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Lost in the leisurely exploring the natural beauty paradise

Who says the adventure just heroism of patent? if you do not want to put yourself into a crisis, if you just want to get a feel for the novelty and explore nature, these Chimei and surprises leisurely place is for you.

Cold fairyland

Iceland-world at the end of the cold fairyland

Iceland, and imagined boring and dull, cold and dull, spotless.

However, this is only an Iceland a silhouette, and cannot summarize all of Iceland. It is one of Northern Europe in the ocean Pearl, silently shine.

Some people say that if you do not have a chance to go to the North and South poles, then went to Iceland.

Out to Iceland, everyone will have a go at the end of the world: not a tree, the sides are endless yellow-green volcanic desert, sky is in the heart of the volcano.

Iceland in the winter sunshine, but mysterious, may encounter an order of the northern lights has brought back the fun, the sky is full of charming colors.

If lucky enough to enjoy it by green, yellow, purple, red, and so the formation of the northern lights of various colors, like a day with, like a curtain, in the air sparkles, dancing, quoi.

Very beautiful ice

Every soul, spirit and nature of a life.

Iceland people believed inhabited by Elves here. It is said that a late into the night, there is often an Elf with children romp here. In a number of volcanic rocks on the strange patterns, locals say that this is the spirit of churches and temples, they also have a religion, with Iceland people advocating peace, tranquility and loyalty. Want to feel and spirit into one's life, come to Iceland!


Language: Iceland language as the official language; English, Denmark language to a common language

Time difference: later than Beijing time 9 hours

Telephone area code: 354

Currency: 1 Crown (Kroacute; na), equal to 100 Elie (Aurar), banknotes come in denominations of 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 kroons, copper plate including 1, 5, 10, 50, 100 kronor.

Tip: the Nordic countries do not have the habit of collecting tips, restaurant will also be included in the billing period service fees.

Lost horizon

Shangri-La horizon disappearing

Shangri-La, represents a difficult to find but fascinating mystery: a beautiful, magnificent scenery, an ancient noble culture.

We are now talking about Shangri-La, far from being a single region, West to the East, nyingchi to Sichuan luding, North to the most northern part of Sichuan province zoige and the northernmost in shiqu County, South-Lijiang, Yunnan, Sichuan, and Yunnan is exactly, Tibetan provinces of a large triangular area.

Its scenery is unique, there are meadows, forests, lakes, snowy mountains.

Hengduan Mountains Alpine Gorge, six rivers flow crunch of spectacle. The most unique Tibetan identity, history's most abundant cultural reproduction here, but the legacy of ancient East female country female cultural resources is a rare phenomenon in the Hengduan Mountains, fresh air and sashay ... Rich cultural tradition, take a look also to aoshi, let alone they overlap, affecting large Shangri-La globally. It is therefore all the more profound, sustaining power.

The world outside of the pure land

The way to the Grand Shangri-La is probably tortuous and difficult, but only the taste of the exploration of the difficult, you may also experience the body with the mind of tranquility.

It is the spirit of the parking bays impetuous, modern and simple but beautiful city of dreams.

Warm tips:

5-1, except in July and September-October, Shangri-La in the rainy season the traffic is not good, is not conducive to travel, winter temperature is too low, if encountered rain, but wait is headed home.

Snow Mountain is not good, waiting for the snow, more is required patience and time.

2. do not rush to visit during the Spring Festival, as the Shangri-La a few days of outdoor temperature is-8 ° c, 3mdash; indoor without heating equipment is 1mdash; 9 ℃.

Night temperature is lower, the outdoor temperature of-7 degrees c, the Interior is-1 ° c. In addition to temperature is low, the street people and cars are small, icy roads will allow drivers to intimidate you.

3, Shangri-La in the case of high altitude areas (3300 m), it would not be appropriate for strenuous exercise, drinking, eating more vegetables

Vegetables, fruit, prevent climbinghigh mountains.

The European final of the original village

Lapland European final original hometown

There is also the land beyond the Arctic circle? there will be a legend like? each year Santa Claus is from there sat the sled jump start, as the world's children to present.

There seems to be only the fairy tale is a part of the world.

