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To swim in the SA should not miss the wonderful natural scenery of the top ten

Fen, Joseph I.

Fen Joseph island is the world's largest sand island, the total area is 1630 square kilometers, in 1992, becoming one of the world heritage.

Fen Joseph island's first name is local Buechulla family of Aboriginal dialect, called Krsquo; gari.

For heaven. The island covers such quote about the origin of the island, Joseph, local has a beautiful legend: when people are creating, and need a place to live, the great God removed his Beeral

Apostles Vnedingie and goddess Krsquo; gari, from the heavens to the Earth to create land and mountains, rivers and oceans.

Goddess Krsquo; gari fell in love with the Earth's beauty becomes not want back to heaven, and the Apostles will be female body Nendingie Krsquo; gari becomes a city such as the Paradise Island: fen Joseph island.

Fen Joseph island as legend, is a pure than heaven also, here is the most famous sand dunes of the Lake, the island's fresh water is also the most clean freshwater lake in the world.

The most famous sightseeing Lake is a small town of Macon Eurong seats Lake. This Lake is about 100 meters above sea level, has the clean beach, is located in the surrounding area, an area of seagrass 150 hectares, Lake only about 5 meters deep. The Lake's sand as pure silica content that can be used to clean hair, teeth, jewelry, and even the skin.

Blue Mountains

Blue Mountain mountain range is located 65 km west of about Sydney is Australia South East New South Wales, a tourist destination, it tilted from East to West, the highest point of elevation 1070 m in the East, the Western mountain high 360-540 m.

Blue mountain peaks and steep mountain Brook Valley and deep, with a lot of growth, Eucalypt eucalyptus as evergreens, trunk upright, hard wood, containing oil, essential oils can be extracted, its natural evaporation of oil droplets in the air by sunlight refracted out Blu-ray, this mountain range and thus gain the name Blue Mountain.

Blue Mountains are the highest in the eastern part of Australia's mountain range, it stretches for more than 4000 km, mountain by the accumulation of massive rugged sandstone of the Triassic, here the strange saga, had been the European immigrants to the West of the barrier.

1813 Europeans Blas LAN middot; Lawson after hard from Katoomba reach across mountain areas near to the Mainland, was planted in the Mountain Division Memorial tree, the tree is a surviving remnant stem, Portland is one of the existing sites.


Legend of Queensland is Australia's most beautiful tourist resorts, here are the most beautiful gold coast line, there are the most beautiful city in Brisbane, but this is not a Queensland, which refers to the temperature of the Queensland rainforests.

Hear all about Australia's people, cannot be easily missed to visit the tropical Queensland temperature.

There, rugged mountain road, swift rivers, deep canyons, white sand beaches, green vegetation, constitute a pair is whole life unforgettable beauty. 1998 is included in the World Heritage list.

The great barrier reef

Millions of years ago by volcanic activity, 15 years of slow growth of coral reefs, the achievements of this piece is known as the eighth wonder of the world famous scenic mdash mdash;; barrier reef National Park.

It is located on the East coast of Queensland, North Cape York Peninsula, South to Banda Berg, stretches over 2000 km, up to 350 species of coral, is tens of thousands of marine habitats. Colourful marine fish crowds around the magnificent coral reefs, sea next to the mysterious world, like the journey to the West of the harbour Jingu, district size more than 700 islands.

Hurley, l.

This is a very strange Lake, the Lake is pink.

Aerial view, pink Hellier Lake like a oval icing on the cake, as Middle Island forest dense corner drab singular color.

The approximately 600 feet of water on the edge of the Lake are white salt, surrounded by the deep green of eucalyptus and Melaleuca trees forest, and then to you is a narrow strip of white sand with deep blue waters.

In 1950, scientists try to investigate the Lake is powder

Red. Usually very high in salt content of salt water, this water algae can produce a red pigment, such as the Australian continent espeland there so near a lake. However in Hellier Lake took a number of water samples for analysis, did not find. Therefore, this Lake why pink still a mystery.

Shark Bay

Shark Bay, which is the home of aquatic organisms, is located in the West coast of Australia, by the end of the island and surrounded by land, to which three unparalleled natural landscape.

It has the world's largest (in occupies an area of 4800 square kilometers) and the most abundant marine plant specimens, and owns the world's largest dugong (sea cow) and stromatolites (along with seaweed, heaped growth, is the world's oldest forms of life).

In Shark Bay, also protects the five endangered mammals.

