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Hokkaido: Eastern Provence Lavender love

Hokkaido's Lavender

Lavender blossom season.

World famous Lavender origin, also become love flower people travel preferences.

Japan Hokkaido of kamifurano, known as the Oriental Provence, every year in late June to early August, hillsides and Plains into purple flowers.

France's Provence, every summer of purple flowers, postcards, art landscape and the romantic film viewfinder classic.

Japan Hokkaido of kamifurano, known as the Oriental Provence, every year in late June to early August, hillsides and Plains into purple flowers, the air was full of fragrance, for special living conditions harsh North Earth painted out bright colors to attract domestic and foreign tourists flocked to.

Relative to the hairlines with Kenya, freely enjoy free summer France, Japan are more efficient, more like a hilarious and crazy tourist gimmick, seasonal sense particularly strong, do things more exaggerated.

Japan's Lavender obsessed thus far ahead of France, the large variety of flowers, offers a variety of lavender sightseeing route and tourist spots, organize related activities, and the much publicized in the media, Hokkaido summers, almost romantic with purple.

Japan is no lavender, 1937 introduced from France began planting seeds of lavender.

As a result of kamifurano a latitude and Provence lavender, last in this root, grow and blossom. The 1970s started, magazine and calendar introduced competing published Hokkaido Lavender; 1980s TV series to the Sunworld Northland to Hokkaido life gangster as background, the picture appears kamifurano broad magnificent scenery, beautiful purple lavender flowers, deeply shocked the front of the TV audience.

Since then, the pursuit of an endless stream of purple romantic tourists, purple as Hokkaido summer most red color.

Through the mass media frequently reported that Lavender origin biei and kamifurano become the country's most famous tourist attraction.

Blue Sky、white cloud, green hills, more fields of purple lavender contrasts.

A large expanse of purple lavender blanket in the kamifurano slopes, such as the rolling waves.

In addition to a purple Earth, occupies the entire Hill of stars, a blooming sunflowers flowers and Cosmos, Tulip, poppy, etc, forming a shallow interlaced color flower carpet.

Picking chrysanthemums comfortable life in the country of United States

United States agriculture are scale farm economy

In the United States, there are strong behind a large re green backing is agriculture.

When it comes to agriculture, you will recall the countryside. Indeed, rural had nothing. But somehow, that Chinese people are farmers, they often think of poverty. But the United States, he would be calmly said, is that your humble. On equality, operating the farm had to be a capitalist, and there are gains look down Wall Street elite.

Clean spacious road

Beautiful rural scenery

United States rural scene, and the imagination, can land, embroidery, spinning, keeping a herd of chickens and ducks, go have a big black dog followed behind.

From their own lives to look out for the eyes, in addition to their own seed of those in the baby, is being widely in the open or open endless trees and flowers. Blue skies and golden land blend into each other, if coupled with a mission of the clouds, the entire scene is like a piece into the infinite credit card logo.

Cities of home environment

More comfortable than urban living environment

In the evening, black is the sign of the United States only in rural areas, where no dance hall warm taste in music, there will not be subject to price advertising department store.

Evening of fun, in addition to television, is probably the chairs can be moved, quietly enjoy the bright sky. Because black, night sky it appears especially broad, the blinking stars more like God carefully timed and diamonds.

Enjoy the day Lok Yi

Such a day would not have imagined so boring.

Some United States farmers, tired of keeping dogs and cats as pets, simply keep ostrich to be around. Farmers are so big, big fun, probably a United States features.

Star Cruises of eight destinations recommended

Star Cruises tour

Kuala Lumpur (port Kelang), Malaysia

From Klang Harbour Cruises embarking building, direct access to Malaysia's capital-Kuala Lumpur.

A harmonic fusion of traditional and innovative of the bustling city is waiting for you to explore. Kuala Lumpur is the world's tallest twin towers ~ State oil peaks Tower is located. You will find that Kuala Lumpur has an extraordinary selection of shopping and dining.

Pulau Langkawi (Langkawi Island), Malaysia

This is full of myths and legends of the island's natural to be a vacation spots.

Discover its white beach, confusing Islands and mysterious mangroves. Explore local more miraculous legends ~ the Virgin Mary is said to have suli, fairy in the bath of seven cents wells falls and pregnant women. Finally, visit awana resort, full of Eastern Mediterranean ambience of the promenade, where you can shop, dine and enjoy a couple of cultural show.

Penang, Malaysia

Was the Pearl of the reasoning goes, Penang offers to tourists many pleasant surprises: a charming British colonial buildings, licensed antique worship Holy, charming tropical flowers, hillside resort and invincibility of the beach.

Of course, even heard will frequently visit Penang snacks, especially the hawker food stalls, a Miss eating experience!

Malacca, Malaysia

Across the centuries of European domination origins, this ancient city's unique customs and cultural heritage.

The city centre that has witnessed the evolution of the century, a century buildings have been turned into arts and crafts and antiques shops of hawking; standing hundreds of years of ancient buildings and attractions, are the most proud of the Malacca historical trajectory; taste unique mother got food, Chinese and Malay culture Yuan-Liou Publishing long one of crystallization.

Enjoy the beautiful seaside

Redang Island, Malaysia

Heat island is Malaysia's most attractive beauty of one of the island people.

Glittering and translucent blue sea water, pure white beaches, and dancing with the wind, the best allows tourists coconut at first sight. Deep diving or snorkeling swimmers will be able to explore the beautiful world of coral and fish from a variety of colorful testimony of Chi Mei sea view. Redang Island marine park, is the official, to protect its essential nature, and is the physical and mental relaxation and enjoy one of the preferred destinations for sunbathing.