This is Finland's Lapland region, known as Europe's last piece of the original reservation.

If you experience Lapland winter, you will understand why choose the Santa Claus of Arctic land for settlement. Pure wilderness, northern lights hanging sky, with bright and mysterious light, everything is like a fairy tale, beautiful and serene. Only in this world, can be worthy of Santa Claus.

Aurora Wonderland

Lapland in October each year into the winter, always in the second year of only 5 months, the entire winter spring up to 8 months.

Here looking, almost all forests, rivers, and in winter they were covered in snow, ice, endless, just like the world outside Wonderland. Before and after the winter solstice, people can feel the polar night, you can see 24 hours out of the stars; and after the summer solstice, people can feel the very day, see 24 hours of Sun. In your heart, do you also have a dream about Lapland?

1 time: Lapland standard time lag than China standard time-6 hours

2 mobile phone: Finland mobile phone used GSM900/1800 network, China Mobile and China Unicom's GSM in domestic open international roaming service to work directly with the domestic mobile phone; however China Unicom's CDMA mobile phone users in Finland is currently unable to use the roaming feature.

3 visitors can purchase in the Santa Claus village across the Arctic circle of certificates, certificate of language is Chinese.

Heaven quicksand

Fraser Island Paradise sand

Fraser Island is located in the northern part of the Sunshine Coast, Australia is the world's largest sands.

80 years ago, the great river sediments of settling down into today's Fraser, Fraser's meaning is heaven.

Here is really not transcendent beauty lose to heaven.

Blue Lake, such as unpolluted shining gems, uncontaminated Lake Shore pure white sand beaches, clear color. The knife has scattered over 40 freshwater lake, slightly acidic water WA, the story of a rare Cruz Green Frog most appropriate living places, coat color colorful pheasant poll in forest flew to flowers and honey is a food, like the Kingdom of the Elves so pure and sweet.

Happy heaven

Lying on the beach in a tropical sea breeze blows, comfortable making people happy.

Although not a real heaven, but fancier than heaven here, more warmth, more vitality and flair. Famous attractions: colored sandstone, Sands suspended Lake, Safari, etc.

Warm tips:

1 in Fraser Island, the environment is everyone's responsibility.

Here the Junk not landing policy. Where visitors to the island were asked to participate in the care of the Earth's movement.

2 Fraser Island cost vehicle license fee: $ 34.40 (valid for 28 days) into the island before the license must be placed in the front window.

3 camping permit fee: $ per person per night on Fraser Island 4.50 if commercial accommodation SPL, without the need to pay this fee.

4 climate: Fraser Island abundant rainfall exception, annual rainfall of up to 1500 mm.

Home of the tree of love

Mahe love tree's hometown

Mahe is the largest island in the Seychelles, the island has a typical tropical scenery, beautiful, a series of beautiful mountain towering, clouds fog barrier.

Jungle, the tropical green vine aspect, filled the Valley. Mountain mountain climate, Sunshine wind, light has its own characteristics of yin and Yang, the landscape changes. Hill Canyon, more odd rock formations, Chin and attitude. Residents living in the narrow coastal plain, thatched cottages, banana in swaying coconut half hidden in bushes half now, coconut and cinnamon fragrance streamed Wanli, glamorous.

Mahe's unique geographical location, with the world class natural bathing water pure and transparent, is sufficient was warm and pleasant Sun and pure white sand spacious flat.

Tourists can travel yacht, ship bottom glass through special appreciated the wonderful underwater world, weird, beautiful and absolutely let eye-opener.

Loyal sea coconut

In the Seychelles National Botanical Garden, you can see the island's most precious plants.

The most representative and most rare plant is the sea coconut. A dioecious, sea coconut high school short, or folded, or side by side. The most amazing is that, if a male and female-tree trees were cut, the other lines are long, the climax of a life not death, this magical plants and the tree of love. And wind rising sun, lying on the soft sand, we also wish to incarnate a tree of love and beauty, the end of time, this is not empty, no deficiency was born to Mahe that a dream trip.

Warm tips:

1 climate: annual temperature, rainfall and more.