Shark Bay, Gulf, water and small dugong Island supports a huge aquatic world, turtle, whale, shrimp, scallops, sea snakes and sharks in this area are very common aquatic organisms. Whale shark and other sharks have different, beautiful ridges fin, gentle giant, shape, length, generally more than 20 m, mainly to eat plankton. This is also the origin of the name Shark Bay.

Wide coral is another underwater viewing.

Coral block diameter approximately 500 meters, filled with rich marine life. Numerous colorful coral dispute form into people's eyes, blue, purple, green, Brown, etc, it is beautiful. This area is marine mauve sponge is also extremely popular. In this area, there was a beautiful blue stone pine coral growth communities, like a big garden. In addition, the head of the coral and flat coral is seen everywhere.

El l.

El Lake, known as the phantom Lake because it like a ghost, and sometimes appear, and disappear, trace lost.

1832, an exploration team to investigate, discover a small basin, covered by a layer of salt. To 1860, has an exploration team to be here, but here a popple's salt water lake, the second year, this exploration team once again here, ready to measure the area of the Lake, but the Lake was gone, ripple place became a small space. Originally, this lake is not a perennial Lake, which is a seasonal Lake. Every three years or so, it will be missing quot quot;; once. Don't know how lucky you are able to catch it disappeared.

Desert rock Tower

Rock towers desert is located in the capital of Western Australia WA 250 km north of Perth.

Rock towers desert terrain is very strange, there were numerous in the desert-like an isolated rock Tower, hence get. Forms of rock Tower, located in the vast, sweeping, spectacular scenery, make people feel the mysterious and strange. Some people describe the scene as the tomb of the wilderness, and let people feel the end of the world.

This desert desolate, barren rock Tower, often deserted, wind volume of sand, a golden, silence, only the wind weeping, weeping.

The desert is very few people visit the place away from the nearest town Cervantes has two hours by car. Only can drive an off-road vehicle to the ordinary cars, tires are outcrops of limestone shaving. If science fiction novelists to write a description of rock Tower of adventure books, here as the ideal background

Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park, the cultural and natural heritage, in 1981, the dual World Heritage list, 1987 and 1992 extended range.

Here is the unique and complex ecosystem, tidal fluctuations, alluvial plain, low-lying and plateau, is suitable for a variety of unique plant and animal breeding of ideal environment. In the northern part of the 4 million has been inhabited for many years. Rock paintings, sculptures and archaeological sites recorded from prehistoric times to the present still living here in the Aboriginal way of life. Park is located in the capital city of Darwin Northern Territory 200 kilometres to the East, an area of 20 square kilometers. Here is a typical of the area of ecological balance, including those tides shoal, floodplains, low-lying and plateau, for those who are a large number of rare animals and plants provide superior survival conditions. Some species here already renewed 4 million years. There are many caves, cave paintings, stone carving and the ruins of human life, the performance is derived from the ancient hunting and gathering people, until now the local indigenous population's survival skills and way of life.

1972 years previously, here is the last piece on Earth has a rather well known and isolated indigenous people home

Residence. Hundreds of indigenous people still lived in the stone age in the wild life of the original. From archaeology and Ethnology angle evaluation, here is a very good place to save. Previously this is indigenous autonomous regions, 1979 was designated a national park.

Fiordland National Park

Fiordland National Park (Fiordland National Park) is located on the southwest side of the South Island New Zealand, bordering the Tasman Sea.

1904 was classified as protected areas, designated a park in 1952, 1990 Fiordland National Park World Heritage region of the United Nations. Fiordland National Park area 12120 square kilometers, is New Zealand's largest park, which is also the world's largest national park.

Here are the most famous Milford Fiord (Milford Sound), known as one of the eight wonders of the world, is the Fjords National Park's most important attractions, all visitors will choose to take a boat tour.

Milford Fiord glacier Massif is vertically 1000 meters, regardless of erosion in looking up at the cliff on the boat or air glacier, overlooking the steep of MITRE peak (Miter Peak), are absolutely unforgettable experience. At Milford Fiord is calm, sea will reflect in the magnificence of Myrtle peak (Mitre Peak), Matt Pico is the most beautiful New Zealand scenery qifeng. Yacht is watch Milford Fiord scenery the best way, visitors must not because of rain, rain, the cliff of steep Department will have thousands of waterfall which fly, the exception. Lake on the West Coast, deep forest, there are thousands of visitors to explore is the hunting resort. Lakeside with caves, cave with underground river and two underground waterfalls as well as fluorescent insects spectacle. (This article by Tencent travel exclusive arrangement, such as all rights reserved)

Visit Bolivia "mirror of the sky" feeling as pure beauty

The mirror of the sky

The legendary sky mirror is located in southwestern Bolivia Uyuni salar (Salar de Uyuni), it is the world's largest salt marsh, about 250 kilometers east to West, North and South and West is 100 km, 10,582 square kilometers, is rich in salt and gypsum.

