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Forbes ranking of the richest Royal King top 300 million

The financial crisis from the fake, so that the Royal family day was mixed.

Recently, the United States, the famous "Forbes" magazine has announced the world's richest Royal's latest rankings. Despite the volatile political environment of Thailand, but Thailand's King Bhumibol still to 300 billion in assets for the third consecutive year, ranked first in the Royal family of magnate.

Forbes ranking of the richest Royal family, the King of Thailand ranked first 300 billion.

According to statistics, the world renowned Royal Family 15 wealth in last year's financial crisis the total loss of 100 million, total assets only 990 billion.

Although this and 2008 World Crown assets shrink 320 million compared to the peak, but they do not need to worry about. As the financial crisis has gone and the world economic situation improves, the Royal family has gradually ease up hellip; hellip;

1, Thailand's King Bhumibol

82 years of age:

Assets: US $ 30 billion (unchanged)

As the world's longest in bits of the King, it is rumored that Thailand's King Bhumibol during the past year has been struggling with physical discomfort.

Although the domestic political turmoil, the investment market and tourism are severely hit, but extensive investment in public infrastructure and real estate assets of King did not shrink.

2, the Sultan of Brunei

Age: 63-year-old

Assets: US $ 20 billion (unchanged)

Brunei Sultan Haji middot; Bolkiah and third wife to divorce, which did not let his assets affected.

Although this decline in domestic oil production, reserves estimate only enough mining for 25 years, but the Sultan of Brunei or luxury as usual. It is reported that he recently in New York a purchase 48 top handbag.

3, Saudi King Abdullah

86-year-old age:

Assets: US $ 18 billion (growth)

The baptism of the financial crisis, the world's only two rulers of assets continue to grow.

Saudi King Abdullah middot; this middot; Abdul Aziz mdash; Government spending through savings and increased oil production, and other means to make this country remains a growth rate of 4%.

4, U.A.E. President Nahayan

Age: 62-year-old

Assets: US $ 15 billion (down)

U.A.E. President last December purchased the Dubai billion bond, pulled in the financial crisis of the brothers.

However due to the decline in oil prices, oil income decrease by 40%, real estate and stock market slump, his personal assets less the $ 3 billion.

5, Dubai Sheik Maktoum

Age: 60 years of age

Assets: 45 billion (down)

Financial crisis, let him take a large amount of debt, most of which are due to his investment company.

Last December, he also sold in Egypt Investment Bank in stock, the price is only two years ago, 60% of the time of purchase. However, the Middle East, Dubai, economy to better the most difficult time has passed.

6, the Prince of Liechtenstein

Age: 65 years old

Assets: 35 million (unchanged)

Hans middot; Adam II fortune mainly by the Royal family of LGT Bank in Liechtenstein all to their land in Austria and palaces.

Although the market value of the last year the Bank decreased by 35%, but the State also intends to reduce the expenses of Royal families, but the Royal family still art collection, and other sources of income.

7, Morocco's King Mohammed VI

Age: 46 years old

Assets: 25 billion (unchanged)

Morocco Royal family has 10 luxury Palace, its courtiers like the thousand and one nights "in the description of that range.

Morocco Royal family in France, Spain and the United States has real estate. In addition, the Royal family also actively engaged in domestic commerce, it practically involved in each area.

8, Qatar Emir Hamad

Age: 58 years old

Assets: 24 million (rising)

As the world's third largest natural gas pools in the countries of the heads of State, Hamad middot; this middot; Kazakhstan legislation middot; Thani likes art, horse racing and camel races, but these are burning money hobby.

In 1996 he funded 1.37 billion, AlJazeera to establish.

9, Monaco Prince Albert II

Age: 52

Assets: US $ 1 billion (unchanged)

Monaco Prince Albert II's wealth of mainly includes works of art, as well as State-owned real estate in Monte-Carlo SBM group.

Albert life unmarried, but there are two illegitimate children, one of the boys are and Hollywood film star Grace Kelly middot; fertility.

10, India Prince Karim Aga Khan


Age: 73 years

Assets: 8 billion (unchanged)

As a spiritual leader, although Prince Aga Khan, but he did not land in Asia and Africa have a substantial investment.

In addition, he held in Ireland and France, and even a large number of real estate holds a United Kingdom housing auction company, these are one of his huge source of income.