In the Seychelles strong sunshine, sunscreen, Sun and sunglasses are necessary, proposes the best outdoor activities at 10: 30 before or after 15: 30, to avoid for a day in the Sun and the strongest phase.

2 transport: International Airport in its North-East, is away from the capital city of Victoria (Victoria) around 15 minutes away.

3 main sights: Launay National Marine Park and Saint Anne Mahe National Marine Park

4 specialties: coconut, Zhang, l., Guang Lei fragrant and vanilla, etc.

Triamcinolone a great summer and intoxicating 6 SPA holy places to experience relaxation trip

Summer is approaching, Sun pledge.

Being in a hot oven, summer temperatures bring irritable mood the winding, really painful. Then why not far from the bustling place, in the Nutcracker Suite, aromatic and light sound wreaths of elegant space, enjoy water drops, flower petals, leaves, Earth-touch, suck from the forest wilderness plants give off fresh breath, free from worries? triamcinolone a summer, to go with small series features spa, bath and intoxicating does return a feast of body and mind.

Sham Shui Po moisten town

1 France ?? town

You can't imagine ever using ?? mineral water to make SPA feeling? for many Chinese people, although never France ?? this place, but for ?? mineral water, but they are familiar.

Luxury hotel, Deluxe business establishments, everywhere can see ?? mineral water, but it is not a common energy consumption, are popular all over the world.

?? town behind the majestic Alps is the source of cloud water, mountain snowmelt from the mountains and rain in the Alps hinterland after 15 years of natural filtration and glacier sand layer formed by cloud water mineralization.

?? of SPA, the care products such as skin care spray is in cloud water, lying on the couch, ren ROU pure sweet spring touching too general, how pleasant.

Royal Spa

Recommendation: the Royal Hotel

The Royal Hotel (Evian Royal Palace) has ?? town the best SPA centre in the 2003 G8 meeting held in this, the heads of State have stayed here.

Here, the spa a cost of

A taste of Germany Black Forest

Historically, Germany impressed me is a modern trade show, a live for football's blood.

As the engine of the European economy, there should be everywhere with steady, rational strict atmosphere, will never have a romantic tenderness. However, the beautiful dream of a fairy tale world mdash mdash;; new Swan castle changed my mind, the quiet elegance of mystery: linhai; mdash mdash; Black Forest changed my mind, the quiet gentle Germany mdash mdash; mother River; Rhine changed my mind. Even those located in the mountain as paradise romantic beautiful town, sends out a peaceful quiet temperament, so deeply infatuation.

In fact, the sect of Germany, really beautiful very charming hellip; hellip;

In the forests of southern Germany, with a dark green pine tree branches and leaves of the trees-forest-.

The dense greenery of trees there, quiet, deep environment. Whenever the Sun is the cloud to cover also break, the entire mountain greenery will render out a green dot. This is known as Black Forest Germany.

In the Black Forest in the southwest of Germany, there is a mosaic in the midst of the delightful natural lakes in green.

Where crystal-clear lake, Lake FIR rich classical layout. Whenever rainy feifei, thin hazy, popple Lake will be able to create something they do smoke, dreaming of the tianshan total color and dense. This is known as bit Lake, Germany.

Scattered in the Black Forest in almost every village, has a background in music with melodic birds of wall clock time.

This wall clock in Crow will have a cuckoo in the jump from Windows and, at the same time, the door side of the wheel of the mill started after rotating, the housing estate of woodcutter work happily began, the House dressed in national costumes of puppet is singing and dancing, celebrating the harvest hellip; hellip; this is Germany's proud cuckoo clock.

A taste of Black Forest of black

Black Forest, this strange at the beginning of that Word, madideas first surfaced is the seat of Princess witches Castle.

That kind of clouds, dark quiet forest, for me it was a mystery, and added a little afraid of frequency. When a man does not know English Russian drivers in accordance with the GPS routes, given the car into a foliage from the prodigious, eye could to the edge of the forest, my heart began to tangled up. Hearts keep reading: Black Forest, Princess Wu hellip; hellip;

Perhaps God went out to meet me in such a strange idea, from the car into the Black Forest in that moment, says the patter of Lek rain kept on beating the vehicle window.