The mirror of the sky

The legendary sky mirror is located in southwestern Bolivia Uyuni salar (Salar de Uyuni), it is the world's largest salt marsh, about 250 kilometers east to West, North and South and West is 100 km, 10,582 square kilometers, is rich in salt and gypsum.

The mirror of the sky

The legendary sky mirror is located in southwestern Bolivia Uyuni salar (Salar de Uyuni), it is the world's largest salt marsh, about 250 kilometers east to West, North and South and West is 100 km, 10,582 square kilometers, is rich in salt and gypsum.

The mirror of the sky

The legendary sky mirror is located in southwestern Bolivia Uyuni salar (Salar de Uyuni), it is the world's largest salt marsh, about 250 kilometers east to West, North and South and West is 100 km, 10,582 square kilometers, is rich in salt and gypsum.

The mirror of the sky

The legendary sky mirror is located in southwestern Bolivia Uyuni salar (Salar de Uyuni), it is the world's largest salt marsh, about 250 kilometers east to West, North and South and West is 100 km, 10,582 square kilometers, is rich in salt and gypsum.

The mirror of the sky

The legendary sky mirror is located in southwestern Bolivia Uyuni salar (Salar de Uyuni), it is the world's largest salt marsh, about 250 kilometers east to West, North and South and West is 100 km, 10,582 square kilometers, is rich in salt and gypsum.

The world's largest Street Gallery

1. in France the artist JR throughout the world exhibit his works on the streets, and the street known as the world's largest Gallery.

It works on display was a King of the city.


JR often huge his work in black and white photos hanging all over the world many of the big city's buildings, the figure in the painting was hung in the Los Angeles City Center in a building.


JR's works photos will Brazil Rio de Janeiro in a slum into another.

4. in Kenya's slums, JR printed on waterproof vinyl cloth works is folded as residential roof.

Such exhibits are frequently need the help of local volunteers.


JR's works often reflect the exhibition ground living scene, illustration works entitled portrait of a generation.

6. the theme of this painting is an old Shanghai residents, known as the city of wrinkles.


JR will work hero face skin texture and wrinkles to the change of the city.

8. Brussels Street exhibition of works by women are heroes.

9. the capital Phnom Penh in Cambodia.

10. come to Sierra Leone and other African countries.


Inventory of the architect designed the world's top ten museums (photos)

In General, inside is a museum visitors are most interested in, but now internationally famous architectural masterpieces are competing to design the world's most spectacular museums.

United States broadcasting company inventory the world's most amazing Museum building, the building itself is a dazzling attractions, even attracting tourists than watching their internal number more art.

1, El Salvador-Dali Museum

El Salvador-Dali Museum

The world's largest and most successful construction and interior design firm hok and Beck group in the United States, Florida, Petersburg, created the El Salvador-Dali Museum.

The Museum is from surrealism get inspiration for artists, but also includes the tourists like reality factor and Florida's wild style. This collection of 96 100 paintings, watercolour, and some picture, sculpture and graphics.

2, maxxi Museum

Maxxi Museum

By Iraq architects Jah middot; Hadid design of Rome's new Museum of contemporary art venues maxxi, the light can be through the roof special filtering system to your internal, visitors will take an unexpected route through the whole building.

It is a building with steel and glass structures of modern architecture, the works of contemporary art collection of Italy. You can see from the project model, it is like a winding tedious railway shunting factory, this used to be the military barracks in Italy.

3, the gugenheim Museum

Gugenheim Museum

Spain Bilbao gugenheim Museum is managed by the California architect Frank middot; cover in design, officially opened in 1997.

Museum in the building materials, glass, steel and limestone, part surface also coated titanium, and the city has long been the traditional shipbuilding industry. Bilbao gugenheim Museum Chimei modeling, the specific structure and new material, as it won the world's most interesting and most beautiful museums.

4, the Pompidou Museum of modern art

Pompidou Museum of modern art

In France the Mace, the Pompidou Museum of modern art is a branch of the Paris Museum, hexagonal wooden structure and Chinese-style hexagonal apparatus.

