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Gateway to spring cycling trip new fashion-carbon

A strange city, there is no way to be more suitable than riding the scenery.

You can ride on a bicycle, free plan their own routes and schedules; you can drill down to find the city streets, the most beautiful details; you can stops, at any time with the local communication; of course, the cyclist, this is one of the most low-carbon green and most economical way to travel to health; mdash mdash; environmental and low-carbon has increasingly become the mainstream of our pursuit of life today, it is particularly relevant and fashion.

Now, the whole world there are many countries are strongly encouraged to cycle trip, they formed a perfect bicycle rental system, the establishment of a special bike road, some even specially erected on the road bike ride road signs.

This month, we pick the world's best cycling tours to several destinations, if you're going to implement a field trip to visit there, it's also not go rent a bicycle, in the beautiful spring leisurely enjoy your sweet ride!

From the Lake to the mountains, the scenery changes annachie Lake

Annecy Lake cycling in the name of the campaign

Cycling: France cycling difficulty: medium-low, slightly twists and turns

Ana Lake because of the innate sense of different natural scenery and surrounding mountains surround, cleanliness, hence suitable for a wide variety of water sports and mountain sports, summer surfing, paragliding, ice skating, skiing in winter, from France and the world of sports enthusiasts are put here as their second home.

Of course, here's the exercise bike, the local people believe in a kind of I exercise my healthy and happy, is based on this, the Anne NAHSI is bidding for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games.

46 km shuttle tour

Annachie Lake has a 46 km long Lake bike road, Lane does not close to the lake shore, sometimes fork to farm villages, sometimes through the tunnel, so the immediate foreground color alterations, the Blue Lake blue sky to the French village of Red Spire, from dark to light, there are always some make compelling highlights, the cycling process becomes monotone is not identical.

And could not help but let people sincerely admire those lakefront villa owners, they are blooming at times, while the Lake and they look old, if possible, also the associated life but the heart.

The Lake town, you can stop for coffee

Campaigns in order to live healthier

In annachie cycling, four hours around the Lake for a week, ordinary tourists may only ride riding stop side photograph looking King, but there are a number of more riders are both men, women and children are fully armed, from head to toe, including streamlined helmet, goggles, tight clothes, shorts, sports shoes, a few are not.

They ride of faster, even from the side and beyond can hear shouts of brush passing wind. Typically, a weekend here even more exciting by the Lake, ride a bike, skateboard, roller, intensive Department can line up a line. This is also more in line with the spirit of sport, and not let anyone become an Olympic champion, but let the ordinary people to live healthier.

Annachie bicycle road, a total of 46 km, usually Lake cycling needs 4 hours.

In addition to ride a bike, you can play with roller skating. Information Centre offers free bicycle route map.

Wearing traditional dress of Netherlands girl

TIPS: bicycle rental: ancient city there are many car rental shops within


Strange magic overlooking beautiful scenery in the world's top 10 (map)

We live in a world which so many incredible magic, but often our midst are ignorant.

In order to more fully appreciate the beauty of this world, sometimes we need a little conversion at the point of view. The following ten scenes of this, to look down angle tells us how beautiful the world.

Peru-altitude overlooking the mysterious giant painting

Peru-altitude overlooking the mysterious giant painting

Peru West Coast due to the influence of tropical desert climate is an arid barren of Berne, but who can think in this vast desert was found still let the wonders of the world of the inconceivable: sandy surface spread of many irregular cracks formed a strange and huge geometric and bio-graphics, not only the Visual humming bird, spiders, and big as small alien pattern.

According to scientists, these mysterious giant painting may first appeared in the 2000 years ago, but until 1939 a adventure lovers driving small aircraft from flying over the accidental glimpse only when you make this discovery shows all over the world. So far, the Nazca giant painting has attracted many tourists in the world. But if you want the most careful observation of the mysterious Totem, only from high-down angle we can really find out what.

Alaska by air at the cross-country race sled dog

Alaska by air at the cross-country race sled dog

Iditarod Trail sled dog race is Alaska annual event.

Each year in March, when there is a cross-country enthusiasts from various localities and their dog to take part in the competition. But this isn't a simple race, but a person with a close tie in with the dog Stern's true nature. When the starting gun sounded that pulled sledge dogs and their owners will together invest over a duration of 10 days, travel nearly 2000 km journey. From the plane overlooking this amazing journey, your heart will follow the surging up together.