Window into the clouds cold fir tree next to a tree, mimizaza's stopped a few silk light. Two beams of light alone exploring car was shrouded in a dark forest in slowly, like the great Silent Hill in the picture!

Good mountain in Germany like this meandering in Yunnan, occasionally in the Black Forest in the village and green, slightly soothe my tangled heart.

Until the car to a Switchback overlooking the entire Black Forest places, I found that: quiet, deep in the Black Forest is not let fear of the dark, on the contrary, all with dark green and green woods, seemed dignified and decent, just like a painter a few pen outlines of painting. Clean and quiet, it is in the midst of the mountain, clouds at deep ignorance!

Listen to the guide said, the Black Forest in the trees are mostly cold FIR.

Lush green pine branches and leaves a very functional black, but oil green greenery. From afar, thereby being green is like the light and make paint too general, was nice. The guide said, these seething cold FIR but a PO in the Black Forest, the locals not only get it cover wooden huts, furniture, also with cold FIR made world-famous cuckoo clock! today, Black Forest cuckoo clock, Black Forest cake, Black Forest pork knuckle can have famous specialties of the black forest.

As saying that Russia will yet again the driver cars the black forest.

Car window is no longer the mimizaza's trees, from time to time, several style unique black wooden bits scattered a flat land, full of forests, idyllic beauty. Occasionally, a few beam scattered light from penetrating the inside, lit up the night of the Black Forest, at the same time, in the rainy mist spring night sent ripples of warm and cozy.

="http://www.itravelqq.com/uploadfile/2010/0722/20100722115133719.jpg" />

Vasty drops l.

See the true face of the Lake was founded in the early morning rain feifei.

Maybe I'm to time is not a weekend or holiday, Germany important old xixi self-promoters resort mdash mdash; drops, l.; and presented in front of me was a bit quiet beauty cunning girl next door.

With all the tourist attractions, drops the Lake, the town has a pair of resort business town looks like.

From the car park along the sides are souvenirs shops, bars, restaurants and pubs. But every low wooden small floor are surprisingly exquisite may, all Brown fir tree house blend in with the surrounding environment, like from a fairy tale in the capture of dwarfs huts, it in General.

Along the tour route down the vasty bit Lake in rainy mist was more quiet and Tim in the United States.

Breeze blowing, the moondown bit Lake grace in sparkling water level quietly stretch, as were the girls next door clear. Let people couldn't help to slow down and gently, quietly near the hellip; hellip;

The closer the Lake from drops, more able to enjoy the morning hazy complements of all the beauty of the Lake! Lake and cold FIR rich classical layout, crystal-clear Lake vaguely flashes between the spring onion and green wood.

The distant hills such as dot of the forest, from time to time out a few acoustic bliss tress; quiet beautiful Lake, occasionally discovered several colourful Mandarin Duck. From afar, a slice of a hazy mist, the quiet of the Lake and the mountains in the Evergreen boughs-to-one between, people couldn't help thinking of smoke are NaN Wu, tianshan total color of exquisite beauty!

Why such a tourist attraction of the Lake, can have this kind of isolation from the stunning? where I get a tourist guide: Germany's leading environmental protection idea! all parked at the shore of sightseeing cruise, all artificial sightseeing cruise, the vessel shall not be allowed to enter the bit Lake.

Small town residents living water all circulation treatment without a drop of water is discharged into streams of the Lake. Even the dog is convenience pets anywhere toilet, small town also specifically provided free to extract pet garbage bags of PET containers! really God created this side of the beautiful landscape, and Germany with his careful, before the party landscape changed so elegant beautiful!

Singing a cuckoo clock

Cuckoo, cuckoo hellip; hellip; Dapper's cuckoo young in popup Windows, in the midst of the delightful music with melodic birds timekeeping.

At the same time, the cabin door side of the wheel of the mill started slowly rotating, housing estate after logging workers began work with a smile, the House dressed in national costumes and dancing girls start of harvest, a joyous sight hellip; hellip; till the time is finished, close the Windows and cuckoo, the puppets were stopped in the hands of everyone else, Black Forest silence again; hellip hellip;

This is the Black Forest clocks, cuckoo clocks can sing.