Phuket, Thailand

From all over the world the Sun worship are gathered here, enjoy its beautiful beaches and Tropical scenery.

Others have also attracted to this experience Phuket warm charming customs and culture. On the island, you can find the ancient temples, stimulating and interesting elephant ride seat, each kind of shopping malls, taste the unique Thai dishes, or even the stupefying Kaba Le brilliant show.


The dynamism of ultra-modern Polis, is still a lot of surprises collection.

Explore some of the community gathered in areas such as Chinatown, little India and Arab Street. Tour of several tourist attractions such as the Jurong BirdPark and Sentosa Island. Or to the world of consumer paradise Orchard Road shopping. Finally, let the Raffles Hotel's afternoon tea with your past

Hong Kong

Asia's most dynamic world names ~ an Oriental and Western cultural melting pot.

From avant-garde Chek Lap Kok Hong Kong International Airport, modern high-rise buildings to the colorful local markets and roadside snacks stalls, Hong Kong is a unique color, sound and taste great. Not only is an international shopping paradise, Hong Kong Diners ' paradise on Earth!

Undying love Animal Kingdom enviable model lover

To the faithful expression of love, man up Valentine's day, in fact, in the nature there are many animals in love unadorned, is a model of the animal lovers.

1. White for Parrot

When two Parrot when they frequently as the other grooming feathers, and when your partner dies, another will soon be sad death, birds in Romeo and Juliet.

2, silk maohou

This produced in Brazil by silk maohou will be 99% of their time and spouse together, so people see that they are always pass compliment.

3, the Emperor Penguin

Their vision is very good, to thousands of just crowded together best-in-find your partner quickly.

To humanity, all of the emperor penguins are a look.

4, chimpanzees

This clever primates also got a good couple.

When two chimpanzees, tickling each other is their favorite activities.

5. elephant

In General, male elephants in courtship period in order to get the heart often neither eat nor drink, a hunger strike to indicate their State, whereas the female elephants generally test the other four years to agree-Hi knot.

6, Red Fox

Polygamy in the Animal Kingdom is a very common phenomenon, and the Red Fox is strictly follows the rules for monogamy, raising the next generation is their joint responsibility.

7, the North American Prairie rodent

Although it looks-inconspicuous, but when your spouse dead or missing, this small animal is lifelong are given in marriage (to marry), to express their love.

This winter the polar tourism surprise many to steal a vacation to the South Pole

Antarctic tourism

Now go to the good weather

Although the Antarctic far away, but if you have a dream, or you can go to.

Antarctic seasons and Northern Hemisphere instead, suitable for the tourist season is very short, from late November to the second year of March is the very period, relatively good weather conditions.

Thus, if you choose to go before the Spring Festival, is a very good season. November is one of the mating season penguins, December is the birds including penguin eggs, 1 month is the little penguins were born, February is the little Penguin gradually grow into and whale season. December to January the following year is Antarctic tourism season, people much waiting landing time naturally. But in the early part of the season and the last paragraph, some parts may still be ice cannot go, 2 month later parts of the animal may have left home. Off-season travel has another advantage, is a chance to find special offers.

Best company outing to the South Pole, can be more fun and sharing travel Division, reference each other.

Generally only need to find a travel agency, travel Argentina visa to a minimum so 2 weeks time, costs generally need 6 million to 10 million. Of course if you think Brazil, in the domestic checked two places to spend about a month's time, and you want to spend nearly $ 2000 each visa fee, you can choose to Argentina after Brazil, it takes only about 150 Yuan RMB, and multiple entry within 15 days.

Antarctic tourism

Trip to aircraft cruise

And the common line, polar travel distance and poor conditions, full of hardships.

Therefore, the tour of the Antarctic more challenging. At present, the tour is the Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica main line, visitors should arrive by plane and then in South America, Chile, Argentina and other countries on the ship in port, and then by boat to visit Antarctica.

At present, China's cities also have no direct flights you can fly to Buenos Aires to New York, Paris or Amsterdam, etc.

In Buenos Aires, a short rest, then flew to Tierra del Fuego, the capital of Ushuaia in Ushuaia on board, there is generally a fantasy island travel and tour around Antarctica, January, etc.

To the South Pole, the price is actually the most high.

Different countries, different grades of the cruise price, the same interior cabin cruise, tanks, Suite price is not the same, from several thousand to million. General selection Middle Norway cruises travel, tours and lodging at the Antarctic peninsula is included in the fare.

Antarctic tourism

Antarctic expedition equipment

To the Antarctic expedition, the temperature low and, in the kit waterproof and warm-keeping is important.

Warm items first, personal warm underwear. The best in outdoor shop purchase, has a waterproofing action. Down jacket, sweater, wool vest, according to one's own body, just the right amount of purchase. In addition, the head of warmth is important and needs a top-quality good warm air cap, with the wind or waterproof fabric better, it's best to package to the cheek and ear, but also with a scarf.

Waterproof articles mainly refers to the emergency clothing and emergency pants.

Walking on the ice or traveling clothes get wet, emergency clothing, trouser role fully displayed. Is active on the ice, the ship will generally be issued per person an emergency clothing. As for shoes, dress warm and waterproof outdoor shoe practical, landing without terminals, often in the sand and stone Beach on the edge of water, the ship owners generally provides a pair of waterproof boots to tourists. gaotong Other must-have items there is snow on the mirror.