Japan sat launch tour in Tokyo

Japan sat launch tour in Tokyo

If you have ever seen from space, back on the world's metropolis of satellite photos can be found, the night of Tokyo from the photo look like a everywhere flashing colored lights Christmas tree.

In Tokyo, you can find this kind of riding launch tour Tokyo tourism projects, from top to bottom at the Tokyo Tower, Department stores and the pedestrian street, in the high-altitude feel the city passed are calm and romantic.

Tanzania by hot air balloon tours Safari

Tanzania by hot air balloon tours Safari

As the largest of Tanzania is also the most famous National Park, Serengeti Safari restore wild, Africa is full of vibrant look.

There are bands of Zebra and elephant, there surprising huge lions and other vicious predators, vast steppe and all shapes of shrubs are equally fascinating. Each year, large numbers of tourists are attracted to this view angle/migration of the spectacle. In addition to regular traffic, take a hot air balloon is believed to be the best choice. Flight speed and height are extremely suitable for watching the world's largest animal migration spectacle. After the rainy season, sometimes up to several hundred thousand head angle Ma four feet Teng on stirring up rolls of laterite, such wonders is unforgettable!

New Zealand Kaikoura sea whale

New Zealand Kaikoura sea whale

At the corner of the land-based soul-stirring, MA migratory flocks of migratory fish in the sea or large-scale activities also let people look forward to.

Located in New Zealand Kaikoura waters nearby dive deeper, is a famous whale sanctuary. If the boat whale some adventure, then take a small plane completely booked up, but also to guarantee you the wonderful aquatic ecology for most real observation and contacts.

src="http://www.itravelqq.com/uploadfile/2010/0402/20100402085525899.jpg" />
By balloon to cross the Himalayas Nepal

By balloon to cross the Himalayas Nepal

Every year in March and April, or 10 to November, many visitors came to Nepal will be actively enrolled in its very famous tourism project mdash mdash mdash;;; by hot air balloon through the Kathmandu Valley.

Because you not only will the magnificent Buddhist temples passing by, even in a hot air balloon rises to 1 000 feet above when you have almost reached for touch the snowcapped peaks. If you catch the early, in a hot air balloon rising at that moment, it might also be and are exposed from the snow there, head of Chaoyang encounter!

Antarctic overlooking snowy

Antarctic overlooking snowy

Isolation, freezing may be the world's general view of the Antarctic continent, but also because it's only mystery are often titillate people's curiosity you want.

Now Australia of a travel agency has been jointly developed the Antarctic airlines Tour project. Visitors not only to 10 000 feet of altitude in a good appreciation of the silver world, the journey will have adventure experts and geographer to everyone interested in geographic issues for interactive questions.

A leap in the great barrier reef, Australia

A leap in the great barrier reef, Australia

Australia's great barrier reef stretches for extension to Queensland coastline than km with a total area of about 350 square kilometres, and coral reefs have not come to you.

Only through seated aircraft, tourists can have a chance to really appreciate how great barrier reef. However, although you will lose personally contact Beach and sand, but it can also be seen at the great barrier reef sea marine fauna and flora through. Guang Jie pure seawater, let you sit in the aircraft on the underwater world and see a permeability.

United States-altitude autumn view of Maine

United States-altitude autumn view of Maine

United States East coast of New England has United the most worthwhile in autumn.

When the oak, Maple changefrom Golden then becomes red, coupled with the autumn, the weather, the increasing levels of beauty has been entirely in a language beyond words. Ride the light aircraft flying over the countryside, you can have the word on cenglinjinran understand better.

United States Grand Canyon in Arizona Stagecoach

United States Grand Canyon in Arizona Stagecoach

Arizona, Grand Canyon, the Earth is currently the known maximum cracks, it makes a world of natural wonders.

Torrent flows from underneath the Colorado River, was forcefully torn this plateau, let it seemed so bleak and dangerous. Although seen from an airplane going has heard no river and Canyon of impact sound, but I still can't help but be nature's superlative craftsmanship are deeply shocked.

Italy Beach to the Holy Land of magic, men enters (photos)

Beauty such as cloud

Italy not only over a handsome guy, or beautiful women such as clouds, but in Italy there is a beach that is just beautiful, but a man.

Here is the set of Italy to female bathing, all the men and children are forbidden to enter, so here's a fun boudoir friend gatherings of heaven.