Egypt quot quot; ghost; transactions, without

Egypt donkey city night quietly.

In Egypt, the ass everywhere, even in the capital of Cairo and sidewalks and streets, but also not to be missed are the ass, and even some from the country of big girl riding a donkey leisurely walk Street across the city. The following, with small series go to Egypt famous ass market stroll.

Manama, Greek donkey market

Located in the northern part of the donkey market 30 kilometres from Cairo called Jimmy Nakhichevan, there is a tributary of the River Nile, blue water and green space, more memorable not scenery is founded on Riverside donkey market.

The donkey is unique, a market is there is no noise and noise, all transactions are conducted in the silent, quiet environment and Egypt's camel market sharp contrast.

Camel market overflowing with people, talk needs tearing voice yell, to catch, but here say softly on the line, everyone seems to be afraid to speak what secrets revealed.

The second is the ass market only open in the morning, and early, some people would even call it a ghost city, when the General Egypt people 9 o'clock, this sale is nearing completion, and 10 a.m., the market will close in on time, as the only business hours, but generally people of Egypt got up very late, so they are always missed a good time to buy a donkey, donkey, and do not change the time, to want to buy donkey can only be up early.

Closest friend

Now, Jimmy Nakhichevan ass market in Egypt has become a household name, and has become a tourist attraction.

Donkey in Egypt has a special status, the donkey as closest friend, because they can help people to do many things, to the donkey Egypt people is indispensable in daily life. Although some people think that the donkey is a symbol of stupidity, but Egypt people feel that the donkey is kind and intelligent animals, once, a person who is ill, in the car lost consciousness, is a donkey pulled him back home.

The ass and the local population

For Egypt to make a significant contribution to the donkey, people give them put on clothes, some regions also provides the donkey had to wear clothes to take to the streets.

More interestingly, Egypt donkey also conducted a beauty contest. The competition is divided into the most beautiful donkey, donkey and the fastest most funny ass three awards. The media said the donkey race is to spur economic development, the donkey ride, economic Opera.

?The donkey

Egypt has a donkey Association, founded in the last century, 30 's, then University colours ass patience and fortitude, called on the people with this kind of spirit and then colonial United Kingdom struggle, and so on.

Donkey members by well-known writers, artists and other celebrities.

In many outlying Egypt near Middle East countries, the donkey is also very popular, there is a similar Association of donkey.

Iraq's Kurds in the North also established a Kurdish ass party, and the ass as the party party label.

The world's top ten paid dirty live you can do?


Recycling waste

Recycling waste: most people put garbage bags on the street after the hurry and put his hands clean.

If you do not want to take the trash out, we can throw rubbish directly into the trash and then boil the ocean.

Garbage collection officers to do so may not work.

Although this work and dirty, dangerous, nasty, but no lack of manpower. The average annual salary for its approximately 4.3 million dollars. In California, the average hourly rate is $ 16.04. In some places, count overtime for a year to get the 6 million dollars.

Gastrointestinal doctor

Treatment of stomach and intestines doctor: sometimes the most difficult thing is to check yourself.

We don't ask ourselves. No matter what we eat, these things need to go through long as 25 feet (7.62 m) in the digestive system to digest, if there is a problem with alimentary, we can only appeal to a doctor mdash mdash;; gastrointestinal mdash mdash; doctors; our well-known GI physician.

This doctor specializing in human digestion, digestion, most people would not understand as well.

The majority of the annual salary of doctors in the stomach to 25 000 to 40 000 mdash mdash;; good job!

Mining and oil

Mining and oil: the oil industry is that a thriving industry might just indicate that phenomenon.

Modern economy relies heavily on oil and oil prices, you can be sure the company is in this black gold search and mining on expense.

For most production workers, in real life, mining and oil and is not very bright.

Daily oil production platforms work and life, dirty and dangerous. But even the most ordinary production workers can earn more than US $ 4 million annual salary of the good.

Clean mobile toilets

Clean mobile toilets it is a combination of garbage collection and gastrointestinal medical work, even better than them together to make people sick.

Although in a civilized society most people try to avoid using mobile toilets, but this modern toilet sometimes become our Savior. It is very simple, if not to clean it for a living, it's worse. However some cleaners on this smiled, adhere to the work and then a year you can take home a $ 5 million.