5, the Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum commissioned Daniel middot; Commissioner Skinner design its extension building, one cannot help but think of the Rockies and the geometry found near Denver-like crystal.

6, Toronto's Royal Ontario Museum

Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto

Daniel middot; Commissioner Skinner or Canada Toronto Royal Ontario Museum expansion project, this Museum is Canada's largest and is the largest collection of museums.

Five interlocking self supporting construction and Museum connected to the original main building, the external is 25% of glass mixed with 75% of aluminum.

7, Nicole Meyer Museum of contemporary art

Nicole Mayer Museum of contemporary art

Brazil Rio de Janeiro's nemeyer contemporary art museum is Oscar middot; Nicole Meyer design and completed in 1996, is situated in a cliff, the shape is like a spaceship.

8, San Francisco Union Square

San Francisco Union Square

San Francisco Union Square was not architecture attract visitors, but rather its striking and unusual appearance.

The Union is the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition, originally planned as long as the support for one year. But after many recovery, now it is the only existent building Expo.

9, art city

Art Science City

Valencia is Spain's art city of entertainment and cultural base, its architectural fusion of the cinemas, parks, Science Museum, Aquarium, and theatre.

This became Spain's most popular tourist destination, visitors are here to see the amazing buildings.

10, Solomon middot; rmiddot; gugenheim Museum

Solomon middot; rmiddot; gugenheim Museum

Solomon middot; rmiddot; gugenheim Museum is the world's most famous private Museum of modern art, is a global company operating in the chain of art venues.

United States architect Frank middot middot; Lloyd; Wright's design, look and feel like a cup or like a huge white spring, probably because the spiral structure and some say as conch.

Feel India: in the train wheels on country

Feelings of India on the train

India railway extremely developed, is Asia's first possession of the national railway system, but also has the world's second largest railway system, there are more than 7000 railway station, the daily operation of 14000 train, let India seem to be a train wheels.

Former Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru also claimed to be in the train to travel around the country find India.

Feelings of India on the train

India train, not only reducing space transport, is closer to foreign visitors and India cultural distance of a vehicle.

Never ride the train, just not completed the real India trip.

Feelings of India on the train

Train ticket one?ˉs India, nearly a hundred years of history.

One person, one vote cannot transfer, lost tickets or ticket. However, it wasn't long before I did a bit looks very old gentleman India passengers mouth, informed one?ˉs another very embarrassing reasons: India train too old, inefficient management, railway accidents every year. There is a real name, in the event of accidents will soon be able to verify the identity of the accident victims; hellip hellip;

Feelings of India on the train

There are several India train, luxury train can make pleasant as a holiday like pleasure, but this type of vehicle only very small range of line operations, the more it caters to India fares inexpensive ordinary people.

India train ticket is also divided into many levels, local people ride very consciously, although no one in the car door tickets, but will buy tickets sat what grade of carriages, otherwise once a train ticket inspectors seize on, will be sentenced to five times the nominal prices even higher.

Feelings of India on the train

Ride in India train, may change or even to subvert the traditional impression on the train.

Trappings of India train has incredible open, free and easy.

Feelings of India on the train

The train pulled into the peak hold after visitors, scrambling the ground vehicles, there is no guard standing at the we get called outside the car, passengers also have the concept of Queuing, so each car car door will be staged a riot.

Platform broadcasting only in train to the station of departure before broadcasting, and will not be notified, so that almost no one knows the exact time of train stops, the train has also started towing big Pack small package to run many of the passengers. Locals never seem to care about the presence of train in themselves, they started slowly on the platform ran out a few steps to follow will be able to jump up, even if the train out of the way, there are still people in the riveting with world chasing, and generally keep up with the mdash mdash;; its agility must always reminds me that our domestic partisans of the railway.

Feelings of India on the train

Free and free in India's play each railway station to the extreme.

These passengers prepared public facilities, does not exclude those who have the poor and homeless mdash mdash;; railway stations of public facilities also provide public color services. Therefore, all India regardless of which station to station is not lack of India's poor and beggars, they just unroll the station and OASIS, drying clothes hellip; hellip; for tourists, each station is the thick big book, like a microcosm of mortal gathered a small community, is not to be missed. Mumbai's VictoriaThe railway station, is a city built in 1887 of Gothic architecture, the appearance is magnificent, the visitors almost always think of it as a famous attractions. Even so famous, Bombay train station while retaining the India train station-specific crowded, noisy, noisy and chaotic. I wonder when will the late train passengers do the protracted war preparations.