Here is a man's restricted area

Swimwear no longer round cloth skirt

Located on the Adriatic coast Italy 134, beach stretches 50 miles, at its entrance to end another sign that painted a man wearing a bathing suit, but with a slash across from him, and proclaimed to all men; mdash mdash; here they are.

Although the dog with cannot give a sign are somewhat similar, but the men jealous that pet dogs can be nonchalant, and without distinction of sex.

Enjoy sunbathing

The Beach also offers many services for women.

There is a beauty champion provides beauty advice, etiquette, fitness, manicures and cooking, and other various courses, all of the trainers are female. However, I still have a lucky men allowed to enter the imperial concubine, lifeguards, rescue from the water after all is a man of strength required.

For the female figure is not perfect, they do not have to worry about this beach is in front of men revealed the dewlap and fat.

Women no longer have to in order to disguise the stature and Wai on cloth skirt, where no male critical eye.

Nepal is open bathing for men and women in the streets (photos)

Nepal people seem to have natural water and intimacy, but it is understood that in Kathmandu was not an indoor public baths, because the charges are too high, Nepal people cannot afford their choices in the street side of the pond or fountain bath.

Woman wrapped cloth bath

The abundance of water resources in Nepal, Kathmandu streets, temples and even neighbourhoods beside, there are many quaint open-air pools, fountains and water Department.

Often you can see men and women together in the streets of open-air pool bath. While it is in a sink, but men and women separate taps bathe each maintain a certain distance.

This bath is not completely naked.

Men usually wear shorts, naked upper body and legs. Woman hair earsplitting, chest following around a piece of cloth, wearing slippers. Men are bringing toiletries to sink, head, body on SOAP, put your head to tap next wave dash, generally more than ten minutes will be able to end the fighting. The woman looked carefully, in full view of the cleaning of the body of each part and not go light is not easy. They are often small, help each other, carefully and difficult to take care of herself. The entire process is in the cloth covering of complete, perhaps you want to spend over an hour. Although not as good as the bathtub, but you can achieve the same effect. Nepal people accustomed to this early on.

Winter can open bath

Nepal can open all the year round bath has its natural causes.

Kathmandu Valley is a temperate climate, the winter is not cold, heat, the temperature in summer is not at all; 28 Celsius 2mdash. Therefore even in the winter, as long as sunny, daytime temperatures can reach zero degree Celsius, locals on a dozen or so may open a bath not feel cold. According to reports, because the sink water from underground, free from the influence of surface temperature, thus gives the impression is cool in summer, warm in winter. In addition, there are a lot of ground water is spring water containing sulfur, with their bath it is beneficial to the body.

In fact, Nepal who bathe in the open-air pool also has religious overtones.

They believe, Kathmandu Valley area of the pond and fountain and their idea of a mdash mdash; Lake; Garrigosa for Kant's Lake is connected, there is one of the Hindu God Shiva place to live. In these sink bath, bathing in the Lake and the pilgrimage, can dispel sins.

Pool, mostly of precious cultural relics

For people taking a bath in the pool and fountain is also worth mentioning.

In the Kathmandu Valley, the construction of a large and hundreds of pools are mostly composed of red bricks, generally located in temples or street side of natural water sources, on the ground following 3mdash; 5 m, built around half a metre high walls, also decorated with Lions, snakes, and other stone animals. Go on along the red brick steps, you can see the following determined by granite paved pools, surrounded by a wall, repair, pool of drainage channel walls arranged several carving exquisite tap, each is a work of art. Because of the lower pond, the height of the spring water from the tap in now flowing, wanton. The old faucet, water cannot be turned off, access to pool all year round constantly quickly from run-off. Therefore, the water in the tank is always remain clean.

Kathmandu Valley these ancient pond and fountain are mostly built in the 16th century 13mdash; Marathi dynasty, with very high historical and artistic value, is already in Nepal cultural sector as a national heritage.

So, Nepal people every day in the history and heritage in can also be regarded as an interesting landscape.

Strange funny April Fools ' day (photos)

April 1, dressed as a clown's residents in Ukraine's capital Kiev City to participate in the tradition of April Fool's Day Parade.

The day is an annual April Fool's day, people around the world to celebrate this weird Fun Festival.

April 1, in Istanbul, Turkey, the staff to participate in his hands to pink smiley balloon to celebrate April Fool's day activities organized by the balloon payment.

April 1, dressed as a clown's residents in Ukraine's capital Kiev City to participate in the tradition of April Fool's Day Parade.