Black Forest cuckoo clock-cuckoo clock, also called the cuckoo clock's name is derived from the cuckoo clock time.

While in Europe, cuckoo call implies the coming of spring. According to legend the Black Forest is essential in winter snow, make a cuckoo clock of craftsmen in the snow-covered wooden cuckoo clock to do a batch until the spring season, we will make these winter cuckoo clock back out of the Black Forest, sales to European countries. I think perhaps the drudgery of a winter of craftsmen, and will look forward to the blossoming of new year the eagerness of the cuckoo, cuckoo clock will therefore clock time sound production became the cuckoo calls. While visiting the cuckoo clock factory, with the help of a presentation from the technology that confirms my idea of this.

Commentators said that the Black Forest cuckoo clock is unique in that it is almost always a cuckoo clock are typical mdash mdash; heralds; cuckoo calls.

All cuckoo calls are not generated by power, but by watch led gear rotation. Each clock cuckoo clock in vivo has two bellows, air suction bellows was adopted a press of the whistle, the first blow is issued the first part of the GU sound, a second blow when the remaining GUO. In addition, almost every cuckoo clock below has three heavy hammer, one of the hammer is the control of the mechanical clock, another heavy hammer is driving the bellows of the cuckoo timekeeping. If there is a musical cuckoo clocks, then the third heavy hammer is driven music. In order to ensure accurate timekeeping cuckoo clock can, craftsmen also especially in cuckoo clock in the pendulum to adjust the clock of time error. Today, the cuckoo clock's technology has the reach, people not only can set their own rules of work and rest for cuckoo clock stop to Crow, but also wound weekly just once, you can set the cuckoo clock hour or half hour!

Walking in the fabulous cuckoo clock production area, all with Black Forest specialities made of Cedar cuckoo clock confusing.

Commentators said that all the Bell trees making cuckoo must naturally dried over five years to ensure permanent not crack the shell and deformation. In order to produce more fine cuckoo clocks, cuckoo clocks of artisan carving are the unique sculpture's family and descendents of the painted artist. This generation to generation, in the predecessors on the basis of non-stop inheritance and exploration of the production process,Also become a guarantee of quality cuckoo clock of important links. Therefore, each of the cuckoo clock is a unique work of art. Of course, each of the cuckoo clock, the price is at least 50 euros, more than a thousand euro, is a craft a price!

Cambridge "scientific photography" great appreciation

According to foreign media reports, Cambridge University Engineering Department recently held named Carl middot; Zeiss scientific photography competition, with a large group of photographers and their works stand out, let us enjoy science photos shocking.

Huayan dazzling

1. flame

This picture of flame exists only on a few milliseconds after a wave of cold air.

It is the photographer using a high-speed camera 5000 frames per second shooting speed. But it is this picture so that a scientist received a Cambridge University engineering competition first prize.

Beautiful spectrum

2. the turbine blades

Get the second prize is Iver middot; wear work the turbine blades.

It is a study in Iver, a set of turbine blade flow uniformity is filmed. Leaves from the vibrant advertising pigments and light-coloured oil mixture tinting, and high-speed rotation until the paint dry, this process of formation of this beautiful spectroscopy, ultraviolet light irradiation Spectra effect is more pronounced.


3. Crystal

The third prize of "Crystal".

It shows an incredible Spire star ZnO crystals set in the amorphous carbon composition of Golden mesh belt.

King waved goodbye

4. bullet penetrated poker

Another surprising photos is King waved goodbye, it captured a bullet penetrated a poker moment, poker was accurate on the King beheaded.

This photo is engineering students Nate middot; sharp uses a piece of Poker, a 400 nanoseconds single Flash unit and a serpent high-speed bullet rifle.

Human cells

5. human cells

Other finalists including microscope diagram, some material length only a few nanometers, invisible, as in this close-up of human cells.

Drosophila leg microscopic photos

6. a Drosophila melanogaster leg microscopic photos

This is Chris middot; Freeman in science week scanning electron microscopy model of the scene photographed during Drosophila melanogaster foot photos.