Caught crab industry

Caught crab industry: crab most people think of the fishing industry, typically think of Lake lazy afternoon, father and son fishing together.

But in the United States fishing has always been one of the most fatal occupational, heard that you may be very surprised. But you may think that caught crab industry is high risk, high reward. As long as a year to work for several months, experienced fishermen can earn $ 6 million, the income depends on each boat's catch.

Sewer inspection

Sewer inspection: check the sewer rats, cockroaches, dark pipeline and the occasional discovery of the body--is awful, we can not talk about Indiana Jones adventures of the day.

And sewer inspections will have to cope with all these horrible things, even brave penetrated into the city following hundreds of miles of pipeline.

When you write down these staff murmur of dives into human excreta in previously, please note: these have a high school education level of a year you can earn more than US $ 6 million.

Coal mining

Mining: mining and garbage collection and

Fishing, mining is today's most dangerous jobs. Methane gas in mines, once the rock fall Sparks will cause an explosion. But mine is not strong, will collapse, causing the deaths of the miners.

Even if there is a layer of black soot, money is still money.

Mining industry is an important industry in West Virginia, where the average annual income is about miners 6.4 million dollars.

Body corrosion '

Body protection: body corrosion most culture in funeral ceremony and handled in a special way with its long history and ancient traditions, including some traditional is the body on how to save as much as possible.

Ancient Egypt's body made of mummies, and many modern approach is the use of preservatives.

Body corrosion, funeral service and mortuary room average annual salary of staff is 4.1 million dollars, and salary will increase with experience.

Repairing water pipes

Water main repair repairing water pipes: now on the United States, there is no indoor plumbing life is unimaginable.

Pipeline system is probably the most remarkable development of society, because it gives us great comfort and convenience. People no longer risked adverse natural weather to the well to draw water, and also do not have to stand to go outside and convenient. So if the mains plug or a crack that most people would call the plumber as soon as possible to repair.

Despite these flaws, plumbers of living or very good, even if just comers plumber earns a year to $ 4 million 3.5.

On average, plumbers revenue about 4.7 million dollars.

Clean the crime scene

Clean the crime scene: now we talk about clean up the mess.

Whenever a murders or found an illegal chemical laboratory, police investigators rapid investigation, catching the criminals, be brought before the courts.

But for cleaning up the city's crime scene, the police may have no time to deal, in the face of crime scene of blood, viscera and even dangerous chemicals, very few people can become a crime scene clean-up.

Engaged in this work, you can easily earn 7.5 million dollars of annual salary.

The world's top ten diving paradise Harbour bloom infinite blue charm

A beach of fine white such as cotton, enjoying the warm sunshine, breathing the fresh air, enjoy a line of luxury rooms sea view and comfortable, ideas, listen to the sea hellip; hellip; believe it or not able to meet you on the sea of love, is not going to be a fashion of amphibian man: wearing a diving suit, wearing top mirror, back oxygen cylinder, diving equipment, dive into the most beautiful underwater world, colorful coral reefs and tropical fish next to each other, like help Mermaid while exploring enjoying varied submarine Garden, challenge the most exciting of extreme sports; mdash mdash; scuba diving! the following small series of elaborate for you a world top ten diving paradise!

The Red Sea coast

The Red Sea

In the absence of any mainstream flows into a river, the Red Sea water of the Red Sea is especially clear.

Have the best environment for the growth of coral, coral, most of the slopes are very steep, becoming deep caves and sea cliffs. Seagrass sympodial is rock fish breeding sites, you can enjoy the wide variety of fish.

Blue picturesque

The great barrier reef

This is a large coral reefs, two thousand km long, is the world's largest living coral group.

The great barrier reef, 400 species of living coral, and the color blue, Brown, pink and purple, so that the whole coral coast render different colors. The great barrier reef has over 1500 species of fish, its bright, beautiful color the foot and coral.

Explore the wreck divers

Chu g (formerly Farouk spit Chuuk lagoon)

Located in the Pacific on the atoll is also posed this her features one of the world's largest atoll; its atoll surrounding about 2129 square kilometres.

Chu g dense growth of coral reef plate, but the most significant feature is the large number of sunken ships focused on the atoll. Wrecks are sea creatures and coral surrounded by attachment, some required by distant observation or scarcely recognized is sunken.

