the merchandise purchased goods within 3 months after carrying out of Korea, may apply for a refund of the additional tax, special taxes on the consumption and defense, duty free shop in return receive a customs certificate of purchases, within 20 days after the refund amount remitted to the customer.

In addition, visitors need to purchase merchandise by mail, to the Customs to produce proof of receipt by mail, send the required fees, refund of the buyer.

Japan: same store one day shopping with more than 1 million yen, with Passport and receipt, in the Department store rebate of 5%.

Singapore: purchased more than $ 300 refund of the product can.

Show your Passport when shopping, shop will give you a tax invoice. Take the invoice may drawback at Singapore airport.

Oceania countries

Australia: most countries duty-free shops are located in the international airport, visitors of shopping in Australia, where the purchase contains goods and services tax of merchandise, or alcoholic liquor tax price, 11% respectively can enjoy and 14.5% rebate.

Refund considerations are as follows: visitors in the same shop, if five or more purchases over 300, to prove to the merchant to obtain tax forms, and exit at the time of departure to the Customs drawback; for rebates, passengers in addition to the need to produce shop opening of tax forms, passport and boarding pass, will purchase the goods carried for inspection; rebate amount is lower than 200 base, you can draw cash on the spot.

More than 200 base, it is through cheques, credit card or bank account for the return of Australia.

European countries

In Europe, a different range of local tax rebate amount is different, but all require the same day in the same shop shopping amount reaches or exceeds a certain amount, such as the amount of at least Germany shopping is 25 euros, France at least 175 euros.

It should be noted that France some stores such as Lafayette rebate amount to 12%, some cosmetics store rebate amounts to 16%, Germany most store rebate amounts to 16%. EU countries can exit State uniform handling.

Tax refund formalities: salespersons will fill in for tourists in three of the above to fill out the application form, passport number and tourists in the country of the address above will fill the shopping price and the amount to be returned and will be posted on the invoice to the Organization of a tax refund, and store one copy of reserves.

Tourists take two, to leave the country borders, to the airport customs officials, and for export. Sometimes officials will ask the applicant to demonstrate that goods purchased, so you should check before you apply.

Back to the rebate amount: in Iceland and Finland, Sweden and other Nordic countries, with the lid seal by showing tax return form, within the airport tax refund Bank dedicated Windows are preferable to money.

Not only people, procedures are also very convenient. A credit card, you can also directly in the credit card; in most countries of Western Europe, leaving also cannot get cash immediately. To cover the last station departure countries Customs stamp tax rebates, Mount enclosed envelope and send to the global refund company (GlobalBlue) in all branches. Generally three months later, the refund will be in US dollar or euro cheque sent to the applicant. The applicant may bring a valid passport and a valid rebate GlobalBlue signs documents (including a tax rebate check and receipt), to a local bank for collection procedures, pay in dollars cash refund, or by client demands will rebate back to the specified account.

GLOBAL BlUE domestic tax rebate address excerpt:


Beijing Capital Airport international arrival hall of the industrial and commercial bank of Beijing wangjing branch branch


City of Dongsi x 24, ICBC Dongcheng Zhixingyingyeshi


International Office for industrial and commercial bank of Shanghai Pudong International Airport, reach the international airport, Shanghai Branch

Shanghai Nanjing East Road, industrial and commercial bank of Nanjing East road sub-branch


339 huanshi Dong Lu, Guangzhou Guangdong International Hotel, industrial and commercial bank of South Branch in Guangzhou

Over half the Earth seeking Multiculture autumn

Canada's autumn

In a country where the national flag of the Maple leaves, is there anything comparable to the fall season?

When Beijing's maple leaf is red, the other side of the Earth, in the East of Canada, whether it be a Huron Lake, or the St. Lawrence River, has long been cenglinjinran.

In this piece multi-cultural aggregation, in autumn colorful colorful colors behind, is more attractive nature and humanity.

In this season of harvest, harvest in Ontario apple orchards and vineyards, in the noisy pumpkin Festival, sharing the joy of the outlined a happy season.

While the province of Quebec, in the rich, ancient French style, then let people forget who is in the North American continent.