Nanorods dandelion

7. Nanorods dandelion

This scanning electron microscopic map Nanorods Dandelion by Tin oxide nanorods, the average diameter of 50 mm, the average length of 1 micron, cultivation by hydrothermal formation.

Shot this photo of Arouna middot; El vaturi said: these Nanorods dandelion's remarkable structure makes them may become energy storage and energy collection device for electrode material, including a new generation of low-cost rechargeable batteries and solar cells.

Diabolo performance

8. the diabolo performance

This is studying for a master's degree in sustainable development projects that Kashinath middot; Sharpe in the performance of the diabolo stunt photos.

Use 80 Hertz multiple Flash unit, 4 sec exposure time took photos.

le="text-align: center">

9. draw bone cortex

Graham middot; Tres take this photo is called drawing cortical bone.

This is the abdominal CT x-ray data sets of a computer drawing.

To explore the mysterious floating island every step tread surface of the island, fear of leaks

Set foot on the Titicaca Lake, Peru on the floating Island, you will feel the sky is so close.

Foot loose Reed Po, from time to time a groan, telling in this multiplied many hundreds of years of Ulu, Nova Scotia's story. Lake sparkling, dressed in colorful costumes of indigenous, is the island's most vivid scenes.

The world's highest freshwater Lake Titicaca Lake

In Peru and Bolivia, with the world's highest freshwater Lake Titicaca Lake.

3812 m above sea level, creating a local plateau black skin. 600 years ago, to escape from Spain and Portugal's colonial rule, Urus people came to the Reedy Lake, Lake, became the owner here.

In the beginning of the Ulu, Nova Scotia, reeds, straw into thick Reed mat and Po, then into the grass on board ship.

Later, they took a few bars, and dozens of grass boat together, become more stable residence, floating island that have emerged. Subsequently, they also make a compact housing. Now, the floating islands on the Lake more than 60, small basketball court so big, big has a post office, school and other public facilities.

Titicaca Lake scenery unique

Today's floating Island residents, hungry, eat the root part of the Reed; fresh and thirsty, drink wine with Reed wine of roots.

Even the children's snacks, but also by a special perfume made of reeds. If falls flow blood, a Reed pollen, blood ceased. In fact, Ulu, Nova Scotia to boating in just 10 minutes from the border city of Puno purchase supplies, but they prefer a self-sufficient life. Here's the children who learn to fish, land. Every day, similar housing residents elect a Cook, and the rest go out fishing, weaving, etc. Children grow up, it can only be tolerated, and they can only speak their own language.

There are over 40 floating island for tour

On the island to wear waterproof shoes  

In recent years, the Government of Peru to develop tourism, floating islands of the mysterious life gradually opened to the outside world.

Lake 40 multiple floating island for tour, maximum of six kilometres long.

The people at the beginning of the floating Island, can't bear to hear there was shaky feeling.

Each step will have minor foot fall, you can't beat a foot to island face hit the leak. Local guides visitors to repeatedly remind the floating Island to wear good shoes waterproof function, because you each step, there is a Lake on the island surface infiltration.

Floating island every 3 months to rebuild once.

Every two weeks, the island shall be covered with new Reed, when following the more thick Reed accumulated, hit the Lake, the island was abandoned, redo a new island. To visit the floating islands, must not miss Reed grass boat tour of the production process. It is said that grass weaving technology generation ship through word of mouth. Because Titicaca in indigenous languages is Leopard, so the bow tie into Leopard heads up. Just one hour, one skilled workers can prepare grass bow. Local men, every day, in addition to the fisherman, the remaining time is used for shipbuilding, Reed because this boat can only be used for six months or so.

The Lake has a lot of Reed room

The original ecological island do not need electricity  

It's late, visitors may live in Ulu, Nova Scotia series Reed room.

Spends $ 20, you can rent a room. The House has two beds, each bed has a blankets be and a candle, not on the island is so original. Of course, separate toilet and shower and more.

Reed wall not wind, cold air is going to have to bring their own sleeping bags.

To live in advanced also has a five-star hotel has dominated to a peninsula on the Lake. Simple guide will advise on the island visitors, we do not give children money there, because we don't want our children to become lazy, we want them to become citizens.