Chu's wreck will never let you down, here's the sinking of the world's largest and most central area of the sinking.

The Chu g diving although not night dive and do not forget to bring the water lights, this will let you in the wreck diving in more fun.

Guam diving


The island's natural landscape, culture and modern facilities blend, became internationally famous resorts.

In the Western Pacific on like a bright Pearl, everyone likes to get her; Guam diving characteristics for both diving and sightseeing fun, on-headed diving enthusiasts, care of children and families of different interests, Guam is absolutely the best choice.

Palau Wonderland


Palau is located in the most Western Caroline Islands, between the Philippines and Guam from 340 between the size of the Islands, is world famous oceanographers, scuba diving, underwater photographers of the Committee, one of the seven common push for the world's underwater wonders.

Coral Reef Gongwei many Knoll limestone islands, from transparent sea sprouting like mushrooms, as four to expand, taking light look small aircraft from the air, the Palau was also probably Wonderland!

Dive sites, Milan

SIMILAN Islands, Milan

Milan Islands are located in Thailand, Phuket, about 85 km of the Andaman Sea, a total of nine islands; a group of three, divided into three groups.

The waters of the Islands in this area has been the Government of Thailand national marine conservation Park, no arbitrary anchor, so as not to harm coral and other creatures, so hard to protect visible. Submarine landscape, Milan is huge granite and a wealth of great variety of coral, the hills of hills, submarine world best place to watch the whale shark, from October to may hardly can see the whalesShark-infested. There is also a famous baowen sharks, rays and LeopardShark like shark guitar sharks GuitarShark, amazing, unforgettable.

Sea clear translucent


Bali is a whole separate Pacific and Indian Ocean in Indonesia's hub, is located at the crossroads of two oceans caused by different environmental biological Habitat station, so very complicated, and marine life species of fish and coral species are often unexpected.

In addition, must not be missed off la Office of shipwreck shore diving Tulaben, is the US military during World War II victory number m.v.victory transport ship, passing through Barry was Japan Sea submarine torpedo on shoal sunk after, now become is the home of marine life. Another is the North of Bali min Hong Kong MenjanganIsland national protection Park, belonging to the nature reserve, soft coral, giant sea fans, sea park magnificent order renzhashe.

Chasing the sea fish

Maldives maldive

Maldives, one of the world's three major dive sites, dive enthusiasts should to Marco and monogamous times.

Maldives is located in the most rapid in the world ocean Exchange and dense, fish of the species and number of rich and comparable to the great barrier reef and the Red Sea. The most significant feature is the Maldives have specialized organizations manage diving agencies often have a lot of people engaged in diving. Every holiday Islands hotel in both diving school settings, apart from General diving courses, diving qualification certificate, and undertake to rent diving equipment services.

Poems of Bataan Harbour dive

Poems of Bataan SIPADAN

1978 World Wildlife Fund WWFforNature confirmed here is one of the most beautiful place corals.

Almost all diving enthusiasts are evaluation it is a world class diving destination, rich seabed biomass is considered to be the highest in Malaysia, all kinds of soft and hard corals, a large marine life whale shark, a head of shark, dolphins, Manta, from time to time visiting, and the Sea Wolf, the iron head fish, fish Shen fish, white fin sharks, grey sharks, Dragon fish, bi, and so on, fine-scale is the long-term residents here. The most famous, of course, sea turtles, every dive can see not only the next 20 to 30 or above, plus the world's only been discovered the graves of Turtle Island in the sea.

Fun dive the blue wall str.

Indonesian blue wall str.

Blue wall Strait is a long narrow waters, width only 1.2 km, is the most authoritative global 5 dive organizations recognized as the world's best diving point, is the largest number of species.

Global weird and wonderful sculpture

1.30 ft eye sculpture

Tourists visiting the artist Tony Tasset design beautiful but mysterious sculptures.

2.Ron Mueck, II generation mask

3.Louise Bourgeois, self portrait

4.David Mach, silver Monster

5.Jeff Koons, small dogs

6.Damien Hirst, for the love of God

7.Slinkachu, such is life

8.Juan Munoz, hanging up statue

9.Marc Quinn, charming Kate Moss

10.Henry Moore, head